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(generated from captions) Tonight - Calls for calm ethnic violence at North Cronulla. over a text message urging

Sydney homes evacuated in a backyard shed. after an explosive chemical fire a mentally ill passenger. American air marshals shoot dead that sparked a Sydney shark scare. And the giant fish

This program is LIVE captioned. This is Seven News with Ian Ross. Good evening. on Sydney's southern beaches A series of fights into calls for vigilante violence. has escalated inciting an ethnic brawl A text message is circulating at North Cronulla on Sunday.

Police are appealing for calm to stay away. and warning troublemakers and another yesterday It took Sunday's brawl to North Cronulla Beach in force. to bring police of this response. But locals wouldn't have dreamed Dog Squad, police on pushbikes, Our Operation Support Group, police on foot, mounted police. next to a wall that said it all. Even the police chopper and an RBT The once-peaceful shire is tense. a few death stares here and there, Yeah, there has been but I don't know, to have a good time with our mates, we've just come here not start trouble. A phone text is in mass circulation - in racial debates. Let's not get involved But it's hard to ignore. sparked yesterday's brawl, Police say racial abuse by locals these pictures taken was attacked. just before the photographer himself But the abuse works both ways. "You Aussie slut!" Like, "You're not worth doing 55 years." and things like, Bilal Skaf's 55-year jail sentence. A reference to gang rapist antisocial behaviour, We will not tolerate that ruins it for everyone. loutish behaviour police will saturate the area. So, this weekend, in Cronulla or any other suburb We don't want extra police that the media are here. just for the day every single day. We actually need them The Opposition isn't the only voice on a permanent basis. calling for more police numbers here Locals are, too, and they certainly weren't happy to last Sunday's incident. with the police response we will protect you. And you can come here safely, Will you? You have my commitment. for the police to come on Sunday. Yeah. Well, it took a long time

But not this Sunday.

overnight A fire in a western Sydney garage a suburban street blocked all day. has injured a firefighter and kept were evacuated from their homes Nearly 100 people

discovered chemicals in the ruins. and today investigators

covered much of Auburn last night. A foul-smelling toxic cloud the explosion did. And if that didn't wake up locals, during the first blast. A firefighter was inside the building was knocked off his feet. One firefighter He suffered minor injuries on the scene. but was treated by ambulance officers Specialist fire units were called in the chemical-fuelled blaze. to deal with offered his expert advice - A local chemist get everyone out. were told to leave their homes. About 100 people in Auburn Town Hall. Most spent the night throughout the day Myall Street remained blocked off and chemical operations police as fire investigators the suspicious stockpile was safe. worked to ensure

In the garage area was locate add

large tkphrm of chemicals and gas

sil Lyn ders.

Residents thought it was an attack.

We thought it was terrorists and I

thought "I think I'm safe in

Auburn". We could have been blown

up, the whole area could have been.

The man who lives here is a

licensed high error * row tech

flick which play go some way

towards explaining what happened

but authorities are still clearly

worried about what they found at

the back of his house. of two attackers Police have released images a radio newsreader on Saturday night. wanted for stabbing

outside a Christmas Party at St Ives. 2GB's Rowan Barker was attacked of white European appearance. Both attackers were teenagers with short, brown hair, The first was of medium height with light-brown, wavy, short hair. the second was tall Anyone who may have any information 1-800-333-000. to please call Crime Stoppers on - in a stable condition. Rowan Barker remains in hospital The State's most dangerous prisoners to prevent a possible break-out. could be secretly moved interstate Some alleged terror suspects to other jails in New South Wales have already been sent so their location remains secret. They've been classified most dangerous criminals. as the country's in the State's most secure prisons, Already in solitary confinement wants to be certain now the government

no-one can break them out. to move them interstate - We'll be able to us - without warning. and, likewise, the other States

told a parliamentary inquiry of plans The Corrective Services boss has by helicopter. to randomly move the suspects where they're being taken, They won't know where they're being taken,

neither will their families. once they're interstate. Only their lawyers will be told in court proceedings. It will cause considerable delays preparation of the defence people It would make representation and

almost impossible. for cheating at marbles. These people are not in there that they are secure. We need to make sure

Already, attempts have been made who may be tracking the prisoners. to confuse those after their arrests, were a decoy. These convoys, in the days transported by helicopter. They were actually relocated as recently as last week. Shot suspect Omar Baladjam was The Opposition supports the move, can't be trusted on prison security. but says the government Nobody can have confidence within our prison system that the management of terrorists is being done well. The other States agreement to the transfers have already given in-principle with uniform legislation but it's expected to be formalised and ministers meet early next year. when Corrective Services bosses by a US air marshal A mentally ill man has been shot dead A mentally ill man has been shot dead

after he claimed to be carrying a bomb. It's the first time since the 11 September attacks that security officers have fired their guns on an aircraft.

It was a flight that quickly became anything but routine.

As the American Airlines jet was about to take off from Miami Airport authorities say a passenger began running towards the door shouting he had a bomb in his backpack. At some point, he uttered threatening words that included a sense to the effect that he had a bomb. There were Federal Air Marshals on board the aircraft. They came out of their cover, confronted him.

44-year-old Rigoberto Alpizar ignored the marshals' warnings and, as he reached inside his backpack, he was shot. We heard three gunshots, and then everyone was running, like, everyone was going crazy. Witnesses say Alpizar's wife also ran through the plane

telling authorities her husband was mentally ill and had not taken his medication.

Miami Airport was shut down as police searched the plane. As a precaution, the bomb squad blew up the dead man's luggage but no explosives were found. This is the first time since 11 September that air marshals have resorted to using their weapons. Authorities here say it's proof America is far safer now than before the attacks. Police!

But it's also raised questions about when marshals should use deadly force

and whether they needed to shoot a man fleeing a parked plane. streets will never again be closed The Premier has promised public streets will never again be closed

to funnel traffic onto a toll road. After anger over the Cross City Tunnel, the government has rewritten its guidelines, including toll-free periods as part of all contracts. For four weeks from next Friday, the new M7 Westlink is a free ride. Unlike the the Cross City Tunnel operators, the company is getting in before any bad press. We hope that we have a very good reputation when we open and if that improves the industry, so be it. But toll-free periods will now be mandatory for all new roads. The Premier has accepted most recommendations of the Richmond review into motorways. Heeding the lessons,

listening and improving for the future. Other policies include - I congratulate Morris Iemma on the great job he's done in making sure in making sure this never occurs again.

We need the flexibility to say, "Value for money". And deliberately snubbing Bob Carr's boast that taxpayers didn't spend a cent. Deliberate policy, good policy, sound public policy. Morris Iemma has yet again boldly distanced himself from the policies of Bob Carr. But today he went much further - openly criticising the former premier and his treasurer, Michael Egan,

for their antics in the Cross City Tunnel inquiry this week. I believe, ah, what they said was wrong, and I don't endorse their behaviour at all. The sea creature that's caused panic at Bondi Beach this week has been identified. Experts say it's a gentle giant - an Ocean Sunfish. But today, it was back doing its very best shark impersonation. Looks like a shark, acts like a shark. Big, grey and that distinctive dorsal fin. Enough to terrify hundreds and empty the surf. It was a monster. It was a big shark. But something was fishy - the fin, tall and curved, the fin, tall and curved, the movements slow. REPORTER: Does that sound like a shark to you? No, not at all. Every shark I've seen in the wild has been inquisitive. For every shark you see, seven have seen you. So, they're very stealthy. was the fish that sparked panic - it was more likely that this The experts say

doing what they're named for - a sunfish, lolling in the sun. in the air, well, If they then stick a fin up a lot more that's when people notice them (laughs) and the panic sets in sometimes.

Very similar to a ray. coming past, So if you see one of these rays look like under water. that's similar to what it would scaring the bejesus out of Bondi, But 24 hours after he might have done the same back - a fisherman says he believes he hit it off South Head. bent the props up, Mate, it's bent the rudder, so, pretty much disabled me. $10,000 damage. So, costly if you own a boat, they're completely harmless. otherwise Unless you're a jellyfish. That's their favourite food. They've got small mouths, they've got a parrot-like beak. They don't really have teeth as you would imagine a shark has. And we could have more over summer - some boat crews see 30 a day. Still ahead - of John Lennon's death. The 25th anniversary sing a Christmas carol Also, Labor MPs for the Prime Minister. (applause) And a chance to trade away leave. of a children's classic. And the mega-budget movie version is looking healthier The New South Wales job market heading into Christmas. the national jobless rate of 5.1%. But that's still higher than

Tempers have flared in the Senate vented their anger as Opposition parties its reform agenda. over the government ramming through the Prime Minister says Despite the protests, has ended. he's pleased with the way the year A singing sign-off from Labor MPs. A Christmas carol with bite... my PM gave to me # On the 10th day of Christmas # Jail if I protest # Less time for family # Lots of lost conditions

# Many bosses sacking # No more penalties # No rights at all # ..and a chorus of discontent in the Senate after the government rushed through its industrial relations,

welfare-to-work and counter-terrorism laws. what the amendments were. No-one knew It all went through too fast. and work out what we passed. Somebody will wake up next week of the Australian people. You failed to accept the vote You don't like it. they've rejected you. They didn't elect you, But the love has apparently returned political marriage to the country's most powerful ruled out a leadership challenge after Peter Costello effectively yesterday. Australia's had He is the best Treasurer and we'll continue as a partnership. is now the only question. How long John Howard will continue behind in the polls finishes the parliamentary year But his government

over the workplace reforms. largely because of a backlash Labor's Christmas present is a continuing song of protest over those industrial changes. # No redundancy, lower pay, cuts to overtime # And a chance to trade away leave # Parents and shopkeepers are being warned to steer clear of dangerous toys this Christmas. Government watchdogs say some of those stocking-fillers could be killers. They look harmless enough - so-called funny toys, musical instruments, Disneyland at the North Pole, stationery set - even this seemingly innocent all potentially deadly to children. with a box-cutter knife, a blade, It comes complete which obviously is a danger this cute little set is for a child. to anybody who thinks and most are imported from Asia. They're all cheap that we found this year Most of the products of the $2 shops were either in the lower end or actually in markets. have been banned, This year 76 stocking-fillers after being black-listed last year - some back on the shelves and this flashing "thing". like this not-so-lifesaving vest tentacles could strangle them. Kids love it, but the plastic Don't smile at this xylophone crocodile. It's a rip-off of a Fisher-Price design. The broken keys could choke. The list of banned toys is long, but Fair Trading admits it's impossible to find all the dodgy products out there. That's why the onus here is on parents

before they buy them to check toys carefully and spend a little extra on quality. are warned - And shops which stock them an on-the-spot $500 fine. they could face You don't have to sell these ones. There's plenty of toys around. go to our web site. For the complete list of banned toys since the death of John Lennon. Today marks 25 years # Imagine all the people #

of his New York apartment building The former Beatle was shot in front

by a deranged fan on 8 December, 1980. a worldwide outpouring of grief His death sparked is producing plenty of reminiscing. and the anniversary

And he was always approachable, had a little chat. always said hello, that went out the window. But after he met Yoko, Tonight fans will gather in New York and Lennon's home town of Liverpool to remember one of the world's most influential artists. The movie version of a much-loved children's book has premiered in London in front of some royal fans. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe has cost Disney an estimated $300 million to produce and market, the blockbuster Harry Potter series. a massive gamble up against Aslan, we need your help!

I know. rests on your courage. But understand, the future of Narnia has had lukewarm reviews But the film

using churches and a marketing campaign of Christian propaganda. has sparked claims

It opens here on Boxing Day. with Matthew White. Time for sport now with Matthew White.

about Brett Lee anymore. And the Kiwis don't have to worry He's come home early has already been done. but the damage brilliance that beat the Kiwis. because it was sheer Aussie That is an unbelievable throw! COMMENTATOR: leads the way at the Masters. Also tonight, Nick O'Hern

You'll be wrapped this Christmas at Kmart, with 30% off manchester. Excludes nursery manchester. That's beach towels, sheets, quilts, pillows and more Don't sleep in! Get into Kmart. SONG: # Oh, yeah! # I just gotta have it Oh, yeah! # Time to Hungry Jack it # Oh, yeah! #

has been cut short. Brett Lee's Kiwi assault A rookie has been called in, but everybody's still talking in Wellington. about the Aussies' great escape in Wellington.

to beat New Zealand by two runs We survived an amazing fight-back

with a game to spare. and claim the Chappell-Hadlee trophy like this... After going down to freakish moments

an unbelievable throw, COMMENTATOR: That is with a 23 on his back. Michael Clarke but look at the bigger picture. ..New Zealand's coach couldn't help While you don't like to be on the end of it, that it was a great game of cricket. you've got to recognise

simply looked out of reach, 323 to win but Chris Cairns didn't think so. Bang! That's a long way back. Jacob Oram had a crack as well. Whack! That's hard, and that's four. In the face of an amazing Kiwi comeback, the Aussies tried anything and everything to stop them. I do stress this is never intentional. It's him searching for a yorker. After Clarke's brilliant run-out of Brendon McCullum for Australia debutante Mick Lewis won it with just two balls remaining. I think this is out. There it is, it is out, That's out! So Australia dismiss New Zealand. to throw the ball at the stumps I didn't want until I had it clearly in my hands, everyone was saying I took so long - so I think that's why I took five minutes to throw it! it looked like for game three - Brett Lee won't be there to see a nasal specialist. he's returned to Sydney Rookie Queenslander Mitchell Johnson has flown to Christchurch as his replacement. I'm just going to grab it by its horns and see how I go. West Australian Nick O'Hern has a three-shot buffer after round one of the MasterCard Masters at Huntingdale. O'Hern is at 8 under, while Robert Allenby is well placed as he chases the triple crown. Chasing Australian summer's grand slam of golf, Robert Allenby continued to show the form which won the Australian Open and PGA in recent weeks. COMMENTATOR: Ha-ha-ha! Like that one, Jack? A round of 5-under 67 putting him in contention for a history-making treble.

It hasn't been done before and you want to make sure you get off to a good start. As soon as I made the Eagle I was - like, I was off and racing. West Australian Nick O'Hern took advantage of early favourable conditions, collecting two eagles on his way to a course-record 8-under 64. Does the phrase "Catch me if you can" mean anything?

No such luck for Adam Scott who ballooned out to 6 over at one stage before finishing the day 4 over, 12 off the lead. Defending champion Richard Green battled in the tougher afternoon conditions, finishing 1 over. Very ordinary-looking attempt. New South Wales' Steve Conran did best in the afternoon finishing equal second at 5 under. Victorian Stuart Appleby showed flashes of brilliance, but ended the day 1 over. Perfect! While the recovery of the day went to Jarrod Moseley who putted over the rough with his driver to set up a birdie. At least you won't miss them. Our Commonwealth Games athletes have been fitted out for Melbourne and it's almost a case of back to school. Unveiled in the host city, the outfits look like a throwback to the 1956 Olympics. Swimmers Brooke Hanson and Matt Welsh love the cricket-style suits even though some have called them school uniforms. We definitely look like a tight-knit team and you definitely won't lose your mates.

I know and you are going to say it,

people in stripy shirts shouldn't

throw stones They are retro

We are keeping an eye on Andre

Agassi tonight as well he has hurt

his ankle and play miss the

Australia open Get wl well Andre. Nuala has Sydney's weather after the break, but first, finance. And the share market plunged into the red today. Telstra shares continued to fall, at one stage hitting a low of $3.80. Anything can be a gift in Bunnings because it's got a need and a want somewhere. 3-piece garden tool set, just $15. Tool kit in bag - $39.90. Electric hedge trimmer - $29.99. Lowest prices are just the beginning. 30% off all footwear at Kmart. and coolest kids' footwear at an awesome 30% off, Tomorrow on Sunrise our biggest concert in the Plaza yet. INXS with their first and only Australian performance - two songs, only on Sunrise. Nuala, see you there. Good evening. Right now in the city it's about 13 degrees cooler than it was this time last night and we have last night's mild southerly change to thank for it. It moved through between 10 and 11pm, dropping temperatures by at least 10 degrees. Today's sea breezes continued the cooling work keeping the city and Cronulla in the 20s. But it was still pretty warm away from the coast where Parramatta hit 34. 33 for most other suburbs. 24 in the mountains. On the charts - the trough line that worked the cool change up our coast is still migrating north and may trigger some showers and storms in the north-east of our State and South-East Queensland. But a new high will ridge in to keep Sydney's weather stable until a change on Monday. Another great summer day tomorrow. Fine, warm and sunny. The sea breeze will kick in a bit earlier keeping tops in the mid-to-high 20s along the beaches rising to around 30 in Richmond and Penrith. 24 in Katoomba. The weekend's looking pretty good. Strictly beach weather. Sunny and 30 Saturday, 27 Sunday. Warming up Monday The chance of a late stormy shower. Clearing Tuesday. Benefitting from the rain of the last two weeks catchment levels rose 1.2% to 42.8% - the highest they've been since March. Rosco, we still need more. It's certainly not going to fall this weekend.

That's the first weekend of our holidays. Who is complaining?

Alright. And that's Seven News to now. I'm Ian Ross. Thanks for your company. Goodnight.