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(generated from captions) to a beef Wellington. I know Walter's partial Maybe that got you over the line. you've got $10 in there? So, Lena, you think all up if you're right, For five grand, to make it $20,000

show me $10. It's... Oh, no! $10. plain sausages. Well, there's half a dozen

English pork, a Lancashire, maybe. Maybe the English variety. A nice obviously. Not that you need sausages, Let's see the money. You're the sausage king. Enzo, if you hurry, to the rissole for happy hour. the four of you might just get down That's 10 bucks well spent. work out better, matey. Oh, I'm sorry it didn't Thanks for being with us. It was good fun. See you next time. Cheers, team! And thanks, Australia.

it's footy finals fever! Next week on Deal, Brisbane Lions champion Simon Black. Kicking off the week on Monday is call or SMS the number onscreen. If you'd like Simon to play for you, and you could be in with a shot Tune in Monday at winning those double deals. This program is captioned live. Tonight - killed in an L-plater tragedy. friends mourn three mates

who's being paid $16 million. Outrage over the bank boss for a family he couldn't save. A hero's tears a monster surf weekend. Sydney set for be right And will Tigers star Benji Marshall for tonight's clash with Canberra?

Good evening. three young mates, Family and friends say on the state's North Coast, killed in a horror crash who'd just been to a wake. were great blokes when one, an L-plater, They died last night near Ewingsdale, drove them onto the Pacific Highway, colliding with a truck. On a busy stretch of highway

came to a sudden end. three young lives was behind the wheel. A 23-year-old learner driver He turned onto the highway, the path of a B-double. straight into Byron Nicholson and Todd Hepner Mates Jarrah Blackett, were all killed. and there were police outside I woke up about 2:30 this morning

and they walked up and told me that my brother had died.

The impact was horrific. Obviously the driver of the B-double was extremely shaken. avoid the collision at all. He states that he could not the men were returning from a wake. Friends say at the bottle shop. A friend of mine saw 'em last night They were really good kids. The community will now have to attend three more funerals. Today, tears and tributes flowed.

best brother ever. He was a top bloke - were well known and well liked. They all grew up in the area, The men weren't far from home. They lived at nearby Ocean Shores. An entire community is now in mourning. in this area in car accidents. We've lost a lot of young people Just last month not far from here, in Murwillumbah. three people were killed in a crash This is the second occasion

in a triple fatal. a learner driver has been involved who've lost children on these roads. I've got friends of mine A community united in grief. of the Commonwealth Bank The chief executive has been given a 75% pay increase to $16.2 million.

is angry, saying The Shareholders' Association executive in the country. Ralph Norris is now the highest-paid dares to be different. The Commonwealth Bank Its boss, Ralph Norris, a very different pay packet. just got We think it's outrageous. It shows that these executives are completely out of touch with community attitudes. jumps to $16.2 million - The CEO's package

a 75% raise. of more than $5.5 billion - up 20%. The bank made a profit Shareholders predict a backlash. To see a 75% increase in the CEO pay really is just incomprehensible. They're not alone. I think it's absolutely disgusting gets that much money. that any boss of any company

I think we should be fairer. It's not fair at all. It's the age of greed. Greed - that's greed. At $16.2 million,

a day, seven days a week. Ralph Norris earns roughly $44,000 just under $2,000 an hour, That works out to be even when he's sleeping. Not all of his customers are cranky.

That's the free market. are happy with that, they're happy. If the shareholders Besides, back when we thought a measly $9 million, Mr Norris was on it wasn't his fault anyway. that is not set by me. Look, my salary is something has wept in a Sydney court Manly NRL star Brett Stewart the game's great ambassadors. while being described as one of a 17-year-old girl He's accused of sexually assaulting but a female character witness said Stewart would never do. that's something

A few kind words from this woman were enough to bring Brett Stewart to tears. the fullback at the Sea Eagles Elizabeth Marin worked closely with and told the jury sexually assault a 17-year-old girl. he wasn't the type to

In a trial that has seen reputation take a battering - the once-golden boy of league's today, a reprieve. too much for Stewart, The kind words appeared to be as tears rolled down his cheeks. Earlier, the alleged victim's father on the stand also had an emotional morning about the act of rape. when asked in detail

also testified, The girl's stepmother saying Stewart threatened them the incident in March last year. when he was confronted after

The trial continues. been accused of being a wowser Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore's in her latest crackdown on inner-city drinking.

of no-alcohol zones Her council has expanded its list wants a return to 10:00 closing. and publicans claim Ms Moore In a town that loves a party, the Lord Mayor of gatecrashing publicans have accused with a new threat to impose earlier closing times.

get their way, If Clover Moore and her council and in bed by 7:00. we'll all be riding bicycles As the council announced will now be alcohol-free zones, 180 inner-city streets it defended proposed new laws threatening hotels with closing times as early as 10pm. We want a vibrant, exciting nightlife in our city but we want to balance that with public safety as well. But businesses affected by the booze blitz say

the push for even earlier closing times is all about police staff shortages and a reluctance to roster officers on during the peak party periods. The police aren't the problem. The problem is there aren't enough police. Adrian Bartels of the Kings Cross and Potts Point business partnership says last weekend's high-profile Operation Unite only proved the need for a heavy police presence

when they are needed most. It's one thing to make a cameo appearance once a year but what we need is additional uniform police in here every weekend. Protection businesses can't even buy, a year after offering to pay for extra patrols. We haven't even got the courtesy of a response in more than 12 months. Police have called off their search for a teenage girl, reportedly giving birth in a Sydney cemetery.

Officers were called to Rookwood late yesterday after being told the teenager needed medical assistance. Police called off their search this afternoon, saying they couldn't find any evidence to support the claim. Governor-General Quentin Bryce has shown great compassion, offering comforting words to the distressed winner of a bravery award. Robert Brown was overcome as he relived the day he tried to save a father and two young boys, who drowned on the South Coast.

A reluctant hero still wracked by grief. Robert Brown struggles to contain his emotions as he relives the nightmare of November 18, 2008. MAN: Mr Brown could see the younger child harnessed to the pram. That child was 15-month-old Travis O'Neill, who'd fallen into the water along with his 4-year-old brother, Riley,

as they watched their father fish off Tathra wharf. 28-year-old Shane O'Neill jumped in after his sons. It was dark and the waters were rough but Mr Brown followed them in and almost drowned himself. Courage is the finest of human values. Breaking with tradition, the Governor-General offered comfort and support as she awarded him the bravery medal as part of the Queen's Birthday Honours. Thank you for what you did. Recognition too for the four lifeguards who also tried to save the O'Neills.

They say they were simply doing their jobs. It could've been anyone asked to do the job that we did that night. When you get there, you saw everything and you just started doing stuff. For most people receiving awards here today this is an occasion celebrate but for these men it's bittersweet and brings back so many terrible memories.

It is a very humbling day. Very emotional. The Gillard Government has announced a dramatic expansion of mainland detention centres

to cope with the increasing number of boat people. Among the arrivals are Sri Lankan Tamils, who caused headlines last year by refusing to leave their vessel unless they were taken to Australia. Their leaky boat caused a 6-month stand-off

in the Indonesian port of Merak. (CRIES) Please, sir, please take us to your country. Now, less than a year later, about 75 of those 250 Sri Lankans are in Australia,

thanks to people smugglers, as our onshore facilities overflow. Our system of detention centres is under pressure. So much so that today he announced a huge expansion - a new 300-bed facility at Queensland's Scherger air base, Curtin Detention Centre doubling to 1,200 beds and another 100 at the Broadmeadows facility in Melbourne - increasing the mainland asylum seeker population by 1,000, or 50%. of breaking an election promise Tony Abbott accused Julia Gillard of breaking an election promise not to increase the Curtin centre. I think the Labor Party has trouble with the truth.

But got no backing from one key Liberal colleague. REPORTER: Did she lie? Well, I wouldn't say that. That's because Ms Gillard didn't break her word - what she did was ridicule the Opposition's claim of a secret plan to increase Curtin 5-fold to 3,000 beds - a plan so secret it never happened. As for that little girl Brindha... (CRIES) We can't live in Sri Lanka, so please...

..she made it to Australia too. Anxious Wests Tigers fans have started arriving in Canberra ahead of their team's must-win NRL final against the Raiders tonight. League reporter Patrick Molihan is there. Pat, do we know whether Benji Marshall will play?

Yes, Chris. Tigers fans can rest a little easier with confirmation Benji Marshall will take his place at five-eighth in the side

to face the Raiders. Benji joined his team-mates for a walk and a stretch this morning, here in Canberra. He told the coaching staff his injured knee felt fine after yesterday's training run. It's a massive boost for the Tigers but, I'll tell you, they are up against a very confident Green Machine as Raiders prop Dave Shillington told me

as he arrived for tonight's showdown. No

we lost to Melbourne. That is the only game we have lost in 10 weeks.

Everyone is full of confidence and

we cannot wait to play. Now, there are plenty of Tigers fans who've made the trip down but they'll be outnumbered in this sell-out crowd. Should be a great game. If the Tigers can get home, it'd be one of the club's best wins but I have to admit, I think the Raiders will win, Chris.

We will have the latest teen changes in sport. -- team changes. Sydney surfers have been braving massive waves off our beaches, with the wild conditions expected to last all weekend. Jet skis came in handy for these daredevils off Curl Curl this morning. The big swells are being powered by gale force winds that hit the Southern Ocean earlier this week. These waves are small compared with 18m monsters off Tasmania.

While they might be good for experienced surfers, swimmers and rock fishermen are being urged to keep clear. Still to come - why some of Sydney's statues are getting a colourful makeover.

Also, the teenage girls flown here for life-saving surgery. And would you wear a spray-on T-shirt? See how it works next. Captain James Cook has been given a flamboyant makeover

as part of a Sydney art exhibition.

His is one of several statues in the city being dressed up and colourfully decorated for Art and About. Queen Victoria, outside the QVB, will get the same treatment. What we're doing is we're redressing them and bringing some contemporary art to our age-old public art in the city. The exhibition kicks off next week and runs until October. The army's top brass applied some face paint today to fight an enemy threatening the lives of Australian men. Army Chief Lieutenant General Ken Gillespie and his senior soldiers turned blue for a campaign telling men to face up to cancer. While people are sort of outraged when the Taliban kill or maim our people,

then at home in Australia, we have an equally as big a killer. He should know - General Gillespie fought prostate cancer 18 months ago and won his battle thanks to early intervention. Two girls from remote West Timor will have life-saving surgery at the weekend, thanks to Australian medical volunteers. Each suffers from a rare facial tumour that, left untreated in their home village,

could have killed them. They're healthy Timorese teenagers except for this.

15-year-old Martin and 17-year-old Innocencia each has a rare tumour of the jaw. They're not malignant but, left untreated, would be fatal. This would eventually choke these girls and cause their demise. One tumour has doubled in size in just five months. Simultaneous surgery will begin on Sunday night at John Hunter Hospital. 18 doctors and nurses will operate - all volunteers. Everyone started approaching everyone else and said, "We hear there's help needed. Where can we help? How can we help?" Removing the tumours is the easy part - the reconstruction is tricky. Because they're two young, very attractive girls,

we want to make sure it's not too disfiguring

from that perspective. Australian surgeon Dr Bob Sillar found the girls in this local clinic in a remote village in West Timor, where specialist medical care is scarce. Australia couldn't be more different from where the girls grew up. They'll spend two weeks here recovering before heading home to Timor. Surgeons are confident the operations will be successful. They're very optimistic about this.

I think this is going to be a really good story. If you'd like to help, check our website. Kevin Rudd has visited Pakistan, promising an extra $40 million for victims of the devastating floods.

On his first overseas trip since becoming Foreign Minister, Mr Rudd met Australian doctors and soldiers helping survivors at a medical centre. It will go to help people who have nowhere to call home,

no shelter, no food and no medical supplies. Australia is contributing a total of $75 million to the relief effort. Mr Rudd is now heading to Washington. The Pope has been greeted by 70,000 Catholics in Glasgow at the start of his UK visit. Benedict XVI stopped his Popemobile to kiss a baby. Susan Boyle sang at the mass. # My saviour, God to thee. # The Pope also met the Queen in Edinburgh, the first Papal visit to Britain in 28 years. A British designer is giving new meaning to skin-tight clothes. This is a spray-on T-shirt that comes in a can. The liquid spray hardens on contact with the body and turns into fabric. You can take it off, wash it, even wear it again if you really want to. The cans go on sale in the UK next year and will cost about $13. Sport now with Tony Squires

You only ever wears spray-on T-shirts. They all look like that. Everyone seems to be on the Raiders bandwagon, Chris, but Benji's playing and the Tigers have a good record in Canberra. That's next.

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As we reported earlier, Benji Marshall will defy a knee injury trying to save the Tigers' finals campaign in Canberra tonight. Centre Chris Lawrence is set to return from a broken jaw for the Tigers. They'll confront a Raiders side eyeing the club's fourth premiership. You walk around our gym and there's those premiership flags up on the wall there, from '89, '90 and '94. It's exciting to bring that sort of success back and hopefully we can go all the way this year, which would be good. Panthers fullback Lachlan Coote is expected to return from injury tomorrow night after completing today's final training session.

The Roosters say last week's 100-minute win over the Tigers has added to their belief that they'll win this year's title. It's taken a whole week to recover but the Roosters are feeling invincible after their miracle comeback over the Tigers.

We've got belief in ourselves that on our day, we can give this competition a shake. There's no doubt about that. Definitely excited. We've worked hard to get ourselves in this position so we want to make the most of the opportunity we've got. Captain Braith Anasta's pledged to remain a Rooster for life but fans aren't showing the same commitment - only 20,000 tickets have been sold for their home semifinal. Still, they are feeling finals fever in the east. Surprisingly, the Bondi gang are starting to fire up a bit. There's people coming out of the woodwork and wishing us all the best, which is good to see. There's finally some good news out west - Lachlan Coote is ready to play.

After almost two months out, he can't bear to watch another game. It was so frustrating, watching that home semi, which I would have loved to play in. So frustrating knowing the boys can do better than that. After finishing second on the ladder, the Panthers are fearing finals failure. It's exciting, it's scary at the same time. We all love our footy and don't want it to end. The Roosters are certain their fairytale will continue from wooden-spooners to premiers in one year. It would be a nice story if we come off with a premiership. It's the AFL blockbuster that many thought would be the Grand Final but tonight, reigning premiers Geelong will take on this year's minor premiers Collingwood in a preliminary final that should attract close to 100,000 fans at the MCG. The Magpies have had the week off while the Cats breezed into the clash

after demolishing Fremantle. Coverage right here on Seven at 9:30. Australia and Belgium are all square after day one of their Davis Cup tie. In sweltering conditions in Cairns,

Lleyton Hewitt equalled Adrian Quist's record of 43 wins for Australia. As the mercury passed 30, players and spectators were drained. Hewitt eventually prevailed, beating late replacement Ruben Bemelmans in 4-set struggle. It was nice of the Belgians to change the team an hour before the match.

That's Davis Cup, though, they can do that. For me, it was just good to come out and concentrate and get the job done. Carsten Ball won the best point of the day but Olivier Rochus won the battle. It's 1-1 going into the doubles. The battle for surfing's world title has resumed in California, where small swell forced Australia's rising stars to pull out all their tricks at Lower Trestles. Owen Wright was one of four Aussies to survive Round 2 elimination at the Hurley Pro. Title contenders Mick Fanning, Taj Burrow and Kelly Slater will be back in the water tomorrow. Sit back and let the Raiders and the Tigers absolutely smash each other tonight. The winner will play the Dragons.

Someone told me to tell you that it is never too late to trucker but is never too late to trucker but I

would not be that unkind. -- never too late to choke. I'll have Sydney's weather forecast after the break - we'll see if the sun's sticking around for the weekend.

Sara's away today so I'll do my best with the forecast for the weekend. It was a beautiful sunny day in Sydney, apart from some high cloud this afternoon.

The city had a top of 19 degrees, which was one below the average. It was a chilly night in Sydney's west. The morning sun quickly warmed up most suburbs to tops of around 20. Around the country tomorrow - it will be fine for Canberra, Melbourne and Hobart are expecting more showers as a front moves through. Late rain for Brisbane,

wet and cold for Alice Springs. As we saw earlier, there are big waves off Sydney this weekend.

Large swells will create dangerous surf conditions. It'll be another cold night in the west. But it'll warm to a sunny Spring day, much of Sydney reaching the low 20s. Looking ahead - staying fine on Sunday but there'll be some cloud around. Looking ahead - staying fine on Sunday but there'll be some cloud around. Remaining fine until a change arrives mid-week, bringing the chance of showers. And that's Seven News for this Friday. I'm Chris Bath. Thanks for your company. Have a great weekend. Goodnight. Hot properties. We reveal the city suburbs you can afford. Bargain buys that won't break the bank. Australia's TV millionaire willing to work at McDonald's on the minimum wage. We tell you why he was knocked back. The new black gold - the coffee price hike that's set to leave you with a bad taste in your mouth. 60 years of songs - Frankie Valli's exclusive interview on his secrets to success. Good evening. I'm Matt White. Thanks for joining us. If you thought city living was out of your reach, it's time to think again because the bargains are out there.

Tonight we reveal the hot properties and the cheap suburbs where you can afford to buy. These are the last pockets in town that are still affordable. It is a hidden secret. I don't think we're ever going to see prices as low as this ever again. Sick of renting? Want to buy a property? Impossible in Sydney! That's where you're wrong. Tonight, we'll show you where you can buy for under $300,000. Amazingly, still affordable, but for how long, I don't know. Clair Preen is the director of 'Your Investment Property'. The magazine has put together a list of the top 30 best suburbs to buy or invest in Sydney. Keeping obviously within the $300,000 threshold, we took into consideration the transport links, the infrastructure and also most importantly, the growth. Enter Carramar, near Fairfield.