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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Good evening. I'm Deborah Knight. This is Ten's Late News. Tonight, relief and flee to freedom as more Australians board buses from the Middle East bloodbath. able to get a ship in to Lebanon. We are confident that we will be from the Java tsunami, The death toll mounting some amazing escapes. and amid the turmoil, Pulled me under "This is the end." and I was thinking, Plus, pilots with the right stuff. WOMAN: Oh, shit. brought their crippled craft How two top guns

to a safe and spectacular landing. with Ryan Phelan. And, AFL headlines Sports Tonight Yes, Deb. Michael Gardiner's in more trouble. about it this time? Just what are the Eagles going to do wants to do is play footy, Plus, all Justin Koschitzke the VFL Tribunal first. but he's got to get past he's unwanted at the Roosters Brett Finch - apparently throw him a lifeline? but will the Broncos best surfers how it's done at JBay. And the wildlife show the world's tonight in the Middle East crisis. First, some major developments its seventh day, As the conflict entered

out of the line of fire, more Australians were bussed will be shipped out tomorrow. and hundreds more

arrived in Israel Tonight a delegation from the UN to try to broker a peace deal. an international stabilisation force, The UN Chief calling for to end the bloodbath. When I talk of action, limitations I'm not talking of statements, specific concrete action. but really, actual That is one of the reasons why a stabilisation force. I propose that we do send in for the Security Council to act on We do put forward a package

and the parties to accept it

to put troops on the ground. and begin to move is steaming towards Lebanon And tonight a charter vessel stranded in the war zone. to evacuate hundreds of Australians which made it out earlier today. They'll follow a group

of our nationals Four buses carry more than 90 and to safety. through the Israeli blockade The trickle set to become a flood, to take part in a great exodus as the Australian Government prepares by sea. from Turkey A charter vessel on its way stranded in Beirut. to rescue our citizens onto that ship Planning to get about 300 people will go onto a Canadian ship. and a further 100 And there are more on the way. ship for Friday, possibly Saturday We are looking at chartering another as well. expected to be on an a massive scale. The sea evacuation with children, to the elderly, Priority must be given to families or infirmed. and to people who might be sick one of its own warships to Beirut. The Government ruling out sending

not an option It realistically is not, from the Persian Gulf to simply take our Anzac frigate and bring it around to Lebanon.

And the Government admits for Australians there is little it can do near the Israeli border. trapped in the south of Lebanon another day or two. PHONE: I don't think we can survive casualties from Australian people. I'm sure there are going to be so Australians can get out. Israel refusing to call a ceasefire we haven't tried. There are no grounds for saying It is a war-like situation. bracing for the worst, The Department of Foreign Affairs amid fears there could be Australian deaths in the war zone. among the 25,000 dual nationals who is Lebanese has been killed It's possible that somebody

discover and that we will subsequently

citizenship. that they also had dual Australian Murray McCloskey, Ten News. A tyre dump burns in Lebanon, not the target of an Israeli bomb of a shot down Israeli warplane. but reportedly the crash site It's been seven deadly days. been killed and dozens of Israelis. More than 200 Lebanese people have tore the front A suspected Hezbollah rocket in Haifa. of a residential building clean off he's not scared, just angry. This Israeli man says In Lebanon there's outrage too. People are dying!

that go on the other side? What about the rockets I don't care about rockets! All I care about for somebody else's crime. OK! is that I don't pay the price That crime, in Israel eyes, two Israeli soldiers. is Hezbollah holding hostage Until their safe return.. ..Israel's Prime Minister says with all our might". "We will continue to act in the crossfire. Plenty of civilians have been caught bear the wounds. In Beirut, children's faces of humanitarian crisis, As neighbouring countries warn to meet with Israeli leaders. the UN has sent a small team to have the political framework It is necessary indeed a ceasefire. in order to reach, eventually, But Israel's not ready to disarm. community face a common threat Israel and the international Hezbollah, Hamas, Syria and Iran. from the axis of terror and hate -

and Australian calls for a ceasefire. The US has not backed European

unofficial opinion George W. Bush caught out giving his to British PM Tony Blair. Syria disagree. totally massacred. Lebanon is being massacred, its leverage to restrain Israel. The United States should use

Danielle Isdale, Ten News. Jordan, which borders Israel. And these pictures just in from in the capital Amman Australians arriving safely in a bus convoy out of Beirut. after making a deadly trip the war zone, For nine hours they travelled around then heading south to Jordan driving north into Syria where they arrived earlier tonight. Next stop - hopefully home. continues A desperate search for survivors from the huge tsunami

of Java. that hit the Indonesian island Ministry posted a new toll Tonight, the Indonesian Health for the death and injuries. and 510 are injured. 337 have been killed who escaped the deadly wave. Five Australians among those comes crashing to the shore A three metre wall of water in a terrifying moment. catching thousands offguard and pulled me under And then the water grabbed me and I was thinking, "This is the end, I'm going down. I'm going to drown." Surging as far as 500 metres inland the freak wave destroyed everything in its way. The hardest hit - beachside restaurants, and hotels. As the body bags piled up, those who survived returned to identify relatives who didn't make it out. A baby giving rescuers precious hope. At least five Australians were among those who managed to scramble to higher ground. We have an AusAID officer going into parts of Java that have been affected by the tsunami with an Australian Defence Force officer as well to assess the situation. The quake which caused the wave peaked at 7.7 on the richter scale followed by 18 aftershocks. The disaster putting to test the region's new tsunami warning system. While nearby nations were placed on high alert

the people of Java appear to have been forgotten. Aid agencies are now scrambling to help the thousands whose homes have been washed away. This is an area that has suffered enormously in terms of earthquakes. We've had the tsunami, then we had back in June we've had the earthquake, and now the earthquake and a further tsunami. With so much lost so quickly, shocked survivors can do little but ponder an uncertain future. Rakhal Ebeli, Ten News. And an assurance tonight that none of the Bali bombers escaped from their jail cell in Java during the chaotic aftermath of the tsunami.

Foreign Minister Alexander Downer says two prisoners are missing but three bombers remain locked up. Australia's aging fleet of F-111s has been grounded for the time being. The Air Force is now examining the aircraft that led to a full-scale emergency with a spectacular ending. A nervous, worrying four hours, dumping fuel, ends with touchdown. Success and cheers all round. WOMAN: Oh, there's a - no. A 22-year-old rookie pilot and his 26-year-old navigator are now being hailed heroes. Bringing their 'pig' the F-111's nickname safely to ground. I particularly express my admiration and my gratitude for the professonalism of all of those concerned. But why did a wheel fall off as the plane departed on a routine training mission from Amberley in Queensland? The engineers will take, I would think, several weeks to look at that will need to be fixed. and see where he aeroplane

be grounded permanently? And should the planes Some believe they are just too old but apparently not the pilots. There is no crew at Amberley to be beyond its years. that even considers the aeroplane

Ten News has heard claims on another aircraft collapsed that part of the undercarriage after landing seven weeks ago. That can't be confirmed tonight, the plane is still viable but the airforce is adamant for current operations. and its design paramaters We fly it within its limits and it works well for us every day. will now be inspected. However all F-111s Mark Suleau, Ten News. Police have shot a man in Melbourne tonight. who allegedly fired at officers

being treated for a chest wound. He's in hospital a national recall KR Castlemaine has launched after a hepatitis scare. of some packaged smallgoods chicken, turkey and pastrami Thousands of packs of shaved ham, have been recalled the 'A' strain of the disease. after an employee reported having an incident like this has happened This is the first time in this country procedures, standard protocols so we didn't have standard in place. Hepatitis A takes 28 days to incubate and abdominal pain. and causes nausea, fever

In severe cases it can kill.

Still to come, catch of the day - of a maritime encounter. dramatic video be tolerated in Australian waters. Illegal fishing will not

shows off the family jewels. And our former Miss Universe Bye. I hope you enjoyed the show. DREAMY MUSIC RIP! Kellogg's Crunchy nut. Obviously, another Well, it is irresistibly tasty! Hon, what's your ultimate fantasy? A new Holden Rodeo. a big turbo diesel, With all the grunt of for the weekends too. and good enough Is that all? Shh. Holden Rodeo. powerful turbo diesel VOICEOVER: Australia's It's what blokes want.

This program is captioned live boats have been hauled into Darwin Seven illegal Indonesian fishing and Customs operation. as part of a major Navy the vessels Almost 70 people were on board as well as more than 4,000 kilograms of reef fish. described as floating eskies The seven ice boats, polystyrene to keep the fish fresh, because they're packed with by two Navy ships. were caught over a 12-hour period message to the owners in Indonesia Certainly this will send a strong be tolerated in Australian waters. that illegal fishing will not and are likely to be destroyed The fish will be confiscated along with the boats. It brings to 214 seized this year. the number of illegal fishing vessels East Timor The Prime Minister has warned maintain law and order indefinitely. that Australia can't continue to

first time since the recent violence. John Howard has visited Dili for the Warm enough? Oh yeah, a little bit warm. some of the 2,500 soldiers Meeting and greeting East Timor for the past two months. who have been keeping the peace in

for a job well done Mr Howard conveying gratitude in dangerous circumstances. We are all greatly in your debt. We are all immensely proud of you. Mr Howard's whirlwind visit intended as a thank-you to our troops in the reshaped government in Dili. but also as a vote of confidence

The key question - and police be needed how long will Australian soldiers to hold apart the warring factions and destruction only weeks ago? and rabble that cause such death We don't want to go prematurely give the impression but I don't want to that we are here indefinitely. Mr Howard was greeted on arrival Prime Minister, Jose Ramos Horta. by the newly appointed I wish you well. in Australia. You have a very good friend Xanana Gusmao. He also met the popular President, Nice to be back in your country. of our military contingent The commanding officer briefed Mr Howard, a departure date for our troops. and he too declined to name for many months to come. Many of us are going to be here of East Timor too early last time, At home, the Greens say we pulled out and should not repeat the error. in our neighbourhood, not in Iraq. in East Timor, not in Iraq. Our priority should be Greg Turnbull, Ten News. Tributes are pouring in tonight for the 88th birthday of an anti-apartheid icon.

Nelson Mandela, South Africa's first Black president, out of the public eye. is having a quiet day Australian singer Darren Hayes years in a civil partnership ceremony has married his male partner of two

in Britain. posted on his website In a personal message the former Savage Garden frontman of two years, confirms he married his partner Richard Cullen, last month. as :the happiest day of his life" He's described the occasion in an era and says he feels lucky to live considered legally legitimate. where his relationship can be on recording a new album. Hayes now plans and millions of devoted fans An Oscar-winning movie back on top of the charts have helped put Johnny Cash

three years after he died. 'Man in Black' is touring Australia. Now a new show dedicated to the top country music stars, They're some of the Australia's of a country music legend. performing the songs to the man in black, Johnny Cash, Aussies 'Walk The Line' is a tribute a performer so versatile country roots have come on board. even artists not known for their (Sings) # I hear the train comin' # It's rollin' round the bend # I ain't seen the sunshine since I don't know when. #

qualities of Johnny Cash That's one of the most significant is just his social conscience. that I've really been impressed by -

'Walk The Line', The Oscar-winning movie to his music, introduced many new fans no introduction but someone who needed Catherine Britt. is Nashville-based Australian artist no, no, no it ain't me. # (Sings) # That it ain't me babe

his music and his songs. It's just so influential -

so much and it's still cool. have lasted through, you know, has never been more popular. In fact, the music of Johnny Cash An album he recorded shortly before he died has just gone to number 1 in the States 32 years after his last one. (Sings) # It seems I heard her call my name. #

'American V - A Hundred Highways' is Johnny's final set of recordings and add to the 50 million albums he sold before his death in 2003. Australia's 'Walk and the Line' opens tonight at the Star City showroom, and runs for one week. National dates are still being decided. Angela Bishop, Ten News. Jennifer Hawkins has returned to the catwalk wearing a string of pearls and little else.

Hawkins the night's star attraction in pearl-encrusted lingerie from Lovable's Bear Necessities campaign. The new range combining lots of bright colours and interesting outfits with the perfect bedtime company - lots of cute, cuddly toys. But once again, all eyes were on the former Miss Universe. We're not sure if it's comfortable, practical or affordable but if it looks good, why not.

Sports Tonight is next with Ryan Phelan, and a couple of nervous AFL stars tonight. Yes, Deb A big night for Justin Koschitzke as the VFL tribunal determines his fate. Plus he's a serial offender and he's in trouble again. What are the Eagles going to do with Michael Gardiner?

Andrew Bogut he's the Boomers trump card but he's battling injury and illness in the lead up to the world titles. The dolphins drop in and the big guns drop out as the upsets continue at JBay.

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Kick for cash, thanks to AFL Premiership 2006 exclusive to Playstation 2 and Sports Tonight. Michael Gardiner's career at the West Coast Eagles appears over, after another off-field indiscretion. The troubled ruckman will face drink-driving charges after crashing his V8 Commodore through a roundabout, before smashing into two parked cars last night. Are you alright? Yeah, I'm fine. We heard you had a fractured eye socket or something? No, I'm fine. No-one was hurt so that's the main thing. The Eagles have fined him $5,000 and suspended him indefinitely. It's a decision not taken lightly and it's something that there was a lot of thought given to obviously.

Gardiner had only returned to the West Coast team three weeks ago, after being banished last February for disciplinary reasons. A blow of a different kind tonight

for St Kilda ruckman Justin Koschitzke. He just can't take a trick. His comeback from injury has again been put on hold, suspended for one week by the VFL Tribunal after pleading guilty to making contact with an umpire. Justin Koschitzke was again in the spotlight, the VFL tribunal ruling he had a duty of care not to crash into umpire Josh Krull. The St Kilda ruckman had been hoping to continue his comeback

this weekend, but will cop his suspension on the chin. Well, he's very disappointed about having to miss another game this weekend. You know, he's had a real interrupted season, as we know, but he got a very fair hearing in there. Obviously, it was a pretty forceful blow

to the back of the umpire's head. The players definitely have a duty of care to know where the umpire is at all times. At the AFL tribunal, Richmond defender Joel Bowden failed to have his striking charge downgraded

and will also miss one match. To other news now, and Nick Davis has apologised to the Sydney Swans for his recent public outbursts, but it may not be enough to get him back in the side. I think if he had his time over again, that he probably wouldn't have said the things that he said, and he's got a clear understanding. Obviously, he was very apologetic, you know, for the things he'd done. We see it as serious and it goes against who we are as a team, so there is some of that loss of trust, I suppose, from the playing group and it's just up to Nick now, how he's going to get that trust back from the playing group. Geelong has lodged an official complaint with the league, complaining umpire Darren Goldspink swore at one of its players during Sunday's match with Port Adelaide. Goldspink was gagged from telling his side of the story.

I know what you're going to ask me but if you want a comment you'll have to speak to the AFL. And the AFL will not be taking any action. I don't believe that he did swear. I've spoken to Darren Goldspink and he's told me that he didn't. Essendon coach Kevin Sheedy has had shoulder reconstruction tonight. He's only a 50/50 chance to be at the helm against Carlton on Saturday. And the AFL will go back to the '80s this weekend hoping the Heritage Round will strike a chord with fans. # In the midnight hour # Yeah. just a lot of fun. A lot of fun. I think it's a great initiative by the AFL. You know, a Heritage Round is a lot of fun

and the '80s theme, I think, like you said before it's going to bring a lot od smiles to a lot of faces. David Adamson for Sports Tonight. Todd Payten fears he's cost his team a finals berth all because of the controversial stripping rule. He says it's time the rule changed, and reckons there's no point referees owning up to their mistakes

when the damage has already been done. At the Wests Tigers, they're still training like a team with top eight aspirations. And they're just as determined that the referee got it wrong when he awarded Sunday's match-deciding penalty for stripping the ball. There is too much margin for different interpretations, so if we wiped it out altogether,

then there wouldn't be a problem with it. Of more immediate concern, Sunday's crucial meeting with Parramatta. Hooker Robbie Farah in doubt with a back injury. I'll be doing everything I can to get onto the field. He is a very important part of their team, but they've got plenty of other good players

and if we start thinking, he's not gonna be there, that means we're a bigger chance of winning. I think they might sneak up on us. The axe has fallen at the struggling North Queensland club. Five players dropped for Saturday night's match against Brisbane including Ty Williams. Ty wasn't at his best last weekend and I felt sorry for him. He just hasn't quite got his confidence back and a couple of things that were pretty vital for us just didn't quite come up to scratch. At Cronulla, coach Stuart Raper insisted halves Brett Kimmorley and Adam Dykes will stay there for the season, despite the side's poor record when they play together. The six and the seven don't miss tackles, the six and the seven don't drop all the balls. A decision expected tomorrow on where Nate Myles will play next year. The Gold Coast and Wests Tigers out of the running, the Roosters firming as favourites. And the Brisbane Broncos have denied they're chasing unwanted Roosters half-back Brett Finch. Leanne West for Sports Tonight. The biggest week in the career of Aussie cyclist Cadel Evans is about to start as the Tour de France heads to the mountains. Evans lies in fifth place overall. With the tour now moving into the French Alps, which should see the former mountain bike champion take big chunks off the deficit. He currently trails Spaniard Oscar Pereiro. I know who I have to watch and you know, I'm just following the favourites and so on so that's for me really what's important. Fellow Australian Michael Rogers is eighth in the general classification. Robbie McEwen still wears the green sprinter's jersey. Only half the world's top 10 surfers remain in contention after round two of the Billabong Pro in South Africa. Rookies ran riot, but world champ Kelly Slater showed them all how it's done. Even the locals were keen to drop in and watch the 7-times world champion in action and he didn't disappoint. Slater missed the opening round last week, so was keen to catch up. He backed up his initial 8-point ride with a near perfect 9.5. It's nicer to have two tries to get to the third round than one. I was out there thinking, "Gosh, if I don't get any waves this year, "I'll be really frustrated at myself for not being here for round one."

2004 winner Andy Irons had to fight for a wave with the wildlife. The former world champ suffering his worst performance in two years as the tour rookies took control. Aussie whiz-kid Taj Burrow one of the few established surfers to survive the second round. The world number four overcoming an ear infection to progress.

He won't have Irons to contend with in the next round.

Everyone gets to throw away a few events and that's Andy's first throwaway. It's not a huge deal, but still it's kind of fun for us to catch up. After a string of last-placed finishes tour rookie Roy Powers scored just his second career heat win at Iron's expense. Peter O'Dempsey for Sports Tonight. FFA Chairman Frank Lowy has revealed an ambitious plan for Australia to host the World Cup in 2018. Speaking to the ABC,

Lowy said the first major step in building on the Socceroos success in Germany was to perform well in the Asian confederation. Australia is a strong sporting country

and ought to be given a chance to move further internationally than where we were before. And Asia wanted us, FIFA accepted us and Oceania was ready to let us go, so here we are. That will make the biggest difference. Lowy wants Australia to be a regular top 10 nation in the football world. The Socceroo Perth Glory is pinning it's A-league hopes on, trained with his team-mates for the first time today. Stan Lazaridis playing down speculation he will be handed the captaincy this season ahead of Jamie Harnwell. At the end of the day, whoever the coach is going to be - whether it's Alan or whoever is appointed - if they decide that Jamie will be the captain, then he should be captain. If they decide I'll be captain, I'll look at it and we'll take it from there. The Glory are still without a coach this season but an announcement is expected within weeks. Good news for the Boomers

with NBA star Andrew Bogut fit to face the Kiwis tomorrow night, despite illness and injury . Bogut injured his knee in a heavy fall during last night's one-point win over the Tall Blacks, but his main concern was a pre-match stomach virus. I had a stomach virus. I didn't eat all day yesterday but sort of got through it. I couldn't eat, couldn't hold food. I had to sleep it off. The trans-Tasman series wraps up in Melbourne tomorrow night,

the Boomers last hit out ahead of next's month's world championships in Japan.

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This program is captioned live. Before we roll out of here, we have to check out these wacky racers, zipping along in the World Cup of inline skating. That's rollerblading to most of us. They sure look graceful winding their way around the course Most, content to play follow the leader, while some tried to tough it out on their own. But once the finish line's in sight it's every skater for themselves,

a mass of heaving arms and legs. And you thought the blades were for the kids, well done for making a sport of it. Play of the Day. Some

breaking news that we've got

coming through just now, Shaun

Timin k of course, one of the

Dragon's best players has

announced he will be playing

overseas next season with the Scatleford Lions. Let's take a look at the day's finance news, and the Australian stock market was off the mark again today. The weather around the nation, cloud over eastern parts of Victoria and NSW in strong southerly winds is bringing showers. Low cloud is lingering over southern Queensland, the Northern Territory and SA in fairly moist southerlies, generating cool but generally dry weather.

Clear skies across WA in dry and mild north-easterlies. Southerly winds will maintain isolated showers along the eastern seaboard, mainly on the central NSW coast. A high will generate a cold morning and dry day over the interior. Mild north-easterly winds will affect WA after a cold morning. Mostly sunny in Cairns and Brisbane, showers in Sydney, and mostly sunny in Canberra. A clearing shower in Melbourne, mostly sunny in Hobart, and mostly cloudy in Adelaide. Sunny in Perth and Darwin and drizzle clearing in Alice Springs. And the Brits will be baking today, with a record maximum temperature being forecast for the UK. It's tipped to top 38.5 degrees. That's the latest from the Ten News room. I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company.

Our next bulletin is the Early News at 6 tomorrow morning. From the Late News team, goodnight. Supertext captions by the Australian Caption Centre.