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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Dougals Wood tells all - his dramatic rescue how he was captured, on his return home. and what finally brought him to tears to rehire her sacked lawyers. What forced Schapelle Corby claims another young life. And a fatal house fire Ten News with Frank Coletta. Good morning. hostage Douglas Wood has revealed First today - freed Australian of the hell he lived through in Iraq. graphic details In a world exclusive,

about how he waited to die he opened up when all hope seemed lost. and how managed to stay optimistic darkest moments Insight into Douglas Wood's during 47 days of torment. and he's gone because of me. He's gone - I can't bring him back, of intense guilt, No longer able to suppress feelings assistants, one a good friend, he recalls how his two Iraqi were led away and shot. who meant a heck of a lot to you. You left two people Yeah, I was very down today they were indeed killed. when I got confirmation From the lows to the highs. A surprise reunion and grandchildren with his American-based daughter unleashed pent up emotions. coming to me in the cell All I remembered is those arseholes and he says he misses you," and saying, "You've got a grandson messing up my family. and I said, "Oh no, they're When all hope appeared lost with his brothers, he cast his mind back to childhood taste of ice-cream. footy and the sweet how she prayed for his return. His wife Yvonne Given explained his presence next to me. To just hold hands and feel of a man hugging me again. It was pretty grand - my big bear It was super. For the first time,

footage of himself begging for mercy the freed Australian watched chilling and recalled feeling like a traitor. obey their orders to cry. Despite his ordeal, he couldn't I had to cry Physically I had a problem knowing and we don't do that. because I'm a male chauvinist which led to his rescue - It seems it was largely good luck he was unable to reveal details he was rescued by Iraqi soldiers except confirming backed by American troops. fellow survivor, Ulf Hjerstrom, Reunited via satellite with just how lucky they were. both reflecting and it was going to be phew time. I thought it was bloody al-Qaida the bloody door Who knows, everytime they opened you never know who's next. The Swedish oil-broker explaining to exact revenge. he's paid bounty hunters $50,000 to find these bastards. I have now put some people to work The road ahead is long, a concern, as is glaucoma. post-traumatic stress disorder by being blindfolded for so long. The eye disease probably brought on

well-trained in staying positive. But Douglas Wood is a man after all # (All sing) # It's a small world Martine Griffiths, Ten News. in the Schapelle Corby saga Another twist convicted drug smuggler rehiring with the 27-year-old she fired just two days ago. most of the the Indonesian legal team Hotman Paris Hutapea Indonesian lawyer on her appeal case has now resumed work

and he joins us on the line now. been brought back in Hotman, why have you to fight the case for Schapelle? they make the biggest mistake. Because they realised the biggest - from Borneo jungle who know - They hire a lawyer who try to rob the client from me that I'm the only one and they realised who care now about on Corby case. think has changed Schapelle's mind? So that's the only thing that you the legal team they appointed Yes, because, because the businessman from nowhere and also headed by a bullshit promising, you know? basically they just give them There's been a lot of infighting. internal politics have How much damage with all this on Schapelle's appeal? the story, the case, That is basically in the newspaper especially Mark Trowell's comments about the attempt to bribery. with disclosing but he disclosed that to the paper, Mark Trowell is a part of the team the judges very, very unhappy. which is destroying and make

I have nothing to do with that And they realise now that conversation in May in Bali because he referred to the only in the middle of June. when I was appointed Government, the Australian Government Indeed, you asked the Federal and give you some support. to come on board

Have they done everything for you? They do nothing.

They basically abandon Corby

because my strategy of reasonable doubt in this case is to increase the concept as apply in Michael Jackson trial. Australian Government to send me That's why I ask the at the time and a Qantas clerk. a customs officer who was on duty me to do it by myself But your minister of justice asked or asked my government to do it. That's very, very illogical to force its own government now and I ask Australian people

for its own citizen. to do legal and political support Hotman, a very quick answer. Hotman Paris Hutapea there in Bali. about Shane Warne's marriage split, More revelations speaking about her relationship with a British secretary with the cricketer. in close contact with Warne Michelle Masters has reportedly been in recent months.

to wife Simone crumbled. while his marriage dozens of text messages The pair apparently exchanged

leading Test wicket taker Ms Masters, who's known the all-time for five years, is strictly plutonic. insists the relationship Police are on the hunt for four men in Sydney's inner west overnight. after a violent home invasion

Disguised in black balaclavas into the Russell Lea home, the armed men forced their way and his wife inside. tying up Charlie Musumeci

man to his fruit shop in Maroubra The gang then took the 65-year-old where they stole money from the safe, still bound, onto the street before throwing him, his hands and fleeing in his car. 210 model Mercedes Benz. The stolen car is a 1999 should call CrimeStoppers. Anyone with information to go back to the party room, Just when Labor thought it was safe Mark Latham has resurfaced

Kim Beazley. with a scathing attack on new leader this week, In a tell-all book to be released Mr Latham says Mr Beazley is not worthy to lead the ALP. Ten's political editor Paul Bongiorno joins me now. Paul, this is the last thing Kim Beazley needs.

Well, Frank, I've got to say that

this book looks like it could

reopen some of those wounds that

happened just 14 months ago when

Mark Latham beat Kim Beazley for

the leadership by just one vote.

Some of those divisions surfaced

last week with the Cabinet

reshuffle. Kim Beazley today was

dismissive earlier on television

when he said that, for a party

that's finished, they're actually

in power in every State and

Territory in the country. As to

claims that Kim Beazley is not

worthy, well, Mark Latham himself,

just six months ago, asked Kim

Beazley back on to his frontbench.

Whether this bitterns will have

much credibility with the

electorate remains to be seen. No

doubt the Government will seize on

any negative remarks and use them

in Parliament. At a doorstop not

too long ago, b Mr Beazley was

asked for his comments on the book.

This is what he said . Nothing at

all, nothing at all to say about it,

nothing at all to characterise mark.

It's I'm anything about the future,

not about the past. We've got a

very clear agenda out there. It's

an agenda of skills. It's an agenda

of nation-building. It's an agenda

of fairness. Well, Labor historian

Senator John Faulkner and former

Senate leader is launching the book

on Wednesday. People will be

fascinated to hear what he has to

say. I'm sure. Labor is focusing on

IR changes this week. Kim Beazley

is in Sydney today. He's going up

to Queensland and then down to

Melbourne for a big rally later in

the week. He's trying to gain some

momentum through the IR changes

that are in the wind, claiming that

they will be unfair and Labor is on

the side of the worker. That is Kim

Beazley's agenda apart from batting

away Mark Latham for the rest of

the week. Indeed, thanks Paul, in Canberra. The end of the road for a confused truck driver in Melbourne accused of driving a semi-trailer while nearly four times over the legal alcohol limit. A concerned motorist reported a B-double truck driving erratically on a freeway south east of Melbourne just before 5:00 this morning. Police were astonished when the 43-year-old driver told them he thought he was in Benalla, 200km from the place where he was stopped. A breath test allegedly found he had a blood alcohol reading of point .179. The man's licence has been suspended immediately ahead of a court appearance.

A 2-year-old boy is dead after a house fire in Queensland. The boy's father raised the alarm just before 1:00 this morning, but by the time firefighters arrived at the remote location there was nothing they could do. The building was severely damaged to the point where the building had collapsed prior to the arrival of the fire services. The father suffered severe burns to his throat and remains in a critical condition in a Brisbane hospital.

Police are investigating a blaze that destroyed a $1.5 million luxury motor boat on Sydney's north shore overnight.

Fire crews were called to the scene where a 51 foot cruiser was well alight. The private marina is now a crime scene as police investigate the cause of the blaze. to the soccer field

A transexual has returned to the soccer field playing for a new team. Martin played in a Hobart men's team for 25 years but in a world first - Martine yesterday ran on from the female change rooms. The 47-year-old claims she doesn't have any advantages over her new team-mates after her sex-change operation two years ago. One of the side effects of taking oestrogen is one loses a lot of muscle mass and fibre. We can't stop her playing in women's competitions. Soccer officials decided if they stopped her from playing, they would be breaching the anti-discrimination act. The decision also means that Martine is eligible to play for the Matildas, the national womens' team. A school girl saved during a dramatic river rescue. Details when Ten's Morning News returns. And Tom Cruise lashes out again - what's behind his latest outburst? Matt, Matt, you don't even.. You're glib. You don't even know what Ritalin is. This program is captioned live. A raging river rescue in Cairns overnight. Emergency crews plucking a 12-year-old schoolgirl from a rock in the middle of rapids. The girls family had been picnicking by the water when the floodgates from a dam upstream opened. The water rose so quickly, the girl and a young man were left stranded. I'm too short and I don't have long legs and all the rocks were covered in water.

Rescuers shut off the dam and waited for the water level to fall. Dogding car-sized boulders in the dark,

they used a white water raft to carry the pair to safety. A man has spoken out about his desperate attempt to save a teenager from a shark. America's been involved in secret talks with Iraqi insurgents. Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld confirms at least two meetings. The White House desperate to end the bloodshed and win back US public opinion. Yet more victims of another suicide bombing. This - one of three attacks in Mosul

claiming the lives of more than 30 people.

Such carnage and chaos - proof that there's no sign of the insurgency weakening. America is desperately looking for answers and, for the first time, officials admit there have been talks with those linked to the violence. Meetings take place all the time. Were there direct meetings with insurgent commanders? Look, my understand is that some London paper reported this and everyone's chasing it.

I would not make a big deal out of it. Meetings go on frequently with people. Those talks coincide with a strength and determination in the White House to halt the insurgency. President Bush, who last week met Iraq's Prime Minister, is losing support for the war. There's growing pressure on the President as US casualties mount. Last week, five American servicewomen were killed in Fallujah. The grief of the families is proving hard to contain. She wanted to become a marine after 9/11. She wanted to do something for her country and she was a very proud marine. We are all missing a part of our hearts without her here. On Tuesday, the President will address the nation to try to reassure Americans that the deaths of more than 1,700 servicemen and women have not been in vain. The death of another US soldier today, killed in a suicide attack in Baghdad, will not make the President's task any easier. But he still hopes to win round Iraqi-born insurgents and alienate the foreign fighters.

Hollywood is mourning the passing of a well-loved voice. Paul Winchell is best known as the voice of Winnie the Pooh's mate Tigger. He's passed away at the age of 82. Why, that's what Tigger's do best! A ventriloquist and children's TV host for over 60 years, Winchell was also the voice of Dick Dastardly. Moviegoers seem to be turning against Tom Cruise over his aggressive support for Scientology and its teachings. Cruise has engaged in another heated interview this time over actress Brooke Shields taking anti-depressants. The thing that I'm saying about Brooke is that there's misinformation, OK? And she doesn't understand the history of psychiatry. way that you don't understand, Matt. She doesn't understand in the same way that you don't understand, Matt. Aren't there examples where it works? Matt, Matt, you don't even.. You're glib.

You don't even know what Ritalin is. Almost 75% of people in one survey said Cruise was wrong on anti-depressants, with 60% percent in another poll saying they don't like the actor's over-the-top antics.

NSW names it's team for rugby league's State of Origin. Also the player called Birdie does just that to win the US OPen. COMMENTATOR: Are you kidding me?

This program is captioned live. In finance news - the Australian share market has had a slow start to the day.

Donahue D'Souza is at Commonwealth Securities. Donahue, we're at the half way point of the year, what's the state of share markets around the globe?

Well, Frank, as always, there are

winners and losers. Now, 71 share

markets were monitored and oil-producing nations dominate the

top gainers with Oman and Saudi in

the top one and two with share

market returns of 65%. Kuwait and

Qatar feature in the top 150. The

Dow Jones is in the bottom with a

4.5% loss. The all ortsdz is -- All

Ordinaries is in 50th place with a

gain of 2.5% so far this year. Oil

and petrol prices still the folk

cus. It may be for some time.

Investors are fretting on the

knock-on effect that higher price

also have on local and global

economies. Higher petrol prices

have the same effect in an -- as an

interest rate hike in that it

reduces your disposable income.

Keeping things in perspective today,

petrol is the equivalent of the

proportion of the family budget

currently spent on mobile phones

and the Internet. Thanks for that. Rugby league - and NSW Origin selectors have been forced to make changes for the third and deciding game against Queensland. League reporter Ron Canning joins and injuries have taken their toll?

Verse have taken their toll.

Parramatta's Timana Tahu has come

on to the wing for the injured Luke

Rooney and Craig Wing is out of

Origin III. His place has been

taken by Craig Gower on the bench.

Let's look at the entire team.

Tahu's big-game experience got him

the nod. You know, he's been there

before and he's been in the

cauldron up there and knows what to

expect. We could have gone with

younger wingers. We're not saying

they couldn't handle it but we feel

with Timana being there before in

the same pressure cooker situation

he's come through with flying

colours. Rob, no extra time for

Craig Wing to prove his fitness.

They could have tried to prolong

that but decided it was unfair to

all parties, especially the Penrith

Panthers. There were some thoughts

in all regards for that. Just to

let you know - another pain her,

Luke pridies is on standby for

Danny Buderus, the captain. He'll

run on the injured foot on

Wednesday. Thanks for the -- thank

you for the rap. Braith Anasta has spoken out over the anguish he felt

at being labelled rugby league's most over-rated player. The Bulldog responding with a man of the match title in yesterday's win over Manly. Braith Anasta made the plays that mattered against Manly. His performance hiding the pain he felt at being singled out by his peers in a player poll. COMMENTATOR: Well, there the most over-rated player in rugby league kicks twice and they score a try. I really wanted to have a strong game today, not to prove anythign to anyone else but just to prove to myself. I've been low on confidence this week. Anasta will soon make a decision about where he'll play next season. He blames all the speculation for last week's unwanted headlines. I think it's probably got a lot to do with the crap about me getting $800,000 a year and that sort of garbage.

I don't really know, but when people talk up you're getting that much money when it's not even close it's just really talking crap. The Bulldogs continuing their resurgence with a 5 tries to 2 win over Manly, ending the Sea Eagles run of 11 consecutive wins at home. I'm really happy with it.

It was terrific. It'll give us a lot of confidence going forward. It was a weekend of upsets, the top six teams failing to record a win. The biggest upset - the struggling New Zealand Warriors beating competition leader Brisbane. Is he over the line? Is he what? And another surprise - St George Illawarra's run of 9 wins from their last 11 matches is over.

The Dragons beaten 32-24 by the Wests Tigers. Leanne West, Ten News. The AFL will today review the controversial final seconds of Saturday night's match between Sydney and Collingwood at Telstra Stadium that has left the Magpies fuming.

With Swan Amon Buchanan holding up play, with his side clinging to a 1-point lead, timekeepers failed to stop the clock. But Sydney coach Paul Roos also walked away unhappy, disappointed with the discrepancy in free kicks. I was frustrated, no doubt about that and I sense that the players were frustrated and I just didn't see visually that there was a lot of difference between the way we were playing and the way they were playing. The Swans's win leaves them equal third on the ladder. The Aussies cricketers are through to the final of the one-day series in England despite their slow start to the tour. A showdown against the home side is guaranteed next weekend after a 5-wicket loss for Bangladesh overnight. Allrounder Andrew Flintoff returned to form with a four wicket haul and he came within a whisker of a hat-trick. Bangladesh set England 209 runs to win. Man of the match Andrew Strauss top scored with 98, Kevin Pietersen chipped in with a hard-hitting 23

as they hauled in the target with 11 overs to spare. South Korean golfer Birdie Kim has lived up to her name sinking an incredible bunker shot to win the US Womens Open. After overnight leader Michelle Wie self-destructed,

Kim turned on some magic at the final hole to win by a shot. COMMENTATOR: Are you kidding me?

And Padraig Harrington has also produced something special to win Barclays Classic on the USPGA tour. The Irishman sinking a 20m eagle putt at the last hole to finish the tournament at 10 under par. We'll check the weather details when Ten's Morning News returns.

This program is captioned live. Now for a look at the national weather.

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