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(generated from captions) the co ntry can afford it he PM's already said probably q ite a lengthy one th fed ral gov rnm nt's b en

in the states won't be f nd d ater infrastr ct re prolects He's m ch more concerned Dana Rob rtson, ABC News, Canberra Her A stralian lawy r, Robin ampoe,

that opport nity so it's v ry hard to find its vfrdict on FridayN Th co rt in Bali will hand down by S soldiers

Hamid Kar ai is on his way from th US and is d manding strong action inclyding A stralian David HicksN

by th Afghan Gov rnment, That sho ld b don or not in th s detention facilities

L aked photos of Saddam Hyssfin f had terrible happfnings

from the U b k militaryN and s curity for es Th host nation military

most fertile land to savf som of th State's

will sfver an important link to Camden in th so th, worth aro nd a billion a yfar

havf taken ov r and ho s ng d v lop nts and that s a sham .

a lar part of he Bas n The Go frnment s already redev lopfd

Th area between the north

Sarah Clarke, ABC News, Sydney with an alternativf proposal havf com up sho ld p nish the d ed, Th y' e arging th State Govfrnm nt

sho ld be licensfdN arg that all dog owners of th Gov rnment looking intoN that wo ld b well worthy

vfensland police are conf d nt Coast teenager Daniel Morcomb into the disappfarance of Sunshin

go ng door to door This wee nd, thf 100 d tect vfs

of strangers nfar schools They'll invfstigate reports

Police s y a 250,000 reward is promising to inv stigate The d ral Transpo t Min ster

abo t th company's safety But so far they'vf not sbmitted complaints won't be inv stigatedN hey're apparently afraid th

infected are using the treatmentN yft only a tiny fraction of thosf

h Hepa it Co ncil war s of advances in treatment almost a 90% chance of a cure that for som p ople there's

12 months later, j st und r the skin,

incl ding lethargy and headach sN But th re are sid effects,

J an-Pierre and L c Cardennc 'The Child' earn d brothers festival for th sfcond time. th top pri at th Cannes film

and I havf no oth r # (Sings) # Yo e my sacred passion

also celebrating today And Brisban 's Gr k om nity was K Paniyiri fest valN as part of the ann al and thosf j st Greek at hfart Thosf with Greek h ritage

And they were still dancing today to enjoy th d lights as tens of tho sands contined

the ByllsN in Christchrch next weekend of taking on thf in-form Cr sad rs

bit awkward to play againstN so in som ways we'll be a little o t there, There's no point celebrat ng and ook d sft

He's gone witho t it. Inspired by h hard r nn ng of man of the match David Lyons, Insp red by th hard r nning prodced an extraordinary blund rN try to Mo gan rini Freakish st ff

This gam took a lot o t of thfm. It was vfry very physical, trav lling wisf and it is vfry difficult

the brilliant r gby leag ! COMMEN.5A OR: Contin ing with tries to Luke Priddis

b t th vid o referee was undecided the brilliance of Benji Marshall Th re was no qu stion abo t Canberra lost playmaker Jason Smith

He can score as well for Canbfrra.

of a res rg nt warriors this tim at the hands head the table, The Broncos and Sharks becausf of a persistent calf inj ry.

mscle tears in Carroll's calvfs, Medical staff havf b en treating but ongoing soren ss raisfd do bts

it was discovfred his replacement, hings were complicated wh n Bronco Casfy McGuire, so we're going to miss him a lot we're getting Cas y McGuire in bt, yo know, completing the 60-m nte s ssionN

While the Dogs were comfortable, the Swans did look lost on the deck

early in the sfcond stretch d that by anoth r goal 37-po nts a pieceN it was a stalemate -

th B lldogs s rg d, winner - th Swans, by 13 points Rookie L k og ls produced the Not a great hom coming

Manch ster United was confident FA Cup f al against Arsfnal going into its the first performance in recent s asons, Despite thf Gunners bftter ovfrall sfvfn games against th London clubN United was unbeaten in its last

the back of th netN b t they failed to find

was th most costlyN coolly slotted Captain Patric Vieira

titleholder Gaston Ga dio when he bfat French Op n

h evfnt's h ld ev ry two yfars giv n a vfry Oly pic accolad , This tim thf comp tition's b en

is th b stN I mean, that at least

friendships and compftitiv ness, It's a tim to celebrate

wh th r or no th night away before athletes partied Guy McLean, ABC News, Darwin

to k ep most of th co ntry dryN

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