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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. at the Indonesian Embassy in Canberra Tonight - why the incident has been called a terrorist act.

for our country This is a very serious development the sense of concern I feel. and I can't overstate has responded. And how the Indonesian Government Also tonight - investigating the Bali Nine what this man told police and why they listened so intently. Andrew Chan wasn't there. Plus - who owns this $250,000 in cash in the most surprising of places? that turned up and welcome to the Late News. Hello, I'm Sandra Sully Also tonight - Thanks for coming. OK. Nice to see you. Why we can credit this man of US President Richard Nixon. for the downfall He's a great patriot. He's always lived with honour. And - a cut above the rest. is no ordinary diamond. Why this sparkling beauty They're extremely rare. A gem this size, um, will pop up once in a lifetime.

But first tonight - the Indonesian Embassy in Canberra. the situation at the embassy And joining me from outside Greg Turnbull. is Ten News political reporter and threats before, Greg, we've had hoaxes a significant upscaling but this incident heralds

in terror alerts on Australian turf. are familiar Security officials around Australia involving white powder in envelopes with hoaxes and false alarms and it was hoped and expected the same category. that this would fall into at the Indonesian Embassy But the scale of the response here laboratory results - and the subsequent

in a moment - and I'll tell you more about those that this is the site seemed to suggest attack on a political target. of Australia's first biological this morning The drama began around 10:30 became suspicious when Indonesian Embassy staff a white powder of a package containing the Indonesian ambassador. addressed to the embassy was locked down, Police were called, chemical experts were called in to a government laboratory and the suspicious material was taken for analysis. The initial analysis of the powder

as a biological agent, has tested positive to be carried out though further testing will need what that substance actually is. to determine around the embassy Security has been tightened since threats were made against it and sentence. over the Schapelle Corby trial being investigated by the AFP The matter is currently as a serious criminal offence. were still being held Late tonight, more than 20 staff inside the floodlit embassy for testing and decontamination. at the apparent attack. Our political leaders aghast criminal act. Well, it's a very serious of the Australian Government I want to say on behalf that it's occurred. how sorry we are to be condemned by all Australians. This is a disgraceful act The Indonesian Foreign Ministry says by such a cowardly act. it won't be intimidated to be strongly condemned. This is something that ought It is certainly un-Australian. It appears to be the most serious against the Corby verdict, in a growing number of protests such acts will backfire. Mr Howard warning

of many Indonesian people It will do great damage in the eyes between our countries. to the relationship Schapelle Corby. It certainly won't help The Government also fears

is damaging moves the public's reaction a prisoner transfer agreement. to establish the backs of the judiciary up It's going to get the backs of politicians up and it is going to get in the Indonesian Parliament.

Imran Cotan, was not in the embassy The Indonesian ambassador, when the envelope arrived safe location. and is now at a separate, for our country This is a very serious development the sense of concern I feel. and I can't overstate

very disturbed and visibly angry The Prime Minister there about this incident. word on what the white powder is, And, while we're yet to get a final the experts are suggesting harmful bacillus bacteria, that it could be a potentially mildly harmful germs a strain which can range from to deadly anthrax. Thanks, Greg. Greg Turnbull. Ten News political reporter

Late this afternoon, the long process of her appeal. Schapelle Corby's lawyer started filed the preliminary papers Indonesian lawyer Lily Lubis where the Australian was found guilty in the same Denpasar court last Friday. now gives the defence 2.5 weeks Indonesian procedure

to complete its grounds for appeal in the Bali High Court. and lodge them with judges before even scheduling a hearing. They could take another 60 days Extraordinary images tonight from inside a Bali interrogation room godfather of the Bali Nine. as police question the alleged implicated his co-accused Myuran Sukumaran from the drug-smuggling plot. and tried to distance himself from a police camera Myuran Sukumaran hides his face his final interrogation. during what's almost certainly of the Bali Nine not cooperating. Investigators say he's the only one he's the group's godfather. They believe Shown evidence, he denies it's his. about three mobile phones Through a translator he's questioned and deflects suspicion to others.

seized at a hotel - Then this suitcase police tell him it contained heroin. lieutenant, Andrew Chan, Sukumaran is then told his alleged has pointed the finger at him. Others are telling all. the time and date Here Michael Czugaj explains delivered a package of heroin when Andrew Chan he strapped to his body. will soon be forced All of the Bali Nine to take part in a re-enactment before their arrests, of the final hours then charges which carry the death penalty will officially be laid. In Bali, Jeremy Pudney, Ten News. More disturbing revelations at Australia's major airports. on the exploding crime wave A secret Customs report revealing managed to smuggle in how some baggage handlers millions of dollars worth of illegal drugs. As the Sydney airport security row deepens, the Federal Government has admitted a convicted narcotics trafficker who served eight years jail is still working there and has a high-security ASIO clearance. The individual involved served his time, Mr Speaker,

and a number of years lapsed resulting in that conviction having been spent. A security review of all airports has been ordered. The Government stung by a Customs report

outlining widespread criminality. The report also detailing how baggage handlers smuggle drugs. Among the findings - bags containing drugs are given business class priority tags, loaded last and retrieved first from an aircraft's hold. Bags transfer to other flights, leaving the drug mules to disembark. The drugs bags go to lost luggage and are picked up later without a customs check, or they are left inside the baggage containers

and retrieved later. Customs officers say drugs get in easily because there's not enough enforcement. Their brief is to clear bags as quickly as possible. Customs has the prior legislation that looks after those entire matters but it isn't being policed by Customs. Now, a new scam revealed. Corrupt X-ray security screeners in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne accused of robbing passengers.

They allegedly target valuables like laptop computers and cameras as they go through X-ray screening. The unwitting victim is diverted by an accomplice and held up for a short time. By the time they pass through the metal detector their valuables have been stolen. Authorities admitting it's a major scam that hits without warning on a regular basis along the east coast. John Hill, Ten News. A blow today for rebel Liberals pushing for a more humane way of dealing with illegal immigrants.

Treasurer Peter Costello says illegal immigrants will continue to be locked up and their rights of appeal reduced. Peter Costello says he supported mandatory detention for suspected illegal immigrants in 1992 when Labor introduced it. I supported it then and I haven't changed my view.

He does say we should do everything we can to get children out of detention and to cut the time adults are held behind the razor wire. His solutions very different from those proposed by the rebel Liberals. Personally I think we should have far less tribunals and quicker decisions. The Treasurer says most of the children in detention now are not from asylum seeker families

but from visa overstayers. They should be sent home. Not to say, "You can live in the community" because I think you might get a few more overstayers if you took that view. Clearly, Peter Costello doesn't see mandatory detention as an issue where he wants to carve out

an alternative leadership approach to John Howard, but his tough line may make it harder for the PM to quell the revolt.

Labor today put pressure on Petro Georgiou to bring his bills into the Parliament without delay.

The rebels voted with the Government. How can a member vote to gag his own resolution? The PM laughed off Labor's move as a stunt but Petro Georgiou will be looking for some real concessions in return for voting with the Government next time. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News.

When we come back - an Australian Muslim leader returns to Baghdad but what does it mean for the release of hostage Douglas Wood? OK, nice to see you. Thanks for coming. Why we can credit this man for the downfall of US President Richard Nixon. And Sir Bob Geldof's new plan to bring the world's musicians together to feed the starving. Still 20 years on, it strikes me as being morally repulsive

and intellectually absurd that people die of want in a world of surplus.

This program is captioned live. Australian Muslim leader Sheik Taj el-Din al-Hilaly is back in Baghdad, hoping to collect hostage Douglas Wood. The mufti is now waiting at his hotel in the Iraqi capital

saying he has new hope Douglas Wood will be freed soon. Sheik al-Hilaly has even offered to swap places with the Australian, who needs treatment for heart disease. However, so far there's been no sign of Wood. America's best-known whistleblower has finally come out, solving one of the world's biggest political mysteries that led to the downfall of US President Richard Nixon. The mysterious 'Deep Throat' of Watergate fame has finally admitted his key role in the saga. At 91, Mark Felt has finally told Washington's best kept secret -

he is the man history dubbed 'Deep Throat'. OK, nice to see you. Thanks for coming. As the FBI's number two man in the early '70s, Felt gave 'The Washington Post' everything it needed to expose President Richard Nixon over a cover-up following a politically motivated break-in at the Watergate building.

Felt's secret identity finally blown after more than 30 years

in a magazine article written by a friend. The family believes my grandfather, Mark Felt Snr, is a great American hero who went well above and beyond the call of duty, at much risk to himself, to save his country from a horrible injustice. We all sincerely hope the country will see him this way as well. The journalists who broke the Watergate scandal had vowed to protect their source to his deathbed. I'm going to work, to do some work, OK? WOMAN: OK, thanks. But late today, Bob Woodward confirmed Felt was 'Deep Throat' - a codename borrowed from a pornographic movie at the time. His family says the now-grandfather, who felt imprisoned by the secret, is happy it's finally out. He's always lived with honour. He's a great patriot. For more than three decades speculation has been rife over the identity of America's greatest political informant. Felt's name often came up but, until today, he always denied it. As with all good secrets, though, now that it's out there are even more questions to be answered. The family says they will come, in time. In the United States, Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News.

20 years after Live Aid raised millions for famine relief in Africa,

Sir Bob Geldof is doing it all again. He's organising a series of concerts around the world

to coincide with the G8 meeting of the world's richest nations. Bob Geldof walked into a London hotel today to do what he had promised never to do - stage another concert like Live Aid.

But, 20 years on, the suffering in Africa has only got worse and Bob Geldof is still burning with moral outrage. Still 20 years on, it strikes me as being morally repulsive and intellectually absurd that people die of want in a world of surplus.

So on July 2, there will be five concerts around the world, with London leading the way. Some of music's biggest artists have been signed up - Coldplay, U2, Paul McCartney. Bigger than 20 years ago. (All sing) # Feed the world. # Live Aid attracted an audience of 1.5 billion.

Back then, Bob Geldof wanted to raise money to feed Africa's starving. Don't go to the pub tonight. Please stay in and give us the money. There are people dying NOW. (Sings) # We are the champions. # This time, it's not about fundraising. It's about trying to muscle the world's leaders into taking radical action in Africa. Today, Bob Geldof replayed the video that had been shown at the concert

20 years before. Despite all the promises, little had changed. What Bob Geldof is demanding of the leaders is that they agree to cancel Africa's debt, to double aid to the continent and to set up a fairer trading system. When we come back - who owns this $250,000 in cash that turned up in the most surprising of places? Why this diamond is a cut above the rest. And in 'Sports Tonight' - you'll meet 'Big Bob', the 2m tall, 175kg kickboxer.

This program is captioned live. The hunt is on for the owner of $250,000

that a bank worker claims to have found in the street. He's been charged because he didn't hand it in but lawyers say he could still end up with the cash. In anyone's language, it's a lot of money - $250,000 in $50 and $100 bills. Police found half of it inside a safety deposit box in a Sydney bank vault. MAN: There's five yellow envelopes inside. The remainder was sitting in a bag under the desk of a 23-year-old man who works at another bank nearby. This man claimed that he had found the money on an inner-city street some weeks ago.

They're taking his story seriously, with no money reported missing from the George Street bank where he works. But he's still been charged for not handing it in. The offence is specifically steal by finding. There's an obligation on members of the public who find things on the street to hand them over to the appropriate authority. The money could belong to criminals. Police are now crosschecking with all investigations, including last month's cocaine busts. If, in fact, the rightful owner is out there, we would like to return the money to you, but we certainly would follow up with an investigation if someone made a fraudulent claim. If the money isn't claimed, police say the man has no right to it because he broke the law by not handing it over. But legal experts believe he could be in for a windfall. Well, I guess it comes back to the old saying of "finders keepers". Solicitor David Brown says

attempts must be made to find the true owner, but.. If the owner doesn't turn up, then the goods could be deemed have been abandoned and he'd probably be entitled to keep the money.

Dan Nolan, Ten News. With the latest on finance CommSec's Tom Piotrowski. Tom, home-owners will indirectly benefit from today's economic data?

Well, that's right, Sandra. Today,

we saw the release of the national

accounts figures for the first

three months of this year. That's

the report card for the economy and

the most encouraging aspect was

that we were able to rebound from

the soft patch that the economy ran

into at the end of last year. But

it was a bit of a concern to see

that exports didn't make much of an

impact and the farm sector

continues to struggle. Growth is

down about 16% in that sector over

the last year. It's becoming

difficult to isolate exactly what

is going to drive the economy over

the course of the next two to three

quarters. But inflation is

contained and that means that, for

the time being, rates are likely to

hold. Good news so far but profit

warnings are the tone of the week,

particularly after multiplex.

That's right, Sandra. Over recent

months, there have been questions

about the durability of the spend

where advertising is concerned

which puts companies like Fairfax

at risk. Today, it came as a relief

to companies like Fairfax that the

company dispelled those concerns by

saying full-year profits will be in

line with earlier reported

estimates, largely because of

advertising spending in Australia

and New Zealand moving along nicely. Thanks, Tom. The Australian share market ignored the negative sentiment from overseas, sending the All Ordinaries surging 33 points. If diamonds are a girl's best friend and pink tickles your fancy then this is the gem for you. An exceptionally rare true pink natural diamond is up for grabs, valued at $1 million. The 3.41 carat, heart-shaped stone thought to be a West Australian Argyle diamond. They're extremely rare.

A gem this size will pop up once in a lifetime. The gem is expected to end up in a royal jewellery collection. The weather's next and then it's 'Sports Tonight' with Ryan Phelan. Ryan, the AFL set to honour one of it's most controversial players. Yes, Sandra. Gary Ablett has been shunned for the Hall of Fame for the past four years amid controversy about the death of a young woman from a drug overdose while in his company in 2000. That will change next week. Plus - it's decision time on new rugby league contracts. The Storm's Matt Orford and Matt King want it locked in. The fast bowling showdown as Australia's cricketers tune up for the Ashes tour of England with a lengthy training session in Brisbane. And look what we're making our journos do now - a very cruel 'Sports Tonight' coming up shortly.

This program is captioned live. Now to the latest on what the weather's doing around the nation. The satellite's showing high cloud spreading over more of WA with light cover around SA and western NSW. Mostly sunny elsewhere. On the synoptic chart, a trough is moving onto the west coast as a cold front moves into the Bight behind a high heading towards the south-east. So tomorrow - Cairns looks like having a showery day. Brisbane and Sydney can expect a mostly sunny day. Cold but fine in Canberra. Hobart should be mostly cloudy. Clearing drizzle in Melbourne. Sunny in Adelaide. Perth's in for some late showers

while it looks like staying fine for Darwin and The Alice. And now a new record for the Guinness Book that's really worth talking about. Meet Percy and Florence Arrowsmith. It's not because they're both centenarians that the Queen is congratulating them. They hit the 100 mark some time ago. This time they're celebrating a milestone very, very few couples ever achieve. It's their 80th wedding anniversary. And their secret? I've loved him very dearly and he's loved me. Always say, "Yes, dear." And that's the latest from Ten News. 'Sports Tonight' with Ryan Phelan is next. I'm Sandra Sully. from the Late News team, goodnight. Supertext captions by the Australian Caption Centre.