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defend police Politicians and top brass at APEC. against claims of excessive force taken by the New South Wales police. I totally support all of the actions Peter Beattie quitting as Queensland Premier. after nine years

The hunt for football louts

live on air. who attacked a reporter under a storm of suspicion. And Maddie McCann's parents home -

with Ian Ross. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News Good evening. a parliamentary inquiry Civil rights monitors are demanding claiming into police actions during APEC,

and violent. they were unreasonably aggressive of it happening But there seems little chance Police Commissioner with the Premier, and now the Prime Minister all praising police behaviour. Under fire for brutality at APEC, paraded their victims today. the State's police on Saturday Constable Mike Noble seen here after being hit with an iron bar. needed four stitches The alleged attacker is also accused at another policemen's head. of throwing a dart

He was refused bail today... that I've ever seen It was the most cowardly act

a shocking response. ..and it provoked But the Prime Minister

had a clear message these tactics. for those now condemning Can I place on record, in case there's any debate about it, actions taken by the NSW police that I totally support all the

during the APEC gathering. Which means he agrees with this. Award-winning American photographer Paula Burnstein

Afghanistan and Rwanda has covered wars in Iraq, she was back in a combat zone. and must have felt who threw her to the ground None of the officers was wearing an identification badge. and file police officers I think the rank

by their senior officers.

send a very clear message I think we need to is not on. that that kind of police behaviour

that behaviour was over the top. The Commissioner denies I think the police should be praised Based on what I've seen, for what they may have done. as opposed to put down and police did their job. They had a job to do But some of that job coverage of their actions. seems to have been preventing not to take pictures of police. Camera crews ordered

Turn around, mate. Turn around. Those meant to contain the violence ended up threatening it. Get that camera crew away! One tourism official said today damage Australia's image overseas - that those images will only to build. an image they've worked so hard have been congratulating each other State and Federal leaders over APEC and thanking organisers. But not everyone's happy. to Sydney shop keepers Sarah Cumming has been talking a high price? and, Sarah, some have paid in the central business district Ian, they say the APEC shutdown saw trade cut in half, and employees laid off. thousands of dollars lost and city workers But those business people APEC optimism will rub off on them. are now hoping a little of that to reclaim Sydney. It was time for residents Morning peak hour - of life getting back to normal. a welcome sign have been removed. Harbour exclusion zones And as the APEC clean-up continues, workers have returned to the city.

of the house Well, it's nice to get out surrounding you. and not see a 12-foot fence Calm, back to normal. when they get rid of this gated area I think it'll feel more normal back to normal. but, I mean, it feels pretty much are packed away. The mobile prisons

take another two days to pull down. The rest of the fence will have already declared... But politicians Mission accomplished APPLAUSE on the back... They spent today patting themselves than any other country. We Australians do things better and volunteers with praise. ..and showering APEC organisers thank you so much for your help. Good morning, And George Bush's gaffe lives on. Pleasure.

to conduct the OPEC - The world leaders were able the APEC. LAUGHTER But for many business owners for the financial pain it caused - APEC will be remembered and significant downturn in sales. the loss of customers and our sales were down 40%. I run a stationery store in the city all last week. We couldn't get deliveries casual workers. Aaron Ross was forced to lay off $25,000 in revenue. While this supermarket lost nearly and hopefully we get back to normal. Hopefully everyone comes back Work will resume shortly on dismantling

the great wall of Sydney. They're only doing it at night, and it could take until Wednesday remain in place until then. Ian. so traffic restrictions will Peter Beattie has announced Premier this Thursday, saying he's standing down as Queensland he's over it. after nine years in the job, His Deputy Anna Bligh first female premier. is expected to become the State's Peter Beattie pulls the pin. After almost a decade in power, in your life where you get over it. I think you get to a stage And I'm over it. to stand down in two years. He's the fourth State Labor premier His deputy, Anna Bligh, first woman Premier on Thursday. is set to become Queensland's with some advice for John Howard. And Peter Beattie leaves or anyone else, I'm not trying to pick on John but renewal is important survive. and those parties that renew, A poll out today suggests at the end of the tunnel there's no light for Mr Howard. Labor will win the federal election. 61% of people now think Just 28% think the Government will. not to panic. But Mr Howard urged his troops We can still win this election.

That we should spend more time talking about our future plans. Kevin Rudd wants to put that to the ultimate test.

APEC is over. to announce the election date. The time has come for him Although standing down herself at the election, backbencher Jackie Kelly is standing by the Prime Minister. He is the best thing since sliced bread. But the polls suggest John Howard is going stale with the voters and will have to pull off a near miracle

to ensure his government isn't toast. A Sydney driver who's been fined 36 times for speeding in just a few weeks is one of a thousand motorists launching a class action against the RTA. They claim a new Beverly Hills speed camera wasn't properly signposted.

Fruit and veg king Nick Moraitis is happy to pay for the odd speeding ticket, but not dozens. That's how many his delivery drivers racked up last month. If somebody gets 10 bookings, that's... many point is that they're going to lose? And their livelihood coming to the markets. Mr Moraitis is one of a thousand to join a class action, alleging the RTA did not adequately advertise this new speed camera on King Georges Road last month.

Signs are in place now. Some individuals have received 36 tickets in a very short period of time. Most of the individuals we have spoken to have received anywhere between 4 and 18 tickets. Traffic law specialist Dennis Miralis says they were doing the limit at 60, many clients thought

when, in fact, they were driving in an obscured 40km/h school zone. You don't realise there is a speed camera in the school zone until you're actually in the school zone. The RTA says the school zone has been there for five years. This is about obeying the speed limit around schools during school zone times. So why are we seeing people getting 36 tickets in the matter of a few weeks? The speed cameras went in July. The RTA is accused of repeating the Lane Cove Tunnel debacle in May, en masse for inadequate signage. when drivers' fines were refunded

This time, complainants even include parents and teachers of the students the speed cameras are there to protect. Police have appealed to a group of men who assaulted a Channel 7 journalist live on air to give themselves up. Ben Davis was reporting last night for Brisbane's news bulletin when he was bashed outside Melbourne's Olympic Park.

Louts at the footy are a hazard frequently faced by TV reporters. FILE FOOTAGE: The curtain was drawn on their premiership defence and the career of two Bronco legends. But as Ben Davis did a series of live crosses

from Melbourne last night for the Brisbane 6pm news, he became the news. For the second week in a row they had the Bulldogs on a leash... Only the crash tackle made it to air. Apologies there. We won't go back to Ben - there's some idiotic fans have ruined the whole thing out at Olympic Park. But behind the scenes... Mate, mate! ----! (yelling and swearing) Despite the help of a colleague, the Seven reporter ended up on the ground, being punched and kicked. I said, "Mate, do I come into your workplace "and tackle you and carry on like a goose? "Why should you do it to me?" Then all of a sudden three or four blokes are around us. Melbourne detectives viewed the tape and interviewed the victim this morning. Totally inappropriate. You got someone there trying to do his job and basically attacked by a group of youths and dragged to the ground. They've called for witnesses and say the attackers should come forward because the images of them are so clear. BEN DAVIS: It was pretty cowardly, especially the bloke who came in from nowhere and started throwing punches in the back of the head.

Ben arrived back in Brisbane late this afternoon The parents of missing British toddler Madeleine McCann have returned to England publicly declaring with their daughter's disappearance. they had nothing to do been back to their family home It's the first time they've since Maddie vanished in May. and with no-one else to blame, Without Madeleine as suspects. Gerry and Kate McCann left Portugal They'd planned to go home about now but not like this - not chased to the airport, not snapped at traffic lights. in May. 4-year-old Madeleine disappeared and sister She and her little brother in a holiday apartment were left sleeping

to a restaurant across the road. while their parents went Kate McCann says Portuguese police are trying to frame her, want her to admit accidentally killing Madeleine with a sedative then hiding her body. REPORTER: Good morning. "Don't forget about Madeleine" the window sticker says. The McCanns say suspecting them means someone else is getting away.

They carried their twins, Sean and Amalie, to the plane. There were more pictures on board.

At the airport in England you could see the little photo of Madeleine as Kate McCann carried Amalie. on his Dad's shoulder. Sean was asleep We have played no part of our lovely daughter Madeleine. in the disappearance of Rothley Their home is in the village as they left it where Madeleine's room is of blaming the parents and where people who'd never dreamed will now be unsure. Ahead in Seven News - unlocking the science of shopping. how brain scans are Also, plane passengers injured in a terrifying crash landing.

pop star Britney Spears. And a wobbly comeback for troubled

a front-end loader Three men have used trying to steal an ATM from a video store in Sydney's west. The loader was stolen from a construction site and driven into the front of the Berala shop early this morning. While there was plenty of damage to the shop, and the ATM, no money was stolen. The thieves fled in a car. Sydney residents are being warned of power shortages if the State Government delays a decision on selling off the electricity sector. privatisation A report is set to recommend it will lead to higher prices but unions are worried

and fewer jobs. industry may soon be up for sale. The State's $20 billion electricity is expected to advise tomorrow The Government's Owen inquiry that privatisation is the only way

the power supply. it can afford to protect

to last six years New South Wales has enough capacity to build a new power station. but it will take that long The starting point was this - in New South Wales. how to keep the lights on against the sell-off, Unions are campaigning concerned it will cause job losses. the Government went to the election Clearly, not mentioning privatisation. Privatisation in other States

has pushed up the retail cost of electricity. Price protection is one of the issues. And I'll await to see what Professor Owen has to say in his report. The Greens say hot-water systems with solar or gas replacing all electric

would save so much electricity the State wouldn't need another power station.

electricity industry, Without a publicly owned where it would be very difficult we face a future our greenhouse gas emissions. to control and stoushes with the unions Privatisation too. could cause headaches for Kevin Rudd in a federal Caucus meeting It was mentioned this morning his election campaign. as something that might affect

put off again We're about to see the matter until after the federal election

give Kevin Rudd a boost up. as Morris Iemma attempts to the mysteries of retail therapy New research is unlocking into indulging in spending sprees. and how consumers can be tricked Brain scans reveal they think are a bargain - people are suckers for products especially when paying with a credit card.

Everybody loves a bargain. That's a good deal. But if you think it's logic and sense that dictate what you buy, you're wrong. in the environment We're responding to emotional cues

whether you're paying attention or not. participants' brains, and found A groundbreaking US study mapped dominate every purchase. our basic emotions when we see products we want. A pleasure zone activates Steep prices make the pain region respond.

based on activation in this region We can predict or not. if you're going to buy something Study author Brian Knutson says manipulating our emotions corporations are wilfully without our knowledge. Like pretending to have a sale. but because it's on sale, It could be the same price, you think it's good instead of bad. is painful, but credit isn't. Retailers know paying cash almost twice as much People are more likely to spend when they're using credit cards hard cash. as when they're using cold, Time pressure makes emotional buying even more dangerous. Maybe we should step back sometimes. Worst of all, they found most products bring more joy before you buy them, than after. It's important to listen to your emotions, but not too much. The good news is that the research will one day be used to help consumers stop buying the things we just don't need.

More than 70 people have survived of a Scandinavian Airlines plane the crash-landing in Denmark. right-side landing gear buckled The turbo prop's and collapsed on touch-down, swerving off the runway. sending the plane needed hospital treatment 11 people on board for cuts and whiplash. has received poor reviews Troubled pop princess Britney Spears for her comeback performance, in Las Vegas. opening MTV's Video Music Awards sequinned outfit, Dressed in a revealing

appearing lethargic she mimed her new single,

unsteady on her feet. and occasionally gimme more. # Gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme, divorced mother-of-two The 25-year-old will release a new album in November. Her first in four years. Time for sport with Matthew White, and there's good news for Manly? Two of their stars have been cleared of serious injury but it's a different story for Parramatta's Ben Smith. I've gotta put the team first. Also tonight, number 12. Roger Federer wins Grand Slam of receptors in your brain Smoking increases the number that thrive on nicotine. they go mad. Take their supply away - (Growls) Nicabate patches, lozenges and gum a fighting chance.

reshuffle their backline Parramatta have been forced to of the season for their biggest match against the Bulldogs on Saturday. is set to be called up Youngster Joel Reddy to a knee injury. after centre Ben Smith succumbed he'd hoped for Ben Smith didn't get the news after scans on his injured knee. They've tossed up a few things. and I have to get an arthroscope. Might be a bit of cartilage damage Smith will go under the knife tomorrow

with the club hoping he'll be right to return if they beat the Dogs.

It's do or die from now on in so I've gotta put the team first. He and Eric Grothe form a pretty dangerous combination on that right side

but we're confident that Joel Reddy can come in and do a job for us.

While the Eels would, no doubt, here at home prefer to be playing the Dogs instead of Telstra Stadium they really feel sorry for the players are the Warriors in Townsville's heat who have to take on the Cowboys on Sunday afternoon. it's so humid and muggy Even when you play there at night it's outrageous, mate. but playing in the day, The NRL says to remain a Sunday match. Warriors officials wanted it

It's gonna be dangerous. for the players. Definitely be dangerous

Better news for Manly Glenn Stewart or winger Chris Hicks. with no fractures to second rower against Souths. Both tore ankle ligaments To get the win and next week off with a few of the boys. I can only sort of, fingers crossed, pray that it's gonna be all right and I've still got a chance. That's all I've got at the moment. Lucas Neill will captain the Socceroos in tomorrow night's friendly against Argentina at the MCG. Neill faced pressure from his English club side West Ham to miss the game but says nothing would stop him playing for Australia. It's a no-brainer, isn't it? To be asked to come back and play against Argentina

in front of, hopefully, 85,000 people. Josip Skoko had been tipped to wear the captain's armband in his farewell international appearance. Young Waratahs flier Lachlan Turner has a message for John Connolly - he's ready for a World Cup call-up. The 20 year-old has been named by the Australian coach as possible replacements for injured winger Mark Gerrard. I'd be jumping for joy. I'm quietly checking my phone every so often to see if there's a call there. Turner scored a well-timed hat-trick

in the Australian Rugby Championships yesterday. Adam Ashley-Cooper remains in doubt In France,

while the rest of the Wallabies spent their day off playing on waterslides. The world's fastest man went even quicker last night

with sprinter Asafa Powell breaking the world record in the 100m. Running in lane five at a meeting in Italy, Powell stopped the clock in 9.74 seconds - that's despite almost jogging over the line. He beat his old world mark of 9.77 set in Athens in 2005.

Roger Federer has matched Aussie legend Roy Emerson by claiming his 12th Grand Slam title at the US Open. The world number one beat rising star Novak Djokovic in straight sets in the final at Flushing Meadows. The young Serb had his chances

during the match. Federer gracious in victory after becoming the first player in the modern era to win four straight Open crowns. I think straight sets is a bit brutal for Novak, to be honest. He deserved better than that.

Federer needs three more Grand Slam titles to overhaul Pete Sampras on the all-time Majors list.

, There is no question Djokovic is the superstar of

the superstar of the future. He has

to play Australia in the Davis Cup

tie in Belgrade. Is Lleyton. tie in Belgrade. Is Lleyton. Lou

Chakvetadze, Greg Jones Chakvetadze, Greg Jones as well.

Jones is well represented. Exactly. Checking finance now.

And the share market started the week with a big drop over fears the US economy could be heading for recession. AMP shares plunged 4.5% IAG more than 3%. The ASX 200 index lost 87 points. Goldmining stocks bucked the trend Asciano and Bendigo both making gains. A bit more sunshine around today after a gloomy APEC week. Sara has Sydney's 7-day forecast next in Seven News.

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Good evening. After an extended break, the sun was back out this morning. Blue skies did their best to make up for lost time but some afternoon cloud rolled in off the ranges bringing a few light showers across parts of Sydney.

It was a little cooler in the city this morning down to 10 degrees then up to a maximum of 19.

It's now sitting on 16 degrees. Clear skies produced a cooler night all around. down to 5 in Richmond

and Liverpool. Campbelltown fell to 3 degrees but recovered with a top of 21 thanks to warm northerly winds. They pushed maxima back up into the lows 20s. 23 in Richmond. 19 along the coast. On the satellite chart - a pre-frontal trough moving through inland NSW is generating a few isolated showers and hazardous winds in Alpine areas. Sydney will feel the effects of that trough later tonight and early tomorrow but it won't be anything too significant - just a shower or two. While further south, a low-pressure system will bring rain and strong winds to parts of Victoria.

So Melbourne can expect a wet day along with Canberra and Hobart. Showers clearing in Adelaide Perth, rain developing Brisbane, a late storm

Sunny in Cairns. Back in Sydney there's a strong wind warning along the coast. Another brief shower or two is possible this evening and early tomorrow ahead of a mostly sunny day. Cloudy skies will bring a warmer night 14 along the coast Apart from Katoomba, minima shouldn't drop below 10 degrees. Maximum temperatures will still be fairly warm at around 22 degrees.

23 in Gosford. 13 up in the mountains. And that should be the last of the rain for a while with a sunny and warm outlook from Wednesday onwards. A hot one on Friday, 28 degrees then back into the lows 20s over the weekend. And that sunshine will push pollen levels back up to medium tomorrow. Sunshower about an hour ago but I've managed to escape the rain tonight.

You have been wise staying in

indoors. No rain although chillly

but keen surfers are coming in at the the moment. And that's Seven News to now. 'Today Tonight' with Anna Coren is next and a report on the condition causing women to double their size, overnight. I'm Ian Ross. Thanks for your company. Goodnight. He collapses every 15 minutes, day and night. Hello, I'm Anna Coren. A little boy's frightening life and the mum and dad who can do nothing but watch. Exclusive - Prime Minister John Howard under siege. and his future. Tonight, his plan for the election, busted himself. TV's spouse buster - of his bizarre double life. We reveal the full extent The Adriana Syndrome. and wake up like this. You can go to sleep tonight normal to any woman, any time. Doctors warn it can happen You have to feel sorry

for this little boy, and real pain for his life of anxiety and fear up to 100 times a day. when he collapses without warning for his parents, You also have to feel and careers and income. who have to accept changes to jobs But as Gavin Alder reports, they find doors slammed in their face all the time. Oh yeah, baby. (Laughs)

Happy and loving one moment - down and out, the next. There we go, there we go. This is what 6-year-old Johnny Graham lives with and it happens all the time. In a way, it's like fainting but a lot more sudden, a lot quicker and, um, a lot more regular. How often does this happen? On a good day, he'll have maybe 30.

On a bad day, which he's had a lot of lately,