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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. now one of America's most wanted, Pumpkin's father alongside Osama bin Laden. New research which claims does more harm than good. breastfeeding And the perfect Storm - Harbour City in the NRL Grand Final. Melbourne reigns supreme over the

Ten News with Georgina Lewis. First this morning, a United Nations opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi. special envoy to meet the detained

bloody crackdown The diplomat is trying to end the on pro-democracy protesters. but Rangoon is ominously quiet today, Not quite a ghost town, firmly back in control. Burma's army The monks who led the uprising in their broken monasteries. now either jailed or besieged These images shot secretly show the massive security operation smothering the city.

virtually impossible here. Protests have become have been dispersed in Rangoon. A lot of troops, I hear 15,000 and certain bits of the city Outwardly it looks normal,

but then you can turn the corner, look quite normal, military presences. and there are some quite substantial Into this menacing atmosphere special envoy comes the United Nations' hoping to broker a deal. But the odds are not looking good.

He met Burma's jailed democracy leader last year. Today he saw her again. He also met some senior generals

But these images suggest the regime may be immune to diplomacy. He also met some senior generals the key leaders. though not yet, it seems, But these images suggest the regime may be immune to diplomacy. State television is now showing what it says

is a pro-government rally. they enjoy popular support, The generals trying to prove

of the past few weeks. despite all the evidence In Britain, and around the world, against the military crackdown. protests are continuing In Trafalgar Square today Burmese exiles desperate easily in recent days calls and internet connections. because they cut off all the phone I'm obviously very worried, along with all my Burmese colleagues here. In Rangoon opposition groups insist their struggle will go on in one form or another. But this is a nation in shock. The fate of hundreds missing monks and civilians still unknown. The father of abandoned girl, 'Pumpkin', has joined some of America's Most Wanted, including Osama Bin Laden. Nai Yin Xue has been added to the America's Most Wanted website ''.

The site says the self-proclaimed martial arts master is accused of killing his wife in New Zealand, abandoning his daughter in Melbourne, and is now on the run in Los Angeles. The television show, America's Most Wanted, is also expected to cover the case, which means millions of people will be on the look-out for the fugitive. Prime Minister John Howard is expected to buy more time for late November or even December. and call the federal election its lead over the Government. Today's Newspoll shows Labor widening It was hardly the heroes' welcome... CROWD BOOS ..but with the grand finals decided

on an election date. John Howard must now decide interferes a little bit The sporting calendar at this time of the year, with political objectives but suffice to say select a date before Christmas. I'm sure the Prime Minister will But maybe only just. this morning suggests Another dismal Newspoll result for as long as possible. the PM will put off the poll Labor would have claimed 37 seats on Saturday. had an election been held In two party preferred terms from 10 points to 12. Labor has reopened its lead has dropped. Primary support for the Coalition

with Kevin Rudd But a small dip in voter satisfaction that running a long campaign will encourage the Government the Labor leader's popularity. may just erode haven't improved in the polls The Government's fortunes of electoral annihilation in May. since Mr Howard warned Despite APEC environmental announcements, and a number of big ticket its landslide lead. Labor has maintained only chance to shift sentiment Mr Howard's lies in the campaign itself. Jacqui Maddock, Ten News. a 30-hectare bushfire Strong winds fuelled in Sydney's south overnight. broke out last night, The blaze at Bundeena lighting up the night sky. No property was threatened, received more than 23 calls for help. but emergency services damaging roofs The gusty winds bringing down trees,

and forcing cuts to power.

Fire crews expect to bring the blaze as conditions ease. that mothers could pass allergies New research has shown through breast-feeding. onto their children

The study conducted by the University of Melbourne showed exclusively breast feeding babies with a family history of allergies increased their risk of developing asthma, eczema or food allergies. from the Australian Breast feeding Association. Good morning Karen, what do you make of this research?

Babies who had been fed for less

spend four months, have increased

risk in allergy and world house

organisation does and fat recommend

exclusive breast-feeding for six

months. This was a rare thing when

the studies first be again. Do the

price of breast-feeding still

outweigh the cons? Yes it are the

pros still outweigh the cons,

premature weaning of breast milk

does contribute to the increased

risks of allergies like Exmoor.

What further studies would you like What further studies would you

to see carried out? We would like

research to see whether exclusively

breast-fed babies mix up different

feeding methods for allergies. It

depends on the exclusivity and the

duration of the exclusive breast-

warranted, feeding. Ongoing research is

warranted, and Western Australia

has done some wonderful research,

and there Stephanie Moore to be

done. What advice would you give to

mums worried about this research?

False I would encourage mums to not

Breast be too alarmed by this research.

Breast feeding far outweighs the

risks exclusively breast feed your

babies for six months. Contact

their Australian breast-feeding

breast feeding association if you have any problems. Melbourne Storm fans partied well into the morning after their side's thumping of Manly in the NRL Grand Final. And a bet between state premiers sees the Victorian flag atop a Sydney landmark! Eating humble pie honoured a bet NSW Premier Morris Iemma

above the Sydney Harbour Bridge. letting the Victorian flag unfurl painted the town purple, Overnight, Melbourne storm supporters premiership in less than a decade. celebrating their side's second Go Melbourne! saved for their premiership heroes. The biggest roar of the night it's about enjoying this moment That's what it's all about,

and we're going to enjoy it tonight. or the support of their biggest fan. Perhaps it was the luck of the Irish To win this year is sweet for them, and I think it's even more great now that they lost last year and won now.

Melbourne Storm, Melbourne Storm. (All) Melbourne Storm, most colourful character A kiss from Mum for the Storm's to tell you the truth. I've been walking around on cloud nine, mate,

it's unbelievable. It's the best thing anyone could ever do. The party going on well into the night, putting to bed the demons of last year's shock grand final loss. In Melbourne, fans who couldn't make it to Telstra Stadium gathered at Federation Square to watch the action on the big screen. Come on Melbourne! Heartache for the losing fans. Manly just not strong enough to weather the Storm.

But despite the result, for the runners-up. a rousing reception Ben Lewis, Ten News. to fly back to Melbourne, The Storm are just about in the morning news and of course, We'll cross to Sydney Airport later of the Grand Final, a full match report later in sport. And he's been missing for 28 days, search of Steve Fossett. why rescue teams have resumed the

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This program is captioned live. the case of missing British girl, Prince Charles has been drawn into Madeleine McCann. 150 days after Maddy disappeared from her parents' hotel room in Portugal, from the royal family. police are investigating a tip-off to the Prince's website An anonymous email was sent was kidnapped by a sacked maid claiming the three-year old

in a crazed revenge plot. Royal aides passed the email on to police. The search for adventurer Steve Fossett is back on. trawling through terrain Dozens of US rescuers in Nevada's rugged back country, after analysts spotted possible clues to his whereabouts on satellite images. Officials in charge of the operation are releasing few other details concerned over the number of independent pilots joining the hunt for the 63-year-old. Fossett - who was the first person to circle the globe solo in a balloon - has been missing since his plane went down 28 days ago. Lois Maxwell in 14 James Bond films who played Miss Moneypenny

has died. The Canadian actress passed away at the age of 80 in her adopted home of Western Australia. Miss Moneypenny was the only woman James Bond could never have. She knew that if she allowed herself to fall in love with him he would break her heart. And he knew if he allowed himself to fall in love with Moneypenny he would never get his 00s. The Canadian-born actress played Mr Bond's secretary. And although her parts were small they always highlighted the sexual tension between the two. What can I bring you back from Holland? A diamond? In a ring? She starred alongside Sean Connery

in the first Bond movie 'Dr No' in 1962 and continued to play Miss Moneypenny until 1985 when she starred with Roger Moore in 'A View to a Kill'. Thank-you. Goodbye, James. Or should I say, ciao bello. From London Mr Moore described her as his lucky token. The Bond franchise goes on but the definitive Moneypenny will be remembered with great affection by millions of fans. Moneypenny, what gives? Me, given an ounce of encouragement. Lois Maxwell was living in Australia with her son and his family. She passed away at the age of 80 after losing a battle with cancer. Anthony Donaghy, Ten News. Still to come, our feature story on the medicinal use of marijuana, and the claims it's turned some doctors surgeries into drug dens. And see-through frogs - why the specifically bred species are delighting both scientists and animal activists.

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This program is captioned live. The father of abandoned girl Qian Xun Xue has joined some of America's most infamous criminals. Nai Yin Xue added to the 'America's Most Wanted' website alongside Osama bin Laden. Breastfeeding mums could pass allergies onto their children. A new study reveals breastfed babies whose mothers have a history of allergies, have an increased risk of developing asthma, eczema or food allergies. And the Storm will arrive back in Melbourne today to a heroes' welcome after their thumping of Manly in the NRL Grand Final. To inflict more pain on the fans of the defeated Sydney side the Victorian flag will fly atop the Sydney Harbour Bridge after a bet between the two State Premiers. Time for a look at finance now with James Boyce, and James, Virgin's new Trans-Pacific airline has been handed a big present before they've even taken to the skies. That's right, Georgie. The airline's plans to launch flights to North America have been boosted, with Australia and the US announcing they'll finalise a comprehensive open skies agreement by early next year. The talks expected to pave the way for Virgin's long-haul carrier V-Australia to fly the trans-Pacific route 10 times a week. Airlines are currently restricted to four flights a week on that route in their first year of operation.

Australian airlines say they're untroubled by a recent hike in the price of jet fuel. The industry's confident demand for fuel-hedging contracts and travel

will easily offset any price rise. Jet kerosene reached a record US$93.55 a barrel 10 days ago and could climb further to fall in line with the price of crude oil. Seven says it will increase its 45 cents a share offer to 50 cents if it acquires 90% of the company by November 8. The network's urging shareholders accept its $127 million takeover of the struggling wireless broadband company.

It's warned holdings could be diluted if shareholders hold out for the $200 million needed to build its WiMAX network. The long-delayed project to deepen Port Phillip Bay, is expected to be given the go-ahead today. A panel is likely to argue the benefits of the Victorian Government project far outweigh any damage to the environment. The move would pave the way for a $3 billion infrastructure overhaul of the nation's premier ports precinct. with the Reserve Bank unlikely to lift interest rates when the board meets tomorrow. That's despite strong economic growth and mounting evidence inflation is above target range. But with continued uncertainty in global markets, the majority of economists predict the Central Bank will hold off on a rise until at least November. It's a public holiday for some states today, but the ASX is trading this morning. Martin Arnold from Commsec's joins us now with more on the latest data. Good morning Martin, how's the market performing this morning?

It has been a very lacklustre start

for the local share market. It is

around five points higher. The

resources sector is providing support

support to the index. The gold

sector has been an area of strength,

after a gold prices are hovering at

20 a year highs. The financial so

are strictly to make headway with

all round major banks just in

positive territory. The first one at the Reserve Bank interest-rate

policy announcement on Wednesday.

It is unlikely the Reserve Bank

will increase interest rates.

Retail sales data for August is due

out on Thursday, and there were

show us with a consumers are

behaving with caution. The Abbey to

employment report will lead us know

how the US job market is progressing. Thanks Martin.

Martin Arnold there from Commsec. Taking a closer look at the figures this morning and as Martin pointed out, Now for a look at the national weather, Another battle for the Coral Sea is under way, this time to protect it from mining. The environmentally fragile area is zoned a potential source of oil and gas. While today's politicians say it should be preserved,

environmentalists want the area re-zoned to keep it safe, permanently. This is a potential oil field. The Federal Government has zoned sections of the Coral Sea as a fair game for petroleum exploration. The area has also been identified as an area of prospectivity for the oil and gas industry. Last year the Government completed a seismic survey in the deep blue off the Queensland coast. They were looking for oil and gas deposits. A small area they investigated was in the southern end of the Coral Sea. It's just an inappropriate place to put putting oil or gas mineral exploration out here.

But environmentalists fear potential problems, like oil spills, could devastate the marine habitat. What's at stake is too high to lose that and that is why we are against it. Another possible casualty, the reef tourism industry,

worth $6 billion to Australia's economy. To have a viable tourism industry it's one of those assets we should protect. Since 1975 federal legislation has prohibited mining on the Great Barrier Reef. Environmentalists now want similar laws to protect the Coral Sea. But politicians say they have no intention of mining the region. We think that the value of the reef is so high and so important, that it shouldn't be jeopardised by things like oil exploration. many a time before, The Government has indicated that we're not interested in mining the Great Barrier Reef or the Coral Sea. If that's the case Green groups say remove the mining zone and protect the area in case political opinions change. Meg Palmer, Ten News. Next, is medicinal marijuana use really only benefiting drug dealers? Our feature story is next. There's no place in the world like Sydney, and no show like 'Billy Elliot', the smash-hit musical. Book your hotel and show package from just:

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This program is captioned live. The benefits of using cannabis to treat a range of illnesses prompted California to legalise the drug for medicinal purposes a decade ago. But with prescriptions readily available from doctors, the legislation is being abused. Good afternoon.

Just another working day at a dispensary, as they call them, in San Francisco. Where, with a note from a doctor, you can buy marijuana for anything you claim ails you - in just about any form. Cookies - two or three different kinds of cookies, pies... we have chocolate milk also. In many dispensaries up and down the state, there's a tasting corner where you can sample the wares. And where you'll find any number of satisfied customers. I use medical marijuana for anxiety, neck pain and back pain. the only thing that works Seems to be that's not an opiate derivative. I have a torn ligament in my knee. How do you take it? Do you smoke it or...

There are hundreds of such stores in the state, as many as 400 The people who run them are members of the state's latest entrepreneurial class, calling themselves 'caregivers'. The Feds call them something else. Case in point: a young man of many faces named Luke Scarmazzo. Luke, you've been variously described as a businessman, a hip hop artist, and by the government as a drug dealer. Which of the above apply to you?

I'm a hip hop artist first, 'cause that's what I've always been. And I'm a businessman second. But I'm not a drug dealer. But you're in the drug business. Correct? Correct. And, like a growing number of people in the business of selling medical marijuana, Luke Scarmazzo found himself and his dispensary on the receiving end of an unannounced early-morning raid

by the Federal Drug Enforcement Administration. like Scarmazzo's every few weeks. The DEA hits a handful of businesses And in his case, business was good. You were paid a salary. Yes. May I ask how much? Yes, I took home $13,000 a month? Yes. That's pretty good money. Yeah. I was working a lot of hours. Scarmazzo's lawyer, Tony Capozzi, says the business was above-board, perfectly legal in California. by the book, selective prosecution. We think this is Selective, Capozzi says, Scarmazzo made. because of this high-profile video businessman, a 'caregiver'. In some scenes he's a well-tailored

In other shots he's a different man. attitude, Flaunting money, pot, babes, with drug dealing than caregiving. in a manner more in tune and yell "F*** the Feds!" # # So put your finger in the air easy to perceive that video Do you not think that it's and saying, as him being a smartass "Come and catch me if you can!"? In hindsight, yes. Hindsight. in the hall of mirrors One more image has become. that medical marijuana in California DEA's right to go after dispensaries The Supreme Court has upheld the

no matter what state law might say, of medical marijuana and even one of the key proponents says things have gotten out of hand. It's just ridiculous, the amount of money that's going through these cannabis clubs. It's absolutely ridiculous. in the United Methodist Church Scott Imler is a minister in promoting medical marijuana. who's long been active working to pass Proposition 215, Here he is 11 years ago, the ballot measure that legalised it. Today, Imler has second thoughts. was not to create a new industry. The purpose of Proposition 215 patients from criminal prosecution. It was to protect legitimate allow doctors to recommend marijuana ADVERTISEMENT: Proposition 215 will to patients who need it. reflected in the television spots, The aim back then, was for a highly regulated system

in which licenced pharmacies would dispense medical marijuana

was for a highly regulated system would dispense medical marijuana to the seriously ill.

with AIDS, cancer, glaucoma in mind. Proposition 215's backers had people to the seriously ill. with AIDS, cancer, glaucoma in mind. What happened when we were writing it was, as you can imagine, every patient group in the state -

and they all have their lobbies, you know, the kidney patients and the heart patients - every patient group wanted to be included in the list. And so we didn't want to get in the position could be used for of deciding what it

and what it couldn't be used for. we weren't scientists, We weren't doctors, patients with a problem. we weren't researchers, we were just were forced to make it vague. What you're saying is you We were, yeah. mentioned not only cancer and AIDS So the law voters passed for which marijuana provides relief. but any other illness if you've got a note from a doctor, A decade later,

about any imaginable condition. you can buy medical pot for just plain and simple - Let me just ask you is there this proliferation 'medical marijuana' to get high? because people are simply using I think there's a lot of that, of what we have now and I think a lot

in store fronts. is basically pot dealers dispensaries are cannabis clubs Many businesses calling themselves advertised in alternative papers. give you a quick once-over As do doctors around the state who and, for a price, a permit to buy. Station KCBS went to this Los Angeles clinic where the waiting-room was full of young people joking about what they'd tell the doctor their ailment was. saw four healthy people sent by KCBS. Dr James Eisenberg for being under-age. He rejected a 17-year-old consultation and paying $175 But after getting a brief the other three got their papers. another of hair loss. One complained of dry skin, high heels hurt her feet. The third said complains of foot pain You think someone who because of high-heeled shoes for medical marijuana? is a legitimate candidate patient's statements as factual. You know, all I can do is take a he is not breaking any state laws. And in so doing, the concentrates. Some people really prefer

Don Duncan is something in the world of medical marijuana, running three California dispensaries, including this one in Hollywood. He concedes that compliant doctors are a problem. You're not naive about this, I'm sure, but obviously someone claiming to have a mild back pain and has a friendly doctor...

someone claiming to have and has a friendly doctor... Mm-hmm. Virtually anyone, theoretically, can come in here and buy it legally. Absolutely. And I'm sure that happens. Correct? in this system, There's bound to be abuse are abused by people you know, our pharmacies prescription drugs who want to abuse reasonable to assume and so it's facilities are abused as well. that our medical cannabis In theory, all the medical marijuana is grown by the patients themselves. means is our members grow it. We're a collective, and what that

They bring excess medicine here to the other members. and we provide it back no entanglement That way we have with the illicit market. it doesn't always work that way - But sceptics say

can easily get a compliant doctor that old-fashioned pot dealers and caregivers too. to make them patients Most of these cannabis centres off the black market. are buying their marijuana into the criminal black market. They're dumping millions of dollars dispensary owners Imler believes there are well-meaning doing their best to help the seriously ill. That, says Don Duncan, is his goal. patients and be discreet. We just want to serve our

on a decade of controversy, Looking back Reverend Scott Imler concedes intentions weren't enough. that good Samaritans with good government to step in, He argues it's time for the federal medical marijuana. legalise and properly control Until that happens what we have now, which is chaos. we're going to have to call for another reinforcement. Ahead, the Wallabies forced Premiership party continues. Plus Geelong's AFL Manly away in the NRL Grand Final. Also, how the Melbourne Storm blew Greg Inglis superstar!

The Australian Government

is serious about protecting your family online. For practical Internet safety advice, look out for this important booklet arriving in your mailbox soon. This program is captioned live.

Sport, and first our Rugby World Cup update with Anthony Goodridge, Anthony, the Wallabies ready to fly another player over to France?

Yes, Georgie. Last week we thought they'd be replacing Stephen Larkham, instead they'll bring in some insurance for the veteran fly-half who's recovering from knee surgery. devastating tournament-ending injury. It's all due to another player's with a broken leg. David Lyons out of luck again just 46 minutes against Canada. His World Cup tournament lasted I guess, I've had a bad two couple of years, my whole career, after never having injuries of solid injuries. I've had two years and deep vein thrombosis Back injuries didn't keep him out of the Wallabies side, the latter though might stop him from coming home immediately.

and get him ready to fly Need to monitor him because he can't fly if he's not on his anticoagulant therapy. An SOS due out today but instead of calling for another forward, to bolster the inside backs. the coaching staff is likely If you brought a 10 in it'll be Kurtley Beale. Then you ask yourself the question is he the one to step into a semifinal or a final if needed, or are you better served by bringing Matt Giteau in and bringing a 12 in?

One back who seemingly can't be stopped - winger Drew Mitchell. A pair of tries on the weekend to topple David Campese's

all-tournament mark of eight. one short of Jonah Lomu's in favour of Adam Ashley Cooper. Yet he may still be benched we'll be pushing each other. If it's a contact session

But it's all in good nature we'll both be behind one another. against the might of the Springboks, Given little chance

still salvaged some pride, the United States manufacturing this spectacular 5-pointer from their own line

while unearthing a potential rugby superstar. And this could be the last French fans will see of the tournament hosts. Despite their 64-7 drubbing of Georgia, they'll travel to Cardiff for an imposing quarterfinal clash against the All Blacks. A nightmare for the French after tournament organisers had been dreaming of a France-New Zealand final.

Australia out for revenge against England in the replay of the 2003 decider. Ten will be televising all those quarterfinals live around Australia. We'll also be updating on who will be sent to France as David Lyons' replacement. Look for that in the news at 5:00 and in Sports Tonight. Now it's over to Mark Aiston for more sports news. taking out both the AFL and NRL grand finals.

home this morning. The party is

continuing at Sydney airport. The

Storm players are a little more

subdued now. When that arrive in

Melbourne they will continue the

celebrations with their fans. It

will be interesting to see how many

people will turn out there. Matt

King it was very happy with the

results. It he's unbelievable results. It he's unbelievable to

think that I could achieve

something like this, with my best

mates and the world, and my last

game of footie in Australia. This

is ridiculous mate. I'm still on

cloud nine, but this is the best

ever. Did it make it more sweeter

with a loss last year. The win last

night is a bit of medicine for last

year. Is still hurts the loss to

the Broncos must you. This victory

House take away some of the pain.

The fans and Melbourne and very

loyal. We have 15 to 30,000 fans

there are very loyal to us. When you

you walkout on Olympic Park it is

like a family atmosphere. This

piece of, I can't even begin to

tell you how good this feels to

have this. It is unbelievable made.

To think that's 16 of UBS might

have got these on the fingers. Matt King

King a little bit on a rusty side.

The thing for Melbourne Storm now

is to look at their salary cap. For

the moment it is all about the celebrations. The Storm proved too much for Manly, running in seven tries in a 34-8 demolition of the Sea Eagles. The year's best team parading the proof of their league supremacy. Singing and surfing their way through the night,

the Storm celebrated with fans. This making up for lost time, 12 months after falling at the final hurdle. We've gone from the worst feeling you could ever experience to the best feeling. Eight years since their first title, the Storm were once again partying like it was 1999. They had every reason to. Clive Churchill medallist Greg Inglis extending the lead to 10.

That was the first of a double. The second will forever be etched in Grand Final folklore. It means a helluva lot. It's not just me out there, there's 16 other blokes. Manly's loss compounded by this sickening blow on Brett Stewart that ended his night. Hopefully he's alright.

I haven't had a chance to check him out.

The Sea Eagles' defence lost its structure. Holes just kept appearing. We probably saved one of our worst performances,

for one of the biggest stages in Rugby League. A late try by Clint Newton the icing on his amazing year. Unwanted by Newcastle mid-season, the Storm snapped him up. His famous Father Jack stood and saluted his premiership-winning son.

The trophy heading south for more show and tell. Even in AFL-mad Melbourne, there's more revelry ahead.

At the end of the day we just wanna go back and celebrate, and if they wanna join in with us that'd be great, if they don't well they can go to Geelong. Paul Cochrane, Ten News.

AFL now, and Geelong fans continue to revel in their side's historic Grand Final win. An estimated 30,000 die-hard supporters turning out to pay tribute to their heroes. A party 44 years in the making, was packed to the rafters Skilled Stadium as the 2007 premiers were paraded on stage. Despite looking the players were only too happy to ham it up for their adoring fans. You don't expect these sorts of things.

this, but... They are trying to talk me out of Go the Catters! are here I don't know how many people but thanks for coming. for a very very long time. We're going to celebrate this through the streets of Geelong A ticker-tape parade

is scheduled for Wednesday and if Saturday night's street party is anything to go by

one hell of a fright. the town is in for will continue this morning Mad Monday celebrations and throughout the week before the club turns its attention out-of-contract coach Mark Thompson. to re-signing I tried to ring Frank this morning but he didn't answer his phone. I'll talk to them in due time. I don't think it will be a big problem really. Luke Schneider, Ten News. Shocking breaking news out of Perth with the sudden death of a former AFL footballer. Reporter Jane Bootle is in the Ten Perth newsroom. Jane, what can you tell us?

What I can tell you is that is her

Denise end shot cry now. If Chris

wearing has died overnight. The 41

year-old was taken to hospital just

after midnight after collapsing in

a pedestrian by his house. He died a pedestrian by his house. He died

shortly after. He played 201 games

for his club and could easily be

described as the been cousin of the

Nineties. He was a sports

commentator and a presenter. He was

you don't. married with two children. Think

Mariners have tasted defeat A-League, and the Central Coast going down 2-1 to Adelaide overnight. for the first time this season, for the home team Bruce Jittay opened the scoring league leaders back before half time. but Sasho Petrovski pegged the for this challenge. Tony Vidmar saw red sealing Adelaide a crucial home win. Jittay's second

In the other game, to the bottom of the ladder, Perth Glory remain stuck going down 4-1 to Wellington. That's it for sport. when the Morning News returns. The national weather details,

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This program is captioned live.

Recapping on our top stories, and in breaking news, former West Coast Eagle Chris Mainwaring has died. It's believed the 41-year-old was taken to hospital after suffering a suspected drug overdose and collapsing in a Perth street overnight. He died a short time later. Breastfeeding mums could pass allergies onto their children. A new study reveals breastfed babies whose mothers have a history of allergies,

asthma, eczema or food allergies. have an increased risk of developing back in Melbourne today And the Storm will arrive to a heroes' welcome in the NRL Grand Final. after their thumping of Manly of the defeated Sydney side, To inflict more pain on the fans atop the Sydney Harbour Bridge the Victorian flag will fly between the two state premiers. after a bet

at the national weather. Now for a look

are jumping for joy Scientists in Japan

see-through frogs after successfully breeding at Hiroshima University. will also be delighted, Animal rights activists because the internal organs and blood vessels of the translucent frogs without the need for dissection. The frogs are the world's first ever four-legged see-through creatures.

Researchers bred them from Japanese brown frogs with a recessive gene that makes them pale. That brings you up to date with all the news. Stay with Ten for updates throughout the day, and the full details in Ten's news hour tonight. I'm Georgina Lewis, good morning. by the Australian Caption Centre Supertext Captions