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(generated from captions) before he was accidentally found by negotiated by Australia 10 days - Douglas Wood's release was The Sunday Age in Melbourne reports junior Coalition partner. responsibilities be taken from the are demanding that John Anderson's fighting over portfolios. Liberals telegraph in Sydney has Coalition petrol prices. The Sunday Telegraph groups want to from sky rocketing make fuel cheaper but motorist Brisbane leads with PM - I can't Sunday June 26. The Sunday Mail in nation's press is reporting this changes. But first what the stock as the political world attention. Today Kim Beazley takes and that's absolutely requires the course of the last few months more effective than we've been in in the Senate. We have to be even Power from the opposition parties Hello and welcome to Meet The Press. This program is captioned live.

people a decent tax cut. They are indirectly in relation to giving relation to the excise or They can do things directly in They will get huge amounts of money. resources rental tax and the like. more money out of company tax money out of the GST and get a lot of it. The states get a lot more They would get a lot more money out suggest they should go further? the excise at 2001 levels would you yesterday they've virtually frozen and indeed treasurer Costello said down like a snail. Well Mr Howard international price falls it comes bowser like a rocket. When the get a - it goes into place at the the international price rises you something about the fact that when competition and start to do cartel and put in place a bit of they can start to deal with the get the ACCCC actively involved things they could do. They could they did. There are also other carriage with the micerly thing Party's tax package they can't income tax. If they did the Labor on the GST it could do something to do something directly on excise or Australian families. If it didn't ease the burden and pressure on it. The Government can do things to should be taking responsibility for petrol or take the GST off it? It Should bit droping the excise on should the Government be doing. If we go to petrol first. What you Paul. Mr Beazley. Very good to be with Welcome back to the Prime Minister double opposition if you like. to amend or reject legislation. A Government in a new world order of team to take it up to the the shadow ministry. This is the On Friday Beazley put his stamp on and his wife have separated. split. Crickets bad boy Shane Warne Warne In Perth the Sunday Times has Iraqi troops.

Australian people. What preoccupys Parliament it doesn't preoccupy the of Parliament can preoccupy us in campaign. What goes on on the floor not benefit as a result of the the unfairness of it all and did it as soon as they became aware of always thought. They weren't buying box you in? That confirms what we the defensive not you you let them Government that should have been on botched your tactics, it was the Doesn't that poll confirm that you and we asked whose tax package by Meet The Press by IPSOS McKay have an exclusive nationwide poll taking their whole tax cut out. We would rises in the price of petrol they experience, as we said they They're enjoying it less now when Australians didn't enjoy it one bet. to tell you those 7 million with 7 million Australians. I have being side lines I was side lined about being 12th man was about me important about what he said to me adross your television screens more Minister's youthful nightmare large we we were seeing was Prime electorate stphr I have to say what no tax cut. Did you misread the Australians prefer any tax cut to slaging off but it's clear Mr Beazley, quite a humour use debate. has made himself irrelevant to this never gettings a bowl Mr Speaker he one who carrys the drinks, but of Australian politics I mean the Australian politics. The 12th man description of the 12th man of opposition's really earned the on this issue the leader of the yourself. Over the past few weeks Parliament that you'd side lined and the Prime Minister claimed in off you according to the news poll cuts seem to have taken some paint tactics over the Government's tax they say that are. The opposition's not calm and helpless even though

in our society we'll be talking about what we do about innovation interest rates and implications day. That is implications for debt to the tune of $100 million a country slides into foreign duet will be talking about the fact this be talking about other things we national interest then. We'll also what is the best thing in the of the next election and work out arrangements in place at the time We will look at the tax on middle income people. We move on. still is. It is particularly high Even after all these changes it Australian history it still is. highest taxing Government in taxing Government. This is the Weir not about being a higher these things are gone they're gone. of funding these tax cuts? Once superannuation surcharge as a way weeks ago. Will Labor restore the to the Labor Party a couple of at the New South Wales conference a confronts I outlined some of them important issues that this nation about because there are many other campaign. That's not all we'll talk context of the next election budget. We'll do it again in the did that in the context of this and with a bit of tax reform. We interests of the Australian people would have really suited the affordable properly costed, that that we would - which was that. We laid down a tax package would and before that we would do election campaign obviously we hand? Well, of course during the major plank will you show your have to revisit it. Will tax be a The debate was hardly over. You that is what Labor was doing. stands in the national interest and are sick of. That we have to take politicians be poll driven people point. We must Notting as not the point Paul, that's not the supporting the Labor Party that's Government. The public was Government after 25 billion us even Stephens with the the major polls in the country had opposition copped at the time all Parliament and the abuse the after all the argy bargy in something like that when you see suspected the polls would be happening in their pockets. I the Australian people is what's

Kim Beazley bury it. platform. Socialism is dead will believe a key plank in its own Costello says Labor really doesn't about that too. Coming up, Peter

in 1949 apparently the Labor Party believed it and because it has at its heart an objective in which it no longer believes there's a hollowness to its ideas. And that prompts a query from Jennifer. Mr Beazley he's got a point hasn't he, really you've got the opposition to the rest of the Telstra sale as the final hor rar in this attitude and that fight is doom snd Look Peter Costello is the most hollow man in Australian politics we know that and the Liberal Party knows that and the Australian people know it is either a hollow man or a snake in the grass. That is what I think of Peter Costello as far as his claims are concerned. The second is what we stand for in the Labor Party is a quality opportunity. That's why we stood for fair attacks and that's why we stand for a fairer outcome in relation to people's education opportunities and so on. As far as Telstra is concerned we don't believe it should be privatised further. We don't believe it should have been privatised at all. Till you this, if in the next couple of years as the liberals and the nationals objective today. The difference is objective in 1949 it is still the these fields. That was the and other anti-social features in necessary to eliminate exploitation and exchange to the extent industry, production, distribution democratic socialisation of have been left for dead. The and centre left parties in effect the winning side of history. Labor parties like the Liberals are on Costello claimed centre right Australian. On Wednesday treasurer Review and Steve Lewis the Hewett the Australian Financial welcome to the panel Jennifer opposition leader Kim Beazley and You're on Meet The Press with enjoy their absolute power in Canberra it is privatiseed with the nationals voting for it the bush will never forgive them. What are you going to do offer to buy it back? We'd always move on in the Labor Party we always find other solutions to problems that we confront. One of the things that we are finding solutions to at this time is the issues of national leadership on the infrastructure and need thofs country. So it will be incorporated whatever we have to do on that will be incorporated in our general direction in ensuring we death the infrastructure we need to build the next generation of wealth we need. You're addressing a big rally in Melbourne on Thursday what is your key message to workers? The key message to workers is these things - firstly we need a fair umpire, we've had it for 100 years Australians have come to expect that you get a fair umpire. We need an impartial view of the minimum wage. This Government wants to opress minimum wages we need the right to organisation. The Government is going to and it never promised the Australian people in the last election campaign that this would be the place it's going to render the Australian industrial relations system unfair. That's what the Australian Government is going to do. It will be fair for if few and unfair for the many. John Howard mislead the Australian people and we'll hold him accountable for that. Don't you ristck GST - isn't this the time to further deregulate the IR system? We have just about the most deregulated Labor market in the industrial world. So we've gone far enough there isn't need for further reform We've got serious problems in this country but not in the area of industrial relations in the area of skills that's what we're going to be talking about it's not just us saying it it is the reserve ban tck OECD. We have an effective deregulated Labor market in this country now. What the Government will do is shift the balance against the ordinary Australian even more heavenly than currently exists. If the Government puts those sorts of things in place over the course of the next couple of years in breach of its undertakings to the Australian electorate we will go to the next election campaign with a view to establishing a fair umpire, a fair mechanism for setting minimum wages a fair structure to allow people to choose if they want to have a bargain done on their behalf selectively on the union movement. We'll do all of those things in the election campaign. The Labor Party likes to talk a lot about the reform. Clark Keating has been saying Labor has runaway from that reform. You have let go that he and Bob Hawke attracted to Labor? I was a proud member of his Government and a proid member of Bob Hawke's Government. The great Ervine ra of prosperity in this country was set up by us it udz set up by us by getting things right. This Government is getting things wrong. It means getting right and skilling the Australian workforce. Getting right investing in new technologies, investing in innovation and business, investing in our universities, investing in our infrastructure. That's getting things right now. That is getting - whether it's against private schools the tax cuts debate? I eem not about envy. I'm about the least vindictive politician yiel come across in the country. That's my view of the world. So if I can just finish that Steve. I'm not about running the politics of envy I'm worried about running the politics of nation building. The last two elections particularly Labor has run a very big campaign saying we'll take

money from the top gear schools and given to lower schools down the sos you economic ladder will you continue that policy through the next legion or do you recognise now that policy was flawed? My father put in place the Government funding of private schools during the period of the Whitlam Government. What we said then in the Labor Party and we believe now is people should be able to exercise freedom of conscience because we're the Labor Party and understand the meaning of the quality of opportunity that means the Government has to provide assistance to people exercising their freedom of conscience. We also said this because we're also the Labor Party believing this in the quality of opportunity that the funding would need to be needs baseed so that ordinary young Australians you are being put at great act cafies by their parents into private schools would be able to get a quality education in whatever private school they attended that meant that we made differentation on the basis of need we will always take that position, always. One of the biggest problem no, sir for the Labor Party is that the Government don't believe that you're as good economic manager as the Government. Particularly in a time of economic tpwroth that's a hard can things to reshuffle? We can argue the things I've been talking about in terms of skills, innovation, nation buildings take town the Government. This is a Government that benefited from us when we're in office. We will expodz that over the next couple of years but we need the people to do it and I think we've got them now in place. Coming up, a surprise result in the IPSOS McKay poll on John Howard's preferred replacement. We cross to Greg Turnbull at the federal Liberal meeting in Canberra. Iraqi hostage Douglas Wood. Mr Wood desaids once and for all who rescued him on the prize wheel - Alexander Downer, Iraqi troops, Geelong football club or channel 10. The Mascot says one good turn deserves another. You're on Meet The Press. The central governing body of the Liberal Party is meeting in Canberra this weekend the Prime Minister will address delegates later morning Greg Turnbull joins us now. Greg any steer on what the Prime Minister is likely to say to delegates? Good morning Paul the Prime Minister again today will be beating the drum on industrial relations reform which he said has become 100% priority for the Government in the coming session of the Parliament this is something has Han been a priority for John Howard throughout his political career. He has a conjunction of circumstances to move on that priority they being the majority control of the Senate that the Government controls next Friday 1st July and the fact we have a strong economy which permits the reform according to his argument and the fact in his view the Labor Party is mired in the past on industrial relations so industrial relations and a bit of emphasis also on improving Australia's technology skills. Many liberals including John Howard believe that Malcolm phraseer wasted the last opportunity they had when they controlled the Senate the pressure is on Mr Howard now isn't it? It is. One hand what is the point of having the numbers in the Senate if you have them. It is's a little bit like hurting cats good in theory but you still have a new management problem to manage the Senate tors and do what they want and you don't get splits within your own party. Harry Evans the clerk of the Senate, the world's authority on the Australian Senate said that the history of Government majorities in the Senate is that they get break aways and can't rule autocratically. John Howard runs the risk of alienating voters? He certainly does. He says we'll be sensible and be controlled. In that regard he has one foot on the break and one on the accelerator because of tin flaupbss which say take this chance why you've got it. I think that he'll be put all of his is split political skills towards getting value out of the majority. Mr Beazley the Senate result was a surprise at the last election. The Liberal Party director says it was no accident. The voters knew exactly what they were dog when they gave the Coalition parties a majority, do you agree with that assessment and are you concerned that John Howard can lock in his majority at the next election? The Liberal organiser would say that. I don't think the Australian thought they were doing that. If the Australian people thought that was going to happen they would have paid much greater attention to his policy. It would haven't helped on his industrial relations making people easier to sack in larger numbers and removing the minimum wage processes none of these things were talked about by how ho how during the election campaign. He has no mandate for any of that. The Liberal council there is quite worried about the extremist direction John Howard is taking them that's why he has to try and convince them. All about state rights the other day. The western Australian liberals and the Queensland national and the like are very worried about John Howard's extremist direction. Do you think Howard can go further or the Coalition parties can go further at the next election. Are you concerned they could be locked in and improve that? We want to restore the Senate to a sensible balance. We will be putting forward the policies to deal with that particular problem. I'm very confident we would be able to do that. I'm more confident every day as I see the lines we lay down and the lines John Howard lays down for example today he's talking about more training places for information technology for young Australians. In the Budget he came out and had the cheek or Costello had the cheek to say that as part of their objective they would import 20,000 workers to do Australian jobs - jobs that Australians should be trained to do. They suddenly realised they've bungle on that as they've listened to us and starting to respond to our initiative. IPSOS McKay polled nationwide on who voters prefer to replace John Howard if they retired at the next election. 27% Peter Costello, 29% Kim Beazley and 37% someone else. According to pollsters Australians are looking for a fresh alternative after John Howard. That's not good news for you is snit In the last election campaign I was told there was a poll like that. A week before the election I asked who would you prefer as Prime Minister of the Australia John Howard or someone else? John Howard got 29 and someone else got 71. I think the support for Howard and the support por for Costello is very shallow. Of course we'll go into the next egg election campaign with a decent platform. When we do that people start to respond to you. Looking at that poll I don't worry about it I suspect that Mr Costello will. One of the issues that effects every opposition leader is his conditions in his own party and there's a lot of unhappiness within Labor about how Labor is going not helped by the reshuffle how do you keep that kind of stuff under control? I took decisive action to get everybody in place to do a job that they could effectively do to hold the Government accountable. Heavy hitters in the economic area and good people in other areas. Simon's in region a development he wrote the book on that that is where he can best help Labor in defence before the last election before I came back on board to help Mark Latham that is where I could best help Labor and Mark Latham there. The same thing applies to Simon, all the members of the front bench have signed up to do the jobs

that I've given them to do if they didn't they'd have left the front bench. Are people on notice if they continue to white out they'll be demoted out of the front Ben snch Pinch me but the reporting of opposition grumbling here and there that is always endem nick in opposition there are lots of people with good idea bts about where we ought to be going. I think the real issue here of division in Australian politics is not with us. We've got a Prime Minister and a treasurer who hate each other and they have to take decisions about petrol, about tax about o whole range of things and everything they do is viewed through the price m of their muetral dislike. Mr Beazley there aes's a lot of feeling in the party there's a lot of remaining dead wood and have new people coming in. Shouldn't you as leader bring in people like Bill Shorten or Evan. The hornley? We had some good renewal last time. One of the people who came in last time Peter Garrett another one Tony Burke a real rising star I gave the responsibility for immigration to. We are being renewed all the time. I have to say thank you for joining us today Kim Beazley thanks to our panel Steve Lewis and Jennifer Hewett. A transcrypt of this Prime Minister will be on the web shortly. Until next week it's goodbye from Meet The Press. Supertext captions by the Australian Caption Centre.