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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. and overhauls refugee laws Tonight - the PM bows to pressure but why isn't the opposition happy? is a set of circumstances What we have here

and department where an incompetent minister has been given more powers. An Australian family tells when gunmen took over a school. how their little girl survived and wanted to show my emotion I had a big lump in my throat about the whole thing. but she was very matter of fact of an alleged sexual assault. What I'm working on here is a case

in forensic science And students find a new career path

but what's sparked the interest? and welcome to Tens Late News. Hello, I'm Tim Webster powerful celebrity in the world? Also Tonight - who's the most for international modelling stardom, 13-year-olds shoot but what's it take to make it? We're looking for somebody unique. pops the question And actor Tom Cruise

on the Eiffel Tower. to girlfriend Katie Holmes over mandatory detention. First, the PM's backdown tonight to rebel backbenchers, John Howard has bowed

agreeing to limit the time illegal arrivals can be held behind the wire. Locked in talks with dissident backbenchers for most of the day, with a compromise. John Howard emerged with a softer edge, A mandatory detention system, a mandatory detention system. but nonetheless Under the deal, have more discretion the Minister for Immigration will

with children to move families out of detention centres while they apply for a visa. and into the community be a three month time limit There'll also illegal arrivals for the Government to process new for refugee tribunal appeals. and a further three months I don't want anybody indefinitely detained. is a set of circumstances What we have here minister and department where an incompetent has been given more powers. into a new role, The Ombudsman also been brought the detention of anybody reviewing every six months or more in custody. who spends two years Liberal MP Petro Georgiou The changes are the work of Victorian

and his small band of colleagues, with the Prime Minister in meetings head to head in the past week. for more than seven hours as a backdown by the Prime Minister What will be seen by many political compromise, is also a very welcome on Monday avoiding an embarrassing showdown when the private member's bills into Parliament. were due to be introduced The bills will now be withdrawn. sending a message of balance. The Prime Minister I think they represent on the present arrangements. a very sensible advance the existing policy. They don't undermine At a school in Adelaide, the humanitarian aspects Amanda Vanstone talked up of Australia's refugee intake. who come to Australia as refugees Does everyone agree that people are very brave courageous people? Yeah. Yeah, I reckon. Greg Turnbull, Ten News. in Cambodia's deadly school siege An Australian girl caught about her terrifying time. has spoken out in the library, She's told how she hid would not find her. praying the gunmen of the children inside. A desperate battle to save the lives RAPID GUNFIRE guns and cash The gunmen demanded transport, but the 8-hour siege ended to move the children. as the kidnappers tried gun battle as they tried to escape. Police moved in, sparking another RAPID GUNFIRE so everybody tried to hide. There was heavy shooting, the van, then attacked by the crowd. The offenders were hauled out of had been inside Three Australian children when the gunmen stormed the school. Two were released early, with 28 others until the end. but a 3-year-old was held in the library praying to Jesus 6-year-old Kanika Cowled says she hid that the bad guys wouldn't find her. Police who killed the two bad guys She was released early - Australian father, David, her relieved with parents of children still inside waited outside the school and wanted to show that emotion I had a big lump in my throat about the whole thing. but she was very matter-of-fact Most though, were released unharmed - their distressed children. relieved parents collected Not afraid now.

But one child did not make it out. the body of his 2-year-old son. A Canadian father forced to collect He was shot to stop him crying. We are chagrined and hurt this morning to have learned that terrible news of this assassination of that child. by Australian officials The family is now being helped for Canadians in Cambodia. who have consular responsibility Police say the ringleader of his former employer aimed to kill the two children and had planned the raid as revenge. criminal act. This is probably a one-off in any way. It's not politically motivated Laurel Irving, Ten News. Douglas Wood The wife of Australian hostage for a long-awaited reunion. is flying to the Middle East tonight And in the United States, have been throwing a party. mates of the freed kidnap victim for the first time since his release. Seeing their mate's face Look at him. He's happy as a lark. Tonight, a celebration drink... (All) To Doug. they knew they'd see again. ..for the Aussie buddy that's the Doug we knew. It just felt real good because a good chance at survival, They always believed Doug had who's mentally tough. describing him as a quick thinker Doug's a strong man that comes around with him, and he'll deal with any adversity whether it be business or captive, the best way he can deal with it he'll deal with it and he did. That's why he's alive today. Doug was born an eternal optimist. The long-time friends say He's just a positive person

that would give in. and I don't think he was the type fast mouth helped prolong his life. They firmly believe Doug's charm and his persona and everything. He's larger than life, you know, that after his ordeal Doug's mates hope he'll decide to settle down to the world's danger zones, and stop travelling they say it's not going to happen. but, knowing Doug the way they do, I don't see him changing at all I don't see him changing. Today, Doug's wife, Yvonne, rushed from home, eager to be reunited with her husband overseas. REPORTER: Have you spoken to him today? No, not today. Neighbours already have the Fosters on ice. Once he comes back, I'm sure it's going to be a non-stop celebration. In San Francisco, Rahni Sadler, Ten News. A rapist is on the run tonight after disappearing before being convicted. His victim is now furious he was ever granted bail. Police move in on the last known address for John Michael Waldock, a convicted rapist on the run. It's a hunt they're all too familiar with. He was obviously shown a propensity to commit a serious crime but I don't think he is dangerous. The 60-year-old absconded

before hearing a jury find him guilty on five counts of sexual assault leaving his victim fuming. I'm really angry. Christine was just 14 when she was raped by Waldock behind a pub that once stood on these grounds in Sydney's west, in 1981. Waldock was arrested but fled interstate before a trial could start. And alarmingly, it's alleged police helped him to relocate. Waldock says he provided evidence in an unrelated gang rape matter and thought his case had been dropped in exchange for his assistance. He also claims police gave him money for a train ride out of town and a new identity - John Watts. I believe Bob Debus, the Attorney-General,

is looking into that. Waldock or Watts eventually returned to Sydney 20 years later when there was another surprise twist in proceedings - he made bail. Waldock told the court at a bail hearing he was a sick, frail old man

who no longer had any reason to run from the law. He said he was an active member of the community who even played Santa for his local police station. The judge accepted his story but now questions are being asked why. And Christine's already considering civil action against the State claiming police negligence. Her case still far from over, 24 years' on. Amber Muir, Ten News. When he was married Nicole Kidman, Tom Cruise was Australia's favourite son-in-law but now he's about to get hitched again. He's become engaged to Katie Holmes after asking her to marry him at the Eiffel Tower in Paris. It's beautiful and it's romantic and, yes, I proposed to Katie last night. For twice-married Cruise it could be a case of third time lucky, following divorces from Mimi Rogers and Nicole Kidman. Holmes joined her future husband at the Paris premiere of 'War of the Worlds', sporting a massive diamond ring. I'm so happy - thank you very much. 42-year-old Cruise and Holmes, who's 26, went public with their romance in April. Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman went their separate ways in 2001 after an 11-year marriage. When we come back - 13-year-olds shooting for international modelling stardom, but what's it take to make it?

We're looking for somebody that's got something very interesting and something quite unique. And later in the news - defying the odds - what's behind the Bali tourist boom. Every day, Frank Booth runs up and down this building. Dedicated to his rigorous training regime. But Frank is no ordinary runner. He's a Sun-Herald City to Surf runner. (Pants) That's why he'll be racing to a newsagent to get his free City to Surf 35th anniversary bag. Make sure you get yours, only with 'The Sun-Herald', this Sunday.

This program is captioned live.

There's an air of expectation over a special exhibit at an American zoo. Mei Xiang the Panda has been put on pregnancy watch after displaying signs of morning sickness. She's spending a lot of time sleeping, she's not eating very much and she's declining to go outside. She's basically curled up in a ball and resting. The 7-year-old was artificially inseminated in March after her relationship with fellow panda Tian Tian failed to produce a pregnancy. If all goes to plan this time Mei Xiang should give birth sometime next month. A new generation of high-tech sleuths are on the trail of crims across Sydney. The number of forensic students has skyrocketed, reflecting the popularity of crime scene TV shows. TV crime shows have Australians hooked. Tracking down whodunit has become a lounge room obsession. So these probably came from Shell Avery's heels. But in our university labs, there's a lot more than couch potato guessing going on. What I'm working on here is a case of an alleged sexual assault. Once it was considered maybe a little odd. Now there's a massive surge of student interest in forensic investigation. Oh, I'd say a significant proportion of it could be put back to TV. Clearly, people sit around at home, watch TV and they think, "Well that sounds very interesting." The University of Technology Sydney

was the first to run the course back in 1994, after police acknowledged technological advances, like DNA, were creating a whole new field of solving crime that needed skilled experts. From 22 students, the forensics degree now has about 2,000 students around the country. About 70% are women. It's a really interesting area. I never know what I'm going to find when I wake up in the morning and I come home with something to talk about every night. But some students do have to be warned, it's much tougher than it looks on TV. There's an enormous focus on forensic science now through the terrorism route. The police force is now increasingly also using trained civilians to investigate crime scenes, and says these students will help fill hundreds of upcoming vacancies. It certainly increased our evidence that we can present at court. Jacinta Hocking, Ten News. Elephants from Thailand could be imported to Australian zoos

by the end of year. The Federal Government is about to rule on the controversial plan that's being opposed by animal welfare groups. Melbourne and Taronga zoos have been battling for two years to do their bit to help save the endangered Asian elephant. Part of the solution, they believe, is to import elephants from Thailand to join a new breeding program. We can't stand idly by while these magnificent animals are threatened with extinction. Animal welfare groups oppose the plan, arguing the $3 million it will cost to bring the elephants to Melbourne and Sydney would be better spent in Thailand. This proposal does nothing to conserve the Asian elephants in the wild. Eight elephants are now in quarantine in Thailand. Their fate rests with the Federal Environment Minister, who must decide whether to grant or oppose an import merit. There are very important national and international laws that come to play. He says his decision is imminent but, while inspecting Melbourne Zoo's elephant enclosure, he was giving little away. They're two groups of people I have enormous respect for. It's a pretty tough place to be, in the middle of those two. It's estimated there are about 2,500 Asian elephants still left in the wild in Thailand, with another 2,500 being held in captivity. But zoo authorities here believe

they may be able to breed one elephant every three years if their import bid is successful - a claim questioned by welfare groups. Several elephants have been bred in captivity overseas but never in Australia. Nicole Strahan, Ten News. They're young, pretty and vying to become internationally famous, six 13-year-olds are shooting for stardom in the modelling world. In the world of modelling, it seems you're never too young to get started. The six finalists in the 'Girlfriend' model search know that, and after being chosen from over 7,500 entries around Australia, they're ready to dive in, boots and all. How old are you? 14. And your parents are happy for you to sort of launch into the world of modelling that young? Yes. Mum came with me because she wouldn't let me come by myself. The winner gets a 2-year modelling contract in New York, a fashion spread in the magazine and $500 worth of cosmetics. So it really is their chance to make it big. International model Alyssa Sutherland is a past winner. We're looking for somebody that's got something very interesting and something quite unique. The top models at the moment aren't probably our conventional idea of beauty. People like Gemma Ward, very wide-set eyes. Other models sort of have a gap in their teeth.

So we're looking for somebody who's quite unique.

Most of the girls have had their sights set on a catwalk career for some time, but their choice of role model is a little odd. Paris Hilton. Paris? I like her. I just think I like how she just gets out there and doesn't care what people think. She does what she wants. Eating disorders don't seem to be a problem.

I eat a lot of chips, and a lot of lollies and a lot of sitting on the couch watching TV. But convincing the folks this modelling business is a good idea is another matter. My mum doesn't really want me to become a bikini model. But I'll sort of tell her slowly that I want to. You want to be a bikini model? Yeah. The winner will be announced in September. Angela Bishop, Ten News. When we come back - defying the odds. What's behind the Bali tourist boom? And who's the most powerful celebrity in the world? Coming up in Sports Tonight - Adam Scott leads the Australian charge at the US Open but who are the unlikely leaders?

This program is captioned live. Bali is enjoying an unexpected tourism boom, as more Australians head to the Indonesian island for their holidays. Travellers are ignoring calls for a boycott after the Corby verdict but they're still nervous about baggage handlers. Smart Strap is the latest security measure Australians are buying to protect their bags, as increasing numbers head to Bali. They're filling most flights to capacity, forcing Garuda Indonesia to put on an extra service to Bali each week. Qantas noticing a boost in bookings for June and July, travel agents reporting a 5% increase on last year. Almost 21,000 Australians holidayed on the island in April, and over 80,000 holidayed there in the first four months of this year. The trend has defied expectations. Travel agents surveyed before the Corby verdict was handed down vowed then to discourage travel to Indonesia.

The increase in holiday-makers heading to Bali comes despite a warning from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade that terrorists are in the advance staging of planning an attack somewhere in Indonesia. It seems passengers are more worried about bag tampering than terrorism. For just $6, luggage is bound with four pieces of reinforced plastic tape.

You never know. It's not that expensive, and it's just safer. The company providing the service admits the straps don't offer legal protection - passengers still responsible for whatever might be snuck into their bags. No, not legally, I wouldn't think, but at least it does give them a warning that something untoward has happened. The company has no plans to expand the service to other airports around the country. Evan Batten, Ten News. At Commonwealth Securities, Tom Piotrowski. And, Tom, the market is going from strength to strength. That's right, Tim. The numbers really tell the story today. The top 200 stocks were up by more than 1%.

That means over the course of the last five trading days they are up by more than 2%, and over the last month up in the order of 9%. Today in particular buyers were very keen on mining stocks and oil producers. Mining stocks because metal prices are stronger, in particular the price of copper which is hitting record highs in London as we speak. And oil producers are riding the coat tails of a higher oil price which is closing in on the record highs set in April. CommSec's Tom Piotrowski. A very strong finish to a strong week on the Australian share market. Tom, Brad, Angelina, Madonna maybe even Becks -

you'd be forgiven for thinking one of them is the most powerful celebrity in the world. But you'd be wrong. They've all been topped by the woman who takes delight in prying into their private lives. She's known as the host with the most. And here's proof.

Oprah Winfrey gets the big names on her show, happily telling all. I've been in the dream-making business this year.

Are you in the dream-making business? And it's this style, and her massive bank balance,

that makes her the world's most powerful celebrity, according to 'Forbes' magazine. The 51-year-old earned almost $300 million in the past 12 months alone, beating a who's who, demoting golfer Tiger Woods to second and last year's top rank, Mel Gibson, into third. He's again the highest-ranked Aussie. Next best are sci-fi supremos George Lucas and Steven Spielberg. Madonna the only other woman in the top 10. Sir Elton John the best of British in ninth spot, raking in $44 million this year.

The singer finished ahead of Cruise, whose much publicised relationship with Katie Holmes has him well and truly back in the limelight. What has happened to you? What has happened to you? CHEERING That's how I feel about it. Johnny Depp rated seventh but there was no place for Brad Pitt among the elite, missing out despite taking home a total of $25 million. Apart from Mel Gibson, next best Aussie is Nicole Kidman, the 'Bewitched' star reaching the dizzy heights of 45th. Our very own TV legend Bert Newton was back on air today, funnier and happier than ever before. Starting his show off with a gag, the 'GMA' star proved he certainly hasn't lost any of his humour. I'm having an out-of-body experience. Last week Bert checked himself into hospital to be treated for a virus and anaemia, but today he was in fine form. It was sort of life threatening but it wasn't life threatening and the beaut thing is I'm back here for the long haul, the long...haul... the long...h...h... And we're thrilled to have him back. The weather's next and then it's Sports Tonight with Billy Woods. Thanks, Tim.

a night of important games in the football codes as teams try to build a platform for the play-offs. The Premiers starting to look the part but can they make it three straight?

The Roosters and Sharks fighting to stay in touch

with the NRL front-runners. And the Greeks shiver to the sound of samba.

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Sports Tonight with Bill Woods is next. I'm Tim Webster. From the Late News team, have a great weekend. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.