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(generated from captions) course that is why it is to

have the prominence it has

been given. That was Clarence

Mitchell speaking from the UK

Madeleine McCann whether has a spokesman for the family of

been missing now for 2 years.

We have had a surprise with

unemployment figures. In July

the national unemployment

rate was 5.8%, the same as in

June. One of the reasons is

the growth in part-time work.

We are joined from Sydney

by Jason Claire. Was the

Government roughly expecting

an unemployment rate of about

5.8%? Was that within

expectations? I think the

figures were better than

expected but they show we

still have a tough road ahead. Unemployment is the

top priority for the

Government as it is for every

country around the world. You

see all around the world

unemployment going up and

things getting tougher. In

the US 7 million have lost

jobs in the last 12 months

and in New Zealand the

biggest jump in 21 years from

5% to 6%. Things are tough

because of the global

financial crisis and it has

to be our top pry torety. The

comparison you draw maybes

the point about how the

figures are, 32,200 new jobs

created in Australia. What is

your view of the development

in part-time work versus

full-time employment? It is

an area of concern. People

are working less than they

would like to. It makes it

tougher to put food on the

table and it shows businesses

are doing it smart. They

realise their employees are

the most important people in

their workplace. It was only

18 month ago we spoke about a skills crisis and the

businesses I talk to tell me

they need to have the people

on the ground ready to go as

the economy gets stronger

into the future which is why

they are making these

decisions. Are you happy for

employer toss keep doing

that? Would you encourage employers to keep reducing

the hours of people's work

taking them down to part-time

rather than losing those

positions altogether? Could

you live with that? We want

people working as much as

possible. But if that is the

choice? Well, it is a better

choice than not working at all but we want people

working as much as they

possibly can what this is an

indication of is how tough

things are, how tough things

are for business. It is the

reason the Government is

stimulating the economy.

Won't it there would be a lot

more people unemployed and it

shows how out of touch the

Opposition. The Opposition

voted against jobs and

against stimulating the

economy and that is the wrong

thing to do in this climate. There is a political

need the hammer the point how

tough things are when we

speaking about descent

figures but interesting to

quote Alan Mitchell who has

been writing and researching

for many years now saying the Australian economy is

entering the final 6 months

of 2009 with a momentum that

seemed impossible over 2

months ago. He talk boss

strength and momentum. That

to acknowledge this morning is something you are prepared

or is it just all tough? I

think I have to tell you that

it is tough and... So there

is a momentum? Maybe the

best way to put it is that

unemployment tends to spike

quickly and take a long time to come down and in between a

lot of people suffer. Keeping

people at work is not only

important for the individual

but it is important for the economy. We have to keep

unemployment as low as

possible and protect the

Australian jobs. That is what

the stimulus package is

about, making sure we keep

Australians working. It is a

tough task especially when we

batter from all side and you

see what is happening to

unemployment all around the

world. It makes life tougher

but you have to be focused

protecting jobs, that is what

Government is about. Is the Government's provision of

8.5% by the middle of the

year t Government still

believes that is not only

possible but going to

happen? I hope not. The

focus has to be keeping

unemployment as low as

possible. That is what the

stimulus package is all about

but when you lack at what is happening around the world

you can see how tough this

is. In the US unemployment of

9.5%, in the UK over 7% and

now New Zealand they have

jumped ahead of Australia to

6%. It shows what the global

financial crisis is doing

around the world and we are

not immune. That is a rise of

2.7% between now and then and

with that momentum with the

stimulation you are putting

in you are still saying a

2.7% rise in unemployment is

on the cards? I hope not. I

hope not. I under that your

hope. I'm asking you what the

Government's formal

projection is not your

ambition or hope.. sure. It

is 8.5% revised every 6

months. The mid-year

financial outlook will come

out at the end of the year

when there will be renewed

projections but the

Government policy is clear we

have to keep people working

and that is what the package