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(generated from captions) removing packages from their bodies. Police strip them down, on four of the Australians. the dramatic raid Caught on camera - under arrest for trafficking heroin. against the nine Australians are expected to lay formal charges Meantime, investigators should she be convicted. will push for the death penalty to learn whether prosecutors is about to return to a Bali court Accused drug-smuggler Schapelle Corby Good morning. with Chris Bath. This is Seven's Morning News as he celebrates his first mass. vows to unify Christians And Pope Benedict XVI if prosecutors want her to die. Schapelle Corby back in court to hear formally charged with drug-running. The Bali nine wait to be Caught in the act. This morning - This program is LIVE captioned.

to protect his forces. to send more troops to Iraq about Australia's decision Mr Koizumi was candid and be candid about it. their histories and past All countries must understand in China. acknowledge its wartime atrocities about their country's refusal to when asked by Japanese media Mr Howard was pulling no punches in the frankness of the exchanges. The depth of the relationship evident meeting to trade ideas on trade. Good friends and allies with the Japanese Prime Minister. a free trade deal where he is discussing The Prime Minister is in Tokyo military contingent. to protect Japan's to send troops to Iraq for his controversial decision John Howard has been thanked little later in the bulletin. We hope to cross live to Bali a to push for the death penalty. and Judge Siriat doesn't expect them final submissions Prosecutors will make to face court again today. her lawyers say she's well enough After last week's collapse, gathered throughout the hearings. will be based on all the facts so all of my decisions There are no bribes from outside. There is no intervention this case won't affect hers. has told Seven News in the Schapelle Corby trial But the chief judge over the 11kg heroin haul. they'll arrest more Australians and predict charges against all nine today Indonesian police expect to lay further up the drug chain. not to identify others Renae Lawrence urges Martin Stephens The only woman suspect, the death penalty. Already they contemplate

last frontd koufrplt, we saw her, she was in a terrible state, how is look over the past months. When she evidence he has heard in his court his decision it will be on the on around the case. When he makes the politics and controversy going yesterday. He is far removed from taken some comfort in his words have been dubbed. Her family has separate to the Bali nine as they assurance this case is very said, that he has given an Yes, certainly. The Chief Judge has are her supporters confident of that? won't influence Schapelle's case the arrest of the Bali nine Kim, while the judge says and joins us now. A is at the court in Denpasar Seven reporter Kim Skubris Seven reporter Kim Skubris appear in court again today. Schapelle Corby is expected to We will cross to Bali now where in other denominations. or they move into priesthood itself in the local Methodist college they teach the local Presbyterian seminary, too often they go to If you say no to them, leave. aren't served by the church may Another worry is that women who isn't likely to change. a conservative, But this Pope, who has been labelled allow only unmarried men to serve. is to ease current church laws that new people to fill the pulpit Many believe the best way to find is the lack of ordained priests. Another major crisis Oh, being Pope is an impossible job. in America and Europe. and a significant drop in membership for the last three years, which has operated under a deficit money problems at the Vatican, facing the church - But there are other issues and other religions. to bridge the gap between Catholicism and other religions. to try to find ways Pope Benedict XVI pledged Pope Benedict XVI pledged In his first mass, in honour of the Holy Father. called Pope's hats special edition cakes with the local baker even making they're still celebrating But Benedict's home town in Germany and exhausting experience. I found it an intense didn't drag on. but was glad the process elected the new pontiff so quickly he was mildly surprised the conclave Australia's cardinal says below. to the crowds in St Peter's Square their traditional address It's also where Popes deliver Pope John Paul II, died. It's where his predecessor, his new apartment. Pope Benedict also toured for the unity of all Christians. ..and vowed to strive (speaks Latin) at leading the world's faithful... he said he felt a sense of inadequacy with the cardinals who elected him in the Sistine Chapel Celebrating mass Joseph Ratzinger is more humble. the church is in safe hands. as with the previous Pope, We believe that with this Pope, as leader of the Catholic Church. being welcomed as leader of the Catholic Church. he has spent his first full day and surrounded by pilgrims Flanked by Vatican staff today Pope Benedict XVI. Yesterday he was cardinal, will surprise his critics. expects the new pontiff Australian cardinal George Pell a tour of his new Vatican apartment. with his schedule including pace on his first full day in office Pope Benedict XVI has set a cracking with Australia. and allow truly free trade Japan's agricultural markets to prise open does not have the political courage but it's clear Mr Koizumi each other's courage on Iraq The leaders may have congratulated each other's courage on Iraq The leaders may have congratulated on meat, wood and other products. of up to 100% Japan's tariff barriers The greatest difficulty - on meat, wood and other products. of up to 100% Japan's tariff barriers The greatest difficulty - will be very difficult. study is successful, The next step, if the feasibility both acknowledged the obstacles. on a free trade agreement to a feasibility study And, while the prime ministers agreed and we appreciate it. took a very courageous decision TRANSLATOR: Prime Minister Howard

she today? Certainly since last week she is under gone a series of medical tests. A health report released yesterday says she is doing well. Mentally her family are concerned. The strain of this trial has left her emotions in tatters. She is now at breaking point. I spoke to her sister last night, who said she was in tears again yesterday but wants to get on with the trial, and is confident she has the strength today to continue with the hearing. Any sign of her yet at court? No. She is due in the next hour or so. The media today will be kept back. Security is at a maximum and the Chief Judge has said that the media will now have to stay behind a barrier in the courtroom. When she collapsed the media swarmed around her. The media will be kept back. Given Mr Breaks, he hopes the trial will continue and can deliver a verdict in the next 3 or 4 weeks. We will leave you to cover her court appearance. Thanks. One of the two men charged over last weekend's drive-by shooting in Sydney's inner-west has appeared in court. Jousef Saraya and another man were Jousef Saraya and another man were arrested following raids at two homes in Auburn overnight. They have been charged with attempted murder over the shooting at a McDonald's outlet in Stanmore. Police won't confirm if they're also wanted over the deaths of two men in a drive-by shooting at in a drive-by shooting at The Rocks on the same night. But this is a significant breakthrough, we're looking at the connection between those two offences and I can't understate it by saying we're very happy and this certainly is a good breakthrough for us. The second man will appear in court later today. Queensland's fugitive "Dr Death" was declared incompetent and morally unfit to practice by American medical authorities 20 years before coming to Australia. The Australian newspaper reports a New York tribunal found Jayant Patel guilty of falisifying records, intimidation and failure to examine patients before surgery. A board in another American State also found him guilty of gross negligence after a series of botched operations. Both panels limited the conditions of his licence to practice but didn't take it away. A teenager accused of taking a Melbourne tram on a joy-ride, has been charged with nine new offences. They include stealing a bus, They include stealing a bus, and the attempted theft of a train. On Sunday, the 15-year-old allegedly took a tram from a depot, and drove for 40 minutes, even picking up passengers. He was arrested yesterday over the new charges, and granted bail. Doctors say Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen's health continues to deteriorate. The former Queensland premier has been in hospital at Kingaroy since Monday. His family and friends are maintaining a bedside vigil. I still think if he had a weaker cardiovascular system he probably would not have made it through all this but his heart is still going, but his heart is still going, still keeping him strong but it's slowly but surely deteriorating. When the time comes, he'll be buried at his family property, Bethany. Next in Seven News - Our business and finance report. More damning evidence in the Michael Jackson trial And busted - The crackdown on Internet drugs.

An Iraqi official says former interim Prime Minister Iyad Allawi has escaped unhurt after an attempt on his life. He was near home when a suicide bomber targeted his convoy, killing two policemen. It was one of at least four bomb attacks in Baghdad today. The bodies of 76 Iraqi hostages killed by insurgents in two separate incidents have now been recovered. 57 of those who died were men and children from the city of Medain. Their bodies were pulled from the Tigris River. Still, the United States claims the security situation in Iraq is not worsening. Seven reporter Mike Amor has more. Good morning, Mike. The pictures and reports out of Iraq The pictures and reports out of Iraq don't exactly paint a rosy picture but the White House is insisting it isn't getting more dangerous. Good morning. It may take convinceing from the White House they have things under control. When asked the President today, the President spokesman said things were getting better. He used Australia's increasing involvement there as evidence of that. The troop tonce way to the region. Let's listen to it. The international community is supporting the Iraqi people in many ways as they move forward to build a democratic and peaceful future. Australia sent in an additional 450 troops to help with the security situation and to also help train the Iraqi community forces. We are we are grateful to help advance freedom and peace in Iraq. The President spokesman there. Another reminder, if they needed one, this really is going to be a dangerous assignment. A big sting by US authorities on a US faicial si based in India. We are told a number of Australians could face charges for selling on line and illegally. Authorities here in the US closed dozens of on line pharmacies. They had been keeping surveillance of people delivering thousands of pills worth millions of dollars. 20 people arrested in eight cities here. More arrested s expected overseas. Sold to young people. These on line pharmacies made no attempt to look at the medical needs or the age of the buyers This problem with a parent's

worst nightmare. E traffickers target our children and they target those suffering from the disease of addiction this country to. Day is their worst nightmare, today, with local, State and Federal operation, today is a new day, we will find you, we will arrest you, and we will lock you up There is an example of the problems of a modern world. A bit of a set back today for the space shuttle relaunch Of course the big news for us, because theres going to be an Australian on board, of course astronaut Andy Thomas, on board, no real surprise, the launch date has gone back a week. They have until early June to launch discovery. It will be the first shuttle launch since the - NASA has made almost 250 changes. One of the reasons for the delay is a new robotic arm with cameras on the end, used once the discovery is in orbit. Of course Andy Thomas will be on board that launch, we will be to watch. It is an amazing launch. This one is going to be a little nerve-racking I am sure. It sounds as if it already has been. They have been so careful about it. Thanks, Mike. A key witness has told the Michael Jackson child molestation trial that security guards were instructed to stop the pop star's young accuser from leaving the Neverland Ranch. The prosecution is trying to back up conspiracy charges against Jackson as it wraps up its case. Police officer Brian Barron was the latest witness whose testimony seems to back up the accuser's mother's claims that the family was held against their will at the Neverland ranch. Corroboration, corroboration, corroboration. Barron, who used to moonlight as a security guard for Michael Jackson, told the jurors that he saw a note on a grease board in the guard shack that said the accuser was not allowed off the property. There was also a note in the ranch security log that said that the accuser and his siblings were not allowed to leave. This was during the time period after the alleged victim The Interpreter has premiered at New York's Tribeca Festival. It was a mix of international diplomacy and Hollywood glitter. The star line-up included festival founder Robert De Niro and UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan. Aussie supermodel Elle Macpherson also strode the red carpet. Sean Penn stars in the film Sean Penn stars in the film alongside Kidman. It's good. It's lovely. The Interpreter is a political thriller, the first movie to be filmed inside the United Nations. To business and finance news now. Joining us is Kylie Macdonald from ABN AMRO Morgans. Good morning, Kylie. The US market fell to six-month lows overnight. The Dow tumbled to a whisker above the 10,000 mark, closing at its lowest. The stocks resumed a steep decline. Closing this morning up 115 points on the back of a jump in March consumer price. The local markets also had a rocky few sessions Our futures market tipped a 35.4, it wasn't far wrong. We are down more than 25 points and the weakness is across the board. Volatility is increasing, all was seen holding hands with the popstar and the Bashir documentary, Living with Michael Jackson. This directive on the grease board supports the mother's contention that the family was not allowed to leave Neverland. But under cross-examination Barron admitted that, in general, children were not allowed to leave the ranch without supervision. If parents of children were not on the property, then they would, as a matter of course, not allow those children off the property. Meanwhile the prosecution has said it is close to wrapping up its case. They need to end on a strong note, clean up any loose ends on conspiracy and false imprisonment, and maybe have something dynamite right at the end, and rest. The State expects to rest some time next week. Hi, Michael. Former England all-rounder Ian Botham has joined the efforts of his former Australian adversary Shane Warne Nicole Kidman's new film

sectors have been affected. The Foster's takeover, may be coming to a close. Are they both trading again? They will remain halted. All eyes on the next move by Foster's. They have agreed to increase their offer, after negotiations between the two boards yesterday. The increases expected to be announced today. Reported to be between $10 and 15 cent as share. Back to you, Chris. It will cost Foster's an extra $75 million! Stay with us here on Seven News. I'll have sport after this break. Collingwood has launched Collingwood has launched a war of words against Essendon ahead of their annual Anzac Day clash. Pies vice-captain James Clement says the Bombers will have to lift their game if they want to win. Both teams have struggled in battle this season. With just one win from four games, only percentages separate them only percentages separate them on the ladder. and hard times Even the captain is talking about it and hard times and how hard it is to lead at the moment. The Bombers' veteran, premiership-winning coach, has seen it all before. One week of pressure, when you live 38 years of it you just roll on, son. At Port Adelaide, coach Mark Williams says all his are marching in time. He's denied claims of in-fighting between his big names Warren Tredrea and Matthew Primus. To Rugby League and the NRL judiciary has suspended Canberra captain Simon Woolford for two matches. The hooker contested a grade one careless high tackle charge, but the panel ruled he made excessive contact to the head of Manly's Shane Dunley. Better news for the Dragons, utility Shaun Timmins is free to play against the Roosters on Monday after the judiciary agreed to downgrade his high tackle charge to a category one. The Western Force Super 14 franchise could be about to snare its first high-profile Rugby League convert. Force coach John Mitchell says he is eager to sign North Queensland's Matt Bowen. The Cowboys full-back comes off contract at the end of the NRL season. It comes a day after New South Wales It comes a day after New South Wales Waratahs fly-half Lachlan Mackay signed a three-year deal with the Force. Arsenal and Chelsea have played out a scoreless draw in the English Premier League. It keeps the Blues at the top of the ladder. Meanwhile, Everton scored a big win over Manchester United. Duncan Ferguson scored the vital goal for the Merseysiders in the 55th minute. COMMENTATOR: It's in! It's Ferguson! The big man leapt, the big man pounced. Everton stays in fourth place, three above City rivals Liverpool, who beat Portsmouth 2-1. English cricket officials say there's something dogdy about Ricky Ponting's cricket bat. The MCC is the custodian of the laws of the game. It claims the black graphite on the back of the Aussie captain's bat strengthens it, giving Ponting more hitting power and could damage the ball. The MCC is also unhappy with the fluorescent green with the fluorescent green Kookaburra stickers on the bat. The manufacturer has dismissed The manufacturer has dismissed the claims as rubbish. The Ashes Series starts in six weeks. Next in Seven News, the weather So has the sledging by the sounds of things! and what to do with a rampaging pachyderm. VOICEOVER: You probably don't feel like doing anything. So get someone else to do it. Now for a look at the weather. And how's this for lending weight to animal liberation? Two large runaways from a circus crashed in on diners at a restaurant in Korea. Staff and guests managed to scramble out, before things became a little too squeezy. The big eaters were eventually herded back home. That's what you get for asking for a jumbo-size serve! And that's Seven's Morning News. I'm Chris Bath. Thanks for your company. Enjoy the rest of your day. We'll leave you with teen heartthrob Jesse McCartney performing live on Sunrise. Captioned by Seven Network Email - # I want you and your beautiful soul # I don't want another pretty face # I don't want just anyone to hold # I don't want my love to go to waste # I want you and your beautiful soul