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start working soon.

Returning do the Senate vote

overnight. Opposition defence

spokesman David Johnston vote

would the party position

the Government's rejecting the amendment on

infrastructure bills. We are

joined now by Senator David

Johnson from Canberra.

Firstly in your capacity as

defence spokesman, with the

Prime Minister's security

announcement yesterday he has

decided not to press ahead

with this Department of Homeland Security. How much

Whelm of a backflip is that?

Well I think it the is a

very humiliating backflip,

Joe, but I think Malcolm was

right when he said this is a

policy we think is the way to

go. Let's get rid of this

Homeland Security fantasy as

it was, a very poorly thought

out policy. The thought of

thing you see from a then opposition seeking a

headline. It got them that

but now they have woken up

and I think we are

thankful. We also saw Kevin

Rudd not pressing ahead with

much detail in relation to that security statement.

Would you like to have seen

more detail in that? I

would always like the see

more detail but remember we

have a defence 'White Paper'

coming down next year. I

think that is going to be the

litmus test for this

Government. I was interested

in some of the thing the

Prime Minister had to say.

Obviously you are corrected,

not a lot of detail. It spoke

a lot of motherhood. I do

think Duncan Lewis's

appointment is a good one. He

is an outstanding person to bring our intelligence

together and he is the sort

of person that gives great

confidence and I'm please

would that. I think I should

say that. He is a very good

choice. Turning to the vote

overnight, why didn't you

vote to support quarantine

thing money for bush? Joe,

the situation as we now know

it to to be is that the

Government requires to

firstly as you have seen

institute an economic

stimulus package. Shadow

Cabinet came to the

conclusion we would not

bill and of course the oppose this infrastructure

Government takes an all or anything approach. We sought

to modify it and improve it

so the public could have some

oversight into how it was

spent. The Government thumbed

their nose at this and said we want that all or anything

as they did with the schools

bill and the Opposition in my

view took the responsible

course and shadow Cabinet

took the responsible course that said infrastructure spending is very important to

our country and if the

Government take this line we

should not oppose the bill

and the objectives of the

bill and that is why I went

down do the chamber and voted

for it. Now I have no concerns about my National

Party colleagues doing as

they did, as Senator Williams

said. We do not get thrown

out of the party for

expressing a contrary view

and I think, you know, I

think that there is a lot of

people who will want the beef

this up. This was money set

aside to provide services for

regional community. What are

you going the say to your

constituent in the bush?

That does not mean the

Government will not spend it

on regional community. They

have said they will spend it

on regional communities. It

had been quarantined but the

Government needs a degree of

flexibility and I think the

Opposition is disclosing a

very responsible position

here but of course we must be

very vigilant t temptation

will be to bailout NSW

totally and I do not think

anyone is prepared to put up

with slush friend from this

government. Are you

disappoints add couple lovely

brals did cross the floor?

The set was taken at 2.15

this morning. I have had

about three hours sleep. The

fact is the Labor Party had

17 pieces of legislation. If

you want the talk about

mismanagement, 17 pieces of

legislation to get through on

the last day. What have they

been doing? What about your

colleagues that crossed the

floor? What about them? Are you disappointed they

did, the Liberals? No, I'm

not disappointed at all.

There was a vote that was a

foregone. Now let's just

understand what that means.

The Government had the

numbers in the Senate for

these bills. For us to be

standing on the hose making

political point about very

significant economic matters

at this time I think is quite

counter productive. But isn't

this an insult the their own

party? Look, no, it is not.

These people have defined the

constituencies and I respect

their determination to do

what they can for them. My

responsibility is to look at

the bigger picture. Isn't

that a slap in the face

formal come Turnbull that

they did not follow the

shadow Cabinet position? I

think you will find in fact

Malcolm Turnbull has taken

the right course here and has

said while I understand that

a loft Senators and a lot of

lower house members will have a particular problem the

bigger picture is for and

that is where we have

gone. So can we expect to see

a few more coalition members

cross the floor when the

votes come up in future then?

Malcolm Turnbull is taking a

fairly Liberal point of view

in relation the that? He

has and I think that is not

necessarily a bad thifnlgts I

think we seek to take the responsible position and that

is why I voted and I was

unhappy with the attitude of

the Government. Let's not

make any bones about that.

The attitude of the

Government is arrow grant and

not one that is conducive to

oversight and accountability

but not withstanding that it does require flexibility to

be able to deal with these

monies for infrastructure benefit. Does didn't

coalition then though risk

the perception being a

fractured party? Well, of

course that is the line of

the Labor Party and I think

we know what happens in the

Labor Party if you voice

dissent. Thus is a party that

will impose an emissions

trading scheme on us that

will send inflation through

the roof in these times. If

you question that you will cast doubt that. Is not way

we do business. We are

interested in the national interest and I think theks

employ files that. Senator

David Johnson from Canberra

thank you for joining us and

I hope for your sake

Parliament does wrap up

today Thank you. Nice the

hear Senator Johnson sticking

up and arguing for the

Government's plan and

legislative agenda. Quite

amusing Malcolm Turnbull

obviously willing to take in

a range of views in his party and allow them to be