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(generated from captions) Queenslander Pauline Hanson tonight. A please-explain from controversial high-profile One Nation senator says The former a return to federal politics. she's planning And she joins us now. thanks for joining us. Pauline Hanson, and so many failed attempts, After all this time why now, and why again?

Why not? I

Why not? I feel I want to have

another go at it and I'm putting my

another go at it and I'm putting my

hat in the ring for the next

federal election. The this time you

argue Muslims are not assimilating

into the Australian way of life and

a black South African immigrants

are not getting proper health

checks. No, I'm asking the question

- are we allowing black South

Africans into it Australia with

health problems with

health problems with Aids and other

health issues very going to be a

burden on health issues? If we

cannot provide health foreign

Australian people, while we

allowing people into the country

who would gain have ongoing health

problems here? I'm asking the

question - have they got Aids? Is

it going to be a problem further

down the track?

down the track? it going to be a problem further

question down the track? It your critics

question the legitimacy of your down the track? It your critics

clients and the Department

immigration has already rejected

your claims about right. They argue

that stringent health checks have

been carried out and refugee groups

say your comments are hurtful.

Andrew Robb admitted a few months

ago that there was an ongoing

health problem with the black South

Africans and are coming to South

Africa coming to Australia. Go back

to Andrew Robert Machin answer the

question. He made the question and

it was backed up by Tony Abbott

that there are ongoing health

problems. White then South Africans

had to pass health checks and black

know. South Africans haven't so I want to

know. I want to ask the question -

have they got on going for health

problems? Have the taxpayers

forfeited their right to decent

health care to people they have

brought into the country? If you're

generally making a a at an air

ticket and an attempt at an

election run-up, wide you always

election run-up, wide you always

make racial comments before your

rhyme? It's the I R Laws and the

water issue - and I have been on

about water for many years - but

also immigration - other people

were bringing in here for the right

reasons? Why do we have to bring

people in you have no benefit to

this country whatsoever they were

going to take away our way of life

and change our laws? It's about

time someone damn well arses

questions because the federal

government is not addressing the

concerns of these people are. Ith

your tent so many careers. As just

a decade since you made your maiden

a decade since you made your maiden

speech to the parliament and you

made a run for the Queensland hat

election you've been a reality

start, and a fish-and-chip a

brighter and a real estate agent.

What has brought you back? I was

efficient I was in fish and chips

for before politics and I have not run

for Queensland state politics. But

get your facts right before you put

these things on to make. Why are

you running? I've put my hat into

the ring to book myself up for re-

election and it's up to the people

of Australia or Queensland -

referee I try to stand - whether

they want me to have a voice in

Parliament for them. You know what?

They feel they haven't got a voice

and someone's out there asking

questions on the their behalf. On

raising my issues, of raising my

concerns, so it's up to the people. The good luck with

The good luck with your campaign