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(generated from captions) MILITARY BAND PLAYS of those who died. joined by the grieving families were there to pay respects, and Governor-General Michael Jeffrey by Indonesian President Yudhoyono PM John Howard, accompanied in Indonesia. in last weekend's helicopter crash who tragically lost their lives of nine dedicated military personnel On board, the bodies at Sydney Airport this afternoon. The RAAF Hercules touched down their arrival at the airport. a sombre ceremony marking this afternoon, were flown to Australia helicopter crash killed in the Sea King The bodies of the nine Australians First - a heart-breaking homecoming. more subdued than usual. has left court And why Michael Jackson It was just the wrong thing to do. has cost this Australian Idol. We reveal how much a drunken drive in the Queen's life. of one of the saddest days will now be on the anniversary hastily rescheduled royal wedding Also tonight - how Britain's and welcome to Ten's Late News. Hello. I'm Sandra Sully tribute to a great man of God. It's deeply moving. An enormous without John Paul II. to ponder a life from around the world the faithful flock continues tonight, And the pilgrimage to Rome # For you my God. # to pay homage to the Pope. as our leaders gather Sombre scenes as well 'LAST POST' PLAYS killed so young in the line of duty. of Australian heroes, for the homecoming Tonight - an outpouring of emotion This program is captioned live.

a satisfactory condition. and is now in of the other Sea King, while inquiring into the crash the investigator suffered heat stress The Defence Department said for an air crash investigator. to provide medical help The helicopter was rushed to Nias being called to duty tonight. Sea King on HMAS 'Kanimbla' An emergency has led to a grounded John Hill, Ten News. with full military honours. is farewelled before each of the victims of the deaths who will determine the circumstances of the coroner The bodies now in the care PLAYS 'THE LAST POST' sharing our grief. shedding tears, The Indonesian President's wife funerals. Instead, they're now planning to be reunited with a loved one. to a happy homecoming, They had been looking forward to touch the coffins. And then the families came forward his country's medal of honour. each of Australia's dead Indonesia's President awarding the people they were trying to help. Our fallen heroes honoured by Amen. and to whom they will return. who gave them life their creator, we commend their souls to you, in the country of Australia, As we receive their remains a nation left in mourning. cut tragically short, Nine coffins, nine lives they'll never forget. this was an event this sombre ceremony, For everyone witnessing and military comrades in arms. felt most keenly by the families The enormity of the loss MILITARY BAND PLAYS while on a mission of mercy. for their country who gave their lives aged from 25 to 41 seven men and two women airmen and able seamen, They were pilots, doctors and medics,

an Italian show of respect. was broken by occasional applause - the reverent silence of the masses into St Peter's Square, When he emerged an other-worldly feel. gave the ceremonial progression One bathed in light through ancient hallways. escorted him His cardinals and Swiss guards aimed at bringing comfort. sombre and steeped in the ritual this final journey would be slow, in history, but for the most travelled Pope John Paul II back among his people, Finally, the time came to move as long as possible. wanted to delay letting go at the Vatican with him It was as if those who worked for his funeral on Friday. from all over the globe by people flocking to Rome The late pontiff being farewelled John Paul II at the Vatican. are filing past the body of Pope Hundreds of thousands of pilgrims one of the greatest popes in history. John Paul II was described as is in Rome for the funeral. George Pell, Australia's third cardinal, Edward Clancy and Idris Cassidy. of Australia's three cardinals, The mass was led by two of his faithful and extraordinary service. and he has been judged on his record in the book of life has already been inscribed Pope John Paul's name Kim Beazley. and the Federal Opposition Leader Also there was NSW Premier Bob Carr PM John Howard and Mrs Howard. Among the mourners, God. # # My soul is yearning for you, my at St Mary's Cathedral in Sydney. About 5,000 people attended mass of Pope John Paul II. to the life and work tonight paid homage Australian Catholics of Pope John Paul II. to the life and work at St Mary's Cathedral in Sydney. About 5,000 people attended mass of Pope John Paul II. to the life and work ship and has been grounded. The Sea King has returned to the tonight paid homage Australian Catholics

pouring into St Peter's Square an estimated 2 million pilgrims the logistics of handling this city has ever faced, as one of the greatest is a challenge Rome's mayor describes Coping with this literal human tide a successor are openly daunted. I certainly do not know much about what is the procedure but probably somebody will be instructing us. And perhaps inspired to choose well by the memory of a man so universally loved. Police have tonight charged a man with making telephone death threats against the NSW Premier Bob Carr. He's been refused bail and will appear in court tomorrow. The man was arrested in his home after police traced a series of telephone calls. It's alleged the calls involved specific threats day and night. And crowds keep coming - for well over a kilometre. They queued up to 35 across but fleeting good-bye. filing past for a final in the square for days Pilgrims who've camped out will get a chance. but everyone in Rome including Australia's George Pell, by the college of cardinals, The farewells led until the funeral on Friday. will lie in state here A Pope so vibrant in life one last turn back to the people. Outside the Basilica, in his pontificate was just amazing. What he's done for the world my life was insignificant. As he walked by, just the emotions - His spirit was amongst us. in our presence. We're witnessing a saint who brought unity to the world. united in their respect for a man People from all nations, all faiths in the sun for this moment. Thousands had waited eight hours comes on top of a mammoth security challenge - 200 of the world's leaders all descending here for the funeral on Friday. The cardinals who'll select

gives a 60% chance the board will announce a rate hike tomorrow. Australian households are deeper in debt than they've ever been before and we know that more and more of household income is going towards servicing that debt. A 0.25% rise on a $270,000 loan would see monthly repayments jump to just over $2,000. That's an $87-a-month rise since February. The Prime Minister hopes the Reserve will take into account the added burden of record petrol prices on households. Mr Howard is also strongly of the view the economy is already slowing. Business, small and large, is urging the bank to hold off. We think it would be damaging to the economy if they were to proceed with another interest rate rise so soon. The Reserve Bank has a habit of raising rates in pairs. That's why many economists expect another hike tomorrow. That, and fears inflation still needs a tighter rein. The Government's concerns also political - the latest Newspoll has its support dropping five points to 49%, while Labor's rising five to 51%. There's no doubt that the upward pressure on interest rate cause by the Howard Government policy is a factor in the polls. John Howard says rates are still at an extremely low level. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. How Britain's hastily re-scheduled royal wedding will now be on the anniversary of one of the saddest days in the Queen's life. We're following that story in Ten's Late News. Also tonight - why this man is making no secret of his hatred for police. concerning the safety of the Premier at NSW State Parliament House. The moment of truth is rapidly closing in for thousands of households already drowning in debt with the Reserve bank widely expected to lift interest rates tomorrow. Mortgage belt suburbs around the nation are holding their collective breath as the Reserve Bank board met to review interest rates. A Reuters survey of 20 economists

We reveal how much a drunken drive has cost this Australian Idol. And the damning new evidence that could put Michael Jackson in jail.

This program is captioned live. Angry scenes at Canberra's Aboriginal tent embassy tonight after police, armed with a warrant, forcibly removed one of the elders. About 40 indigenous residents screamed at police as they read the arrest warrant issued for Kevin Buzzacott after he failed to turn up at his Supreme Court trial. Get your hands off him! Police eventually took him, in a caged vehicle, to the police watch-house, where he'll spend the night. Buzzacott is on trial for taking a coat of arms from Old Parliament House three years ago. The fatal shooting of a man during a police raid has sparked threats of revenge attacks against police. One angry relative has vowed to take two lives for the one his family lost. Grief turned to fury as family of the dead man arrived at the shooting scene. (Man yells) An uncle rushing inside a police cordon, then clashing with officers. He was overpowered and wrestled to the ground, handcuffed until he'd calmed down. Other relatives also hitting out as emotions boiled over. No good to kill, no good to shoot! Inside the house a 29-year-old man lay dead. He'd been shot by police during an early morning raid. He was a real good bloke, good-hearted, kind-hearted. Never hurt anyone. The police shot him in his neck. The shooting occurred as Special Operations Group officers moved in. Police won't say if the dead man had been armed but an officer was injured. An incident occurred upstairs involving one of the occupants of the house. As a result of that incident a firearm was discharged by a member of the SOG and a suspect has been fatally wounded. Family of the dead man who'd been in the house were arrested and taken for questioning. Police had swooped on several homes simultaneously. The culmination of a 6-month investigation by the Organised Crime Squad into serious crimes, including drug production and an attempted shooting murder. More arrests at a second house on the same road. It too had been raided. Detectives say the dead man was a suspect. His killing prompting threats of revenge attacks against police. I'm gonna drink their (Bleep) blood, the (Bleep) dogs! The threats were taken seriously, screens erected around the shooting scene, to obscure the view of anyone attempting a drive-by shooting. Guards in bullet-proof vests outside the nearby Altona North police station. Jeremy Pudney, Ten News. And there's been a development in that story tonight - the father and brother of the man shot dead have been charged with attempted murder and will appear in court in the morning. Yet another wedding hiccup for Charles and Camilla - the couple delaying their nuptials because they clashed with the Pope's funeral. Instead of attending his wedding this Friday, Prince Charles will now be attending a funeral. As the Prince and Camilla Parker Bowles attended a memorial service for Pope John Paul II at Westminster Cathedral, Clarence House released a statement announcing the pair's wedding would be postponed a day. I particularly welcome His Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales, representing Her Majesty, the Queen. The nuptials were to have taken place this Friday, but that is now the day the Pope will be laid to rest and the statement said the postponement was "absolutely the right thing to do." The Prince will now leave his fiancee on the eve of their wedding to fly to Rome to attend the Pope's funeral, returning in time to make it up to Windsor for a midday Saturday ceremony GMT. Three other weddings due to go ahead that afternoon in the Windsor Guild Hall won't be affected. But it just wouldn't be Charles and Camilla if there weren't more dramas. The change now means the wedding will be held on the third anniversary of the funeral of the Queen Mum - the Queen finding herself sitting in the same pew for the marriage blessing as she did for her mother's funeral. Newspapers reporting a royal source says the monarch is exasperated and feels the wedding is jinxed. However the change does mean many high-profile guests will now be able to make it to both services - including British Prime Minister Tony Blair and our own Governor-General Michael Jeffrey. Good news too for souvenir sellers - mugs and tea towels bearing the April 8 wedding date ankle injury. sidelined for two months with an rugby league's hottest property And in 'Sports Tonight' - more subdued than usual. Why Michael Jackson has left court cost Shannon Noll. We reveal how much a drunken drive for an Australian Idol. a nervous courtroom encounter When we come back - Angela Bishop, Ten News. now collectors' items.

expected to be Mr Blair's handling of the botched intelligence on Iraq's weapons of mass destruction. One key election issue to dissolve Parliament. to ask the Queen driving to Buckingham Palace Mr Blair carried out the formalities, tonight calling a general election. PM Tony Blair over the Iraq War, to call the Prime Minister to account real chance Britain will have its first This program is captioned live.

The campaign will run for four weeks, the Brits going to the polls on the May 5. Australian Idol Shannon Noll has found himself in big trouble with the law. He's lost his licence for nine months for drink driving. It wasn't hard to spot the only rock star in Condobolin Local Court this morning as the town's hero Shannon Noll appeared on a drink-driving charge. It was just the end (Sings) # Let's drive # Yeah, oh, well, I got a bit of walking to do so I won't be driving again for a while, mate but definitely never gonna contemplate doing it again, that's for sure. Locals around here say nearly everyone in Condobolin drives under the influence at some stage of their lives because there's no public transport and only two taxis in the whole town. It's very difficult for people who are living out of town to get to and from hotels. If they do wish to have a couple the star abused him as a boy. after he claimed by the Jackson camp who was paid over $3 million is a 24-year-old man The prosecution's new star witness has returned to haunt him. Michael Jackson's past to keep quiet about abuse. the star gave him hush money with another alleged victim claiming Jackson at his paedophile trial Another damning day for Michael Dan Nolan, Ten News. in the future. he'll be using a designated driver The former 'Idol' says beers it's difficult to get home. disqualification and a $1,000 fine. hitting him with a 9-month didn't sway the magistrate, and extensive charity work character references The 'Australian Idol's for a breath test, he replied: When the officer asked Noll at a police car. and one of them threw a water bottle unrestrained in the back of the ute he had two mates lying down To make matters worse, some drunken fans. to try and shake off in a hurry when Noll jumped behind the wheel at the Condobolin Hotel after a Christmas drinking session It happened and it was breaking the law. It was just the wrong thing to do out of it or to make it right. No excuse is to cover to get me of the night, mate.

revenues come from the US. CSL and but good if part of your company's you're cashing traveller's cheques the last month. Not good news if it's fallen over 3 US cents over it's fallen over 3 US cents over casualty of the Aussie dollar - interest rates. That's made a driven by the prospect of higher US love with the US dlrbgs mainly love with the US dlrbgs mainly Well, Sandra, the world's back in of the greenback's strength. in the face starting to struggle Tom, the little Aussie battler and Tom Piotrowki is at Commsec. To finance Ten News. In the US, Leisa Goddard-Roles, again in damage control. His defence team didn't utter a word. as he leaves court, Jackson, who is normally talkative could push the case over the top. this alone, I think, if the jury believes it It's radioactive so that saying he would tickle him, Jackson molested him three times, broke down as he told the jury a former Neverland housekeeper, Jason Francia, the son of This was very compelling testimony. then touch him as part of the game. Each time giving him a $100 note which he believed was "don't tell your mother" money. Very upset, he had to take a break. His voice broke a number of times. He appeared very nervous. He had to take water, he started to cry. The prosecution's strategy is to prove Michael Jackson has a history of abusing young boys. Francia is just one of five alleged victims but he is the only one who will testify. The rest of the evidence will come from so-called eyewitnesses. medical equipment-maker Resmen were up by 3%. Good news on the horizon for up by 3%. Good news on the horizon for tax-payers with new data out today? Record GST payments in February pushed the Government's underlying budget surplus to over $14 billion in February, which is $8 billion more than had been predicted earlier. Now, the Government is in a very strong position to offer tax cuts and it's a subject that will certainly gain

as well as South Aussie quick Shaun Tait as the new players added to the squad. Brendan Cannon becomes the first high-profile signing of the West Aussie Super 14 franchise. Plus all your AFL news and highlights from the weekend and heaps more, shortly. Brad Haddin, He's joined by his NSW team-mate for the upcoming tour of England. after being selected has finally realised his Ashes dream Stuart MacGill Coming up - NSW spin bowler Thanks Sandra. with Ryan Phelan. and then it's 'Sports Tonight' The weather's next gained eight points. and the share market's main index To the rest of the day's finance CommSec's Tom Piotrowski. Thanks, Tom. awaiting. tomorrow, which everyone is eagerly announcement from the Reserve Bank And of course the big decision or announcement from the Reserve And of course the big decision or Federal budgeset only a month ago. momentum given the fact that the

the Ten News desk And that's the latest from tomorrow morning. The man will appear in court concerning the safety of the Premier. specific threats It's alleged the calls involved traced a series of telephone calls. after counter-terrorism police The man was arrested in his home of causing public mischief. and two counts threatening life and property, of conveying false information He's been charged with one count charged tonight is 21 years old. And we can tell you the suspect Bob Carr. against the New South Wales Premier, on the death threat Updating that breaking news Alice Springs will be sunny. right round to Darwin. Mostly sunny from Adelaide This program is captioned live. Tomorrow's weather - Cairns and Brisbane will be wet. Showers clearing in Sydney. Canberra will have early fog. A mostly sunny day is on the way for Melbourne. A late shower tipped in Hobart. on this sombre day in Australia. Stay with us - 'Sports Tonight' is next. I'm Sandra Sully. From the Late News team, goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre. This program is captioned live. Divine intervention. It seems the league big guns all need a prayer. It seems the Bulldogs need luck like they need medical insurance. And it seems Dragons need...well, any suggestions? Sports Tonight. Hello everyone, I'm Ryan Phelan. It seems a lot of people in this weekend's round of AFL. We'll look at the traditional rivals on an Ashes tour. Look who's finally going are born again on tonight's show.