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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Judgment day for Schapelle Corby.

The eyes of a nation are on Bali

prepares to face her fate. as the Gold Coast beauty student

Ten News with Natarsha Belling. Good morning. Schapelle Corby is now in court We go straight to Bali where her fate. and three judges are about to decide This is the scene right now - by Australian standards, a very chaotic situation a police security lockdown in spite of established much earlier today. are gathered outside. Hundreds of people on speakers The verdict to be broadcast inside. for those unable to find a spot judges will take up to two hours It's expected that the panel of to read their verdict smuggle more than 4kg of marijuana on charges that Corby tried to into Bali last October. the verdict at their local surf club. Schapelle's friends are waiting for Ten's Tim Collits is there.

Tim, what is the feeling there? she'll be acquitted? Are her supporters confident

Yes, q morning. We're live from the

surf club as you mentioned, the

place that Schapelle Corby would

often come for relaxation. Very

much a beach girl and enjoying

every day of her life here at the

Gold Coast. The feeling here is one

of quite darkness, unfortunately.

There is a sense of depression that

the the verdict may not go the way of

the supporters once the decision is the verdict may not go the way of

handed down by the three judges in

Bali. One of the main organisers

of the free Schapelle movement is

here. Thanks for joining us. I

would describe the feeling as quite

dark and sombre. Would that be

right? Yes, I think there's a

feeling of great sorrow. When the

verdict comes down I think there

will be a show of emotion will be a show of emotion and raw verdict comes down I think there

grief, really. It's Schapelle's

hometown. They're feeling very much

for her at the moment. She's become

our girl from Australia and we want

to see her free. You've been

working very hard. What's been the

driving force for you? Truth and

justice that I don't think

Schapelle's getting a fair go at all

And being an Australian, I believe

in a fair go for everybody. OK,

thanks very much for joining us thanks very much for joining us and in a fair go for everybody. OK,

good luck with the decision. As I

said, there's about three or four

dozen people a upstairs in the bar said, there's about three or four

area. There are monitors switched

to the Bali courtroom. We

understand there'll be a couple of

hours before we actually get to a

decision, a verdict, and a sentence

for Schapelle Corby. But people

here watching and waiting feeling

every moment of those proceedings

in Bali here at the surf in Bali here at the surf club. every moment of those proceedings Thank you. Ten reporter Martine Griffiths

contingent covering the case. is part of the massive media to begin delivering his verdict Martine, the judge is expected in about half an hour.

What's thast atmosphere like right

now? It's extraordinary, Natarsha.

Schapelle Corby arrived here about 18 minutes ago.

18 minutes ago. She raced into the Schapelle Corby arrived here about

courtroom. Indonesian police

managed to out-fox the huge media

contingent. They set up a police

guard leading the media to believe

she was going to walk in one gate

and then quickly

and then quickly whisked her

through another into the

courtroomment once inside, she was

breathing really deeply. She turned

She to her parents and waved them hello.

She was smiling, she looked very to her parents and waved them hello.

calm. Her demeanour and - she's

basically a lot less stressed than

I think what people were expecting.

How is Schapelle holding up? She

looks very nervous, understandably?

Well, as we're all aware, she was

concerned about a threat to her

safety during today's verdict. The

defence team wanted to hire

bodyguards for her. They thought defence team wanted to hire

the threats were so credible.

That's probably why they drove the

prison van into the jail this

morning for the first time rather

than having her walk outside. From

inside the jail, they moved her in

a convoy to the courtroom. So far,

there doesn't seem to be any

concern. There's about 100

Indonesian police on stand-by just

in case. It just remains - we'll Indonesian police on stand-by just

have to a wait and see what happens

today. Martine, any idea of the

time frame right now? When are we

expected to hear any verdict at

all? We've been told this could go

anywhere from 2-5 hours. The judges

have to read a 125-page document,

the three judges. They may decide

to skip some of the judgments,

which would obviously mean it would which would obviously mean it would to skip some of the judgments,

take less time. Depending on the

outcome, if found innocent, the

prosecution is expected to appeal

straight way. If guilty, obviously

the defence will appeal straight

away. That will happen here. And

then obviously the process will

take several days. It could be a

long time that she's still in limbo.

Martine, if Schapelle is acquitted

today, she won't be today, she won't be leaving jail Martine, if Schapelle is acquitted

immediately. Take us through the

process. She will be put straight

back into custody, be taken back to

her jail and into the jail cell.

There is then paperwork to be done,

which the defence team will

obviously be organising with

Schapelle and the authorities here.

My understanding is they're going

to try and get her out of the

country as soon as possible. They

won't say whether they've hireed a country as soon as possible. They

private jet or getting her on a

commercial airline or anything

along those lines but they have

indicated there is a process in

place to get her back to Australia

as soon as possible. Thank you

Martine Griffiths joining us with

the very latest from Bali. a national campaign Outraged unions are planning

sweeping workplace reforms. against the Federal Government's and conditions will be reduced. They claim workers' wages

His legislation's barely 24 hours old

already facing angry protesters. and the Prime Minister's A demonstration in Geelong for the PM, prompting a quick change in plans at a road-funding announcement. who had been expected (All) Will never be defeated! a national advertising blitz Unions are planning and delegates on a video hook-up

to rally against the laws. have been told of a day of action

to walk away from this agenda We can't force the Government

by simply using our muscle. We also need to use our brains. to unfair dismissal laws - Most contentious are changes or less will be exempt. all businesses with 100 workers will change The way minimum wages are set and the award conditions will be stripped back to the most basic of rights. The Government is adamant workers will be better off. What the Australian workers and their families want are outcomes that this government has brought about that will mean that they've got more jobs and they're getting paid better in those jobs. Businesses have welcomed the changes as long overdue, but the Opposition says the PM is imposing his will on the nation's workers. This is not evolution, this is revolution. This is not incremental change, this is a major shift against working families and their interests. The harsh reality for unions and the Opposition

is that public campaigns are all they can do to try to force the Government to back down. The Coalition takes control of the Senate in July, meaning the laws will be passed by Parliament. We're seeing simply an ideological campaign by the unions,

who have not changed their rhetoric for 10 years. Laurel Irving, Ten News. Another desperate attempt today by the family of Australian hostage Douglas Wood to secure his release in Iraq. Mr Wood's wife and brothers have produced a second advertisement to be broadcast on Baghdad TV.

The family is also putting up posters around the Iraqi capital pleading for information. Sydney Sheikh al-Hilali continues his efforts in Iraq to win his release - offering himself up in exchange for the 63-year-old engineer.

But there's been no word from Mr Wood or his captors in over a week. The vow Rocker Rod Stewart broke after learning he was to be a dad for the seventh time - that story when Ten's morning news returns. And why this man is seeking refuge in a crane 18 storeys above ground.

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This program is captioned live. Returning now to the Schapelle Corby verdict. And the judge has begun reading his summation in the Bali court. this interview

Moments ago we recorded this interview with Schapelle's brother, Michael.

Not feeling too bad at the moment.

We just have to - got to stay

positive, but yeah, hope for the

best, hope the judges make the

right decision. Did you sleep last

night? Yeah. Yep. What are you

hearing from the family over there?

They just have mixed reactions.

They're trying to stay positive but

preparing for the wus. What's your

gut feeling? Well... I sort of

think she might get some time just

to prove a point but I still just

don't know. I just don't know.

We'll just have to wait and see but

I'll prepared for anything. Will

you be glad when it's over. I'll be

glad when it's over, yeah. Michael Jackson's paedophile trial has taken another bizarre twist. The star's accuser is likely to be called back to the stand as the trial enters its final days.

After 13 weeks, the Michael Jackson paedophile trial is likely to finish up where it began. Generally the case gets smaller and smaller.

Here it looks like it is wide open with the mum and boy and the attorney and psychiatrist and psychologist all coming back. The defence has put the key prosecution witnesses on notice

after a surprise ruling from the judge to allow a video of the accuser's original police interview to be shown to the jury as fresh evidence. For the prosecution it's a last-ditch attempt to rebuild Gavin Arvizo's credibility, which took a battering early in the trial. It appears the prosecution is very confident that playing this tape will bring the jury back at the end of this case to the victim. But experts warn it could backfire - giving the defence yet another chance to attack the accuser and his mother, whom they claim are trying to shake Jackson down for money.

Bringing Janet Arvizo back on the stand is probably a wonderful event for the defence because they will think Christmas came early. Both sides are now using whatever legal tactics they can

to try to sway the jury. The prosecution even tried to show them nude photographs police had taken of the star to try to prove the boy could describe Jackson naked.

But the judge refused to allow the photos,

taken at Neverland almost two years ago, to be admitted as evidence. In California, Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. A desperate getaway attempt has sparked a sky-high emergency in the United States.

A man suspected of killing his girlfriend scaled an 18-storey-high crane late yesterday and is refusing to come down. An arrest warrant was issued for the 41-year-old earlier this week

after his girlfriend's badly beaten body was found in a pond. Firefighters are ferrying food and water to the suspect, but fear he'll fall asleep and plunge to his death. They've been blaring a horn at him to keep him awake

while negotiators try and talk him down.

Rocker Rod Stewart is reportedly over the moon after discovering he's going to be a father for the seventh time at 60.

A British tabloid is reporting his 34-year-old fiancee, Penny Lancaster, is pregnant. It's believed the twice-married singer proposed to the lingerie model during a trip to Paris in March after she told him she was pregnant. The Scottish rocker already has six children to three women, his eldest daughter now 41. He'd also vowed never to marry again after splitting with model Rachel Hunter. Will the National Rugby League expand with a Gold Coast team? That's ahead when Ten's Morning News returns. And Harry Kewell's Liverpool gets a heroes' welcome as the champions of Europe.

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In finance news, a strong start to the day for the Australian share market.

Donahue D'Souza at Commonwealth Securities - more good news for retailers today?

Certainly is, Natarsha. We all know

that this market will not tolerate

any bad news. Colorado today reassuring investors they will

reassuring investors they will meet their profit targets, always

seen as a positive. There has been

a negative view on retailers lately

with the warmer weather, higher

petrol prices and also an interest

rate high affecting sales. There's

also the perceivinged decline in

wealth levels. But on the positive

side, wages growth remains strong,

increased job security is also

there with employees able to walk

right out of one job and straight

into another due to the tight

labour market. The news coming from

Colorado and David Jones is just

the right medicine for the retail

sector. Thank you. In sport, the Gold Coast is awaiting an NRL decision on whether they'll become the league's 16th team. Tony Peters joins us from the NRL's partnership committee meeting,

and what are the Coast's chances?

Well, Natarsha, the NRL partnership

committee met this morning at 9:30.

The meeting broke up a short time

ago. We're told there will be a

prusz conference at midday today

barring an unforeseen change from

last night, when they were tipped

to become into the competition in

2007, I'll bet on that. Hopefully

we'll get official word at

2007, I'll bet on that. Hopefully we'll get official word at midday.

Thank you. Wellington also wanted

to come in. What's their reaction

if they don't get the nod? The

Central Coast team are the Bears.

I'd say at this stage the legal

threat may loom there. There's a

fairly distinct chance that the

Central Coast Bears once they hear

today's news, may jump up and down and threaten

today's news, may jump up and down and threaten legal action. The

Wellington team has basically

fallen off the map. The Gold Coast

last in the competition in 1998,

sneaking suspicion they'll be back

sneaking suspicion they'll be back again in 2007. Thank you, Tony peters. Melbourne and Richmond are doing their best to keep each other guessing before tonight's sellout AFL showdown at the Telstra Dome. Tiger defender Joel Bowden has been named despite a fractured cheekbone while the Demons are adamant captain David Neitz will play.

He had facial surgery on Monday, trained yesterday,

and despite appearances, Joel Bowden has surprised everyone

by being selected for tonight's blockbuster. At the moment we're gonna play him.

If he's available, we'll play him. It really, as I said, just depends on how he pulls up. Bowden one of several Tigers in for the match, with 19-year-old Nathan Foley earning his stripes and Greg Stafford included despite concerns about his injured right ankle.

What he did today was enough for us to sort of select him. He's put his hand up to play but if he pulls up sore on it, obviously he won't play. Their opponents have named skipper David Neitz, who put his injured hamstring to the test yesterday. He's 30, it takes him a little bit longer to get going during the week. He should be OK. Brad Miller is back from suspension. But the Demons are keeping their opposition guessing

about Daniel Bell. I don't know who'll play and who won't play and we've been across them all week. There's a few guys in their squad that haven't done very much at all. More good news for the Dees, with Brad Green agreeing to a new deal that will keep him at Melbourne for the next three years. No such news for Brendan Fevola, with Carlton putting contract talks on hold. Oh, yeah, you'd like to know where your future's at but they've told me I'm required player for next year.

And the AFL has decided it will keep the centre bounce despite several coaches calling for it to be scrapped.

David Adamson, Ten News. Stunning scenes in Liverpool -

500,000 people lining the streets to welcome home their soccer heroes. The newly crowned champions of European football parading through the city to show off their new trophy. This was a parade that brought a city to life. Streets thronged, emotions high, the mood celebratory and intoxicating. Initial estimates suggested 500,000 had turned out to acclaim the team that last night won the European Cup. And the biggest crowds were in the city centre, to get the best possible view. where everyone was striving

to try to see a bus. These people clambering onto a bus emotional attachment to football Yet on this day, Liverpool's was all that seemed to matter. Absolutely brilliant. team is brilliant, People are brilliant, the city's brilliant. really friendly. It's really exciting, a lot of spirit. A lot of banter, a lot of fun,

It's been great. through Liverpool Street, The bus slowly carved its way slower than predicted. the rate of progress Despite their extraordinary success, such overwhelming crowds. few here had expected Yet this was a day of this city's footballing divide that nobody on the red side will ever forget. This fifth European Cup triumph to keep the famous trophy. entitles Liverpool

weather details We'll check the national weekend when Ten's Morning News returns.

and for the first day of the weekend. To the national weather,

with her classic Monaro, A grandmother has been reunited and stripped. restored after it was stolen

by the generosity The petrol-head pensioner overwhelmed back to showroom condition. which has brought the car Grandmother Joan Goldsworthy thought

1971 Holden Monaro again she'd never see her beloved from her driveway. after thieves stole it criminals to dump the Aussie classic, Blanket publicity caused the for valuable parts. but not before they stripped it But today it's back, 33 years ago. as good as the day she bought it how I feel. You can't really describe

it really is. It's just so beautiful, I cannot thank everybody enough. As I say again and again,

And there's a lot of people to thank. After hearing of Joan's plight the 63-year-old, businesses rallied around from the ground up. restoring the Indy orange coupe

the complete paint work, That includes the interior's been replaced. the chrome work's been redone,

and hundreds of man hours All up, thousands of dollars have gone into the project - for the generous helpers. a labour of love to help this lady, The people have rallied and it's just the Australian way. of all the people, my company, And I'm just so proud Joan to give her back her treasure. and all those who've rallied around And it hasn't stopped there. the Monaro, Holden has offered to service will make sure while an immobiliser and alarm

the old girl isn't going anywhere. company has come to the party But, just in case, an insurance with two years cover. it's almost too nice to drive. The only problem is brand-new, it's just beautiful. With the way it is now, like Gerard Scholten, Ten News. from the Ten news room. And that's the latest from Bali as it happens We'll bring you the very latest

in Ten's news hour tonight. and full coverage I'm Natarsha Belling. Good afternoon. by the Australian Caption Centre. Supertext Captions