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(generated from captions) Ridge and Brooke. Sorry? But he hasn't abandoned you and Abby. They're talking. Right, right. Yeah, it's obvious, though, go down without a fight. that Brooke's not gonna It won't do her any good. So let her fight. should just get going. I think maybe Abby and I

Before the grand finale? No, you don't. Kids, everybody OK? Enjoying this? RJ? the Australian Caption Centre Supertext Captions by my whole life going up in smoke. I have just been pondering Sydneysiders flock to the beach As the city sizzles, to escape one of the hottest October days on record.

But heading the news at 5:00 - across the State, 40 bushfires are raging and gusting winds. after a day of soaring temperatures affected area. Port Stephens remains the worst There have also been outbreaks

near Palm Beach, at Little Pittwater Bay close to properties and fires have moved at Evans Head on the north coast. are water bombing a bushfire And helicopters and affecting traffic threatening homes near Oxford Falls in Sydney's north. Ten reporter John Hill. With the latest from the scene,

This farm at Oxford Falls was

reported just before 2:00pm. It is

very windy and at the moment they

are treating this fire as

suspicious. The fire blazed through

the bush towards homes.

Firefighters were brought in to

protect those properties, although

there was Bush running up very

close to the houses. There are

large number of Rural Fire Services

here to protect those properties.

Before I came very close but the

units arrived in time to protect

their homes. What are the

conditions like? The conditions are

very conducive to fire damage very conducive to fire damage but

we hope to get the band in the next

are half-an-hour for. The hot dry winds

are pushing flames quickly through

bush land. Firefighters think they

have this under control but with

the swirling wind, obviously

anything can happen. The bush fires

are causing all sorts of problems

on a rota this evening and let us

go to Vic Larusso to find out what

the situation is. The M3 has been

completely blocked off to traffic completely blocked off to traffic

heading north of Sydney. This is

over Pennant Hills and there are

very strong westerly winds. These

cars there you are watching now I

have virtually stationery. There is

no access to the M3. Look at the

queues lining up here. Police have

blocked off all the access ramps,

and there is no traffic at all

getting on to the freeway. Delays

also on the Pacific Highway. Thick,

I can you see pictures of the smoke

along the Peninsular? And at Palm

Beach there are local roads closed.

We can see some smoke further out,

to where the fires raging there.

The M3 has been completely blocked.

All the road heading out of a false

air closed and they will remain

closed. We will bring you an update

later in the Bolton. The high

temperatures and strong winds are

causing Havelock for firefighters

and also creating busy amounts of people

Tim Bailey. people at the beach. Let's go to

And 35 degrees in the city of

Sydney. That is the hottest spring

day since records have being kept.

There are thousands of people here

at Bondi Beach. The good news is that a subtly changes on the way.

In half-an-hour the temperature

dropped further re- up from 32

degrees to just 18 degrees. That is

due later in Sydney. Temperatures

are expected to soar across the

weekend though. 32 degrees is

forecast for Saturday. Thank you

team a we will have more coverage

his News hour. of the bush fire situation during

Catching a bus is about to cost more.

a 6% hike in fares - The Government wants that's up to 30 cents per trip.

the rise is reasonable, The Transport Minister says claiming costs have gone up 8%. He's also wants bus fares Lower Hunter and Blue Mountains in Wollongong, the Central Coast,

the same as city prices. to the Princess Diana inquest - An extraordinary start remarkable pictures the jury has been shown the fatal smash. taken just moments before These are the last photos of Diana. of the chasing paparazzi. taken by one is clear to see, The concern of bodyguard Trevor Rees on the face of driver Henri Paul, as is the shock just moments before the fatal crash. back at French photographers. Diana has her head turned, looking the driver. Dodi Fayed is directly behind

The images are evidence into Princess Diana's death. from the long-awaited inquest has always maintained Dodi's father Mohammed Al Fayed was no accident. the crash, 10 years ago, At last we want to have a jury of ordinary people.

they will reach a decision And I hope were murdered by the royal family. that my son and Princess Diana

photos of the impact The inquest has also seen

as the car hit the tunnel wall, and the moments immediately after at the smoking wreck. as a photographer arrives those inside. Then the race to try and save

the first to get to Diana. Police officer Sebastian Dorzee, Dr Frederic Maillez In this picture, tending to the Princess. is in the back seat on the jury will have to decide The six women and five men she would be murdered in a car crash, if Diana really feared whether Henri Paul was fit to drive in a royal conspiracy and if British agents were involved to stop an Egyptian Muslim to the future king. becoming stepfather Coroner Lord Justice Scott Baker another theory, wasted no time in dismissing Diana was not pregnant, telling the jury in a leopard-print swimsuit saying a photo of her her relationship with Dodi began. was taken before The inquest is expected to last six months.

Frank Coletta, Ten News. The health crisis - the Government's inquiry and one of two professors heading

miscarriage case into the Royal North Shore of similar problems for some time. has admitted he's been aware Paul Mullins joins us now from Parliament House. Paul, this latest disclosure of Health Minister Reba Meagher? is adding to the problems

It a health minister has been

trying to fight back with some help

from the premier but she still has

a long way to go. The latest

disclosure disclosure shows a need

for a wider inquiry. He is how the

story unfolded today. We have been

aware for some time, long before

this particular case that we would

like to give women more compassionate and dignified care

when they have an early pregnancy

problem. I think it is a great

shame when you have people working

in the system who know there had

been problems for a very long time

but they are able for some reason

to get their information through to

the government. Health is a

learning experience and when these

things occur we take the lessons

from these events to try and

prevent similar things in the

future. The government is setting

up a taskforce to try looking to this area.

Thanks. Paul Mullins at State Parliament. Desperate times call for desperate measures and when it comes to money, some Sydneysiders are turning to unusual investments. Priced out of the real estate market, they're putting their cash into car spaces, mobile phone towers even ATMs. Car spaces - not your typical investment, but in Sydney they're hot property. A ground floor car space in Pyrmont would sell for around $65,000. his first car space. Mark Sutton is about to buy Good growth, strong returns and low maintenance, making for an attractive deal. I'm buying it for my kids future, I think, compared to a residential property, this is the cheapest way to get in and secure their future. We get a lot of enquiries from self-managed super funds and young people who can't afford a house but it's a good place to start. And car spaces aren't the only affordable alternatives. You can buy storage sheds, mobile phone towers and ATM machines. It is all about getting a return on your money and it is parking your money and getting the best outcome for that investment. It's little wonder investors are getting creative. The latest statistics revealing house prices across Australia continue to rise rapidly. In the last 12 months, Adelaide has seen 17% growth -

the Melbourne real estate market, 11%. There's been 17% growth in Brisbane,

and while Sydney's yet to boom, market watchers are confident. Sydney is showing to be particularly good value, we've only seen approximately a 4% increase on Sydney prices and I'd dare say there's more to come. And a sigh of relief for investors, interest rates on hold for October, despite strong residential and commercial sales over the past six months. Gabrielle Boyle, Ten News. Andrew Scipione has been officially sworn in as the State's 21st police commissioner. The 49-year-old chose Bankstown police station for the ceremony where he spent most of his early years in the force. crime across the board. I don't necessarily want to bring a touch guy image to the position. I want to bring an position of being a strong leader but one that that's well-balanced and can walk that fine line. The Commissioner had his first baptism of fire as the State's top cop during last month's APEC conference. Manly council goes on the warpath Also tonight, when movie-making goes horribly wrong - the Sydney stunt man suing for millions. And Warnie declares his war of words with wife Simone is over. First of all, I'm not gonna start a tennis match with Simone, backwards and forwards. Almost every Australian I talk to wants our hospital system to work properly. They just want it fixed. I'm committed to ending the buck-passing between Canberra and the States. As part of my national plan for hospitals, we'll inject $2 billion to take the pressure off emergency departments, free up hospital beds and reduce waiting lists. I'll work cooperatively to get our hospitals fixed but in the end, the buck will stop with me. is that it's starting to warm up again. People are starting to entertain, have more barbecues and get a bit of colour back into their gardens. Jumbuck 4-burner barbecue, only $119. Bosch 12-volt cordless drill, $98. Wattyl 5-litre decking and timber oil, $49.92. Eveready Dolphin lantern, just $9.80. SONG: # Bunnings Warehouse! # This program is captioned live. A fiery truck smash in the State's south-west has shut the Hume Highway for five hours.

This is what's left of a semitrailer after slamming into a truck near Holbrook. It's believed a truck carrying timber was turning onto the highway when it collided with the semi. The B-double rolled and caught fire, its contents strewn across the road.

The driver of the semi suffered minor injuries. A Sydney stuntman is suing a Hollywood director for $2 million. He claims he was bowled over by an airborne motorbike during a stunt for 'Mission: Impossible II'. Tom Cruise had the starring role. But it was the stunt men who made him look like this. 'Mission Impossible II's climax had a hidden twist. The motorbike was supposed to jump off an island, over a bridge, and then over two guards. But instead it came crashing down -

landing on this man who was employed as 'Gate Guard One'. Mark Connolly was knocked to the ground, suffering shock, a broken collar bone and fractured arm. Now he's suing Hollywood director Billy Burton for $2 million,

claiming he failed to exercise reasonable care. The accident happened in June 1999, when 'M:I-2' was being shot in and around Sydney. The Supreme Court was today told Mr Connolly had an extremely high level of dedication, but was not cued to get out the way of the motorbike. but claims the accident ruined his stunt career and left him struggling to even do housework. He says he needs ongoing care and has spent thousands on medical and surgical expenses. The court heard that even a TV ad can earn stunt performers $20,000. The court today told Tom Cruise kept a close eye on the way the film was run, but the defence lawyer also claims the work of stunt artists is dangerous, from time to time. and they do get hurt

Mark Connolly's claim is now further complicated by the fact he now has cancer. Even his evidence was recorded in case he wasn't well enough. The case is continuing. Jacinta Hocking, Ten News. Hundreds of truck drivers have been left without a cent because of bickering between the State and Federal governments. The 300 owner-drivers had worked for McArthur Express, the centre of a wild brawl, when the company collapsed, owing $15 million. 400 employees have been bailed out by the Federal Government but the truck drivers have been left without any compensation. Federal Workplace Relations Minister Joe Hockey says they're the State's responsibility, but the State Government says it's Canberra's problem. Claims tonight our insatiable thirst for bottled water is wreaking havoc on the environment, rising numbers of discarded bottles

prompting one Sydney council to push for a statewide ban. On the edge on Summer you might say a bottle of water is an accessory second only to a pair of swimmers. I always drink bottled water. Usually keep a bottle on me all day especially down at the beach Having made smoking extinct on its beaches, Manly Council now hopes to do the same with bottled water. fill it from your water, Bring your own bottle from home, then fill it from a tap - Sydney water's fine. It's even going as far as lobbying other councils to do the same, Pushing for an in-principle ban on bottled water across the State. Every bottle does have a big carbon footprint in terms of that whole production line now. Council wants a stronger emphasis on recycling. It estimates more than two-thirds of plastic drinking bottles end up in land fill, but encouraging people not to buy what they're drinking everyday will be a tall order. It tastes better than tap water There's just rubbish everywhere. You'd have to ban everything. I think it's pretty stupid.

The drinks industry thinks so too and claims many councils are refusing to work with them to limit waste. We think it would be much more beneficial for the environment if they came on board with us and worked towards getting greater rates of recycling. Manly will put it's opposition to bottled water to the Local Government Association's annual conference in October. Josh Murphy, Ten News. Shane Warne has ruled out a cricket comeback, and the newly single king of spin has set the record straight on rumours about his personal life. Stepping into the spotlight again, Shane Warne was quick to set the boundaries, declaring his war of words with ex-wife Simone is over. First of all, I'm not gonna start a tennis match with Simone, backwards and forwards. Simone claimed a wayward text was proof of Warne's cheating, but he countered with a claim they'd already separated. My statement I released was 100% truthful and accurate, and I stand by that, and Simone knows the truth. He's also denying rumours of a relationship with the ex-wife of cricket great, Imran Khan. Re Jemima Khan, There's absolutely no truth in that one whatsoever. We're good friends, friends of the family and that's it. Nine months after retiring from the international arena and expressing hopes of a reconciliation with Simone, the world's leading Test wicket-taker admits he'll miss playing for his country.

But, despite his new single status, he won't be tempted to make a comeback. 20 years I've been doing it. It's my time to take a step back and spend some time with my kids and work on my golf handicap and my poker skills, and do those type of things. That's what I'm gonna do So you won't get me out this summer. Proving ..Warne has replaced David Boon in a Victoria Bitter campaign, where 222,000 talking Warney figurines will be produced. Mark Howard, Ten News.

The bidding frenzy over health continues

ahead of the coming election. Today it was autism, the Prime Minister pledging $190 million and a series of early childhood centres to help families with autistic children. The Government also promising Medicare-funded services to diagnose the condition. I want to say this is not the end. It is a significant and important and meaningful beginning. Autism is above party politics and I think it's very important that Mr Howard's initiative is combined with ours. Kevin Rudd foreshadowing six specialised childcare and early intervention centres. Autism affects 1 in every 160 children. One of Queensland's most wanted men shot dead by police - that's next. And why playing like a girl has taken on a whole new meaning. If you want to become an Australian citizen, you'll have to take the Citizenship Test. There are 20 multiple-choice questions in English and they're about things like the values we share and our history, traditions and symbols.

It's all explained in this book - 'Becoming an Australian Citizen' - which contains everything you need to know to take the test. Find out more about becoming an Australian citizen at

If you recognise these signs of stroke, call 000 immediately.

(Sings) # When I feel tired # We wind down all of the windows # You should have a rest # I'll put the air on full force # He looks a bit wired # We turn the music to 11 # We could take a break # No, we'll scream till we're hoarse... #

When fatigue hits, stop and revive with a free cup of Bushells Tea at a Driver Reviver. This program is captioned live. Police in Queensland have shot dead one of the State's most wanted men. They say 45-year-old Brett Johnstone threatened two constables before trying to run them down in a stolen van. One of the officers who was hit by the vehicle, fired his gun twice, hitting Johnstone in the abdomen. Having to use your firearm on duty is every officer's nightmare, to be frank. Johnstone died at the scene, a gun and a knife found inside the van. The officer is undergoing counselling. Australia's confidence in the United States has hit a 30-year low, thanks to the Iraq war and George W. Bush, a new survey finding Australians want a more independent foreign policy. Defence Minister Brendan Nelson proudly announced

the US has agreed to give Australia access to top-secret satellite data -

an unprecedented dividend of our closeness to the Bush Administration. Australia's alliance and relationship with the United States is the strongest it has ever been. According to a survey by the Government-funded United States Study Centre, Australians value the alliance but they have lost confidence in America's foreign policy. It has almost halved in just six years, with a mere 37% keeping faith. It's essentially a judgment on the Bush Administration. It's well known that they're not overly enthusiastic about President Bush but we don't chose the president of the United States. Most of the damage has been done by the Iraq misadventure -

our Government in a spin over British Prime Minister Gordon Brown announcing a further reduction of his troops

and their role in that country. This will have no impact on our military operations.

The survey also found 73% think Australia is a terrorist target thanks to our Iraq involvement. Three-quarters see global warming as either equally serious or more serious than Islamic fundamentalism. While our Government may not welcome these findings, Britain's Gordon Brown has had much more favourable poll results

and there are signs he may call a snap election next week - by the looks of it, a long way ahead of our prime Minister. What day is the election going to be? I have to say that I haven't decided yet. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. A shake-up in the Madeleine McCann case - the chief detective has been pulled off the investigation. Goncalo Amaral has been dumped after telling a newspaper British police had forgotten Madeleine's parents are suspects and are working solely on what the McCanns wanted. Portuguese police have been under fire for their handling of the case. It's now five months since the 4-year-old disappeared. Family fears for the life of Britney Spears since the pop star lost custody of her sons. The singer took refuge in a Beverly Hills hotel

after handing the children to their father, Kevin Federline.

Security guards at the hotel reportedly got into a fight with photographers with one person taken to hospital. The star has since left. I think what you are seeing is this sort of delayed, very rebellious adolesence that she never got to have and now she is doing it. Britney's boys, aged two and one, have been spotted in the care of a nanny, near Federline's home. Disturbing news for school girls who play sport - a new study shows they're three times more likely to suffer serious head injuries than boys. The expression "playing like a girl" has taken on a whole new meaning. The game obviously isn't as physically as strong as the men's but we still go in as hard. So hard that girls are getting concussed three times more often than boys

according to a US study of high school students who play soccer and basketball. We know that concussions are a serious brain injury

and the negative symptoms can range all the way up to death. of a concussion can be sickening Even at an elite level, the impact and American researchers say women are becoming as physical as men but paying a far higher price. The fact that women don't have necks as well developed as men

so that the shock absorbers, so to speak, in the women. is not as well developed Another possible contributing factor, according to sports doctors, is that women are more likely than men to admit to suffering from post-concussion symptoms like headaches and insomnia. Opals team doctor Scott Burne knows knows only too well the risks his athletes face. I've had quite a number of incidences where I've had to look after Opals players

that have had fractured noses and hits around the face, For many professional athletes, a knock is all part of the game. I actually got hit in the head in one game against Canada and that hurt a lot, but I came out fine from that. Catherine Kennedy, Ten News. We'll bring you the latest on the bushfires next.

Also - why the humble pumpkin has transformed into a top-shelf treat. And red-carpet royalty - Cate Blanchett shines at the world premiere of 'Elizabeth'. MECHANICAL NOISES Since 1984, CBUS has invested over $2.5 billion into construction projects. And not just city landscapes. There are airports... ..roads... ..creating thousands of jobs, year after year. CBUS has been earning strong returns for your super. CBUS. Building Australia's future from the ground up.

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with trains stopped on the Newcastle and Central Coast lines. The Old Pacific Highway and F3 are also closed. And bushfires have jumped containment lines on the north coast, where residents are fighting a desperate battle to protect their homes. is on the fire-front Ten Reporter Daniel Sutton

at Medowie, north of Newcastle. With seven separate fires burning around Port Stephens today's weather conditions were a nightmare. Strong westerly winds, temperatures soaring into the mid-30s, and rock bottom humidity, fire crews just couldn't keep the flames within their containment lines. The fire activity we have seen today has mainly been spot fire activity, so from the existing fires that we've had, we've seen a number of outbreaks outside the containment lines. Homes in fires path. Freaing the worst, residents did what they could to prepare their homes,

the gusty winds increasing the danger of ember attack. We've got all the sprinkers on and looking after our neighbours as well who are away at the moment, and we have just filled the gutters with water. With ground crews unable to get in close, the battl had to be fought from air, nine separate aircraft all working together. We've got bombers coming in. While this is a nervous time for residents for fire crews it is getting frustrating. Many have been here for many days.

They want the fire front to arrive so they can do their job. The water bombers struggled to contain this blaze at Swan Bay, fallen power lines stopping road access in and out. Overnight, local residents gathered at a community meeting, outraged at the young arsonists believed responsible for the fires. Some left at boiling point. Is it going to take someone to get killed before they are locked up? I don't care if they are 15 or 20. People have informed us they have witnessed some incident

in relation to the lighting of a fire but they will not provide details to the police,

so that is one difficulty we are experiencing. Fire investigators say they do have some promising leads. Daniel Sutton, Ten News. Assistant Rural Fire Commissioner Rob Rogers joins us now live. Several fires broke out in and around Sydney today. What threat do they pose tonight?

Then the father of most concern is

working its way from the left free

and the Pacific Highway. We are

and the Pacific Highway. We are

working pretty hard to control that

and we are hopeful that within the

next half an hour we may be able to

get some motorists moving. We're

putting a lot of effort into that

now. The other fire of concern they

you mentioned is one at the Korean

guy National Park. Firefighters are

have worked pretty hard to keep

have worked pretty hard to keep an

is contained. There have been

dozens of other fires in the Blue

Mountains and in Penrith. That

weather conditions are causing us a

lot of problems. What exactly is

the fire weather threat over the

next few days? And they are now

saying that between 8 o'clock and

9:00pm there will be as utterly

changed around Sydney which will

ease conditions. Tomorrow is

supposed to be very good conditions

which will help us to contain the

fires. However, we are looking at a

very bad day again on Saturday.

Firefighters will have to work very

hard to put Container Line to along

these areas ahead of Saturday. It's

been said there you have actually reverted to a catastrophe around

Sydney today? It has been a team

effort and everyone has worked very

well to prevent property loss and

tragedy on a day with extreme

conditions. It is looking ahead to

be a very long summer. Thank you

for talking to us tonight. Assistant Commissioner Rob Rogers. Thanks. to pilgrims Free visas are being offered for World Youth Day. travelling to Sydney next year

to waive government charges Canberra has agreed to the 140,000 international visitors and provide special 3-month visas expected to attend the event. of people into Australia This is an enormous movement

probably the biggest influx for a single event. to qualify for the visas. Pilgrims must be registered is tightening The grip of the drought starting to skyrocket. with vegetable prices is becoming a luxury. Even the humble pumpkin Once it was almost a pest, from a seed thrown to the chooks. a pumpkin vine in the back yard Now its a gold mine. we can't get enough at the moment. Butternuts through the roof - They're retailing at $3 a kilo 50 cents a dozen, and with eggs expected to go up are no longer fete food. pumpkin scones Oh, very expensive now, but I feel sorry for the farmers such a bad time. because they are having little feed for chickens It's the drought of course - to grow in. and no water for japs or jarrahdales those varieties. But you can at least still get in the Northern Territory Agents are buying them from growers or Queensland's Burdekin. so their tonnage is down, The yields are down, their running costs are the same. to cover costs. $2,000 a tonne. Pumpkin farmers are getting up to won't touch with a bargepole. That for a veggie the Brits The Irish feed it to their pigs. We Aussies love it. Beautiful, yeah, roasted. Bit of garlic, nice with lamb. the pumpkins aren't. The demand is still there, that most American tradition - So I guess if you want to follow Halloween later this month - stick a candle in it, and hollow out a pumpkin, shove it on the doorsteps, it's going to be a small one, maybe even a quarter.

the price won't drop And like all veggies, until there's rain. not for a while anyway. I don't think so, retail price rises over Christmas. Ready, steady yourself for more Mark Suleau, Ten News. for the Australian share market. A flat day Woolworths up 59 cents - will force up food prices. the Woolies boss warning the drought was the the most traded stock, RAMS Home Loan Group falling another 18 cents. continuing its downward spiral, Cate Blanchett has hit the red carpet of the sequel to 'Elizabeth', for the world premiere again generating talk of an Oscar. her potrayal of the monarch once Elizabeth to life on the big screen, Nine years after she brought Queen has returned to the throne Cate Blanchett in 'Elizabeth: The Golden Age'. to continue the epic story can demand the wind, sir. FILM CLIP: I too that can strip Spain bare I have hurricane in me if you dare to try me. for the world premiere in Hollywood, On the red carpet the film is about much more the 38-year-old actress explained to protect her country. than a monarch's battle this really small internal struggle You've still got

middle-age and infertility with a woman who is confronting yeah, and things that every modern woman, deals with. at that point in her life a Best Actress nomination Blanchett earned for her first royal role. to a sobbing Gwyneth Paltrow. but missed out

This time around, is that she'll go one better. the tip in Tinseltown Fellow Aussie Abbie Cornish, favourite lady-in-waiting. who plays Elizabeth's by the performance. says she was inspired which really runs through her She has this force of nature

it may not be the last time The director hinting as the Queen. audiences see Cate Blanchett was left incomplete It seemed like that story that I can promise and I'm not even sure the last one either. this is going to be while I am Queen. By God, England will not fall on November 15. The movie opens in Australia In Hollywood, Nichole Strahan, Ten News.

For and he is Tim Bailey with the

weather. A that good news is we are

going to have a southerly change

which will drop the temperature

dramatically. The winners will go

south-west and that will bring on

benign conditions for firefighters

tomorrow. Here at Bondi today have

a look at all the people here.

There are thousands of people on

the beach. This is her 140 a year

old weather record. The warmest

spring day since records started

being kept. Let us have a look at

the map of New South Wales.

there Despite, or between 8 and 9 p and Despite, or between 8 and 9 p and

there will be as a barely changed.

This will bring the temperature down to 27-28 degrees Brad McEwan with the sport - to become refs. and some NRL players breaking ranks to reinforce the refereeing ranks - Yes, it's all part of a new scheme more shortly. Plus, sunblocks and sledges - at the old enemy, England, the Wallabies fire a few barbs quarterfinal. ahead of their World Cup series against India. Also - the tone set for a heated ask for a Powerball Megapick. For more chances to win, $15 million Powerball jackpot. You could:

This program is captioned live. at England The Wallabies have thrown a few barbs ahead of their sudden-death Rugby World Cup quarterfinal. The momentum is building behind ARU Boss John O'Neill's assessment that all true Australians hate the English. With the World Cup finals upon them, the Wallabies are upping the intensity at training and it seems doing the same off the field, sure to rile up England. some neatly timed sledges

If you're going to ask a country out to dinner, England is probably not going to be your first. Food for thought from Matt Giteau, breakaway Rocky Elsom a little more expansive when describing his thoughts on the mother country. I think that English sport in general

isn't well loved around the world. I don't know what it is about them when they lose. was oddly enough sparked The hate debate by Australian Rugby Union boss John O'Neill. It has been recognised but not responded to by England. a serious case of egg on the face.

No one's hating George Gregan in France,

After lacklustre performances in the early rounds, England are now building, preferring to fox perhaps with their long time foes. Would we prefere to be facing Fiji in a quarterfinal? Of course we would! No one's hating George Gregan in France, the world's most capped Test player well aware his international career is just one loss away from ending. I've said it a lot of times, you sort of approach every game a little bit that way. Manly five-eighth Jamie Lyon risks a one-match ban

by deciding to appear before the judiciary tonight to contest a dangerous throw charge from the Grand Final. Meanwhile the NRL will boost it's refereeing ranks

by recruiting players. Former NRL stars Paul Mellor, Luke Phillips and Henry Perenara have been signed to 3-year cadetships. Perenara sacrificing the final year of his contract with Cronulla to take up the role. I think this is the first step towards building some bridges between players and referees

and I think it's going to be a great thing. One day refereeing first grade, that's definitely my goal. The trio will be mentored by Steve Clark, who today announced his retirement as an NRL referee after 314 first-grade games. Australia has warned India they'll continue to fight fire with fire following the tourists spiteful win in the second of their one-day internationals,

stand-in captain Adam Gilchrist saying some of the antics in Australia's 84-run win wouldn't occur in a kid's backyard game. The match was just hours old when bad blood began spilling over. Particularly between Symonds and Sreesanth. COMMENTATOR: This is turning out to be just a little bit nasty out there. Their rocky relationship reaching boiling point after Symonds was dismissed by the pacemen, 13 runs short of his century. And he's taken it, caught and bowled, and listen to the crowd. A few words on the way out. Oh, there's some action out there. Brad Hogg joined the verbal warfare during India's innings as tensions continued to escalate, the wicket of Harbhajan Singh further fuelling the animosity. being exchanged here. I don't know who's saying what to who. Harbhajan's not happy with what was said to him. One former International declaring the on-field antics good for the game. It shows that they care, it shows that they're passionate about playing. I don't think anything was over the top,

so I think it's going to add a lot of spice to the summer. Brad Haddin adding some spice of his own, the reserve keeper making the most of Ponting and Hussey's absence,

smashing an unbeaten 87 off 69 to push Australia past 300, while Sreesanth couldn't escape the heat, when it was his turn to bat. COMMENTATOR: Oh my God, it's the head! The tail-ender felled by friendly fire Andrew Brown, Ten News. Later in Sports Tonight - the result of Jamie Lyons's judiciary hearing and Manly's Hollywood theme presentation night.

Let's go to Vic Larusso now for a traffic

There is no good news for motorists

trying to leave Sydney. A la into a

blocked here towards the M3. The windows are quite significant. Some

of the traffic is trying to avoid

the run and goats through some back

road. The Cartier have said they

will allow some of their heavy

vehicles through to the M3. The

there is a police officer there

checking to make sure there's some

of the heavy vehicles can go

through. The M3 may be open shortly. Stay with us - Tim Bailey's back with the latest on the sweltering weather next.

See you after work, hon. How are ya? Yeah, good. Yeah.

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In news just in, police are interviewing two 12-year-old boys, after a fire was deliberately lit in the Blue Mountains Firefighters have told police they believe a group of school children may have started the fire near Wentworth Falls. It began on the popular Darwin Walk and quickly spread along the Great Western Highway. Crews managed to save around 30 homes in three streets which were directly threatened. Police are now investigating.

Let's have a look at the weather

with Tim Bailey could one of the

key elements of a fire weather is

humidity and that has been

extremely low today. We have an

early spring record, but our

warmest day in Sydney today since

records begun. We are going to have

a south-westerly change due between

8pm and 9pm tonight. We are looking

forward to that to help the fire

crews. However, Saturday will be

another fire danger day with

temperatures expected to soar to 32

degrees. Tomorrow, it will be a

more benign day for fire fighters.

Temperatures will be 23-25 degrees.

Bondi Beach, a 1000 people are

still here. I don't know where

they're going to go tonight but I

think it is safe to say that they

may be having fish and chips on the

beach. Let us have a look at the

weather around New South Wales.

The sea temperature is 19 degrees

in and it seems that all of

Sydney's Eastern suburbs art for

all of people going to the beach.

There will be Highlands now in

Tasmania, can you believe it?

Forced tomorrow's weather will show

westerly winds with cold fronts in

Tasmania. A high over New South

Wales will keep the rest of the

South dry and sunny. Showers in

northern Queensland. There is very

little chance of any rain in New

South Wales. There will be light

showers in the northern tropical

regions and coastal showers in far

south-west but not a drop of rain

in New South Wales until maybe next

Tuesday. To mow will be 23-25

degrees but it will build again to

32 degrees on Saturday. Extreme

fire danger and fire banned across

New South Wales over the whole

weekend. Let us have a look at the weather in to this date.

Sydney tomorrow will be wilder.

That is it from me live from Bondi

Beach. See you again tomorrow. I'm Ron Wilson. That's the news at 5:00. Thanks for your company. And I'm Deborah Knight. See you tomorrow at 5:00pm. Goodnight. by the Australian Caption Centre. Supertext captions