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(generated from captions) (APPLAUSE AND CHEERING) I'll hide behind ya! about Caroline is that she's chicken. Well, one thing we can't say Let's give it a go! No, I'm not chicken. (WHIMPERS) Chels, Alex... me the case! No, no, no! AUDIENCE: (CHANTS) Supercase! (CHEERING) (LAUGHS) $30,000! (SCREAMS) (SHRIEKS) Nice work! (LAUGHS)

in the henhouse! Now I feel like the rooster

(SCREAMS) Show me the money! the lovely Iskra with 30 grand, Here's our prizewinning bantam, but that's enough of my bantER. to do! You girls have got some celebrating Oooh, they could've been stuffed! Nicely played.

here in the henhouse. (LAUGHS) See you next time This program is captioned live. Tonight - a Sydney armed guard. the hunt for robbers who shot dead Parramatta Road by a hit-run driver. A schoolboy left lying injured on

Investor panic off the Australian share market. wipes tens of billions of dollars as voters prepare to boot him out. No prizes for Kevin Rudd And Jarryd Hayne charged over their spiteful clash. but Billy Slater cleared with Chris Bath. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News Good evening.

First some breaking news, Adriana Xenides has died in Sydney. former 'Wheel of Fortune' hostess to Liverpool Hospital It's understood she'd been admitted a couple of days ago with a stomach complaint. visited her there yesterday. Her former co-host John Burgess She died late this afternoon a ruptured intestine. after suffering appeared on 'Wheel of Fortune' Argentinian-born Xenides first as a 22-year-old and spent 18 years in the role, the 'Guinness Book of Records'. entering and a digestive disorder She suffered depression she'll always be remembered but friends say to the small screen. for the glamour she brought Police are hoping surveillance video of a Chubb security guard, will help identify the killers in the city early today. who died after being shot was helping deliver cash The 59-year-old who ambushed his armoured van. when he took on a gang of bandits Minutes after he was gunned down to save a security guard's life. this was the fight to revive Gary Allibon. Paramedics work desperately at RPA Hospital They rushed him to emergency but he died soon after. at this point of time It's my unfortunate position to advise that I have been informed is now deceased. that that security officer Just before 6am was making a cash delivery the 59-year-old in Sussex Street at the Darling Park complex with two fellow guards. I was inside the building. A car pulled up, and demanded money. masked men with handguns jumped out The Chubb guy got shot. Gary was hit in the chest. first heard the shouting. Nearby residents And finally, one guy... 'whoosh'. like a tyre blow-out. I thought it was It was a like a gunshot, yeah. Oh, I could make it out. apparently, with no money, The killers sped off - but taking their victim's handgun. The motor vehicle is described as silver European motor vehicle. a high-performance Possibly an Audi - like this one.

of Sussex Street Police have sealed off this part

the crime scene. as forensic investigators now scour at security camera vision They're also looking and their getaway car. for any lead on the bandits

As Chubb supervisors arrived the dead man's workmates. to begin counselling In a statement the company said: Gary leaves a wife. at the family home. Through the day, relatives gathered they were grieving. They told me simply

is starting a fund for his family. The Transport Workers Union

The details are on our website. security guards are thankfully rare Deaths among cash-in-transit are disturbingly frequent. but armed hold-ups in Sussex Street. Pippa Gardner is at the crime scene are these robberies? Pippa, just how common Chris, very common. Nationwide, since December 2006, of cash transit vans, there have been 43 armed robberies an average of almost one a month. every single one has been in Sydney. But here's the amazing fact -

the Australian Security Industry, That's according to for not doing enough which blames police in this city. to wipe out organised crime a law and order issue. Essentially it is who are targeting the CIT sector There are obviously groups out there of disrupting those groups. and we need to find a way Hopefully we won't see the day

in the crossfire one day. but the public may get caught up in the last 30 years. Six guards have been killed Occasionally one shoots back. Today I spoke to Karen Brown, who was acquitted of murder a former guard for shooting a robber six years ago. at today's tragedy. She says she's very distressed a hit-run driver Police are also hunting wafter a 12-year-old boy was struck after a 12-year-old boy was struck at Burwood in Sydney's inner-west. the Parramatta Road median strip He was standing on late this morning a silver 4-wheel drive, when he was hit by breaking his leg. to come forward to us, We are appealing for that driver make contact with the police of what took place. and give their side

over a weekend hit-run crash And a man has been questioned on Sydney's Northern Beaches. Police have seized his car. is in intensive care 27-year-old Josh Perryman

with spinal injuries. has dived another 2.5% today The Australian share market off its value, wiping more than $30 billion also falling. with the Australian dollar joins us. Seven's finance expert, David Koch, doing so badly? David, why's the market

on Wall Street over the weekend. We play catch-up from the big falls

They were caused by a slower than

expected jobs growth in the United

States and also Hungary came out and

said we have debt problems like

Greece. That shocked the markets.

Last night, the Hungarian Prime

Minister said, sorry, just kidding.

No-one believes him. The Australian

dollar is now buying 81.5 cents. How

long will it fall and what impact

will it have on consumers? The US

dollar is bumped up and pushes us

down. Currency dealers who chart the

Aussie dollar say it is in a deft

cross at the moment which could see

it go down to the meat-70s. --

Mead-70s. Thanks, David. So here's how the share market ended the day. The ASX 200 closed down 123 points but it had been lower during the trading session. The materials and energy sectors were hardest hit. Former major events minister Ian MacDonald has quit Parliament - effective immediately. He resigned from the ministry last Friday after it was revealed taxpayers paid almost $3,000 for an overseas airfare he claimed he paid. A Government inquiry is under way. Seven News can reveal Deputy Premier Carmel Tebbutt has been caught out failing to disclose details of free flights for more than decade. It's further embarrassment for Kristina Keneally who today tried to fend off questions about her own travel. She's the high-flying Premier who knows a thing or two about aviation. Today, Kristina Keneally wanted to talk about a new police helicopter

but faced questions about her own air travel. The clerk of the Parliament also made clear that the regulations relating to travel did not apply to family members. She's been defending her decision to accept free business class upgrades for her children after a free upgrade forced the resignation of Ian McDonald last week.

It is my recollection, in fact, that I requested to sit in economy class with them. Now Seven News can reveal Deputy Premier Carmel Tebbutt failed to correctly disclose flights spanning 11 years. As wife of Federal Transport Minister Anthony Albanese, she gets free flights to be by his side but she's still required to enter the details on the public register.

Even though the Deputy Premier has admitted in writing that she should have been disclosing the flights,

the public record still doesn't show any details of the flights she took.

A spokesman for Ms Tebbutt of the parliamentary clerk. The register has been instituted for a very important purpose. It's part of the transparency that allows citizens to make informed judgments about what their representatives do. Kevin Rudd, the workaholic Prime Minister, says he's going to have to work even harder to win back support. The latest opinion polls show

even harder to win back support. The latest opinion polls show his Government would be annihilated if an election was held now. A funky welcome at a health union conference. The song is 'Hello, Hello' but this morning's Nielsen Poll suggests

it could be bye-bye for Kevin Rudd. Labor's primary vote collapsing to 33% - 10 points behind the Coalition - as the Greens soar. If what we see in the polls today is reflected on Election Day,

Mr Abbott would be the next prime minister of Australia. The Coalition commands a 6-point lead, two-party preferred. Kevin Rudd's in trouble and the Government's in trouble at the moment, there's no doubt about that, but they can recover from this and they still have time. Those young people who supported Kevin '07 would not recognise Kevin '10. And now some within Labor are warning the mining tax mess is harming his chances of becoming Kevin '11. Victorian Premier John Brumby today said applying the tax to profits above 6% was too harsh and its impact on existing mines unfair. We believe we've got the overall design of this tax right. Mr Rudd did score a small PR victory when mining magnate Clive Palmer admitted he overcooked his threat to can two projects. Was that putting it too strongly?

Probably, it should have been slowing them down, waiting to see what happens. The Socceroos have new inspiration to win -

for a team-mate who's heading home from the World Cup after his young son was diagnosed with cancer. Adrian Brown is in Johannesburg. Adrian, what's been the reaction from the team? Chris, the Socceroos pride themselves on being a close family so when reserve goalkeeper Brad Jones told them

of his son's diagnosis they were completely devastated. Team officials say the players were in tears and in shock. Brad Jones training just three days ago - he was the number three goalkeeper and so was unlikely to have played in this World Cup. But his departure and the reasons for it have hit the team hard. It was devastating, it hit all the boys for six.

We wish Brad and his family all the strength and luck that they are going to need. The news was broken to the squad just hours before they played the United States in a friendly on Saturday - a game the Socceroos lost, 3-1. It was an emotionally difficult day. It puts football completely irrelevant, even a World Cup. Harry Kewell, plagued by a persistent groin injury in the last World Cup, and again here, has spoken to the media for the first time since arriving in South Africa, again brushing aside concerns over his fitness. If life was always on the up, you know, you wouldn't experience the downs and that. So, it's football. Everyone goes through it, can't complain and I am not one to complain. I just get on with my job. though, No grumbles over the accommodation,

at the 5-star luxury retreat staff laying on a colourful welcome tournament base camp. that is their new

surrounds, organisers have received As they settle into their new

an early scare. Hundreds of fans

tried to force their way into a

stadium outside Johannesburg. It

happened between -- at a friendly

game between Nigeria. Still to come - by putting themselves in danger. the Australians earning a living over a hotel shooting. Also, a Sydney man arrested after her marriage troubles. And Sandra Bullock on the rebound That's next.

True genius, Mexican style. after firing a gun inside a hotel. in Thailand A Sydney man has been arrested after firing a gun inside a hotel. 21-year-old Talaat Hawatt Security camera pictures show

in the Sabai Empress Hotel, firing a pistol at his room door

near Bangkok. Police were called and arrested him, in his possession. still with a handgun Are they police?! Are you police? Are you police? Police say he was drunk. will investigate The Defence Department five Australian World War II diggers whether the remains of up to are buried at Kokoda. uncovered the location Seven's 'Sunday Night' program of the so-called lost battlefield, spanning decades. perhaps solving a mystery of Australian heroism. Until now, this jungle held a secret were killed here. 79 Australian soldiers It was the Japanese last stand. to the 'Lost Battlefield' in April The former army captain was led from nearby Alola village. by his friends where everyone can go It should become a place on that day. and see what the battle was like they were dropped in October 1942. Weapons remain where So, too, do war dead - five Australian diggers possibly including still missing after that battle. the Lost Battlefield is, Now that we know where exactly where these soldiers were. it's probably easier to determine the discovery. Defence is investigating with the dignity that they deserve Their remains will be treated with full military honours. and they'll be interred Marvellous, marvellous.

when he was sent to Papua New Guinea Les Fraser was 19 what became of the missing. and often wondered Who will remember them?

of the Lost Battlefield The discovery in the legend of Kokoda. writes another chapter hopes will have a positive ending It's a story that Brian Freeman who kept its secret for so long. for the villagers I think this is the one opportunity into their lives. to get some betterment but especially in Los Angeles. news pictures is big the world over, The competition to have the best TV

Getting to an incident first a lot of money - can earn a freelance cameraman trying to get a piece of the action. and Australians are increasingly in Los Angeles... When the sun goes down (GUNFIRE) ..its deadly underworld comes alive. (GUNFIRE) who cover the city's crime. And so, too, do the cameramen

in America. We go to the most dangerous places

(TWO-WAY RADIO CHATTER) They are stringers.

Are you listening to that? Aussie Shannon Watts. Freelancers like Risking their lives for one shot. Mike, It's not like Melbourne and Sydney,

it gets pretty hairy. Gang shootings one minute on the freeway. to high-speed pursuits This is what they're after. (TYRES SKID)

with a machine gun. A 15-year-old gang member (GUNFIRE) in Los Angeles I'm the best stringer it's a proven fact. and it's not like I'm cocky - doesn't worry about speed limits - Scott Pacheco 175km/h - that's 110 miles an hour, ignore red lights ignores red lights of a gang shooting. to get to the scene shot in South LA - Just another male Hispanic it happens every night. closed... No sooner had the ambulance doors See the helicopter? shots fired at a deputy. We're near it - (SIRENS WAIL) in South Central It's just after midnight a police officer has been fired at. and there's a report that They've responded en masse. Police fired back. (GUNSHOTS) is what pays my bills. It's sad but death and destruction has made her first TV appearance Hollywood star Sandra Bullock over his cheating scandal. since leaving her husband Lifetime Achievement Award from MTV She accepted a on actress Scarlett Johansson. by planting a kiss can we please go back to normal? Now that we have done that Because therapy is really expensive. I don't care, Go back to making fun of me, it's time to get back to normal. to getting back to work. Bullock says she's looking forward Sport now with Tony Squires, and the Blues' talent pool is shrinking. Shallow as a car park puddle, Chris. threaten Origin II, Injuries and suspensions that's next. cited for going head-to-head Out with Jarryd Hayne with Billy Slater. And the tears of a Crown.

wins the French Open. An emotional Rafael Nadal are meeting in the city tonight, New South Wales selectors to play for them in Origin II. trying to figure out who's left Jarryd Hayne and Luke Lewis are facing suspension while Anthony Watmough's injured - the series in disarray. leaving the Blues' hope of saving when he arrived for work. Jarryd Hayne was playing it cool to be here at training today. I'm very excited But things went downhill fast in jeopardy with Hayne's Origin spot for his headbutt on Billy Slater, after he was charged fullback escaped action yet, the Storm and Queensland for his part in spite night. was as good or as bad The alleged elbow for Billy from Jarryd. as the alleged headbutt Very disappointed I got charged. a meeting tonight Hopefully we'll have and see where we go from there. If he fights, the Eels just want a fair go. But when it's your team-mate and he's up for a Blues jersey, you don't really want consistency, but the way they're going he'll get off for consistency, won't he? Should I say that? I'm in strife now, aren't I? Panther Luke Lewis is in strife too and, like Hayne, will have to beat a judiciary charge tomorrow night while scans of Anthony Watmough's groin showed a tear, even though he tried to put on a brave face. Oh, I could play tomorrow, if I had to. But with Watmough likely to be forced out, coach Craig Bellamy concedes there could be plenty of changes ahead before they take to Suncorp Stadium to try and square the series. We'll be naming a team tonight but, you know, we'll probably be putting a couple of guys in there to add to the squad, as well. But it's not all bad for the Blues, with trouble in the Queensland camp over Israel Folau's selection. The issue's divided the normally tight-knit Maroons. The players want Folau, coach Meninga doesn't - and the selectors can't make up their minds. It changes every day what everyone thinks, there's more to it than is he in or is he out? Oh, I'd love to have him there, he's such a great player. That comes down to the selectors, and hopefully they do select him. A week out from their World Cup opener, the Socceroos have dismissed any injury concerns over their best two players. Tim Cahill needed a hospital check-up, but has been cleared of a neck injury following the loss to the USA.

And Harry Kewell has finally spoken to media, clearly confident his groin problem's all good.

All the signs are good. My speed's good, my fitness is good, my strength's good, so you know, we'll see. Rafael Nadal has reclaimed the world number 1 ranking from Roger Federer after completing one of the most convincing Grand Slam victories of all time in Paris. Nadal dominated Robin Soderling to go through the tournament without dropping a set. (CROWD CHEERS) He's lost just one match from 39 at the French Open, and that was to Soderling last year. But this time, the Swede was helpless against the clay court king. UMPIRE: Game, set and match, Nadal. One of the most important victories in my career, I think. Nadal had a big cry courtside - emotional release after battling chronic knee and stomach injuries last year. But he regained his composure to lift the trophy for the fifth time, only Bjorn Borg's won more. Chris, isn't it good to see a grown man cry?

It is nice to see him getting in touch with his sentimental side. Sara's next with the weather, and when are the blue skies coming back? Chris, after weeks of rain things are finally looking up. Sydney's sunny outlook is next in Seven News.

The showers are finally easing over Sydney, but as you probably noticed today there is a trade off with the clearer skies bringing much cooler temperatures. A top of 16 in the city was 2 below average and our coldest day in two weeks. A low of 9 was also our coldest night in 3 weeks. Right now, it's a chilly 12 degrees. Single figures for most suburbs last night. Fresh-to-strong southerly winds made it feel even colder. They also carried a few showers over coastal New South Wales, but no more than a few millimetres. Tomorrow, this large high will dominate the south-east, clearing the last of the showers, with sunny skies and light winds bringing early frosts about the New South Wales slopes and ranges. A cold front will send a few late showers over Adelaide, possible showers for Brisbane. Down to 0 in Canberra tonight. Sydney can expect light west-to-south-westerly winds tending light to moderate north-to-north-westerly. We might get a few light coastal showers tonight, but that'll clear out tomorrow, giving us a good dose of sunshine. It's been a while since we've had an outlook like this. Mostly fine and sunny, with overnight temperatures staying below 10 degrees, tops of around 17. We'll see early frost patches developing across western parts towards the end of the week. Lows get down to 1 degree.

Bring on those blue skies. Nice to see the sunshine coming back. Gerry Harvey changes his appearance to go undercover. The painstaking process as the billionaire takes a new face. Out to expose the worst customer service in his retail empire. The news that's shocked the entertainment world - a special tribute to television star Adriana Xenides.

In any boy's life, they will have moments where it is like, I wish I

could rewind. --.. Good evening and thanks for joining us. The entertainment industry is reeling tonight with confirmation of the sudden death of much-loved TV star Adriana Xenides. She was best known as the co-host of popular game show 'Wheel of Fortune',

a role she filled with great poise and elegance for 18 years. Bryan Seymour reports on the Argentinean beauty who won the hearts of Australia. Graceful, achingly beautiful, a model of poise and perfection.

Adriana Xenides instantly endeared herself

when she debuted as the co-host of 'Wheel of Fortune' in 1981. Her 18-year run with 'Wheel' is still a world record. Key to the show's success was Adriana's easy affection and chemistry with host 'Baby' John Burgess. A heartbroken Burgess told us just minutes ago: