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(generated from captions) and the Gospel resting upon it, A plain coffin made of cypress it honoured shone through. yet the humility of the man The biggest funeral ever seemed overwhelming. the great lives of the past century This final act to one of who'd travelled to over 100 nations. The world had come to farewell a pope and prime ministers. and at least 70 presidents were four kings, five queens Among the faithful in Rome around the world. and watched by billions attended by one million pilgrims for Pope John Paul II following an emotional funeral before electing a new pope, has begun nine days of mourning But first - the Catholic Church with Tracey Spicer. First at 5:00, Ten News to finally walk down the aisle. And Charles and Camilla prepare in prayer for the pontiff. Around Australia mourners were united to pay homage to Pope John Paul II. gathered in Rome from across the globe Millions of pilgrims the people's pope. Tonight - the world farewells This program is captioned live.

countless millions. of a life that touched It was the signal for a celebration one last bow across the Square. giving the people's pope the ushers paused And when the time came to leave, of world leaders. in an unprecedented gathering took on deep significance gathered wished each other peace The moment during mass when those "Make him a saint now," they chanted. broke into sustained applause. the huge delegation from Poland But there were unexpected moments, the same as for any Catholic. They watched a ceremony that was where he made five papal visits. And Mexico City - Krakov - where he began his ministry. where Karol Wojtyla was born in 1920. in cities like Wadowice Multitudes also watched from overseas He's one and only, he's unique. for all of my life. and he was with me to my good friend and good teacher Today, I have to say goodbye revered by countless young people. for modern times, too authoritarian and conservative A man some thought to be within sight of the altar. to take their cherished place had slept in the streets Those pilgrims into St Peter's. Only 300,000 could fit watching on giant screens. by the millions around Rome, The emotions shared CHOIR MUSIC PLAYS in turn throughout the requiem mass. In the Square, they wept and cheered chord with the cardinal himself. The thought striking an emotional giving them his blessing. of the Father's house, he was now at the window they could be sure Cardinal Ratzinger told them so many times had blessed the faithful Near the window from which John Paul the world over. and ordinary people connected with world leaders whose compassion and humanity So too the affection for a man The symbolism clear. its pages flipping in the breeze.

around the Vatican City. The cardinals are free to move That won't happen this time round. They were denied of all comforts. to force them to come to a decision. at one stage locked inside the Sistine Chapel In fact the cardinals had to be that ritual has taken a long time. In ancient times, to John Paul II. the cardinals elect a successor that's the process where the conclave begins - and then on April 18, will be held every day Requiem masses that now take place. of official mourning Well, there are nine days of electing a new pope? the somewhat arduous process And when will the cardinals begin getting back to normal. but things are definitely in the city There still is a lot of people that Rome was facing. of the security challenges which did lift a lot leaders did leave Rome last night Most of the world dignitaries and until Monday. but it will now be closed here in the Holy City as part of the general tourist trade to visitors every day The crypt is normally open to get back to normal. and the city will struggle the many visitors simply won't leave that if they don't because they're concerned has been buried yesterday, the site where the Pope's body Vatican to close the burial crypt, Italian authorities have asked the in the cold and rain. camping outside they faced a very difficult night who came from the Pope's homeland, of the Polish visitors, In fact, for many of pilgrims here in Rome. There are still millions That's right, Tracey. for authorities? are still causing problems the city but the crowds which have paralysed have left Rome Deb, most of the world leaders at the Vatican. And we'll cross now to Deborah Knight to continue drawing people to him. as an outsider, will stay here John Paul II, who came to Rome near the bones of Saint Peter. They show the Pope interred released by the Vatican. has been seen in photos The cardinals' final duty this day and the election of a successor. looking to the future His cardinals then of John Paul II. to mark the passing over the next nine days Requiem masses will be held for the Pope will continue. the official mourning period While the funeral is over, APPLAUSE

and just from the way he reacted to people, and presented himself to people, as such a warm and loving figure. A standing ovation as the Pope's coffin was carried away. Most of the crowd were young. This is only pope they've known. He just touched so many people even though he's one man and it just shows that even just one person can touch the world. His effect - domino effect - just changes everything. It was just really, really excellent to be in there and to come here and remember how much he's done for us. An evening many Catholics have used to show a sincere respect for a man they will clearly remember, as Cardinal George Pell put it, as John Paul the Great. I think it's going to take a while for us to get used to this, because he's been Pope for so long and such a wonderful pope. But the church moves on, 2,000 years it's been going, so we'll elect a new pope and hopefully he'll be a man as good as Pope John Paul II. Jacinta Hocking, Ten News. from his writings I feel like I know this man, a conversation with the Pope, Even though I never had sadness etched on every face. They sat in silence, to watch the Pope's funeral. Around 2,000 Australians gathered inside the cathedral. dozens of TV's were set up In an unprecedented move, Pope's life and say a final farewell. at a special mass to commemorate the was clear the impact of the Pope's passing At St Mary's cathedral, from people he never met. A man who has earned tears as the pope was finally laid to rest. the televised service Thousands of Catholics watching united in mourning. gathered solemnly and silently, Across Australia, the faithful at the Vatican. Thank you, Deborah Knight and bells do toll. the Sistine Chapel when white smoke is seen above a new pope is selected and we will know when with the outside world, however, to have any contact They won't be able accommodation. They do have comfortable In just a few hours time Prince Charles will finally marry his long-time lover Camilla Parker Bowles. Ten News reporter Kate McGrath joins us from the historic town of Windsor. Kate, this wedding has seemed jinxed from the start. How have final preparations gone? Well the latest controversy is that Prince Charles was seen shaking the hands of Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe yesterday at the funeral in Rome. The Prince is known to appal the president's regime. Other than that preparations going smoothly this morning although there is the chance of smooth. Some local I spoke to in the last 24 hours believe the ghost of the late Princess Diana have been playing a part in the upsets but I cannot be sure. People are saying they are hope for a low key affair, will they get their wish? Sit a royal wedding, the world's media is abuzz here in Windsor. They've rented out shop fronts to capture them coming to and from the civil ceremony. Plenty of royal fanatics, many even camping out overnight in near freezing temperatures from as far as field as America and even Tasmania. And it's still early so the thousands predicted to gather still have time. Overall, it has been a frantic week of preparations. Windsor was being buffed to a fine finish today for the wedding that, right from the very start, has been far from a fairytale. First a switch of venue from Windsor Castle to the town hall, after a marriage licence mix-up. Then the announcement the Queen wouldn't attend the civil ceremony. And finally a 24-hour postponement because of a clash with Pope John Paul II's funeral. The change of date a headache for souvenir shops. We've got just one tea towel with the correct date. That's got the 9th and that's the only item. But that hasn't deterred the faithful. Hotels are fully booked and the hunt now on for the perfect vantage point. There is a big police presence at Windsor Castle, the subject of several recent security breaches. Locals, however, still with mixed feelings about the nuptials. He's going to make an honest woman of her. Couldn't carry on living like they were. Queen Camilla, mmm, yeah, still a bit of a touchy subject there. Touchy maybe, but nothing was going to keep the world's media away. Among them, Nicholas Witchell, the BBC reporter The world's press has just basically taken over, basically there's just a camera on every The question on everyone's lips now - what will divorcee and mum-of-two Camilla be wearing? The full white meringue probably isn't appropriate It won't be long before all is revealed. In just a few hours Charles and Camilla will be driven from Windsor Castle to the local town hall where they will be married by a registrar before about 30 guests, among them Princes William and Harry. They'll then head back to the castle for a blessing ceremony in St George's Chapel. There, around 700 guests, including the Queen and British PM Tony Blair, will be invited to join the couple in a prayer of confession and absolution. Around 100 million people worldwide expected to watch the ceremony on television. A far cry from the lavish ceremony 24 years ago when Charles wed Diana, when a million people lined the streets, 800 million TV viewers tuning in to the royal wedding of the century. Many still find it hard to forget 'the people's princess', killed in a Paris car crash in 1997. Others willing to give Camilla a go. She's probably great fun and we'll have to wait to see if she works a crowd in the same way that Diana works a crowd. And there'll be plenty of high profile guests on hand to support the newly weds. Actresses Joanna Lumley and Prunella Scales You've got kings. You've got dignitaries. That seating plan! After the celebrations, the couple, who have survived separation, scandal and ridicule will head for a honeymoon in the quiet of the Scottish Highlands. Kate McGrath, Ten News. The scare campaign over interest rates has the Opposition demanding answers but the government says it's done nothing wrong. Details coming up. And a high-speed police chase leaves 16 people injured after a horror smash. This program is captioned live. The Federal Liberal Party is trying to play down concerns about its campaign material during the last election. It's blamed complaints by the Reserve Bank on a clerical error. Six months after the election loss and Labor is still smarting over the Coalition's interest rate scare campaign. The Prime Minister has got to come clean about this whole sorry affair. At issue, this brochure warning voters they may need an extra $962 a month to pay their mortgage under Labor. Only problem was, it was sourced to the Reserve Bank of Australia. The Bank, concerned it would be falsely seen as endorsing the message, took the extraordinary step of writing to the Australian Electoral Commission, asking it to stop the brochure circulating. The AEC was powerless to act. It's about a pattern of deception in this Government. It's about reducing the independence of the Reserve Bank and it's about the integrity of the electoral system. The Treasurer has no concerns. None whatsoever. The Reserve Bank refers it to the Electoral Commission and the Electoral Commission says, consistent with the Act. Story over. The Bank also complained to the Liberal official named on the pamphlet. Liberal Party head office has blamed the dispute on a clerical error, saying an asterisk was missing from the brochure. And, once it was pointed out, distribution of that brochure stopped. But the Greens want a Senate inquiry. We cannot and must not allow electors to be misled, cheated or lied to on the way to the ballot box. Leonie Mellor, Ten News. A Sydney girl remains in a critical condition as police appeal for the writer of a hit and run letter to come forward. The author gave details of the car, including registration, that allegedly hit Georgina Woods on Monday. We just need some contact details so we can speak to him or other members who are inferred in the letter as having witnessed the event. It is vital to our investigation that the person comes forward and speaks to us. 8-year-old Georgina is now in a coma at Sydney Children's Hospital. The author claimed he called Crimestoppers but the operator hung up after he refused to reveal his identity. A man's been killed in an horrific car crash in Adelaide, his wife witnessing the smash. The 47-year-old's car was rammed from behind sending his car into a power pole. He died at the scene. Police are questioning the other driver who's recovering in hospital. We're going to be testing for any alcohol, any drugs. We'll be talking to all the witnesses. It's believed the dead man's wife was in another vehicle following her husband at the time of the crash. A van being pursued by police has hit an RSL courtesy bus, injuring 16 people on the Sunshine Coast. The force of the collision rolling the bus over. They thought the courtesy mini-bus would be the safe option to get home. Nobody could have guessed it would end up at the centre of a horrible roadside emergency. The whole pathway here was just lined with people. The ones that were majorly hurt and the ones that were half OK were all lying here on the footpath. Over 20 RSL patrons of all ages, most suffering painful injuries, all in shock. They had to be treated on site - emergency crews put to the test with the sheer volume of patients. They range from minor injuries through to serious injuries. None of the injuries was life threatening, but distressing just the same. The bus was bulldozed onto its side, by the force of the crash. A 16-year-old boy was behind the wheel of the other vehicle. It's believed he ran a red light to escape police. Witnesses had reported him driving erratically. He and his two teenage passengers were also injured. The patients were taken to Nambour and Caloundra hospitals. No charges have yet been laid. Amanda McLeay, Ten News. Frightening new allegations in the Michael Jackson trial - a court is told what the pop star did when he was 'home alone' with Macauley Culkin. The explosive testimony after the break. And transforming faster than a speeding bullet. Sydney morphs into Metropolis for the latest 'Superman' flick.

Most building materials that contain asbestos are no problem if they're in good condition and they're left alone. But it's important that anyone who might do work on a building knows what they're dealing with. That's why there are new laws that require that you give anyone who might be affected, like tradesmen, tenants or potential purchasers, written information on what you know about any materials that could contain asbestos. For more information, see this booklet or the asbestos website. at the end of what's been a very difficult week. On the stand today, former Neverland cook Phillip LeMarque. He says he saw Jackson molesting then 10-year-old Macauley Culkin. The French chef claims he delivered fries to the arcade room at 3:00am. Inside he saw the two stars playing video games, explaining Jackson's hand was down Culkin's pants. LeMarque says he was so shocked he almost dropped the fries. Explaining he didn't report the incident because in 1991 Jackson was a megastar and no-one would believe he'd abuse a child. The Jackson camp claims the cook, who also ran an Internet porn site, made up the allegations because he wanted to make money from tabloid magazines. Culkin, who was arrested on marijuana charges last year, has repeatedly denied he was abused. But commentators say he fears embarrassment and ridicule. Who would want to say this happened to them 10,15 years ago? Macauley Culkin has refused to testify in this case. For Jackson, it's been the most damaging week of the trial so far. Prosecutors have produced a series of witnesses all testifying they had seen the pop star abusing boys. It's kind of like the pieces of the puzzle fit together. They're not telling wildly different stories. Their stories all have a common pattern, a common theme. In California, Rahni Sadler, Ten News He's famous for his flamboyance and for spending up big but that may all have to change for superstar Elton John. The singer's latest company accounts show he's in the red to the tune of $70 million. William A Bong, the parent company for Elton's businesses, recorded a fall in turnover of over $12 million. And an overdraft of $65,000. A spokesman insists Elton's personal wealth isn't affected and with numerous new projects planned this year, company coffers will soon be boosted. The weather's next. And then it's Sports Tonight with Bill Woods. And Geelong still hurting from last night's defeat. Yes, Tracey. In more ways than one. Jimmy Bartel's been under various scans in hospital for a spinal injury. While Mark Thompson scans the stat sheets. We'll have all the AFL news. Including yet another Carlton-Collingwood classic. And the highs and the lows from a soggy Masters. we'll beat it by 10%. This program is captioned live. Looking around the nation now. To the satellite picture - and a cold front is crossing eastern WA, generating light rain. Cloud from an upper trough in southeast Queensland On the synoptic chart - a trough and cold front will bring a cool change to Victoria, Tasmania and southern NSW. Faster than a speeding bullet, Sydney has been transformed into Metropolis. Crew from the new movie 'Superman Returns' working around the clock as shooting moves to the city streets. The heart of the city of Sydney had a makeover today, being transformed into Metropolis, home base for 'Daily Planet' reporter Clark Kent and his alter ego 'Superman.' Yellow taxis, Metropolis buses, even our street signs scoring a change of insigna. And - at the heart of the shoot - an office building, now Metropolis General Hospital. It was a big day for hundreds of extras I believe it's some kind of a scene where there's a tragedy of some kind. There's a lot of signs being waved with 'goent die superman'. It was a big day for hundreds of extras getting just a taste of what it's like to work on a big budget Hollywood movie. Featuring in today's scene, actors pretending to be mild mannered TV reporters covering all the news outside the hospital. So, there was no sign of actor Brandon Routh, who plays the man of steel in this new version of the classic comic book series. But, 'Superman' homepage webmaster, Steve Younis, did catch a glimpse of Kate Bosworth, who plays Lois Lane. I actually just saw her walking out of the hotel down there in full costume and she looks fantastic. She looks great. She's, you know, dark, brown, wavey hair, shoulder length in a business suit, earthy colour. She looks fantastic as Lois Lane. The movie is expected to generate $100 million for NSW and provide 10,000 jobs. It's slated to open on June 30 next year. Angela Bishop, Ten News. That brings you up to date with the latest news. And Foreign Minister Alexander Downer will Meet the Press on Channel Ten tomorrow morning at 8:30am, here on Network Ten. That brings you up to date with the latest news. Stay around for Sports Tonight with Bill Woods. I'm Tracey Spicer. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.