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(generated from captions) after a family tragedy Tonight - a young life in the balance in Sydney.

why he drove at 224km/h. A newly licensed P-plater explains Schapelle Corby's new plea And defence lawyers convey to the people of Australia. and Jessica Rowe. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening. Also tonight - being banned in schools. the controversial gay rights book And - no second chance - his brief Origin career is over. Brett Kimmorley fears through the rubble It's been a heartbreaking search of a Wilga Downs homestead today. into the tragic house fire Investigators look for clues and one of their children, that killed Tony and Belinda Conn three others now orphans. A rural family torn apart by grief, deaths of three of their loved ones trying to come to terms with the in a terrible house fire. of 55-year-old Tony Conn, The charred bodies

and their 4-year-old son Will his 35-year-old wife Belinda have been recovered from the ruins. It's pretty surreal. Everyone's coming to terms with it. tragedy that's happened. it's gonna take - it's an absolute thought to be the cause. Sparks from an open fireplace of the family, 4-year-old Will, Police now believe that all but one got out of the burning homestead, Tony and Belinda, but that his parents, and also met their deaths. rushed back inside to save him -

Samantha Conn grabbed her brothers, It was then that 13-year-old and the other 4-year-old twin Joe, 10-year-old Matty they ran from the farm, and, dressed in pyjamas,

in pitch black cold morning. embarking on a rugged 6.5km journey She's our girl. her mother is alive. Whilst ever Sam is alive, We're proud of her today. She's a tough kid, she's done well. has amazed the district. The courage of the children tiny barefoot prints remain, Here in the dirt, carried out their desperate trek showing how the distraught survivors to a neighbour's property.

on the property, Not a wall is left standing the ruins still smouldering, and clothes on the line children's toys not charred by the intense flames. among the few belongings on dental records Investigators to depend

to formally identify the dead. the Conns were well known. Although they lived 50km out of town, already arranging a special appeal The mayor, a local policeman, to help the children. a long way to go in life, These kids have the youngest being 4 and oldest 13. ahead of them. They've got their school days

are going to remember this The older kids unfortunately, for the rest of their lives, to make it comfortable for them. and we want to do whatever we can setting up collection jars. Local businesses are also and Public School Both the Coonamble High School

for other children who knew the Conns are offering grief counselling with the youngsters, and caught the local school bus in the most tragic of ways. now left orphaned

Shaun Fewings, Ten News. to the appeal And if you want to donate Conn family children, for the surviving through any Commonwealth Bank branch. you can, is recovering in hospital A 10-year-old girl in south-western Sydney. after a family tragedy a suspected murder-suicide bid She survived believed to be her father. which claimed the life of a man together the tragic chain of events. Police are now trying to piece

A 10-year-old girl lies helpless on

a stretcher, paramedics rushing her

to hospital. They found her in a

critical condition this morning.

Initial reports were that she had

been poisoned while the woman

believed to be her mother was also

suffering serious injuries. When

police arrived, they found the

body of a man. Word spread

throughout the neighbourhood that

he'd attempted to kill them before

killing himself. Apparently the

husband injucted something in one

of the kids. I cannot elaborate.

Inquirys are continuing. The

investigation is in the hands of

Liverpool detectives and forensic

police. Police won't reveal the

relationship connecting the three,

but next door neighbour says they

appeared to be a happy family. They

kept to themselves. I didn't know

too much about them. Any arguments?

Not that I know of. Shocked friends

arrived at the scene and helped

police piece together this this

morning's tragic events. They

interviewed residents. Tonight

they're desperate for help. There

was an emergency call. The girl was

air lifted to the children's

hospital this afternoon. Police air lifted to the children's

can't determine the cause of the

man's death. They won't speculate

on whether poison was used. This

morning's events sending shockwaves

through the community. It's a shock.

I've never been around anything

like this before. into an unsolved murder Investigations police resources were cut have revealed difficult to solve. as soon as the case proved for information It's now hoped a financial reward in finding those responsible. will make up for lost time David Breckenridge was killed It's almost three years since in Sydney's north. by the side of a road And there's been barely a day since over his final moments - when his parents have not agonised

stabbed 23 times. David was important to our family. Very, very frustrating, because and it's a great loss. We miss him terribly police still don't know Frustrating because

the frenzied attack or why. who was behind about what happened to David In fact, little is known to go to a friend's house. after he left this pub at St Leonards outside and was then set upon, It's believed he made two phone calls

left to die in the gutter. to a local area command to solve An inquest told the case was given was short of detectives. because the Homicide Squad by staff cutbacks just a month later. And that team was further hampered if anything changes The Breckenridge family say as a result of this inquest, is at the top of the list. it's hoped police resourcing Since the murder occurred, reduced from 10 to just three - police numbers on the case have been

proved too difficult to solve. ironically because the case That's why we, as a family, police brief and send back to police have been through and through the into a number of issues. questions for police to investigate That information was presented to a hearing along with a $100,000 reward for anyone with information about the incident.

Police keen to speak to a female witness.

The hearing is set down for four days.

An outrageous excuse from a P-plate driver travelling at more than twice the speed limit

was not enough to get him off the hook in court today. Clocked doing 224km/h, the university student has been fined $2,000 and banned from driving for three years. 20-year-old Xinbo Lin was driving from Canberra to Sydney early last month when police detected him speeding along the Hume Highway just before midnight. Holding a provisional licence, Mr Lin was not permitted to go above 100km/h but he ignored the 110km/h speed limit and drove his friend's BMW at a staggering 224km/h. Because this is not my car. His car is very good so I don't know how fast I'm going. When he was pulled over, police say Xinbo told them he thought he was only doing 184km/h. Today he offered the court this excuse. Because this is my first time driving, I drive the car on the highway in the night. That night was very black, very scary. I can't see anything so I drive this fast. But police told the court Goulburn highway patrol caught Xinbo Lin for similar speeding offences just four days earlier - again travelling more than 45km/h above the limit. And again driving without his P plates. Oh, because it's my friend's car

so I don't have the P plates on the car. The Chinese accounting student has been studying in Australia for three years but only had his Ps for three weeks. Magistrate Ian Guy said it was fortunate for Mr Lin that he had no prior convictions because if he had anything else on his record, he would have sent him to jail. He warned, "It's difficult to put into words the horror,

His licence was cancelled for three years and he was fined $2,100. Evan Batten, Ten News. An appeal from Schapelle Corby tonight for her supporters to calm down and stop criticising Indonesia. She says criticism of her 20-year sentence is only making her life harder in prison.

The new members of Schapelle Corby's legal team arrive at her Bali prison for a conference with their client. Outside, a group of Corby pilgrims also wait for a chance to visit the woman sentenced to 20 years in jail. When he emerged, Mark Trowell QC showed the waiting media who was in charge. If you step back, you can have some photographs and I will talk. If you keep pushing in, I won't talk and I will just leave.

Is that a deal? He brought words dictated to him by his new client. She asked everyone to stay calm and support her in this extremely difficult period of her life. And a further plea prompted by last week's white powder threat to the Indonesian embassy in Canberra. That sort of overreaction makes life very difficult for her inside prison and also being critical of Indonesia serves no purpose

other than to make life harder for her. A Australian parliamentary delegation heading to Indonesia will urge support for a prisoner transfer program. Issues such as the bilateral prisoner transfer arrangements will be a subject of discussion. The latest protest in Australia - some elaborate graffiti on Perth's Parliament House, vandals calling for Schapelle to be freed and Indonesia to be invaded.

Lending her voice to the pro-Corby camp, former prisoner Lindy Chamberlain. She's written to Schapelle Corby saying: Schapelle Corby sending a message of thanks to all. She wants to thank all her supporters in Australia and her supporters in Indonesia as well. Greg Turnbull, Ten News.

China has rubbished claims 1,000 of its spies are operating in Australia.

The allegation from defecting diplomat Chen Yong Lin has earned him a sharp rebuke from his ambassador. Falun Gong protesters take up the cause of the Chinese diplomat they say until recently was in charge of harassing them and monitoring their activities.

For nearly six years, since the persecution began, Falun Dafa practitioners in Australia have experienced continual interference. On Saturday, the recently promoted first secretary at the Consulate General in Sydney, Chen Yonglin, went public with his request for asylum. He accused China of having a 1,000-strong spy network in this country and of intimidation.

Today, at a book launch promoting China-Australia trade, the Ambassador rubbished the claims. China has moved on a long way from what it was like in the 1970s. China is not a country behind the bamboo curtain any more. Mada Fu says the disgruntled diplomat has the legal right to quit his job and apply to migrate to Australia.

She accuses him of making up stories

and denies any knowledge of a 1,000-strong spy network.

I wish I knew, I wish I knew.

As I said, I stand to be enlightened by whoever knows it. But the Ambassador says Mr Chen even now has nothing to fear returning home.

And that's a judgement the Australian Government is now going to have to make. Today again insisting his case will be considered on its individual merits. Though the clear impression is it's reluctant to upset Beijing.

Mr Chen stayed out of sight.

A supporter says he's relieved he now has a lawyer working on his case. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. Tim Webster with a look ahead at sport, and Brett Kimmorley has paid the price for that pass? Sure has. He's been dumped for Origin II and there's no Andrew Johns either. Tony Peters joins us live and this is a big gamble by NSW?

Yes. Trent Barrett shifts from

half-back and Braith Anasta becomes

the new five eight. Steve Menzies

replaces Anthony Watmough. Coming

up later, we'll have the reactions

of Brett Kimmorley and Andrew Johns

and we'll have the latest on the

ongoing circus at Manly

and we'll have the latest on the ongoing circus at Manly surrounding Michael Monaghan. We'll have the full Origin story later, plus all the emotion from the Grand Slam win of the new whiz kid of men's tennis. Ahead - the shortage of bird flu vaccines. Soul-searching over who will get the shots and who'll miss out. Plus - drastic action to drive hoons from a popular inner city street. And petrol savings - we'll show you how to really make the most of those discount schemes.

This program is captioned live. Emotional scenes at a parliamentary inquiry today as a woman who lost her unborn baby in a car crash told how she received no compensation. Susan Harris and her husband Tim were in a head-on crash near Goulburn in January. Before changes to the State's tort laws four years ago, the Harris family would have received about $120,000 for pain and suffering. Not a day goes by when we don't think of our unborn baby. Not a day goes by that, you know, we have to tell our 4-year-old son he's lost his little brother. A lawyers group told the inquiry the big winners from the law changes were insurance companies whose profits have soared. A radical plan to drive car hoons from the Rocks on weekends.

A key road will be shut to private vehicles but there are fears the problem will simply be moved. This is car hoon heaven - the wide long stretch of Hickson Road - popular especially on Friday and Saturday nights. Police have been cracking down on the problem with a dozen cars seized and kept for three months at a time.

That is the problem and that is why we need to deal with the Rocks

and clsoing off that opportunity of looping around Hickson Road and George Street. I think that will mean the honey pot will go. From the end of July, there will be no stopping from 10:00pm to 4:00am on Fridays and Saturdays

from Hickson Road to Alfred Street in the Rocks. Only cabs, buses, hire cars and emergency cars will be allowed. These malls that have been put in over the last number of years

for World Cup Rugby and the Olympics has worked and now this is a step forward.

Sydney Council officers will probably run the mall with police help. It's a creative proposal and it will probably solve the problem of not only drive-by shootings but the really ugly hoonish behaviour that people have had to tolerate for far too long. Cynical locals say the unsolved double drive-by murder in April led to today's development. But they're happy anyway.

It's fantastic news. We've been

pushing for it for two years and at

last we're getting what we want. The problem isn't unique to this part of the Rocks. The transit mall might simply move the problem to Bondi or Brighton Le Sands. Both areas have already had their fair share of noisy car lovers in their souped mobiles. If that is the case police will follow them. A ban has been placed on a school program that asks 14-year-old students to imagine being gay.

The material sparked uproar on both sides of State politics but supporters insist it's an important lesson in fighting discrimination. It's a lesson inspired and adapted by a Sydney teacher. From the works of best-selling American author Brian McNaught entitled 'Dealing with Difference', Year 9 students were asked to imagine being gay - until the Minister banned it. This material was inappropriate. It was asking students to take on a role play. It was unacceptable. The lesson, at the unnamed Sydney school, asked students what they'd feel if they were invited to the school dance by someone of the same sex.

The gay lobby says it's merely an exercise in tolerance. It's not brainwashing or social engineering. This plan is not asking students to become gay. The Government insists it's a one-off, with no other schools involved. The Opposition is equally outraged even if it hasn't viewed the offending lesson.

No, I haven't seen the material. I'm going on media reports, I must confess.

Another strong critic - Federal Education Minister Brendan Nelson. But a check of his department's webpage reveals 65 references to gay policy, including a gay-tolerance video to be made available to schools. Paul Mullins. Ten News. The family of Don Chipp is hopeful

the founder of the Australian Democrats

will soon be home from hospital. Confirmation tonight that there won't be enough vaccine to go around if a deadly bird flu pandemic hits Australia. We saw the chaos that was SARS. Now Asia is battling bird flu, an infectious disease of birds that has killed 53 people. The fear is it could start to spread to humans fast,

creating a pandemic. The risk of this the gravest ever, according to the World Health Organisation

and Australia's chief medical officer. We are the closest that we have been for a long time. Bracing for an outbreak, the Government has released an action plan, but admits it won't be enough. The chances are real, and, if it happens, it will be incredibly serious. If it happens, no-one who lives through it will forget it. Our health authorities predict a major pandemic would mean:

Isolation facilities would be set up, or people quarantined in their homes. At present, no vaccine exists, only anti-viral medication. In the event of an outbreak, most Australians would be denied access to those drugs, which will be under Government lock and key, handed out selectively.

While we have, of all the large countries, the biggest per capita anti-viral stockpile, we certainly don't have enough. Health and emergency services personnel would get the 4 million doses we have, but even for them, that would only be enough for four weeks. A pandemic would be expected to last six months.

Jacinta Hocking, Ten News.

Time for a check of the weather.

Tim Bailey's on top of the Channel

Ten news centre. Can you see any

clouds? As the sun sets over Sydney,

rain - I can't even spell it, no,

no rain clouds. How much blue sky

is there up there? That's the

eighth day in a row of above

average temperatures. As far a rain

is concerned, maybe a bit on

Saturday and Sunday, but looking

very weak. Fine, sunny and dry,

temperatures around 21 degrees all

week. Skywatch - another magic

Monday that started brilliant.

There was the orange that has

welcomed blue sky after blue sky.

Current temperature out here 18

degrees. Med yum pollution all over.

See you again in round about 10. Next - some extra help to protect your children against video nasties. And one million colourful reasons why Paris wants to host the Olympic Games.

This program is captioned live.

Time to check in with Vic Lorusso

on the Mix traffic helicopter. It's

a nightmare on Woodville Road

tonight? It is. Traffic trying to

get away from Parramatta to

merrjlands. An accident. Near the

hungry Jacks. All lanes have just

been opened. Take a look at the

delays which extend back past

Parramatta to Parramatta Road. It's

a slow run home. More at 5:50.

Help for mums and dads worried about the content of video games and movies. A new-look classification system's been launched, using colour-coded guidelines to minimise confusion. It's an obsession that most parents deal with, but few understand - the world of computer games and DVDs, one of the most popular pastimes for children, but often with increasingly coarse language and violence.

My kids are always pestering me they want to watch or play something and I really don't know what's in them. Confusion over current ratings prompted an overhaul of the system

with the creation of new colour-coded labels. They're the same guidelines, but better explained - a unified approach to all films, DVDs, videos and computer games that's a world first. They need to be armed with the right information to be able to quickly make those decisions. Stickers will be more prominently displayed with an explanation of the product's content, helping families decide what's appropriate or out of bounds. Colours should help parents decide, because red is stop, like a danger system, and M is blue, like a neutral colour. Red probably means above the age of 15 or 18. Green and yellow, they're the ones for you. Restricted R and X ratings for the over 18s won't apply to the most graphic computer games, stopping their marketing in the first place. But concerns about policing remain. The new colour-coded system applies to all films and games classified after May 26 of this year, so while it's already being seen on some large and small screen new releases, the guidelines will be gradually introduced over the coming weeks and months.

Already classified products are not required to carry the change. Deborah Knight, Ten News. Pop star Michael Jackson is now believed to have returned to his Neverland ranch after a short stay in hospital. Jackson was whisked into hospital

in a white vehicle with blacked-out windows, amid claims he was seriously ill - rumours his spokeswoman was quick to deny. It's nothing serious. There have been rumours. We've gotten calls about heart attacks - not true. High blood pressure. Not true. Blood diseases. Not true. He is here just because of his back.

The jury in Jackson's child molestation trial is due to resume deliberations tomorrow. The battle for the 2012 Olympic Games is fast becoming a tale of two cities.

Paris has emerged as the early sentimental favourite. And in a show of Gallic pride, one million people turned out to support the French capital's bid. (All chant in French) But cross-Channel rival London is catching up fast, impressing touring IOC delegates with its plans to convert a neglected section of the city. Other contenders - New York, Madrid and Moscow have a lot of work to do if they're to catch up. Still to come - dumped NSW half-back Brett Kimmorley fears he won't get a second chance. Plus - the inside word on how to make the most of petrol discount schemes. And Nicole Kidman - face to face with her ex-husband's new flame.


program is captioned live.

Time for another check of the

weather. Tim Bailey, you're telling

us how TV works? Because I'm not

allowed downstairs, I quite often

do it from the top of the Ten news

centre. That's the sign that's

famous right across Sydney. You can

see the satellite there. What they

do with me is they put me up the

stairs to the roof. A light here,

then you have a television to look

at yourself. You have a sound man.

He does the sound and a man who

does the TV and we're on at your

place. Tomorrow - fine and 21 degrees.

Tomorrow - fine and sunny and 21

degrees. I'll see you later. A boost for students today with Network Ten's children's news program 'TTN' launching a nationwide teaching resource. This teacher's guide is a joint project with News Limited. Federal Minister for Education Brendan Nelson told students at the launch that understanding current affairs through programs such as TTN is a vital part of their understanding of the world they live in. It's been sent free to every State primary and high school across the country. The battle over petrol sales is heating up with new deals to win your loyalty. But there is a downside -

the savings can simply disappear with the schemes actually costing you money if you're not careful.

It sounds like a good deal to win your shopping loyalty by offering cheaper fuel. But is it as good a deal as it seems? We advise consumers not to let their petrol buying habits be dictated by the schemes. The reason being there often is cheaper petrol out there.

That's especially true given a petrol cycle that seems to discount fuel early in the week,

making the docket system poorer value towards the weekend. The supermarket schemes work in much the same way - spend $30 or more on groceries to get 4 cents a litre saving on your petrol purchase. But filling 60-litre tank saves just $2.40. Even a tank a weeks adds up to lees than $125. Savings that can evaporate by driving out of your way to get it or by giving in to impulse buys. Where they make their money is once you're inside the service station you might pick up a magazine, two chocolate bars and some cheese and you'll pay more than you will at the supermarket. So they're making a loss on the petrol but they're making money from the fact that you're inside the petrol station. The big supermarket and fuel chains have dominated the schemes up to now, but even smaller independents are getting in on the act, offering their own savings only if you shop in their stores. There's no doubt that petrol is now the new battleground for your shopping dollar. So much so, one chain is even offering its own credit card that gives you discounts on fuel when you use it. The Coles Myer source credit card offers an introductory 8 cents a litre discount, a long interest-free period and no annual fee. But it does have a higher interest rate. What people need to weigh up is what are you saving

and what's that saving really costing you in terms of interest if you don't pay your balance off each month.

Eddy Meyer, Ten News.

The Australian share market shrugged off a weak start but see-sawed through the day.

And at CommSec tonight, it's Julia Lee

and plenty of action on the property front.

Property companies have been

fighting against the slowing

prospect market, but signs they are

centringleing. Matter vak going

into trading hold and expected

they will announce they won't make

as much money. A difficult day for

the prospect sector. How do you see

the Reserve Bank treating interest

rates again? The Reserve Bank meets

on Tuesday and things are looking

good for home owners. Inflation is

low and retail thorp isn't looking

too hot so it looks as though rates

will stay on hold. Nicole Kidman has come face to face with her ex, Tom Cruise, and his new, young girlfriend. They were among the stars at Tinseltown's last big awards ceremony of the year. If Nicole Kidman was uncomfortable about seeing her ex-husband and his new, much younger lover, she wasn't showing it. Kidman was among the first big name stars to arrive and the first to take the stage at the MTV Movie Awards.

The winner is Rachel McAdams for 'Mean Girls'.

McAdams also won best on-screen kiss, giving an encore performance. But it was another young actress who had tongues really wagging.

Katie Holmes presenting her new Hollywood heavyweight boyfriend, Tom Cruise, with a Lifetime Achievement award. Thank you all very much, thank you MTV and most of all, thank you all. The only stinging comment of the night came from Dustin Hoffman, honoured for Best Comedic Performance. I'd also like to thank MTV for putting me in the first row. The Academy never did that. Best Actor went to Golden Globe winner Leonardo Di Caprio for 'The Aviator'. While Lindsay Lohan knocked out this year's Oscar Award-winning actress, Hillary Swank, for Best Female Performer. In Hollywood, Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. Sport with Tim Webster and Brett Kimmorley fears he won't play Origin again. Yes, he's been dumped in a reshuffle of the halves and he fears his rep career is over. More shortly. Also - Braith Anasta gets a second chance with an Origin recall. And what the teenager who's been crowned king of the clay will do to improve his game.

This program is captioned live. NSW Origin discard Brett Kimmorley fears his representative career is over after he was axed from the Blues side for game two against the Maroons. Trent Barrett will move to half-back, Braith Anasta is the new five-eighth. Forward Anthony Watmough was also left out. He's been replaced by Manly team-mate Steve Menzies. Brett Kimmorley out of Origin for what he fears could be forever. Maybe it's a game that I don't get to conquer. The 28-year-old blaming that pass for his exclusion, on top of some recent wanting form. His axing came as no surprise.

I probably had a feeling it was coming. There's been speculation this last week for me getting dropped for Andrew. Instead, Braith Anasta moves into the five-eighth role

with Trent Barrett the Blues' new half-back. Anasta sympathetic towards Kimmorley's axing. He's a classy player, and it's unfortunate for him, and I feel sorry for him, but it's opened the door for me so I gotta make the most of it. The 23-year-old says he wasn't ready to play Origin football during his three previous appearances, and at times he's felt that he'd never get a chance again. I've probably worried about that. My form hasn't been the best over the past few years,

but I think I've earnt my spot more than any other time now. And I am definitely playing the best football that I've played.

Origin selectors did consider Andrew Johns, but believe he needs more match fitness. Joey applauding the decision to move Barrett to half-back. Oh, sensational. His performances at half-back in the past at this level have been great.

Times I think he's better in the halves. Having him and Anasta in the halves is strong, so I think they'll go well. Manly veteran Steve Menzies moves onto the bench, replacing club mate Anthony Watmough. He gives me a great opportunity to cover our outside backs if they injure during a game. Stuart today receiving a breach notice from the NRL and faces a $10,000 fine over comments he made about referees. Rob Canning, Ten News. Still on league

and hopefully a conclusion to the dispute

between captain Michael Monaghan and the Manly club.

Tony Peters joins us following a late media conference. And Tony, what's the story now?

Manly and Michael Monaghan have

come to an agreement. He signed a

3-year contract worth

come to an agreement. He signed a 3-year contract worth $240,000 a

year. The deal was offered this

morning, he went away to think

about and came back and accepted

the original offer. Monaghan is

embarrassed at having called the

club gutless. Comments that were

made by myself during the week

probably like I said weren't

handled as well as I should have.

As club captain, I probably should

have handled them in a better

manner and spoken to the people

here first. Why the about-face from

Manly? A lot of reasons. The main

reason was probably that most

people outside of Manly thought

Matt Orford was coming. He's not

coming, he's most likely going to

stay at the Melbourne Storm , but

at this stage Manly believe they

could have handled it better. I'd

like to add that both parties agree

the negotiations which commenced

on April 8 have not been handled

well and for that both parties

apologise to the Manly fans and

players and the sponsors. You have

to feel for Sonny Bill Williams.

What's the latest? He has a tear in

the Cartiledge. The doctor believes

he'll be missing for two tor four

weeks and will need minor surgery. Wallabies flanker Phil Waugh will miss this weekend's rugby Test against Samoa with a knee injury. The Wallabies were hoping to name a full-strength team for the game at Telstra Stadium, but five players have been ruled out through injury or suspension. But NSW skipper Chris Whitaker is expected fill the vacant half-back spot.

I'd obviously love to play a Test

match in Sydney. I've played a few

here and there but haven't started

one in Sydney, my hometown.

Whitaker is also in the running for the captaincy. Spain's Rafael Nadal has won his first grand slam title

after a stunning 4-set victory at the French Open. The 19-year-old sensation is the new superstar of world tennis.

Two first-time finalists packed centre court. Number four seed Rafael Nadal hot favourite for the title against unseeded Argentinian Mariano Puerta. Nadal first on the scoreboard. COMMENTATOR: And there is the opening game. Troubled by a groin injury, Puerta rallied to take a marathon 72-minute first set in a tie break. But the next three belonged to the young man who celebrated his 19th birthday two days ago.

What an unbelievable point again from both players. Nadal's celebrations nearly as good as the tennis itself. His game gaining momentum at baseline or net.

Oh! I don't believe it! After going into the clash on the back of 23 straight wins, the biggest moment of an already remarkable career. Rafael Nadal has made history. No-one had debuted and won the title at Roland Garros for 23 years.

The King of Spain one of the first to congratulate the new king of clay. The world number five with enough in the tank to head to his family in the stands. Reality setting in soon after amid plans to become a better player. I need to improve a lot on my serve because with this serve I have problems every game. One of the youngest winners of a men's grand slam in the Open era

now eyeing the Wimbledon crown. Tania Armstrong, Ten News. Valentino Rossi has won a thrilling Italian MotoGP. He passed arch rival Max Biaggi two laps from the finish line. The only major casualty - Sete Gibernau, who pushed too hard, too soon and crashed out just five laps into the race. Rossi and Marco Melandri traded blows out in front, and the battle for minor placings was just as hot. COMMENTATOR: Capirossi patiently through and desperately hanging on, but Rossi takes the win from Biaggi. It was an all-Italian sweep of the top four positions. Rossi now has a huge lead in the championship race. Australia's Troy Bayliss finished 13th. An even more dramatic finish in the 125ccs - race leaders Mika Kallio and Hector Faubel hit the gravel on the final turn. Kallio had started on pole and led for much of the race. Later on Sports Tonight with Ryan Phelan - a special honour for Swans coach Paul Roos tonight. And Aussie vice-captain Adam Gilchrist lets us in on a secret ahead of the Ashes.

A secret involving cricket? How

exciting. Back to Vic Lorusso on

the Mix traffic helicopter. Vic,

where are the problems? It's really

slow coming into Five Dock from

Homebush. An accident in the

city-bound lane has also slowed the

other traffic. It's bumper to

bumper. Motorists are trying to go

towards Burwood, but condition

worsen heading up towards the

accident. Westbound traffic

improving. The accident has just

been pushed into the left hand lane.

That serious crash at matterlylands

has been cleared and all lanes are now open. Tim Bailey next to help you plan your week.

ENGINE ACCELERATES Police are targeting speeding drivers this June long weekend. Get caught speeding and you could lose your licence. Double demerits for speeding this June long weekend.

This program is captioned live.

Tim Bailey, I thought there was an

added air of excitement out in the

Hills District this weekend. You

visited too? It was fantastic. I

have to say hello to the Marans.

Their daughters have smiles that

would put lunar park to shame. I

had a good time. Happy birthday to

an Indian friend of mine who turned

40. I must also say hell he will to

the Warringah rats especially to

the person who got Narrabeen its

first trophy since the animals are

offside with Noah. Thank you for

your weather photographs. Today's

lucky winner, have a look at this.

All of those come to . We

have some weather stuff this week.

Live Jazz tomorrow, the crusty Demons

Live Jazz tomorrow, the crusty Demons Wednesday. Tomorrow - fine

and sunny and 21 degrees and that

is now the 30th time in a row I've

said that. Our eighthth day above average.

Satellite - thick cloud crosses WA

Satellite - thick cloud crosses WA ahead of a strong cold front. It

causes potentially severe thunderstorms in the south-west.

The map for tomorrow - a deep low

will generate strong winds and

showers across WA. Other troughs

were trigger storms inland.

Predicted precipitation - isolated

showers along the northern NSW and

Queensland coastlines. Let's hope

it's rain, but we don't think it

will be. On Wednesday a trough will

cause rain areas across SA but NSW

looking pretty dry indeed. Today -

fine and sunny and 21. Tomorrow -

fine and sunny and 21, maybe a fog

in the west. The only chance of

rain in the Sydney base inarea is

Saturday, really coastal and light

and back to fine and sunny by

Sunday and right through next week.

It's awful as far as the drought is concerned.

You have a good working week and

I'll see you again tomorrow night.

I almost said have a good weekend.

You're thinking too much about the weekend.

Australia's Hugh Jackman has wowed US theatre heavyweights, hosting the prestigious Tony Awards for the third time. Hundreds of stars turned out for theatre's equivalent of the Oscars. When the curtain went up,

a cheeky Billy Crystal appeared instead of Hugh. I'm hosting the Tony Awards. No you're not, mate/

Jackman regained control, putting on a hip shaking performance.

Billy Crystal later beat our own Dame Edna in the special event category. The Dame's extraordinary and she'll bounce back, probably several times. Top Tony honours went to Monty Python musical, 'Spamalot'. That's the 5:00 News. I'm Ron Wilson.

And I'm Jessica Rowe. Sandra Sully will have the Late News at 10:40. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.