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Tonight, the death of Don Lane - a

dementia-related illness kills the

showbiz legend. A great performer, a close friend.

War widows bombarded with more hate

murderers. messages. I do not feel for

Excessive hospital waiting lists

leave patients in limbo. They can do nothing.

suburban driveway. And a plumber's van explodes in a

suburban driveway.

Good evening. I'm Deborah Knight.

And I'm Bill Woods. Also, tougher

penalties, including jail, for

carrying knives in public.

And a new blueprint for parents

concerned about childhood obesity.

But first, the death of Australian

television great Don Lane. The

winner of 15 Logies has passed away

from a dementia-related disease. He

was 75. During the '70s and '80s

'The Don Lane Show' made him the

highest paid entertainer on TV.

Today friends and fans remembered

Don Lane as one our brightest stars.

Although born in New York, Don Lane

is a part of Australian television

history. His mother is a sign that

lady. He was born Morton Isaacson

in 1933, a nightclub performer who

got his break on Australian TV

after Irish comedian Dave Allen got

sacked. From 1975 until 1983 he dominated variety television,

becoming the highest rating and

highest paid TV personality in the

land. Whether crooning in front of

the Tony Bartuccio dancers or the Tony Bartuccio dancers or

mixing it with the biggest celebrities in the world, Australian audiences wanted the

lanky Yank in their living rooms.

What about Liza Minnelli? And while

the megastars came and went, one

man was there every night. He

reinvented variety television shows.

He was a great performer. He was a

close friend. He had a wonderful

sense of humour. There were

controversies - an altercation with

skeptic James Randi over psychic

Doris Stokes and a famous fist

fight with Ernie Sigley at the

Logies. He could explode at a

moment's notice, but a few moments

later all is forgiven. He hosted

'You've Got to be Joking' and 'Late

Night Australia', before returning

to Nine for two nostalgia shows,

and hosting American football on

SBS. In 2003, an emotional Lane was

inducted into the Logies Hall of

Fame. I cannot tell you how

thrilled I am. But last year it was

revealed he was suffering from

Alzheimer's disease. His son was

due to sing at a benefit in

Melbourne tonight. His funeral will

be held tomorrow, but plans are

underway for a public memorial. Don

Lane was 75.

Offensive new video has emerged

linked to the case of a Muslim

cleric accused of sending hate mail

to the families of dead soldiers.

Reporter Daniel Sutton broke the Reporter Daniel Sutton broke the

story on Ten News last night and he story on Ten News last night and he

joins us now. Dan, the Federal joins us now. Dan, the Federal

Police have taken more action today.

Well, after our story last night,

the AFP has acted swiftly to shut

down this offensive website run by

Sheikh Haron. They phoned the

company which hosts the site this

morning, and by lunchtime it was

gone. But tonight we can reveal a

new scandal, involving Sheikh

Haron's official spokesperson.

She's posted a video message

targeting the widow of a slain

Aussie solider, and it's still very

much online.

Sheik Haron was in hiding today but

has vowed to clear his name over

offensive mail he allegedly sent

the families of slain Aussie troops.

Ten News found letters on his

website yesterday. It was shut down

just before 1pm, as the AFP tried

to minimise the hurt to grieving

loved ones. But now a new scandal -

a video message posted on YouTube

by his official spokeswoman.

Identified only as Sister Amirah,

she targets the widow of Lance

Corporal Jason Marks, who was

killed in Afghanistan last year.

Dear Cassandra, I feel sorry for

you, but not for him. I do not you, but not for him. I do not

honour the soldiers that go to

unjust wars. I do not feel for

murderers. Sister Amirah also

devastated the family of Sergeant

Brett Till when she handed his

widow a letter, purportedly from

Sheik Haron, at the soldier's

funeral. The family of Private

Gregory Sher say they're disgusted.

This shocking black-mark that came

through the post to the family,

totally inappropriate, and really

just the most appalling letter that

was delivered to them. The Prime

Minister says he now plans to

reflect on Australia's citizenship

laws. I think people...their

stomachs turn. Daniel Sutton, Ten

News. News.

The family of the commando killed

on a training exercise has paid

tribute to a strong but gentle man.

30-year-old Lance Corporal Mason

Edwards was born in England and

raised in Brisbane. His family said

their hearts ached for him, but

treasured his easygoing nature and

sense of humour. He wrote a message

in case he didn't return from his

third tour of Afghanistan, saying,

"I want everyone to know I love

this kind of work.

Lance Corporal Edwards is survived

by his partner, Cassie, his parents,

two brothers and a sister. His

family is arranging a private funeral.

An 87-year-old woman crippled with

pain has been dropped to the bottom pain has been dropped to the bottom

of an elective surgery list. It's

taken 14 months for doctors to

realise she's been waiting for an

operation at the wrong hospital. 87-year-old great-grandmother

Dragica Pustahija is in so much

pain she can barely walk. Very

sore? Very pain, very sore. For 17

months the widow has suffered with

a badly swollen knee - rubbing bone

on bone - all the while anxiously

waiting for replacement surgery at

Fairfield Hospital. But now she's

been reassessed and transferred to

Liverpool Hospital and the bottom

of yet another lengthy queue. Very

upset and nervous that they can do

nothing. They see them as a number.

They don't understand what it is

these elderly people are going

through and the pain they are in

continually, every day. And

Dragica's not alone. More than

64,000 patients are waiting for Dragica's not alone. More than 64,000 patients are waiting for

elective surgery. The longest lists

are at John Hunter, Gosford, Nepean,

Coffs Harbour and Liverpool. The

Murwillumbah, Coffs Harbour, worst delays are in Bega,

Fairfield and Wagga Wagga. Murwillumbah, Coffs Harbour, Fairfield and Wagga Wagga. I've

seen first-hand the pain one

patient has been in, so I can only

just imagine the pain that all of

the 64,000 people are in. I think

it's just outrageous. This woman is

being betrayed by the Health

Minister. This Health Minister

pretends everything is fine when

clearly it's not. Dragica just

Ten News. wants the pain to end. Brett Mason,

Tough new laws are being brought in

giving police and prosecutors

greater powers to crack down on

people who carry knives. Ten's John

Hill joins us live from Kings Cross.

John, what prompted the new John, what prompted the new legislation?

It is because its summaries coming, many

many more people are going out at night night and there are more stabbings.

The streets can be very dangerous.

The case has been prompted by at

Sydney teenager who was badly hurt

in a stabbing.

19-year-old John Danieli was

stabbed in the heart and almost

died two years ago in an unprovoked

attack at Manly. Sometimes when

people go out, there's a lot of

groups, and maybe one or two in the

group might carry a knife, so

you're always at risk that you

might get in a fight with a knife.

Now this case has prompted tough

new laws that make it an offence to

possess a knife in a public place

without a reasonable excuse. And I

hope it does change, because I

wouldn't want anyone else, any

other parent, to have to go through

what we went through. The

Government says stabbings are down

5% over the past five years, but

there are still too many attacks.

It's a dangerous instrument and it

can be used impulsively to harm and

even kill a person. The laws

increase the penalties for having a

knife from a $500 fine to a maximum

$5,500 fine and two years jail. It

means that even if you are a first

offender, you face the prospect of

potentially going to jail. The new

laws give police the power to

search people for knives. Those who

refuse will also face a fine of

$5,500, according to Fred Nile, who

wrote the legislation. And once

that message gets out it will act

as another deterrent and also give

police greater confidence in

apprehending people who are

carrying knives. There wasn't

enough evidence to convict the 15-

year-old who stabbed John Danieli.

Instead he was convicted of

possessing a flick knife and

escaped with a $500 fine. Under the

new laws, he'd be jailed.

And, John, a radical proposal

emerged today to lift the State's

drinking age? Many of the problems

on the streets are because of

alcohol. There are calls to

increase the drinking age to 21.

It's an all too common sight

outside Sydney's trendy night spots,

and a new report has confirmed

teenage drinkers have the highest

rate of alcohol-related

hospitalisations. It's prompted a

Queensland professor to challenge

Premier Nathan Rees to prove he's

tough on binge drinking by lifting

the drinking age to 21. I think

it's stupid. People are gonna get

drunk anyway. I just think there

needs to be more punishment fo2 needs to be more punishment for

people who screw up. I mean,

everyone would just go overseas,

like they do in America, and do it

all anyway. It could also hit

under-21s financially. Bars employ

thousands of young people who'd all

lose their jobs if the drinking age

was changed. Certainly hoteliers as

a group, and then you have liquor

stores and things like that, so

certainly something I don't

advocate. The Premier is no fan

either. It certainly won't be

happening on my watch. I'd much rather concentrate on drinking

culture in Australia rather than a

prohibition-style approach. The

professor had another idea - force

known trouble spots to charge $10 a

schooner to make binge drinking too

expensive. The notion that someone,

at the end of a hard day or a hard

week at work, has to pay $10 for a

beer is absurd. The Government is

trialling one tough measure this

summer at Manly - more police, security guards and public

transport to curb ongoing alcohol-

fuelled violence. We are sick and

tired of a few booze-fuelled idiots destroying the environment for

everybody who comes here to enjoy

themselves. James Boyce, Ten News.

Two apprentice plumbers have

cheated death, after their van

exploded, hurtling wreckage up to

five streets away. Its doors, roof-

rack and other debris scattered for

hundreds of metres, damaging three

homes. A gas leak from an acetylene

tank is the suspected cause. I just

pushed the unlock button on the car

like I do every morning and yeah,

it went kaboom! All of a sudden you

could hear this big explosion. Jeez,

what's doing? The wife woke up. It

was like a plane had just come into

the house. Flames melted nearby

parked cars and threatened to spread to homes.

Still to come, the treatment for

gluten intolerance that's a little

hard to swallow.

Also tonight, five injured as a

prison van crashes in Sydney.

And some hard workers prepare to

turf the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It

is certainly an iconic spot in

Sydney to lay turf and have a picnic.

This program is captioned live.

A prison van has crashed, injuring

two officers and three inmates, and

sparking security fears. The van

slammed into a traffic pole after

colliding with a vehicle while

taking 11 prisoners from Parklea to

Silverwater Jail. One prisoner had

to be rushed to hospital, the

others were examined back in jail.

The two officers have neck and back injuries.

Australian scientists have

discovered a novel way of treating

gluten intolerance, but it's not

for the faint hearted. It involves

a dose of parasitic worms, and is

proving much more popular than you might think.

If you had to stick to a strict and

limited diet for the rest of your

life, you'd soon learn what it's

like to live with coeliac disease.

It's a condition marked by gluten

intolerance and can progress to

even more serious health problems, if left untreated.

Long-term, if you didn't stick to

your diet you are at risk of cancer,

osteoporosis, liver disease and infertility.

Penny Dellsperger was diagnosed

with the condition nine years ago. Symptoms include gastro-intestinal

problems with diarrhoea, vomiting,

and anaemia. Patients find it so

debilitating, Dr James Daveson had no trouble recruiting volunteers

for his study of a potential cure

even though it involves a creature

usually detested, the parasitic worm.

If you can think of them as

friendly worms, rather than ugly

parasites, it's not such a big deal.

That image problem has been linked

to the rise of auto-immune diseases

in Western countries. It seems

we've become so clean, we've upset

the natural order of our immune system.

These worms have co-evolved with us

over millions of years and we think

our immune system probably needs them to function properly.

The 140 coeliac patients given

hookworms reported fewer painful

symptoms and all chose to keep the

worms when the study ended, rather

than expel them. It's worth

remembering there are millions more

bacteria in the body than there are

human cells, so the leap toward

adding a few more from a parasitic

worm really isn't as great as you

might think.

I think a lot of people would be

prepared to go that far, if it

meant they didn't have to stick to

their gluten free diet.

Final planning is underway to

transform the Harbour Bridge for a

very special event. On Sunday

morning, thousands will enjoy a

picnic breakfast on the coat-hanger,

complete with a huge lawn.

It's the transport link Sydney

can't do without. But for a couple

of hours on Sunday morning, the

cars will give way for a lucky few

to enjoy its vast span as never before.

We we want to be bold. We want

Sydney to be brave in terms of hosting these events because that's

what you expect from a global city like Sydney.

From 1:00am on Sunday - the Bridge

deck will transform from this... To

this. It will take three hours for

special machinery to roll out

10,000 square metres of grass. And

with rain expected, a special

underlay has been tested to ensure

little if any mud is left behind

when it's rolled up again.

It probably seemed a different or a

weird thing to do, to us, when we

were first approached. As we've got

used to it I think it will bring

enjoyment to a lot of people.

45,000 wanted to attend - only

6,000 were selected from the ballot.

People lucky enough to have a

ticket are being urged to be

prepared. Bring your own food,

picnic rug and wet weather gear.

But for safety reasons, umbrellas

won't be allowed. The Harbour

tunnel will stay open and extra

trains will continue to run.

We can all enjoy this event on the

weekend if Sydney people do what

they always do and leave the car at home.

The Bridge was closed for its 75th

anniversary and for Mark Webber to

race an F1 car. Now it becomes the

most spectacular breakfast venue

the city's ever had.

Brad McEwan joins us with a look at

money. sport, and the Blues are in the

Sure are, Deb, they're into the

Champions League Twenty20 cricket

final worth $2.6 million to the

winners. NSW produced a bowling

master stroke to thrash the Vics.

The bush rangers were no chance.

Plus, the European town that's

suddenly become a raging world

surfing hotspot. In fact, a bit too

out. wild as Aussie, Mick Fanning found

Plus, how getting the sack during

the global financial crisis has

inspired an Aussie to take on the

biggest sporting challenge of his

life. He will be very busy. Let's

have the weather. What a difference

24 hours makes. Penrith is 26

degrees, this time yesterday it was

36 degrees. In the city it is an

even stranger tale. Yesterday was

34 degrees. It is still warm in

many areas of the state. The

disappointing news I have for you,

damn levels. We had only five

millimetres of rain in the Sydney

catchment area or in the last seven

days. We are at 56%. That is

officially a 2-year low. We now

have some good news. This is the

weather photo of the day.

That is a lovely shot! We have an

inspiring story, the survivors of

breast cancer... Hello. We will

have the forecast for the next

three or four match days. Those

ladies are characters as well. Next,

bonuses. corporate fat cats grab more big

Also, Nicole Kidman pleads for an

end to violence against women.

right. A life free of violence is a human

And the house that's far too filthy to ever clean up.


This program is captioned live.

Time now for a check of the traffic

with Vic Lorusso. Some problems in

the north-west? Traffic going

towards the Hills District, there

has been an accident on Windsor

Road. Take a look at the traffic.

It was not a serious collision that

the traffic goes back to Rose Hill.

The traffic going to the southern

suburbs has been affected. This is

traffic going towards Parramatta,

which is struggling.

The White House is punishing

America's biggest banks over the

global financial crisis. Executives

are having their salaries slashed.

They brought Wall Street to its

knees. Now the incomes of the big banks' biggest earners will be

slashed. In the firing line, the 25

highest-paid execs at seven

stalwarts, including Bank of

America, Citigroup and AIG. They're

yet to explain how their $700

billion lifeline was spent. Until

it's repaid, the White House will

cut their pay packets in half, to

ensure taxpayer dollars aren't

being squandered. And they're not

going to just pad the nests of

highly compensated executives who

helped get us into this mess. It's

a mess the President never wants to

see again. Treasury leaks say

sweeping salary reform is on the

way. But traders fear pay caps will

have dire consequences. I think

you'll see a brain drain at larger

firms going to private firms.

There's no reason for them to stay.

It makes no sense. It makes sense

to the American public, who

overwhelmingly support pay caps.

There's growing anger in the UK too

as British bankers line up to share

in record bonuses of $12 billion. They're underwritten by the

taxpayers. They have fewer

competitors. They're paying

themselves eye-watering bonuses as

the taxpayers who bailed them out

are losing their jobs. So far

they've ignored the public outcry

and the political debate, but

perhaps they'll listen to the Pope.

He's urging leading London bankers

to remember their responsibility to

society when awarding themselves

the big bucks.

Now to the ING Direct finance report with Jacqueline Maddock.

Jacqui, the eyes of the world were

on China today?

They sure were, waiting to see

whether the world's third largest

economy continues to grow, despite

the global downturn. China's GDP

rose nearly 9% in the September quarter, marking its fastest

acceleration in a year. Our largest trading partner's exports have

slumped, but the government credits

the enormous amounts of stimulus in

the system with supporting a rebound in domestic production.

After a soft night on Wall Street

local stocks lost ground, although local stocks lost ground, although

firmer commodity prices helped limit losses. firmer commodity prices helped

limit losses. BHP Billiton fell limit losses. BHP Billiton fell

0.5%. Macquarie lost ground too,

but Oil Search slipped nearly 3%.

And that's the day in finance.

Claims that asylum seeker boats are

bringing in terrorists who could

blow up gas platforms has caused

uproar in Parliament. The remarks,

by a rogue Liberal, have proved a major embarrassment for Malcolm Turnbull.

The boats keep coming and the

hysteria is ramping up. Veteran

Liberal MP Wilson Tuckey says there

are very narrow odds that any of

the boats - the 35th this year

arrived today - would be carrying

terrorists. The favourite races at

about two to three to one, and I

would think that is the likelihood.

He paints the scenario of a boat

tying up at one of the gas rigs on

the North West Shelf. "While we're

here, if you don't let us in we'll

blow the boat up." Kevin Rudd was

quick to brand the remarks the

demonising desperate people. politics of smear and fear

Divisive, disgusting remarks. He

called on Malcolm Turnbull to show

leadership and move against Mr

Tuckey's Liberal endorsement. This contrived, bogus outburst of

hysteria and indignation. By virtue

of his silence he has chosen to

endorse them. Under sustained fire,

Malcolm Turnbull had second

thoughts. I reject any statement

asylum seekers are likely to be

terrorists. Mr Tuckey sort of

retreated. I did not state that

asylum seekers were terrorists. But

WA's Liberal Premier gave him some

support. There is a risk of

criminal elements. There is a risk

of potential threats to Australia.

The Prime Minister says all asylum

seekers are security checked before

they are allowed to stay in

Australia. Those checks include

News. ASIO screening. Paul Bongiorno, Ten

An Australian who inherited a flag An Australian who inherited a flag

flown at the Battle of Trafalgar

has sold it for almost $750,000, 26

times its expected value. The Union times its expected value. The Union

Jack flew during the battle 204

years ago today. It's full of holes

and still smells faintly of smoke.

It was handed down through the

generations by a naval officer who fought alongside Admiral Lord

Nelson. It fetched $680,000 at

auction in London.

Nicole Kidman has made an Nicole Kidman has made an

impassioned plea to the US Congress,

speaking out on violence against

women. The Oscar-winning actress

told lawmakers she turns down roles

that are demeaning to women.

Violence agsint women and girls is

perhaps the most systematic human perhaps the most systematic human

rights violation in the world.

She'll tour Africa next month as

part of her role as UN Ambassador for Women.

If you think you've got bad

neighbours, count yourself lucky

you don't live next door to this

family. People living close to this

house in Massachusetts say they

often got a whiff of a foul stench,

but had no idea what lay behind the

front door. Amazingly, 3 people and

their 11 pet cats lived here among

human and animal waste and rubbish

stacked a metre high. The house had

no running water or electricity.

It's now been condemned.

entertainer Don Lane. Ahead, more on the death of

Also, a new multimillion-dollar

obesity. campaign to tackle childhood

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Let's see how they like this. (ALL SHOUT IN FEAR) Pretty conclusive, really.

This program is captioned live.

More now on our top story, the

death of Australian television

legend Don Lane. Ten entertainment

reporter Angela Bishop joins us now.

Ange, I had the privilege of

absolute gentleman. working with Don. He was an

Everybody who knew him says that

about him. I met him a couple of

years ago and he was a gentleman

and generous to a fault. Many

people who worked with him said

whenever they were sharing a screen

time with him, he always made sure

they were comfortable and had

plenty of time to talk. He was

there to make them comfortable,

help them to be their best. He

ended up becoming friends with

people like Sammy Davis Jr, and

they constantly returned for the

program. He was an American but to

everyone we embraced him as an

Australian, and he wore the

nickname with a badge of pride. It

was just last year we learnt he had

a Alzheimer's disease and had to be

placed in care. We learnt he passed

away this morning. One person who

had some memories to show at this

afternoon was his co-star up on his

program for eight years, the

wonderful Bert Newton. He first

revealed where Don Lane got the

idea for the nickname of calling

Bert Newton moon-faced. He wanted

to find out what my nickname was at

school. The reality is I did not

have won at school. So I made it up

and don believed that was my school

that my name. He also reveals more

this afternoon. He gave us some of this afternoon. He gave us some of

the details from the last

conversation he had with his friend.

I don't think either of us realised

it might be the last time we spent

together. I think we realised that

it was perhaps toward the end of

regular communication. That is how

it turned out to be. Some wonderful

tributes continued to be paid to a

great television legend. His

funeral is tomorrow, but there will

be a public memorial service, and

we will give you details as they

come to hand. Thank you.

A new plan has been launched to

tackle childhood obesity, following

warnings today's toddlers may live

shorter lives than their parents.

Millions of federally funded health

kits are being sent to childcare centres, encouraging children to

exercise more and eat well.

The message is simple - eat less

and move more. Australia is dealing

with a childhood obesity blow-out.

They don't know how to kick a ball,

throw a ball, ride a bike. They've

lost those skills. The Federal Government has launched a

multimillion-dollar guideline to

change that. It suggests three

hours exercise a day and ditching

the TV altogether for toddlers.

Television viewing for infants and

for children under two was

associated with developmental

delays in language, in things such

as reading. I ate all my lunch up!

And stop insisting your child eat

everything on their dinner plate.

If we don't allow children to

follow their own appetite when

they're young, then that ability to

know when to eat and when to stop

is destroyed. The obesity pandemic

is so serious that recent studies

show that if we keep going the way

we are, these little guys, by the

time they reach 20, their life

expectancy will be two years lower

than the current national average.

The first lady for the fattest

nation in the world is taking a

tougher approach in her quest to

quash childhood obesity. So when

vegetables are on your plate, we

don't want to hear "I don't want

it." We don't want to hear the

whining, we want you to eat it.

Just eat it. Back at home, our

youngsters at least seem to be

getting the message. What's your

favourite food? Corn, carrots and

peas. Oh, good boy! That's very

good. Natasha Exelby, Ten News.

The largest and most expensive TV

screen ever made has been unveiled

in Sydney. The widest of wide-

screen plasmas measures 2.5 metres

across. Complete with a motorised across. Complete with a motorised

stand, the 103-inch Bang & Olufsen

costs $180,000. If you want the

full surround sound system, that

will push the price tag to $250,000,

but they'll throw in the remote for free.

Brad's back with sport, and the

Socceroos will fly out to the World Cup in style.

Yes, ahead - Qantas unveils the

team jet.

And NSW hits the Champions League

jackpot. It was Dave Warner who

blasted the Blues into the final.

Plus, the storm waves that wrecked

a contest site prove extra tricky

for Aussie Mick Fanning. MAN: The $5.95 Value Deal from Subway restaurants. Choose from one of these six great Subway 6-inch subs and any 600ml Coke or 600ml Mount Franklin water. Available all day, every day for just $5.95. How good is that?

This program is captioned live.

New South Wales has cruised into

the final of the Champions League

Twenty20 tournament after crushing

Victoria. Ten's Paul Cochrane was

in Delhi for the semi final. Things

could not have gone much better for

NSW. David Warner blew the push

ranges out of the contest. It was complemented with a slick

performers in the field. -- performance.

He was brilliant and brutal again.

Short or full it didn't matter - he

was going at a strike rate near 200.

Before a great innings was

carelessly given away on 48. He's

been run out by a mile! They put on

62 off 6.5 overs and the damage had

been done. Hughes then took over

with a 100 metre blast. He was

bowled by Mckay for 35. Got him

with a slower one! They rattled on

to 169, a big score on a tough

pitch. The Blues turned to an

unlikely destroyer, Nathan Hauritz.

1-1 became 2-2. It turned into

another New South Wales rout.

Blizzard made it 3-6. Hussey's

dismissal ended all hope. The Vics

fell 79 short, all out for 90. The

Blues barnstorming form continues.

Was that perfect? I hope not, we

still have one game to go. It was

pretty close to perfect. We have to

match the intensity on Friday. That

win guarantees them at least $1.3

million. They will double that if

they can win the final. They meet

either the Cape Cobras or Trinidad

and Tobago. And of course you can

see that game live on ONE with

coverage starting at 1:20am Eastern tomorrow morning.

Kangaroos skipper Darren Lockyer

will become the most capped Australian player in history this

weekend when the Aussie's face New

Zealand in their opening Four

Nations clash in London. Coach Tim

Sheens has named three debutants in

his side, Brett Morris, Ben Hannant

and Brett White. The team quick to

dismiss Kiwi skipper Benji

Marshall's comments about not being

as close knit as their opponents. I

am sure they are going quite well,

we are quite confident with how we

are going. It'll all be sorted out

on the field this weekend, they

meet Saturday at the Stoop.

The Swans have helped the All

Blacks for the Tokyo Bledisloe Cup

match. Assistant coaches John

Longmire and John Blakey were in

Auckland today helping out the New Zealanders with kicking coaching.

Longmire believes he could find a

spot for almost every All Blacks

player with the Swans, but their

immediate goal is Brisbane Lion,

Daniel Bradshaw. He's a proven goal

kicker and a champion player for a

long time with Brisbane so we think

he's a good fit for us. The Swans

hope to clinch Bradshaw by tomorrow.

The Socceroos will travel to South

Africa for next year's World Cup on

their very own plane. The Qantas

aircraft, unveiled today, will

transport the players from

Melbourne to South Africa following

a farewell friendly in the city

just days before. The plane,

decorated with the Socceroos logo,

is seen as a symbol of the nation's

hopes and wishes to bring the World

Cup back to Australia.

A massive swell has lashed the

contest site at this years Rip Curl

Pro Search event in Portugal. The

four metre waves destroyed the

event structure and forced the

contest to go on hold, but that

didn't deter Mick Fanning from

hitting the water. The current

rating's leader who was dressed in

a green wetsuit to raise awareness

for environment day, copped his own

punishment from mother nature. Yeah,

far out, the wave was so perfect.

Got lipped sucked over the falls. Got lipped sucked over the falls.

My board's in half, it's all good.

And it was all good for this local,

who scored Fanning's broken board.

If you thought running one marathon

was tough, spare a thought for

Aussie runner, Tristan Miller. The

IT specialist was made redundant

during the financial crisis, so decided

decided to sell up everything and

embark on a marathon mission. He's

going to run 52 marathons in 52

weeks all around the globe. What's

the worst that can happen? My body

completely falls apart, but I've

got stories to live by for the rest

of my life. I'm all for that, you

know. Tristan's first marathon is

in Zurich on new years eve. He is

very optimistic. He will run 52 in

52 weeks. You have a show as well.

Tim Bailey's next with all the weather details.

And who's your daddy? Paternity

tests for Taronga's (WHIRRING NOISE) (BEEP, CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKS) Norm, drop it. (GRUNTS) (PANTS) The Olympus Tough 8000, the world's toughest camera. Well, boys, that'll do me for today. Better luck tomorrow, eh? He's been saying that for 40 years. And he still hasn't caught a thing. WOMAN ON TV: Number 5 and the final winning Lotto number is 1. So congratulations to all of our Lotto winners... MAN: It can't be! (MAN 2 LAUGHS)

Oh, look at that fish. Look at that fish. Yeah. (MID-TEMPO ROCK MUSIC PLAYS)

This program is captioned live.

Let's talk about the weather and

some courageous characters. This is

an inspiring story, full of spirit.

Everyone in this picture, is a

breast cancer survivor. Keep that

going... Men's breast cancer can be

a lonely place, not when you are

surrounded by 25 good-looking women.

These women are Dragon Boat races.

It has given them spirit, it has

given them energy and hope. When

the hospital is finished with you,

it is really quite difficult, you

are not fully recovered. It takes a

while to get back into life. If you

can do it in the company of people

who have been down the same path,

they understand everything about,

you have no hair, whatever, it is

very encouraging and you find

yourself getting fit and active. I

have had one of the best days at

the Office for a long time. You are

inspirational, it is a lovely to do

a story about post operation

recovery cancer. We do a lot of

stories about people who get cancer,

it is about recovering, isn't it?

You are taking over at Darling

Harbour on Sunday? There will be 68

teams from all over Australia. We

will raise money for ladies like

this to keep the greens are on

their faces. You can visit his

website, they will be at Darling

Harbour on Sunday. What do we have

weather-wise? I hope you have got a

grin on your face. What a lovely

story. It was 20 degrees in the

city, that was 14 degrees cooler

than yesterday. The dance did not

do the right thing, they are down

to 59%. -- dams. Tomorrow will be

28 to 33 degrees in Sydney.

Darling Harbour on Sunday! Go and see them.

You are inspirational! See you

tomorrow. Finally tonight,

questions have been raised over the

paternity of Taronga Zoo's newest

Tasmanian devils. The four joeys

were born to mother Martha as part

of a breeding program to help

protect the endangered species. But

it's unclear if male devil "Tex" or

"Theo" sired the litter. The zoo

will carry out paternity tests to

determine the father of the feisty

four. Whatever the outcome, the

births are good news for the devil population.

That's Ten News for now, I'm Bill

Woods. I'm Deborah Knight, thanks

for your company. We'll have

updates throughout the evening

before the Late News with Sports

Tonight at 10:30pm. We'll leave

with you a look back on the stellar

career of Don Lane. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia ( BELL RINGING ) ( WHISTLE BLOWS )