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(generated from captions) This program is LIVE captioned. This morning, Defence Revelations - a deadly incident in Afghanistan. Australian troops disciplined after a deadly incident in Afghanistan.

Backing down - softening to the plight of detainees. The Prime Minister And secrets unveiled - in the Watergate scandal. The source behind the leaks with Chris Bath. This is Seven's Morning News Good morning. There are calls for an investigation of SAS soldiers were disciplined from revelations a number in Afghanistan. after a deadly incident in the operation three years ago. 11 villagers were killed says Defence chief General Peter Cosgrove with the rules of engagement. the troops acted in accordance the troops acted in accordance

in eastern Afghanistan in May 2002 The Australians were on patrol

an armed villager. when they discovered his weapon and shot him dead They say he appeared to go for and an air strike. sparking hours of fighting that were killed in an air strike We think it was at least nine who died as a result of SAS fire and there were at least two in an earlier engagement.

later returned to the scene One of the soldiers to collect a camera a dead man's turban and rifle. and allegedly stole is standing by its men But the Defence Force acted in self defence saying the soldiers the rules of engagement. and in line with Kilo Three Some internal aspects of the patrol were investigated fully at the time was initiated. and appropriate disciplinary action was initiated.

is also backing the soldiers Defence Minister Robert Hill had a right to protect themselves saying they responded to a threat and want more information. but both Labor and the Democrats I think, There is a disturbing trend, information of government's releasing and covering them up through some other way. until somehow it gets leaked It is an issue from the government on that we will be seeking a draft is on hold today A Government party room revolt admitted after Prime Minister John Howard his mandatory detention policy in a more humane way. could be administered a private member's bill Seven MPs had planned to support children and long-term detainees calling for the release of all women, from detention. over mandatory detention Having headed off a party room revolt the Government's policy will stay. the Prime Minister says to the policy. There won't be any basic alterations It's the right policy. But there was sympathy this morning and his private member's bill for Liberal MP Petro Georgiou and children and long-term detainees which would release all women from detention. and the others are coming from. I certainly appreciate where Petro in the Government's platform The policy has been a key plank for the past two elections. and it will stay. The policy is good policy is mandatory detention. The one area that is non-negotiable Despite Mr Howard's strong stance with Mr Georgiou he will hold private discussions within the next fortnight the Government's approach. to consider softening There's a recognition

as opportunities arise, that colleagues would like, in a more flexible way. to see the policy administered One of the biggest concerns, too long in detention. that asylum seekers are spending in a detention centre To have these people vegetating is wrong. for up to six years it's not in their interests It's not in our interests, Australian, its quite un-Australian. and quite frankly it's being The Prime Minister says to assist Schapelle Corby he will do whatever is appropriate to assist Schapelle Corby

provided it doesn't harm her appeal. and secured the freedom Three years ago he asked for clemency life imprisonment in the Maldives of an Australian serving for possessing cannabis to compare the case to Corby's. but John Howard says it's too early

I want to do the right thing by her, consistent with my responsibilities, with the merits of the issue. and consistent for a presidential pardon He hasn't ruled out asking if her appeal fails. have emerged More damaging allegations into Sydney Airport. from a secret Customs report The investigation has revealed have serious criminal records, dozens of staff eight years in jail including a man who served for smuggling drugs into Australia. been convicted of assault, Other staff have reportedly and escape from custody. vehicle theft The report also found and illegal activity serious security breaches security screeners and cleaners. by baggage handlers, aircrew, it is not surprised by the findings The staff union says it is not surprised by the findings

maintain better staffing standards. but is urging Customs to set and

on a report The revelations are based completed in September last year

in The Australian. and again published

There are reports that the

government is considering

increasing the brief of the

Australian crime commission to

conduct if you like an

investigation into airports. If

that is the case quite frankly we

say it is about bloody time it is

done. It is something we have been

calling for an independent

investigator with full powers arm's

length from the government and that

is what is necessary to get to the

fundamental floors in the

Australian airports.

Three teenage boys have faced court a triple murder in Toowoomba. charged in relation to was in court and he joins us now. Seven News reporter David Salmon Good morning, David. What's happened this morning?

Chris the three teenagers charging

of murder made brief appearances

this morning. 17-year-old Scott

Jeffrey Mager is facing two counts

of murder. Two juveniles is facing

three counts and the other two

counts. They will reappear tomorrow.

The court said more charges will be

laid Have the police identified the

victims? They have been identified

finally. It was an extremely

difficult process so severe were

those injuries. Those names will be

released shortly. The family of one

of them was here and described as a caring man. The source who leaked the Watergate scandal which helped bring down former US president Richard Nixon has finally been revealed. Deep Throat's identity has been a tightly kept secret for 30 years. Our US correspondent Mike Amor has the details on the former top FBI official. Good morning Mike, so who is Deep Throat?

Good morning, Chris. He is

91-year-old Mark Felt former deputy

director who came out to not only

solve one of the best kept secrets

but one of the best kept secrets of

American history. He has long been

considered a possibility but always

denied it. He was second in charge

of the FBI in the 70s so he had

access and he leaked information

that directly connected the White

House to the break in at the

democratic headquarters. That

eventually brought the down fall of

president Richard Nixon who resign

nd1974 and Deep Throat was also

portrayed in the movie All The

Presidents Men Why did he choose to

reveal himself now Apparently he

felt ashamed what he had done. He

didn't feel the action he took was

the action an FBI agent would take.

His family told him he was not be

considered a villains. My family

feel he is a great American hero

who went beyond the call and duty

to save America from ar horrible

injustice. He became frustrated at the interference from the White

House. That is why he pent to the

Washington Post, Chris Over the

years many claimed to be Deep

Throat. What have Washington Post

bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein

have said about this? They could

not tb accused of not protecting a

source. They maintained they

wouldn't give up Deep Throat until

after his death. After Mark Felt

came forward, it was only after he

gave permission that the Washington

Post confirmed. Not everybody is

convinced that Felt is a hero. Some

say he turned on Nixon after being

denied the job. This is pat

Bucannon had to say about it today.

Almost surely a criminal act,

surely in vie ligs of his oath in

doing it to damage a president of

the United States during an

election. So the big secret is out

but the debate will continue It

will continue for sometime. Next in Seven News the latest from the financial markets and Live Aid take 2 as the music world prepares to do it again for Africa. The Australian Government's Super Co-contribution is now even bigger and better. and the Government contribution is even greater.

can give their super an extra helping hand. call or visit our website:

20 years after the Live Aid concerts to raise money for the relief effort in Africa, musical superstars are again joining forces to feed the starving continent. This time the five-city spectacular is called Live 8 and hopes to raise awareness about African poverty.

20 years on the passion is just as

intense. This time it will be

called LIVE 8 instead of live aid.

It will coincide with the G8 summit.

There couldn't be a better charity.

Although that is all individuals

can do and it is all I hope they

continue to do no individual is

ever going to solve the disgrace

that is happening in Africa. The 20

years that have gone into economic

decline by 25%. # We will rock you

...# Queen were one of the bigger st

of the 1985 concert. Who will be

playing this time around.

MariahCarey, Coldplay, Dido, Muez, R

Sisters, Snoop, Josh Stone, U2 LIVE

8 is about the people with guitars

and challenging the men in suits to

do something about Africa's problems. Saddam Hussein could go to trial within the next two months. Iraq's President Jalal Talabani says

the former dictator could face court sooner than expected for crimes against humanity. But Iraqi prosecutors and US advisors say a trial is more likely next year, when several of Saddam's lieutenants are tried. It is hoped will help build the case against him.

France has a new prime minister the EU constitution three days ago. following the country's rejection of the EU constitution three days ago. Dominique de Villepin heads the new government. As Foreign Minister he was France's main voice against the war in Iraq It is part of sweeping changes initiated by President Jacques Chirac after the humiliating referendum defeat. Actor Christian Slater is in trouble with the law, again. The 35-year-old has been arrested in New York for allegedly groping a woman. She flagged down police on the streets of Manhattan to report the incident. Slater, who was reportedly intoxicated when arrested, says he is innocent. The star of True Romance has been charged with third-degree sexual abuse. The children's home that inspired a Beatles hit has closed its doors for the last time after nearly 70 years. John Lennon used to visit the Salvation Army-run Strawberry Fields in Liverpool as a boy to play with friends.

# Let me take you down because I'm

going to strawberry fields

# Nothing is real

# And nothing to get hung about...

# Strawberry fields forever. For

most it is merely a stop on a

magical mystery tour but for these

children strawberry fields has been

home from home. John Lennon

immortalised in the hit single. He

too played here but after 70 years

it is closing down and these day rz

over. The life of a place like this

it was for sometime now and always

been a question mark simply because

of the policy on child care. And

that states that it is preferrable

children are cared for in Foster

families. The last three have

already been found homes but stau

berry fields had dozens of weekend

visitors, children often with

behavioural difficults. Five years

ago the gate wrz stolen but they

were recovered and returned to

where they belong but they will

remain shut. It seems strawberry fields are not forever. The number of people dying from cancer is at its lowest level in 30 years. While we're fighting the disease, we're not stopping it.

To discuss the new figures, we're joined by Professor Jim Bishop from the Cancer Institute in New South Wales. Good morning, professor. Good morning. First of all, to the good news, it seems more people are winning the fight

against some of the most common cancers. Yes, the big three cancers, which are breast, prostate and bowel cancer. The death rates have plummeted these last 10 years by more than 20%. That's really good news

and I think it's the result of screening, public awareness, early detection, but also some of the new treatments that the research is throwing up at the moment. The incidence of melanoma, though, does seem to be on the increase. This is a major area of concern. Melanoma is increasing both in men and woman in its incidence and that's probably because the SunSmart message, if you like, is starting to wear a bit thin. I think people aren't taking as much precautions as they should. We have some evidence in schoolchildren, for example, that sun protection behaviours these days are perhaps less than they were in the '90s. Despite the decrease in the number of deaths from cancer, more people are being diagnosed with the disease. Yes, there's a growing population in New South Wales and an ageing population. An increase in a few tumour types. All in all we anticipate having done projections after 2011 we expect the numbers to go up by about 25% over that period of time. Is there anything that people can do to be more cancer aware, to try to stop us actually reaching that figure? We know the largest preventable cause of cancer is tobacco and it accounts for about 20% of all the cancer deaths

that we're talking about. We think that smoking prevention, stopping smoking, quitting smoking, encouraging others to stop is going to be a major reason that people can stop.

Obviously screening is important and I think it is important to get breast screening.

It's important that particularly the age group who most have benefited over the age 50 get a breast screen, cervical screen is clearly a success story. We won't want to introduce new screening programs. We want to make people more aware of prostate cancer, bowel cancer and, of course as we mentioned, melanoma. So regular checkups for everybody. Professor, thank you very much for your time this morning. Thank you very much. Now for the latest from the markets we're joined by Westpac's Justin Smirk. The national account figures out this morning, what are we expecting?

With the accounts we are looking

for a bit of a turn around from the

December quarter. It came in at

weak rise. Today we are looking for

a rise closer to 1 or 2%. We have

been seeing a little bit of offset

coming from stronger imports next

to exports. Over all that is

pushing the number up to 1.2.

Seeing it rise . At the moment we

are seeing a bit of a direction of

slower growth What sort of impact

will it have on the decision next

week? It has been arguing that it

thought growth was stronger than

the numbers were predicting. That

fits in with their story. What is

more important the numbers we saw

yesterday on retail sales and

credit. Retail sales are softening

particularly in New South Wales but

it is showing that the credit mix

is changing, less spending by the

consumer on housing consumer items

and more from the business side and

that is the mix they have been

wanting to see. It suggest that's

they have time to sit back and

watch the data unfold How have the

markets opened this morning? They

have been flat. They are taking a

lead off the US in terms of the

fall last night. It has been a bit

of the off rise that has been sit

anything the resource and energy

side. But also that out look for

softer consumer spending is

impacting on the consumer side as

well. The share market is roughly

where it opened and it will wait

for the numbers before it moves in

any direction. Thank pz for that. Sport is up next in Seven's Morning News and the Blues' coach puts his players on notice. And a young gun marching on at the French Open.

G'day. To protect our amazing wildlife sanctuary called Australia, Quarantine inspects all incoming mail and all cargo containers. So make sure no-one's sending YOU or us a problem. Quarantine matters.

The AFL Tribunal has reduced Eagles midfielder Tyson Stenglein's two-match ban to one. The Eagles argued his rough conduct charge should be downgraded from severe to high. He'll now miss the match against Richmond at the MCG this weekend. It is the second time this year that West Coast has taken on the AFL's Match Review Panel and won. NSW State of Origin coach Ricky Stuart has put his squad on notice ahead of game two of the series. Stuart says several team members under-performed at the weekend and he's put four new players on standby. Some of our players dished up very, very poor quality football on the weekend and as I say, you can only ask for so much loyalty from the selectors. The squad for game two will be announced on Monday. Half-back Brett Kimmorley is under pressure to retain his spot,

with Andrew Johns returning from injury for Newcastle against Brisbane this weekend. is having second thoughts Bulldogs' five-eighth Braith Anasta is having second thoughts about making a switch to Rugby Union, according to his manager. To tennis. Mary Pierce has turned back the clock at the French Open. The 2000 champion beat American Lindsay Davenport in straight sets to progress to the semifinals. Justine Henin-Hardenne also made it through after she knocked out Russia's Maria Sharapova. Roland Garros has taken its toll on women's top seed Lindsay Davenport and it showed against Mary Pierce. The French favourite was 3-0 in the first set after just eight minutes and soon took it 6-3. COMMENTATOR: Well, you can see the disappointment there on her face. The second set was just as brutal as Pierce sealed the match in just over an hour. And there it is, it took a while but Mary Pierce is there. She's on track to play 2003 champion Justine Henin-Hardenne in the final after the Belgian beat Maria Sharapova in straight sets. Rafael Nadal is still just 18 but the French Open debutante is showing experience beyond his years. Oh, what a forehand taken way out of court and he's curled past his opponent and inside the baseline. He breezed past fellow Spaniard David Ferrer in straight sets to set up a semifinal showdown with Roger Federer.

The men's No.1 beat Victor Hanescu 6-2, 7-6, 6-3. And there it is, the top seed is through. Federer has never won on the red clay in Paris. He's hoping this is his year. In the mixed doubles Australia's Samantha Stosur and partner Paul Hanley are through to the semifinals after a straight-sets win. Weather is up next in Seven's Morning News. A few tips for warming those winter stricken muscles.

Now for a look at the national weather. The cloud across south-west WA The cloud across south-west WA is not bringing any rain. A high is keeping things cool and dry across the central and south-east inland. Onshore winds will bring light showers to the coastline from South Australia right round to Queensland. Now that winter has arrived and before you race out to make a fashion statement in your beanie you may want to contemplate some simple stretching instead to keep you warm. Here's a few tips. The ancient art of contortionism is still being practised. These children in Mongolia spend their afternoons perfecting their poses. Some are obviously more adventurous than others but if you're game it could be a perfect fix for that difficult hamstring to get you up and at 'em on a chilly day. That's Seven's Morning News to now. throughout the day We will keep you up to date throughout the day and in our bulletins at 4.30 and 6.00. I'm Chris Bath

Thanks for your company. Have a great day. Captioned by Seven Network Email -