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(generated from captions) Tonight - police shoot two teenagers on a busy Kings Cross footpath. who they say ran down a woman call for calm in Redfern Indigenous leaders after meeting with senior police. Speaker Peter Slipper denies a male staff member. sexually harassing following a midair engine explosion. A Qantas A380 back in service its dominance over the Kiwis And Australia maintains in the Anzac Test. Good evening. had little option Senior police say officers than to open fire at a stolen car in Kings Cross early this morning. that had been driven onto a footpath was shot in the chest, The teenage driver another passenger hit in the neck. critically wounded. A 14-year-old boy (BANG) onto the accelerator. His foot then slumps (REVS) (SIREN BLARES) had earlier mounted the footpath Police allege the driver and run over a 29-year-old woman. is pulled from the car The critically injured driver is treated on the footpath. as an 18-year-old shot in the neck They smashed into a cab as well with it, so they basically tried to get away in force tonight. but police were out There was heavy pedestrian traffic, for their lives. people literally jumped As police surrounded the car, on their mobile phones. witnesses captured the action so much. They're both bleeding (BLEEP) two people get shot I basically saw and the driver was shot point blank. so the passenger was pulled out party precinct were horrified. Tourists in the city's wildest Saw blood coming out of his mouth get shot. but my sister actually did see him twice, The driver of the car was hit the front seat passenger hit once. to keep the driver alive Police worked frantically to nearby St Vincent's Hospital as he was rushed with wounds to his chest and arm. for emergency treatment. The 18-year-old was also taken away were arrested. Others in the stolen Honda Civic car between the ages of 15 and 18 Four males maybe being pulled out by quite larger police officers and brutally, brutally hurt than themselves. in the Cross Police were already on high alert escalation of Sydney's bikie war. after a week of shootings in the they came from everywhere Amid the chaos and confusion a strip club had been hit after some witnesses claimed in a drive-by shooting. But it turned out targets of a separate investigation the wounded teenagers had been the in the inner city. into several recent robberies their firearms That police discharged to protect the community in an attempt to stop the car but one they made at the time. is a decision they made Not an easy decision Whether it was the right decision of an internal investigation. is now the subject (BANG) (REVS) (SIRENS) had little other option. My advice is that police from Kings Cross. Adam Walters joins us now officers involved in the shooting? Adam, what can you tell us about the officers with the rank of constable Mark, we do know they were young the Operational Support Group, working for hotspots such as the Cross. a roving squad targeting crime As the assistant commissioner said for everybody these shootings are a tragedy including the police involved. But that won't stop the debate of a teenager was necessary. over whether the shooting involving police This is the sixth critical incident in just over a month. at St Vincent's Hospital. Now to Pippa Gardner of the young men who were shot? Pippa, what's the condition who was shot in the chest Mark, the 14-year-old is recovering after surgery. is also stable. The 18-year-old shot in the neck badly hurt and has been released. The woman who was run down wasn't from Redfern's Aboriginal community The teenage boys are are calling for calm. and Indigenous leaders are tonight They call him 'Uncle Mick'. at hospital with a police officer. Redfern's Aboriginal elder arrived family and friends Together, they briefed opening fire on a stolen car on what lead to officers jammed with six boys. they're in shock. Oh, look, they're very sad, 14-year-old, I mean, they're only a young kid, plus the other guy in there too. So it's a shock. no matter what nationality you are. It would be a shock to any family, The six are from Redfern. abuse at police in retaliation. Witnesses who recognised them hurled Youse killed my baby brother! After meeting with senior officers is satisfied the Aboriginal community had nothing to do with race. the decision to shoot with the race. No, it's nothing to do that happened. No, it's one of those awful things trying to tie it to Redfern - It's like they're nothing to do with Redfern. It happened in the Cross. A high-profile Sydney lawyer and famous woman with red jacket who represented actress the rich pro bono. has taken on the boy's case stirred in Redfern. They do not want any more troubles This happened in Kings Cross what needs to be emphasised. and that's whether the officer's decision Ms Nash questions was the right one. to open fire on a car full of boys, Commissioner Nick Kaldos. Joining me now is Deputy Police had little option but to open fire. his advice is that police Do you agree? I do not want to pre-empt the results of the investigation. Certainly what is clear is that the officers were faced with a situation where a woman was hit by a car and dragged along for some metres, putting enormous pressure on them to act quickly. That much we know. Have you been able to speak directly to the police officers involved? I have not personally but they commander has. We have a welfare package that we wraparound our officers who are involved in critical incidents. We have heard an appeal for calm in the area. Are you concerned it may be trouble down the track? I do not think so. If we have contacted large section of the Aboriginal think so. If we have contacted a

community today. Our relationship is good, a lot of trust and communication between us and them. It is a relationship we value and what we are hearing at the moment is that they are comfortable with what has happened thus far. They will wait to see what else comes out of the investigation. Will there be more patrols in Redfern in the coming days question Park --? We are not proposing that at this stage. Independent Andrew Wilkie has joined the Opposition in demanding Federal Speaker Peter Slipper stand down over sexual harassment allegations. A staff member claims Mr Slipper made several advances and sent suggestive text messages, but the Speaker told Seven News he denies the claims. Flying home and into a political storm, the Speaker speaks. All allegations are denied. You denied that you sent your staffer inappropriate texts? I just said that all allegations are denied and have a lovely day. A gay staffer, 33-year-old James Ashby, is suing Mr Slipper for sexual harassment, claiming he's been subjected to continual sexual advances since joining the Speaker's office in December. Documents lodged in the Federal Court include text messages allegedly from Mr Slipper, such as: Mr Ashby also claims Mr Slipper asked him for massages and to shower in the Speaker's flat with the door open. I have said that all allegations are denied. 62-year-old Mr Slipper is married with two children. His defection from the Liberals last year handed Julia Gillard a crucial 2-vote buffer in Parliament. The Prime Minister, to uphold the integrity of the Parliament, needs now to require the Speaker to step down. Those issues are a matter for Mr Slipper. There are legal proceedings under way. Senior Liberals told me today if Peter Slipper doesn't step down he'll face a motion to force him out of the Speaker's chair when Parliament returns next month and Independent Andrew Wilkie today suggested he'll support it. Mr Ashby is also suing the Commonwealth, claiming similar allegations against Mr Slipper were lodged with John Howard's office nine years ago but not acted on. I can't recall specific allegations of the type we're talking about here. Now facing new claims about his behaviour behind closed doors. Mark, what would it mean for Julia Gillard's Government were Mr Slipper to stand down as Speaker? In terms of numbers, not much. Peter Slipper would go to the cross benches and would be unlikely to support no confidence in the government but these allegations are very damaging. This government has gone through the Craig Thomson affair. It is a sleaze factor, something that is difficult to shake. A Qantas jet at the centre of a terrifying midair drama is about to return to Sydney 18 months after its engine exploded just out of Singapore. The A380 has undergone extensive repairs and the airline says it has absolute confidence the plane is safe. The 'Nancy Bird Walton' rises into the sky once more. It's her first test flight since this... We have a technical issue with our number two engine. In November 2010 an engine on QF32 disintegrated shortly after take-off. At this stage, everything is secure. Aircraft is flying safely. Richard de Crespigny was at the controls. I have absolute confidence in this aircraft. Last time you flew this aircraft it was a bit hairy. It was different, it was a challenge. So was the repair job. We made sure that this was done appropriately. 18 months, 90,000 man hours of operational work, 50,000 man hours of planning. The plane is huge, and to fix it, this entire airframe had to be jacked up off the ground - all 360 tonnes of it. This engine and wing section had to be investigated and then rebuilt piece by piece and all four of these monster engines had to be replaced. Now flight testing is finished engineers have handed over to pilots and tonight Qantas' super jumbo flagship resumes flight 32 to Sydney. She's running a little late, 18 months. The movies are probably a bit out-of-date on the aircraft but we're glad to get her back in service. Captain de Crespigny quietly filled out the logbook, writing "Engine number 2 failed on climb out." Qantas and Airbus can't afford to fail this time. Still to come - A neighbourhood watch gunman apologises to his victim's parents in court. And our diggers in Afghanistan prepare to mark Anzac Day. That's next. Listen - although these days may seem commonplace, with the clarity of hindsight they'll crystallise in our minds as our best. Jessica. Yeah? At your wedding to Nozza we shall all set sail on the warm breeze of nostalgia to the friendships, the adventures! ALL: Yeah! The fart jokes! ALL: Yes! (RASPBERRY) BUT we are not adults yet. ALL: No! ALL: To the best days of our lives! has apologised to the parents of his victim. George Zimmerman killed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin during a neighbourhood watch shift in February. I wanted to say, I am sorry for the loss of your son. I didn't know how old he was. I thought he was a little younger than I am and I did not know if he was armed or not. Zimmerman has always maintained he acted in self-defence after the teenager attacked him. A judge has agreed to release Zimmerman on bail while he awaits trial for second-degree murder. As Australians prepare to mark Anzac Day on Wednesday we're being reminded it's not just about those who fought for our country in the past. Diggers in Afghanistan say it's important to also honour the men and women still fighting today. This is where most diggers in Afghanistan will commemorate Anzac Day, the memorial at Tarin Kowt. Serving overseas, serving our nation on Anzac Day is a particularly special time. It gives us a time to remember, not only those who have served in the past, the people that are sacrificing their lives for the Australian way of life. 32 have made that sacrifice in this war. Their memory surrounds our troops at Poppy's - the Australian recreation room named after one of the fallen, David 'Poppy' Pearce. I think it's very important for everyone to take time out of their day to at least honour the men that came before us. This memorial was just erected at nearby Sorkh Bed, to honour three of those men and the soldiers who fought alongside them when they were killed by an Afghan soldier at the base last October. They'll be able to make a toast to them, too. One of the highlights for serving diggers on Anzac Day is getting your beer rations, but even better than a little taste of home is knowing they have support at home, as well. It is really overwhelming and it is for us quite humbling and it means a lot to us. They are very much humble heroes. Our most senior leader in Uruzgan Province has no doubt. They are very much every part the modern, modern-day Anzacs. On the Western Front in France, commemorations have officially begun with the first dawn service staged just a few hours ago in Fromelles. Chris Reason is there. Chris, there were some excited young Australian soldiers in attendance today? Mark, each year, a group of young Australian soldiers gets selected for their exemplary service to come here and learn about the sacrifices of our troops in the First World War. It is called the Chief of Army Scholarship and this year, the winner includes the first ever Aboriginal soldier. Corporal Mick Munday is from the Joy Springs community in Western Australia. It is the first time the father of four has been overseas. His dad was a Vietnam veteran and he says this is one of the proudest achievements of his life. It is an honour, honouring the young soldiers who died, you know? It is a really good feeling, yeah. Joining him were corporals Kylie Walters and Nathan Mears and, this morning, all three played key roles in services staged here in Fromelles. This was the site, of course, of the worst 24 hours in Australian military history. 5,500 casualties in just one night - July 19, 1916. This morning, the main service was held here in the new cemetery built to keep the so-called 'Lost Diggers of Fromelles' - the 250 diggers found in mass graves here five years ago. They have been slowly identifying them one by one through DNA matching and just last month, nine more soldiers were identified and they paid special tribute to them this morning. Back to you. In breaking news, police have arrested eightman over the torching of a paddy wagon outside a tattoo parlour in Newtown on Friday. The man is alleged to be a member of the Hell's Angels gang and has been refused bail. Sport now with Matt Carmichael. Matt, could a Wallaby star switch codes? Mark, there's big interest in the AFL for one of rugby's best. We'll hear from him next. Try telling James Tamou the Anzac test should be scrapped. Look who's ready for his rugby league comeback. And More Joyous wins Doncaster number seven for Gai Waterhouse. for the Anzac Test to be abandoned despite another win for Australia. The 20-12 victory may have a detrimental impact on the Blues with Johnathan Thurston and Cooper Cronk sealing their new partnership in style. He's public enemy number one in New Zealand but Roos debutant James Tamou found nothing but love after the game. After all the build-up, you know, I knew I had to get my head right, heard this, read this - and it was all about me. I knew I just had to go out there and play my best for Australia. Choosing Australia over New Zealand made Tamou a target in the haka and it set the scene for a brutal exchange. David Shillington led with his chin but they patched him up while Shaun Johnson took on a rampaging Aku Uate and lived to tell the tale. I was pretty freaked out. Couldn't really feel my arm for a minute there. I thought that was my test over. Isaac Luke put the Kiwis on top early before Darren Lockyer's replacement gave Mal Meninga something to smile about. COMMENTATOR: Thurston is over! Hopefully we can do the same thing in Origin. I think Mal would be licking his lips. (LAUGHS) The Roos going back-to-back. The ball has gone to 'G.I. Inglis' and Greg has scored! Billy Slater copped 10 in the bin for interference. The Kangaroos held their line a man down but gave the Kiwis a freebie. Johnson scores! Kiwis come back! Captain Cameron Smith did it all on his own - sealing the win 20-12 to maintain Australia's dominance. We were lucky. I thought the Kiwi boys were really good tonight. The future's bright which is the good part. It's just we need to find the result in this test match sooner rather than later. Willie Mason is back and ready to go. He'll start his push for an NRL comeback with Newcastle in the New South Wales Cup at Shark Park tomorrow. The 32-year-old Mason looks fit and confident - already giving instructions to his new Knights team-mates at their final training run this morning. Willie's been great. He's a character and he obviously brings a lot of experience to the squad. Mason will play alongside younger brother Rodney and sacked Shark Albert Kelly. AFL clubs can get their cheque books ready to sign one of the Wallabies biggest stars. Kurtley Beale has become close friends with Hawthorn superstar Buddy Franklin since moving to Melbourne and a huge fan of Aussie Rules. He dropped this surprise on 'Barefoot Sports'. My first game at the MCG - it was awesome. I loved it. Unbelievable! Definitely when the negotiations come up next time I'll be thinking about the AFL. Beale takes on the Waratahs for the first time tonight, since switching to the Rebels. The convert Beale shares a manager with is having his best game for the Giants. Israel Folau set up Curtly Hampton's first AFL goal against Adelaide, then Folau backed that up with his first major in the second quarter. COMMENTATOR: This for his first goal in AFL from outside 50. Hits it long, hits it straight! Shaun Edwards then kicked his first as GWS fought back from a slow start. They trailled 50-33 at half-time. Will Davison's domination of the V8 Supercars Championship continues in Hamilton. Starting from sixth in race one, Davison did well to stay out of trouble through the first turn. The tight street circuit tested the drivers and their cars. Davison took his Ford to the front of the pack for his third win of the season. COMMENTATOR: Ford Performance racing are really hot right now. Will Davison wins here in Hamilton! RADIO: Yeah, boys, legends! He leads the championship by 30 points from Jamie Whincup who finished second. If you like a celebration, find one of John Singleton's pubs tonight. It's Singo's shout after supermare More Joyous won the Doncaster Mile at Randwick today. RACE CALL: She's in front and this mighty mare goes on to win it from Shoot Out! It's all about her. Never been a more deserving horse to win a great race. Jubilation for the Singleton family and Gai Waterhouse, whose seven Doncaster wins equalled her legendary father, TJ Smith. Gai is just a genius. Imagine racing without her - just stop for a second and think about it. It's hard, you know. Very lovely for John who's such a supporter of racing, puts so much into the sport. Very satisfying. I can't tell you how satisfying. Hugh Bowman rode favourite Streama to victory in the Australian Oaks. The Aussie stars have missed out on women's surfing's biggest payday. American teenager Courtney Conlogue won the Beachley Classic, beating Hawaiian Malia Manuel in today's final at Dee Why to claim the $30,000 first prize. Ah, kinda speechless right now. So psyched. Steph Gilmore and Sally Fitzgibbons still lead the world rankings, despite surprise defeats in the quarterfinals. The Cronulla Sharks have resigned their coach from other two years. It was a foggy start to the weekend in Sydney. I'll tell you what's in store tomorrow after the break. Look, there's a lot of great companies based right here. We need local businesses. They drive growth. In fact, Chevron's doing more than $10 billion worth of business ..right here. They create jobs. We've help create over 4,000 jobs, like sparkies, welders, pipe-fitters... The economy depends on local businesses. Our business depends on them. MAN: How good are Sundays? It's getting up when you want or not getting up at all. It's getting the paper to come to you. It's trackie daks And now Sundays are even better with 12 Sundays home delivery for just $18. Call 1800 SUNDAY to subscribe now and enjoy Sunday as it was intended - with Sunday's best.

as Sydney woke up shrouded in fog. Centrepoint and other city buildings were hard to spot, while rowers battled to see on the water. The mist cleared mid morning to a fine and warm day. It reached 25 in the city. Right now it's 21 degrees.

Around the suburbs, overnight temperatures were above average - in the mid teens in most places. Today remained fine with just a little cloud about. Around the country tomorrow - fine in Brisbane. cool in the southern states, morning fog in Canberra, showers for Melbourne and Hobart, some cloud in Perth. To the coastal forecast - offshore winds will be light and variable in the morning. It'll be slightly cooler tonight. Tomorrow should stay mostly fine but with some cloud about. Looking ahead - some light rain will develop on Monday. It'll ease to showers mid week before clearing in time for the weekend. That's Seven News for this Saturday. I'm Mark Ferguson. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media