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(generated from captions) Ten reporter Eddy Meyer is there. This program is captioned live. Welcome to Ten's Morning News. Good morning. I'm Natarsha Belling.

First today -

is under way in Sydney - the funeral for Private Luke Worsley to lose his life in Afghanistan. the third Australian soldier Ten reporter Eddy Meyer is there.

Moving morning you see you. The

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its year. Attending this morning,

Kevin Rudd in his second day as

Prime Minister. It is a reminder Prime Minister. It is a reminder of

one of the top of the past he will

have to perform in this role. All

that you are his opposition leader

Brendan Nelson. And to wizen the he

was the Defence Minister. The

private was a commando. His family

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for this support. They say petrol

great comfort from that. They talk

about the devastation at losing him

that a note that he was doing

something that he was probably will.

We have also heard from his Bulger have

have brains. They spoke about what

sounds like a remarkable man. For

was modest an individual so it talented you

was modest and unassuming, tolerant

and humorist and it very much as

you run the action of his

upbringing. He was confident,

without a trace of arrogance, and

always polite, even in the most

trying of circumstances. He was a

Mini could be countered on. We have

also learned this morning how he

died. It was an by commandos

died. It was an by commandos on a

Taleban bomb-making factory. He was

one of the first to the door and

sad was killed almost immediately. A

who went missing overnight A Perth toddler near the family home. has drowned in a lake through an unlocked door to make his way out of the house while his father was in the shower. A massive search was called and the police helicopter ordered in.

After an agonising two hours was delivered the news the Sudanese family about 100m from the family home, that their son had been found

in a lake. his body located by sniffer dogs

no suspicious circumstances. Police say there appear to be its crushing election defeat, Just a week after to rebuild the Liberal Party's efforts seem to have been rejected by voters, a new opinion poll indicating

in its new leader. the party made the wrong choice had reason to celebrate If the newly sworn-in Labor team at the Lodge last night, to prolong the party. this morning's Newspoll's sure The first poll taken clean-out of Coalition leaders since Labor's election victory for Brendan Nelson. holds woeful results

a narrow party room defeat, After suffering Shadow Treasurer Malcolm Turnbull has emerged the people's choice

out of oblivion. to lead the Opposition Kevin Rudd in the preferred PM stakes especially with Dr Nelson trailing by four to one. ratifying the Kyoto protocol, Mr Rudd's first order of business, on the international stage. has been applauded

Protocol. Australia will ratify the Kyoto being implemented, With its first election promise to fighting inflation, Labor's focus now turns meeting today, with the Reserve Bank board on the horizon in the new year. and further interest rate hikes Wayne Swan has resorted campaign rhetoric. to Peter Costello's

about the Australian economy, Well, I am an optimist but it is true, from time to time international storm clouds. there are he's appealing to the big four banks And just like his old nemesis, to mortgage-holders. not to pass on the pain

to think very hard and very long I want to urge all our banks before they're putting up rates. Jacqueline Maddock, Ten News. And later in the morning news, environmental concerns we'll look at some of the other

being raised at the Bali conference, how the Earth's tropical regions including are expanding at a rapid rate. Bruce Flegg, Queensland's Liberal leader, the fresh leadership vote will not contest at this morning's meeting. the Opposition Leader changed sides It comes as a key supporter of

after a deadlocked meeting last week. failed leadership challenge After last week's has withdrawn his name Liberal leader Bruce Flegg

from this morning's ballot. the leadership comes The decision not to contest as Gold Coast MP Ray Stevens, with the numbers deadlocked, who publicly backed Dr Flegg changed his mind. stand down Obviously Bruce Flegg has to and we have to stay in that room that can take us forward. until we get a new leadership team is still undecided. But who will replace Dr Flegg

first-term MP Tim Nicholls, The favourite is Dr Flegg last week. who unsuccessfully challenged Mr Nicholls remains adamant should lead the party that he and John-Paul Langbroek to the next election. But members remain tight-lipped. the opportunity All seven other members will have or not to say whether they want to lead it between ourselves. and we will discuss that New federal leader Brendan Nelson his Queensland colleagues has pleaded with

to an end. to bring the embarrassing impasse has threatened intervention The Liberal Party's executive by the end of the week. unless the MPs can resolve the issue Anthony Donaghy, Ten News. after flash flooding and storms. Melbourne residents are cleaning up within minutes, More than 50mm of rain fell causing havoc on suburban streets. And the nation's east coast can expect more to come.

the damage bill continues to rise. While the skies cleared overnight, outside his house, After cleaning up the mess to put his tools away. Phil went downstairs and turned the light on, and pow - Opened the door

over 400mm of water everywhere. litres of water is in there. I'd probably estimate 20,000-30,000 and lasted for only a few minutes, The rain seemed to come from nowhere

into a swimming pool. the deluge turning this skate park

the conditions, While some seemed to enjoy business owners were counting the cost of the flash floods. thousands of dollars in repairs. This factory is facing I thought, "Oh, I'd better go and check "the little drain out the front," and the little drain was just nothing,

with the amount of water that was coming down the hill and into our factory. Much of the water funnelled down Mount Dandenong into warehouses below. It was like a bloody mini tsunami. It was unbelievable - it came right through the factory, washed stock right through the factory. It was just awesome. 30mm of rain dumped in 10 minutes, A wet day too in Sydney -

marble-sized hail also falling from the dark skies. The city landscape punctuated with streaks of lightning. Gale-force winds bringing down trees. Hundreds of calls were made to emergency services. Ben Lewis, Ten News. A 75,000 tonne bulk carrier lodged in mud off Gladstone may be stuck for days. The 'Endeavour River' ran aground while trying to avoid a coal carrier in the busy port.

An inital attempt to tug the ship out to deeper waters failed late yesterday. Investigators say there's no threat to surrounding marine life. There is, obviously, some diesel oil on board which they use to power the generators and such but it's not considered any major pollution at all. The salvage crew will wait for the best tide before another attempt to refloat it is made. The incredible story of survival -

a canoeist given up for dead returning after five years. His remarkable story is next. And girl power's back to spice up your life!

This program is captioned live. Virtually every day brings new evidence of global warming, but the climate change conference being held in Bali has heard the latest American research suggests the Earth's tropical regions are expanding rapidly.

This map shows exactly what's happening. According to the latest American research,

the tropical belt around the middle of the earth is moving north and south far faster than anyone predicted. It's just one of the issues that the Bali meeting will have to consider. 191 countries are taking part. The two weeks of negotiations come after the UN's climate panel said mankind was almost certainly to blame for global warming.

The world's top scientists say

that even if we kept the rise in global temperatures to 2 degrees Centigrade, we would still see extreme weather and water shortages in many parts of the world. And if we don't take action within the next 10-15 years, the consequences could be even worse. UN experts want investment in greener sources of energy, but the key question for delegates will be how to go about it and, crucially, who pays the bill. Fans have clashed with police during a soccer match in Serbia. A plain-clothes officer was seriously injured when he was attacked with flares and broken seats. Authorities believe the riot broke out when fans recognised the on-duty officer dressed in civilian clothes. The British teacher jailed in Sudan is on her way home

after being pardoned by the country's president. Gillian Gibbons was serving a 15-day sentence

for allowing her class to name a teddy bear Mohammed, but was freed after the intervention of two British Muslim peers. Heading back to Liverpool where she used to teach before embarking on a new adventure in Sudan, Gillian Gibbons is free again

after more than a week in jail in Khartoum. First of all, I'd like to thank the Sheik. The final moves ahead of her pardon started this morning when Lord Ahmed and Lady Warsi met the Sudanese President, Omar al-Bashir. They needed to persuade him that Gillian Gibbons had committed a cultural mistake, not a crime worthy of a prison sentence. After 45 minutes they emerged into a scrum of reporters and cameramen,

their appeal for a pardon successful. This is a case which is unfortunate, unintentional, innocent misunderstanding. Earlier, Gillian Gibbons had given Lady Warsi a statement to read out. "I have been granted nothing but kindness and generosity "from the Sudanese people. "I have great respect for the Islamic religion "and would not knowingly offend anyone, "and I'm sorry if I caused any distress." There had been concern that a decision to pardon Gillian Gibbons amongst those who feel she should have been punished more severely.

But only 40 or 50 protesters gathered outside the British Embassy. This demonstration was noisy. However, there's no question that here in Sudan this issue was proving an embarrassment as international pressure and attention mounted.

The longer Gillian Gibbons was held in custody, the greater that embarrassment was becoming. At home in Liverpool, the worry for her family and friends is over. Her son, John, said he was delighted. It's been a strange old week, it's been very stressful. but we're just pleased that hopefully now it might be coming to an end. Gillian Gibbons is on her way back to no doubt a joyful reception. Her big regret is that she will not be able to return to a country and to a job teaching which she found so fulfilling. A man given up for dead more than five years ago has turned up alive and well in London. John Darwin was presumed to have drowned when his canoe was washed ashore, but where he's been since then is still a mystery. for over 20 hours, It was a search that lasted

but neither the RNLI, the RAF nor the Royal Navy could find John Darwin. Everybody thought he'd died a tragic death, alone and at sea. This is the beach where John Darwin went canoeing that day, over 5.5 years ago. At one point rescuers found a waterproof jacket and a paddle, but it wasn't until six weeks after he went missing that they found a canoe washed ashore. It was broken and in pieces. His family thought they'd never see him again. But then the unexpected happened - John suddenly appeared 400 miles away in London. He says he doesn't remember anything, but police believe he was in good health and he was reunited with his sons. His father hasn't seen him yet but vividly remembers the night he disappeared. I was lying in bed and I heard all these helicopters coming over. And I said to myself, "Somebody's in trouble out there." It went on and on and on all night long. And they were looking for John. Never found him.

just six weeks ago, John's wife, Anne, sold their house but it was his last known address, and what police need to find out is where he had been since then. Does he remember anything of the past 5.5 years? Was he suffering from an illness? And how did he end up in London? Nobody knows why John Darwin went missing for so long, so for now, at least, his dramatic disappearance remains a mystery.

The Spice Girls have staged their first reunion concert to a sell-out crowd in Vancouver. It's been nine long years since they were last on stage together. Fast forward a decade and it's Spice fever deja vu, with one surprising reaction. We're just really excited because they're a lot better-looking now and we actually know who they are. 15,000 Canadians outside, inside - an anxious Posh, Baby, Scary, Sporty and Ginger waiting in the wings. It's our first show so we're scared but excited. Yeah, naturally, naturally to be so.

The past three weeks had been spent rehearsing, all for this. (All sing 'Spice Up Your Life')

They opened with their old hit 'Spice Up Your Life'. 22 tracks in two hours, a complete run down memory lane, in their short career. after nine number-one singles This time around, though,

it's motherhood that's on their minds. It's just been so much fun, all our kids have had play dates. We were literally standing there singing a ballad and all the kids were just running across. Riot - so funny! Some fans travelled from as far as Italy for the world tour's Canadian leg. It's expected to be just as big when 'Girl Power' hits Sydney in January. Josh Murphy, Ten News. How much would you pay for a Rolls-Royce? The extraordinary amount one collector forked out - next. And just how many more wickets can Murali get The extraordinary amount one collector forked out - next. And just how many more wickets can Murali get

before his career is over? COMMENTATOR: History is made!

This program is captioned live. In finance news, the Australian share market has dipped today. The Rolls-Royce may be a symbol of wealth and prestige, but would you pay $4 million for one? That's the price tag of this 1904 model, the world's oldest surviving Rolls-Royce, which will go under the hammer in London next week. The sale has attracted the attention of motoring enthusiasts from around the world. Rugby league, and a familiar face at Parramatta training this morning - one of the game's greats, Andrew Johns, officially starting his new career as a coaching consultant. A number of the Parramatta halves took part in a tutorial, and they say Joey's experience will be a valuable asset for the club. He'll play a similar role at the Knights and the Bulldogs.

In AFL news, the Kangaroos have closed ranks, refusing to discuss a drunken incident involving three senior players over the weekend. The club is expected to hand out its own punishment. Meanwhile, preparations for 2008 are in overdrive for clubs around the country. Good news for Warren Tredrea, who is expected to stay on as Port Adelaide captain next season.

No, he's not too old, there's no doubt about Tredders. To watch him run - this time last year, he was limping and looked way, way behind. Now he looks much better. He's lost some weight. Tredrea joined team-mates in a preseason training session with a difference, designed to build a solid foundation for 2008. in a preseason training session with a difference, designed to build a solid foundation for 2008. Yeah, this is one of the strange things I come up with. Eagles recruit Brad Ebert has trained for the first time and flagged his interest in filling the midfield hole left by Cousins and Judd. ruck rover, centre, I like to play in the midfield, something like that. And former Adelaide skipper Mark Ricciuto will head back to where it all began, returning to the Waikerie Magpies next season. Oh, I think it'll be good to go back and play a few games back there. It's their 100th-year celebrations in the Riverland this year,

so if the body holds up I might go have a kick there. David Adamson, Ten News. Cricket Australia will shelve its triangular one-day tournament from next summer - of cricket's international roster a tournament that has been a feature for more than 20 years. Meanwhile, Sri Lankan Muttiah Muralitharan has smashed Shane Warne's all-time Test wicket-taking record with a bag of six at Kandy. Needing just one wicket overnight to claim the outright lead, Murali cleaned up Paul Collingwood with an almost unplayable delivery - the off-spinner's next target already in his sights. I sometimes think I can make it 1,000, but it is very hard, because I'm 35, going to be 36 next year. with the impressive figures of 6/55. Australia has moved into second place at hockey's Champions Trophy, after a 1-0 victory over Great Britain. Eddie Ockenden got the scoring started for the Kookaburras in the 25th minute, after latching onto an Andrew Smith pass. It turned out to be a rare highlight, making a string of saves at the death Australian keeper Stephen Lambert to ensure the win. Sweet revenge for Jamie Whincup the V8 drivers' championship after losing

to Garth Tander by just two points. The Ford young gun has been awarded the coveted Barry Sheene medal. It's...I'm in a bit of shock, actually. That's fantastic.

I'll be up the front, receiving another trophy - that's great. The medal is recognition of Whincup's outstanding leadership, personality, fan appeal and sportsmanship. Next in Ten News - a look at the weather around the nation.

This program is captioned live. Now for a look at the national weather: At the age of 68, Francis Ford Coppola is an iconic Hollywood figure, but it was his daughter's directing success that inspired the 5-time Oscar winner to turn his back on big studio productions and return to personal film-making. At this age I just want to do things I'm just personally obsessed to do. It's like being in love, you know? I want to be in love with who I want to be in love with. We'll have all the details on this story and more

in tomorrow's morning news. That brings you up to date with all the news. I'm Natarsha Belling. TTN is next. Good morning.

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