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(generated from captions) Yep. So you think you've got the green? I want to crack 26. is boo-yeah selected. Not all the time, or very often, Did it have the money today? There it was! The big one! Bernie had the $3,000. to be disappointed It is terribly difficult with 30 grand. when you leave the Deal-a-Drome Nicely played, John. Let's see the money. but she does bathe in milk and honey. Well, she's not Cleopatra with a cheque for $30,000. It's the lovely Emma Gurney the booty, ladies and gentlemen. How do you like that? Boo-yeah had when you need him? Where's Indiana Jones Harrison! Hey, great playing with you, John. the wedding and everything. Love to Anne. Best of luck with up the west coast, pal. Bernie, enjoy the trip Enjoyed your company. 'Bye now. Look forward to seeing you tomorrow. Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by Tonight - of a Sydney court a protester thrown out of using drugs. as Mercedes Corby is accused in raids on Redfern's Block. Police make arrests and seize drugs (MAN YELLS) still waiting for roofs Hundreds of Blacktown residents repair deadline passes. as the Government's at Fashion Week And an insult to our diggers from a Kiwi designer. gets an apology VOICEOVER: This is Seven News Good evening. defamation case The jury in the Mercedes Corby from the court has had to be ushered began yelling at them. after a member of the public of dramatic testimony The interruption capped a day of using marijuana and speed. in which Ms Corby was accused Her sister is a convicted smuggler, was accused of drug use. today Mercedes Corby Mercedes is suing the Seven Network, by a series of stories claiming she was defamed last year. on 'Today Tonight' and the News In court today who is also being sued, said her former best friend Jodie Power, and marijuana with Mercedes. she'd taken speed spoken about going on a speed diet Ms Power said Mercedes even when they lived in Japan. Ms Power said Mercedes also introduced her to the methamphetamine Shabu. not to say anything. My lawyers have advised me told the court Channel 7's lawyer Tom Hughes QC about her drug taking Mercedes lied to the public was arrested in Bali. after her sister Schapelle in Bali. Schapelle is serving 20 years jail was interrupted by a woman Ms Power's testimony of Schapelle Corby. who began shouting in support who's also one of the defendants, Sitting next to Anna Coren, for Schapelle to be locked up. the woman yelled it was unfair from the court until the woman left. The judge sent the jury away stand up for her, when? have raided The Block in Redfern More than 100 police arresting 17 people. and cannabis Detectives seized cash, heroin targeting daylight drug deals following an undercover operation being done on the street. Call it! Go! On me! On me! 112 police. With me! With me! Police search warrant! 17 arrests. Seven homes raided, Cash seized and drugs. Arresting officers abused.. by a volatile crowd. Suspects egged on just never seems to change. The Block 'eh? Waste of the taxpayers' money again the last six months An operation over for street-level drug supply here. that's identified 30 individuals police will use - This is some of the evidence is exchanged for heroin. undercover stings where money dealers and users. Covert surveillance, to undercover - They reckon I'm supplying they don't know f--- all! that's right, I know Aunty Marg, the heroin trade here Some residents suggest Do you stand by that? anywhere in North Sydney? Here they are. We found at least a dozen in one small area. to 30 arrests this morning. Police were expecting close Traditionally on the Block, the premises, the drug dealing is done inside These days they're more flagrant - where they can't be seen. inside the house

they're doing it out on the street sent by police. and this is a message The message is - and we will continue to do so. the police target drug dealers If you saw someone dealing drugs, or would you tell the police? would you tell them to stop by police Two base jumpers have been charged in the city early this morning. after a high-rise leap of faith from an apartment building It's believed they jumped and parachuted to the ground, of George and Liverpool streets. landing at the intersection the Three Wise Monkeys pub They were outside when police spotted them. but didn't feel so wise George Street As they were driving up floating to the ground from above. they actually saw these guys of their stunt. Police have seized video from a Randwick shopping centre 1,000 people have been evacuated on a supermarket. after a suspected arson attack with smoke The centre quickly filled after a blaze in the Food For Less store. One witness saw the flash of the shop as the chemicals section suddenly burst into flame. If I'd been a few metres ahead it exploded - pretty scary. Police have checked security video five teenagers. and are now searching for storm-damaged Blacktown homes The deadline to fix has passed today with hundreds of families still waiting for repairs. Five months after the hail hit. has blamed rain The recovery task force to all the victims. for delays in getting Relief at last. A new roof for Adam Pratt would never arrive. who thought the repair men What can you do, they got to do all the other houses, they can only do so much, with other people. they're back-logged Hundreds of Blacktown properties remain under tarps. The Goren family is still waiting for repairs nearly five months after the hail storm. They say they were in the process of renewing their insurance policy when the wild weather hit. I'm not happy about it at all the money and if you're not getting your services provided then what's the point in paying that money. When it rains, their roof leaks and the power cuts out. It's horrible, we can't leave the home the majority of the time. We have a look at the weather and say it's going to storm or it's going to rain tonight and we can't leave our house. The Barnas are also living under a makeshift roof waiting for workers to fit new tiles. Sick... ..sick and tired. waiting. Some residents have all but given up believing their homes will never be repaired. Others were too scared to talk to us on camera for fear of upsetting their insurance company. But the State Government's Storm Recovery Taskforce says it's on target with more than 95% of insured homes fixed. Other residents have accepted cash settlements to do their own repairs. and the job's nearly completed. Excitement is building in Beijing with the city celebrating 100 days to go until the Olympics. Security forces have shown they're ready for the challenge but air pollution remains a concern for Australia's athletes. With not a Tibetan protester in sight, Olympic supporters marked the milestone - 100 days until Beijing. (ALL CHANT) Australia, Australia oi, oi, oi! A low-key ceremony to announce Australia is again on track for glory. We think it's still quite realistic to finish in the target of the top five again. In Beijing, the ceremonies were a little more elaborate. Their choreography only bettered by China's security forces. (SIRENS WAIL) Australia's Olympic chiefs say this proves security won't be an issue in Beijing. Climate still their greatest fear. Look, we are concerned still on heat, humidity, air quality. Of the 440 places on the team, 98 have been filled. It's very promising and it's very exciting For the rest, the wait's unbearable. The only thing you can do is work your butt off, try and get it done and hope for the best. And anti-doping officials say they too are ready for Beijing, announcing they'll not only conduct a record 4,500 drugs tests, they'll also introduce a breakthrough test for the cheat's 'drug of choice' - human growth hormone. Previous tests had to be applied within hours of the offence. I'm simply going to say this - there was a view that it was hours. I can assure you, it's now many days. An Australian soldier has been shot in the arm in Afghanistan three days after Lance Corporal David Marks was killed. The Defence Minister today met the dead soldier's injured colleagues who are recovering in a military hospital. Sydney journalist Paul Raffaele was injured in Afghanistan overnight after narrowly avoiding a deadly Taliban attack. I would have been surprised if he had apprehensions. If a story was there, he'd go for it. Mr Raffaele's condition is not life threatening. A New Zealand designer has apologised to Australian war veterans after her Fashion Week show sparked an outcry. Kate Sylvester's models wore medals, veterans calling it insulting and disrespectful. They're usually reserved for Anzac Day, but last night war medals became a fashion accessory. I feel terrible that something that we never intended to be seen as disrespectful has been, you know, taken wrongly. Kate Sylvester's models wore replicas of medals from several wars from the Crimea to Vietnam. Veterans are angry. To see this being paraded down the catwalk at Fashion Week is horrifying to veterans. They've accepted Kate's apology. Kate is a magnificent world class designer and she meant absolutely no disrespect. Another world class designer Alex Perry turning on the biggest show yet at Australian Fashion Week. I always feel like a million bucks of his dresses. Wow, that's a good wrap. It's a good wrap, he didn't pay me to say it! He drew all the top names. Having a good time, what about yourself? I get to speak to people like you! Now you've probably gathered that this is one of the bigger shows at Australian Fashion Week. That's because the man knows how to schmooze with the celebrities and by the look of things it's paid off. They make you look thin, glamorous and you usually get a pash after you've worn one. Two ticket holders are tonight celebrating their $24 million shares in a record Oz Lotto payout. One represents a syndicate of 16 workmates. The other is a single, and now extremely rich, young man. We don't know yet. At Cabramatta's Mitchum Newsagency this morning they knew they'd sold one of the winning tickets. Just didn't know who to. They put up signs in English and Chinese. It's just spreading through Cabramatta now and everybody's just coming in with a ticket. A desperate procession of losers. (Laughs) maybe. Sorry, it's not you. Sorry, better luck next time. No good, anything else? It was one young man who won in Cabramatta. Didn't want to show his face. But right now he could buy this $7 million house at Bondi, go with a friend first class to Paris, stay in the royal suite, eat the best food, buy a fancy car, put the rest in the bank and still earn $30,000 a week in interest. It wasn't you? No, it wasn't me. Van My didn't win the other $24 million but his newsagency at Chester Hill sold the ticket. A syndicate of 16 laboratory workers had it. They'll get about $1.5 million each. And the rest of us... Don't worry, try again, mate. We'll keep trying. Still to come - the World Youth Day visitor list that has Sydney organisers worried. Also, taxidrivers block central Melbourne demanding action to stop violent customers. And YouTube's socialite divorcee hits back at her online critics. I am speaking my truth. This Thursday's Powerball jackpot is $10 million. For more chances to win, ask for a Powerball Megapick. A new phone scam targeting Sydney residents aims to clear out their bank accounts. So far, 10 people have received automated calls which claim they've become victims of identity fraud. A man pretending to be Fraud Squad boss Col Dyson then tries to get their bank details. The real Col Dyson isn't too upset. In a way, it's good they've used my name because I was immediately alerted to the fact it was, in fact, a fraud. Victims are asked to call their local police. Taxidrivers have staged an angry 24-hour protest in Melbourne. Hundreds of cabbies shut down one of the city's busiest intersections sitting shirt-less, until early this afternoon. Last night angry commuters trying to get home clashed with drivers. Oi! Get out of it! The blockade ended when the Victorian Government agreed to improve security following the stabbing of a driver earlier this week. Union anger at the Premier's push to privatise power has been dismissed by the Government as argy-bargy ahead of this weekend's ALP conference. But unions say they're genuinely upset and Morris Iemma promised electricity would stay publicly owned. The Wiggles summed up Labor's power brawl today. SINGS: # Hot potato, hot potato # The Deputy Premier says its a song and dance before the ALP Conference. we all know its going to happen. I think this is part of the argy-bargy leading up to the weekend. More like guerrilla warfare as unions oppose a power sell-off. Leaking an email received from the Premier's office just weeks before last year's election. There is no plan to privatise our electricity network. Unions have stopped short of calling it a lie...just. What is clear is that everybody was led to believe the government had no intention of privatising electricity. The last time a Premier and Treasurer asked a Labor Conference to endorse selling power they were rolled comprehensively. They accepted the verdict - will Morris Iemma? Let's have the debate, let's see where it goes and the Premier will make very clear the Government's position regarding power, after that. for a win. His approval rating having slumped to a record low of 28% on Saturday, even his own party may turn against him. Something, some say, he can't afford. The Premier has to win because it sends a message that the Government is governing this State, not the unions. Sydney's World Youth Day organisers are praying for more foreign visitors with visa applications running way below expectations. So far they have only 16% of the number predicted and the deadline for travel arrangements is fast approaching. Where the Pope goes, thousands follow. As Guy Sebastian sings... (SINGS) # To the ends of the earth # Youth Day organisers hope he'll draw bigger crowds than the Olympics. They expect to host 120,000 foreign pilgrims just 76 days from now. But fewer than 19,000 have applied for Australian visas. Seven News has learned organisers are getting nervous. It's always a difficult thing that young people are not great planners. A breakdown of visa approvals reveals a less-than-global contingent. More than half are from North America and Europe. In largely Catholic South America, the biggest national group is just over 400, from Colombia. While organisers accept young people are notorious for leaving bookings to the last minute, immigration officials warn the last minute is now. Applications must be lodged within the next 30 days to be sure they're processed in time. The State Government is gambling $86 million on faith in a high overseas turnout. If the numbers, end up not being as high, for a whole range of reasons, we can scale back the impact on Sydney. The British divorcee who posted a YouTube video to get back at her husband is now getting even with viewers who criticised her. Actress Tricia Walsh-Smith was attacked for airing her marriage grievances. The only cruel behaviour I've ever done to that man is make him have skim milk in his cappuccino. what would you have done, put me in the stocks and thrown rotten tomatoes at me? I am speaking my truth. Time for sport with Matthew White. And a league legend fires up the country boys. Matt Blocker Roach reckons City should be scared. More shortly. Also, why England's calling for Parramatta's Mark Riddell. And Grant Hackett's new Olympic challenge splashes down in Spain. VOICEOVER: Featuring and alloy wheels, new Mazda3 Neo Sport from only $20,490. What's not to love? SONG: # Zoom, zoom, zoom. # Parramatta hooker Mark Riddell has admitted he's close to signing a deal to play with English club Wigan next season. The move will allow the Eels to step up their offer to Brett Finch after Super League clubs also came knocking at his door. He's had a ball at the Eels but with the number of interchanges dropping in the NRL Mark Riddell's future is in England. The deal's not signed but he's 95% per cent sure he'll join Wigan. I see the UK as a great opportunity to get over there and play some good footy. and it'd be awesome to be able to test myself in the other premier competition and that's the Super League. Parramatta will let Riddell go in an effort to compete with the $400,000-plus that Brett Finch can command with three English clubs hunting him. I've been waiting for Parramatta to sort out a few issues they had where they're at. We're confident that we can work through this with his manager this week even to hopefully get to a point where we can get him to stay at the football club. Tigers legend Steve Roach is again working with the country side and he's warned city's pack to expect a torrid battle from the likes of Storm enforcer Brett White. Oh, how good is it. Ben Cross, there's a million of 'em. Yeah, I think I'd be a bit restless in my sleep if I was playing those blokes. Manly's Glenn Stewart is the latest rep star to come out of Blocker's old club, Wests in Wollongong. I was having a chat in there before. Jockey Robert Thompson has steered Heavenly Glow to victory in the AJC Australian Oaks. Zarita started favourite but didn't feature in the finish - a fight between Heavenly Glow and Boundless. RACECALLER: Heavenly Glow looms up on the outside, sticks the bib in front and Heavenly Glow and Boundless go to the line and Heavenly Glow's too good. Galileo's Daughter" was third. It's going to be an all-English Champions League final. COMMENTATOR: It's Scholes - Paul Scholes for Manchester United! Paul Scholes' strike gave Manchester United a 1-0 win over Barcelona. The Red Devils will face either Chelsea or Liverpool in Moscow on May 21. Grant Hackett has arrived in Spain hoping to add the 10km open water race to his Olympic program. Hackett is primed for Sunday's world championships in Seville, where he'll be out to seal a qualifying spot for Beijing. is a war of attrition and so Hackett has opted for the rugged look in his preparation. The Olympic 1500m champion grew up on the beaches of the Gold Coast and says open water competition is a natural progression. But taking the plunge into the murky waters of Seville's main river took some getting used to, just hours after arriving in the south of Spain. Obviously the water is a little bit dirty so to adjust to those bits and pieces and it's totally different. The equation here in Seville is simple - 53 men, 50 women and you have to finish in the top 10 to automatically qualify for the Beijing Olympics. And Hackett will have to be the aggressor. There's speculation the superstar of the pool will be targeted by rival nations. That includes kicking and punching under the water from his rivals who are wary of the Olympic great. Australia's head coach says I've seen races where people have come out with black eyes and cuts and torn suits. But, certainly there's no lane ropes in there and there can be a bit of push and shove to vie for position, and certainly, if that comes into it you have to move your weight around a little bit to make sure you get there, because someone will do it to you. That was receive I will, Roscoe. The other bloke to look out for Ky is a chance as well. The water is other bloke to look out for Ky Hurst sus. Checking finance now - and the share market was weighed down by resource companies due to falling oil and metals prices. The ASX 200 closed down 11 points. The flu's caught up with Sara, so I'll have Sydney's weather after the break. And finally an end to our cold snap. So I invest in my skin. For a long time, I've been searching and now I've discovered Derma Genesis. VOICEOVER: Derma Genesis is different. renewal for young-looking skin. molecules with a fantastic power - Pro-Xylane and Hyaluronic Acid. We're worth it. As a young boy, do you know what I want for most? That's right, for you to save money on your car insurance with AAMI. With the savings, you can buy yourself - or possibly, a favourite son - something they really want. SONG: # Lucky you're with AAMI. # If you shivered through last night, there was good reason with Sydney recording its coldest April night in 25 years. Richmond broke its record for the coldest April morning, falling to 2.1 degrees. Campbelltown also fell to two, with local frosts. But it soon warmed up with sunny skies and light winds taking most suburbs to 20 degrees. 19 in the northern suburbs. Around the country - On Sydney's waterways - It'll be much milder in Sydney tonight, thanks to some cloud cover. 11 the low, before we warm up to 19 degrees. Across the metropolitan area, lows will still be in single digits. There'll be some morning fog in the western suburbs, then staying cloudy. Top temperatures of 19 or 20 degrees. The cloud will thin out on Friday, giving us a sunny weekend right across Sydney. Then northerly winds will come in on Monday and Tuesday for very mild tops up to 25 degrees. And that's Seven News to now, but we'll have updates during the evening. Next on 'Today Tonight' Oprah Winfrey's New Age movement in Sydney. I'm Ian Ross, thanks for your company. Goodnight. The house Of horrors. She bought it, certified termite-free. Where do you stand when they get it so wrong? They keep upping mortgage rates. Aussie John's scheme to bring them down and save you. Miranda's secret. How the girl from Gunnedah captured the heart of Orlando Bloom. Good evening. As the worldwide queen of daytime television, Oprah Winfrey already has millions of devoted followers around the world. Her manic energy channeled into her business, relationships, weight loss and setting up schools in Africa. Now there's the disturbing thought that she's consolidating all that devotion into something that looks like a cult with herself at the head. Marguerite McKinnon on the question - what is America's richest woman really up to and who's behind her movement in Australia? She's the world's wealthiest celebrity. Co-author of five books, publisher of two magazines, owner of an entire television network, radio channel and website, a successful actress, generous benefactor and much-loved American personality. The most influential woman in the world. We need somebody who is committed to wellbeing of all Americans. We need Barak Obama. In every sense, Oprah Winfrey is a powerful star. But after conquering all before her, what does the queen of talkback TV do next? Oprah has become the priestess of a new religion. We are here tonight breaking new ground. Nothing like this has ever been attempted before. Using a live web-cam program, Oprah has created an international congregation of believers who follow the teachings of a book she describes as "one of the most important of our time." Of course, I'm honoured to introduce the author of this great book, 'A New Earth" Awakening To Your Life's Purpose' Eckhart Tolle. Thank you. Good to be here. How exciting is this? Believers from every continent on the globe are seeking enlightenment from a man with no firm qualifications and an unclear past, aside from his family describing him as, quote, "irresponsible" - even "insane." In reading books such as Tolle's, I have really - it's really opened my eyes up to a new way of thinking and new form of spirituality that doesn't always align with the teachings of Christianity. In an almighty group therapy session, Ros, from Australia,