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(generated from captions) This morning - pass on in full the latest rate cut. banks facing political pressure to charged Three men linked to bikie gangs after a series of drug raids. And look who's dropped in - 'Wolverine'. Hugh Jackman unveils his new movie - This program is captioned live. Morning News with Ann Sanders. VOICEOVER: This is Seven Hello. Welcome to Seven News. today All eyes are on Westpac and ANZ pressures them to pass on as the Government official interest rate cut. yesterday's short-changed homebuyers, The other big banks have already of the reduction for themselves. by holding onto most No prize for guessing interest rate cut first. which bank cashed in on yesterday's was slashed by a quarter of 1%, An hour after the official rate the Commonwealth announced half the reduction. it's keeping more than Not to be outdone,

savings to its customers at all. NAB decided not to pass on any and I would urge them to reconsider. This decision is disappointing

borrowing costs earlier this week Westpac complained about higher but hasn't announced its decision. Neither has ANZ, from both sides is mounting. but political pressure on the rate cut. We expect that they will pass pass on these cuts Really, the least they can do is in official rates. at the moment. the banks are doing very, very well from the major parties ends today That's where agreement the Government's new broadband plan. as debate speeds up over try to short-circuit the network The Opposition's indicated it could in the Senate. for consumers It fears internet access costs could explode to $200 a month. The Government has admitted with the most of $43 billion bill. taxpayers could be left no private sector partners, remaining $21 billion, $22 billion. would potentially be up for the a policy of this kind, um, We would not embark on

be commercially viable and we doubt that it could possibly of government debt. and it involves a huge amount

smashed a major drugs network Sydney police say they've linked to two bikie gangs. Several men were arrested, on the New South Wales south coast. following raids in the city and and are due in court today. Three men have been charged in a McDonald's car park. Arrested at gunpoint to the Rebels Two men, allegedly linked by heavily armed police were surrounded at St Peters yesterday afternoon.

a 4-month investigation It followed into the sale of speed and cocaine.

This is an extremely significant

occasion. What we will be alleging

is we have exposed a large,

extensive OMCG-linked drug

manufacturing operating

New South Wales. manufacturing operating throughout were conducting simultaneous raids Detectives and on the State's south coast. at eight homes in Sydney to search this home at Dulwich Hill. Sniffer dogs were used Another team of police the Rebels clubhouse at Cronulla. smashed their way into Six people were arrested in raids, an alleged Comanchero bikie. including His boss, Mick Hawi, is behind bars, the wild Sydney Airport brawl charged over Anthony Zervas. that killed Hells Angels associate will spend another week in jail, The Comanchero president was delayed a second time. after his bail application has been terrorised during a robbery A service station attendant on the Gold Coast. at Merrimac early this morning. Two men stormed the BP demanding she hand over cash. One pointed a rifle at the woman, Hurry up! flip it out! (BEEPING) It's only open at night. just seconds before the hold up. A milkman had entered the store to his truck, The robbers stole the keys in a stolen white Holden sedan. but fled the scene earthquake has risen to at least 235 The death toll from Italy's with 1,000 people injured. debris on rescuers and residents Strong aftershocks are raining to dig survivors from the rubble. as they try They celebrated briefly pulled from a collapsed building. when a 24-year-old student was She'd been trapped for 42 hours. Cave explorers have been brought in for other survivors. to help the search visited some of the 14,000 people Silvio Berlusconi has now living in tents. those buildings left standing Teams of engineers are now surveying can move back in. to see if residents has offered help to 22 Australians And our embassy in Rome

in the quake area. others thought to be there as well. Officials are trying to contact 13 Anna Maria Spennati was in L'Aquila Australian teacher when the earthquake hit. to Seven correspondent Mike Amor. She described the terrifying events I'm dead. I'm dead. This is it." I got up, "I said that's it. I can't describe what it felt like, It's just, It was like the whole... and shook it basically ..someone has got the apartment

flying across the room. and I was just as looking like a war zone. Anna described the town has just filed this update Seven correspondent Mike Amor from L'Aquila.

Ann, hard to believe that 48 hours

ago this building was four stories

tall. No need to describe what it is

today. Like so many of the buildings

in L'Aquila, being reduced to

rubble. Up to 15,000 buildings have

either been damaged or destroyed in

the 26 towns surrounding L'Aquila.

In fact, it's hard to find a

building that has been left

unscathed. Real danger still being

posed here are the strong

aftershocks that the no only rattle

nerves but dangerous for rescuers

braving buildings. They had to run

from a building today that they from a building today that they were

reached 4. searching after an aftershock that

reached 4.9. The magnitude of the

number of people left homeless is

staggering. So many people at those

makeshift tents, they are giving

priority to the elderly, pregnant or

very young. There is not enough room

for the rest of the people. Ann.

Mike Amor reporting from Italy. Jobie Dajka Former world champion cyclist in his Adelaide home. has been found dead battle with alcohol and depression The 27-year-old fought a public the Athens Olympic team after being kicked off for lying to a doping inquiry. his death is not suspicious. Police say From the highs of winning gold at the Commonwealth Games

in Manchester, and being crowned world champion in 2003 to the lows of a daily battle with alcohol abuse and depression. The 27-year-old's body was found at his home in Adelaide. Police won't say how he died. Dajka's life began to spiral out of control in 2004. He was dumped from the Australian Olympic team bound for Athens for lying to a doping inquiry. Dajka found himself in more trouble the following year. Avoiding time in jail after assaulting Australia's head track coach. That saw him banned from his greatest passion for three years. I will just kick back now with my mates - have a couple of beers. Dajka confessed those couple of beers turned into three bottles of scotch and six litres of wine a day just to block out the pain.

Friends say he never recovered. Nick D'Arcy's father says

Swimming Australia has failed to recognise his son is a changed man. It dumped the butterfly champ from the world swim squad yesterday because of his conviction for assault. Darcy's family is furious they had to learn of the decision through the media.

Swimming Australia have told the

press and the media first and the

athlete second. I can't tell you how

disappointed I am with that. I think

that's an appalling mode of delivery

of this sort of news. D'Arcy is now considering walking away from the sport. Two of Australia's biggest acting exports have returned home to launch their latest blockbusters. Eric Bana hit the red carpet running at last night's 'Star Trek' premiere. While Hugh Jackman hardly flew under the radar this morning. If anyone knows how to make an entrance - it's Hugh. In true super-hero form Hugh Jackman glided onto Sydney's Cockatoo Island this morning to launch a sneak-peek of his latest blockbuster. These are the hard-core fans and that's who the movie's really for so I'm really thrilled they came out. The screening wasn't without controversy after an early version was leaked online. But fans won't have to wait much longer for the real deal - 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' opens in cinemas later this month. It's the second sci-fi movie screening in the Harbour City in 24 hours. Last night, 1,600 trekkies came from galaxies far far away to salute the new cast of 'Star Trek'. Well, I've come all the way from Melbourne. From Melbourne, yeah, but I'm originally from the UK and I've been a trekkie for years. I've been a 'Star Trek' fan since I've been a kid. My mother brought me up, but I'm even more of a J.J. Abrams fan. It-director J.J. Abrams - the man behind hit TV series 'Lost' chose Sydney as the place to launch the galactic thriller. You know, you go somewhere and you just feel like, "Oh yeah, this is the greatest place in the world" was an option for the premiere, I made it very clear that was very exciting to me. It also helps when one of your leading men is Eric Bana. The Aussie actor casts a dark shadow as the film's baddie, Nero. I just found it incredibly entertaining, you know, really well written

and the combination of that and J.J. directing and a great character that I could disappear into was too good to resist. This instalment goes back to where it all began. And never fear, the main players are still there. Up-and-coming actor Chris Pine takes the reigns as a young Captain Kirk. While 'Heroes' star Zachary Quinto is Mr Spock. Star Trek opens in cinemas around Australia on May 7. The wait is over. Next in Seven News - we'll check the latest from the markets. And Barack Obama drops in unannounced on US troops in Iraq. Welcome back. You're watching Seven's Morning News. Federal Labor backbencher Craig Thomson has been accused of misusing his work credit card when he was a senior union leader. An investigation is under way into claims he used his union credit card to pay for escort services and to bankroll his 2007 federal election campaign.

He's denied that there's any truth in them. The audit process that's occurring will presumably shed some light on the claims.

Mr Thomson says the allegations are the result of a feud between union branches. North Korea has released the first pictures of its weekend rocket launch - calling it an historic success. The communist country claims the rocket fired a satellite into orbit and it's announced plans to send more into space. The international community has condemned the action, saying it was a short-range ballistic missile, not a satellite, and it didn't make it into space. A video showing British police shoving a man to the ground shortly before he died has been posted on a newspaper website. An American tourist in London shot the pictures during last week's violent G-20 protests near the Bank of England. Ian Tomlinson collapsed and suffered a heart attack.

It turns out he was a newspaper seller trying to pass a police cordon, not a protestor. The 'Guardian' newspaper is handing the video to the police complaints watchdog. US President Barack Obama is on his way back to Washington

after a surprise visit to American soldiers in Iraq. He had good news for the troops - they'll soon be heading home.

President Obama with us us forces

today at Camp Victory in Iraq. His

trip was a surprise. Six years to

the day after the first American

forces stormed Baghdad, the

Commander-in-Chief said the US

mission had been performed

brilliantly. It is time for us to

transition to the Iraqis. They...

They need to take responsibility for

their country and for their

sovereignty. And we can start

bringing our folks home. But Mr

Obama said the transition will be

critical. A half dozen bombs went

critical. A half dozen bombs went off in Baghdad yesterday, killing 37

people. Another blast today. But

Iraq generally is far safer. So as

the President met with Iraqi leaders

in question, why will he take 17

more months to end the US combat

role? Mr Obama seemed to answer that

in Turkey, saying US policy is not a

speed boat, more like a huge tanker. You speed boat, more like a huge tanker.

You just can't whip them

You just can't whip them around and go in a new direction. The actual

new place where the President will

focus is Afghanistan. But he

promised the troops today in Iraq,

they will be better taken care of.

As long as I'm in the White House,

you are going to get the you are going to get the support

that you need and the thanks that

you deserve from a grateful nation. To finance now global head of economics at Westpac. and joining me is Bill Evans Good morning, Bill. to the RBA's interest rate cut. Banks are reacting slowly how are the markets viewing that?

Good morning, Ann. The US market was down 2.

down 2.3% and their financials were down 2. down 2.2%

down 2.2%. Our market is down 1.4% down 2.2%. Our market is down 1.

and our financials down 1.

and our financials down 1.6%. and our financials down 1.6%

Really, our financials are taking a

guide from the US financials and

that happens to have been the

dominant trend over the last couple

of months. There has been no difference to that today. And the latest consumer sentiment figures have been released. What do they show?

A booming 8.

A booming 8.3% jump in consumer

confidence. A welcome result.

Obviously being he havely influenced

by the 20% jump in the share

markets, the 1.

markets, the 1.3% fall in petrol

prices and, of course, a much better

feeling amongst consumers with

regard to the economic outlook.

Which we saw in the index today. If

we look at the last six months rs

the average of the index is now 4.

the average of the index is now 4.4%

higher than it was for the previous

six months. However, I feel it might

be a false dawn because once we

start to see the rise in the

unemployment rate, history shows

that consumer confidence can plummet unemployment rate, history shows

quickly. Thank you Bill. Checking the markets:

the latest in sport Next in Seven News - charge at the AFL Tribunal. as Daniel Motlop beats a striking working their butts off There are people everywhere

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to halfback Brett Finch. to grant an immediate release to have been offered The Eels number seven is rumoured in the English Super League, a lucrative contract he will stay in the NRL. but other sources say last night, Finch asked for the release

he wasn't in the right mental state telling the Eels to continue playing for the club. with coach Daniel Anderson. Finch is believed to have fallen out has beaten a striking charge Port Adelaide's Daniel Motlop at the AFL Tribunal overnight. There was no video evidence so the panel heard an umpire's version of the incident. But Motlop's alleged victim, West Coast's Adam Hunter, came to his defence. He didn't think there was anything there and we had trepidation coming, to be honest because an umpire's view is always held in very high standard.

We're just very pleased with the way it went. on a striking charge. Essendon's Adam McPhee was also up He was cleared to take on Carlton. with a fine Sydney's Brett Kirk walked away

with an umpire. for making reckless contact His coach, Paul Roos, says

surrounding that rule. he needs clarification of the laws Brett's asked me already, if he's in that position again, what does he have to do you. I have no idea." and I said, "Brett, I can't tell I have absolutely no idea.

was found not guilty of striking. North Melbourne's Michael Firrito

left red-faced And North Melbourne has been a rubber chicken. over a video featuring AFL reporter Leith Mulligan explains.

Thank you, Ann. It seems it's

Thank you, Ann. It seems it's something that not only the North Melbourne Football Club could have

done without this appears to have

been a prank gone too far. By all

reports it's a video made back in

December by some of the younger

players at the club and some

players at the club and some of which was actually shot inside the

club's facilities. Now it depicts a

plastic chicken in lewd and sexual

acts with your common supermarket

variety. The club acted swiftly

taking it off websites, Facebook and

YouTube, saying it is disgusted

what it had seen. At the same time YouTube, saying it is disgusted by

the club stopped short of

the club stopped short of sanging

the players involved. This is from

Eugene aRocca this morning. I

believe it's a misguided foolish,

idiot I can act. For that I don't

believe at this stage we can go out

and discipline players unless we and discipline players unless

make it a priority to educate them.

There is in connection but this

comes days after Adelaide star

Nathan Bangkok was charged with

assaulting his girlfriend. The

league has done much work over the

last couple of years to change the

culture within football clubs and

the attitude of those in the game

towards women. Back to you. Newcastle are on track to go all the way in their assault on the Asian Champions League. Last night the Jets scored a 1-1 away draw with Japanese club Nagoya Grampus, to remain third in their group. Newcastle found plenty of open space early and had back-to-back bites at netting the opening goal. An unnecessary challenge gave the home side the chance to get back on level terms. Stay with me here on Seven's Morning News. details after this break. I'll be back with all the weather

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fine. Canberra,

Melbourne. Fine in

Hobart, Adelaide, Perth, fine.

Afternoon showers or storms in Darwin. And that's Seven News to now. We'll keep you up to date throughout the day and in our bulletins at 4:30 and tonight at 6:00. I'm Ann Sanders. Thanks for your company. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia