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She's...she's everywhere I look. She's in this house. she's in my mind. She's...she's in my child, Shh, shh, shh, shh. Hey, hey. (Sniffs) (Sighs) Oh, God! Make her go away!

No! Make her go away! She's driving me insane! Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by

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and a show of national pride Tonight - protests, blunders as the Olympic torch passes through Canberra.

after a shameful hospital bungle. A widow's search for answers

struggling for breath, He died alone, with no dignity whatsoever. to loved ones lost on HMAS 'Sydney'. and hundreds pay tribute

and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening. a jail sentence awaits, Also tonight, rock throwers warned even if they miss. And take that - owed tens of thousands of dollars. revenge for a builder But heading Ten News, and ugly intimidation tactics, despite seven arrests Canberra's Olympic torch relay organisers say has been a raging success. Huge police numbers the 16-kilometre run. ensured the flame made it through Brute force and anger

surround Tibetan protesters. as pro-China supporters Maybe it's symptomatic over free speech and human rights of the whole debate was the name of the day. but intimidation

bused in from Sydney and Melbourne. Thousands of Chinese supporters were

as a show of solidarity If it was meant it also smacked of being a tightly organised overreaction

to worldwide protests. Shut up! Shut up! I will not be silenced! I have come here to speak up - coordinated the crowds Chinese marshals and they were none too happy when spotted by our camera.

was welcomed in a spirit of peace The torch itself across the lake. and had a spectacular launching before the unresolved conflict But it wasn't long and the Chinese flame attendants between Australian police became apparent. The pushing and shoving an unedifying spectacle.

who was in charge. In the end the AFP made it clear The front of Parliament House was expected to be a flashpoint.

One man was badly hurt by a flag-carrying zealot. when he was hit over the head attempting to break the barriers. Police showed no tolerance for anyone Arrests were dramatic and swift. One protester Rob de Castella's run attempted to block marathon champion and he was quickly dragged away. turned out to be a sideshow. was sorry the relay a few more young kids out I would have liked to have seen but I can completely understand might have been a bit reticent. why parents and families too much for some, The emotion of the day to support the Olympics but many said they came to Canberra and share in Beijing's glory. the Olympic Games in China First time so we very proud. to separate the warring factions Police struggled

ran the final stage. before swim legend Ian Thorpe It was then the flame spluttered. failing to keep it burning brightly. The Olympic legend The tension

and the overwhelming Chinese majority between the Tibetan minority was palpable. to 500 well-trained Federal Police Any harmony was due more than to the Olympic spirit. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. from Canberra. Paul Bongiorno joins us now and 500 police to protect the torch, Paul, it took $2 million and it seems to have worked.

If a minister said it was a roaring

success and Canberra showed the

rest of the world how to do it but

the benchmark was what happened in

other cities. Nobody grabs the

flame and it didn't have to be

hidden in a warehouse or diverted

to the stadium but if the benchmark

was peace and harmony then it

didn't really succeed. The basic

surprise was the number of pro-

Chinese protesters. The event organiser

organiser was quite surprised and

an early estimate was 40,000 but

police of later revised that down

to 20,000. It's clear of the

Chinese wanted to dominate the day

and the imagery of the day and they

succeeded in that but I'm not sure

they succeeded in winning over

supporters. faces up to five years jail, Anyone caught throwing rocks at cars just for possessing a rock. You'll also be put in prison But critics argue diversion by the State Government. the tough new laws are just another horrified the community. The mindless attack on Nicole Miller to create a new law. It also forced the Government by a 1kg rock, While Nicole was hit in the head throwing a rock faces jail. in future anyone caught simply and possessing the rock - The act of throwing a pretty tough penalty. five years is appropriate,

Sadly, it's not an isolated incident to buses and trucks with plenty of damage as well. from rocks thrown from the road

who don't get the message. There are fools and idiots out there for the policy, The Opposition is taking credit but also argues the tougher sentences for a string of Government problems. are a smokescreen They use these law and order issues from those other matters to try and distract and this is a good one to use. whatever their motive. I'm glad they've done it The law will also cover any object train, boat, person or animal. that can be thrown at any vehicle, To underline the problem rock throwing attacks there were two more last night. on Westbuses around Mount Druitt The Government has promised Parliament within a few weeks. the new laws will be brought before A key feature of the new law possible is that it makes a conviction

they didn't mean to hurt anyone. even if an offender says Kevin Wilde, Ten News. of medical neglect. There's been more horrifying evidence hospital bed, struggling for breath. A man has died under his could have been saved. Nurses say the undercover policeman 45-year-old Detective Inspector Andrew Day

care at Concord Hospital. died after he received substandard struggling for breath, He died alone,

with no dignity whatsoever. No dignity - nobody deserves that. Nurses found the pneumonia patient lying on the floor under his ward bed, the oxygen tube disconnected. Professor Matthew Peters has been disciplined by the Medical Board for failing to put Mr Day in intensive care. Senior nurses say it could have saved his life. Returning to Concord Hospital for the first time since her husband's death, arguing doctors need to be made more accountable. He needs to be named and shamed. The HCCC is a closed shop. They will not release information to the public. Senior nurses wrote to the Coroner, warning there was a culture of cover-up at the hospital, adding Mr Day should not have died. For Jacqui Day, her appearance here has brought none of the answers that she's waited so long for. The commissioner has accepted that letter drafted by the nurses. It may now shape some of this recommendations. We have absolutely no faith in this hospital system at all, ever, and I will never leave my children or any members of my family alone again. The inquiry is expected to provide its recommendations to the Health Minister in July. Evan Batten, Ten News. leading into the Anzac long weekend, with the ANZ lifting its interest rate by 10 basis points. The bank has blamed the global credit crunch for the rise to its standard variable home loan rate to 9.47%. The skills shortage is starting to bite, with Australian companies saying they need 250,000 workers just to meet demand. And most say their performance is suffering as a result. now a clear sense of the impact of a national skills shortage. CEOs from companies large and small delivering the worrying news. The fact that we don't have the skills - they don't have the skilled people with the innovative capacity to drive their business forward - should a concern for everyone.

The Australian Industry Group and Deloitte survey estimates 250,000 skilled workers are needed just to meet current demand,

and 68% of companies say that's hurting their ability to innovate and perform. More concerning, they reveal 46% of employees don't have adequate literacy skills

for the modern workplace. Whether it's in retail, whether it's in mining, whether it's in manufacturing, we're going to have to lift the knowledge levels

of the Australian workers, is going to grow slower otherwise the Australian economy when the big boom stops. Consultants Deloitte warn companies must be innovative to compete,

with clear things they can do themselves. Is to be more formal in the way they train and develop their people but not only technically but also in the way you might train them to be innovative, creativity training, exposure to the arts, culture, more numeracy training. Skills aside, some companies are facing more basic challenges. Large retailers like David Jones are now actually cutting the hours their staff are working because the slowdown in the economy is having an impact on their sales. Some stores have seen an 8% slide in the sales of big-ticket items like large-screen TVs and furniture as consumers curb their spending. Eddy Meyer, Ten News. The bells of Sydney's St Andrew's Cathedral tolled 645 times as families gathered to pay tribute to the sailors lost in the sinking of HMAS 'Sydney' almost 70 years ago. There were also kind words for the enemy crew. More than 700 relatives of the 'Sydney's crew came to pay their respects and remember. Two sisters recalled the last time they saw their father, Chief Petty Officer Edward O'Brien, in 1941. They had a march through Sydney, all the men from the 'Sydney' and Dawn and I were there with all our family, waving and cheering them on. Stoker Robert Kennedy's family is relieved the wreckage of the ship has finally been found. Immense relief and a lot of closure, it's given us closure, the family. The cathedral's bell rang out 645 times, once for each man who died. We remember their courage, their determination and their diligence as they gave their all to protect us from oppression. There were tributes to the 'Sydney's crew

and their enemy on the 'Kormoran'. As we remember our own men and those who grieve for them, we extend our sympathies to the families of the German sailors who lie nearby. All agreed the 'Sydney's discovery solved a national mystery. But to the families of those who gave their lives, the wreckage of the HMAS 'Sydney' represents much more - it's the tomb and the final resting place of their loved ones. I know where he is now. I didn't know and my mother could never tell me whether I had a father or whether I didn't till the war was finished so now I know where he is. The memorial service bringing relief to long-suffering families. John Hill, Ten News. Ahead in sport with Tim Webster - claims the Rabbitohs are on Mission Impossible this weekend. Yes, Darren Lockyer says he's ready and waiting for them at the Broncos, more shortly. but the Wests Tigers claim they're not grandstanding about Robbie Farah's chances of a comeback They even delivered a special message to the Sharks. And he kept the cheer squad on their feet all night - Matthew Hayden produces a slashing innings in the Indian Premier League. Also, the very wet work-out for the Derby and Doncaster at Randwick. Australia develops an extra-potent flu vaccine - details next. Plus, a council's laser sky show closed after a close encounter with a helicopter. And it's definitely the wrong place at the wrong time - a drink-driving suspect crashes in front of police. This program is captioned live. Engineers have been called in over claims that homes are being cracked by heavy drilling for Sydney's desalination plant. One of the houses is just metres from where Sydney Water is pile-driving

as it steps up construction. The vibrations are shaking homes and residents are worried any existing cracks might be opened up. The Premier says construction noise levels are being monitored and residents will be compensated for any damage. The latest laser attack on an aircraft over Sydney has been blamed on a piece of artwork.

Parramatta Council has been forced to shut down the laser sculpture after its beams hit the Ten traffic chopper. It had all the hallmarks of another helicopter laser attack. The Ten News traffic chopper flashed repeatedly for 20 minutes while flying low over Parramatta. shooting up towards the helicopter. these constant green beams were

reporter Vic Lorusso in the eye. One of the beams caught For 10 seconds, at least 10 seconds I had blurry vision in my right eye, rubbing my right eye. The pilot managed to avoid being hit but police moved in, armed with the Premier's new laws,

to crack down on laser pranksters. This could be mass murder. Bringing a plane down in a residential area is catastrophic. But what they found was a flashy street sculpture installed by Parramatta Council five months ago. It works by projecting laser light onto netting above Church Street and surrounding buildings. The light only operates for a few hours in the evening and we've simply decomissioned that. It won't be on at all

until we've had the investigation to find out what was the problem and of course make sure it can't happen again. But council is struggling to work out what went wrong last night. The lasers are supposed to be tamper-proof and were designed to avoid drivers on the ground and pilots in the air. The sky above Parramatta is frequently used by emergency helicopters transporting patients to nearby Westmead Hospital. But any amount of time for a pilot to be disoriented at 2,000 feet 1,500 feet, in an aircraft, is a dangerous situation. So it's a case of lights out for Parramatta's flashy street art. Daniel Sutton, Ten News. An award-winning author has been charged with drugs and firearm offences after a raid on the State's South Coast. Celebrated crime writer Bernie Matthews, who has also lectured to law enforcement students, is facing 20 charges. Detectives allegedly seized rifles and a self-loading pistol, $150,000 worth of MDMA as well as an estimated and crystal meth, also known as ice. A 29-year-old Cabramatta man has also been arrested.

A P-plater has been charged with drink-driving and speeding after crashing his car in front of police at Five Dock.

Officers claim the car was travelling at 110km/h in a 60km/h zone on Parramatta Road before the early-morning smash. The 24-year-old's blood alcohol reading was allegedly more than twice the legal limit. If you witness a breaking story and would like to see your pictures on Ten News, email them to: both photos and video. We're interested in

dawn service tomorrow morning. It

begins at Marton place at 4:30am.

Showers will be clearing but the

bad news isn't in time for the bad news isn't in time for the dawn

service. The one clear until the

afternoon. It reached 20 degrees

today in the city. Port Macquarie

was drenched overnight. They had

120 mm of rain. But the dam didn't

record very much rain.

Tomorrow it could forecast but it

could won't be clearing until the

afternoon. If you're wondering

where I'm and while I'm here I'm

going to announce the Environment

Award winner so stay tuned for Next, renovation revenge - a builder who wasn't paid takes the law into his own hands. And why skipping breakfast is a bad idea if you want to have a son. How do you decide between crunchy and soft tacos? True genius, Mexican style. or Souvlaki Flayva with delicious crispy chicken strips, tzatziki sauce. Opa! For souvlaki in a hurry, it's gotta be red. This program is captioned live. A significant victory for Dr Jayant Patel, who's fighting extradition to Australia on manslaughter charges. An American judge has ruled he be given access to important patient records. Nicole Strahan has more from the US. The case has returned to court in Portland, Oregon, where Dr Patel's lawyer has argued for copies of medical records of several patients. Dr Patel's lawyer believes these documents are essential to the defence case to stop the extradition of Dr Patel to Australia.

Specifically, lawyer Marc Blackman wants to see pathology reports, nursing and surgery notes and in one case records of prior radiation treatment. The judge has given Dr Patel's lawyer until the end of the week to specify how many of the 500 pages of documents he wants. After that, Australian authorities, through the US attorneys, will have until May 2 to hand them over. 58-year-old Dr Patel has been behind bars in Portland

since his arrest last month. He was denied bail but his lawyer does have the option of applying for his release again. Dr Patel, a US citizen, has been charged with more than a dozen offences, including manslaughter, grievous bodily harm and fraud at Bundaberg Base Hospital. over his time as surgeon The extradition hearing but it's possible this legal process Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are back on the campaign trail, A day after her victory in Pennsylvania, the former first lady was in Indiana, appealing for donations. was pushing supporters to unite against the Republicans. They will see the choice

between John McCain and the Democratic nominee and they will say to themselves, "This is a clear choice." Republican presidential candidate John McCain has been campaigning in a Kentucky coal town, promising tax cuts to create jobs.

It's a case of renovation revenge. A builder has destroyed a porch and sunroom he erected last Christmas because he still hasn't been paid. He's now $40,000 out of pocket. The house is owned by the local council but the tenant was given permission for the renovations, at her own cost. The whole thing has been just an absolute nightmare for me, for my company, for my staff. The council is planning to send the tenant a bill for the cost of removing the rubble and repairing the damage. They say you are what you eat but what if your diet could determine the sex of your baby? British researchers believe mothers hoping for a boy should eat bigger breakfasts. So it seemed to work for you, in your case, you never missed breakfast and that's one of the things... I joined the model and author Lisa B. for breakfast. She is a firm believer in the mother's ability to influence the sex of her child. She realised whilst researching a book that she had had a diet now associated with the conception of boys. She now has two, after eating what experts say is food high in energy. I did eat things like that. I ate bananas and I ate porridge in the morning

and I had lots of sushi, which meant, of course, lots of soy sauce and a big, sort of, egg and bacon breakfasts. I love my bacon. Research carried out by the universities of Exeter and Oxford 740 first-time pregnant women and involving shows that those who consumed the most calories, the most nutrients, were more likely to conceive boys. Over the past 40 years the number of boys born in industrialised countries has been falling. It means, say researchers, skipping breakfast - now increasingly common in the developed world - for those hoping for a son. We know that in in vitro fertilisation male embryos are favoured by having a high concentration of glucose around them, so it might be that in a natural diet if a woman has been, for example, skipping breakfast she may have very low blood sugar in the morning and that may be the reason why boy embryos are selected against. It's thought the evolutionary drive to produce descendants may be key, but some mothers need convincing. But at the end of the day I don't think I don't think you can really - we can't play God. It's up to nature to decide whether it is a boy or a girl.

So if you thought it was just about the X or Y chromosome, maybe you have to think again. Nina Nannar, Ten News. Australian researchers have developed a vaccine

10 times the strength of traditional flu shots.

It's so potent, it could immunise half the world's population. An Australian development with global significance. Every year hundreds of thousands of elderly patients with chronic diseases die from influenza or its complications. Funded by the US Government, researchers at Flinders University in Adelaide have boosted the regular influenza vaccine. By adding a natural plant extract found in dahlia flowers, the body's immune system is amplified. We don't need to generate a whole new vaccine. We can just add on this technology and end up with a dramatically more potent vaccine. And it's not just for the flu. The plant extract can be added to any vaccination, from malaria to hepatitis and tetanus. 10 times more potent.

Better yet, it makes each dose We can take current global capacity, which is about 300 million doses across the world, and potentially stretch that to 3 billion doses. In effect, protecting half the world's population, potentially making it our best defence against bird flu. This could be the difference between life and death by a serious flu epidemic. if we're confronted

Because the adjuvant is natural and non-toxic, it increases patient tolerance to the vaccine. So sid effects like soreness and sickness are significantly reduced.

Clinicians are now recruiting 1,000 elderly and sick people to participate in the trial. The vaccine should be available by next year. Still to come, the soaring number of households under mortgage stress. Also tonight, new pressure to find a World War II hospital ship which sank off our coast. And the hip-hop king gets even after a reporter's embarrassing blunder. Alright, listen baby. Let me tell you something, right? Look at my face, right? You think all black people look alike? Is that what it is? Gotcha! Introducing KFC's Family Fun Bucket with Pictionary Mania! Including a variety of everyone's favourite KFC chicken and sides plus all the fun of Pictionary Mania! A ballerina! Yeah. KFC's Family Fun Bucket. Now there's even more to the world of Grapevine. ActewAGL and TransACT's very own Internet service provider is growing, delivering high-speed broadband to Canberra and the region. With blistering broadband speeds, expert technical support and plans to suit your budget, Grapevine will grow your world. Call 13 35 00 or visit: Conditions apply. This program is captioned live. Tonight's major stories - organisers claim the Canberra leg of the Olympic torch relay was an outstanding success. Thousands of pro-Chinese demonstrators flooded the national capital's streets for the event. They far outnumbered pro-Tibetan protesters trying to highlight human rights concerns. And hundreds pay tribute to loved ones lost in the sinking of HMAS 'Sydney' during World War II. The bells at St Andrew's Cathedral tolled 645 times, once for each of the vessel's crew members. HMAS 'Sydney' went down off the West Australian coast in 1941. The discovery of HMAS 'Sydney' has reignited the push to solve another of Australia's great maritime mysteries. The hospital ship 'Centaur' lies somewhere just off Brisbane - a missing war grave for more than 260 souls. VOICE-OVER: It was a Japanese submarine that sank the Australian hospital ship 'Centaur' off the Australian coast. That was nearly 65 years ago. Now, somewhere in the waters east of North Stradbroke Island, lies the last great Australian maritime mystery of World War II. of any merchant ship sunk in the Pacific in World War II. 268 doctors, nurses and servicemen died. 64 more survived after spending a day and a half in the water. And I went down with the suction of the ship and I thought that I would not come up again. The wreck has never been found, but last month's discovery of HMAS 'Sydney' has reignited calls for a new search with new technology. doesn't end there... Because after the 'Kormoran' sank, the survivors, or some of the survivors, were picked up by the 'Centaur'. After much conjecture and several fruitless searches over the years, experts now believe they've narrowed the area

to within a few nautical miles. They say the geosounder used to find the 'Sydney' would make short work of finding the 'Centaur'. What's needed is government funding similar to that gained by the Find the 'Sydney' Foundation. There's no question in my mind how important these things are to families - to give closure to some, to provide answers for others.

Jan Thomas lost her father, and says finding and protecting the 'Centaur' must become a national priority. Finding 'Centaur', though, will go a long way towards helping that healing process. Max Futcher, Ten News. School students will be given the opportunity to visit historical battlefields through a new scholarship scheme. The scholarships will be open to groups of up to 10 students aged 14 to 18. It's a wonderful opportunity for the people who receive the scholarships to go overseas and visit these places. it changed my life. For me personally, It was a surreal sensation being able to follow in the footsteps of a relative I'd never known. The first scholarship will involve students travelling to Gallipoli next year. And a reminder, we will be on air a little later tomorrow for Anzac Day. Our bulletin will start at 5:30pm after the Round 6 AFL clash between Collingwood and Essendon. Now to the finance report. Here's Cindy Pismiris from BankWest. Late this afternoon, ANZ Bank increased its variable mortgage interest rates by 10 points.

The rise takes effect on Monday and lifts the home loan rate to 9.47%. More than 80,000 Australians could lose their homes by September due to mortgage stress made more likely by the 17-year high in interest rates. The rising costs of food, fuel and housing have pushed inflation up and could force another interest rate hike by the RBA. 1 million home owners are now feeling the pinch

of the global credit squeeze in mortgage payments. and paying up to $5,000 a year extra

With bank mortgage rates now running at around 9%, every rise of 0.25% pushes another 150,000 households to the brink. Taking a look at today's figures. Mincor Resources rose on strong production forecasts. Caltex fell after saying it may cut output,

should refining margins fall. metals prices slipped overnight. Next week we see data on retail sales and building approvals. See you then. A galaxy of international stars has landed in town for this weekend's MTV Awards. But there was an embarrassing blunder at the news conference to launch the event. It's a question a lot of people want answered. Is it 'Mischa' or 'Meesha'? It's 'Meesha'.

With that out of the way, former 'OC' star Mischa Barton was free to pose in her frock about her recent arrest for drink-driving. In fact, a DUI charge seems to be a popular accessory for special guests at this year's MTV Australia Awards - rapper Eve also in the club. But not host Wyclef Jean, winners will get this year. here seen modelling the trophy Instead of a DUI, he has a song, 'Fast Car', that tells of the dangers of driving under the influence. Away from that theme, Brad Pitt's first girlfriend, actress Juliette Lewis, will be performing with her band the Licks... Hopefully, you'll break a sweat when you watch us. ..while former Aussie MTV VJ Lyndsey Rodrigues

The many people there were foreign

TV air allowed to worse than ask

the questions. The 'Sydney Morning Herald's Emily Dunn taken to task by Wyclef for confusing him with Will I Am from the Black Eyed Peas in a report. Alright, listen baby. Let me tell you something, right? Look at my face, right? You think all black people look alike? Is that what it is? The MTV Awards are on this Saturday night. Angela Bishop, Ten News.

Sport now. Tim, the AFL's offering big money scholarships to local teenagers? to 15- and 16-year-olds. Also, the Bulldogs grab a Dragons player. Plus, the Wests Tigers maintain it's one step at a time over the possibility of a Robbie Farah comeback this weekend. And vintage Hayden in the Indian Premier League. COMMENTATOR: First six of the evening. Listen and learn. Direct injected. WHOOSH! SONG: # Zoom, zoom, zoom... # Mazda CX-7. It's not just all-wheel drive, it's all-wow drive. # Zoom, zoom, zoom. # BOY: Zoom-zoom. This program is captioned live. Parramatta have just announced they've released halfback Tim Smith from his contract to deal with bipolar disorder. The Eels are now stepping up efforts to re-sign Brett Finch. Meantime, the Bulldogs have recruited their first player for next year.

Dragons winger Josh Morris has signed for three years. Mark Gasnier is set for an early return against the Roosters tomorrow, but Matt Cooper is out. hooker Robbie Farah won't be rushed back too soon. Benji Marshall's not Hooker Robbie Farah's on a mission after the latest tests on his injured back cleared him to resume full training. Now it's just a matter of training and blowing my lungs out because, as you've seen before, I was sucking in the big ones. Doctors want him to sit out the next two games, so is Farah playing games when it comes to his chances of taking on Ricky Stuart's Sharks on Sunday? and decide I want to play. Mate, I might wake up Sunday morning Robbie is not playing. Benji meantime can expect a torrid return after his six weeks out with a knee injury. Benji's obviously going to be a big plus for them. He's going to give them a lot of confidence and a lot of attack. But he's someone we'll certainly be targeting on the weekend. I'm sure Gal hasn't played for a few weeks, so I'm sure he'll get a few people run at him too just quietly. after eight years at the Tigers. He hasn't secured another job, but he is looking. Can't retire. The coach takes all the money in this club, not the CEO. And there was much excitement in Brisbane today. Darren Lockyer hitting full stride

ahead of his comeback from a knee injury tomorrow night. For winless opponents Souths, things just don't get any easier. No, it doesn't. It helps with Darren Lockyer being back as well. Lockyer's return just in time for Sunday's naming of the Test team. Look, I don't even think there's a decision to be made there.

I think he pulls through this game OK, I don't see any reason why he wouldn't be in that side. Adam Hawse, Ten News. Senior Waratahs have endorsed former World Cup-winning captain Nick Farr-Jones's assessment that rookie scrum half Luke Burgess deserves a Test call-up. Farr-Jones likes what he sees and so do Luke's team-mates. He's performed well, but he'll only get better as well, which is encouraging. Just personally, I reckon it's time just to give the young guys a go and Burgie's there. for Saturday's home game against the Sharks. Injury has ruled out a return for Rocky Elsom and Timana Tahu. The AFL's expansion plans have been on full display It's a super squad of young NSW players set to reap rich financial rewards. It's for good reason these teenagers are fighting hard to impress the talent scouts. The AFL are fully committed to developing kids from NSW into AFL footballers and are prepared to spend money to do it. I think one of the great things we've got in NSW is a very clear pathway for boys. The challenge for us now is to chase the best talent. The playing fields of St Ignatius at Riverview are usually the domain of rugby union players,

but this week Aussie Rules has reigned. Elite squads getting the best training possible in wet but high quality surrounds and getting the chance to earn good money through the scholarship program. And while money isn't everything in sport, it certainly does help, especially when you are getting $20,000 and you're only 15 years of age. Is it the money and attraction? Not really because the main reason I want to play the game

is because I love it. The main reason is for the love of the game. With a second Sydney team pencilled in for the 2012 season the race is on for the hearts and minds of our young athletes, but the AFL won't hear any talk of a war between football codes. It's a big marketplace. It's the biggest marketplace and we don't want to take over the world, but we'd like our slice of it. Neil Cordy, Ten News. A massive knock from Matthew Hayden lifted the Super Kings to a narrow victory over the Mumbai Indians in the Premier League this morning. The big left-hander showed no respect for the Indians' bowling and used his power and finesse from just 46 deliveries. on the way to 81 runs COMMENTATOR: That's a cheeky shot, my goodness. That's inventiveness at its best. by Test nemesis Harbhajan Singh, The Kings' total of 208 was pushed right to the final ball by the visitors. Mumbai came up just 6 runs short. Trainer Anthony Cummings is confident Dealer Principal will relish the heavy going to win this Saturday's AJC Australian Derby at Royal Randwick. The race one of four Group Ones on a bumper feature card. It's become a familiar scene at morning trackwork. Persistent rain meaning a bog circuit for Saturday's feature race day. It's of little concern to the trainer of Dealer Principal who lines up in the $1.8 million derby. The Guineas winner's usually got a good record in the Derby. I don't think this year's not going to be any different and he just continues to impress in his work and his demeanour and the way he's coping with the pressure. The Flying Spur 3-year-old His Rosehill Guineas win

two weeks ago provided bush jockey Peter Robl with a maiden Group One win in the horse's first ever preparation.

COMMENTATOR: Dealer Principal takes out the Guineas. A bit of a fairytale story, having come from a maiden six or eight weeks ago. I suppose it's already that with the Rosehill Guineas win under his belt, but the Derby would certainly be the icing on a very big cake, Guineas place-getter Lago Lad out to turn the tables. He's fit now and we let him go around the very heavy grass just to feel it again and he seemed

Hayes predicting bigger things to come for the Encosta de Lago gelding. He's really been bought with a Melbourne Cup view. Andrew Brown, Ten News. That's it, plenty more in ST, including highlights of the NBA play-offs. Stay with us. Our full Anzac Day weather forecast is next.

Her one it's time for the weather

details and we'll cover that all

services in a moment but first the

the Environment Awards have been

very successful and have had a lot

of response and tonight we've a

winner. It's the first summer announcing

announcing a winner. Where to

Wisley recycling and they're the

winner for this month. Here is a

plaque to commemorate the event at

his $2,000. Well done, everyone.

As you can tell, they're very

excited about the award. They

dismantled and recycler and re-use

electronic equipment and give it

back to families and communities

are neither need it most. I

understand that electronic waste is

growing very quickly so your work

is very important. Yes more than a

million computers go to landfill million computers go to landfill

every year unless we can stop it

getting there. You not only in help

the environment you also help

people whom might not get jobs

otherwise. We offer something to

the community by providing the community by providing

employment for people with

disabilities and people were who disabilities and people were who have difficulty in getting

employment. If you wander into the awards Olomouc.

Now for a bid of doom and gloom.

Thick cloud has driven over north-

east New South Wales by east New South Wales by dusty

easterly winds, bringing heavily

showers, mostly coastal. A friend is crossing South Australia.

Tomorrow there will be a cool change to the south-east of the

Continent. A low in the Tasman oh

sh o c will hit further offshore. Tomorrow

Tomorrow showers will develop in

western Victoria and Tasmania. The

war these in north-east New South

Wales. Possible isolated showers in western Western Australia. Showers

in the tropics. For tomorrow - bad news for the dawn service because

it looks like it'll still be

raining. But it should clear in the

afternoon and get to 21 degrees.

To elations to all of you here for To elations to all of you here for

winning the Environment Award. It's

great news if you're to nominate

log on to the website. Three Roman Catholic priests have been signed up for superstardom. The singing priests have signed a $2 million contract with music giant Sony BMG. (All sing in harmony) Fathers David, Martin, and Eugene have been singing together

since they were schoolboys in Northern Ireland. They used to be nicknamed Holy, Holy, Holy but from now on they'll be called the Priests. They have a clause in their contract to say their day job comes first and most of the money they make will go to charity. That's Ten News for now. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. The Late News with Sports Tonight is along at 10:30 and our Anzac Day coverage tomorrow starts with the Early News from 6:00.

We'll have a special Anzac Day bulletin tomorrow at 5:30. Hope you can join us then. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia. Last Sunday, your top four danced for the final time for your votes. Here's another look at their performances and the numbers you need to decide Australia's favourite dancer.