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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. a leadership challenge. The Treasurer refuses to rule out 24 hours have helped the Government. I don't think the events of the last An Immigration inquiry reveals was wrongly deported. how an Australian citizen

of cheap cigarettes to kids. And anger over online sales Ten News with Tracey Spicer. Good evening. Also tonight - shocking claims holding Schapelle Corby. about guards at the Indonesian prison

to get out of her wedding. What one woman did

But first -

is deepening, the Liberal leadership crisis

a showdown with John Howard. with the Treasurer flagging Peter Costello suggesting aside for a smooth transition, the Prime Minster can either stand

Nine days before the Budget, is dominating headlines and the Treasurer for all the wrong reasons.

24 hours have helped the Government. I don't think the events of the last

he wants to fight another election, John Howard has declared of Peter Costello angering supporters would soon step aside for his deputy. who were hoping the PM

there's now massive distrust It's quite clear between Howard and Costello. the controversy The PM tried to hose down by denying his position had changed but today the Treasurer hit back.

Mr Costello reminding Mr Howard to the Liberals' top job of his own smooth transition setting up four election victories. are able to deal with each other, and where people in good faith

is successful. that's when the Liberal Party is pretty clear - Mr Costello's message

is good for the party, a smooth transition between leaders a bitter leadership struggle is not. And if the PM refuses to stand aside, his deputy is refusing to rule out a challenge. or non-challenges I'm not going into challenges

are the furthest thing from my mind. because these things is good for its prospects Labor admits the Liberals' warfare but bad for the country, to resolve the issue. urging Peter Costello

rather than later He ought to put his hand up sooner

in the national interest. and is unsuccessful, And if he does challenge

he ought to go to the back bench. he's focused on next week's Budget, Peter Costello says even though the PM says as the Treasurer's. it's just as much his baby I was a little surprised. how many budgets people do The history books will record recorded in the history books. and I don't think you'll see that

Laurel Irving, Ten News. disturbing reports The Federal Government has confirmed is missing overseas an Australian citizen

as part of an inquiry It's come to light after being wrongfully deported.

into the Cornelia Rau case the detention centre she was held in. as her sister visits

by her visit to the detention centre Christine Rau was overwhelmed

for four months. that was home to her sister Cornelia

with the emotional aftermath, Still dealing she refused to be drawn on reports several other people have been wrongfully imprisoned. these cases were to Cornelia We don't know how similar

so it's very hard to comment on it. Mick Palmer is heading an inquiry Former Federal Police chief

Ms Rau's wrongful detention. into circumstances surrounding An undisclosed number of others to the investigation. have now been referred They include the disturbing case detained, deported and now missing. of an Australian woman wrongfully

The individual is still overseas to locate the individual. and we're attempting

further details on the cases. The Government's refusing to release

it could be longer. It could be five minutes, for a royal commission That's prompted calls of bungled detention cases. into the growing number

The Opposition says it's a farce. There's a lot of inadequacies here. has essentially fashioned this One would think that the PM

a minimum of criticism so that there's

to the minister's office. Cornelia Rau's still recovering Glenside Psychiatric Hospital. here at Adelaide's

Whatever format the investigation ultimately takes, her family remains hopeful

it will prevent others from suffering a similar fate. I just feel a great sense of injustice that we're keeping these people locked up. It's such a beautiful day and they're just sitting in this quadrangle and can't go anywhere - it's awful. Crowds could be banned from some NSW soccer matches after more violence between rival fans. It's the second time in two months

Serb and Croatian supporters have clashed, with flares and firecrackers hurled at police. The last bus of Croat fans was pulling out of the stadium

when, all of a sudden, over the hill came charging scores of their Serbian rivals. (All chant) Serbia! Serbia! Get in line, form a line. The busload of Sydney United supporters took off, chased by the frenzied Bonnyrigg White Eagles fans. Mounted police came under attack. Riot-trained officers jumped in to help out.

Please, please, please get off me. Don't move your head. Lean across that bonnet, don't move. Stadium security seemed more concerned about the public fallout as police made six arrests. C'mon guys, see you later. The disturbance spread to nearby streets. (All chant) Serbia! Serbia! The Serb fans continuing to taunt police during a tense stand-off.

Two ranks across here. Go, make it happen. OSG, form up, two ranks, move, move. The crowd eventually calling it a night. A wooden plank embedded with nails was retrieved from the bus, which was trashed, windows and side panels kicked in. Despite the best intentions, it's clear the neutral venue approach hasn't worked with these two sides. Now there's a call to ban the clubs if they can't control their fans. Kick 'em out, no excuses. Don't give me name changes, don't stop one or two individuals going into the ground. Police want to meet club and league officials to discuss radical action. Certainly, I'll be discussing with the authorities a possibility of conducting future matches without spectators.

Police are examining CCTV footage in a bid to reel in more of the troublemakers. Shaun Fewings, Ten News. Defence Minister Robert Hill has visited our troops in southern Iraq, just weeks before hundreds more are due to arrive. He's reassured local leaders Australia wants to help, not hinder the country's rebuilding.

The Defence Minister touched down in southern Iraq, met by an advance party of Australian troops at Camp Smitty. How are you? There, his tour began. First stop - a briefing room tent before more informal chats with the troops. The rest of Australia's 450-strong deployment will arrive within weeks. The Minister given a taste of the dangers they'll face

In a visit designed to smooth the way for our troops, Robert Hill met with the governor of the al-Muthanna province to stress Australia's 12-month involvement in Operation Catalyst I wanted to visit the Governor

to express to him the wishes of my country, to be helpful in the process of building peace and security. Our troops will work alongside Japanese troops on the ground.

They will also help train Iraqi soldiers. But the so-called rebuilding of the country has a long way to go. In the last day, rocket attacks in Fallujah killed at least three civilians including a child. In Baghdad, a car bomb blast killed three more, injured six. Just a day before these attacks there were about 12 others

killing more than 30 and wounding 100. Attacks police say were targeted mostly at security forces. Guards at the Indonesian jail holding accused drug smuggler Schapelle Corby have allegedly been caught selling heroin to inmates. to walk free at their leisure, and an unusually high number of deaths in custody. Undercover police surveillance exposed a Kerobokan prison guard selling heroin to inmates. Police, posing as drug mules, caught the uniformed officer red-handed. It's a black mark that's making headlines in Bali

why Schapelle Corby's supporters want her out. But this is not an average jail. Prisoners regularly walk in and out of here

at their own leisure and there have recently been a high amount of suicides, It's prompted a Red Cross investigation. The other nine Australians behind bars in Indonesia

have had an interrogation-free day, but the ordeal continues to drain them emotionally. It's not known how long their distressed parents can keep up their regular visits. 18-year-old Matthew Norman though, still languishes in his cell

without a visit from his Sydney-based family. Police say he screams for his mother at night. The so-called Mulusty Four who were arrested at a Kuta hotel will be interviewed this week. 21-year-old Andrew Chan, one of the accused ringleaders, faces a lengthy interrogation tomorrow.

And police from both Indonesia and Australia are still hunting the drug lords who allegedly ordered the Australians to strap heroin to their bodies.

In Bali, Martine Griffiths, Ten News. Anti-smoking groups are fuming about a legal loophole, giving children easy access to cheap cigarettes on the Internet. An Australian website is offering tax-free smokes, for just $4.30 a packet. Half price cigarettes, tax free, delivered to your door

and it's all legal. By mailing cartons to customers one at a time, the budding tobacco tycoon avoids attracting stamp duty. A packet of 20 setting back the puffing public just $4.40 each. Anti-smoking groups are fuming. Quit says there are no safeguards preventing the net nicotine business selling to children. We've got to make sure that we're protecting young people by making sure they're not able to access cigarettes so cheaply.

The site makes a mockery of strict rules banning tobacco advertising. The imported cigarettes have no health warnings and are promoted online in a way which is banned in newspapers and on TV. that people would prey on vulnerable, particularly children and try and find loopholes in the law to sell cigarettes. The Victorian Government wants it shut down.

Today media attention forced it to do just that, but not for the reason some might have hoped. The site showing no signs of running out of puff, inundated with orders. Health authorities pleading with Canberra to take action. It's an unregulated way to sell cigarettes and we think selling over the internet should be banned. But until the smoke clears, cigarette smokers appear keen not just to cheat death, Gerard Scholten, Ten News. Renewed calls tonight for tough jail sentences to people torturing pets. Another cat has been left for dead - beaten, tied up and dumped. Sporting the scars of a torrid few days, some Sunday R&R with Dad was just what the vet ordered. It was, it seems, just as therapeutic for Peter Vasilevski. His beloved long-haired moggy Meatball the target of mindless thugs.

Just found in a ditch inside a bag, apparently, not in a very good condition. A life-threatening condition according to his vet.

Meatball suffered a broken leg and had to have a pin inserted during lengthy surgery. He also endured nerve and spinal damage, missing skin and a damaged eye. The spinal injuries potentially could have left him paralysed,

but with treatment over a course of five or seven days he came good. Peter suspects locals stole his cat, bashed and tortured him, before tying him up in a cement bag and leaving him for dead. A passer-by spotted him and took the cat to the local vet. I'm sure if he was there another night, he wouldn't have survived. This is the latest in a string of cat cruelty cases. In Sydney, three teenagers tortured an 8-week-old kitten

at a train station. Little Sheepy sustained horrific injuries but survived. One of her attackers had some charges dropped and could receive only a fine. The RSPCA wants much tougher penalties. The judiciary have got to jail the culprits. I get very angry when I think about what people do to these animals. Despite his ordeal, Meatball is almost purr-fect again.

Mitchell Catlin, Ten News. Still to come in Ten News - a boat blast leaves a little girl with shocking burns. The man who plummeted down an empty lift shaft while trying to help others. And the bride-to-be whose cold feet led to an elaborate abduction hoax.

Now you can have them all at Target. The $2 jackpot lottery... CLANG! now over $3 million! If you ever win the jackpot If you ever win the jackpot you'd take the lot! Wouldn't that light up your life? BRIGHT BRASSY FANFARE A boat explosion on the Gold Coast with burns to almost half her body. has left a 6-year-old girl

during the blaze Her father also seriously injured that was sparked by a fuel leak. to half of her tiny body, Horrific burns

to the Royal Children's Hospital the 6-year-old victim was rushed

in Brisbane this afternoon. but stable condition. The little girl in a serious to her body, The little girl had about 50% burns

to full-thickness burns. from partial cruiser with other relatives She was on board her grandfather's burst into flames. when the engine bay

flying through the air. Witnesses recall seeing people when help arrived. The girl's father was in the water to a third of his body. He suffered burns

the full brunt of the blast - His daughter copping in the worst possible spot. she was standing that she was probably standing The evidence shows

was at its greatest. right over where the explosion fell into the engine bay It's believed the 6-year-old

and nobody would have been hurt. A minute later,

after spending the morning fishing The family was backing into the berth

from underneath the deck. when flames shot up to have caused the explosion. A fuel leak is believed

by authorities. The engine will be closely examined Renee Buckingham, Ten News. A Sydney man is lucky to be alive down an empty lift shaft. after he plummeted 8m

to help people trapped The 31-year-old was trying

when he slipped. in an elevator on the floor above,

back and chest injuries The man suffered at the bottom of the shaft. after falling into water

pulling the victim to safety. Police arrived a short time later

in hospital. The man is in a stable condition

and several injured At least people are dead after attacks on tourists in Cairo. jumped from a bridge, First, a suicide bomber before shooting themselves. then two women opened fire on a bus,

junction near the Egyptian Museum The first attack was at a busy road

with Western visitors to Egypt. which is popular

a wanted militant over this bridge. The police were chasing

with another bombing He was accused in connection

three weeks ago. But rather than face capture, a crude, homemade device. he jumped and detonated

Several tourists were injured. It's very primitive. It was full of nails to the destruction of these nails. and most of the injuries is related another attack here Cairo's citadel - two hours later, in an area popular with foreigners. opened fire on a tourist bus Two veiled women on themselves. before turning their weapons

They turned out to be of the earlier suicide bomber. the sister and fiancee

It's the first time in such an attack in Egypt. that women have taken part An American bride-to-be has a lot of explaining to do on a nationwide goose chase. after leading police from her lavish wedding She got cold feet just days out

to avoid the big day. going to remarkable lengths

four days before her wedding An excited bride goes missing and police fear the worst. a criminal investigation as of now. We are treating it as 32-year-old Jennifer Wilbanks on Tuesday night. failed to return from a jog

offered a $100,000 reward. Her distraught family and everything we own We would give our life

to have her returned. Finally last night, a breakthrough. from a New Mexico pay phone. Jennifer called

from Atlanta, Georgia. I was kidnapped

it has been on the news. I don't know but my parents said abducted her She claimed a man and woman

then dumped her 2,000km away. What direction did they leave in? I don't even know where I am. I have no idea.

praise the Lord. My feelings are just he answers prayers. God is good, he's alive,

He's bringing my baby back to me. to embarrassment But jubilation turned

she hadn't been abducted. when Jennifer revealed

She fled Georgia by bus, telling police she felt overwhelmed her fiance's family had planned by the lavish ceremony

and 600 invited guests. with 14 bridesmaids, 14 groomsmen

Police aren't pressing charges plan to spark a nationwide search because they believe Jennifer didn't

when she saw the fuss she'd caused. and only lied about the kidnap

to explain her actions. Today she flew home

It has been determined the family was not aware of. that Jennifer has some issues

We're looking forward to loving her concerning these issues. and talking with her Rahni Sadler, Ten News. In the United States, for the Logies? Who are the hot favourites when Ten News returns. That's coming up

running out of puff. the race that's certainly not

temperature-wise, in Victoria today in the scenic Dandenong Ranges. but things were still steamy

Despite a cold start, race against Puffing Billy, thousands turned out for the annual attracts a crowd of all ages The annual event

are still faster than coal. and it seems legs

for some people, Although the race was too much was first to cross the line Victorian Mark Tucker in just over 41 minutes. The stars of Australia's small screen

The stars of Australia's small screen their frocks, tending to their locks, are putting last-minute touches to on to the white carpet and preparing to step out

annual Logie Awards. for tonight's 47th

Ten's Angela Bishop there. Thanks, Tracey. only just begun here Well, the excitement's here at Melbourne's Crown Casino. at the 47th Annual Logie Awards have just started arriving The special guests

and, as always, on just what everyone is wearing. there's heaps of attention

lining the special white carpet Plenty of punters

for this year's celebration, of their favourite stars catching a glimpse

to get their attention. and certainly yelling

Plenty going on inside tonight Michael Buble and Mario performing with special guests like

as well as Anthony Callea. There'll be a lot of interest in who's got this year's admission to the Hall of Fame and of course on who will win the Gold Logie

with the hot betting saying it will be a close match between Channel Ten's Rove McManus and Bec Cartwright, Back to you. The weather's next, and then it's Sports Tonight with Leigh Diffey. Yes, Tracey. Reigning premiers Port Adelaide beaten again, this time by the ever-improving Richmond.

Problems for the Premiers - their fourth loss. And in NRL it's just as difficult to pick a winner. But no problems winning at Chelsea.

They're the Premier League champions.

Our target for the new car is to produce the world's best quality vehicle. WOMAN: People have been really excited about it. There's a general view that it's a huge step in the right direction. I've really been able to influence the colour and trim direction to a future which is more stylish, modern and exciting.

Superior quality, superior strength. Everything has changed. Our new model, like all Mitsubishi vehicles, will come with Australia's first 5-10 warranty. In fact, it will be better built, better backed than any other car built in Australia.

Does the day you pay off your mortgage seem a long way off? Perhaps a Westpac Home Finance Manager can point out a better way, the award-winning Rocket Repay Home Loan (Cheers) your interest payments.

Looking around the nation tomorrow:

That brings you up to date with the latest news. The late bulletin tonight is at 11.20.

Stay around for Sports Tonight with Leigh Diffey. I'm Tracey Spicer, goodnight. Supertext Captions Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.