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(generated from captions) west of Brisbane, near a petrol station early this morning A search was mounted at a highway rest stop. after going missing last night has been reunited with her parents And a 5-year-old Queensland girl big sleep this afternoon. and I think they're in for a and thanking others saying hello to new friends they're on the move at the moment from the kitchen We could hear laughing a short time ago. They had breakfast with the family the way that they did. that they could come through this you can't imagine from the pictures and so fragile, she's about this big as you can see this morning, When I talked with little Ashley this ordeal unscathed. that three of them came through Natarsha, it's remarkable who've walked them out of this. found by local residents and this morning have been luckily laid low and slept They've done the right thing - and things around. because there was noises Yeah, we were a bit frightened at all? REPORTER; Were you frightened they've found their own way home. of the fence, But yes, they've just walked out Huge relief, the heart's pumping. a short time later. and a relieved dad was on the phone Ashley was met by her grandmother direction to get them home. They pointed them in the right and the kids responded. called out for them again with their dog, hit the trails again this morning volunteering last night A couple who were out calling out their names. that they could actually hear people now that they're safe and home and the kids say at one stage Even its spotlight was on them and trying to keep each other warm. when they were sleeping on a ledge was overhead, according to Ashley, At one stage, the helicopter other volunteer rescue groups. the police helicopter called in, searching the trails around here, trying to help, There were dozens here didn't come home at dusk last night. who's even younger, and their new friend Jacob, her young brother Riley, when little Ashley, who's 10, in this close-knit community So you can imagine the reaction it's always a worry. in rugged terrain like this Natarsha, when one child goes missing with their families. when they were reunited Reporter Harry Potter was there in Sydney's south. sparking a massive search last night, They were reported missing have been found safe and well. bushland for more than 14 hours three children missing in thick But first -

in the Champions League soccer. tempers flare soccer's night of shame - Also today - Good morning. with Natarsha Belling. Ten's 11:30 news horse in the race to become pope. And Archbishop Pell firms as the dark of how they were found safe and well. The remarkable story a night alone in dense bushland. Three children's terrifying ordeal - This program is captioned live.

next to one of Sydney's busiest highways. The blaze pouring thick smoke into the sky. The highway and surrounding roads were closed This decision as I suggest is a more appropriate way because it applies to a large number of other defence force people who are serving in similar operations. The medal will recognise humanitarian work done by our troops, not only on Nias but also in Aceh, and on any other future relief operations. The award was technically only available to people operating in a hostile environment. The legal advice we had was the work being done in Aceh and in Nias in the wake of the tsunami and the earthquake was not legally regarded as hazardous. The Prime Minister also expects to announce soon the awarding of the Australian Defence Medal to the victims of the Sea King tragedy. Murray McCloskey, Ten News. A massive factory fire has brought much of Sydney's peak-hour traffic to a standstill. The fire broke out early this morning in a furniture factory new categories of medals. that the Government not create from defence and the RSL Mr Howard says it will meet concerns that carry out humanitarian work. people as well as civilians and that is that it's military the modern reality But we must recognise previously reserved for civilians. Humanitarian Overseas Service Medal, the posthumous award of the with the Prime Minister announcing That's now changed, shortcomings in our honours system. But the Government was hamstrung by our own leaders didn't do the same. Australians wondered why of our fallen heroes from Nias, placed medals on the caskets When the Indonesian President from John Howard. following representations the awards The Queen has personally approved for their ultimate sacrifice. will be awarded medals in the Sea King crash on Nias island The nine Australians killed at a nearby house. and stayed the night by the highway to change drivers, when her parents stopped She had apparently left the car at Warwick. very close to the family's home almost 100km away, However the little girl was found around midnight. while driving from the airport where the family had stopped

and nearby homes evacuated. It took fire crews more than two hours to bring the blaze under control using high pressure water hoses atop cranes. An Australian arrested in the US as a suspected suicide bomber will be deported back to Sydney. The man sparked a major security scare in Washington DC when he demanded to speak to the President. Wen Hao Zhou of Sydney wasn't the suicide bomber police feared he was but the 32-year-old still remains behind bars in the US. Zhou was crash tackled and arrested after sparking a security scare outside the Capitol Building with two suitcases suspected of hiding bombs. Then he said if we wanted to know what was inside the bag go ahead and open it. So it was kind of a threatening situation. In the end, the bags were destroyed. But no explosives were found. With no crime committed, Zhou wasn't charged. We don't have any concerns about how they handled that. They obviously had concerns and a job to do and they did their job. Zhou, who is believed to have dual Australian and Chinese passports only arrived in the US five days ago. Australian Consulate officials spent half an hour with him this morning. You simply don't come to the You simply do not come to the US and conduct yourself in this way and expect to stay here. He went straight to Washington DC where he twice asked to speak to had President. US where he twice asked to speak to had President. US officials are had President. US officials are working to get him out of the country. We fully intend to remove him as expeditiously as possible. It's not clear how soon that will happen. Another twist in the Schapelle Corby drug case a death threat sent to the Indonesian Consulate in Perth. The letter arrived several days ago, threatening to shoot staff if Miss Corby was not immediately released from jail in Bali. It's believed the letter also contained two bullets. Schapelle Corby is facing the death sentence after she was found with more than 4kg of marijuana at Denpasar airport last year. Bali prosecutors are expected to present trial submissions tomorrow. The Queensland Government is under attack after revelations a doctor employed at Bundaberg Base Hospital was found guilty of gross negligence in the US two years ago. Dubbed Dr Death by colleagues, the overseas-trained surgeon is being investigated over the deaths or serious injury of 14 Queensland patients. He fled Australia last month after the allegations were raised in Parliament. Medical experts are raising concerns about qualifications of all overseas-trained doctors. Australian Cardinal George Pell has been tipped as a front-runner to replace Pope John Paul II. An Italian newspaper has listed the Archbishop of Sydney as one of 18 favourites in next week's election. The paper describes the 63-year-old as a dark horse who is well-regarded. The men who will choose the next Pontiff have visited John Paul's tomb under St Peter's Basilica. The crypt will be opened to the public today. Britney Spears finally puts those pregnancy rumours to rest. Details when Ten's morning news returns. And the New Zealand PM caught up in a midair drama - Helen Clark reveals the terrifying thoughts that went through head.

This program is captioned live. American troops are now outnumbered by native forces in Iraq. Speculation mounts on when the US will pull out, as Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld made a surprise visit to Iraq. Back in Baghdad, Donald Rumsfeld flew in before dawn. The main architect of the war that brought US troops here is now under pressure to bring them home. APPLAUSE A debate on the edge of the capital, there were medals for men who had been injured on the front line. The US military says attacks on its soldiers have declined since January's elections here, but large numbers of American troops will only be pulled out when the Iraqi security forces are ready to take their place. These are the most elite of the new Iraqi troops and many are soldiers that served under Saddam Hussein. They've been brought back to help fight the insurgents because they're experienced at war but the Americans are now worried they may be purged when a new government takes power. After meeting the outgoing prime minister, Ayad Allawi, Donald Rumsfeld voiced his concerns about the political transition here. It would be most unfortunate if these changes caused a delay or a disruption in the progress that we've seen because our goal, and the goal of the Coalition forces, is to pass off the responsibility for security to the Iraqi security forces. China has seen some of its biggest protests since Tiananmen Square in 1989. This time the people's anger is directed at Japan over a new school book which glosses over its World War II atrocities. This spring, the outpouring of emotion isn't against the Communist Party. PEOPLE YELL These stones are being thrown at the Japanese. PEOPLE YELL In the city of Guangzhou, Japanese businesses have been attacked... ..even Japanese cars. The spark for all of this - the publication of a new Japanese school textbook. PEOPLE YELL In India today, China's Prime Minister added his voice to the growing row over Japan's history teaching. "The core issue is that Japan needs to face up squarely to its history," he said. "The war of aggression waged by Japan inflicted huge suffering and hardship "on the people of China." (All chant) But the crux of this argument isn't history textbooks. It's Japan's push to get a permanent seat on the UN Security Council. From his flat in Beijing, this man is organising a campaign to stop Japan. So far, he's got over 10 million signatures. "The United Nations was set up "to stop countries like Japan from invading others," he says. "How can you allow Japan to sit on the Security Council? "That's like letting a criminal join the police." A small plane carrying the New Zealand Prime Minister has made a dramatic emergency landing. A door burst open midair during the flight and two police officers travelling with Helen Clark had to hold it closed. With my head in papers, all of a sudden there seems to be a lot of noise and the plane plunging and even with your belt on you go up and my arm crashed down on a piece of metal and the window sill and I could feel that was a bit painful but then I noticed there was a struggle going on with the door. It was quite dramatic. The two policemen with me were struggling to hold onto the door. struggling to hold onto the door. That was quite dramatic. The latest research has revealed food from cloned animals is safe to eat. The find could help boost food production, especially in developing countries. Welcome to the farmyard of the

future. This is the animal science centre at the university of Connecticut and the cattle here have all been Connecticut and the cattle here have all been cloned. They're genetic copies of animals picked for the quality of their meat or milk and could soon end up on a menu like you. The researchers are comparing cleaned animals with conventional ones and their conclusion? The product from cloned animals, including meat and milk , animals, including meat and milk , are no different to the milk and meat from animals by natural reproduction. Ever since the cloning of Dolly the sheep, there have been concerns about where science is heading. These genetically modified salmon are five times the size of normal. This pig was fed five times the size of normal. This pig was fed so much growth hormone it couldn't carry its own weight. Cloning often goes wrong. They are born deformed and die in pain and distress. Researchers say cloning will produce better food but will anyone buy it? Pop princess Britney Spears has announced she's pregnant. The 23-year-old broke the news to fans on her official website. The short message says she is expecting her first child, with her husband, dancer Kevin Federline, and all is well, despite reports she was in hospital over the weekend. The couple married last September. The child will be a first for Britney but the third for her husband. Details of Michael Jackson's desperate bid to prove he wasn't a child molester, have come out in a Californian court. The step-father of Jackson's accuser claims one of the singer's associates harrassed the family offering them a new house and college educations if they agreed to take part in a video. The video was an attempt to refute a damaging documentary about the star's relationship with 13-year-old Gavin Arvizio. Jackson has denied charges of molesting the teenager who is now 15. NRL clubs await their fate over salary cap breaches. We'll cross live to league headquarters when Ten's morning news returns. And a goalie felled by a flare as fans stop a Champions League match.

This program is captioned live. The Australian share market has opened higher. Donohue D'Souza at Commonwealth Securities, consumer confidence is still a little shaken. despite the super strong job market, consumer confidence clearly rattled by a number of events. Interest rates were raised in March by a number of events. Interest rates were raised in March ask rates were raised in March ask there's still the threat of further hikes down the track. Consumers have had to contend with higher health premiums and the share market coming off its highs. Oil priceess fell overnight. Can motorists expect some relief? Crude oil prices have continued to fall overnight and have fallen over $7 US. overnight and have fallen over $7 US. Hopefully motorists could

expect to pay 6 to 7 cents a litre less at a pump. Kufrpbtly they're paying an average of $1.15 a litre excluding Queensland which has forced consumers to cut back spending on non-essentialite 78s like going to restaurants, cafes and take-away food. Melbourne will decide in the next hour have been caught out? and Tony just how many clubs is there, Ten's league reporter Tony Peters by some of the leading of clubs. of more salary cap breaches in the wake The board of the NRL is meeting Tim Hodges, Ten News. He'll have surgery today. worse than first thought. His ankle injury will be missing for up to two months. Young defender Luke Livingstone A further blow for Denis Pagan's men. to play this week. so it gives them an opportunity are all pushing for selection Jordan Bannister Adam Bentinck, Andrew Walker, I think we've had guys in the twos - to step up. It also gives someone a chance against the Pies. after an earlier incident he has a broken cheek The club confirming for more than that. But he'll be missing for striking. Scott Camporeale outed for one week to the face of Magpie Tarkyn Lockyer. and unreasonable contact Found guilty of making unnecessary will also miss a fortnight. Carlton's Heath Scotland at all. there was no contact to the head we showed to them in the sense the evidence We though it was very low contact They termed it medium contact. an appeal against the finding. the club is poised to launch Still seething this morning, enough to enforce the two match ban. but the Tribunal deemed it was rough injuries came when he hit the ground They argued the Geelong midfielder's in the top of the head. COMMENTATOR: Just nicked him was inconsequential. team-mate, Jimmy Bartel, Moloney's contact with his former The club remains adamant over the next 12 hours. consideration and we'll give it some further disappointed with the result I just want to say we're in a rage. Brett Moloney left the Tribunal with the Demons, Three games into his career Jimmy Bartel. no significant contact with Cat claiming their man made The Demons are fuming at the decision at last night's AFL Tribunal. Brent Moloney given to young on-baller suspension whether to appeal the two-match

The Brazilian forced to leave Deeda. one hitting the AC Milan keeper Fans pelting the pitch with flares, after an inter-goal was disallowed. The trouble began to be abandoned. after fan violence forced the game to be abandoned. after fan violence forced the game remains up in the air But the fate of the Milan derby on aggregate. after beating Bayern Munich 6-5 finals of the Champions League Chelsea has progressed to the semi details at 5:00 today. fined around $70,000. We will have the NRL knew about and will be money went, they committed a breach cost them as far as sponsorship the Bulldogs saga at Coffs Harbour player $50,000 to buy a house and player $50,000 to buy a house and for example pin rgt loaned one infringement committed by the club, depending on the particular will be fined varying amounts be deducted? No. All five clubs progress. Will premiership points At this stage it is still in has gone longer than anticipated. imposed on the clubs. The meeting work out the degree of penalties imposed on the clubs. The work out the degree of penalties morning for the 10:00 meeting to board members arrived here this committed varying breaches. The Penrith and the Dragons have Bulldogs, Roosters, Melbourne Storm, Well, five clubs including the the field. Attempts to re-start the match proved futile as the flares continued to rain down on the field. German referee Marcus Merc forced to abandon the game with 20 minutes remaining. Next in Ten News - a look at the weather around the nation.

This program is captioned live. Now for a look at the national weather and for the rest of the day. That brings you up to date with all the news. Stay with Ten for updates throughout the day and the full details in Ten's news hour tonight. I'm Natarsha Belling. Good afternoon. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.