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This program is captioned live. downed powerlines and road networks to a standstill. bring the city's rail Motorists left fuming - go up for the 'Kitty Hawk' arrival. towed away before the warning signs in a race against time And a British police officer to interrogate city transport grinds to a halt. But first this evening - embarrassing train breakdown There's been another on the Harbour Bridge, leaving thousands stranded. is overlooking the chaos Ten reporter Frank Coletta

at Observatory Hill. commuters going nowhere fast? And Frank,

Sydneysiders probably could be

forgiven for thinking they haven't forgiven for thinking they haven't had a bad.

had a bad. The situation acted 20 this afternoon was that a northbound train on the Harbour

Bridge had one of its access at the

front opened by high winds hitting

the overhead power lines bringing the overhead power lines bringing

it to a stop. 30 minutes later all

the passengers on the eight car

train were evacuated and it has

caused commuter chaos during peak

hour. The Harbour Bridge at its

chaotic worst - trains stopped and chaotic worst - trains stopped and

the traffic backed up four

kilometres. The wild winds ripped

sheets of metal of the top of this

carriage slicing through power

lines. This massive piece of metal

was held into traffic. Motorists

pieces say their cars were hit by smaller

pieces of debris. The casing on the

train has blown up and hit the

wires on top and it has also wires on top and it has also blown

onto the road by as well and

blocked traffic. There were 22

people on board sparking fears of electrocution. Emergency workers

were told not to do a catch the

train until the all-clear had been

given. Eventually, slowly, given. Eventually, slowly, all

passengers were escorted to safety.

A train stopped and we went to the

front. A little bit scared but OK

now. The it was much safer for us

to stay on the train and now we

have been retrained. Everyone is

calm and a bus has been

commandeered and most people put on

a bus. One of the first things

emergency crews had to check was

whether the overhead power cables

had been come into contact with the

Bridge itself. That would have come

into - cause danger for Bridge

climbers. In the end they just had

a good view. The Wincey breached 90

kilometres an hour. Authorities are

going to look into what exactly

went wrong. The situation is that

train services will not be back to

normal for several hours and

CityRail officials cannot tell us

when. Buses have replaced trains

and even that is a problem. We will

have some images shortly of what

has been going on down at Wynyard.

Run mentioned earlier that the main

arterial in and out of the city's

out to military road are chock-a-

block - you cannot move in or out

of the City although there is some

controversy as well. The southbound

lanes into the city - there are to

open and its belief that a bus

trains are lane opens only took

buses. We have cameras in and

around the city and we will bring

you more through the Bolton.

around the inner city And there's been parking fury USS 'Kitty Hawk'. thanks to aircraft carrier proving a nightmare for motorists Special Event Clearways but a windfall for tow truck drivers. parked in Sydney Harbour, Once the USS 'Kitty Hawk' for anyone else. suddenly there were no parks

CAR ALARM BLARES most people I just tell to go away I give 'em a chance, or I just come back. This one's been here for four hours. in inner-city Sydney. Tow truck drivers had a field day Dozens of busy streets are now fair game -

effective from 6am. thanks to special event clearways, Behind Parliament House, a disabled driver to take it away towies broke into the car of were being erected above it. at the very same time clearway signs It will cost $341 to get it back. bewildered. The crackdown has left motorists city and you gotta pay $56 to park. You come from the country to the

And businesses counting their losses. it's ridiculous it's empty. It's ridiculous - look around - in 10 years. We're empty for the first time I've been here since 1978, April, has never happened. and a situation like this It's just totally unacceptable. But the Government is standing firm. the needs of residents We've had to balance with the wider community of Sydney. who want to come in There will be a lot of people and look at these ships. Just like the thousands and 'Queen Elizabeth II' who wanted to see the 'Queen Mary II' earlier this year. the traffic disaster they caused. Authorities now desperate to avoid the chance to let that happen again. We were not going to take in place We had these special even clearways traffic was flowing freely. to make sure how many hundred cars are towed And no matter until next Tuesday. they'll remain in place

CAR ALARM WAILS Danielle Isdale, Ten News. Despite the parking headaches, and its support ships the 'Kitty Hawk' have made a spectacular entrance into Sydney Harbour.

are on shore leave in the city. Tonight, 7,000 US sailors Fresh from exercising with the Australian navy,

strike group sailed into Sydney the USS 'Kitty Hawk' and its carrier for five days of rest and relaxation. carrier in the US fleet, It's the last conventionally powered after 46 years afloat. due to be decommissioned next year exclusion zone Police maintaining a 200m made its way up harbour, as the 'Kitty Hawk' officers on jet skis ready to head off any demonstrators. the carrier encountered was the wind, But the only problem gusting up to 30km/h, a stiff westerly to blow the vessel sideways. strong enough sediment on the bottom of the harbour Four powerful engines stirring up into Garden Island. as it turned to reverse one of the first aboard Prime Minister John Howard to welcome 7,000 sailors anxious to go on leave. battlefields around the world defending our way of life, and fighting terrorism especially, the things which would seek to destroy hold dear. that Australian and Americans The Prime Minister shown over the latest F-18 Super Hornet warplanes the carrier operates. Australia's just ordered 24 of the aircraft. But back on the dock, his visit had held up 200 American wives, waiting for their husbands to come ashore. Because we don't see our husbands for six months, so we come out to the port, vacation, time to see him. The American sailors are expected to spend $2 million a day while in Sydney.

John Hill, Ten News. Australia's lowest paid workers are to be given a pay rise of $10 a week. The Fair Pay Commission has awarded a 2% increase on the federal minimum wage, which is well below the current inflation rate.

Unions say it's a slap in the face for workers. is incredibly strong, when, if not now, would low-paid working Australians get the chance to get ahead? The ACTU says it's the lowest wage increase in 10 years. Time is running out for investigators who have detained a Gold Coast doctor suspected of having links to failed terror plots in the UK. Mohamed Haneef's family is demanding his release, claiming he's innocent. Britain's top investigator touched down in Brisbane at sunrise and was rushed out a side door bound for AFP headquarters. Her primary focus is the relevance of data stored on Dr Haneef's computer. Comparisons are being made both of the material seized in Australia and the material that's been seized as part of the investigation in the UK. But the clock is ticking. The window in which Dr Haneef can be detained closes just before midnight. what our options are

to continue the investigation. The second man questioned and released, Dr Asif Ali, was swiftly moved with police assistance. He appears a broken, shattered man. In Dr Haneef's home town in India, his family are stunned at the arrest, his mother hysterical, his sister appealing for his immediate release.

There is no point to see. They have to release him, because we are worried, we are worried. They say he's innocent and was only flying to India to see his wife and baby. In England, the threat level has lowered from critical to severe, but a British cleric says in April an alleged al-Qaeda leader signalled the plot to recruit doctors. It seemed cryptic then, not anymore. "Those who cure you will kill you." As for Dr Haneef, if Australian authorities wish to detain him longer, they'll need another court-granted extension. Without that, they must charge him or release him. Max Futcher, Ten News. Before court for the first time today - in a mysterious cliff fall. a man suspected over his wife's death The family of the ex-policeman also giving extraordinary evidence. A picture of indifference at his former wife's inquest, Des Campbell struts into court after posing for the cameras. It was the first time Janet Campbell's family had seen him And they could hardly wait to see him in the witness stand. since her mysterious death. in the witness stand. But first, they got an insight into his family life, hearing from Campbell's parents via video-link from Victoria. They described the relationship with their son as loving and close

but claim they've never asked him how Janet died. The coroner asked if: Neil Campbell replied: The Campbells gave extraordinary reasons for not asking Des about what happened. His mother says she had enough problems without hearing about somebody else's while his dad dismissed the cliff-fall as plain bad luck. Campbell's fourth wife, Filipino-born Melissa, proved an even more reluctant witness. She revealed a total confusion about her husband's past and wasn't really clear about how many wives or children he'd had. She also told the court she only asked Campbell for the first time today why the case was in the media.

New photos tendered today provided yet another contradiction to Campbell's claims to police. He says he's scared of heights but was repeatedly photographed at lookouts. He was also the one to pitch Janet's tent here on the edge of a sheer cliff. He'll be called to explain tomorrow. Amber Muir, Ten News. Tim Webster with a look ahead to sport some Origin pride. They sure did, but what an injury toll from just one game. In one case, season-ending and it's raised a major question. Melbourne Coach Craig Bellamy has queried why a player knocked out so heavily was allowed to return to the field in the second half. Bellamy's point is a very emotive one. That and the rest of the fallout shortly. Also, Ron, on the subject of injuries, Serena Williams plays at Wimbledon against her dad's wishes. The winter flu epidemic taking its toll on the workplace and the worst is yet to come - that's next. Also tonight - police crack a major shoplifting syndicate. And a spate of baby deaths sparks new pram safety laws.

This program is captioned live. Some breaking news - two people are dead and a third critically injured

during a stabbing frenzy at Revesby. The attack happened in the past hour on Hydrae Street. A man and a woman died at the scene, another woman has been taken to hospital. A teenage girl is being questioned by police about the attack. We'll have more as details come to hand.

The Prime Minister has gone into damage control after an embarrassing gaffe over the Iraq war. A Government minister saying Australian troops are there to protect oil supplies. The alliance with the United States

continues as a corner stone of Australia's defence strategy. The Prime Minister today updated our reasons for staying alongside the US in Iraq.

Our major ally and our most important economic partners have crucial interests there. Along with democracy and freedom, there is now no doubt oil is a crucial interest as well. The entire region is an important supplier of energy - oil in particular - to the rest of the world and Australians and all of us have to think what would happen if there were a premature withdrawal from Iraq. It certainly wasn't the stated reason for the invasion. Prime Minister, has oil got anything to do with this conflict? No, I don't believe for a moment it has. I think Mr Howard makes it up as he goes along on Iraq.

Late today the PM was in damage control. I did not say the need to protect oil supplies was a major reason for being in Iraq. Labor is promising a notified withdrawal. The Government says our troops will stay until the Iraqis can look after themselves. That judgment could come by the end of the year. The United States is putting pressure on the Iraqi Government to do more

to end the civil strife or at least have greater control by November. Australia's involvement in the Iraq war continues to make Australia a greater terrorist target than we would otherwise be. It's a view shared by London bomb victim Louise Barry. She put it straight to John Howard two years ago and now again in an ad. ADVERTISEMENT: Prime Minister, please, you got us into this mess, it's your responsibility to get us out. That would make me feel a whole lot safer. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. There's been a furious reaction to plans to give rich drivers a dream run over the Harbour Bridge.

Under the scheme, motorists would pay a $20 toll to use bus lanes. Traffic tests our patience, but for people who live by the mantra 'time is money', paying to take the easy road may be appealing. The idea - to charge a toll of up to $20 to use a bus lane that drivers that can afford the privilege. If you value your time that much, you'll pay it. If you don't value your time that much, then you don't use it. It would work like a normal toll road - use it and pay. the more it would cost to keep the bus lanes flowing freely. No, I wouldn't pay that, no. It would be extremely unfair.

One should catch a bus. The initial push for the so-called High Occupancy Transport - or HOT lanes -

is for the Harbour Bridge. But today it was simply labelled silly. We're not interested in making it a premium service for those people that can afford it. The people that are sitting in the traffic day after day will be damn angry about this. Other countries have similar user-pays schemes like London's ?8 congestion tax and in Moscow, where US$5,000 a year buys you the privilege of a flashing blue light that gives you right of way almost anywhere you go. By measure, paying to use a bus lane is not a big deal. You pay different prices for housing, you pay different prices for everything, so let's get a bit of a benefit. Josh Murphy, Ten News. A huge shoplifting bust in Sydney - $500,000 in stolen goods have been found, smashing a major syndicate. Police seizing cosmetics, toiletries and designer label clothing, all allegedly taken from a supermarket chain. Two Marrickville residents have been charged

after search warrants were executed at two variety stores and a private residence. The pair has been bailed to appear in court later this month. A spate of baby deaths has sparked new pram safety laws. From July next year Two babies died in just four months when their strollers rolled into the River Torrens. Our hearts went out to the families involved in that and it would be the worst nightmare of any parent or grandparent. The family of Leonardo Legrand hopes the regulations will reduce the risk of pram accidents. A warning tonight - a new wave of the flu could be on the way from New Zealand. The virus is a potential killer, doctors telling patients to get vaccinated. This is evidence enough, the influenza season has arrived. GP waiting rooms across the country are full of patients

suffering from the highly contagious and potentially fatal disease. It can kill, and sometimes it just does not discriminate between old and young, the fit or unfit but your risk is much greater if you have chronic illness. In the past week, doctors have reported soaring numbers of patients suffering from the flu - New Zealand is battling with an outbreak, doctors predicting it will arrive in Australia by the end of the month. That's prompted renewed calls for people to get vaccinated. Every year during the flu season you see about 30%, 40%, 50% even absenteeism is due to influenza. and a lot of that As always, at greatest risk of the flu are those with chronic conditions like heart, lung and kidney diseases as well as respiratory problems like asthma. One international study reporting the number of people who die from a heart attack while carrying the flu increases by 30% during winter. That increase is probably because the flu overloads their lungs and heart, both because it causes fever - also because the virus directly can infect the lungs. If you do get the flu, the AMA is urging patients see their local GP as soon as possible as the anti-viral medication isn't as effective after 48 hours.

Catherine Kennedy, Ten News.

Kim Bailey has fallen victim to

traffic chaos around the Sydney

tonight so Angela Bishop has

stepped in. Incredible winds around

this afternoon are blamed for the traffic?

traffic? That are absolutely right

and they are incredible wins - up

to 90 kilometres an hour. Mascot

and Newcastle getting some of the and Newcastle getting some of the

strongest but they asked all over

strongest but they asked all over

town. Amazing the effect it can

have all over the town when

combined with one or two other

ingredients that in Sydney. Right

now it's 13 degrees, Chile and the

winds are adding to the chill

winds are adding to the chill

factor. Looking at Sky watch, it factor. Looking at Sky watch, it

looks like a very nice blue sky

most of the day with a little bit

of clout in the afternoon.

Important thing to know it's that these

these weans will not be dying down

overnight, they will continue till

tomorrow morning so the problems

they are causing around town are

likely to continue. More in-depth

reports on the trouble spots when I

am back in about 10 minutes. The Indigenous Affairs Minister's crucial mission to troubled central Australia, that's next. The Indigenous Affairs Minister's crucial mission to troubled central Australia, that's next.

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This program is captioned live. Calls for a new anti-bullying push after a Perth teenager was allegedly tortured for six hours. His five accused attackers, all fellow students, are facing charges of assault, deprivation of liberty and threatening to kill. It's claimed they half-buried the 13-year-old in a shallow grave after kidnapping him. He was allegedly bashed and whipped in a bush hideout just 300m from his school.

One school psychologist for 200 students is hopelessly inadequate. One school psychologist for 2000 students is hopelessly inadequate. It is a sleeper within our system. What we are doing is not coping adequately with bullying. One of the boys remains behind bars, the four others have been suspended from school. The Indigenous Affairs Minister has begun selling his sweeping plans to provide a brighter future for Indigenous children. Mal Brough says the Government is here to help, but communities have to take a stand. Santa Theresa is the first Aboriginal community Mal Brough has visited since his government's controversial reforms were announced. Thanks very much for having us here. It didn't take long for one elderly grandmother to make her plea. I want for Aborigine people not to drink. he can drink there, When he goes to the pub, when he come out, nothing, nothing in his hand. That's what I want. This town is dry, but 14 kilometres away the border ends. They call it the Pantry Hotel, where men and women meet the grog runners - the empties strewn for miles. But alcohol, many of the community people say, is their only problem. They're adamant the child sex abuse endemic in many Indigenous communities doesn't happen here.

I don't think we have that kind of problem here. It might happen in other communities but we don't see it happen here. The people here are actually scratching their heads as to what this is all about. They've been told more police will arrive on Monday but they're not sure why. We want to help people get away from substance abuse to have a stronger life. confirmation the compulsory health checks will no longer be compulsory. We are actually going to take the doctors to the kids and we want the families to bring their kids to the doctors. In Santa Theresa, Leonie Mellor, Ten News. Freed BBC journalist Alan Johnston continues to rest after his dramatic release yesterday. The 45-year-old is now in Jerusalem where he's started meeting with friends, and after almost four months in captivity he took the opportunity to get a much needed haircut. For the first time in 16 weeks I had a haircut to get rid of that just-kidnapped look. His colleagues at BBC's London headquarters have torn down a huge sign they'd put up when he went missing more than 100 days ago. The son of former US vice-president Al Gore has been busted for drugs. Al Gore III was pulled over for doing about 160km/h on a freeway outside Los Angeles. But he found himself in more trouble and illegal prescription drugs when police uncovered marijuana in the car. has been released on $23,000 bail. After several hours behind bars, Gore There's a new world record for eating hot dogs.

at the annual scoffing race There was an upset beaten by an American. with the 6-time champion from Japan in just 12 minutes, Joey Chestnut gobbling 66 hot dogs

breaking his own world record. and love to eat - Look for ways to push your body what it's all about - that's pretty much and push their body. people who love to eat it might be hard to swallow, And while jaw arthritis for his loss, the defending champion blamed to down 63 hot dogs. although he still managed the Harbour Bridge rail chaos next. We'll bring you an update on Also - cracking the million milestone -

new car sales hit record numbers.

A sneak peak at 'The Simpsons Movie'. And can Homer save the world? for an update on the city's transport chaos. Frank, thousands of angry commuters tonight.

We situation with the train stuck We situation with the train stuck

on a Harbour Bridge quest Mark the

trained stays where it years. The

train has not moved and is not

likely to be moved for some time.

The line will remain shut for

several hours at the very least.

You can imagine there has been a

traffic chaos all afternoon long and a lot of those passengers that

were going to get on the trains

have been stuck on to jam-packed

buses making their way very slowly

across the Harbour Bridge. The

battle has been in this howling,

freezing wind for those of

transporters to be taken all the

way across the Bridge. It is a

battle to get on to the buses and a

lot of people are choosing not to.

This is unreal! It's a joke! I've

asked three different people where

to go and have got no idea so I

might just go for a walk then.

Under into Cobar. I don't know how

- I was told I could get a bus from

he took Pallara. Now I had to go to

North Sydney to get on a train and

then get the train to where I am

tonight. going so God knows where I am going

tonight. A few mixed messages. tonight. A few mixed messages. Had

brilliant you get home. It's absolutely

brilliant - it just shows you what

happened to La transport system if

there's a little he Cup - but in

smoke it goes. As you can see there

- not very happy most people are.

One gentleman was choosing to walk

and he might get home faster.

Situation is - the train is stuck

fast and train services northbound

and southbound across the Bridge

are severely hampered and would be

open for several hours. As it can

see behind us, it is a very slow

road to home if you're in at car or

on one of those jam-packed buses

and the suggestion is it is going

to continue like this for several

hours. The problems are all the way

out to military road and even

Parramatta Road is absolutely can -

congested tonight so trouble all congested tonight so trouble

across the city and the situation

is if you are waiting for someone

to come home from the city you

might want to keep their dinner it

nice and warm. Can you tell us

about lines on the main deck. Is

any traffic getting in North? The

situation is we have four situation is we have four lanes

heading north across the Bridge at

a crawl. The biggest problem is

that there are only two lanes

southbound across the Bridge and

they are causing real grief there

because one bus lane remains open

only to buses even though there is

a crisis of this ilk so that is a

real issue there. The other problem

we have been hearing there we have been hearing there as well

is this problem - those people

being forced on to buses with rail

tickets are also being asked to

purchase bus tickets. This is unreal. It's a joke. for the Australian car industry - A record was across the board - And the buying spree from small to large and luxury cars. that in the last year It's staggering to think went out and bought a new car. 1 in every 21 Australians

for the most sales for any month And June alone had the record in the industry's history. that in the last year It's staggering to think went out and bought a new car. 1 in every 21 Australians for the most sales for any month And June alone had the record about this result The very positive thing across most segments of the market is that it's very broadly based

into top spot last month - The new Corolla beat the Commodore for any brand. helping Toyota achieve a record month have all boomed - Light, small and medium cars from a slump. even larger cars are recovering and luxury cars, though, Compact 4-wheel drives the fastest-growing performers. by historical standards Interest rates are low and they've been quite stable of borrowing, it's quite reasonable. so, in terms of the cost peace of mind - Buyers are also seeking

better performance new cars offering fuel savings, and more standard features. and luxury features are available. A whole range of safety features Turn the clock back 10 years, or simply weren't available. to buy new, But even if you're not looking in this news there are some real positives because the new car boom more competitive than ever has made the used car market by simply forcing prices down. And while that's across the board, lose out most. this is where large cars A 2-year-old typical 6-cylinder car $33,000 for, that you would have paid, say, is now worth less than 50%. It's dropped about $18,000. if you're trying to sell one. A saving for some - not much fun Eddy Meyer, Ten News. for the Australian sharemarket - A strong day posting solid gains. with most sectors The latest 'Simpsons Movie' trailer has been released, due to hit the big screen this month. giving a sneak peek at the flick try and save the world, The extravaganza sees Homer includes a nude scene featuring Bart, and stars 300 other characters. not to read. I was elected to lead, on the small screen for 18 years The television series has been but this is the first time entertain audiences at the cinema. the famous yellow family will But they look at the weather with

Angela Bishop. The wind is causing

all sorts of problems? What it's

doing to my hair is the least of my

concerns but this series gusts of

wind are responsible for much of

the catastrophe across the city

including the mess on the Harbour

Bridge. There is a severe wind

warning across much of the state

including De Hunter Valley and

mascot so watch out for plane

delays. The wins a gusting to 90

kilometres an hour and I am not

warm. But his 13 degrees but much

chillier when the wind wrote blows.

If you can stay out of the traffic

for the time being there would be a

smart idea. These wins us are to

continue overnight so that power

blackouts, trees collapsing and

powerhouse will happen more drink

the night. That is what the bureau

is telling us at this stage. the night. That is what the bureau

is telling us at this stage. With a

look at the top temperatures around the state:

Right now is 13 degrees and we will

keep you posted on any Updates we

have when I am back at the end of the Bolton. Sport now with Tim Webster and Blues salvage something from the Origin series. Also, should a heavily concussed Dallas Johnson been allowed back on to the field in such a torrid game? And the master of shock rock, Alice Cooper, hits Sydney ahead of his national tour. Queensland has come under fire for sending lock Dallas Johnson back into play after he was knocked senseless in the first tackle of the game. Storm boss Brian Waldron says he should have been sent to hospital. An 18-4 win by the Blues saved them from a series whitewash, but the Maroons' use of Johnson has most people talking. Dallas Johnson keeping quiet today as controversy erupted over his State of Origin heroics.

Knocked out in sickening fashion in the first tackle of the game, Johnson revived stories of Queensland courage by returning to the fray in the second half. COMMENTATOR: His courage unbelievable.

He doesn't know where he is. Very surprised actually. Again, I'm not a Docker Again, I'm not a Doctor so I'm not going to be too critical, but at the end of the day, I think the people that made that decision, they should be asking themself, "If Dallas was their son, would they be putting him back on?" An empty Queensland bench evidence of a brutal Origin finale. Brent Tate today ruled out for the season with a knee injury, Greg Inglis also succumbing to a leg injury. Blues half Brett Kimmorley facing six weeks out after injuring his knee. But some relished the heavy combat - Cronulla's 'Bruise Brothers' Greg Bird and Paul Gallen adding the starch Blues fans had been craving. Me and Birdy said all week, if anyone grabs us we're going to put it on, so it was. There's been a lot of talk about them having a lot of passion and us having no passion. Everybody here's sick of hearing it. The Blues overcoming the gutsy Queenslanders with a late try to a proud Blue, Matt King. There's an imaginary line up there at Tweed Heads and apparently once you step over it and go into Queensland, Mate, we think that's b-----t, to tell you the truth. Hazem El Masri will be hoping there's no age restriction next season. Willie Mason today calling on team-mates, especially Luke Bailey, to shelve any thoughts of Origin retirement. The media was saying we've got a few older players and all this sort of crap. I think it was starting to get to everyone, thinking "We're old, we're old."

But Bails is my age, he just looks 40. Adam Hawse, Ten News. Confirmation today the NRL career of Souths fullback David Peachey will finish at season's end. The Rabbitohs gave the former Origin custodian a send-off. Co-owner Russell Crowe and Peachey's coach at the Sharks, John Lang, were among the guests. and Peach's son Wyndham could be pulling on a Bunnies jumper when he's a bit older. It's something I said to my boy, sitting there, that I wanna finish playing football with Wyndham. the track so that day will come. That;s only about 8 or 9 years down Peachey is retiring to broaden his role working with Indigenous communities. Huge changes for the Swans match against Fremantle at the SCG on Sunday. and Lewis Roberts-Thompson Barry Hall, Tadhg Kennelly are back in the side. The match is also a big one for Michael O'loughlin. His 261st match wearing the red and white will see him overtake John Rantall as the club's games record holder. The thing I'm most proud of is playing with the injuries I've had. The knees were always playing up, and the hamstrings, and a lot of credit has to go to the medical staff and Roosy. The 30-year-old believes his mate Adam Goodes will easily overtake him in the near future and could play as many as 350 games in his career. The match against the Dockers will be Goodes' 200th. Australia's Lleyton Hewitt will play world number five Novak Djokovic for a place in the quarterfinals when Wimbledon resumes tonight.

DJokovic downed Nicolas Kiefer while Justine Henin is through to the semifinals after a tough encounter with the injury-plagued Serena Williams. With her leg strapped for battle and against her father's wishes... I really don't think Serena should play. injured Serena Williams went about levelling the playing field. COMMENTATOR: Oh! First point. That was dangerous. Henin overcame Williams's early attack to win the opening set before the wounded warrior fought back to level the match. But with a complete set of Grand Slams in her sights, Henin stepped it up a gear, the world number one ousting her opponent 6-3 in the third. UMPIRE: Game, set and match, Miss Henin. In the battle of the former champions, some screaming ground strokes had the crowd entertained. The fans are spellbound here. Sharapova digging deep after losing the opening set but some fearsome form, combined with a little fortune, saw the 3-time Wimbledon champion advance through to the quarterfinals. Andrew Brown, Ten News. Later in Sports Tonight, the inspirational story of an Aussie weightlifter hoping to compete at the Olympics despite the fact he's legally blind. Stay with us, we'll have more for you on the city traffic chaos next.

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So you deserve a better price. and choosing an excess that suits you. And, on top of that, unlike most others, APIA doesn't charge you a fee for paying your premium by the month. So, call us now to see how much you can save. call 13 50 50 now for understanding, not just insurance. Tonight's weather report is brought to you by APIA. More on our breaking story. Tonight's double-murder stabbing frenzy at Revesby. These pictures are just in.

Police have cordoned off a street where a man and a woman have been stabbed to death inside a house. Another female injured in the attack A teenage girl is now helping with the investigation after she was discovered at the home. Police are continuing to question locals at the scene.

The TEC of the weather details and

what a day is has been. The stormy

night ahead. The wind is credited

for Tim Bailey is the absence

tonight? It can take credit for

that and he is stuck in traffic

unable to get here so that is why

you have me and Mike flyaway hair

do. These wins are going to

continue through the night so if

you cannot stay in the side - that

is a state-wide warning from the

bureau. There is a severe weather

warning for parts of the state

including the Hunter. The gusts

that are as high as 90 kilometres

an hour and they will be causing

damage so we have not seen the last an hour and they will be causing damage so we have not seen the last

of it. A quick look at the current temperatures right now:

Scattered cloud crossing South

Australia at an Inland New South

Wales in cold strong westerly winds

is generating showers. Snow on the Rangers in the Victoria and a

sudden it New South Wales. Band of

cloud along Tasmania is bringing

rain. Tomorrow a high wall caused

wins to ease on the coast. Further

snow for the Alps and a hike in the

west will bring a cold morning and

a dry day to WA. Snow on the

Rangers in the Inland New South

files. One of the things that

Bailey was going to do tonight was

to help out by plugging a fabulous

concert which will be on at

Parramatta court there Gang shows

by the scouts. The Cumberland Gang

Show. 144 young people at the

Parramatta Riverside Theatre. Get

along to that if you like in that

neck of the wards. Let's have a

look at temperatures around the state.:

Some wild without a head. I did

manage to get across the traffic in

Sydney and got back just in time

with an interview I did with Alice

Cooper this afternoon. He is here

for a fabulous tool which starts

tomorrow night. Let's take a look at Alice. Alice, great tomorrow night. Let's take a look

at Alice. Alice, great to see you

and welcome back. Just off the

plane from Hong Kong. A we were in

Bucharest. We did it show in

Transylvania with Marilyn Manson.

Alice Cooper and Marilyn Manson in Transylvania.

Transylvania. We scared Dracula

right out of there. He in the dark

of night writing in this Sydney we

can turn the radio on and he yorked

Ostler tones. You have a late Ostler tones. You have a late night

radio show. A I did that because of

the fact that there is one the fact that there is one media

and that I have never worked in - I

had done everything else in the

business you can imagine. I thought,

I listen to Radio but I thought,

what is wrong with this? Was from

is that they and the play about 10

% of classic rock - they pick 50

songs and that is about it. If you

can remember that 60s e-mail me.

You're listening to Alice Cooper.

We cannot look at Brittany the same

way now. I am sure - under that

we'd there is a bald-headed metal

head. She is beating up cars with

Bombolas now and she has tattoos.

So now anyone who says Brittany is

a diva we can say, and we have seen

what is under there - she is a

rocker. You are saying Sea has cred

now? I'm saying she has rebelled.

An update for you on the transport

chaos around the city. Not a good

night to be heating up the roads or

heading late-night shopping. The

worst possible. All we can tell you

- the train delays - on the Harbour

Bridge the Northern Line is Bridge the Northern Line is still

affected badly. That train is still

stuck fast. The one that broke stuck fast. The one that broke down

at 2:20pm is stuck fast. They have

been flow on effects across the

Blue Mountains and also Blue Mountains and also the

Northern and Western lines are

badly affected. Also we are hearing

that the Central Coast has be

affected as well from Hornsby where

we believe a train has broken down

in these wild conditions. Some good

news - bus companies are

recognising rail passes so anyone

who has a rail ticket can get on

the bus and get on their way home.

That is the latest and obviously a

long night ahead. Their due. That's the news at 5:00. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. Stay with us here on Ten for updates throughout the evening

and the Late News with Sports Tonight at 10:30. Enjoy your evening. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre. LIFELESS IMAGES RENDERED IN COLORFUL GOOP