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(generated from captions) (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) Exactly. 20 bucks in there? So, Dash, have you got I think I've got $20. I hope. Over to you, big guy. to the Deal-a-Drome, From Carson City what is the trip worth to you?

There it was!

$500 for the correct guess. And 20 bucks there for Dash! Nicely done. 100 grand in there. very hard to take that punt - I tell you what, though, particularly given the circumstances. Let's see the money. Oh, Tyson, that was beautiful. Gripping, nail-biting dealing. Well done, old boy. That was really a great game of the dealer's art. and a great demonstration making dinner tonight by the way. Hey, Deb, I think you're (LAUGHS) Enjoy it, fella. And say hi to your dad for me. Have a great time. See ya, mate. Have fun. I will. Definitely. See you next time on the deal. 'Bye, everyone. This program is captioned live. Tonight - The Pope leaves Sydney, for his warm welcome. thanking the nation God bless the people of Australia. A special Popemobile appearance to 8,000 volunteers. as the pontiff pays tribute where a family's offering their home Also, the Sydney suburb Dennis Ferguson. to Queensland paedophile gold-medal favourite And disaster for an Australian of the Beijing Olympic Games. forced out with Ian Ross. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News Good evening. to the Vatican tonight The Pope is flying home after blessing all Australians for the success of World Youth Day. and thanking Sydney, Before his departure, with four victims of abuse he held a private mass

but others are upset, to speak to him. they were refused the opportunity A final farewell to the faithful, make one last appearance. Pope Benedict and the Popemobile Offering his personal thanks unforgettable. to those who made his visit a week to remember. It has truly been from an hour-long private mass He'd just come with the surprise inclusion of sex abuse by Catholic clergy. of four Australian victims and those left out felt cheated. The group was hand-picked, It's extremely disappointing secretive, underhanded way. that it's been done in a very of people have contacted me There were many, many, many 100s all of them. and I wasn't able to accommodate was waiting at Sydney airport. Another carefully chosen crowd to the Lord. It feels as close as you can get You sad to see him go? ALL: Yeah. I wish to say to my hosts my visit here, how much I have enjoyed for your hospitality. and how grateful I am an unexpected gesture - And in return, our first resident Vatican Ambassador named - Tim Fisher. retired Deputy Prime Minister to work together Enable Australia and the Holy See we face in the world. on the great challenges He was only asked seven days ago, admits he has some work to do. A good deal of preparation - is trying to learn Italian. not the least of which the 81-year-old's parting words. And then the people of Australia. I say once again, may God bless With that, the pontiff was off. There can be little doubt for the Catholic Church - about the success of this week record crowds, history-making mass,

of over a billion people. a reported TV audience worldwide The question now is -

after the pontiff has gone? will the enthusiasm remain (ALL CHEER) The Catholics are confident. will go back with renewed vigour I think young people and enthusiasm. some papal luxury - Aboard his jumbo to Rome, and chair 3A. his own room, a bed, a table, A specially chartered Qantas flight. the spirit of Australia. 20 hours to ponder While the Pope thanked Sydney, for the tireless workers generally, he saved special thanks who staged our biggest event since the Olympics. crowded the Domain this morning Thousands of volunteers with Benedict XVI. for their audience of Pope Benedict in Sydney The last chance to catch a glimpse to say thank you. and an opportunity for him entered the Domain, As the Popemobile it made an unexpected stop to kiss another baby - for the pontiff 4-month-old Grace Quinnell. It was like, "Oh my God - that's been kissed by the Pope." "it's my baby An unforgettable blessing. She was starving, she was going to cry for him. so I was really worried to get close to the pontiff. It was the volunteers' turn A sincere and heartfelt thank you. Sophie Delezio and her family. A special moment for ambassador He said "Bless you". Bless you. sharing the emotions of a long week. Around 5,000 squeezed in, # Of your mercy and unfading love. # It was great from around the world. because I met lots of people Pope Benedict thanked Australians and generous hospitality. for their warmth He said a week full of treasured memories. Sydney's World Youth Day has been Some were left speechless. I can't put it in words. It was just - Others, exhausted. with a big breakfast. We're going to celebrate

A big Australian breakfast. A fond farewell.

attracted 223,000 pilgrims - World Youth Day half from overseas - to fly home. and many now crowding the airport They'll spread the word of God, and the Premier hopes 'Sydney is worth visiting.' the message today, the mass exodus. After yesterday's final mass -

to the check-in counter. One last pilgrimage needed patience and rhythm. Surviving these queues (ALL SING) # Deeper, deeper, deeper, spread the gospel deeper. # (WOMAN ULULATES) We've learned so much. It's totally been amazing. because we've made so many friends. Leaving is really sad It's just an awesome experience - for life. something that sticks with you After all the big crowds at Barangaroo and then at Randwick yesterday this sort of crush is something the pilgrims must be getting used to. With 20,000 people flying out today it's one of the busiest days at Sydney International Airport ever. The domestic airport was just as hectic with wall-to-wall waiting. Where there was space, there was sleeping. Has it been a long week? Yes. How much sleep did you get last night?

None. Carrying their luggage and their memories. Come here. We'll miss you. Miss you too. The best city in the world, the best people in the world and we saw it on display all week. Those traffic and transport changes certainly helped. The Government will consider making some permanent. Now the Catholic carnival is over the race is on to get Randwick ready for Spring Carnival. The grass is still quite a good thickness. They've got five weeks - hopefully not as windy.

To other news now, and the notorious paedophile run out of several Queensland towns has been offered accommodation in Sydney. A Lewisham father says Dennis Ferguson is welcome to stay in his home, but neighbours and the Premier won't have it. He served 15 years for molesting young girls, but Dennis Ferguson has always denied being a predator. I am telling you, I'm not. Hounded from several Queensland communities... (ALL SHOUT)

..pursued by the media. He finally has a friend here. Not only in my home, he's also welcome in our business. He's welcome to learn and to have the security that he's entitled to. Prisoner rights campaigner Brett Collins has invited Ferguson to stay at Lewisham, with him, his son and his daughter.

She is 16. He is not welcome in New South Wales, no way. Lewisham locals are uneasy. He's gotta live somewhere, so... ..if the police keep an eye on him I think it's OK. Others, not so tolerant. I think that's disgusting. that guy live with anyone's kids? So, the idea of Dennis Ferguson living here in Lewisham has very much split the locals, but they do all have one thing in common. When we showed them his photo every single person recognised him. Who's that? It's the paedophile guy. That's the problem. A judge found Ferguson couldn't get a fair trial for recent allegations he attacked a 5-year-old girl. The Queensland Government is appealing the decision tomorrow. If it fails, he's a free man. It's up to Mr Ferguson where he finds accommodation, and he may well choose to take up the offers that have been put. Angry pregnant women have rallied outside Blue Mountains Hospital protesting against the snap closure of its maternity unit. Staffing shortages mean expectant mothers will have to travel 50km to have their babies.

In the mountain chill pregnant women were turning up the heat on the State Government. I think this is absolutely the most revolting way to treat a human being. Not a warm reception for the local MP. And I want you to know that, and it would be nice if you looked at me, as well. I want you to know that. The Blue Mountains Hospital says resignations have compromised the safety of its maternity services. We absolutely regret the disruption to people's lives, it's not something we intended or planned for. There was no planning according to expectant mums given just a couple of days notice the unit would shut. 9:30 Wednesday evening getting ourselves familiar with the birthing room, and not a word at that stage, not a word. Instead they'll have to go to Nepean Hospital to give birth. Down the Great Western Highway 50 minutes away, depending on roadworks. You deserve answers at the 11th hour. I'm due on Friday,

I got told on Thursday I would have to go to Nepean Hospital to birth. Maternity services have closed at this hospital before, protestors are worried this decision will be permanent. The State Government says it hopes to have maternity restored in the Blue Mountains within six weeks, but there are no guarantees. It is unacceptable the way the matter was handled, One of Australia's greatest hopes of Olympic gold at the Beijing Games has been forced to pull out. He's walker Nathan Deakes. Matt White joins us. And Matt, what's gone wrong? It's a disaster for Nathan Deakes, and for the Australian team. He's the 50km world champion and would have been one of our best shots at gold. Now, along with Jana Rawlinson, Deakes will be watching the games instead of competing. This was Nathan Deakes in training for the walk of his life - a 50km trek through Beijing. REPORTER: Getting serious now? Yeah. Good luck. Deakes was favourite to give Australia our first men's track and field gold medal in 40 years. It's terrible. It's going to take a little time for everyone to come to terms with it and what it means. His Olympic dream was shattered at a high-altitude training camp in Switzerland. Deakes tore his hamstring from his pelvis.

DEAKES: Towards the end of the session, I just felt a little pop, which was a complete rupture of my membranosis tendon. He was trying to complete a gold medal hat-trick, starting at Melbourne's Commonwealth Games and last year's World Championships. COMMENTATOR: This man who's boots were made for walking is world record holder and now world champion. It was also his chance for redemption after a controversial disqualification in Athens four years ago.

Nathan would have celebrated his 31st birthday in Beijing, but now, facing a 9-month recovery from surgery, his career is in doubt. It's a tremendous shame, not only for Nathan but athletics in this country.

Still to come - A big rebound for the share market. Also, our undercover investigation. Showing workers forced to make clothes for a mega-rich company. And three years on the run finally ends for one of Australia's most wanted men. That's next. BOY: Making cake was my favourite thing. But now I like it most when the cake is done. Because then we can open the frosting! I love it. It's the best part of the cake. VOICEOVER: Betty Crocker knows you love frosting. ready-to-spread frosting with all our cakes. It's a:

So grab an entry. The share market has made its biggest one-day gain in four months, surging 3.5% The board at the Sydney Stock Exchange was a sea of green as billions of dollars were ploughed into Australian companies. But analysts say we shouldn't get too excited yet. The ASX 200 closed up 171 points. with big gains in the finance and resources sectors. A contractor making clothes for sportswear giant Nike has been caught using forced labour in Malaysia. An undercover investigation by Seven News discovered factory workers being paid a pittance and forced to live in squalor while Nike stars earn a fortune. This is what Nike boasts to the world -

TV AD: My better is better than your better. But there are two sides to Nike. The public face, the hidden misery. Tonight, the evidence. It's no great secret that designer sportswear is made in remote factories by poorly-paid workers. But what's going on here in Malaysia

is something altogether more sinister. It's human trafficking on a massive scale. Here's how it works. Recruiters in poverty-stricken countries offer desperate men and women guaranteed work in Malaysia. But there's a catch -

an upfront fee, the equivalent of a year's wages. Now they're in debt. On arrival, their passports are confiscated. Now they're trapped. Then, like these Vietnamese workers we met at a secret location, they must sign 3-year contracts in a language they can't read. It's a virtual prison. To leave, they must buy out their debt and buy back their passports. But they're paid so little, escape is impossible. What they're saying here is that they've been trapped, and they've been lied to. An hour's drive from Kuala Lumpur is Hytex Apparel, reputedly the largest T-shirt manufacturer in Asia. It's a Nike contractor. Cameras are banned here, but posing as a fashion buyer, I gain access to the factory. Nike signs are everywhere. We saw them on every floor. Go, go, go. We then sought out the living quarters of the foreign workers. A group of Bangladeshis pleaded with us to come in. We're led down a filthy corridor. Past people sleeping, people eating. They're crammed like cattle, 26 men per room. A staggering 350 Bangladeshi workers live in this one tin shed. REPORTER: Why is it no good? Because so many people and not enough room, so many people living here. There are similar barns for the workers from Burma and Vietnam, and a separate barn for the women. But conditions are even worse outside. So this is where you bathe, this is the shower? This single trough is where hundreds of men bathe. Next to the trough, the toilets. Next to the toilets is where they prepare their food. For these men, there is no escape. That is one of the most squalid, heartbreaking sights imaginable. There's hundreds of men all living on top of each other, there's a searing heat, an overpowering stench. It makes you feel really angry what's going on here, and also just overwhelmingly sad. They work 6 days a week for just 45 Australian dollars. That's less than the cost of a single Nike T-shirt. They have no way of escape, so that is absolutely forced labour.

Nike's hypocrisy was displayed on each level of the factory floor. Nike issued a statement this morning, branding the housing: It states: Nike pays Tiger Woods about $22 million a year to be the face of the Nike swoosh. But these men, the real faces of Nike, get less than $6 a day to live like this. The surgeon known as 'Doctor Death', Jayant Patel, has been granted bail in a Brisbane court on manslaughter charges.

He arrived in Australia this morning after three years on the run - taken to police holding cells in an armed motorcade.

Patel faces 13 charges from his time at Bundaberg Hospital over patient deaths and fraud. Australian courts are well prepared to deal with the circumstance in which a charged person has been the subject of a lot of publicity in the media and elsewhere. But Dr Patel's lawyer claims he won't get a fair trial. The bombing of two buses has put China on heightened terror alert, 18 days out from the Olympics. The explosions killed two people

and injured 14 in the south-western city of Kunming. The bombs detonated an hour apart during the morning peak. Chinese police say it was a deliberate act of sabotage. Matthew White is back, with the rest of today's sport and a Bulldog is under investigation

following reports of trouble at a Cronulla bar last night. More on that shortly. Also tonight, just playing around - the Sea Eagles letting the good times roll. And The Shark's dream shattered as an Irishman wins The Open again. COMMENTATOR: Harrington the champion. (GUITAR PLAYS)

WOMAN: (SINGS) # We are, we are TWO WOMEN: # We are, we are ALL: # We are, we are # The fresh food people # We are, we are # We are the fresh food people # Australians are fresh food people # We are fresh food people # Fresh food people # Australia... # VOICEOVER: Australians are truly the world's fresh food people. # We are # We are, we are # The fresh food people... # But sometimes you can't grow it or pick it or catch it. Mum, I found it! And that's where we come in. Avocados. # Woolworths, the fresh food people. # (DOOR CLOSES) Study online The Bulldogs are investigating allegations Kiwi forward Lee Te Maari was involved in a brawl at the Sting Bar in Cronulla overnight. While there's been conflicting reports, members of the public claim

Te Maari was with team-mates when the trouble broke out. But good news for Manly, with injured stars Jason King and Jamie Lyon set to return earlier than expected. Lyon could be back before the finals. He's not walking too well but Jamie Lyon's a lot happier now

than when he feared the worst against the Eels. It just felt real tight straight away. I couldn't run at all. Scans have shown a grade two medial ligament strain with Lyon to miss just four games while prop Jason King's season may not be over

after he was cleared of a broken ankle. There's a few more games and fingers crossed, Kingy's right and I'm right as well. Injured Captain Matt Orford went for the buggy at the Eagles golf day and his abductor injury may force him to sit out the Roosters clash.

If I've still got some discomfort there and there's still a risk of tearing it, I'm sure they'll take the safety option and be cautious. No safe option in David Williams' get-up

but his beard was bettered by a playing partner. It's awesome. If I had that, I'd never shave it again. But this is a little weedy thing and I'm quite disgusted with it. But with 8 tries from 10 games, he's delighted Manly bought him from Parramatta.

Oh yeah mate, can't complain at all -

getting a run in first grade. It was pretty much the choice of Manly or going back and playing park footy with Hills. And five Cowboys and three Broncos have been charged after this wild brawl in the national under 20s competition in Townsville. Between them, they could be suspended for 11 weeks. Irishman Padraig Harrington has spoiled Greg Norman's shot at history by defending his British Open title at Royal Birkdale. Harrington finished four shots ahead of England's Ian Poulter and six ahead of the 'Shark', who shot a 77 - his worst round of the week. Seven times the 'Shark' has led into the final round of a major tournament and lost. Old habits die hard.


The 53-year-old bogeyed his first three holes as playing partner Padraig Harrington took the lead. Then HE faltered. Oh!

Norman back in front, but there would be no fairytale. Oh no! Englishman Ian Poulter grabbed a share of the lead before Harrington took control. This, the shot of the tournament at 17. Now, there's no danger at all. That's a ripper. Back-to-back British Opens for the Irishman who paid tribute to one of golf's greats. I'd like to thank Greg Norman. He was a tremendous... (APPLAUSE) He's somebody you could only look up to. Thank you, Greg. No matter how old you are, if you really wanna chase something and chase a dream you can go do it. Even though there's failure at the end of it for me, I still put myself in a position that really shows a lot of other people that you can do something if you really want it. An Australian rider has won the latest stage of the Tour de France but it wasn't Cadel Evans,

who's surrendered the yellow jersey. There was chaos for the peloton with two separate crashes at a roundabout with 48km to go. But Aussie Simon Gerrans steered clear of the trouble to take the 15th stage. COMMENTATOR: A win for Simon Gerrans after four Tours de France. He snatches the first-ever victory. Frank Schleck of Luxembourg now leads the race with Evans eight seconds behind in third.

He is. , Roscoe. It is getting for

climb time with some nasty heels. Sara's next with the forecast and our warm weather seems to have left with the Pope, Sara. This is a message to my man Todd from the new Mrs Todd. Lake Padonga was a lousy place for a honeymoon so, once again, I'm gonna tell you Who knows where the savings could take us? AAMI Flexi-Premiums saved their new car insurance customers in NSW an average of $439. Parlez-vous Francais, Toddy? SONG: # Lucky you're with AAMI. # Sydney has clocked up its ninth consecutive day of above average temperatures. But even with the sunshine, today still felt very wintry. Today, 17 degrees was the official top in town but the apparent temperature, which takes the wind chill and humidity into account, was almost 10 degrees colder. The winds reached near gale-force around lunchtime with tops of 17 all round. But if you think that's cold,

Katoomba had a wind chill of almost -6 following 10mm of rain overnight. The cold winds are being driven by a low that moved through south-east New South Wales this afternoon. Strengthening winds over the south coast, where a severe weather warning for damaging winds is current. The low is expected to produce snow down to 700m along the southern tablelands along with a few showers about the southern inland. Mostly fine for the rest of the State under this high. For Sydney, a strong wind warning remains for tonight. So, expect a windy Tuesday but certainly nothing like today. Dry and sunny with tops close to normal - 15 or 16 degrees. Stay warm tonight. It'll dip to zero at Campbelltown and -1 in the mountains. Looking ahead - a late shower is expected on Wednesday with isolated showers hanging around until at least next week. And that's Seven News to now but we'll have updates during the evening. I'm Ian Ross. Thanks for your company. Goodnight. Jamie Oliver and Pamela Anderson. His crazy animal welfare stunt that won Pamela over and shocked millions. The results of the biggest-ever survey of what worries and matters most to our 3 million pensioners. Good evening. Demands tonight for strong warnings and photographs on cans and tubes of household cleaners along the same lines as cigarette packets. And when you see the near-death experience one woman suffered from one of the biggest-selling cleaners on the market, you'll understand why. Gavin Alder reports. It just felt like my whole leg was burning like it was, yeah, it was just on fire. It's like some flesh-eating horror story... It'll literally blister your skin, make your skin peel off. ..but for Kylie Mitchell, it was very real.

I didn't know what was happening because it was going black and blistering.

I fell down. Like, I had to I fall down to the ground like, and just hold around the area and I was crying. I really got a fright 'cause I actually didn't click on to what had actually happened.

That's when I realised it was the oven cleaner. The mother-of-four was cleaning her oven using one of the biggest-selling brands on the market. She adhered to the warnings on the can, wore gloves and sent her children outside to play. I was scrubbing the racks and cleaning it and the baby cried. Is Hannah OK? So I took the gloves off, put them in the sink and the oven door was still open and I just kneed it shut.

Not realising there was oven cleaner on the door, it got on her thigh and immediately, she felt the pain. It just started going black and because I was crying and panicking, like really upset, the kids started crying. We all sort of were panicking because I can tolerate pain, but that was beyond a joke. She flushed it with cold water but the pain and the burning didn't stop, for one very good reason. They were third-degree burns. As confirmed by Kylie's surgeon in a letter to the company. She needed two operations - one to clean and disinfect the wound,

then a second to get skin grafts. It's terrible, like, I'd hate to see it if it was a child. It has taken a toll. I was upset all the time, I was angry all the time. Um, I'm gonna cry. Thinking about my leg all the time and the kids suffering -

I missed my daughter's first birthday which probably doesn't matter much to people, but like that's a big milestone for a mum. The can displays a general warning on the front and then more specific safety directions on the back.