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(generated from captions) The Gold Coast lost Ashley Harrison

for the same reason.

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with Ben Hornby coming back. The

for a final play and declined the chance to Dragons was winning 4. They

for a final play and the Gold Coast

They're probably the best side in held on for a thrilling 4-point win.

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Association says a collapse in International double the previous forecast. The

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airlines are operating in survival consumer demand says -- means that

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financial plunge 15% due to the global

London lower: Miners, oils and banks have dragged

Commodities now and oil is lower

is 952.90. this morning trading at 68.02. Gold

down could be dashed. The SPI Futures of a Our market will come off the back

Peter Ten News. Headlines every 15 minutes here on

Two players pulled out of last

night's NRL clash as the code

Queensland's State of Origin tests on awaits the results of swine flu

Ben Hannant contracted the virus, Queensland's State of Origin player Queensland's State of Origin player