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(generated from captions) Europe's aviation watchdog sounded warnings about the A

380's engine. Everyone was

shaken by it. This Program is Captioned


>>Sh Northam residents vow to

fight government plans to house

asylum seekers in the western

town. Our genuine concern is -

we're fearful for our safety. The largest

six people killed as Indonesia's Mount Merapi continued to cause havoc. And Italy's Francesco Molinari leads the world golf

championships in China.

5 November. I'm Virginia Good morning, it's Friday,

Trioli. And I'm Michael

Rowland. The top story - the European Aviation Safety

Authority issued a warn ing in

August about Rolls Royce

engines used in some A380

plane, saying they were known whether that warning was potentially

acted upon but the engine maker

Rolls Royce says it's now

inspecting all 20 A380 planes currently in service with

sairl, Lufthansa and

Qantas. Singapore Airlines has

followed Qantas's lead by

grounding its fleet of A 308 s

in order to check for flights.

A Qantas flight had just left Changi airport yesterday

afternoon when one of the

engines exploded. Debris rained

down on Batam island, injuring

two people. Police on two people. Police on Batam

island say they have collected a significant amount of material and are holding it in a safe place. Denry has been found scattered in seven different places. Residents

report hearing a loud explosion and seeing smoke coming from a

place plane. Not long after

they found large chunks of material scattered on the

ground. A spokes - spokes man

from the island's airport said

a teacher and a student the the roof of a injured when a piece fell on

school. Authorities are working

incident. Horrified tot to investigate the

passengerses have described how

the engine they heard loud bangs and saw

the engine on fire. I was

sitting just behind the wing.

So we felt this loud thud,

everybody was pretty shaken by

it. You can imagine how full on

it was. But the pilot

fantastic job. That was a bit

unstable but because of the bumpy, the aircraft was more

damage as well it made things

more exciting on down. Barry Jackson is a Qantas more exciting on the way

Australian and international A380 pilot and President of the

pilots Association. He says the

England yirn failure will be -

engine failure will be investigated. Rolls Royce will be concerned about this, the

uncontrolled nature of this

engine failure which the casings

the air frame and the wing from

further damage. So it's fairly

significant and something that

we all need to have a look at

and learn from . A has been done in the

development of these England

yirns. Obviously these engines

have been developed from

previous Rolls Royce RB 211

engine s so there's a huge

amount of history and

development in them and

obviously as new technologies

is and new materials evolve, that

and the case ing, which is

suppose to protect the air

frame and the fuselage from any

damage, is fairly strong. So

obviously the explosive nature of this engine failure of this engine failure has

meant that the debris has

escaped. That it's something

that we all need to take a real

good look at. Barry Jackson

from the international pilots

Federal Government has oots Association. In other news the

fight on its hands in its bid Residents in Western Australian

town of Northam are angry at a

plan to house 100 male asylum

seekers in a nearby disused

Army camp. Around 700 people

last night attended a meeting to express their concerns.

Residents said they feared for

their safety and worry about the impact on the town's services. France's Interior

Minister has re - revealed a

parcel bomb headed for United

States was just 17 minutes from

detonate ing when hfs defused. It was one of two bomb s hidden

in computer cartridges on

flights out of Yemen. They were

interrupted in England and dub

you. The Minister was speaking

to French tele vision to French tele vision but did

not reveal his source for the

information. Three Sri Lankan

asylum seekers involved in a

cry Rye ot on Christmas Island

a year ago have avoided jail. Dozens of people were injured

when up to 200 detainees

rioted, armed with broom hand

branches. Indonesia's Mount ms, pool queue oh cues and tree

Merapi volcano continues to cause havoc. The lathe latest

eruption is the largest yet and

has killed 6 people. 44 people have now died and more have now died and more than

75,000 have fled their homes

since the volcano began

erupting a week ago. Mexican

lengths to smuggle cartels are going to great

lengths to smuggle their drugs

into the United States.

Authorities have stumbled on a

tunnel nearly half a kilometre

long under the border. It's been and ventilation and had a

railway track to move the

drugs. More than 2000 s -

tonnes of marijuana was seized

in the raids. As Michael has

just mentioned, residents in

the Western Australian town of

Federal Government because of Northam have attacked the

its decision to house 1,500

asylum seek Nathan Rees a

detention centre near the town.

Tempers were play frayed at the

town hall meet ing last night

fears for the safety of their

families. After a whirl wind

sweep through the west earlier

Immigration Minister wasn't this week, the Federal

there to they're concerns of

Northam residents but his opponents were. This's what the

Government should be doing. The Minister should have been here tonight. The Minister left it

to local Department of

Immigration officials to try to

explain the proposal and alleviate the residents'

fevers. The first point I tried to make is people are not

criminals. They're seeking a

better life in Australia. The

Federal Government plans to

spend well over 150 million dollars converting the World dollars converting

War II Army training camp at

Northam into a 21st centry

detention centre,hoodsing up to

is a00 - holding up to 1,500 male asylum seekers. In the wake of no consultation, all

the talk of 3m fences, electronic surveillance,

patrols and highly trained

guards did little to soothe the fierce of some at meeting. And you have every bit

of security so the people of Northam will be Northam will be protect

ed. That only leads me to think that they are dangerous. Our

genuine concern is fear, we're fearful for our safety. If someone jump s that fence they're going to steal my car,

they're going to attack my wife

and they're going to race all

the way straight to

Perth. After being left in the dark residents of Northam are now

being invited to participate in

a community reference group to deal with issues like safety,

security and health services. The only issue that been addressed so far is the question over the fire risk at

the camp. The Federal

Government is now offering to

buy the town a new fire truck.

For more on that meet, Julie

Doyle joins us now from

Canberra. This issue is now getting seriously out of control. Yes, it is. We've seen these similar scenes in

Woodside in the Adelaide Hills where the other new detention centre is planned. So certainly

a lot of community anger about these proposals. these proposals. And as you heard there, the big thing seems to be the lack seems to be the lack of

consultation and the way these announcen'ts were made without consulting with the local

communities first. So the

Federal Government is now

trying to backtrack a bit, I

guess, and get out there and

try to consult with the

residents. But you'd have to

say it's probably a bit too

late for that because they

already have their their worries about the impact that these detention centres

are going to have on the local community. We heard there

concerns about safety. This

comes in the same week that the

WA Premier, Colin Barnett, also

raised concerns about safety. So the

So the Government's got a bit

of work to do here to try to

convince the local residents

that these detention centres

are going to be a success. Extraordinary staipts

we're hearing there -

statements we're hearing from

the public and this issue of asylum seekers has never really been expressed before in terms such as threats safety and coming to attack me and attack my wife and the

like. So the language has sort

of got seriously off the rail s

now owe will see how the Government trying to counter that. Look at the Opposition

things side of thing, Joe

Hockey has a private members bill he is about to

present? This is the other hot

topic that's been running

around for the last couple of

weeks - the banks. Joe Hockey

came out yesterday and

announced that he is going to

put a private members bill into Parliament later this month in

the next sitting, so he on the Government here because we have to wait until next

month to see what Wayne Swan is

planning to do. So Joe Hockey

will put his private members

bill up later this month. What

it is going to talk about is

point one of his 9-point plan -

to give ACCC more powers to

fight price signaling and

collusion between the banks.

The Greens and a couple of the Independents have signaled that they might support this in

principle when it comes up. So

we will have to see ut out. He's definitely getting

the jump on the Government

there by getting this out first

and getting this private

members bill out members bill out there.

Yesterday he was Tay saying he is acting because he believes the Government is being too

slow on this one. Any other

business happening today as we

head towards the weekend? Parliament

Parliament is in recess. Do we

know what the leaders are up

to? A pretty quiet day today.

We think there's no public

events planned. But of course

own the weekend we will have

the talks happening down in

Melbourne with the Defence

Ministers and the Foreign of State of course coming for

that visit. Good to talk to

you, Julie. Thanks so

much. Now the front pages of

the major newspapers. Qantas

has grounded its A380 fleet

after an explosion forced a jet

carrying 459 people to make an

emergency landing reports the 'Herald Sun'. One passengers

said there were yellow flames

shooting through the smoke,

that's on the front page of 'The Daily Telegraph'. The

'West Australian' Western Australian says another

passenger said, "My whole body just went to plans of thousands of passengers are thrown into

chaos now given that Qantas has

ground all six of its flagship airline s relevance. The 'Canberra

explosion tore through the

aircraft's second engine 15

minutes after the plane took off. The 'Sydney Morning Herald' says Alan Joyce push ed

the blame for the blast on to

the engine's manufacturer Rolls

Royce. The 'Advertiser' report

s terrified passengers spent

nearly two hours circling in

the sky after the explosion. The 'Age' says

investigators are

clues in the latest of a series of Qantas safety incidents. The the 'Australian' says the 'Australian' says Taiwan and China are managing to

produce cheaper power than

Australia. The freerve is look

at re forms to cheap en trading on the share market. And in the

'Northern Territory News'

students were given detention for reducing fuesing to freezing cold water. There's no

freeze ing cold water in the freeze ing cold water in the Territory! None whatsoever. They need to harden

up, obviously! They don't make

kids like they used to. Now

it's every passengers's worst

nightmare, a big explosion

looking at big gaping holes in

the wing of an A380 plane. What

are your thoughts on are your thoughts on this? What

are your thoughts on Qantas's

response to the disaster? Does

that make you as potential Qantas or passengers think twice about boarding one of these planes

which has now been graund grounded for safety checks? Now a quick look at the

weather around the country:

The top stories on ABC News

Breakfast - it's bulk-bill

revealed Europe's aviation safety Authority had warned in

August that the engine s used

in some A380 planes were

potentially unsafe. An engine

in a Qantas L 380 exploded

midair. The rez debilityss of

Northam are fight ing the plan

to have asylum seekers housed

there in a disused Army

camp. And Indonesia's Mount Merapi volcano has erupted

again, killing six people. 44

people have now died since

volcano first erumentded a week

ago. - - erupted a week ago.

Having endured an earthquake,

homelessness and disease, homelessness and disease, now

hundreds of thousands of people

are threatened by a possible

Thomas is due to hit land on

the weekend. As the BBC's Laura Trevalleyan reports from

Port-au-Prince. The storm coming and they're securing

everything they can in the comp camp. Even the cholera hospital

is coming down because it is not expecting to withstand tropical storm Thomas. The camp authorities are telling

people to leave and stay with

relatives in sturdy homes 55,000 survivors of January's

earthquake live here in crowded

condition s on the outskirts of Haiti's capital, Port-au-Prince. This camp is on

a hillside. So the torential

rains that tropical storm Thomas is expected to bring could bring flooding down the

ravines and even mud slides.

People here are being advise z

to leave if they can, but most simply have nowhere to

go. Leena, a mother of two,

knows the family's be blown away by the

storm. "I'd like to leave here for somewhere flat, for somewhere flat, away from

the water. But I don't have

anywhere to," She Els me. The

actor Sean Penn, whose charity

manages this camp, says it's

not surprising so so few are

leaving. There's a history in

this country of forced evacuations. They're concerned

that if they come back. Not only are

Haitians trying to recover from

the earthquake and prepare for a

a storm, but the country's

dealing with a cholera

epidemic. The fear is that the

storm could spread the disease

to Port-au-Prince. When you have standing water that does

not drain off you, your risk for water borne disease

increases tremendously. And the

tread of it can happen very quickly. This woman is worrying about that and

everything. She has nowhere to flee flee to. "It makes me feel bad.

Everything that Haiti has

suffered." The winds are

picking up already. The sea

could surge when Tropical Storm

Thomas strike, flooding Haiti's

coastline. An anxious 24 hours

lies ahead. America is

adjusting to a new political

landscape as both sides assess

the fallout from Tuesday's

mid-term election The

President has taken some of the

blame, but says the disastrous results for Democrats had a lot to do with their frustrations

over the economy. North America


reports. Sometimes it's just

one word that can sum entire campaign - I am not lem

rexing for every future

President that they sake a shellacking like I did last night. The shellacking was there

there in black and white this

morning, the biggest lost in a

mid-term election since 1938.

The Republicans needed 39 seats

to take back the House. They will win at least

pleased and I hope that this gives the United States the momentum to get back up on

their feet and get moving

because we need it. It's got to

be Bert. It can be no worse

than it has been. It's got to

get better. That's what the

President would have been

feeling as he fronted an

hour-long press conference to

shouldter blame for the loss of

so many democratic colleagues on Capitol

sandness about seeing them go,

but there's also a lot of

questioning on my part in terms

of could I have done something differently or more so differently or more so that those folks would still be

here. It's hard and I take

responsibility for it in a lot

of ways. He called it humbling,

blame ing the slow recovery of the economy for people's

frustrations. John Boehner is

likely to be the new Speaker.

He told if President in He told if President in a phone

call that Republicans want a

less costly and more

accountable Government We

discussed working together on the American people's priorities - priorities - cutting spending,

creating jobs. And we hope that

he will continue to be willing

to work with us on those

priorities. Just how much negotiation and compromise will be involved is the big question. Republicans have

already indicated they want to

appeal health care reform. So the the question is which - how do

we meet in the middle. It seems

to me the best strategy for to me the best strategy for the

other side would be to listen

to the voters yesterday, they

made a clear statement about

what they would like to

Dhoni. If the President comes

in our direction, we want to make progress for the country

over the next two years. The Democrat Senate leader who beat

the odds to retain his seat

knows the economy is the number

one problem. So it's now a time to get back to work. Do

what is needed to rewrite economy and that is create

jobs. I, um, I am hopeful and

confident that when the dust

settles the Republicans will no

longer want to stop everything

and we will work together. But

political observers are

predicting a rocky road

ahead. The Baluchi Valley ance

of activity will - the balance

of activity will confrontational rather than

cooperational. When a new

majority comes to town, they're filled with energy, enthusiasm and and zeal. But if there's too much confrontation there's a

chance the new Tea Party member

also risk disappointing their

own supporters. If they don't

pay attention to that pressure,

we will be back in two years

from now to do this all over

again and get people who will get it right. When Barack Obama

arrived here two years ago, expectations were enormous.

He's now had a very brutal

message about the disenchantment that's been growing ever since. This

election is a setback for

What he does with it will

determine his own re-election

chances in two years time.

Now as Washington adjusts to

a new Status Quo on coptal

Hill, the Federal Reserve has

decided to inject $600 million into the ailing economy. It

comes through the purchase of

bonds which is effective printing money. printing money. Some economists are slamming the move, saying

it's the actions of a banana Republic. Reviving the US

economy is no small task and

borrowing to do so, it seems,

is no obstacle. That is policy

that you find usually only in

banana Republics. You are essentially financing the government operation with printing more paper. The Federal Reserve is buying $600 billion US worth of government bonds bonds and pumping them into the

bank ing system. The aim is to lowest interest rate, encourage

borrowing, stave off borrowing, stave off inflation

and reduce the 9.6 rate, the fear is the

unintended consequences. There

are many who are concerned that

it will lead to higher

inflation over time. Many inflation over time. Many on the other hand think the other hand think that the Fed needs to do a lot more. The

negatives potentially are downward pressure on the

dollar. And as a consequence

upward pressure on other exchange that meant parity with the

greenback and above. We saw the

currency jump by around 8-10th

of a cent ent in the of a cent ent in the hour after the announcement. This morning

it's been comfortably trade ing

that parity level. It's the Fed's second round of Fed's second round of so-called quantitative easing, with

interest rates already close to

zero in the US, it's an

alternative way of stimulating growth. The first instalment growth. The first instalment a year ago cost $1.75 trillion. I

do not believe this is going to

have any significant positive

effect on either effect on either increasing the

growth of GDP or reducing the

unemployment rate. Now, that was Ben Worsley reporting.

Returning to our top story, the

mid-ary incident involve ing

Qantas. The company Ma thaiks

the A380 engine is feeling shocks we've the disaster. The

plane had just left Changi airport airport yesterday when one of

Tex plain - engines exploded. Shares in Rolls Royce have dropped more than

look at the markets. Now that Qantas engine explosion is our

explosion is our top stories

this morning and we will be updating you on the latest

information as we get it. The airline has ground its A380 fleet for safety

inspection and Singapore Airlines has now followed

suit. We have reporter at Sydney around Melbourne

airports to update you on

travel delay, which are expected to be substantial

given they are the largest

plane s this in their fleet and

travel on the busiest routes for

for Qantas. We will also speak

with a Qantas spokesman and

whether the airline is closer to determining to what happened yesterday. We're waiting to

hear back from Lufthansa, because like Singapore Airlines and Qantas, also operates and

uses those Rolls Royce engines

provided by the same company.

We don't hear yet whether

Lufthansa has decided Lufthansa has decided to ground

its A380 fleet or not. Very

keen if any of the airlines

acted on the Aviation Safety

Authority warning about the

potential dangers involved with

the engine. Now here is Amy Bainbridge with the sport

headlines. Italy's Francesco

Molinari leads the world golf

championships in Shanghai

China. He fired a

675 to take the first rounds. Lee Westwood is 6 under par after the opening rounds.

Westwood is two strokes clear of Tiger Woods and three strikes clear of Phil

Mickelson. Martin Kaymer is even par. In In the A-League

the North Queensland play the Mariners tonight and the

Melbourne Victory have the use of of 32-year-old Archie Thompson,

he will be the Australian marquee player until 2014. Thompson has not played since

he injured his knee in last

season's groinl. He is hoping

to return this weekend against the

the Gold Coast. The body is OK.

The knee is fine. I'd trained

really, really hard the last

seven months, so I am keen to

get out there. Whether it be

this week, next week, basically

up to anything. It might get a little bit hard er given the

fact I am not getting younger.

The supporters maybe I don't

seem as quick as I used to be,

maybe they will

to hang up the boots . I feel

great, you ask some of the 17,

18-year-olds out there if they

can still catch me or not. To

the day they say they can, I

might hang up the boots. We

have the squad who need to

stay. We have one who

injury, and probably Cruise is

on fire, Carlos is scoring

goals and we have an option of

Archie coming back in. I feel

we have the players to get into the finals. To the finals. To cricket now and Australia will play Sri Lanka

tonight in game 2 of their

one-day international series in

Sydney. Marcus North has

laughed off speculation he is

in line to become Australia's

next Test captain. Reports have

suggested Michael Clarke's

popularity is waning and the Warriors captain could be the man to man to replace Ricky Ponting. Marcus North admits talk of

him becoming Australia's next

Test captain was the last thing he he expected. The feeling in the media is who can replace media is who can replace North.

And next minute I am touteded as Australian captain. Reports

have suggested there is dis harmy in the Australian side and Michael Clarke is unpopular

with a number of senior

players I no it's an Ashes

side but there has to be better

stuff to write about. Our

Australians haven't won a match

in any form of cricket since

July and England is taking

notice. Let's be honest,

obviously the more games they lose, the better it is for us.

Obviously the more gaixs they

do lose confidence levs may go

down. England steps up its

preparation for this month's

first Test in Brisbane when it plays

plays WA in a 3-day tour match.

Meanwhile Shaun Marsh has been

ruled out with a back injury. He will be replaced by South

Australian Callum Ferguson. Tasmanian rower Kerry Kerry

Hore will race Hore will race for gold in New

Zealand today. She is a member

of the women's quad skulls that

won its reportage event on

Wednesday. The 2003 world champion and Olympic bronze

medallist says her team's extra

experience should give a crew the message. Hore will also race the women's double skulls

final on Sunday. The Canberra

Raid efrs board will immediate

mete on Monday to decide what,

if any, penalty to impose on player Joel Monaghan obscene photographer published

on line. The photo has since

been removed from the TwitPic

but it showeded the player in a

lude act with an animal. The

manager express ed the remorse

for the act of stupidity that

will haunt the player for the

rest of his life. He wept on to apologise

said Monaghan blamed nobody but

himself. To some happier news

now and the 2010 now and the 2010 Asian Games

betionin next week. Organise

verse unveil ed the medals for the Games. They've also

unveiled the all-important

mascots - that's Five Rams -

five sporty sheep to reflect

the name of the Five Rams City. The legend goes that five

immortals riding on the back Ramms descended to Guangzhou to

bring the locals a harvest

during drought. Later on in

sport we will talk about the wallabies this weekend. They're

playing against Wales and we will also talk Formula One. ABC News Breakfast can be watched

live on the web from

anywhere. Just visit the main

ABC News website, you will find

a link to News 24, it's streamed live every

day. Vanessa O'Hanlon joins us

nor a look at the weather satellite image a moist

easterly winds are feeding into a coastal trough, bringing scattered showers to South-East Queensland and eastern NSW. Over in WA, a Over in WA, a trough and front are triggering thundery

showers. A high is pushing easterly winds into the weakening trough in the east.

Tomorrow, the trough will move

to the far north-east as the front heads to the south-east.

It should a arrive on

It should a arrive on Monday. Around the States:

You're Breakfast. Still to come - we

will have much more on that midair

midair flight drama that has

prompted the grounged of all

Qantas A 380s. We will also review some of the newspapers

and this morning we're joined

by Dr Scott Burchill. Leading

the news this morning the Authority issued a morn - warning in August about Rolls

Royce engine s used in some

A380 plane s saying they were

potential ly unsafe. It is potential ly unsafe. It is not

known whether that warning was

acted upon but engine maker

Rolls Royce says it's now nming

all A380 plane s currently in fz service with Singapore Airlines, Qantas and Lufthansa. Around 700 people

last night attendsed a meeting

in Northam to protest against

asylum seekers being use towned in a disused outskirts. France's Interior Minister has

revealed that a bomb parcel - a

parcel bomb headed for the United States was minutes from detonating when it

was defused. It was one of two

bombs hidden in computer

printer cart ridges on flights out of Yemen. Three Sri Lankan

asylum seekers involved in a

rye oat on Christmas Island a

year ago have avoided jail. Dozens of people were injured

when up to 200 detainees rioted

armed with broom handle, pool

kues an free branches. Five men

were charged, two have been

acquit and the others have been

placed on a good behaviour bonds. Indonesia's Mount Merapi volcano continues to cause

havoc. The latest eruption has

killed 6 people. The aviation

industry is reeling after the

most serious incident involving

the A380 since it came into service three years ago. It's emerged concerns have

engines used on the Qantas

plane but so far no link has

been established with the

emergency. The BBC's transport

correspondent Richard Scott latest on the egg

investigation. At the heart of

this is the engine, a Trent 900

made by Rolls Royce. It is

clear it suffered major damage

with part of the engine casing missing. But at this stage we

don't know the cause. It looks

from the pictures as if it's been the rear part of the

engine which has failed. That means

of the turbine and the turbine

planes if they fail that is

serious because they have a lot

of energy when they come out of the engine. There have been concerns about concerns about this engine before. The European Aviation

Safety Authority put out a

directive earlier this year

express ing concern over the

engine wear, saying it was

beyond engine manual limits and could present an unsafe

condition to the aeroplane. It required

required change er s to d inspection regimes. What we don't know is whether the directive and this engine failure are linked.

Rolls Royce say that safe city

their top priority and they're carrying out checks on all the

other #5678d 380s power ed by

this engine. How many is that?

Over the 37 planes in service, over half have this engine.

They're also used by Lufthansa and Singapore Airlines. The

plane also not fly again under the engine s checks have been

carried out. I would not be

surprised if there's further ramifications, it's 'Animal Kingdom' unexpected serious incident with a new aircraft type with type with a reasonably new aircraft engine. Qantas celebrates celebrates its 90th birthday

this moi Mo and has one of the

best safety records in the

aviation industry. But now all

three of the airlines which use

Rolls Royce engines on their

A380s have had some sort of

problem. Now passengers on that

Qantas Sydney-bound plane spent the night in Singapore.

With the airline grounding its

A 308 fleet many passengers s

are wondering how it will

affect their travel plans. For

nor on that Tony Nicholls joins

us now. What is the NSW at the international terminal there? Despite this midair there? Despite this potential midair catastrophe overnight with Singapore and with Singapore and Qantas grounding its complete grounding its complete A380 fleet here in Australia, it seems as though it's business

as usual here at the international terminal

Qantas. Qantas are talking down

the possibility of

international flight delays.

And we're certainly not seeing here any here here any here this morning.

This midair catastrophe was

absolutely terrifying for some

455 passengers. They described

hearing bomb-like sounds going

off. The fuselage shook

violently and there was also

yellow flames spewing from this engine. The pilots engine. The pilots and co-pilots were certainly aware

this problem was about to

happen and was happening going off in their cockpit.

They spent out an emergency message following proceeders

and turned the aircraft around

to land safe ly back at Changi airport. So it was an

incredible effort but now a huge concern for Qantas. And,

Tony, the Australian engineers

Association has weighed into

this, elf press ing their concerns about Qantas's activities regarding

maintenance, haven't they? They

are have. They're most disappointed potential mid-year catastrophe

for an investigation to start

into this superjumbo A380

fleet. Since the A 308 s have started flying the planet back

in October 2007, they have been

plagued by a range of minor difficulties, which has

certainly seen planes turned

around before on departure.

That has happened in November

2007 with an Air France flight leaving New York and needing to turn around very quickly difficulties. Only in April

this year, an A380 heading into

Sydney experienced landing

equipment failure with the

pilots managing to land that

plane safely and this fleet has

also been experiencing a range

of minor fuel computer and

navigational difficulties. So

it's a huge concern and the

aircraft's association suggests

that these concerns are based

on the ongoing outsourcing of maintenance around the We will cross back to you as

the morning goes on as. Thank

you. Early this week the issue

of airport security hit the

headlines when two bombs hidden in fingerprinter cartridges

were found on cargo planes

heading to the United States

from Yemen. Security experts

say the discovery highlights a serious gap in Australian security. Air freight is a $28 billion carried in the belly of

passengers plane s flying into

and out of Australia. Passengers in the cabin are subjected to rigorous

X-ray security checks. But

disturbingly little attention

is paid to what is being

carried underneath. How much

freight is X-rayed? Very little. There is no available

statistics on this, statistics on this, having involved with two of the world's biggest world's biggest air freight

companies, I am very conscious

of the fact that it's all about

expediency, being able to track where where the package is, and profitability. The major

operators include Australian

air express, jointly owned by Qantas and Australia Post and international companies like

Federal express and DHL. Roger

Henning beliefs lack of security Crean screening short of a scandal. It it's hit and miss. You have more chance

of winning at Crown Casino Haz

than you have of finding a bomb

in this system through a freight system on to an aeroplane. The an aeroplane. The Federal Department of Infrastructure

and transport is in charge of

the system that regulates air

cargo. It is a system say

insiders that makes very few demands on cargo handlers. There are not specific requirements. It says very broadly that you're

supposed to do a risk

assessment without saying what

the risk assessment requires specifically to be done. There

is continual buck passing

how the act applies. There are

holes through it that literally

you would drive a MacTruck

through and fly a plane

through. 'Lateline' has

received specific allegations

of how little security checking is done at Australian is done at Australian Air

Express tht. This is a strategy declaration based on statements

from current employees who say the X-ray scanning machine was

hardly ever used and that the

vast majority of packages

arrived in a delivery truck,

are then placed straight into a can

can and the can is then put

straight on to a plane. In

response, the company said it

complies with the rules laid

down by government and that it takes security

seriously. What's particularly

Kate critical about Australian

Air Express is it carries the

bulk of domestic and

international parcels around this

many, many different operators,

courier companies, tha are here

today, gone tomorrow. Or could

be somebody carrying a parcel that has a bomb nit. For governments and freight

companies have argued against

regulations that call for 100%

screening of cargo. The

industry's peak body declined an invitation to speak about the issue but said in a

statement it would present

significant logistics an

process problems, plus make cargo more costly. The cargo companies the global cargo companies are extremely

profitable. So there is not any

real reason for them to have neglected this for so neglected this for so long.

But behind the scenes the industry and regulators are

talking about just that - talking about just that - 100% cargo screening. This is a

confidential report to

government on aviation freight

security prepared a year ago by

the freight and logistics council of

bear the threat saying the attractiveness of freight as an attack enabler may grow,

particularly owing to the high

proportion of freight carried on passengers aircraft. It

recommends the Government and

industry should work together

to develop initial contingency

plans for the rapid

introduction of 100% screening

for air freight which may

become necessary if an attack

against a passengers aircraft using air freight occurs. In

other words, action following on from tragedy. Sh It's

absolutely clear that if

something goes wrong that

people that influence andet

Seth the agenda at the big end of of town, it's admont

not want security arrangements

that cost them anything on the

bottom line, that blood will be

on their hands when something

goes wrong. This is the

Wheeler report commission back in 2005 by the then Howard

Government. It's a review of airport world's top aviation security

ex prert perts. I runs through

164 majors and recommendation

number 25 is that all cargo should be screened should be screened on all aircraft. What's happened with

that report on successive

governments is nothing. The

aviation industry blew it up.

They said this is going to cost

us time, money and

resources. The discovery at the

weekend of device s on planes

heading to

impetus for more stringent

regulations for checking cargo.

For the time being, though, the

only change is that inbound

cargo from Dubai, Abu Dhabi and

Qatar must now be screened

using X-ray with explosive

detection tech noxths We are a

reactive Government. We wait

for things to happen instead of

mitigating the risk. Peter Lloyd with that report. It's the first its find in the Southern Hemisphere, it's been installed at the Alice Spring

airport. The new 235 kilowatt

power stations uses a solar

tracking system which is tipped

to save money and to save money and reduce the airport's commission carbon emissions. 28 rays magnifying

the sun's energy 650 times.

This $200 million power station

will supply near Ali a third of

the Alice Spring's airport's

power nee.z Because it uses such a

such a small amount of photovoltaic cell, which is the expensive part and so much more readily available material readily available material such

as glass, steel and aluminium,

it is a very cost effective way

of of generating solar power. Unlike traditional power. Unlike traditional solar

technology, the array s follow

the sun as it hof moves. So far

these panels are producing ir above their rate of capacity.

But that means about 30 or

40,000 dollar s a month that we

save in paying power bills. A

much higher capital cost at the start but start but it will reaccuse our ongoing operating cost >> second of four major solar

projects in the town which is

making the most of the desert

sunshine. In Alice Springs 50%

of the homes have solar hot

water. That's the highest in

Australia. For every second

house to have solar hot water

is great. For the solar

industry to keep expandsing it

will need the support of government. Australia has such cheap black electricity that it

is challenging to get solar

projects off the ground. But that is that is improving. The project

will massively reduce the airport's carbon emissions. You're Breakfast. The top stories this

morning - Europe's morning - Europe's aviation

safety Hort authority had

warned back in August the same

type of engines that exploded

on a Qantas A 380 yesterday

could be dwaing rouse. The engine's manger maker, Rolls

Royce, will inspect all planes used by Qantas, Singapore

Airlines and luft Hans ya. Residents in Northam are angry about plans to house asylum seekers there. The

Government wants to use a

disused Army camp on the

outscirts to detain 1,500 male asylum seekers. And Indonesia's Mount Merapi volcano has

erupted again, killing six

people. 44 people have now died

since the volcano first erupted

a week ago.

Treasurer We will take a look

now at today's papers. We are joined by senior lect Deakin university Burchill.

Good to see you. Good to see

you. What is happen? we can't

avoid Qantas out there, it's on

just about every front pages.

My take on this is I was

following Twitter at the time

that the incident okurnd there

were earlier reports the plane

had gone down, and that this

really did worry a lot of

people. Then of course the

early photos of the debris in

Indonesia were broadcast thedon on Twitter well before

on the main stream media. So

it's an interesting that Qantas

really has a terrible PR problem to deal with, apart

from a technological

the old days where you could

contain the damage by hiding

the plane on a tarmac out of

the view of people with cameras has gone. And so now it's

something you have to face up

to and they're going to have to

fix. But it is interesting. I

see where the Rolls Royce have done the

the three airlines but it must

be someone else has done the

others. I didn't realise that

the A380 had a choice of

engines. So that maybe an option for Qantas in the near

term. Although to his credit

Qantas chief executive Alan

Joyce was pretty quick off the

mark to get out there at mark to get out there at 5pm press conference just hours

after the news came through, he

appeared live on the '7:30 Report' last night, a good

example of a chief executive

facing a very challenging PR

saition swaition going on to

the front foot: He didn't have much choice. He on board with their camera

phones taking photos of the steaming engine as it was still

- as the plane was still in

flight. That had been upoded

loded on to the air net within

an hour of the plane landing in

Singapore. He handed it properly. It's probably the

only choice he had. For choice

who have always play on their

safety record as their safety record as their strong

suit, lit be an interesting public relationses challenge for them. They have never

overplayed it. Qantas have always been very care. I obviously wondered why - but

you don't ever say we're the

safe est airline in the world

for the obvious reason. We all become enormously superstitious when you say that. You're looking at Obama's shellacking? And the

'Australian' this morning has

gone with Obama admitting he's

been living inside a bubble and

not been in touch with some of the American concerns. I actually see this as a relatively positive development

for him. I know it looks bad in

terms of his legislative program. Are you going to try

to spin this, this morn snlg I

think he will get people who

hated Obama and what he stands

for have had a chance to vent

council the track I think it their anger. A and two years

will be a similar similar that

Clinton has had. A lot of the problem also Republicans who have control that stage. A lot of the

nothing just as he has done will be blamed for doing

doesn't pick up. The 10% nothing. So if the economy

unemployment is a low figure,

something like o-12 to 15 is a

other mortgage people loo z more accurate figure. All the

loozing their houses I think

when the Republicans don't make

situation in the next two any difference to that

years, then the euphoria for

the Tea Party and the

away. Is Obama capable of doing Republicans is going to drain

a Clinton back in '4 and

pivoting more towards the sent

tore embrace these far right Republicans? Clinton called it trianglation,

trianglation, so the idea was

that you portrayed the people

in the Congress as the enemy

obstruct ing a very good

legislative program. Now Obama

will probably try the same

thing. I just depends on how

well the new Republicans in the House of Representatives are at playing domestic plait politicings. Just a final

question on this don't believe that political time tance temper of the times in

in the USA have in the USA have change sod

substantially that they still

will in your view get it all out of their system now and

thing s will be back in normal

in two years time? You don't think there's been a

significant shift? , no this is

almost a routine development in

American politics. You get a President elected with some

euphoria, two years down the

track when he hasn't perform

performed, gived up to the live hype he

that gives him two more years

to recover some ground and get

something through. He won't get

the health program through as easily as before but he might

he has someone else now to

blame for grievances that

people in the United States general ly feel. The 'Financial Review' this morning has an intriguing story involving

Rupert Murdoch and John Fitzgerald Kennedy. It's not

just that but the fact that

Murdoch has seem ed to give exclusive interview to the

rival newspaper. He is a newspaper veteran

journalist. The two of them go back a way. It's 50 it's not

just that murder oak killed off

a story with an off-the-record

interview with JFK about how

things were going in the Indo

China during the later part of

his presidency but he is in a

two-page spread later on in the

paper said antagonistic he is

towards Obama and how towards Obama and how really negative negative he feels about the presidency. Those who watch Fox

News won't be surprised by this

revelation but clearly he is

now prepared to come out

publicly and say how much he dislikes what Obama stands for

and is obviously prepare ed to

use his media influence to bring down his popularity. It's

a really rare insight into the

man and some contemporary

observations from him when he sort of has

sort of has been shutting down

a few discussions recently and

not being expansive. He is talking

a new newspaper in New York.

But Murdoch's record is to

close to m more newspapers than

he has ever started, although

we wouldn't know. That clearly he is getting he is getting a lot of criticism. Interest ingly now

he is backing away from

supporting the Tea Party by

saying we will now see how well

they perform. He is now

distancing himself from what happened yesterdaytor day before. The the 'Age' is

following up the bank bashing debate. There's always lots of

money and good ink in money and good ink in bank bashing and the continuing the story today. It reveals in fact the banks have

been lowering their tax liability which is of course

helped them increase their

profits. Of course Have What is interesting here

is why anyone regards the banks

as anything other than a group of very self-interested, highly

commercial and competitive organisations. We almost seem

to think that we treat banks as

a social welfare outfit and we

get surprised when they taking money off us. We

wouldn't regard that of being

odd for a soft ware company or

a public utility. When it comes

to banks we to banks we almost expect them

to beknave a way they never

had. The idea of Banks an

profitable is something we

haven't reconciled to. On the

one hand we want them to be

profitable because we have shares in them. On the other

hand they're the only - it's

the only business in the world

that can sell you a product and reserve the right the cost of it after you've

purchased it. I know. We're all if in the wrong business. We're just losers really compared to good to see you, loser and all.

Thank you so much. Now here is Amy

Amy Bainbridge with the sport

headlines. Good morning.

Italy's Francesco Molinari leads the world golf championships in Shanghai,

China. Molinari fire add 7

under par round of 65. To take

the first round lead. England's

Lee Westwood is six under par

after the opening round.

Westwood is two strokes clear of Tiger Woods, and three ahead of Phil Mickelson.

Germany's Martin Kaymer is even

par. In the A-League, Melbourne Victory has secured

the services of the A-League's

top goal scorer for another

three years. 32-year-old Archie

Thompson has signed a new

contract to be the club's

Australian marquee player 20 14. Thompson haenltd played

since he injured his knee in last season's Grand Final. The

Canberra Raiders board will

meet on Monday to decide what, if anything any, penalty to

impose on player Joel Monaghan

over an obscene photograph published online. The photo

which has since been removed

from the TwitPic site showed the player involved in a lude

act with the animal. The statement issued through Monaghan's manager expressed

remorse and apologised reserve edly and Monaghan

blames nobody but himself. And

the Wallabies have named an

unchanged line-up for their

test against Wales this weekend at Millennium

Robbie Deans has emphasised the

need for continuity. The

Wallaby s have struggled to field the

field the same side for

consecutive matches all year

because of injury and

suspension. The big est change

for the clash with the Dragons

will be in the goal kicking

department with James make taking the duties from

Matt Giteau. We saw James

O'Connor breaking that o-match losing streak so the losing streak so the Wallabies

hoping to continue their spring tour in style this weekend. You

can see in those pictures the weather looks revolting. And

think've gone from the

sauna-like heat in Hong Kong to

that. You can't underestimate

those adjustsments. In Hong

Kong it was 32 degrease and

over there it's overcast but some of the pictures we

the rain is extremely heavy. So how the player s will be

adopting to that will adopting to that will be interesting. And Wales

apparently talking about keeping the roof of the stadium

hope to slow the pitch down. I

guess that will suit the

Wallabies. We will wait Wallabies. We will wait and

see. Vanessa O'Hanlon joins us

for a look at the weture now. Pretty wet up north? It has

been. It's been the wettest start for November North Queensland. A low

pressure trough sitting just

off the coast has been drawing

in large amounts of

infrastructure the tropics. The

tropical storms in the far

north have given Lockhart River


The rain will continue today

about the south and Weise the heavy rain falling in the

south-east, fresh winds on the

south and central coasts and cooler temperatures as well. Still ahead Still ahead on ABC News Breakfast - all the latest on that Qantas midair incident

yesterday. We will be joined

shortly by the head of the

school of aviation at the

University of NSW for his

perspective on the problem. So

back with you very shortly after this short break on ABC

News Breakfast.

Warning bells - concerns

about A380 engine s raised

months before months before yesterday's

midair explosion. We felt this

loud thud - everybody sort of

was pretty shaken by it. This Program is Captioned

Live. A Western Australian town

says no to asylum seekers. Our genuine concern is we're

fearful for fearful for our safety. The big

bang - an Indonesia vom volcano

erupts again, killing six people. And Italy's Francesco

Molinari leads the world championships in China. Good

morning, it's Friday, 5

November. The top story November. The top story on ABC News Breakfast - Europe's saviation safety Authority had

warned back in August the same

type of engine that exploded on

a Qantas A380 jet yesterday

could be not known whether that warning

was acted upon. The engine's maker, Rolls

maker, Rolls Royce, will now

inspect all A380 planes

currently used by Singapore

Airlines, Qantas and Lufthansa.

The The Qantas flight had just

left Singapore's Changi airport when one of its exploded.

Debris rein rained down been

Batam island injuring two

people. Police on Batam Island

say they've collected a substantial amount of material

and are holding it in a place. The head of police says

debris has been found scattered in 17 different places.

Residents report hearing a loud

explosion and then seeing smoke

coming from a plane. Not long

after they found large chunks

of material scattered on the

ground. A spokesman from

island's airport says a teacher

and a student were injured when

some of that material fell on

to the roof of a local school. Indonesia has confirmed that it's working with authorities in Australia incident. Horrified passengerses have described passengerses have described how

they heard loud bangs an sau the engine on fire. I was

sitting just behind the wing.

So we felt this loud thud,

everyone was pretty shaken by

it. You can imagine how full on

it was. But like I said the

pilot did a fantastic job. That

was a bit bumpy. The aircraft

is slowing down so it's unstable. But because of unstable. But because of the damage as well it just made things

exciting on the way down. One

of the passengers involved in

that midair incident. For more

we're joined now by we're joined now by Professor

Jason milt Middleton, thank you for your time this morning. Good morning. You're

also a sertdfied pilot. Talk us

through procedure the pilots

involved on the Qantas jet yesterday would have been

following once they got word of that engine explosion. Apart from

some vibration there would have

been a large number of warning

alerts appearing on the

aircraft's dash as it aircraft's dash as it were in front of the pilots. So they would have immediately realised

there was a whole range of

problems. At that stage then

they go into a proceed tour address each of these. How long and involved is that

procedure? Well, it will

depends a bit on how many of the the warning signals the warning signals come on. For example, there was a

priority and they would deal

with the important issues first, so and they at to

address each of the warnings

and go through check lists,

close ing down systems and so

on until such time as they've basically exhausted the

warnings. At the same time they

have the equally, if not more

important, job of calming potentially terrified

passengers. How important and the pilots involved? That is a

very important job. The reality that most aviation incidents in

the air are very well taken

care of by the crew. The crew

are very well train and once the passengers realise this,

this can have a calming

influence, and particularly a calming voice from the captain

at the right time can be very

useful for passengers. It's very early very early days yet, but do you

have any thoughtings on what

might have caused this engine

blow-out? Well, no, it's impossible to say really. Obviously it's, as they

say, it's an un contained engine

engine failure which means basically bits are flying out

of the engine casing in various directions. From the

photographs I have seen there's certainly some damage to the aircraft as obviously some damage to the top of the and so on. So parts have been

flying in all directions. And

the passengers and crew on that

jet were incredibly lucky

because, if part of the cowling for instance was to rip

into the fusion laj we could be

talking about an entirely different story this

morning. Well, the turbine

blades at the back of the

engine, some of them spin very

fast - 12,000 RPM. And under