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(generated from captions) Tonight - reunited with family in Australia. Freed hostage Douglas Wood What's it like to be back home? REPORTER: Bloody good. helping hundreds of students A Sydney teacher denies cheat their HSC. stays for now, A lucrative speed camera it isn't needed. despite the government saying And Shane Warne's family closes ranks another sex scandal. as a British newspaper claims This program is LIVE captioned. with Samantha Armytage. This is Seven News Good evening. for Ian Ross, who is on leave. I'm Samantha Armytage sitting in is back home in Australia Former hostage Douglas Wood having been reunited with family. enjoying his freedom for calling on Australia He has also apologised to pull troops out of Iraq, gave him no choice. saying his captors Amazing. Terrific. REPORTER: How does it feel? he said, "God bless America." When he was freed last week, That is where he lives now. with his wife Yvonne, But back in Australia this morning Douglas Wood had come home. # Waltzing Matilda... # And for a while, jovial, larger-than-life character we had a chance to meet this

have been telling us about. his brothers Thank you for coming. for the Wood family. This is a great day Bloody right! (laughs) what's it like to be back? REPORTER: Mr Wood, Bloody good. Yes. would not leave that place alive? Did you, at any point, believe you Yes. There was a lot he didn't say. it's a bit traumatic. I'd rather not talk right now, And much that he did. I'm sorry? What do you think of your captors? as human beings...? What do you think of them, Arseholes. Prime Minister Howard, please... VIDEO: President Bush, And frankly, I'd like to apologise and Prime Minister Howard to both President Bush for things I said under duress. by the support in Australia. He said he was overwhelmed

No-one expected this, though. to Iraq? Mr Wood, will you ever go back I may, yes. That would be why. To pursue business opportunities? suggested he should think about that. The look on his wife's face in Melbourne for a few days, He will stay with his brothers getting used to being free. A doctor saw him this afternoon. REPORTER: How is he? considering what he's been through. He's in remarkably good condition, Back with all he has missed - and his football team. family, friends Any message for the Cats, Mr Wood? Carn the Cats! The Mufti of Australia claims could cost two other lives. Douglas Wood's rescue Sheikh Taj el-Din al-Hilaly says all arranged, he had a peaceful handover the remaining hostages will die. but now there is a 90% chance braving a deadly city to save a life. Back home after weeks

I'm really, really happy. My mission is successful. as one player on a soccer team, Sheikh al-Hilaly saw his role as one player on a soccer team,

John Howard the coach.

Goalkeeper - Alexander Downer. Captain of our team is Mr Ruddock. for stopping Doug Wood's execution This player takes credit just hours after arriving in Baghdad. It was almost possible for me Mr Douglas Wood to actually be able to free that I spent in Baghdad. in the first week Wood simply stumbled onto his plan. The cleric says the troops who freed from being handed over. The Australian was just hours away as a gift They wanted to present this as a gift

to the Australian people. from the Iraqi people It seems the gift had no idea. Never heard of him. is not aware of the outside world. Obviously, Mr Douglas to be freed, but now face execution. Two Iraqi hostages were also that was taken last week The stupid action of these families to death. has exposed the fathers has promised more proof Sheikh Hilaly Sheikh Hilaly

in Douglas Wood's release about his role the Iraqi insurgents themselves. and it is to come from a statement about just what happened He expects them to release a statement about just what happened

within days. into a Sydney teacher An investigation has been launched students cheat on their HSC. accused of helping hundreds of Seven News has tracked down the woman made against her are all lies. who says the alarming claims there have been cheats. Ever since there has been an HSC, helping them. But it is usually not teachers any suggestion We certainly want to discourage is a legitimate process. that this process It has been alleged that business on this Sydney property a teacher who owns a tutoring to do students' HSC work. has been charging $5,000 is investigating, The Board of Studies but insists cheating is rare. there is a very small number - Each year, unfortunately, of 5-10 students - typically in the order who have their results cancelled. requires clear evidence But proving plagiarism as largely unregulated as tutoring, and in an industry it is often difficult. didn't pick this up? How come the schools haven't seen the difference You can't tell me the schools and high-quality work. between average work

tells Seven News The owner of the tutoring business she does not want to speak on camera over the allegations. because she is taking legal action But she claims they are all false

with an axe to grind and were made by a former employee because they were sacked. The teacher also says to submit the work of 250 students. it would be impossible for one person Whatever the truth,

cautions students the Board of Studies someone else's work. considering submitting a self-defeating process. Cheating is always that you can get away with. It's not something school-zone speed traps One of Sydney's most lucrative will remain in place for now, it probably isn't needed. despite the government admitting A pedestrian bridge has been built, leading drivers to suspect the camera is just a revenue-raiser. It's a $2-million span across busy Carlingford Road so children can walk safely to school. The dangerous crossing may have gone, but not the school-zone speed camera.

Every few minutes, it is still blazing away. Now there's no pedestrian crossing, I don't think there's a need for it. New street barriers force children to use the bridge.

But drivers are still being caught. Yes. When? The other week. Yeah? Because I thought it was taken out because now we have this. I think it's quite unfair, yes. Some don't... I think it should stay. It slows the traffic down around the school, which is good. Drivers know why it has stayed. Oh, money raising. That's the only reason? Yes. It earns well over $1 million a year, most during school-zone times. But outside of school-zone times, you've got a low incidence of speed, and that's why we think the camera should be taken out. The Roads Minister is waiting for an RTA review of all speed cameras. I'm very sympathetic to the case of removing speed cameras that don't make sense, particularly in school zones. It could take six weeks - by then, the camera will collect $150,000 in fines. Now they have their bridge, parents say if the speed camera stays, the revenue it raises from speeding drivers should go straight to the school - Perhaps to build a new student hall. Australia and Japan have stepped up their intense lobbying ahead of this week's vote on commercial whaling. Japanese fisherman have accused the Federal Government of hypocrisy

over its campaign to protect whales. It was a protest of contrasts and contradictions -

those that love the whales marched alongside those from Japan who want to kill them. Japan is the No.1 whale hunter. Oh, thank you very much. Yeah, I think so, and I hope so. You are proud? Yeah. Hideo Kon represents Japan's whaling fishermen, proud of what they do - accusing Australia of hypocrisy. You kill the kangaroo. You kill the cow. I think same question. This week delegates from around the world, including Australia, will discuss a new call from Japan to expand whale hunting. Despite the carnival atmosphere here, the pro and anti-whaling lobbies are squaring up for a major spat. Commercial whale hunting was supposed to have been banned almost 20 years ago. But under an exemption, Japan continued culling for scientific purposes. Now it is pushing to enlarge those hunts, threatening to quit the International Whaling Commission if it doesn't get its way here. Japanese people are really frustrated and more and more people are starting to say, "Why are you staying in IWC?" Controversially, Japan now wants the go-ahead to target the humpback whale. Migaloo, the whale which is becoming infamous along our eastern seaboard, in fact around the world, is one of the whales that could be targeted. But such language could backfire on Australia. By being very extreme and emotional about whaling issue, actually you are destroying this organisation. As this pivotal conference began, a reminder that it is not just Japan that craves whale meat. It is a culinary tradition in South Korea too - one set to continue whatever happens here. Shane Warne's family has closed ranks over his latest sex scandal -

claims from a British woman of a brief encounter. His brother says they are sick of defending themselves against people who are just seeking publicity. This time, the headline screams - "Shane's Shame - "Married Aussie cricketer begged me for sex, "but it was owzat in seconds." The English tabloid quotes 25-year-old student Laura Sayers, who claims Warne stripped naked in front of her and, unable to resist his charms, she gave in. She says -

The story has broken just a week after Warne's wife Simone and their children moved to England. The locals think Warne must be mad. My theory on that is, if you've got a steak at home, why have bacon, know what I mean? It's the latest episode in Warne's chequered history - dealings with a bookie, a drug suspension and numerous sex scandals. He has even thrown away his mobile phone.

Just last week, Shane was everywhere, talking up his new hair replacement deal. Can I just go for it? When it comes to sex scandals, the answer this time is the same as the last. As I said to you, I've said all I wanted to say. I've got nothing to add. Thank you. His manager, brother Jason Warne, has released a statement saying - At least Warne has managed to take some focus off Andrew Symonds. The all-rounder has been banned for two one-dayers and fined his match fees after an all-night drinking binge. But, strangely, his skipper refused to publicly back the penalty. I'm not going to say if it's the right punishment or the wrong punishment. It's been handled at the top. Matthew White will have highlights of the match against England later in sport. Ahead in Seven News - Australia's longest serving detainee offered freedom after seven years. And Tom Cruise cops a spray at his London premiere.

Police have revealed they have used sniffer dogs to search a Sydney home for the remains of missing girl Tegan Lane. The inquest into her disappearance resumed today, with police admitting nothing was found at the house

where Tegan's mother says she took her baby. Detectives have accused Keli Lane of deliberately lying to them throughout their search for the girl, who disappeared eight years ago. Coroner John Abernethy told the inquest he has to keep in mind the baby may have been killed. A bank worker has faced court accused of stealing $110,000. Sean Clifford claims he found the money in a bag. He allegedly hid some cash under his work desk and the rest in a safety deposit box. Police charged Clifford because he didn't tell authorities. as simple as "finders keepers"? REPORTER: Do you think it should be as simple as "finders keepers"?

No comment. He has been ordered not to approach any potential witnesses.

After living behind barbed wire for nearly seven years, Australia's longest-serving immigration detainee will be offered a visa. But Peter Qasim may not walk free immediately - his incarceration has left him living in a psychiatric hospital. News of Peter Qasim's imminent release inspired a 100% Australian-owned reaction from his most prominent supporter. It's the most fantastic thing that could happen. It will start to make Australians feel good about ourselves again.

For refugee advocates, Mr Qasim personifies all that is wrong with mandatory detention. I've been here for a long time I've been institutionalised. and I feel like I've been institutionalised. With no papers to prove his nationality, he has spent a long seven years behind razor wire. Now there is haste to get him out on a bridging visa. We are wanting to do this as quickly as we possibly can. Dick Smith acted quickly on hearing the Prime Minister's announcement on Friday,

softening mandatory detention. I spoke to the Prime Minister a few days ago about Peter Qasim and the response was that the Prime Minister was concerned about him being locked up for so long. Labor is now questioning the government's committment to getting children out. Does your agreement guarantee children and their families will not be kept behind razor wire in detention centres? Children would only be in a detention centre as a last resort. It is understood that last resort would only come in to play if the families are waiting for community housing or if they breach the rules on community detention and are sent back to the centres. Tom Cruise has copped a spray at the London premiere of his latest movie War of the Worlds. Cruise, who was with new fiancee Katie Holmes, had a "war of the words" when a comedian posing as a reporter sprayed him with water from a fake microphone during a red carpet interview. That's... now why would you do that? Why would you do that? You're a jerk. You're a jerk. Four men from a television comedy program were arrested. Sport now with Matthew White, and some interesting news at the Bulldogs tonight?

Sam, they are going to let Braith Anasta test the market. More on that shortly. Also tonight, how England soared to new heights to bring the Aussies down again. And Michael Campbell's emotional Open victory.

The soul-searching continues for the Australian cricket team after being beaten by England. Defending 252, our bowlers couldn't contain batting sensation Kevin Pietersen, who hit a match-winning 91. You can understand why this Aussie fan feels like a prisoner in England. It started well enough. COMMENTATOR: Wow! Straight into the crowd five rows back. But then Australia's top order crumbled. Harmison gets the first wicket. Gilchrist gone. Ricky Ponting next with a golden duck. Damien Martyn followed soon after.

That's in the air! This could be out... it is! Three wickets in four balls. Then this. Oh, spectacular! Watch Matthew Hayden's reaction - "Can I believe that? No, I can't." Finally some composure - Mike Hussey and Michael Clarke. Pulled away, that'll go for six. All the way. A 105-run partnership, but this ended it. He's dragged that into his stumps. The tail lifted Australia to 252. He's a big hitter. The Kangaroo had switched camps - a bright start for England.

Four more. Now McGrath's furious. Michael Vaughan made a big dent with 57.

Hit that with immense power, Michael Vaughan. Kevin Pietersen did the most damage - 8 fours and 4 sixes. Pietersen's gone for the big one. That's sailing into the crowd again! It's a monster, this one. Shades of Vivian Richards here. England won with more than two overs to spare. Kevin Pietersen's the hero for England - 91 not out. England home by three wickets! I'm disappointed but, you know, Breaking news in Rugby League tonight, with the Bulldogs giving Braith Anasta permission to speak with rival clubs. Anasta has three days to see how much money is really out there. The Dogs will then try to match any deal, but Willie Mason's manager has been told there may not be enough room for both. And Dragons prop Luke Bailey is planning on heading to the Gold Coast. I've got family up there, a few friends, so I thought maybe a change and just the added factor that the salary cap is so tight and it's squeezing players out. Bailey will stay with the Dragons next year before joining the new club. Michael Campbell has become the first Kiwi golfer in 42 years to win a major. Campbell beat Tiger Woods by two shots to claim the US Open. Australia's Mark Hensby finished equal third in a bizarre final round. In today's early hours, Australasian fans couldn't believe their eyes. Hensby hung on - six bogeys, two birdies. He has now finished in the top five at Augusta and Pinehurst. It actually came up short. Campbell and Tiger, But this was about and it was exhilarating. Look at this shot from Tiger. That's a beauty! had once slid to near 400, The Kiwi, whose world ranking

answered every challenge. Yes, it does! How about that? the crowd went crazy. Tiger birdied the last, Yes! CHEERING AND APPLAUSE But one hole behind, choking atmosphere was magnificent. Campbell's response in this Campbell with a birdie at 17. Look at this, tracking in - when Tiger turns up the heat. Few can stay in the kitchen

Campbell today was fireproof. He won by two. His life has been one of great highs and extreme lows - that explained the tears. Michael Campbell is going to win the US Open. I just can't believe I'm holding this trophy.

It's just amazing. Lleyton Hewitt begins his Wimbledon campaign tonight,

and he'll have fiancee Bec Cartwright courtside. Hewitt meets Belgium's Olivier Rochus in round 1. Of course, mum-to-be Bec only wrapped up her commitments with Home and Away

just last week. It's a nice life! A

couple of weeks at Wimbledon. Let's

hope she's there for the whole two weeks. after the break, Nuala has Sydney's weather but first, finance. in negative territory And the market ended the day after briefly touching a new record. Woodside and Santos surged Shares in oil producers hit a record high. after the oil price

Good evening. we haven't had much of a winter, So far this week, when a cold blast hits, but that is finally set to change of sunny and mild weather. ending this run Today it was nothing but blue skies, accordingly. and temperatures responded above average climbing four degrees to reach 20/21 degrees across Sydney and the central coast, having fallen as low as 2 degrees in Campbelltown overnight. It was a different story in the mountains, where it only reached a cold and partly cloudy 10 degrees.

On the charts - there's a fair slab of cloud over the north-east, and the south-east is being battered with some very wintry weather thanks to those complex lows. It's this second one that's set to hit us from late Wednesday, dropping temperatures back down below average. After a cold night, we're in for another relatively mild day tomorrow 10 in the mountains. with tops around 19 degrees, a bit more cloud around, But we will see But we will see

especially in the afternoon colder weather Wednesday. ahead of some It's down to 16 degrees, and the chance of a shower. with partly cloudy skies for most of the week, In fact, the cloud could stay with us mainly near the coast. with a shower or two cooler, and just in time - So, Sam, it is finally getting the shortest day of the year. it's the winter solstice tomorrow,

I know you love weather trivia. Can't believe it's here again already. And that's Seven News to now. Don't forget - if you have a story for us to investigate,

we'd like to hear about it. Go to our web site and click on the News Tips link. I'm Samantha Armytage. Thanks for your company. Goodnight. Captioned by Seven Network Email -