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(generated from captions) while issuing a ticket A Victorian policeman has been killed as we go to air. First, an emergency is unfolding Good morning. Ten News with Tracey Spicer. Mary and Frederik expecting an heir. And the pregnant princess - accused drug smugglers in Bali. A health scare for Australia's from making the historic trek? Will Australians be banned trash our sacred site. Anzac outrage - Gallipoli pilgrims This program is captioned live.

Day. I am amazed to hear The Bee that. Anzac Day is a Rememberance sure we have. I am not happy about sight of what the day is about? I'm prior to the service, have we lost rock concert entertained the crowds as such. This year a light show and comekeration and should be treated celebration, it is a day of celebration. Anzac Day is not a it's been bapbgsed the word about of the things that concerns me is sacred area as a rubbish tip. One see that they treated the whole Obviously not. It is very sad to the respect it deserves? but are they giving the site Australians making the historic trek, It's great to see so many young joins us. NSW RSL president Don Rowe now littering the historic site. rubbish and debris Australians and New Zealanders - by the thousands of visiting Anzac Cove has been left in ruins landings has ended on a sour note. The 90th anniversary of the Gallipoli Monday. Tracey. Thank you. policeman, Tony Clarke, killed on reeling from the loss of another years old. The police are still Benalla for two tkwreerz and was 29 stage, only he lived and worked in much about the constable at this Highway are closeed. We don't know The north-bound lanes of the Hume ambulance alived, it was too late. police laid radio. By the time the doctor, alerted authorities using a We understand another driver, a of the car, another car struck him. routine traffic stop. As he got out branch in Benalla was making a senior conitable from the traffic at about 8:30 this morning, a Well, Max, what can you tell us? has just arrived at the scene. Ten's Max Futcher north-east of Melbourne. near Benalla,

godfather of this heroin smuggling 21-year-old Andrew Chan was the course police have previously said this drug smuggling operation. Of was threatening in the lead-up to co-accused but it is reported he still being held with some of the headquarters and surprisingly is custody here at Bali police fact Myuran Sukumaran who is in suggestions that that man was in That's right, Tracey. There are of the nine in custody? the highest-ranking member Andrew Chan was not And, Jeremy, there are claims Jeremy Pudney joins us live. heroin smuggling charges in Bali. among the nine Australians facing another man as "the enforcer" Indonesian police have named earlier last month. in the Sea King crash on Nias of its nine colleagues The crew is still mourning the loss to disembark in Sydney on Saturday. The remaining troops are due welcome-home celebrations. before attending with their families They'll be reunited for the trip back to shore. were dropped off in landing craft from the Ten Force Support Battalion 12 soldiers after a 4-month tour of duty. off Townsville early this morning The 'Kanimbla' anchored in tsunami-torn Indonesia. arrive home after serving as soldiers from HMAS 'Kanimbla' Celebrations in north Queensland the 8-month World War I campaign. died during Ireland and Turkey from Australia, New Zealand, Britain, More than 100,000 soldiers service, which included Maori songs. attended the special Anzac Day Many Australians and New Zealanders of the landing at Gallipoli. to mark the 90th anniversary at Westminster Abbey joined more than 2,000 people Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip in London. The Queen has honoured the Anzacs Thank you. the respect it is due. Thank you. what Gallipoli is and treat it with need to make those who go aware of don't think that's had answer. We ban visitors from the site? No, I of things. It is not on. Should we with rock concerts and those sorts of things. It is not with rock concerts and those sorts remembering people when we carry on played. How can we contemplate Gees song 'Staying Alive' was

crashed one on top of the other. from the wreckage of carriages He had to be slowly winched out to extract this man. It took a lot longer pulled out within a couple of hours. Although in great pain, she was This woman was considered lucky. around this block of flats. the first two carriages of the train The impact had literally wrapped still trapped inside. and the cries of survivors at the crash site a ghastly tangle of metal as hundreds of rescuers confronted Scenes of utter chaos to cope with the devastation. as authorities struggle Blame is being pointed at the driver has reached 73. train crash in more than 40 years The death toll from Japan's worst nonetheless, Tracey. Thank you. only rumours but startling pregnant so it appears these are her camp is also saying she isn't isn't pleinginant and her family, jail says it is not correct, she by a paper here. The head of the custody here is said to be pregnant Schapelle Corby who has been in on drug smuggling charges? emerging about another Australian about the startling accusations when may become more ill. Tell us don't have access to toilet paper conditions they're held in. They are expressed about the squalid what was wrong with them. Concerns difficult for them to tell doctors were no translators either. It was went with only one of them. There Unfortunately a consular official Andrew Chan. They were checked over. last night. Of course that was throughout the day yesterday. One of them taken to hospital custody? That's right. We saw four health concerns now for those in appears to be taking its toll with up their claims. All this stress to see if there's evident to back those who have been threatened need spoken out this morning and said commissioner Mick Keelty has also been making those threats. The AFP syndicate and it was he who had

the last of the living and the dead under the glare of flood lights. An official investigation has already begun with the focus on excessive speed or driver error as possible factors. A NSW District Court judge has escaped disciplinary action despite falling asleep during an alleged rape victim's evidence. Judge Ian Dodd slept for 15 minutes at a time on a number of occasions during the trial in November 2003. The victim complained the jury, which found her alleged attacker not guilty, could have been influenced by the judge's actions. But the Judicial Commission has ruled Judge Dodd is fit to remain on the bench, stating sleep apnoea did not affect his judgments. Princess Mary is pregnant. The Danish royal court has announced the Australian-born Crown Princess and Crown Prince Frederik are expecting their first child. They have just returned from a tour of Thailand and Japan and the palace says Mary is doing fine. The baby is due to cut free there was still struggling For hours after nightfall, the train couldn't take the bend. He was going so fast and then said this shocked survivor. to make up time," "I think the driver was racing like scenes from another world. these must have seemed and orderly people, For Japan's excessively safe on the backs of lorries. Some were carted off to hospital on crude plastic sheets. They laid out the injured by what confronted them. the rescue workers seemed overwhelmed like earthquakes and typhoons, for natural disasters For all their training at the end of October, which means the 33-year-old would have been pregnant during her visit to Australia in February. The princess was spotted buying a pair of baby booties from a Hobart shop the day before couple flew home. They married in Copenhagen in May last year, and the baby will be delivered in the city's university hospital. If they have a son, he'll be second in line to the throne of Europe's oldest monarchy, after 35-year-old Frederik. News of the pregnancy has already sparked a debate in Denmark about changing the constitution to allow a daughter to succeed to the throne if the baby is a girl. Why Pope Benedict XVI prayed he wouldn't be chosen as the next pontiff - that story when Ten's morning news returns. And the comedy of errors that turned one singer's dream into a nightmare.

This program is captioned live. The new Pope has confessed he prayed not to be chosen as pontiff. Speaking in his native German, Benedict XVI told an audience of German pilgrims that at 78 he was hoping for quieter years. But he says evidently God didn't listen to him. (Speaks German) He also made a joke about turning up late, saying he had become a bit of an Italian. The Pontiff has also had his first audience with other religious leaders, including the Archbishop of Canterbury and Muslim representatives. A classic photo of a couple stealing a passionate kiss on a Paris street has been auctioned for $245,000. The image has come to symbolise the city of romance. Robert Duano's photograph the kiss

at city hall has become the iconic image of young love blossoming. This was the girl in the picture. In 1950 she was spotted in the cafe and persuaded to phose with her then boyfriend. The spontaneity of their kiss is in fact staged. Doisneau must have thought it was sweet. He asked us to do it again for his camera so we came here and did it in front of the City Hall. Paris in 1950 was a blend of post-war austerity and renewed hope. It was becoming again the city of light after years of darkness and marketing itself as the romantic capital of Europe. The kiss, though, disappeared for decades into the files of Doisneau's photo agency. It re-emerged as a poster only in 1987. And at that time, nostalgia was very strong. You just think of that period of time and it was so nice and no cars and nice atmosphere - Paris after the war. This is the street where Doisneau snapped the famous picture that has come to speak so eloquently about Paris's sense of its own identity. The young lovers didn't last. They lost touch after a few months but the Parisian fable they represent captures every new generation. Flamboyant pop star Elton John is getting married. The 58-year-old singer will tie the knot with his long-time partner, 42-year-old David Furnish, later this year. The ceremony is expected to take place in Windsor, where Prince Charles and Camilla married. Gay marriages aren't recognised in Britain, but laws will be changed in December to recognise same-sex civil partnerships, and give them the same tax breaks as married couples. Elton John has been married once before, to German music engineer Renate Blauel. They married in Sydney in 1984, and divorced four years later. A dream come true has turned into a nightmare for a young singer. Canadian Caroline Marcil didn't get off to a good start with the American anthem. (Sings) # Sorry. But the 24-year-old kept struggling through the 'Star Spangled Banner'. (Sings) # By the dawn's early light (Sings) # By the dawn's early light sorry. She knew she was on thin ice with the fans, but she bravely returned to the rink. The ice hockey game between Canada and the US eventually started without any anthems. The American team won. James Hird sweating on the outcome AFL'S match review panel. That's when Ten's morning news returns. Also, the Roosters-Dragons match set to provide plenty of judiciary fallout.

This program is captioned live. In finance news, the Australian share market is slightly lower this morning. Carl Jensen at Commonwealth Securities, and a lacklustre start to the week for local shares?

It certainly has been. Despite a fall in oil prices and a positive lead from US and European stock markets overnight, we have seen local shares relatively steady in morning local shares relatively steady in morning trade and little in the way of fresh corporate news to motivate investors. The focus is still on the US earnings season. Names such as Microsoft and American express will report this week. Inflation is in the spotlight this week? It is. Data on wholesale inflation has been released. The figures are important in flagging inflationary pressures in an early stage. The risk is pressures in an early stage. The risk is that higher costs will be passed onto consumers. The good news is wholesale prices barely changed in the three months to March and if the all important price index is on the down side tomorrow, it lowers the chance of a rate hike next week. To AFL, and a nervous wait for Essendon, as the match review panel reviews the reporting of captain James Hird. Mark Johnson was also cited during yesterday's 14-point win over Collingwood. It was an Anzac Day to savour for Essendon - its 14-point win breathed some life into its season and had the added bonus of consigning Collingwood to Struggle Street. Kevin Sheedy used the victory to complain about the lack of protection afforded full forward Matthew Lloyd. If Lloyd's going to get that sort of treatment we may as well put him at centre half-forward and play someone else full forward. And too many comments have been made about Lloyd. I just reckon he's gonna get buried sooner or later, by the crowd, everyone in general. The Bombers will be sweating on James Hird's report. It didn't affect his form - he was brilliant - but the report may have stopped him winning a fourth Anzac Medal. The honour instead went to youngster Andrew Lovett in just his third game. Mark Johnson is also on report after ending Rhys Shaw's afternoon. The Magpies are stuck on one win from its first five matches. It's only going to get harder from here with St Kilda and Fremantle in the west to come. Mick Malthouse lost patience at three-quarter time, delivering a memorable tongue lashing. that our 40,000-odd members. I'm disappointed at the fact that we're on the centre stage and players who we expect more from didn't play well. Richmond's Chris Hyde remains in hospital after his clash with St Kilda's Matt Maquire. Rob Waters, Ten News. In rugby league, more bad news for the premiers. Bulldogs prop Mark O'Meley out for the next three months with a leg injury. And the game's video reviewers have plenty to look at in the wake of yesterday's controversial clash between the Roosters and the Dragons. It was an Anzac Day classic - with just a couple of minutes left, St George-Illawarra halfback Matthew Head sets up a try that levels the scores, then knocks over the winning conversion. COMMENTATOR: It's coming. It's coming. It's coming. It's there! It's something I suppose you dream about doing, but in saying that, we needed that as a club, to get two wins up. The Roosters blew their chance to win the match. Coach Ricky Stuart careful not to blow up over a number of controversial incidents during the game. Among them, the sin-binning of halfback Brett Finch for fighting. Let's just hope Brett Finch was the first one to punch him. He's just set a precedent now for every game this season. First bloke goes in and punches the bloke. He gets 10 minutes. Three players were placed on report - Roosters forward Jason Cayless for a lifting tackle, so too Dragons forward Justin Poore, and St George-Illawarra's Fijian winger Wes Nagana was lucky not to be sent off for tripping. One of the Dragons players said, "Don't be too hard on him, ref. He doesn't know the rules." St George-Illawarra's 2-point win taking the pressure off coach Nathan Brown after the speculation that he wouldn't see out the season. Management starts at the top and the fact they've got the character to stick with me through some tough times for them, the same with the players, they've stuck solid with me. And Brisbane centre Brent Tait can't take a trick, needing stitches to his tongue after a mishap at training. He'll have scans today on the shoulder problem that threatens his career. Leanne West, Ten News. Anthony Mundine's return to the National Rugby League may have to wait until next year,

following the postponement of next month's world title fight against Mikkel Kessler. Kessler has pulled out of the May 11 super-middleweight bout after injuring his back while training in Denmark. Mundine was set to make a comeback to rugby league after the fight, those plans now thrown into disarray. And former world heavyweight champion Mike Tyson says he can reclaim his title with the help of Australian trainer Jeff Fenech. The 38-year-old is looking to bounce back against Irish fighter Kevin McBride in June, after losing his last bout against Britain's Danny Williams. Well, I'm not interested in proving anything and I need a buck just like anyone else and I just enjoy fighting and I was a little depressed after hurting my leg in the last fight. I just pulled myself up and I'm ready to participate again. Tyson says his upcoming fight will resemble a train wreck. Arsenal has ensured Chelsea will have to wait till at least Saturday to clinch the English Premier League title after beating fierce rivals Tottenham 1-0. The only goal of the match coming from the boot of Spaniard Jose Antonio Reyes in the 22nd minute. The win means Chelsea will have to beat Bolton to secure their first English championship in 50 years. Next in Ten News, a look at the weather around the nation. Ready for a break? It's time to rejuvenate in Tasmania. With reduced 'Spirit of Tasmania' fares from Sydney and a choice of airfares, getting to Tasmania has never been easier or more affordable. You can explore the grandeur of Cradle Mountain, discover ancient rainforests on the West Coast Wilderness Railway, visit Hobart with all its history and fun village atmosphere, drive down to historic Port Arthur for a taste of life in convict times. You can also experience the stunning Freycinet National Park including Wineglass Bay. And then it's just a scenic drive to enjoy the gardens, food and award-winning cool-climate wines of the Tamar Valley. Amazingly, prices for this rejuvenating journey for seven nights, staying in premium accommodation start from just $690 per person twin share. So call the Tasmanian Travel Centre now: And rejuvenate in Tasmania.

This program is captioned live. Now for a look at the national weather Rare twins at Berlin Zoo have taken to swimming lessons like polar bears to water. 4.5-month-old sisters Venus and Valeska took the plunge for the first time in their new outdoor enclosure. Mum Vienna made sure the cubs didn't get in over their heads. The cubs were born in captivity, but this is the first time they've been out in public. That brings you up to date with all the news. Stay with Ten for updates throughout the day and the full details in Ten's news hour tonight. I'm Tracey Spicer, good afternoon. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.