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Good evening, Deborah Knight

updating Ten News. Julia Gillard

has assured President Obama he can

count on her in Afghanistan. The

identity technology that has cut

pub violence to zero. A bad

reception for iPhone 4 as it

launches overseas. And thousands of

fans at the world premiere of the

latest Twilight movie. The details

in Ten's Late News. VOICEOVER: Mars Red





This program is captioned live.

Tonight, speculation of an August

election as a Julia Gillard shores

up high-powered friends. They

moment her popularity drops I

suppose she will be the next for

the knife. And out in her enemies,

Mark Latham names names. Plus the

ID system that cut but -- pub

violence to zero. Good evening, I

am Deborah Knight. Also tonight,

iPhone fours bore reception with

claims of mysterious stains.

But first, there's growing

speculation tonight that a federal

election could be called within

weeks. Julia Gillard has wasted no

time making her mark as the new

Prime Minister - talking with world

leaders, and assuring President

Obama he can count on her in Afghanistan.

The former PM once said, "Fair

shake of the sauce bottle" - now

some are pondering the fairness of

squeezing the leadership from Kevin

Rudd. The ALP's own website is

littered with messages denouncing

the backroom deal which made Julia

Gillard PM. Kevin Rudd has been so

touched by the flood of public

support, the now former PM tweeted

a message of thanks. He may just

need to change his Twitter name.

Subdued Labor Mps left Canberra

today grateful for a break. I'm glad it's over.

The events of the past 24 hours

everyone. have been sad, they've impacted on

Julia Gillard says she had to

become PM because the Government

had lost its way, but it seems

voters didn't share that view. A

Morgan poll has found that in the

held final days of Rudd's reign, Labor

held an election-crushing 6-point

lead over the Coalition. Former

Labor leader Mark Latham knows well

how quickly loyalties can swing.

He's warned Ms Gillard to watch her

beside her. back. He says her enemies are right

I think she needs to be careful,

Wayne Swan is no fan of hers.

Mr Latham said senior cabinet

ministers Jenny Macklin, Lindsay

Tanner and Anthony Albanese are also no Gillard friends.

They hate each other, and the

moment Gillard's popularity drops -

I suppose she will be the next one

for the knife.

The Opposition says Julia Gillard

is a puppet of those who

orchestrated her rise.

I think it's a disgrace really that

decisions about the most senior

office in the country is really at

unions. the beck and call of a number of

I'm a person of strong mind and I

made my own decisions.

That includes revamping the mining super profits tax.

My priority obviously is to ensure

we deal with the question of the

uncertainty. mining tax. It has caused

The PM's other priorities - filling

the holes in her cabinet. Then

shoring up our nation's allies -

including a phone hook-up with US President Barack Obama.

I indicated to President Obama that

he should expect to see the

continuing. Australian effort in Afghanistan

As a young Labor MP, Ms Gillard had

US relationship. been critical of Australia's close

As PM, she warmly embraced their ambassador as a friend.

Paul Bongiorno has had an exclusive

interview with Julia Gillard. Thank

you thought in joining us. Is day

one beginning to sink in? The

weight is sinking in, the weight of

the job. I look forward to add some

personal point up for a few moments of

personal reflection but I have no

time for that. We have been focused,

I had been working with the team

today and had the Cabinet meet to

talk about the issues that we need

to deal with. That is getting the

Government on track and if the big Government on track and if the big

picture things that matter for

Australian families - strong

economy, having a job and the

services that people rely on, grape

quality schools and health systems.

The Morgan poll adult piece

afternoon, the last taken when

Kevin Rudd was a Prime Minister.

Labor improved its lead, did you go

to early? I took the decision I

made in what I believe to be the

national interest. I believed a

good Government was losing its way

and consequently I thought it was

important that we got back on track.

If back on track because it serves

the national interests and it

serves the interests of the

Australian working families. If I

do not want this country to go to

an election campaign and somehow

lapse into a tough Tony Abbott led

Government with all of the risks.

They Paul suggests that the

Government was not off track? Pulse

will be poles and I believe that

for the analysts. I formed my own

that you and I have particularly

formed the view that it was

important for the Government to get important for the Government to get

back on track and make sure that

people have got the benefits of

work, Tony Abbott did not seem to

protect jobs during the financial

crisis. If great quality schools,

and we have had more than a decade

of neglect on those. If also, good

health services as opposed to the

past cutbacks by must add up. A

year surprise by the hostility to

the changeover? Room this is

obviously been a week of the

emotions and I understand that.

Politics is something that is about

the national interest and the big

issues for this nation's future. It

is also something about human

belied -- beings, if the real

flesh-and-blood individuals that flesh-and-blood individuals that

our politicians. There has been

heard this week, Kevin Rudd heard this week, Kevin Rudd exhibited in motion yesterday. If

there has been heard and I expect

that some parts of the community

are reflecting that. I am the

mining tax, you said you were

giving it a priority, is a day

redesign? And this is a building on

good well. Goodwill that has

already been generated with me

ensuring that the Government

advertising was taken of TV. Up and

the mining industry built on that

goodwill by taking their ads of.

There is a lot of agreement here.

The mining industry can pay more

tax and Australians are entitled to

their fair share. We will keep

building on that.

Our new Prime Minister is also

causing a bit of a stir around the

world. And no more so than in Barry

- the tiny Welsh town where she was born.

It may be on the other side of the

globe, but the Welsh town of Barry

has claimed Julia Gillard as its

own. Our new Prime Minister spent

her first few years here living

next door to Basil Baker and his

family - until her poor health

forced a shift to a warmer climate.

Well, I hope she gets on fine, I'm

sure she will. She used to have

plenty of drive, she wouldn't have

got there otherwise. And if she as

nice a person as she was when she

was young, she will go a long way.

Barry might be abuzz, but so is

Julia Gillard's electorate of Lalor.

Be nice to have a female

perspective. I don't know, she

comes across very genuine. I've met

her on a number of occasions. She's

very easy to approach.

Not everyone, though, sees it the

same way - Kevin Rudd's

controversial nephew isn't a fan,

and plans to stand against her. Political landscape aside, Julia

Gillard's elevation to the top job has mixed

has mixed things up in lots of

little ways, and to get a sense of

that, look no further than one of these.

Advertisers moved quickly - witty

one-liners selling everything from

airline seats to fast-food chicken

and furniture. Cartoonists, too,

are working their bristles hard -

among them Warren Brown, trying

feverishly to get the character right.

Her face is very pointy, very

angular, she has big earlobes, she has wild hair.

Very exciting and a great departure

from the very dull and grey Kevin Rudd.

But being PM doesn't bring any leniency.

I think the gloves will come off,

because I think cartoonists have to because I think cartoonists have to

be equally unfair to everyone. And,

now that she's PM, I reckon, you

know, it's open season.

It also means a run on red ink -

although some have taken the theme to an extreme.

Eddy Meyer, Ten News.

A jury will start its third day of deliberations tomorrow over controversial surgeon Jayant Patel.

The Queensland doctor is accused of

killing three patients, and maiming

another. Ten reporter Anthony

Donaghy has more from Brisbane.

The jury has now been sent back to

their hotel room where there will

be locked up overnight. This is

after they failed to reach a

verdict as to whether or not they

think Jayant Patel is guilty or not

guilty over the debts of three of

his patients and the greed is

bodily harm of one of them. This

happened during his time as head

surgeon at Thunderbird base

hospital cash between 2003 and 2005.

They can return a verdict tomorrow.

If they will be given Sunday off

and will be required to return to

court on Monday. So far there has

been 20 hours of deliberation, and

it is the third day and if they

have yet to find him guilty or not guilty.

Still to come, jailed for the two

men who killed six of their friends

by accident. Plus, rolling out the

black carpet for the premiere of the latest twilight movie. TV: ..scored in this World Cup

This program is captioned live.

Two men, who killed 6 of their

friends in a boat crash, have been jailed for 5

jailed for 5 years. Some of the

victims' families have already forgiven them.

There were no winners in this case

- just a lot of broken hearts.

Finally someone has been held

accountable for the accident.

That's all we really wanted.

Six young lives were cut tragically

short on that fateful night in 2008. Ashlie Ayres, Alexander Rumiz, Jessica Holloway, Elisabeth Holder,

Stacey Wright and Alex Nikakis were

all killed when a late-night drug- and alcohol-fuelled joyride on and alcohol-fuelled joyride on

Sydney Harbour went wrong and their

boat collided with a fishing vessel.

Today Percy Small was sentenced to

five years jail for six counts of dangerous navigation causing death.

Matthew Reynolds was sentenced to

five years jail for six counts of manslaughter.

Their parents can go see their son Their parents can go see their son

in jail. We can't.

The investigation was a shonk. The judge found:

But Ashlie Ayres's grandmother has

forgiven the two men responsible.

There was no intention and it, it

was a horrible accident.

In his sentence, the judge noted In his sentence, the judge noted

that intense publicity has been

given to the risks of driving a car

while under the influence of drugs

or alcohol. He said this case

stands as an example that

navigating a boat is no different.

Both men are expected to appeal. Both men are expected to appeal.

Gabrielle Boyle, Ten News.

Gabrielle Boyle, Ten News.

The condition of two Australian

soldiers has worsened, after being

injured in a helicopter crash in

Afghanistan. The bodies of their

three comrades, killed in the

disaster, are now being flown home.$$WHITE

On the shoulders of their brothers,

the bodies of Privates Benjamin

Chuck, Timothy Aplin and Scott

Palmer are carried from Camp

Holland. A final goodbye for the

commandos, killed when their Black

Hawk went down in northern Kandahar. Hawk went down in northern Kandahar.

Warriors, devoted soldiers and mates.

You are respected, and will be

forever remembered as warriors by

your warrior brothers.

Their distinctive green commando

berets sit proudly on top of

coffins draped in Australian Flags.

Their names are now added to an

honour roll of Australians killed

fighting this war. There are 16 in total.

This has been a very dark day.

A dark day for their families too.

Ben will always be remembered as a young, vibrant man.

Tim Aplin's wife describes her

husband as the rock, the one people

turned to when the chips were down.

Scott Palmer's parents remember the

larrikin who made them laugh, who

had mischief in his smile and love in his heart.

We'll look after the boys all the

way home, we'll care for them, make

sure they're never alone and take

them home safely to their them home safely to their families

and loved ones back in Australia.

Of the seven injured in the crash,

five are now in a serious condition.

A final salute as the fallen

soldiers' coffins are loaded onto a

Hercules C130. A ramp ceremony will

be held at Richmond RAAF base tomorrow. Leonie Mellor, Ten News.

To business and finance Nears. Our

market drifted down all day, what

was the trigger? Today was the

weaker stay all weeks. We are 66 points today which is disappointing

after the positive start to the

week. That is down 3% for the week.

The Chinese today did what they

said they would do it earlier in

the way, they'd be preceded their

currency. The market was an

interest in that and followed the

lead her of the US markets

overnight where the Dow was down

almost 154 stopped also the

resources property tax continues to

be debated. Speculation as to be debated. Speculation as to

whether that will be amended. Has

also stocks for up yesterday but

followed the trend and were down

today. Brambles was the only strong

performer. And the Deputy Prime

Minister blow-out today to the G20

summit in Canada. If Walter

investor did -- investors

expecting? Traditionally policies

that the market reacts to that the market reacts to tend to

be domestic rather than global

policies. This is the first

occasion the other G20 summit since

the European debt issues. That is

expected to be it heavily debated.

Tonight there is more important

data, that is the US GDP data.

We're expecting 3% growth in the US

and everyday get that investors

will be disappointed.

will be disappointed. We will have

to wait and see.

Thousands of fanatical fans have

turned out for the black turned out for the black carpet

world premiere of 'Eclipse' - the

third installment in the 'Twilight'

saga. The supernatural love story

opens here next week.

It's the day diehard fans have been

waiting for - the premiere of

'Eclipse', the third chapter in the global franchise phenomenon.

Thousands of 'Twi-hards' crammed

the sidelines of the red carpet -

some had camped out for days.

some had camped out for days. Their

devotion paid off. Vampire heart-

throb Robert Pattinson, his on- screen love interest Kristen Stewart and reluctant werewolf Taylor Lautner signed autographs

and took photos with their adoring fans.

It's mind-blowing. I can't believe

it, but the fact is we wouldn't be

here without them, so we're very

thankful for that. British-born Pattinson British-born Pattinson says he

can't get used to the frenzy.

I almost fainted in the car on the way in.

It's the first Hollywood film for

Aussie actor Xavier Samuel.

I'm still kind of processing it,

but it's amazing to be a part of

this, you know.

'Eclipse' follows on from 'New

Moon', with Stewart's character

Bella Swan finally forced to choose

between her love for vampire Edward

Cullen and best friend Jacob Black.

You have the love triangle that gets even more heated, you gets even more heated, you have

these two opposing clans that are

teaming up for a common cause, you

have the theme of vengeance that's

underlying the film and then you

have these huge epic battle sequences.

It's rare to find a really good

story that is an unapologetic love

story, but it's not a story full of

tragedy and drama with a love story

tacked on.

Australian 'Twilight' fans will

have to wait a little longer to see the movie. 'Eclipse' the movie. 'Eclipse' opens in

cinemas nationally on July 1.

Kristina Harazim, Ten News.

Up next, fingerprinted and

photographed to get into a pub. The

new way to cut booze bashing. Plus

it new iPhone users have hang-ups,

poor reception for the international launch.

Apple's newest gadget, the iPhone 4,

has debuted overseas, and some

customers aren't happy. After

launching in the US, Europe and

Japan, early adopters are

complaining about mysterious stains

on the screen.. And that holding

the phone a certain way causes

reception problems. Apple's answer

- don't hold it that way! The

iPhone 4 goes on air in Australia next month.

An infamous hotel has cut its

assault rate to zero by using

special technology. But there's a catch to getting in.

Once ranked amongst the worst for

alcohol-fuelled violence in Sydney,

The Coogee Bay Hotel is trying to

improve its reputation with

controversial new technology -

scanning everyone's fingerprints,

drivers licence and taking their photo.

The computers have been trialled over the last three over the last three weekends with

no assaults recorded.

While it's only a small snapshot,

and we're not saying it's a

solution to all the problems, what

we have seen in the last three

weeks - is it has curbed people's behaviour.

The company providing the

technology stresses - the

fingerprints are not kept.

What we do is we read the finger

and come up with a numerical number

which is uniquely that person and

we delete the fingerprint straight

away. At no time do we store away. At no time do we store the fingerprint.

The number, photo and other

personal information is stored

offsite, along with manager's

reports of bad behaviour, red

flagging any troublemakers when they return.

The fact that we have the ability to identify troublemakers makes

people think twice before they act.

Even organisations that would

typically be critical of such

technology are quietly surprises

with the outcome of this trial. The

NSW Council for Civil Liberties NSW Council for Civil Liberties

says more time is needed to make

sure the data isn't abused in the future.

There has to be enough information

about the integrity of this system

to give the public confidence this

information is being properly

stored. The data is also available

to police on request, if they're

doing an investigation.

The vuvuzela might be the bane of

many World Cup fans but a song has

just been released to celebrate it.

So yes if your name rhymes with

vuvuzela, Mandela, Uri vuvuzela, Mandela, Uri Geller or

Cinderella if you are in the song

that is being written by British it

musicians to cash in on instruments

at popularity. We haven't seen

anything captured that imagination

for quite a while so we thought to

jump on it. It is annoying and

expect to hear the song as a

novelty ring on a phone at any you soon.

Sports Tonight

Sports Tonight is next with an Rob

Canning. You will have the AFL

Grand Final rematch tonight? Years,

Geelong versus St Kilda.

The Socceroos return home. People The Socceroos return home. People

see it as a failure but I see it as

something we have achieved. Australia beaten by England

Australia beaten by England again. And

Let's take a look at the weather

around the nation. And thick Let's take a look at the weather around the nation. And thick cloud is pushing over is pushing over the southeast, with

a cold front causing areas of rain

in southern NSW, Victoria and

Tasmania. Cloud is clearing the

country's south coast, as a high

edges in, causing a few brisk

showers. Patchy cloud on the

Queensland coast in onshore winds is

is also causing showers. A trough

will spread rain across interior

Queensland and NSW. A front will

bring a colder change, showers and

Alpine snow to NSW, Victoria and bring a colder change, showers and Alpine snow to NSW, Victoria and

Tasmania. A high will clear SA for

a cold and foggy morning. And the

high will keep the central interior,

north, and west generally dry. So tomorrow - a tomorrow - a possible shower for

Cairns, Melbourne and Adelaide.

Mostly cloudy for Brisbane. Rain in

Sydney. Rain clearing in Canberra

and Hobart. Showers and a frosty

start to a sunny day in Perth.

Sunny in Darwin, and mostly sunny

in Alice Springs. That

That is the latest for the 10 at

news room for Friday. I'm Deborah

Knight. Rob Canning is next with Sports Tonight.

This program is captioned live.

On this show - the AFL grand final

re-match! In the NRL - four of the top

top five face off. Tigers and

Dragons! Plus - penrith and Manly.

Hi I'm Rob Canning - welcome to the

late edition of Toyota Sports

Tonight. We'll get to tonights all

important footy shortly plus plenty more.

Tonight we're all about the nation's finest.

Shooting hoops, taking wickets, and

getting set for Ireland.

The big matches go down to the wire.

Also - the longest game in tennis

history finally comes to an end!

Up a big

Plus - We'll update you on all of

the latest from the world cup,

where things are heating up. Sports

Tonight is on your television. We

start with AFL and St Kilda has

pulled of its sweetest victory of

the season conquering Geelong in

tonight's Grand Final re-match in

misserable conditions at the MCG. The

The Cats loss was further soured

with an injury to one of its Brownlow medalists.

Big games and big names. The new Number One ticket-holder was quickly overshadowed.

Prove there is no love lost was evident.

Proof there's no love lost between

the two clubs was evident. So too

the Saints can play wet weather

footy. Adam Schneider's two goals

had them out to an early lead.

Schneider's got an opening...well done.

His efforts canceled out as the

Cats went in 1 point up at quarter

time. Looking good...very good. St

Kilda quick to respond after the

break. Schneider has kicked three

and puts the Saints in front. Harry

Taylor restricted to the bench with a

a cut to his leg. But Geelong

soldiered on - dominating the

second term with four quick goals.

Ablett roving it brilliantly.

The reigning premiers up by 16

points at half time. But it could

come at a cost - Steve Johnson

losing patience with a niggling Steven Baker.

A treble of mistakes from Matthew

Scarlett. A goal spree to Steven -

turned the match on its head in the third.

He's kicked three at the MCG.

The Cats enduring a horror term -

kept scoreless as the Saints blew

out to a 17 point lead. And it

didn't get any better for Geelong

in the last. Jimmy Bartel left the

field with a suspected elbow injury.

And despite slipping up Stephen

Milne Sealed victory with the only goal of the quarter.

It's a free kick against Josh Hunt.

Milne kicks the goal.

Jeremy Arnold for Sports Tonight.

The make up of Collingwood's team

for tomorrow night's Sydney

blockbuster remains unclear. After

making 5 changes at the selection

table, Mick Malthouse could be forced to forced to make more with 2 key

defenders in doubt.

The morning began at Magpieland.

With an All Australian kicking off

the dew. Dumped to the twos. Paul

Medhurst went to work with the VFL.

Josh Fraser will join him in the

seconds on Sunday. But he at least

got to train with the main group.

Named as an emergency, he won't play and won't even travel to

Sydney. He's been around long

enough to know he's still in our

best. He'll come back in the side.

But of more concern for the Pies

was two missing defenders. Already

without injured skipper Nick

Maxwell, Heath Shaw and Simon

Prestigiacomo didn't train. Both

travelled tonight with the team.

But it's believed Shaw - who hasn't

trained for over a week is under

the biggest cloud.

Brent Macaffer taken as cover

should he fail to come up. Tomorrow

night to be crucial for Collingwood.

If they win a ninth straight

against Sydney - they'll jump ten

points clear of the Swans, Hawks

and Blues. And six points ahead of

the fifth placed Dogs.

We have not spoken

That everyone looks at the ladder.

That will be the bonus if we win.

The boys have been saying we're

sick of losing to Collingwood. It's

about time we got one back.

The Swan cause not helped - Tadgh The Swan cause not helped - Tadgh

Kennelly withdrawing today with

knee soreness. Tomorrow night

another milestone for Mick

Malthouse. He becomes just the

third man. Behind Jock McHale and

Kevin Sheedy. To reach 800 games as

a player and coach.

It's a phenomenal effort. 800 games

and not many people in that bracket.

All the best to make.

Tim Hodges, Ten News. If the Swans

are to shake off their hoodoo

against Collingwood, ruckman Shane

Mumford is sure to play a big role.

As you're about to learn - Mummy is 'an old fashioned 'an old fashioned footballer in

more ways than one.

'an old fashioned footballer in more ways than one.

Shane Mumford's contract still

allows him 'one' of the pleasures

from the days when he was a part

time footballer and a boilermaker.

He's a rarity in the modern game.

Someone who had a real job before

he was lucky enough to make a

living as a professional.

I've done the hard yards working

from 5 in the morning to 5 at night,

big hours earning minimum wage,

start of my apprentiship I was start of my apprentiship I was

earning $205 per week.

Does it give you an apreciation for

what it means to be a foobtaller?

Oh, definitely I realise how good

we've got it as AFL footballers.

Do you think it's an advantage for

you compared to the other

footballers who come strait into

football and dont work?

I think it does in some ways

because I've learnt the value of money.

One of the hilites of Saturday

night's vital match at ANZ stadium

will be Mumford's clash with former Swan darren Jolly.

Darren's obviously a good ruckman.

I enjoy a challenge so hopefully me

and Pykey can get over him and

destroy him on the night, that destroy him on the night, that would be great.

The Swans think so too. St George Illawarra have continued St George Illawarra have continued

their NRL domination, with a

convincing win over the West Tigers convincing win over the West Tigers

at WIN Jubilee Stadium tonight.

Jamie Soward was instrumental for

the home side as he pushes for Blues Origin selection.

The Red and White 'V' replaced

The Red and White 'V' replaced with

a pink and white strip to raise

awareness of breast cancer.

But that was the only thing that

had changed for the Dragons.

Boyd through a gap and scores for

the Dragons.

The Dragons have scored first 9

times this season and won every

time. Chris Lawrence was doing his

best to change that. There's a chance.

The strength of Lawrence keeping

the Tigers in touch.

Both teams focused on an attacking

style of football. The Dragons

going from side to side to cross next.

There's a gap and Stanley scores.

The second half and the Tigers were

fired up. Lote Tuqiri bulldozing

Jamie Soward to score.

Soward helpless in defence as the

Tigers kept it to a 4 point game.

But Soward turned it on in attack.

Ben Creagh extending the lead.

Soward sealing the game with a

brilliant solo effort to further

push his claims for Blues Origin selection.

Brett Morris' late try ensuring the

Dragons stay on top of the table.

34-10 the final score to the Dragons.

Darius Boyd continuing his great

form from State of Origin while Jamie

Jamie Soward was impressive with 18 points.

And Michael Jennings has also

strengthened his bid for a Blues

jersey with a hat trick to lead the

Panthers to a convincing win over Manly.

Penrith began strongly and in the

process set up a contender for try

of the year.

Back to Lewis. This is as good as it gets.

The Panthers now sit in outright

2nd on the ladder. So despite a

double to Manly winger Tony

Williams, the Sea Eagles were out

scored by the Panthers 7 tries to 4

- that's now 3 losses from their

last 4 starts.

We will take a short break. Tim

Cahill arrives home and all

reaction from World Cup.

Italy are abolished.

And the Wallabies bounce back? The

Tim Cahill is back in Sydney,

coming to terms with 'what might

have been' at the World Cup in

South Africa. There was spontaneous

applause when Cahill and his family

arrived home after his fluctuating

fortunes, which saw him return from

suspension to score a vital goal against Serbia.

You know, people see it

You know, people see it as a

failure but I see it as we've

achieved something because it was a

bad start but we picked it up and

did realy well.

Cahill will play for Everton in

next month's tour of Australia.

It's the biggest shock of the World

Cup so far. Current champions Italy

knocked out of the tournament at

the Group stage for the first time

since 1974.

Japan and the Netherlands advanced. New Zealand's campaign is

New Zealand's campaign is over despite finishing undefeated.

Slovakia dumped the defending

champs 3-2.

Slovakia started the day last in

the group,and considered a remote

hope of surviving, but everything

turned on its head in the 25th

minute when Italy lost the ball

coming out of defence.

COMMENTARY: and it's rolled in! A

chance! Would you believe it, Robert Vittek!

Italy in deeper trouble when Robert

Vittek squeezed in a second. The world cup crown

The world cup crown as slipped. After Italy's goal, susbstitute

Damian Kopunek turned the '06

heroes into the 20-10 zeroes with

his first touch of the ball.

That's it, that is it!

Not far from the winner's circle began the tears and recriminations among the dethroned.

For the third straight match, an

unchanged 11 for New Zealand, who

went from All Whites to All Blacks to face

to face Paraguay.

Academy award level footwork from Oscar Cardozo.

As kids and clowns amused

themselves in a match that barely reached three-quarter pace.

The Kiwis going down swinging after there draws.

No complaints from Japan about the

controversial Jabulani ball, 2

goals from free kicks dazzled Denmark.

How about that! Anything

How about that! Anything Honda can

do Endo can do too!

Although John Dahl Tomasson pulled one back for Denmark, Shinji Okazaki clinched victory to send

the jubilant Japansese through to the second round.

Already qualified for the next

stage, Netherlands topped Group 'E'

with a 2-1 victory over Cameroon. Australia has Australia has suffered its 2nd One- Day international defeat to England

in 3 days, this time by 4 wickets.

Celebrating his 24th birthday,

England's Stuart Broad took 4 for

44, although an unbeaten 86 from

Cameron White saved Australia from embarrassment.

White's knock came from 98 balls

and included 2 sixes!

It took a screamer by captain Ricky

Ponting to dismiss the dangerous Kevin Pietersen.

But Paul Collingwood picked up

where Pietersen left off - and in

the process, becoming his country's

highest ever run scorer in One-Day internationals.

England reaching the total with nearly 5 overs to spare.

After his costly miss against

England last week, Wallabies

goalkicker Matt Giteau will share

the kicking duties with Quade

Cooper against Ireland tomorrow.

Captain Rocky Elsom has accused his

players of a fade out against the

English and insists they be more decisive.

Knowing what to do and being able

to perform under that sort of

pressure, because the big matches

they inevitably go down to the wire

and you've got to able to deal with that. Coach Robbie

Coach Robbie Deans has called on

his players to present a united

front against the Irish.

The Boomers have dominated World

number one Argentina in the first

of their 3 match series in Perth.

Despite missing Andrew Bogut, the

baby boomers turned on a show.

Kicks it back to Newlands. It's a

basketball clinic by the Australian Boomers.

Game 2 will be played in Melbourne

on Sunday night, live from 6pm on One.

Still to come - the extraordinary!

MotoGP's magicians.

And the Plays of the Week.

This program is captioned live.

The home of tennis - Wimbledon -

has hosted the longest match in the sport's history.

John Izner defeated Nicolas Mahoo

in the final set 70-68 setting a

string of records, likely to stand

the test of time.

For the first time in 33 years the

Queen came to Wimbledon.

But her majesty did not have the

best seats in the house. They were

outback on a cramped court 18.

In a battle of the giants the

longest match in history - over

after 11 hours and 5 minutes.

At two metres plus - or six foot

nine - American John Isner beat six

foot three Frenchman Nicholas Mahut

- 70 games to 68 in the fifth set.

Their epic played over three days.

My coach told me I could play 10 hours.

The pair thundered down a record

215 aces but couldn't break each

other's serve. The crowd hung off

every point, almost 1,000 of them -

as players had to hang off the net.

At 47 games a piece in the final

set, the scoreboard had to be

reprogrammed. The decider totalled

a record 138 games. But spectator

stamina outlasted the sun.

Game, set, and finally match.

Both players considered winners.

Unlike Svetlana Kuznetsova.

Beaten by new Australian Anastasia Rodionova, Kuznetsova refused to

shake hands with her former countrywoman.

So Rodionova through in 3 sets. Top

seed Serena Williams needed just 49

minutes to book her place in round

3. It took a little longer for

Isner to end the history maker.

Andy Murray impressed the queen

while Rafa Nadal needed 5 sets to overcome Robin Haase.

Jorge Lorenzo's bid to extend his

MotoGP world championship lead

started in perfect fashion today

when the Spaniard topped the

opening practice time sheets at Assen.

Australian Casey Stoner was 2nd fastest on his Ducati.

There is is the first practice and

it is important to be in front.

Lorenzo has now won 3 of the 5

races so far this season and is

favourite at the Dutch track. You

can catch qualifying right her on

ONE later tonight, with coverage

starting at 11pm.

It's 100 days to the opening of the

Commonwealth Games in New Delhi and Australia's games boss Perry

Crosswhite has given the thumbs up

to security and says India will be

ready in time.

Perry Crosswhite knows the clock is

ticking, but the Games boss is

excited the countdown has reached

the 100 day mark.

I thinks it's fantastic. We have

been working on this since 2003 so

it is getting close and I'm excited.

After working closely with the

indians on venue development he is

confident Delhi will be right to go.

Let's not delude ourselves.

Let's not delude ourselves. It

would be graded the venues had been

finished a year ago but that is not

the case but I think they will get

there and there may be some things

will happen a long way which they will have to fix.

Crosswhite's had a taste of terrorism when he represented

Australia at the Munich Olympics,

but hopes the games will not be a target.

Most nations in the Commonwealth

are a third world nations are not

sure what terrorists would gain by

attacking the Commonwealth Games.

We have people from all religions

across the world and all governments.

Almost his biggest fear is the

medal expectations on his young team.

We led the medal table in Auckland

and we have not been headed off since.

We build up expectations. The games

start on October 3rd. They will be

live on 10 and ONE HD. Time to

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weekends sports with Joel Caine

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plenty to get excited about.

For Parramatta fans the teams are desperate

desperate for a win.

There is a big clash at ANZ Stadium

between Sydney and that Collingwood.

The feature race tomorrow is the

winter it Stakes at Eagle Farm.

There are a couple of crucial games

for the Australians at Wimbledon.

The task looked a little harder for the women.

These two groups will be decided

overnight but the big game will be Brazil this as Portugal.

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