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(generated from captions) goals but they will have a

tougher task Beithing the

Kiwis, which is their next

opponent. Our coverage of the

marginal seats in the election - former ABC journalist Maxine McKew won Bennelong in the 2007 election, a famous ousting the then Prime Minister election, a famous victory

John Howard. Previously the

considered a safe Liberal seat. Sydney electorate had been

Maxine McKew joins us now from

Sydney's north. As a former

journalist, give it to me straight, how is it really

looking in Bennelong five days out? Good morning, I am looking

down east ward mall which is I

guess the guy Geo graphic heart

ot some of our of Bennelong and I am looking

doing Thai chi here this

morning. It is quite a contrast

to how, if you like,

hard-fought the contest is here

in Bennelong. This is tight.

But it's felt tight for me But it's felt tight for me all year. I suppose I know that I

have fought the good fight

here. I've secured a lot of

investment particularly in

health and education, for

Bennelong over the last three

year. I am just working hard

every day. It feels very, very

tight to me. Keep in mind I don't look at the, if

probably only a handful of these things. There was

people who thought I would get over the line last time and defeat a sitting Prime Minister. So I just take my

soundings from what I hear on

the streets. And what are you

hearing on the streets? I do

get the sense that people want

to give us another go. And

whether it's because of the investment, the significant

investment that the voters of

Bennelong can see we're putting

into health, into into health, into education, into building high-speed

into building high-speed

broadband, or indeed investing

in the significant rail

infrastructure that a city like

Sydney needs, I think people are

your eye on the future and

that's good. That's where our

thinking is at. Now, are you

aware the Prime Minister is at

pains to suggest over the last

24 hours that this is a national poll seeking to

distance Labor candidates in

NSW as far as possible from the very unpopular Keneally

Government. Are you un worry lad the potential voters in

local government they're Bennelong are un happy with the

willing to take the baseball

bat to the first candidate who comes up sh and bat to the first Labor

sad ly that's you sad ly that's you this

Saturday? People in this part

of the world are very discern

ing voters. They make their

minds up on the issue and on a the credibility of the

candidates. I have evidence of

that, asso know as a beng Bennelong wefrnt Labor for the

first time in its history in 2007. Then 2007. Then we had a by-election here 2007. Then we had a State

by-election here and the seat

went from Labor to the

Liberals. When we had local governments elections which return add status quo result.

That suggests to you that people understand the people understand

jurisdiction al differences and

they do - certainly in this

community they have made quite distinct decisions. Kevin Rudd

was campaigning with you in

Bennelong late last week. How

much anger is there in Bennelong amongst the voters

about the way he was

treated? Certainly Kevin has a

lot of friends here. It was terrific. He got the weekend. terrific. He got a very the welcome when he came here on

the weekend. But I have would terrific. He got a very warm welcome the weekend. But terrific. He got a very warm

have to say that is true have to say that is true for

other senior Ministers who have

been in Bennelong and indeed

the many visits that Julia

Gillard has made here. time she was Education

Minister. So I do think people

are looking at the frontbench

team, the talent that the Labor

Party hasnd and they can see particularly - they do judge on

the issues here. And whether it's the investment I've

secured for Macquarie University or for the Ryde and University or for the Ryde

Meadow tape TAFE, the work I've University or for the Ryde and

done done in securing Ryde Hospital, all of these are important

local issues but again I would

also say that people can see

it's only going to be a re-elected Gillard Government

that will build the eping to Parramatta rail link. That

someone a no brainer. It is a

very important piece of city

infrastructure that will link

the second city of Parramatta

with the high growth corridor, the

the technology corridor in

yaurm Park. Regrettably - in Macquarie Park. Regrettably

Tony Abbott has not on thie.'S bit add because John Alexander, the Liberal

candidate has put out printed material s in the last couple

of weeks where he said this is a much-needed rail link yet

last week Tony Abbott walked

away from him. It's a bit be wildering because Tony Abbott

has matched our funding to

build the Redcliffe rail link

but he ease left Sydney commute

ers high and dry. He had Kevin

Rudd with you late last week.

When is Julia Gillard going to

join you in Ben gentleman long in the last stretch of the campaign? I am will be here on Friday. She's

been invited to open one of the

biggest mixed youth commercial

developments in the area this is the top Ryde shopping and

residential and commercial shopping complex. Julia should be opening that on Friday.

Which is pretty incredible of

her because the Friday before

the election you can imagine

the calls on her time, but

certainly I am told we can

expect her on Friday, which

will be terrific. Maxine McKew

in Bennelong, thank you for

your time this