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(generated from captions) behind bars. is spending her first night with a teenage student who admitted having sex A former teacher before the device exploded. any threats Authorities did not receive for clues. scouring cars parked in the street Police shut down several city blocks, in surrounding shops and offices. Windows were blown out Nobody is claiming credit for this. to the building. and there was no structural damage No-one was injured in the attack across Britain. an hour after polling stations opened just before 4:00am New York time, The explosion happened housing the British Consulate. outside the building, and planted in a garden bed packed with a black explosive powder Police believe two toy grenades were in New York. outside the British Consulate early morning explosion who might be behind two mysterious are investigating authorities in New York As we go to air tonight, that was really frigging bad. I think I've... over the edge. And what tipped a Hollywood star at Australian Fashion Week. showing off plenty of flesh The jewellery designs and how to avoid them. on your Internet bank account Also tonight - the hidden fees and welcome to the Late News. Hello, I'm Sandra Sully despite admitting he killed a man. cleared of murder, And the brother of a top surfer so many people. and think about how she's affected for a while Hopefully she'll sit in there in the heart of New York, Tonight - an explosion This program is captioned live.

of pro-surfing star Koby. Jai abberton is the brother that got him through the ordeal. it was his faith in God Mr Abberton said nearly two years in custody, Today, after spending and murder them both. was going to rape his girlfriend fearing Hines in self-defence, Abberton admitted to killing Hines in Sydney's east. at the bottom of a cliff his body found Anthony Hines in August 2003, of murdering standover man A jury acquitted Jai Abberton late today. has walked free from court A man charged with murder Allan Raskall, Ten News. if I ever will. and I'm not even sure I still don't have any son may never heal. the scars she's left behind may be out in six months, And while Ellis as she was led away by guards. bursting into tears she became visibly shaken, dawned on her, but, as the gravity of the sentence Ellis sat quietly composed With no ring on her wedding finger, Yes, it is. before losing her freedom. today covering her face now forced to train behind bars, physical education teacher The one-time overturned her suspended sentence. as the Court of Appeal Karen Ellis burst into tears REPORTER: Is that you, Mr Ellis? at the moment, OK. Not interested in talking at Ellis's one-time home. This the response so many people. and think about how she's affected for a while Hopefully she'll sit in there believes justice has been done. who blew the whistle, The young victim's mother, It's been a long road. moment, as you could expect. She's taking it pretty hard at the Ellis was devastated. and eight months, with six to serve. They re-sentenced her to two years had been done to the victim. or a belief no real harm that Ellis was a woman by an unconscious sympathy can only be explained saying the first sentence Supreme Court of Appeal agreed, Today, the Victorian was manifestly inadequate. Prosecutors claimed Ellis's sentence with a 14-year-old girl. after an affair Gavin Hopper with the jailing of tennis coach But public comparisons were drawn I deserved exactly what I got. for three years. which was wholly suspended was handed a 22-month sentence the married mother of three After pleading guilty, six times over six weeks. male student had sex with a 15-year-old Karen Ellis In 2003, a then-36-year-old

by tens of thousands The impassioned plea was watched begging hostage-takers to let him go. kidnapped Australian Douglas Wood, from the family of an urgent appeal Arab television has broadcast Eddy Meyer, Ten News. until it's restored. An alternative will be in place in 1965. It was a gift to the cathedral staff taking it away for repair. and blistered in the attack, The St Mary's altar was blackened will be available. when a Nepalese interpreter and a court date set for next week Bail was refused on similar matters. having been in court last month he's currently on a bond, but the magistrate was told in court today, Mr Paudel didn't appear a staff member, injuring his arm. It's also claimed he assaulted on a different office on Monday. and off another attack in the city earlier in the day, to a Flight Centre office is also accused of setting fire 34-year-old Mr Paudel And then he ran out the exit door. police interviewed witnesses. secured and examined the scene, While fire officers and police then arrested the person. across Hyde Park They pursued the man credited with capturing the man. Those same worshippers that action. We're lucky that they took and threatened the wooden ceiling. the flames may have risen 12m There were some estimates that that saved damage to the cathedral. response It was only their very quick FIRE ALARM SOUNDS grabbing extinguishers. worshippers and staff were in the cathedral at the time - Around 50 people sort of fuel and set it alight. doused the wooden altar with some late yesterday afternoon, entered St Mary's Biswash Paudel It's alleged Nepalese man FIRE ALARM SOUNDS cathedral's fire alarm blares. worshippers rushing in as the as the flames engulfed the altar - A flash of panic remains in custody tonight. The man who allegedly set it on fire that left the altar badly damaged. after the bizarre arson attack at Sydney's St Mary's Cathedral It's been a day of cleaning up

when we come back. Also ahead in the Late News - the close call that gave two fishermen the fright of their lives. Um, a big red aeroplane shooting down into the water with a big parachute behind it, like a torpedo. Then - who says real men don't wear pink? Footy star Craig wings it on the catwalk at Australian Fashion Week. are likely to make up their minds as they step inside the booth. The Conservatives hope growing opposition to the war in Iraq will tip them over the line. The massive fine a transport company copped for forcing tired truckies to stay on the road. That story in detail across the Middle East, Prime Minister John Howard praising the family's courage. I believe that it's been very carefully and sensibly handled, most particularly by members of the Wood family. But experts say the appeal is likely to make little difference as the hostage-takers aren't compassionate people. Voting is under way in Britain Voting is under way in Britain to decide if the Blair Government will make it an historic third term. Polling stations across the country opened a few hours ago. Labour's pin-up boy Tony Blair cast his vote a short time ago, buoyed by election eve opinion polls showing he's well in front. But up to a third of voters

This program is captioned live. Trucking companies have been put on notice over breaking driver fatigue laws with a record fine to a serial offender in Queensland. The Beenleigh company was fined $165,000 for making tired truckies stay on the road. Over a 6-week period in 2003 the refrigerated transport operator breached State fatigue management laws more than 300 times and eight drivers admitted falsifying log books or not making entries. The Transport Workers Union says it's lucky no-one was killed. Being fatigued is worse than being under the influence of alcohol. The Queensland Government says the successful prosecution is a warning to the entire transport industry. New hope for IVF couples tonight with the Federal Government reconsidering moves to limit Medicare rebates. The Government had planned to restrict subsidies for women under 42 to a maximum of three treatments a year. Women over that age would be able to access Medicare rebates for three treatments in total. The proposal sparked outrage from women's groups and doctors. The onus is on the Government to back down and to back down today to give those women some certainty about what their position is going to be as they pursue IVF treatment. The Government has now referred the issue to a review committee, ahead of next week's Budget. A very lucky couple of fishermen have had the fright of their lives, an unmanned Navy jet hurtling from the sky, crashing just metres from their boat. Another embarrassing and costly failure for the Navy. A high-tech jet-powered aircraft on a training mission crashing into the water south-east of Bowen Island. That's the tail off it. The impact sent two fishermen ducking for cover, the drama unfolding just 3m away from their boat. Um, a big red aeroplane shooting down into the water with a big parachute behind it, like a torpedo. Normally, the pilot-less Kalkara jet is used for target practice by the military for missile launches. I's capable of towing targets along at speeds of up to 500 knots. The Navy insists there were no missiles involved in this training mission gone wrong. After it was salvaged, the aircraft, which is part of a 10-strong fleet, was taken back to Jervis Bay to be completely rebuilt. The aircraft itself was able to have an automatic recovery system because it wasn't being spoken to, but when it deployed the parachute, the parachute didn't retard its progress sufficiently. An investigation has been launched into the malfunction. An investigation has been launched into the malfunction. The craft will be thoroughly examined but it's believed it may have been deployed too low. Frank Coletta, Ten News. AFL competition leaders West Coast have backed their high-profile captain Ben Cousins who's been caught up in a police inquiry into nightclub violence. The controversy sparked calls for the skipper to be stood down after he and ruckman Michael Gardiner were questioned over a series of phone calls on the night of a shooting. Apologetic but remaining defiant, embattled West Coast Eagles captain Ben Cousins late this afternoon apologised for being caught up in a police inquiry into a violent nightclub incident in Perth. I've obviously let a lot of people down and would like to apologise to my family, my friends, the football club and, in particular, my team-mates and the public of Western Australia. Team-mate and star ruckman Michael Gardiner also expressing regret. I am loyal to my football club and my community and I will never knowingly do anything or associate with anyone who will endanger that commitment. The pair had earlier refused to answer police questions about phone calls made to the club on the night of the incident. The club's hierarchy have now given the players its full support. Despite public calls for Cousins to be removed as captain the Eagles' CEO says the captaincy isn't at risk. Ben, as captain of our football club, has been absolutely sensational this season with his leadership with what he's done on-field as well as off-field. The AFL competition leaders are enjoying their best start to a season in 10 years. Club officials are hoping the latest off-field distraction won't derail their season. Les Faulds, Ten News. They say sex sells and tonight at Fashion Week designers did their best to woo international buyers with some Aussie flesh. Zimmerman first put swimwear on the catwalk at the first event 10 years ago. Tonight they unveiled their latest collection, called Love. Elle McPherson, Kylie Minogue and Madonna are all fans of the label. The latest designs are full of interesting fabrics and detail. Tonight also provided the first major showing of menswear. Australian rugby league player Craig Wing is likely to cop plenty from his team-mates after parading in a pair of pink pants from the Howard Showers label. And it was the bare essentials as one of our top jewellery designers dazzled with her latest beads and baubles. It's the story a of goddess and her journey through the desert. That's how jewellery genius Sarina Suriano describes her latest collection. The crowd bedazzled by her creations - bare skin draped with beads, covering all the right places. This 3m shawl using 6,000 crystals, was hand-made and took a month to create. While it's not something you'd expect to wear to a cocktail party, the designer admits that was never her intention. I'm not predicting that people will wear a pearl shawl out in public. The idea of a show is to do something out of this world. She's the queen of jeans, but there wasn't an inch of denim in sight at Bettina Liano's show. Instead, a preview of her new swimwear line. But it's too good to waste lying on the beach. I'm treating swimwear a bit like out-wear. I'm putting it underneath a lot of the sheer dresses. White is the new black and the more frills on a frock the better. We've now seen four days of fabulous fashion, so we had to ask the experts what's hot for summer 2005. Every Australian girl is going to be wearing the summer dress, and it's from the plain colours to the florals, to the stripes, to the prints - everything. There's absolutely a big celebration of colour going on, that and white. If you're still confused, hang in there. We still have one more day to go of the fashion fest. Ebbeny Faranda, Ten News. The hidden costs of banking online. We're following that story when we come back. Also ahead - the happiest place on earth turns 50. Why Mickey and friends could be heading here soon. Then in 'Sports Tonight' - why Willie Mason doesn't regard these as backward steps to an earlier comeback. Today, I'm with the Watson family and we're gonna make a delicious butternut pumpkin soup. So, just slice it up... Thanks, kids. And pop it in the blender. That's my job, is it? OK. You know what I think? It's probably best if we just leave it to the experts. Campbell's - the experts in soup. Mmm. Wow! Um... Oh, OK. Oh, yeah. I see what they're doing there. This program is captioned live. Free banking on the Internet looks like turning out to be just another marketing myth. Customers who manage their money online are increasingly being hit with fees but it is possible to avoid them. The Commonwealth Bank boasts the most success in moving customers out of its shopfronts and into cyberspace. It has 1.9 million Internet users. The bank has tied a fee hike of 50 cents a transaction to an upgrade in security. The Consumers Association is not convinced. It's the same argument the banks pulled out when they introduced penalty fees so they can't pull one that again. The original lure to Internet banking was free transactions. Citibank whacks its customers with a $2 transaction fee. The other banks aren't in that league yet - so far only St George and the ANZ have resisted the temptation to introduce charges. The Commonwealth reported a half-yearly profit of $1.8 billion, Westpac $1.3 billion. With soaring bank profits that the banks should, in fact, look towards consumers and putting them first for the first time, for once. Ms Lundy is calling on the Government to join her campaign against the hikes. The Government says consumers should shop around, the Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasurer is confident there are cost-effective alternatives in the market. Consumers can go to our website - There's free and independent advice there - you can save hundreds of dollars a year. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. To finance and Commsec's Tom Piotrowski and another big bank posts another record profit, Tom. Westpac posted a profit of over Westpac posted a profit of over one billion dollars but it was up billion dollars but it was up by eight per cent. It was driven by eight per cent. It was driven by a strong improvement in strong improvement in business lending. The market to balked at lending. The market to balked at the fact that they didn't upgrade fact that they didn't upgrade their full-year profit forecast. It full-year profit forecast. It has been a volatile week and some been a volatile week and some shares down as much as by a five per down as much as by a five per cent. There has been a prospect of There has been a prospect of a worsening drought and we saw worsening drought and we saw further evidence of that from grain evidence of that from grain Corp today. They said that their today. They said that their profit would be about twelve would be about twelve billion dollars as opposed to sixteen billion Thanks, Tom. CommSec's Tom Piotrowski. More detail on finance and the All Ords jumped 9 cents. A major milestone today for the happiest place on earth - Disneyland turning 50. And it looks like the home of Mickey Mouse may be heading down under. 50 years after he wished upon a star, Walt Disney's original theme park is still the happiest place on earth. It was 1955 when Disney opened his revolutionary park as an antidote to travelling carnivals, which Disney thought corrupted family values and charged too much. Buzz Price conducted the feasibility study. I said it would draw 3 million people and it would get five bucks a head. I undershot it somewhat. (Laughs) Since then it's drawn over 500 million happy guests. It's different from other parks - it's cleaner, it's nicer and it's family friendly. Creators believe the park's appeal stems not just from rides and parades but from its emotional connection. You come here, you feel like a child again. It's wonderful. Sharon and Shirley are among hundreds of annual passholders who visit several times every week. (Both) Disneyland - double the fun. While celebrations have already begun, Disneyland's actual 50th birthday isn't for another two months. Management chose to celebrate now because they liked the sound of the date 05/05/05. Select Australians were invited over for the festivities. It's an escape back to childhood and just all-round fun. We just don't have anything like this at home it's just such a magical place and it's just so much fun. One day Australians might not have to travel far for Disney fun, with managers considering a Disneyland Down Under. Australia's got a lot going for it. It's one of the places where the Disney brand is really popular. From Disneyland, Rahni Sadler, Ten News. Someone not having a great time at the Disneyland celebrations was 'Frasier' star Kelsey Grammar. He misjudged the end of the stage and fell off. I think I've..., that was really frigging bad. Like a trooper, he climbed back on stage and went on with the show. The weather's next and then it's the latest from the 'Sports Tonight' desk with Bill Woods. Sandra, after facing controversial criticism from the very top of the AFL, they've now allowed Stuart Maxfield to resign the captaincy. Maxfield is facing personal problems and will concentrate only on playing. So can Matthew Elliot, cleared to suit up for South Australia's Pura Cup team. And we profile two of the hottest players in their respective codes. This program is captioned live. To the national weather details now and the and the satellite shows thick cloud over the west, and a cloudband hanging over the south-east corner generating showers. A broad high by the Australian Caption Centre. Supertext Captions From the Late News team, goodnight. I'm Sandra Sully. with Bill Woods is next. Stick around, 'Sports Tonight' from the Ten news centre. And that's the latest on November 17. The movie will be released who's ever been awkward with a girl. a character for anyone out there which is great because he's to be around girls, he doesn't know how he's no good with dating, he's no good with girls, He's a hero who's absolute - he finds himself falling in love. and in his fourth year at Hogwarts the young wizard begins to grow up and the Goblet of Fire', In 'Harry Potter at the latest Harry Potter film. A sneak peek Alice Springs will be mostly cloudy. Darwin will be sunny. and Perth will be mostly sunny. Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide for Sydney. and the chance of late rain showers for Brisbane and Hobart The chance of rain for Cairns, unsettled weather. In WA, a trough will trigger and morning drizzle. will bring light onshore winds over the southern coastline