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Live. The UN demands access to

displaced Sri Lankans. 110

million dollars in US aid for

Pakistan. ASEAN concerned for

the safety of Aung San Suu Kyi

and tough new emissions

standards for American cars.

Good morning, Charles Slade

with ABC News for Australia

Network. The United Nations is

calling on the Sri Lankan

Government to give urgent

access to aid groups trying to

reach up to a quarter of a

million displaced civilians in

the country's north. The worst

affect ed areas remain sealed a

off dadespite the end of the

war. The Sri Lankan Government

is under pressure to ensure a

lasting peace as south Asia correspondent Sally Sara

reports. The yienings says some

displaced civilians have not

received any aid for the past

week but much of the

war-ravaged northeast of the

country remains sealed off. The

UN and aid groups are calling

on the Sri Lankan Government to

give urgent access to the worst

affected areas. I have

travelled to hardest hit areas

for a first-hand assessment of

conditions on the ground. I

remain concerned about the

safety and welfare of the

affected civilian population.

That is why I'm keen to visit

the camps for the

displaced. The Sri Lankan

Government is under pressure to

stabilise and rebuild the

country. Sri Lanka's neighbours

are demanding a comprehensive

plan to ensure a lasting peace.

India is seeking guarantees for

the Tamil minority. That will

be political solution and

political solution includes the

solution of power,

participation in the election

and to have the full rights of

the civilians of Sri Lanka. On

the streets of Colombo,

Government supporters set fire

to an effigy of slain Tamil

Tiger leader Velupillai Prabhakaran. Despite rebel

denials, the Government says it

has confirmed that Prabhakaran

is now dead. The celebrations

are continuing. The Government

is urging Sri Lankans to unite

but after three decades of

division it won't be an easy

task. This rally is going

through a neighbourhood of

Colombo which is home to many

ethnic tam scplz while people

here are happy that the war has

ended, they're unsure of what

the future will hold for their

ethnic minority. The Sri Lankan

Government has declared a

public holiday to celebrate the

end of the civil war but extra

security is in place amid fears

of possible terrorist attacks

by remaining members of the

Tamil Tigers. The US has

announced more than $100 teb

million in aid for Pakistanis

displaced by fighting between

the Taliban militant and the

Government. The Pakistani

Government says it's regained

control over the Swat Valley

where it believes a Taliban

leader is hiding. It's an

offensive fought with renewed

aggression. As troops fight

street battles against

militants in strategic towns in

the Swat Valley, this convoy is

seen entering Matta, a bastion

of Maulana Fazlullah who's led

a 22-year uprising to enforce

Islamic law. As militants were

rounded up, this year says he

was offering evening prayers in

the mosque when the Taliban

came and took him away to their

training centre. He says the

Taliban threatened to kill him

if he refused. The military's

main mission, to take over the

Taliban's headquarters in

nearby Peochar, where commandos

opened a new front last week.

Fierce clashes are taking place

in different areas of scpn

swat. In Peochar, security

forces are expanding their

foothold. But Pakistan is

facing one of the word's worst

displacement crises with aid workers struggling to reach

many of the 2 million people

who have fled the fighting and

the US is offering a helping

hand, announcing almost $130

million in aid to help those

displaced. Providing this

assistance is not only the

right thing to do but we

believe it is essential to

global security and the

security of the United States

and we are prepared to do more

as the situation demands. Many

in this congested camp are

desperate to get back to their homes.

TRANSLATION: The sooner we can

return the better. We'll be

extremely happy when we get

back to our own homes. It's too

hot here. The United Nations

says the fighting has resulted

in an exodus with a speed and

size that could rival the

displacement caused by Rwanda's

genocide. South Asian leaders

say they're concerned for the

health and safety of the

Burmese pro democracy leader

Aung San Suu Kyi on the second

day of her trial in Rangoon. The Association of Southeast

Asian Nations is calling for Ms

Suu Kyi to be given proper

medical care. The organisation

is warning that the credibility

of the Burmese Government is at

stake. Hundreds of riot police

stood guard outside Burma's

Insein Prison on day two of Ms

Suu Kyi's trial which is being

held behind closed doors and

has no clear timeframe. The

Nobel Peace Prize winner faces

a 5-year jail sentence for

breaching the terms of her

house arrest. Standing trial

with her is the American

citizen whose unauthorised

visit prompted those charges.

As the case continues there

have been more protests outside

Burmese embassies and calls for

action to secure Ms Suu Kyi's

freedom. Aung San Suu Kyi is

one of our leaders and we would

like to argue that the US

Government to put the pressure

on the UN Security Council to

intervene on behalf of Aung San

Suu Kyi and all political prisoners must be

freed. There's growing

international anger at the

military junta which Burma's

exiled leaders accuse of

extending Aung San Suu Kyi's

detention to stop her running

in next year's elections. The

Burmese military must keep its

promise to the ASEAN of

democratic reforms. We don't

see that the military junta

will take steps towards

democratic reforms. ASEAN is

warning brma it has a

responsibility to protect and

promote human rights, the

statement coming from Thailand

which currently chairs the

bloc. We want to see Myanmar

making progress in her road map

which means making sure the

political process is inclusive

and therefore the events over

the last week or so has raised

concern and so we have

expressed that concern very clearly. carried little weight with the increasingly aware at its voice ago, the Ortion has become since admitting Burma 12 years their internal affairs but criticising member states over traditionally refrains from strong stance from ASEAN which clearly. Observers say it's a

military junta in Rangoon. US President Barack Obama has announced tough new rules to cut emissions and The President says it will help reduce dependence on imported oil and slow down the impact of climate change but some analysts warn the plan could wreak havoc on an auto industry already struggling from the and boost fuel efficiency by at least 30 %. As a result, we will save 1.8 billion barrels of oil over the lifetime of the vehicles sold in the next five years. Just to give you a sense of magnitude, that's more oil than we imported last year from Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Libya and Nigeria combined. The global economic crisis. President Obama calls it an historic turning point towards a clean energy economy. This is the projected equivalent of taking 58 million cars off the road for an entire year. Under the new standards, cars sold in the US must emit about one-third less carbon by 2016

President says it will also

provide certainty for the

struggling auto industry and

auto makers say they're

relieved to have a single

national standard but there are

concerns about the price tag.

The White House says it will

add US $600 to the cost of

producing every new car. How

are they gonna fund these

mandates? Is the Government

gonna give them more money to meet these requirement s?

meet these requirement s? It's

not going to be cheap for the

automakers or the consumers

because they're going to have

to pay extra. The President

says the higher cost will be

offset by cheaper oil. The plan

gets the thumbs up from some

American drivers. I think it's

long overdue. I think that the

car companies need to do that

for their own survival and

without them facing bankruptcy they

they probably wouldn't consider

it. The new standards will take

effect in 2012. You're watching

ABC News for Australia Network.

Coming up in the bulletin - an

overhaul for the southern

hemisphere's Super 14. And the

Philippines latches on to a new

craze, Parkour, the art of moving.

In India, newly elected

Congress party MPs have

formally chosen Manmohan Singh

as their leader, paving way for

him to return as Prime

Minister. The Congress-led

Coalition has grown in strength

after two key regional parties

pledged their support. The head

of the Congress party, Sonia

Gandhi, proposed Manmohan Singh as the

as the parliamentary leader,

setting the stage for his

reappointment as Prime

Minister. He's expected to meet

President Pratibha Patil on

Wednesday to stake his claim to

form the new Government.

Addressing party members, Mr

Singh warned voters expects

admore responsive and efficient

Government during its second

term. Ms Gandhi echoed his

words, saying the party could

not take the electorate for

granted. Mr Singh hopes to

granted. Mr Singh hopes to persuade Rahul Gandhi, Sonia's

son, to serve in the Cabinet

after his role in the election

campaign was wide ly praised.

Two parties have offered their

support to Mr Singh, although

the support from the BSP leader

who represent said India's

lower castes was somewhat grudging.

TRANSLATION: We know that just

as before the Government won't

take enough measures for the betterment

betterment of the common man

but in return for keeping the

BJP away from power, my party

has agreed to provide the

support of all 21BSP MPs so the Government without

conditions. With a free hand,

Mr Singh is likely to open

India's insurance, retail and

banking sectors to greater

foreign investment. The new

Government is expected to be

sworn in on Friday.

sworn in on Friday.A mudslide

in the southern Philippines has

buried dozens of homes, killing

at least 17. Rescuers are

continuing to find bodies under

the landslide. Police say the

death toll could be as high as

26. Local officials say

warnings to mining firms to

suspend operations and for

residents to evacuate had unfortunately

unfortunately gone unheeded.

This happened because illegal mining activities were tolerated because they are the

source of the region's

livelihood. The mining region

is notorious for rain-induced

mudslides. 20 people were

killed in December in similar circumstances.

Environmentalists are warning

the rampant dumping of

the rampant dumping of

industrial and human waste in

Bangladesh's river systems is

reaching dangerous levels. Many

of the country's 140 million

people depend on the waterways

for transport and to make a

living. The Buriganga River was

once the lifeline of

Bangladesh's capital Dhaka but

the rampant dumping of industrial and human waste has

seen it become one of the country's most

country's most polluted

rivers. In a sense, the level

of contamination is one of the

highest in the world now and we

call this biologically dead.

While it'sing filthy, millions

of people living along the

river depend on it for water

for drinking, washing and

transport. The change in water

quality sularming

residents. This man says the water smells so

water smells so bad he can't

take a bath. Another says the

pollution is a serious health

hazard, it causes skin

diseases. By law, all

industrial units must use

effluent treatment plant but

owners often flout the rules as

the process is expensive.

Dangerous chemicals like cadmium and chromium

cadmium and chromium are

creeping in to the groundwater

from untreated industrial waste

and posing a serious threat to

public health. We want to make

the river free from pollution

because the waters are getting

fully infected and polluted by

their pollutants of the

industries and city disposals

and also the water

and also the water and other

pollutants of the city. The

environmentalists are hopeful

that Bangladesh can follow the

example of the Singapore River

which was highly polluted but

has since been successfully

cleaned up. Police in Taiwan

have forcibly removed

protesters from outside the

presidential palace, bringing a 2-day anti-Government

2-day anti-Government sit-in to

an end. The demonstrators are

opposed to the closer ties with

thine a established under the leadership of the Beijing-friendly leader. Since

he took office a year ago the

historic rivals have restarted

formal dialogue after a near

decade-long hiate scps signed a

raft of trade and transit

deals. The Opposition

deals. The Opposition party

rejects the robust engagement

with Beijing while it continues

to claim Taiwan as part of

China. A holiday to Thailand

has turned into a nightmare for

an Australian woman now facing

up to five years in a Thai

jail. Annice Smoel has been

accused of stealing a beer mat

from a nightclub in Phuket.

36-year-old Annice Smoel is

living out her worst nightmare. If they wanted

nightmare. If they wanted to

teach me a lesson they've well

and truly done it and I don't

understand why I need to keep

staying here. 16 days ago, the

Melbourne woman was charged

with theft and spent four days

in jail, all because of a

prank. Two of her girlfriends,

whilst partying at the Aussie

bar in Phuket, thought it was a

good idea to place an Aussie

Bartlett mat into her

Bartlett mat into her - Aussie

bar Bar mat into her handbag.

I think it's been a bad wrap

for Phuket and it's all because

one person has done wrong.

Let's not forget she's stolen

something. Mrs Smoel's been

told it could be months before

her case is heard in court. In

the meantime

the meantime she has to report

fortnightly to police. Her

husband is with her, leaving

the four young daughters with

family. The oldest one, two

traumatised to go to school, 12

years old, just had an

emergency appendix operation,

no mother to care for her. Mrs

Smoel admits she even attempted

to buy her way out. Darren

Smoel says calls to Australian

authorities have been

unsuccessful. I never heard a

unsuccessful. I never heard a

thing. Sometimes when I left

messages it would be six hours

before they got back to me. A

spokesman for the Department of

Foreign Affairs says consular

officials in Bangkok are

providing support for the

family. The Prime Minister has

also been briefed on the

situation. Our consular officials, guided by the

Foreign Minister and department

of foreign affairs, will be

there providing every level of consular assistance available

to them and dealing directly

with Thai authorities. Thai

police have told the ABC Annice

Smoel was aggressive on the

night of her arrest and deny

receiving any other confessions

to the arrests. There have been

fresh attacks on Asian-owned

businesses in Papua New Guinea.

The Foreign Minister warns

curfews may be imposed in major

towns if the looting

towns if the looting and

violence continue. Pacific correspondence Sean Dorney

reports from Madang. A major

gathering of business people from Australia and Papua New

Guinea in Madang on the PNG

north coast has been told the

stark disparities in wealth

between foreigners and ordinary

Papua New Guineans are that

heart of the recent frubles.

The benefits of resors

developments and businesses

continually getting drained out

and Government and industry not

providing the opportunities to

bridge that gap remains a

catastrophe in the making, a

time bomb. Papua New Guinea's

Foreign Minister told the 25th

PNG Australia Business Forum

that countries like Solomon

Islands had been ruined by race

riots and said there would be

plenty of jobs for Papua New

Guineans if they were patient

because major resource projects

were on the way.

were on the way. The projects

coming up such as the gas will

open up possibilities for Papua

New Guineans. More jobs will

occur, the economy will be

expanded and you will see a lot

more money coming into the

country but such a small stupid

thing such as this can spoil

this for the greater part of

the count ary. The Foreign

Minister said the PNG

Government would consider

curfews if the looting, which has moved

has moved to towns in the

highlands, persists. You're

watching ABC News for Australia

Network. Recapping the top

story in this bulletin - the

United Nations is calling on

the Sri Lankan Government to

give urgent access to aid

groups trying to reach up to a

quarter of a million displaced

civilians in the country's

civilians in the country's

north. Let's take a look at the

business figures now.

To sport and players from

Japan and the Pacific islands

could be set to be included in

the southern hemisphere's most

prestigious rugby competition.

Sanzar is planning a complete

overhaul of the Super 14s

tournament that will see an a

extended finals series and a 15th team

15th team added from 2011. The

inter national rugby

competition play ed across the southern hemisphere was under

threat earlier this year when

South Africa threatened to pull out. South African officials

said travel to and from

Australia and New Zealand was

becoming too expensive for its

five teams to remain in the

competition. That threat has

prompted a complete overhaul

from the competition's authorities, authorities, promising radical

changes by 2011. Chief among

them is a change to the regular

season which will see teams

play other teams from their

country, limiting the travel

expenses which threatened to

derail the competition. This

will require an extra team in

the Australia region, Melbourne

Sydney and Perth are tipped to

be the front runners to host

the new side but a lack of

Australian talent could see

widespread recruitment from

Japan and the

Japan and the Pacific.

Recruitment might be something

on the minds of the bahs at

Central Coast following the

team's last-place finish in the

group stages of the Asian

Champions League. Tianjin

scored first but the Australian

side went close to equalising

with an appeal for handball in

the dying stodges. The referee

decided against awarding a

penalty, condemning the

Mariners to a

Mariners to a 1-0 loss. North

Korea's Pohang Steelers needed

no had help from the referee as

they cruised to a shock win

over Japan's Kawasaki Frontale.

This stunning opener was

followed by a second.The Royal

Challengers have kept their hopes of reaching the hopes of reaching the play-off

stages of the Indian Premier

League alive with a 7-wicket

win over the Delhi Daredevils.

A solid 58 from Jacques Kallis

guide his team past the

required 135 with an over and 7

wickets to spare. Now to the

regional weather forecast for

the next 24 hours:

And finally, Parkour the art

of moving, has been catching on

in cities around the world and

it's proving hugely popular in the Philippines. Teenagers

there have been learning from

the experts who were keen to

dispel some Hollywood myths

that surround the Parkour

craze. Parkour involves a

gymnastics strange mix of running,

gymnastics and can martial arts

to navigate city landscapes.

Enthusiasts call it the

ultimate urban work-out and the

sport has become increasingly

popular since it featured in

several films. Now a growing

band of fans in the Philippines

are signing up for a tough

8-day course. The philosophy

is going from point A to point

B with less energy exerted and as efficient

as efficient as possible. He

says Parkour improves strength,

stamina and confidence but

warns enthusiasts risk horrific

injuries unless they are

properly trained. Safety comes

first. Some participants

arrived with unrealistic

expectations, inspired by

Hollywood movies.

TRANSLATION: If you're trained

in Parkour ask you combine that in Parkour ask you combine that

with adrenalin, you can climb a

wall and cross it seamlessly.

After the course there is a

more realistic idea of what can

be done safely. I want to jump

higher, move faster, move more

efficiently. That's what's important. Dispelling the

myths doesn't seem to have

damaged anyone's enthusiasm.

Indeed, the Philippines

grow Parkour movement looks set to

grow in leaps and bounds.

You're watching ABC News for

Australia Network. Before we

go, let's another look at the

headlines. The UN calls on Sri

Lanka to allow access to aid

groups trying to reach

displaced civilians. The US

announces $110 million in aid

for Pakistanis forced out of

the Swat Valley. And ASEAN

concerned for the health and safety

safety of Burmese Opposition

Leader Aung San Suu Kyi. And

that's all for this bulletin.

For more information on news

and current affairs from the

region, visit our went site at

Australia Network I'm

Charles Slade. Thanks for

watching and we're going to

leave you with jaguar triplets

born five weeks ago at Berlin

zoo. Good-bye for now.

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