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(generated from captions) to see exactly what that substance further testing will be carried out to a biological agent although that powder has tested as positive confirmed that initial analysis of a short time ago the government laboratory for further analysis and question was taken to a Canberra service personnel. The envelope in response units and emergency dozens of police, fire trucks embassy has been surrounded by you can see from our pictures the package earlier this morning. As down after receive a suspicious the Indonesian embassy was locked What I can tell you is as you say about this emergency? What can you tell us Good afternoon, Gemma. from our Canberra bureau. by Seven News reporter Gemma Haines For the latest, we are joined containing a biological agent. after it received an envelope in Canberra has been locked down But first, the Indonesian Embassy Deep Throat, revealed. who deposed the Nixon government, And the identity of the man over trophy-hunting claims. Australian troops in the firing line Australian troops in the firing line arrives in the mail. after a suspicious substance in lockdown Canberra's Indonesian Embassy In this bulletin - Good afternoon. The 4.30 News with David Johnston. This program is LIVE captioned.

were investigated fully at the time of patrol Kilo Three Some internal aspects and disciplinary action was taken. the incident took place has confirmed Defence chief General Peter Cosgrove when 11 Afghan villagers were killed. in 2002 referring to an operation in a Time magazine article The claims are contained of a dead Afghan villager. souvenired a turban and rifle after allegations one soldier the Army's elite SAS soldiers The Federal Government is standing by thanks for the update. Gemma Haines in Canberra, behaviour should not be encouraged. that this sort of outrageous united view the house is of the combined in the public mind at all There should be absolutely no doubt taken place today. in their condemnation of what has government and labour have united this is linked and both the maybe there is some suggestion that reiterated that warnings today so Minister Alexander Downer Schapelle Corby's case. The Foreign of behaviour will in fact harm government to warn that this sort here in Canberra., forcing the as well as the Indonesian embassy the Indonesian consulate in Perth fortnight threats were made against year jail sentence and in the past been a lot of angering over the 20 confirm plagues as yet. There has suplgs although we don't have any That seems to be the clear aam to Schapelle Corby's conviction? this incident is linked And is there any indication assistance to the Indonesians. will do all they can to provide be they federal or ACT authorities - that Australian authorities - and the assurance have, in any way, been harmed and our hope that none of the staff our condemnation of this action, our condemnation - all of us - the house's concern about this, I'd just like extend told Parliament. Foreign Minister Alexander Downer for 48 hours. This is what the isolation and will remain that way embassy's 22 staff will remain in near Australia. For now the first instance of that o occurring agent was sent it would be the was. If a Lyall logical Sergeant

beating a bid by Melbourne's Tenix. to build three Navy destroyers, won the funding Australian Submarine Corporation Adelaide-based company Australian Submarine Corporation contract was politically motivated. the awarding of a $6 billion defence Prime Minister John Howard denies was shot in Blacktown two months ago. It comes after another club member of the Nomad motorcycle club. The owner is a former member of antique and modern bikes. along with $1 million worth The shop was badly damaged, and burst into flames. early this morning into the Harley Davidson dealership A stolen prime mover rammed into the Harley Davidson dealership is gang-related. on a Blacktown motorcycle shop whether an overnight attack Sydney Police are investigating in 2009. Cameron will be eligible for parole for killing three young kids. He'll do four years He's got four years. to Schapelle Corby - 20 years! Look at what happened Four years! killing his three friends. at Parkes last year, when he crashed into a power pole drunk, drugged and unlicensed Matthew Cameron was driving for a minimum of four years. has been jailed The 23-year-old unlicensed driver handed down to their killer. are outraged by the sentence New South Wales road crash victims The families of three tomorrow. The teenagers will reappear in court Their ages range from 17 to 30. records were needed to identify them. They were so badly beaten that dental west of Brisbane. were found in a Toowoomba unit The bodies of the three victims have been remanded in custody. who can't be named and two 16-year-olds 17-year-old Scott Geoffrey Maygar brutal murder of three men. charged over yesterday's have appeared in a Toowoomba Court Three teenage boys before considering further action. into the allegations he will wait for a defence report Defence Minister Robert Hill says or indeed civilians. It's not as if they're villagers with a heavy machine gun. at the Australian soldiers but they were shooting villagers They keep calling these people tragic things that occurs in war. the incident was just one of those The Defence Association says was initiated. and appropriate disciplinary action

Even the claim from former FBI agent Mark Felt that he is the original Deep Throat is a colourful story. Who nudged the newspaper investigation towards the truth? Who was the insider former US President Richard Nixon. who helped bring down the White House insider he was the legendary Deep Throat, has admitted A former deputy-director of the FBI has finally been revealed. of American politics One of the most enduring mysteries of American politics are well behind the company. difficulties with the submarines It says Collins-class submarines. of the trouble-plagued to the manufacturer the contract has gone has also dismissed criticism The government I'm not in that business. living in South Australia unduly. or advantage Australians Australians living in Victoria I mean, I had no desire to penalise We didn't - in the national interest. We took a decision a bit much. I find this interstate rivalry was based on value for money. Mr Howard says the decision leaking the clues? A third-rate burglary - that was the White House explanation for the late-night raid in 1972 to bug the Democratic National Committee offices in the Watergate building in the Watergate building in Washington, DC. 26 months later, Richard Nixon resigned from office branded a crook by his people for spying on his political opponents in the Democratic Party to win re-election. Those who hate you don't win. It's a blot, one of the biggest, on American political history and two Washington Post reporters, Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, made their names on the investigation. Woodward, on the right, guided by the crucial anonymous contact he swore never to reveal. So Deep Throat, Washington's darkest secret, was born... FILM CLIP: I have to do this my way. You tell me what you know and I'll confirm. ..exploited to the full in the Hollywood version of All the President's Men. In the ensuing inquiry, Republican connections and tales Republican connections and tales of hush money raised suspicions but crucial to the presidential link were tapes recorded in the White House, secret at first, but then given up as the pressure on Nixon's people grew. MAN: Are you aware for the low-key event at an as yet undisclosed location. The 21-year-old finishes up on Home and Away in two weeks and will then head straight to Wimbledon for the tennis classic. She and her 24-year-old fiance will be married after that. Bec will be six months pregnant when she ties the knot. Next in Seven's 4.30 News - 20 years after Live Aid, Sir Bob Geldof again brings in music's big guns to try save Africa's poor. And mystery money - the $250,000 up for grabs. of the installation of any listening devices in the Oval Office of the President? I was aware of listening devices, yes, sir. Careers were finished and were made by Watergate but Deep Throat remained unidentified. Now, Mr Felt has stepped up, aged 91, to take his bow. Home and Away star Bec Cartwright Home and Away star Bec Cartwright and tennis ace Lleyton Hewitt will marry next month in Sydney. Invitations have already gone out

Hi! Hey. You might want to be careful. We don't call these the 'flavour explosion' for nothing. Thanks, mate. It's awesome! Mmm! Argh! Domino's new Cheese Burst gives you an explosion of cheesy flavour in every bite of your favourite Domino's. Domino's! This is the 4.30 News. An independent security auditor is being appointed to check the history of international airport staff after it was revealed dozens of staff have serious criminal records. It includes a man who served eight years jail for smuggling drugs into Australia. The revelations are based on a report completed in September last year published in The Australian newspaper. There are reports that the government is considering increasing the brief of the Australian Crime Commission to conduct, if you like, an investigation into airports. If that is the case, quite frankly we'd say it's about bloody time that was done. It's something that we've been calling for - an independent investigator with full powers arms-length from government, and that's quite frankly the bottom line of what is necessary to get to the fundamental flaws in our security at Australia's airports. Everybody who is anybody in pop and rock has agreed to take part in music's biggest day since Live Aid. Charity rocker Sir Bob Geldof has announced plans for five star-studded concerts aimed at pressuring world leaders into eradicating poverty in Africa. 20 years on, the passion is just as intense. APPLAUSE Do you want me to call you back? I remember ringing Boy George in New York and he was still in bed and I said "Can you get on a Concorde and get over?" and he did. This time it will be called Live 8 instead of Live Aid. It will coincide with the G8 summit and it is hoped it will make world leaders focus on Africa's problems. It couldn't be about charity anymore. We knew too much. And though that's all individuals can do and it's all that I hope they continue to do, no individual is ever going to solve the disgrace that is happening in Africa, the sole continent in those 20 years that has gone into economic decline by a factor of 25%. (crowd sings) # We will, we will rock you # Sing it again! Queen were one of the biggest stars of the 1985 concert so who will be playing this time around? Mariah Carey, Coldplay, Dido, Keane, Elton John, Annie Lennox, Madonna, Paul McCartney, Muse, Razorlight, REM, Scissor Sisters, Stereophonics, Snoop, Sting, Joss Stone, Robbie Williams and U2. This year has already seen the launch of a high-profile campaign against child poverty. A child is dying completely unnecessarily as a result of extreme poverty every three seconds. # Don't let the sun go down on me, yeah # Don't let the sun # But Live 8 is, as Bob Geldof put it, about the people with guitars and wild hair challenging the men in suits to do something about Africa's problems. Saddam Hussein could go to trial within the next two months. Iraq's President Jalal Talabani says the former dictator may face court sooner than expected for crimes against humanity. But Iraqi prosecutors and US advisers say a trial is more likely next year, when several of Saddam's lieutenants are tried. It is hoped they will help build the case against him. A murder trial became an all-in brawl in an Israeli courtroom. Security cameras caught the fighting on tape. People hurled chairs and used any weapons on hand as the fighting spilled into a courtroom corridor. The trial involved the death of a person killed in a family feud. No-one was injured. Two men were arrested. Actor Christian Slater is in trouble with the law - again. The 35-year-old has been arrested in New York for allegedly groping a woman. She flagged down police on the streets of Manhattan

to report the incident. Slater says he is innocent. I didn't do anything. The star of True Romance is on a charge of third-degree sexual abuse. The number of people dying from cancer in New South Wales is at its lowest level in 30 years. The latest figures show that deaths from prostate, breast and bowel cancer have all fallen by more than 20% in a decade. But doctors are concerned by continued rises in melanoma. This is a major area of concern. Melanoma is increasing both in men Melanoma is increasing both in men and women in its incidence and that's probably because the Sun-Smart message, if you like, is tending to wear a bit thin. I think people aren't taking as much precautions as they should. We have some evidence We have some evidence in school children, for example, that sun protection behaviours these days are perhaps less than they were in the '90s. The lifetime risk of getting cancer is one in two for men and one in three for women. What would you do if you discovered $250,000 lying in a laneway? That is the dilemma one man faced in Sydney and he eventually handed it over to police. Now they are trying to work out who the mysterious stash of cash belongs to. For more, I spoke to Detective Inspector Darren Boyd-Skinner. Good afternoon, Darren. Tell us where the money was found. Our information is that a gentleman - a 23-year-old man from Chippendale - located a large sum of money in one of the Sydney streets in a laneway. How much money did he find? In excess of $250,000 and it was reportedly just left on the side of the road. And where was the other lot found? That's the total amount of money. What this person has indicated to us is that in fact he split the money in two, put a portion of it at his workstation in one of the inner-city financial institutions and a larger sum of money in a safety deposit box in one of Sydney's banks. Does he get to keep it? No, he has indicated to us that he has no claim of right to the money. Where do you suspect the money came from? The circumstances of the alleged finding are unusual, but certainly it could, for example, be the proceeds of a robbery-type offence, or alternatively, some other kind of offence. We're not focused in We're not focused in on one particular area. We'll keep our options open, we'll review our intelligence and reported crime information and we'll see if we can restore the money to its rightful owner. Detective Inspector Boyd-Skinner, thanks for your time today. Thank you. Next in Seven's 4.30 News we will take a look at the financial markets, check tomorrow's weather and see what is making headlines around the country. You're watching Seven's 4.30 News. Time to check the financial markets with Westpac senior economist Antony Thompson. Hello, Antony. What happened today? Hello David. Yes it was. Our share

mash et up another 1% despite a fall in US markets overnight. Data showed weaker than expected GDP growth in the march quarter, but that easing in de manned easing inflation rigs ix and reinforces our view that the Reserve Bank can leave interest rates on hold this year. Turning to the local markets the ASX gained 41% or 1%. We had a oilt price rise above $52 US that boosted stocks like Woodside Petroleum. Bluescope Steel was hit by a weak US manufacturing index overnight. Tonight sees the key national indicator for the is us while locally tomorrow we get updates on international trade and building approvals. Thank you. Talk to you tomorrow. Now let's take a look at what the weather has in store for tomorrow. Thanks, David, and good afternoon. Well, things remain fairly quiet around the country. The tail end of a weak cold front slipped through Tassie today, while a low winds up off the Western Australian coast. This system will bring some rain to the south-west corner tomorrow. For the rest of the country, it's more of the same. It'll be fine along most of the east coast tomorrow. Some further drizzle is likely over Tassie and coastal Victoria. Remaining dry throughout South Australia. This is the trough that will bring the patchy showers and maybe rin, and the possibility after thunderstorm late tomorrow and gusty south-westerly winds will follow as that front pushes through tomorrow night. That's the latest weather. More at 6.00. David. Thanks, David. Seven News coming up in your capital city at 6.00, and these are some of the stories making headlines. Despite all the warnings, Brisbane Airport security Brisbane Airport security is still confiscating more than 80kg of potentially lethal items each week from passengers' hand luggage. The would-be weapons include knitting needles, machetes, switchblade knives and even nunchakus. Residents in western Sydney fear new water restrictions will have a negative impact on their local environment. The latest water-saving measures will halve the flow into the Hawkesbury River, which experts say will increase algal bloom. A group of Melbourne's most powerful people claims the city's transport system is at crisis point. The Committee for Melbourne is calling for urgent action to unclog a number of major traffic arteries and for improvements to public transport. A young woman from Adelaide's northern suburbs has told how she feared ending up in jail with Schapelle Corby last week, after she became the victim of an extortion attempt in Bali. She claims an Indonesian man demanded sex and money, threatening to have her arrested if she didn't comply. In Perth, surgeons have performed life-changing surgery on a little Balinese boy. The 2.5-year-old has never been able to walk or talk because of a hole in his heart. Just some of the stories coming up in State editions of Seven News at 6.00. But that's the 4.30 News for today. I'm David Johnston. See you at the same time tomorrow. Captioned by Seven Network Email -