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(generated from captions) And I'm thinking you went out and murdered somebody and then Mommy showed you how to frame me for it. Nick, you're in way too deep. And I'm not going to help you get out of it. I don't need your help, Forrester, because you and your old lady have already made mistakes. And I'm going to prove to everybody how sick and twisted you two really are. And guess what - I'm halfway there. Somebody's going to go down hard for this, Forrester. It's not going to be me. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre This program is captioned live.

Tonight - a police officer's tragic death, killed in a mysterious head-on crash. Cyber-bullying - new concerns about the material students are posting online. I think every single school in Australia And out of Africa - the lovesick Aussie farmer who was taken hostage. Ten News with Ron Wilson and Deborah Knight. Good evening. Also tonight, signs we're in for another interest rate rise. And the specially trained dogs who'll help keep APEC leaders safe in Sydney. But first tonight, the police chase which has claimed the life of an off-duty detective - the respected officer crashing into a semitrailer to avoid the high-speed pursuit coming the other way. The chase continued, a suspect later appearing in court. This twisted heap of metal is all that remains of the Mazda four-wheel drive. The vehicle was so badly damaged, the first crews on the scene didn't know how many people had died. David McCormack, Inside was Detective Senior Constable a father of three, a keen rugby league player, known to his colleagues as the 'Big Rig'. He was an inspiration to those that worked with him. He was always easy to get along with, a very, very competent investigator. This is the semitrailer Senior Constable McCormack crashed into. It's alleged he'd swerved to avoid an oncoming car being pursued on the wrong side of the highway by another police officer. The chase reached speeds of up to 180km/h. Behind the wheel of the BMW, 20-year-old Mark Bombardieri from Queensland. He faced Grafton court today, charged with aggravated dangerous driving occasioning death. He certainly maintains, most emphatically, that his vehicle was not involved in the fatal collision on the highway yesterday afternoon. Bail was refused. The court was told the moments leading up to the accident were caught on police in-car camera,

flying in the face of this statement by the Police Minister. The advice I have is that the vehicle that caused the accident was not being pursued at the time of the accident. At this stage, it appears the highway patrol officer didn't realise the crash occurred behind him and continued the chase, unaware his colleague was dead. Police and the Coroner will now investigate the crash. Daniel Sutton, Ten News. Bail has again been refused for the man accused of killing an elderly couple in a high speed crash at St Marys a fortnight ago. 37-year-old Robert Borkowski The prosecution has described as a menace on the roads, expressing fears he would drive again if set free. Borkowski is charged with dangerous driving causing the deaths of 70-year-old Alan Howle and his wife Judith. Police allege he was racing another driver when he crashed into the couple's vehicle. The court was today told Borkowski is in protective custody, following death threats from other inmates. from schools Calls tonight to ban mobiles phones to prevent videos of playground attacks being posted on the Internet. Experts say cyber-bullying is a serious health issue but students aren't convinced a ban will work. It's a controversial plan

aimed at stopping schoolyard violence from ending up on the Internet - all students would be forced to surrender their mobiles during school hours. Dumping them in a box in the morning The education department revealed today 25 reports have been filed to police a student's mobile phone this year. involving violence caught on Experts say it has become commonplace for bullies to arrange a fight, film it and upload it to YouTube. Dr Carr-Gregg says no school is exempt from cyber-bullying and the impact on the victim is disastrous. Depressed, suicidal, engaging in deliberate self-harm. This is a very serious public health issue. The Government has come under fire for not bringing in the policy earlier. Well, if any school community wanted to explore that as an option It is an issue that many schools have already addressed,

at least stopping students from using the YouTube website on school computers.

It's naive, I think, to ban phones, to say that students can't bring them to school at all. They're here.

But I think it's appropriate

for them not to be used in a classroom. Many private schools already ban mobiles from the classroom, but some students don't like the plan to surrender their phones for the whole school day. I think it is a bit of an impractical, catch-22 situation, because kids like having their mobiles in school, but not in classes. Evan Batten, Ten News. Paul Bongiorno joins us now. Grim news for home buyers - another interest rate rise could be on the way. And as housing affordability hits a new low, the Prime Minister is capitalising on a new opinion poll. The Liberals' promise to keep interest rates at record lows during the last election is looking even shakier today, with the Reserve Bank lifting its inflation forecast to 3% - a sure sign for many economists rates will rise again by year's end. The Prime Minister now pretending the ad hardly mattered.

Look, that did appear in an ad which I understand disappeared after the first week. Not so, says Labor. It's still on the party's website. Does that mean the Australian people can rely on nothing that you or the Liberal Party will say during the first week of the next election campaign? The Opposition wheeled out a mobile billboard to ram home its message the Prime Minister is out of touch with working families. But Mr Howard seized on an AC Nielsen poll that shows nearly half the respondents believe rates would be the same under Labor. I think that particular survey is right on the money. The Nielsen Poll also showed the Government still trailing Labor badly despite a 6% turnaround. The housing industry welcomes a $600 million promise from Labor to create 50,000 rental properties. The promise comes as housing and rental affordability hit new record lows. Kevin Rudd outlined his plan to a single mum struggling with her rent. Oh, dear. Have another snooze. He proposes tax incentives for investors. We have more than 500,000 in rental stress paying more than 30% of their income on rents. Unlike the Prime Minister this morning, the Treasurer is unimpressed.

and, as a tax matter, delivers principally the benefits to developers, not to renters. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. Paul Bongiorno joins us now. Paul, the latest AC Nielsen poll

has a 6-point turnaround for the Coalition. Is that sufficient to say it's the start of a comeback? Well, it could well be the start of a comeback, Ron, no doubt about that, though this AC Nielsen poll has had Labor in a much stronger position than any of the other polls. That 10% margin, two-party preferred, brings AC Nielsen back in line with the other major polls. John Sturton, who does the polls for Nielsen, says really we will have to wait until next month, or the month after, to see if this is the start of a trend or just a blip. Thanks, Paul. Ten's political editor, Paul Bongiorno in Canberra. Health authorities in Bali are scrambling after the death of a woman and her 5-year-old daughter from bird 'flu. The 29-year old victim, from a remote coastal farming village, died in hospital in Denpasar, with tests confirming the deadly H5N1 strain of bird 'flu. she had contracted It's the first recorded death from the disease on the holiday island. The virulent strain has killed over 190 people since 2003. elsewhere in Indonesia

The lovestruck farmer who was nearly killed after being lured to Africa through an Internet dating service is warning others against making the same mistake. After being rescued from his kidnappers, Des Gregor has returned safely, vowing to look for love closer to home. A homecoming that Des Gregor didn't think he'd see - the support of his family and police the only reason he's still alive. If it wasn't for them, I probably...

I reckon another couple of days, I wouldn't return. The 56-year-old's arrival in Adelaide ending the most terrifying two weeks ending ke most terrifying two weeks of his life. From his farm in country South Australia, he thought he'd found love online. But when he went to meet his sweetheart in Mali, West Africa, he realised he'd fallen for an Internet scam. There was one bloke with, I'd say a home-made pistol, and another one with a machete. They gave me a good belting with the machete. I've still got the scars to prove that. He was met at Mali airport, not with a dowry of $100,000 in gold, as promised, but by gangsters threatening to cut off his limbs unless a ransom was paid. I basically was wondering what the hell was going on and then they started demanding money. Then I knew things were serious. Under constant guard in a tiny cell with little food,

he called his family, asking for money.

I was tied, bound by the legs. They then made me strip. That's when they got the wallet. Federal Police stepped in, rescuing him last Thursday.

It's his second failed Internet romance after previously seeking a Russian bride.

Now, logging out of love, he has a warning for others. Just be careful, make sure you check everything out 100%. Alex Hart, Ten News. A look at sport now with Tim Webster, and fears refereeing blunders could end someone's NRL premiership dreams. an idea on how to help the refs. Yes, one of league's big names has Also, in the wake of the Tuqiri-Dunning night out, the ARU moves to curfews. More details shortly.

Also, it's major title number 13 for Tiger Woods. the most special major so far, with his wife and daughter present. Plus, there's the NRL player who'll tell us what it was like to have copped the biggest hit of the year. And Federer falls in a final. The ex-wife of a Sydney murder suspect takes the stand - her testimony about his behaviour next. Plus, claims a shortfall in random breath-testing lets drunks off scot-free.

And the crafty canines that will help keep the APEC leaders safe in Sydney.

$1.10. to make back how much we've spent looking for petrol. Right. switch to AAMI Flexi-Premiums. Our new car insurance customers saved an average of $244. SONG: # Lucky you're with AAMI. # BUSY HUBBUB He's calling through now, stand by. A deadly weapon is hurtling toward the world and will destroy it,

I demand, within 24 hours, (Men yell and shout frantically) This program is captioned live. The State Government has defended rules that limit the number of random breath tests. on high-speed roads because of workplace safety. I make no apology for police working in a safe environment to protect their own safety and to protect the safety of other drivers who are doing the right thing. It sends a message that virtually everywhere outside of a built-up area in country NSW is a random breath test free zone. On average, a motorist is breath-tested only once every 18 months,

compared to three times every two years in Victoria. Motorists will pay more for petrol when new technology is installed to trap dangerous fuel vapours. to install technology to catch the cancer-causing vapours and pump them into tanks. So if there is any impact on the consumer, it will be no more than 5c a week. Green groups have welcomed the move, but the Service Stations Association says the cost of the changes could send small operators broke.

Bruce Burrell, accused of murdering a wealthy Sydney widow, has been described by his ex-wife as volatile. She has told a court she was surprised by Burrell's financial arrangement with the victim, then explained why she didn't ask about it. For most of the 11 years Dallas Bromley was married to Bruce Burrell, she says he was unemployed and financially dependent on her - so much so, that even when she was diagnosed and treated for cancer,

she had to continue working to pay off mortgages But it seems by 1994, Burrell had a new, secret account flush with funds - an account he claimed was set up on behalf of Bromley's elderly friend Dorothy Davis.

He claimed:

Ms Davis's middle-aged son and daughter, seen here greeting one another, watched the evidence unfold in court, where Burrell now stands accused of their mother's murder. Ms Bromley described Dorothy Davis as an old friend of her parents who had known her since childhood. So she was surprised to learn Burrell had been asked to manage $100,000 of the widow's money. Ms Bromley also said she never voiced her concerns about her husband's actions because: The deal was eventually exposed when police investigated the widow's disappearance in 1995. But far from assisting the 74-year-old, prosecutors have alleged Burrell borrowed the $100,000.

They say she pressed him to repay the money. he then killed Mrs Davis after Amber Muir, Ten News. A new report has revealed

damaging rifts in the Coalition on climate change. An inquiry into storing greenhouse gases underground found there was compelling evidence humans are causing global warming. But four Liberal MPs, including a former CSIRO scientist, didn't agree, saying the science is still out. At the moment, the jury is still out scientifically on humankind's contribution to this. The MPs say climate change is a naturally occurring phenomenon. The Prime Minister has rejected the dissenting report. Some very pricey puppies will be sniffing out trouble during next month's APEC summit. The explosive detection dogs will play a big part in security measures to protect the world leaders and, at $90,000 each, the federal police are confident they will detect any explosives. But these pups seem unaware of all the fuss. Labradors have 220 million sensory cells in their noses, compared to just 5 million in humans.

Big Lalla they're just giving this

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are not bringing much rain. The likes

likes of all adult are getting a

lot of rain. It's about 5 mm.

Sydney tomorrow will have a new course

course will shower us. That will be

the extent of it. There were the

photographs have been a on photographs have been a on their

money recently. Look at this one,

it is a Ripper.

That is but a gold, isn't that delightful?

The now, I forgot to give a The no , I forg.5t to give a camera The now, I forgot to give a camera

away on Friday. So here comes a

double the digital delights. is double the digital delights. This

is the winning shot. Thanks to

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at 3 o'clock. Right now it is

supporting agrees. Cause the showers. A deadly showdown at a local church - next, a gunman opens fire on a congregation. And a tricky repair job for the space shuttle crew.

This program as captain live. That

has shaken the traffic now. I

believe there are some angry

motorists around Liverpool now. He

is a cow has broken down at West

feels in Liverpool near the Hume

Highway. The traffic delays up

stepped straight back to towards

the south-west. The three lanes and

barely moving. They go past Warwick

Farm racecourse. Lots of traffic

mayhem for a portrait for motorists

take heading to the south-west. It could

take up to 45 minutes. I would

bring you an update later. is closely monitoring The Australian Government the activities of a group from entering Indonesia. whose leader has been banned Sheik Ismail al-Wahwah, Hizb ut-Tahrir, from the Islamic organisation an Islamic conference in Jakarta. was supposed to speak at of a Muslim state The group backs the formation but not here. and is banned in several countries, to monitor quite closely Agencies have continued has been saying and doing what Hizb ut-Tahrir the threshold has not yet passed. but are still of the view that

says The Department of Foreign Affairs an international watch alert list. the sheik is on Hopes are fading for six miners in Utah. trapped underground for a week to where the men are thought to be Rescuers have drilled a hole through a high-resolution camera. and lowered in But so far, they've failed to find any signs of life. We were able to see a tool bag and a chain see and have underground, and just things that you normally of any of the miners. but we did not see any sign at all a prayer service for the men. Relatives and friends have attended be alive, but time is running out. They believe the miners could still at a church in America A shooting spree has left three people dead - hostage the gunman holding other worshippers before surrendering to police. a gunman opening fire inside a church Peaceful Sunday prayers shattered by

Missouri. in the small town of Neosho, the man shot dead three people, Armed with three guns, including the reverend of the church. Several others were injured. machine pistol It was a 9mm semi-automatic of some sort. as well as a small-calibre hand gun

more than 20 people hostage Before surrendering, the gunman took on police. and threatened to open fire but it s crazy for this size. Stunned, stunned - but it's crazy for this size.

we have never had anything this big. Our town, at least one of his victims. It appears the gunman knew between the man and his family Police were called to an incident on Saturday night. that's what the police had said, I understand, his family - and were family. and that the ones who were killed

if anywhere is safe. Shocked residents were left wondering I feel that you're not safe any more - not even in a church.

Nicole Strahan, Ten News. In the United States, the space shuttle 'Endeavour' Astronauts from may be forced to undertake risky repairs on the heat shield before returning to Earth. The shuttle's cameras have detected a hole across two tiles on the underside of the spacecraft, caused by a chunk of foam falling off the external fuel tanks during take-off. The section of the heat shield is difficult for the astronauts to reach and NASA is still deciding if repairs are needed. MAN: The gouge goes pretty much through

the entire thickness of the tile. The shuttle's mission has been extended from 11 to 14 days to allow time for any repairs. The Queen is suing the BBC over a program trailer which wrongly suggested she stormed out of a photo shoot. The pictures from an upcoming documentary the 81-year-old monarch show an exchange between

Annie Leibovitz. and celebrity photographer the misleading clip. The BBC was forced to apologise for the whole program scrapped. Now the Queen's lawyers want have gone beyond the call of duty. Airport workers in China after days of heavy rain, When the runway flooded out of danger. they were forced to push the plane has left at least 17 people dead Flooding across southern China The army has been called in to the worst-hit areas. to bring disaster relief supplies from its latest slump - The Aussie share market bounces back that story next. for Yothu Yindi's front man. Also, new health battles

for Shannon Noll. And a new look and sound OK. Just going to get a DVD. (Whimpers) Come on, girl. Let's go! (Barks) to rent DVDs on BigPond. WOMAN: Now there's a new way of titles online Select from thousands and the video store comes to you. on your TV. Then watch them at your leisure and no late fees, And with our 1-month free trial everyone will be happy. Well...almost everyone.

Call 13POND or visit (Whines)

This program is captioned live. Tonight's major stories - detective near Coffs Harbour. the tragic death of a north coast David McCormack swerved It's believed 42-year-old being chased to get out of the way of a car and collided head-on with a truck. returning from holidays. The respected officer had been New concerns being posted on-line. about video of schoolyard bullying But the Government is resisting calls video-enabled mobiles to school, to ban students bringing the support of parents. insisting such a move would not have last week's interest rate increase And fears that won't be the last. with the rate of inflation, The Reserve Bank is not happy of its target range. which is now at the top Many economists now believe to cool things down. another rate rise may be imposed Sydney house prices could stall, Claims tonight and the looming federal election. amid fears over interest rates already feeling the effects. The western suburbs Sold for $1.335 million, couldn't be happier. and both buyer and seller across Sydney's wealthier suburbs. It's a common story things strengthen At the moment we're only seeing and I can only see that continuing, certainly in the foreseeable future.

Across these suburbs are well above 70%, auction clearance rates in Sydney housing prices helping fuel a 6% jump over the past 12 months. in the western suburbs. But that growth has already stalled dramatically in the past month, In Bankstown, sales have dropped the villain. last week's interest rate rise

in the works. It's just thrown a spanner

at the moment We're living in uncertain times especially in this area, and people out there, are feeling it. could have more pain to come - And the property market fears of further interest rate rises of a looming federal election along with the destabilising effect increasingly nervous. are making both buyers and sellers

the growth in housing prices. That's expected to stop or slow In coming months the caution in the property market I think you're going to see across all markets, as well as the bottom end. the top end is unlikely to bring more buyers, But experts say a dip in prices

Sydney's mortgage belt. particularly along and Blacktown, Campbelltown, Bankstown those sorts of areas, we can't expect good growth rates in those areas for a little while yet. those sorts of areas, But the Vaucluses, the Warrawees,

we can expect good, solid rates of growth over the next 12 months. James Boyce, Ten News. The star of Aboriginal band Yothu Yindi has been battling a drinking problem in rehab. as Mandawuy Yunupingu renews his call between black and white Australia. SONG: # Treaty, yeah, treaty now... # More than 15 years after the release of the hit single, Mandawuy Yunupingu remains hopeful the call will eventually be answered.

But in the current political climate the chances seem slim - Aboriginal Australia angered by Federal Government moves to assume control of Northern Territory communities

to stamp out anti-social behaviour. A sadness, a despair, a frustration and a lack of understanding. He really can't understand why we're turning the clock back.

Freelance journalist Tracee Hutchison caught up with Yunupingu during a recent Top End cultural festival, where he later spoke off-camera of his battle with the bottle. He realised this was one battle he couldn't afford to lose.

that too many people look to him for guidance and leadership. Now on the road to recovery, he looks a very different person to that who once held the title Australian of the Year. APPLAUSE An accomplished teacher, he understands the power of learning, music playing a key role.

Allan Raskall, Ten News.

The Australian share market is starting to bounce back, shrugging off problems on Wall Street. A new CD and a new look for 'Idol' rocker Shannon Noll. He's enlisted some impressive help for album number three, but there's something missing - see if you can pick it. He's 'Idol's most successful graduate and the only male performer to have 11 consecutive singles hit the top 10 in Australia. The big question - can Shannon Noll keep it up? (Sings) # Do you wanna get loud? # Everybody get loud... # 'Loud' is the first single from his third album, 'Turn It Up', which comes out next month. The clip was shot on a bitterly cold night in a deserted warehouse and is Shannon's first video without his trademark flavour saver. What does the missus think? She doesn't mind. She never liked it in the first place. That's why I grew it, because my mum and my wife said, "We don't like it, shave it off," so I went, "Yeah, OK, I'll leave it." So you've got a happier home... That's right. ..shaving's easier. That's right. ..but are people still recognising you? Um, they're not actually, not as much, 'cause people might take a second look and when that's not there, they go, "That's not him." So you can move over because you'll feel the lights come on. so it's like when the lights come on, you move over to it. The father of three scored some impressive help with this album - Bon Jovi's Richie Sambora plays guitar on a bunch of tracks, which augurs well for an attempted break into overseas markets. in the US, hopefully. We probably might have a start In the US? Yeah. That's a big call. Well, I know - you've got to start somewhere. So you just thought you'd try the largest market in the world. Well, my manager's from there and that now and he's, sort of, fairly well connected over there. Here at home, his biggest competition is coming from other Idols - Damien Leith's album goes out this weekend, while new hopefuls are now on our screens for the next battle. Angela Bishop, Ten News.

Ilott and put the dampers back on?

It is a bit chilly at here. That

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It is than sad that you realise the

goose bumps will still be with us.

To now, at Coles to shower and sad

these twins. It would be 15 degrees.

As a tool you back to the desk, a As a tool you back to the desk, a I

want to say well done up on you've performance

performance in the City to serve a yesterday.. Sport now with Tim Webster, and developments today over Wallabies' behaviour.

Yes, the Wallabies coach and skipper have met senior ARU officials after that Tuqiri-Dunning night out.

More shortly. And the victim of the season's biggest hit tells his tale. Also, major number 13 comes after a real fight for Tiger.

This program is captioned live. The

Wallabies Howard he had held

meeting today to discuss this

situation with Lote Tuqiri and Matt

Dunning. It is complicated but what

can you tell us? I would love to

show Unison studio at the pictures

that have gone on today. My linen

and a back to the early hours of

Friday morning, Lote Tuqiri and

Matt Dunning more and Matt Dunning more and drinking

until the early hours of the

morning. As a result of that the Australian Rugby Union has asked

the players group and the hierarchy

if they are comfortable with this.

They're having an oozing to discuss

whether there need to the extra

curfew conditions were doubt for

the World Cup. The coach, John

Colley, the two managers and Phil

Thompson, the high performance

manager and the captain was spoke

today. They had a meeting at 2

o'clock. The keen at and I asked

John Carlin what the outcome John Carlin what the outcome was.

At this meeting up as a result of

what happened in Brisbane?

what happened in Brisbane? Banality

and, interestingly enough, the

player group is concerned that

extra conditions. They are

concerned at Lote Tuqiri and Matt

Dunning had been found guilty by association.

association. The adage is guilty by

association and it is to in this

case. 140, they were caught in the

crossfire of something they had

nothing to do what. It is an

unfortunate situation for them. The

code will meet would put players in

Dundee and tackily two-mile to

discuss the matter they will get a

kick and the backside and no more

of. Sharks coach Ricky Stuart has escaped a $10,000 fine for blasting referee Jason Robinson over his handling of their game against Parramatta. But referees continue to make headlines over their poor decisions, prompting one of the NRL's most senior players to say it's time for more on-field officials. Brett Kimmorley's season is ruined by injury. are about to ruin the season Now he fears refereeing blunders for someone else, I think four touch judges would help the referee, in a way, rather than the guy trying to do everything,

and then the in-goal referees coming back would probably make the decisions a bit quicker.

All up, four more officials for each game, but he reckons it's worth it. The Sharks say they've lost four or five games because of bad decisions.

Well, every week there's a game that's decided by a bad decision, so it would be great if we could investigate how to fix it. Coming into the semifinals you'd hate for a side to lose their season or get kicked out from of a bad decision. Another injury for the Sharks - centre Fraser Anderson breaking his hand. He's lucky he didn't receive more damage after taking the hit of the season from Eels rival Timana Tahu. for it. I sort of knew it was coming. I thank my team-mate there for the late ball, but that's how it goes, mate. Good hit, good on him. No compliments from the Broncos - Greg Eastwood saying he injured his knee in a grapple tackle and wants it out of the game. A lot of the boys had sore necks and especially my knee, so I reckon they should get rid of it, yeah. Maybe Eastwood should try telling his team-mates. Every team does it, including ourselves, but it's just a matter of who gets away with it the most. No charges laid against the Storm. Our defensive line hasn't changed since Round 1. It sort of seems to pop up at semifinals time all the time. Adam Hawse, Ten News. Swans fullback Leo Barry remains a 50/50 chance of playing in Saturday night's vital match against the Lions in Brisbane. Barry has missed the last three matches with a hamstring strain, including the impressive 17-point win over St Kilda last Saturday night. Barry Hall also remains a week-to-week proposition as he tries to manage a groin injury. We probably judge him differently than what externally people judge him. Providing he's playing the team role and providing he's doing things that his team-mates ask him to do, then we don't have a problem with the way he's playing.

With three games to go, the Swans are currently sitting in sixth spot and eyeing a top-four finish, which would give them a double chance in the finals.

So much for theories that fatherhood would stop Tiger Woods from winning a major tournament this year. Tiger won the US PGA title by two strokes this morning. A smile on the victory march and extra care on the putting green. A year after winning his 12th major, Tiger finally took out number 13. COMMENTATOR: Yet again, no-one can take the heat like Tiger Woods. A blistering 45 degrees not all he had to contend with.

The charges came early -

first, a move from South African Ernie Els, countered by the world number one in typical style. Tiger was looking a little wobbly. All of a sudden, birdie, birdie. Then came the ever colourful Woody Austin. Can he do it again? Oh, my goodness! Oh, here we go, now you can celebrate. The wily veteran admitting a bit of gamesmanship behind his antics. I was trying to get them to go crazy for somebody else, there is somebody else out here. You know, Woody was playing well, Ernie was making a move, and I just knew I needed to somehow bear down. I messed up and made a bogey at 9 and a bogey at 14, and going to the 15th tee I said, "Well, you've got yourself in this mess, "now go ahead and earn your way out of it." And that he did, sticking his approach and draining the birdie to keep the contenders at bay. Woods lifting the Wanamaker Trophy for a fourth time, though it was his first victory in front of daughter Sam. It used to be my mom and dad, and now Elin, and now we have our own daughter, and this one feels so much more special than the other majors.

Anthony Goodridge, Ten News. Rising Serbian star Novak Jokovic has upset Roger Federer to win the Montreal Masters. The world number three defeated Andy Roddick and Rafael Nadal to get into the final,

then clinched the title after prevailing in a final set tie break. He's spruiked as the game's next world number one, and after more than two hours on court Djokovic lived up to expectations, claiming the biggest scalp of his career. COMMENTATOR: He's done it, and what a way to do so. The 20-year-old's maiden victory in five attempts

over the world's best bringing up his second Masters Series title. I have done A big present for everything and it's like a dream come true. A disappointed Federer's 50th career title on hold for another day. I should have closed it out in two sets after missing so many chances in the first set. The usually flawless Federer uncharacteristically squandering as Djokovic's ferocious forehands forced a momentum shift. Yes, terrific forehand. One of the best in the match. The Serb prevailing in the opening set tie break, before Federer regained his composure to make it a set apiece. And while the Swiss master served it up to his younger opponent in the third, he managed just two points in the deciding tie break. To win two tie breaks against the world number one, probably the strongest player, mentally, on the tour, you know, it's another achievement. Andrew Brown, Ten News. That's all for now. The Panthers and the Cowboys wrap up Round 22 of the NRL, and Aussie supercross star Chad Reed test-drives a V8 with a view to a switch to four wheels.

Her the let us take another low-key

at the traffic now forced up the

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try it as you can see in an ill is completely

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Farm. Kim Bailey's whether his next. It's hard finding time for the things you love. When I do, I like to make the most of it. I don't like letting myself or the team down. So it's fair to say I don't have time for headaches. That's why I choose Panadol Rapid. The name says it all. WHISTLE BLOWS It's absorbed twice as fast as regular Panadol tablets. Panadol - it's my choice. Hey, well, you know, that's why I put 'em all on one of these. You knock yourself out, hey? If you're over 50 and not working full-time, It's a wise move to call: This program is captioned live. An American entertainment legend who turned his 'Jeopardy' and 'Wheel of Fortune' game shows into a multimillion-dollar empire has died of prostate cancer. Merv Griffin was 82. By all measure he was a Hollywood legend. talk show host, entertainer, producer and real estate mogul Merv Griffin has died. Born outside of San Francisco he began as a singer in a nightclub act, quickly moving to the small screen, where he lit up the set. Did you spit that out of your mouth? He pioneered late-night television. You're making me stand beside you again.

I think you should because that's where you belong. Griffin produced Hollywood award shows and two of the most successful game shows of all time. He interviewed princes and presidents, quipped with the rich and famous and was in his own right Hollywood royalty. Where do you feel most romantic? You. Here? Here with you, yes. Yes. Always the comedian, Griffin, who leaves behind a son and two grandchildren, once said he'd like his headstone to read "Stay Tuned". In Los Angeles, Alison Harmelin, Ten News.


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