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(generated from captions) for an age-old condition. is the new name generalised anxiety disorder Also tonight - and welcome to the Late News. Hello there, I'm Sandra Sully to the Schapelle Corby case. the sinister twist that's linked them And a letter and two bullets - on how the cardinals will vote. behind closed doors A virtual tour inside the Vatican - and I may take it up. this morning on a $5 bet I was offered a 50/1 by a colleague to succeed John Paul II. in the running Who's put the Australian cardinal Tonight - Pope Pell. This program is captioned live.

his robes are ready - Whoever the new pope is as an unwanted controversy. some say the Cardinals could see that of sexual abuse allegations in 2002, was cleared While Cardinal George Pell enough spiritual support over there. but I don't think he'll have in Australia, and the Roman Catholic Church for Australia I think it'd be a great honour comes out a cardinal. says that he who goes in as a pope at the time of conclaves of popes A saying that's around in Rome Not everyone likes the odds. I'd certainly support him. for Sydney, ann his background, I think he's done an excellent job I'd recommend him. Australia's Catholics are excited. and I may take it up. this morning on a $5 bet I was offered a 50/1 by a colleague and communicator. admired as a great traveller as one of the favourites, by an Italian Newspaper has been tipped Australia's own Cardinal George Pell there is a new pontiff. bells will be rung to tell the world and, for the first time, the ballots burn with a white smoke When the new pope is chosen the vote failed to reach a verdict. telling those waiting outside to create black smoke, a chemical is added to the slips If no pope is elected that round in a specially built stove. the ballots are burned After the count, Votes are then cast at the alter. to write their first choice. each Cardinal is given a voting slip After swearing an oath of secrecy as the next pope. among them the man they'll choose The 115 Cardinals gathering, will begin inside the Sistine Chapel. at how Monday's election process It's a behind-the-scenes look for the world's Catholics. and pick a new leader swear and oath of secrecy pull the door shut, when his colleagues will be among the names bandied about Cardinal George Pell and a controversial one. an Australian, First - the new pope could be boy, it tastes so good. # # Healthy food what he's been teaching our kids. Why a childhood hero is repenting # C is for cookie. # And a monster makeover. a little later in the Late News. You can find out if you have it from having social relationships. stops them from doing their job, Stops them from sleeping properly,

on the Australian Defence Medal. An announcement is expected soon for another award. are almost certainly in line And the Sea King tragedy victims in other parts of Asia. Like the post-tsunami operations in similar operations. who are serving of other defence force people It applies to a large number No argument there from the RSL. that carry out humanitarian work. as well as civilians It's military people compassion and ultimate sacrifice. for their generosity, were every bit as deserving and his colleagues a Reservist doctor from Canberra, Lieutenant Matthew Davey, recognition that to service personnel - will now be extended formerly applied only to civilians, Overseas Service Medal, The Humanitarian until last week. I didn't discover this shortcoming I didn't know this. in our system. he was unaware of the restrictions John Howard admitting will honour its dead with a medal, like neighbouring Indonesia, Australia, some welcome catch-up. And from the Prime Minister, Wendy Jones. tears for Air Force Sergeant In Broken Hill, too, his father served so well. given the flag of the nation A young son that took his life. of the flying machine both a tribute and a sad reminder The helicopter fly-over Scott Bennett. home base for air crewman was at HMAS 'Albatross', The first of the funerals were laid to rest. as the first of the victims The announcement came for their sacrifice. will be awarded medals Sea King helicopter crash on Nias the victims of the Confirmation tonight by the Boxing Day tsunami. The region was also devastated a major earthquake two weeks ago. still recovering from panicked the locals, panicked the locals, and a string of small tremors The rumbling mountain on Mt Talang in west Sumatra. when their was an eruption fled their homes Earlier today, 25,000 people with a second mountain erupting. are growing tonight in Indonesia Fears of a volcanic disaster Evan Batten, Ten News. John Paul's old tailor shop in Rome. hanging proudly in the front of in three different sizes -

unless Schapelle Corby was freed from jail in Bali. Police, taking the threat seriously, immediately upgraded security. The fact is the letter is obviously indicating that if Schapelle Corby is not released then there would be a threat of harm to the Indonesian Consul. The 27-year-old Gold Coast woman is facing the death sentence after being caught with over 4kg of marijuana at Denpasar Airport last year. The Federal Government says the death threats won't help her case. If they think that this is going to to shoot consulate staff it's believed it contained a threat the exact contents of the letter, While police won't reveal along with two bullets. at the Consulate on Monday The letter arrived in a package if the Australian isn't freed. They're a little bit worried, but they're tough enough. While the Indonesian Consulate confirms it regularly receives threats from people with grievances, this is the first time a threat has been specifically aimed at the Corby case. threatening to shoot staff to the Indonesian Consulate in Perth A death threat letter has been sent in the Schapelle Corby drug case. A sinister twist at the end of the month. to arrive home The 'Kanimbla' is expected in the Sea King helicopter crash. with nine Australians killed the mission proving costly when it was sent to help out on Nias, on its way home late last month The 'Kanimbla' was in Singapore and one C-130 RAAF plane will stay. Only the crash investigation team is now being wound down. to earthquake-devastated Nias Australian help Defence Minister Robert Hill says are once again heading home. on the 'Kanimbla' And defence personnel Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. from the ill-fated chopper. a propeller blade Its most striking feature - at the crash site in Nias. have erected a poignant memorial Crew from the 'Kanimbla' has been delaying it. paperwork at Buckingham Palace John Howard denies assist Schapelle Corby in any way then they are very much mistaken. State and Federal Police are confident of catching the author of the letter while consulate staff are refusing to let the threat put them off their work.

and fuelled speculation about the fate of Schapelle Corby. Qantas says despite recent publicity incidents of luggage tampering are rare. Some unwanted visitors have slipped through Australia's security net. A helicopter pilot has reported seeing Indonesian fishermen walking along a beach in a remote part of the NT. He alerted Customs, who picked up the men and they're now being held. The boat was burned after a quarantine inspection found it infested with mosquitoes and borers. A character kids love worldwide has had a massive change of heart and it's all in the name of beating obesity. 'Sesame Street's beloved Cookie Monster has given his diet a monster makeover. He's been telling kids for 30 years... # C is for cookie. # ..but it looks like our furry friend has had a healthy makover. # Healthy food. Boy, it tastes so good. # The Sesame Street icon is cutting back on his cookie consumption to try to steer kids in the right direction when it comes to healthy eating. Cookie is learning a lot this year. Cookie, as you know, loves cookies, but he also eats a variety of different foods, which s we are trying to communicate is needed for all children. Each episode of the new Sesame Street series will begin with a health tip and will also encourage kids to get off the couch and into some physical activity. Yeah, walking is great for you. It's hoped the new and improved Cookie Monster Obviously the Schapelle Corby case has stirred the emotions of Australians. Everyone has their own opinion on whether she's guilty or not guilty. This person has taken it to the next level. Schapelle Corby's trial resumes tomorrow with prosecutors preparing to make their sentencing submission. Supporters fear they may seek the death penalty. Samantha Jolly, Ten News. Qantas will install closed-circuit TV cameras in its baggage handling areas at Australian airports. The move follows an incident where a Qantas employee was seen wearing a camel suit taken from a passenger's bag. It's raised security concerns

will leave children reaching for the carrot instead of those choc-chip favourites, and that could help get them back on the healthy track, with statistics showing a staggering 20% of Australian children are obese. Nutritionists say with a bit of help from the blue monster, parents should find it easier to convince their children that healthy food is good food. So what about that famous song? Well, it's changed a little. # A cookie is a sometime food. # Yes, a cookie is a sometime food. # And it looks like Cookie won't have too much of a problem convincing his fans. If it's good enough for the Cookie Monster, it's good enough for me. Ebbeny Faranda, Ten News. How could a medico dubbed 'Dr Death' get away with working in an Australian hospital after being banned in the States? This man's appointment leaves the medical board with some explaining to do. I am extremely sorry this has occurred. Also tonight - what the US Government has in store for the Australian tourist who sparked this dramatic incident. You simply do not come to the US and conduct yourself this way. And generalised anxiety disorder is the new name for an age-old condition. Stops them from sleeping properly, stops them from doing their job, from having social relationships. You can find out if you have it a little later in the Late News. This program is captioned live. A snap review of overseas-trained doctors is under way after an unfortunate incident involving a medico dubbed Dr Death. This surgeon was cleared to work in Bundaberg Hospital, the Queensland Medical Board not aware he'd been banned from his profession in the United States. I'm extremely sorry this had occurred and I'd like to apologise from the Medical Board. Staff at the hospital say he was allowed to stay for two years, grossly mistreating patients. A check on the Internet would have revealed he'd fled the US after being found guilty of gross negligence in Oregon and having to surrender his medical licence in New York state. We're hoping this is a rare and isolated incident. I'm disappointed in what's happened. It's very regretful. The Queensland Government is now reassuring patients an audit is now under way on the State's 2,000 overseas-trained doctors. A former teacher at a private school has faced court charged with sexually abusing five boys. His alleged victims were aged as young as 12. The former Catholic school teacher was arrested at his Flagstaff Hill home yesterday. The 69-year-old faces 13 charges - The victims - boys aged between 12 and 16. It's alleged the offences happened between 1975 and 1991 and involved five students at St Bernadette's Parish School and Blackfriars Priory. There's an element of shock and there's an element of distress because that's real. Last year the school set up a hotline to these latest charges. at the same time as the one subject who worked there including at least one teacher involving Blackfriars staff, There have been a few arrests of offences to thrive. who chose to commit these types allowed for people where the standards of society in South Australia's history that there was a particular era It's become evident investigation branch. for the police sexual crime yet another historical arrest just over a year ago, Police started their investigation in late May. and will next appear in court He was remanded in custody did not apply for bail. The former teacher morals and all the rest of it. a good way of life, in a school that taught us, really, that paedophiles were operating We're stunned to think that have been affected adversely. at this school If there are former students

If it leads to a sense of resolution on a criminal justice level, if it can lead to some healing for those people concerned further down the track, wanted $850,000. A Federal Court judge today found the ads were misleading, ordering Gary Peer and Associates to pay the consumer watchdog's during the country's general election campaign. Tony Blair says he'll step down as Labour Party leader from the British PM A surprise announcement tonight Christopher Still, Ten News. and the house was never sold. against the agency, is considering disciplinary action of Victoria The Real Estate Institute According to its court evidence, statement released this afternoon. The firm relied on that in a the Trade Practices Act. the agency knew it was breaching and because there was no proof that ultimately harmed no-one, an "isolated incident" advertisements were - in his words - because the misleading on Gary Peer and Associates, any further penalties The judge refused to impose It will be prosecuted by the ACCC. deceptive behaviour. This is misleading and there's a line in the sand. What this has said is legal bill, as well as its own. and its vendors, at one stage, the ACCC valued it at $785,000 thought it was worth $700,000, But the property's agent and, later, $650,000. giving it a price range of $600,000 a Caulfield home's auction, Two years ago the agency advertised in terms of your reputation. it will cost you but more importantly It will cost you in hard dollars, in this sort of behaviour. is don't engage What it says to real estate agents is likely to cost it even more. 'deceptive' behaviour This 'misleading' and underquoted a home by $180,000. Gary Peer and Associates the price of a house. for grossly underquoting took the agency to court The consumer watchdog of being misleading and deceptive. has been found guilty A real estate agent Mark Addinall, Ten News. or with the police directly. either with the helpline to certainly make contact information or allegations So we would urge anybody with fresh then it is a good thing. of child abuse. to deal with allegations

after what he hopes will be a third term in office. A Australian tourist has outstayed his welcome in the US. He'll be deported after sparking a major security scare in Washington DC. Wen Hao Zhou of Sydney to America on his Australian passport only issued last year. He arrived in the US four days ago and went straight to Washington DC where he twice asked to be allowed into State of Origin. calls for its players the New Zealand Rugby League And in 'Sports Tonight' - and adventurous. if you're feeling brave We have tight little skirts, as she launches her own label. over diet rumours Also - Liz Hurley fights back a little later in the Late News. You can find out if you have it from having social relationships. stops them from doing their job, Stops them from sleeping properly, for an age-old problem. That's the new name Generalised anxiety disorder. Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. In the United States, how soon that will happen. But it's not clear as expeditiously as possible. We fully intend to remove him to get him out of the country. US officials now working to speak to the President. A Chinese national, he flew 30 minutes with him this morning. Australian Consulate officials spent and expect to remain here. and conduct yourself this way You simply do not come to the US by being a public menace. for violating his visa of US immigration officials Zhou is now in the custody a job to do and they did their job. They obviously had concerns and about how they handled that. So we don't have any concerns Zhou wasn't charged. With no crime committed, ..but no explosives were found. the bags were destroyed... In the end, situation. So it was kind of a threatening go ahead and open it. what was in the bag, Then he said if we wanted to know suspected of hiding bombs. with two suitcases outside the Capitol Building, after sparking a security scare Zhou was crash-tackled and arrested Got him. behind bars in the US. but the 32-year-old still remains police feared he was, wasn't the suicide bomber

and connect to an eligible plan switch to Telstra, Just call 1800 007 389, text messages. that can send and receive a free cordless home phone Now you can get TELEPHONE CONTINUES RINGING TELEPHONE RINGS

It's sparked a unique clinical study in the medical world. are causing concern and sky-high stress levels Alarming mental illness rates This program is captioned live. call 1800 007 389 now. To get a free home phone you love, and stay connected for 12 months. who worry excessively of thousands of Australians She's just one on the inside. but it's a different story appears calm and confident. On the surface, Naomi Puskaric to calm excessive worriers. to find the best way about who gains can we in fact make predictions One of the issues is without turning to medication. the best way to help they can figure out Psychologists are hoping for them and impairs their life. and becomes very distressing from having social relationships, stops them from doing their job, Stops them from sleeping properly, stops sufferers from doing anything. worrying about everything It's a condition where around 4% of people at some stage. Generalised anxiety disorder affects generalised anxiety disorder. They even given it a name - whose worrying has become worrying. It's recruiting people like Naomi University of Technology. being conducted by the Queensland she's participating in a unique study After suffering in silence for years, harder and harder for me to work. I'm finding it's getting a lot of the time. Completely fatigued seem impossible. day-to-day activities Minor upsets are unbearable, about anything and everything. some of the time. People with generalised anxiety disorder worry a lot about a wide range of things, most of the time, to a point where it starts to affect their life. Everybody worries a little bit from what kind of treatment. Naomi will be involved for eight weeks, but the study will take two years all up. Hopefully they will teach me ways to manage my stress and thoughts CommSec's Tom Piotrowski joins us now and Tom, stocks in Australia's biggest gaming machine company took a battering today.

Yes, type Corps had their biggest decline this years. It will raise the taxes on poker machines. Now these taxing which benefit state-run hospitals are expected to double to more than $3,000 per machine. That result will wipe about $20 million off tab corps's about $20 million off tab corps's bottom line. Something that helped in March, when confidence fell by more than 16%. So this paints in March, when confidence fell by more than 16%. So this paints a picture of a more conservative approach to reserve spendsing. approach to reserve spendsing. That's something the bank will be looking at closely when they make their decision on interest rates Thanks, Tom. CommSec's Tom Piotrowski. Liz Hurley is the latest celebrity to dabble in the world of fashion, designing a beachwear collection. The 39-year-old is never shy of the limelight, but this time left the bikini-wearing to the models. The actress also hit back at stories she keeps herself trim by only eating one meal a day. I don't own a TV set. I never sit down and watch TV. and I do a lot of things myself. I'm very active I'm very active and I do a lot of things myself. I don't only a television set. I never sit down and watch TV. I'm very active push shares down today. Hi petrol prices and fears over interest rates keeping consumer kaupbsz low. Close toast a low level in two years. They rose by 2%. The reason that's a disapointsing results is it shows very little recovery from the biggest decline ever, which was and I do a lot of things myself. I do a lot of my house myself, I do all my laundry myself, I run around like a lunatic. Her skimpy beachwear is being sold at Harrods in London, starting at $280. The weather's next and then it's the latest from the 'Sports Tonight' desk with Ryan Phelan. Thanks, Sandra. Coming up - the NRL crackdown on salary cap breaches. We'll reveal the clubs who've been hit. Five clubs were hit with breaches, the biggest - Melbourne Storm. Five clubs were hit with breaches, the biggest - Melbourne Storm. Aif responsibility within the game to act within the rules. Carlton are set to appeal Heath Scotland's suspension handed down by the tribunal. And shocking scenes from the Champions League. All the day's sport in a moment.

Adaptive headlights help see around corners. This program is captioned live. Tomorrow's weather, and more showers for Cairns and Brisbane. A high hanging over South Australia and the west. The forecast, the and the west. The forecast, the bureau says more showers for Canberra. Sydney will be mostly sunny. Late thunderstorms expected for Canberra. Windy and wet conditions for Melbourne. Rain for Hobart. A clearing shower in Adelaide and mostly sunny for Perth. Late thunderstorms for Darwin and it'll be cloudy in Alice Springs. And that's the latest from Ten News desk. 'Sports Tonight' with Ryan Phelan is next. I'm Sandra Sully - from the Late News team, goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.