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Mob rule -

struggle to take control of gangs Australian troops on the streets of Dili. Australian aid agencies arrive of Indonesia. in earthquake-ravaged regions And proud parents - Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Hollywood glamour couple have a little girl.

Welcome to Ten's Morning News. Good morning. in riot-stricken East Timor. Fear has turned to desperation have looted a food warehouse Hundreds of starving locals in the latest sign and political crisis is worsening. the nation's humanitarian causes this kind of frenzy. Things are grim when simple rice Once word spread rice warehouse were open, that the doors of the government-owed they came from all around. part of the rice stack tumbling down. Suddenly the frantic crowd brings These bags weigh 50 kilos each. from under the rice The man was pulled and rushed outside recommenced. before the desperate clean-out things have become here in Dili. It's a sign of just how desperate When there's not enough food into their own hands. people take matters It's absolute madness - with two and three bags at a time. I've seen people come back here They needed food. They hungry.

it is the government that give. Now it is rice, Jose Ramos Horta arrived After 30 minutes of chaos with an Australian army escort

somewhat. and managed to settle the crowd and pushed back the masses. The soldiers cleared the doorway We understand many are hungry. but in a orderly fashion We want to give away some food first to women then to older people.

For a short while that worked, but the swelling crowd was too much for the night. and the doors were closed

but we have to deal with it. Very sad, very tragic and so we will try to help. These people need food Free rice may help today for this country are some way off. but the real solutions distribute food to them I wish I could

they will kill each other. but if we open the gate In Dili, Max Futcher, Ten News. are among nine casualties At least two police officers airlifted from East Timor to Darwin. remain in critical condition Four of the injured suffering gun shot wounds. and over the next few days. There'll be surgery tonight to the operating room. It won't just be one visit was among those airlifted, A 1-year-old Australian boy not related to the violence. his condition are heading to East Timor today A group of Federal Police officers on law and order. to help in the crackdown Australia was too slow to act saying The PM lashing out at claims our troops arrived in record time. for Operation Astute The latest volunteers board a charter flight to Dili. Federal Police deployment The 45-strong Australian of Australian personnel now taking the number

involved in the Timor mission to more than 3,000. additional troops may be sent The Government says more and more likely and that's looking Australia is in for the long haul. as it becomes apparent deployments like this will be We can't be definite as to how long quite significant mission. but this is the start of a new, may be even more dangerous The PM concerned this mission than the last time Australia came to East Timor's rescue in 1999. This is not easy. This is quite a dangerous operation. a lot of uncontrolled gangs. You are dealing with permanent regional assistance mission Mr Howard hasn't ruled out a more to the young nation. But he has slammed criticism to respond to the crisis. that the Government was too slow within about 24 hours. The troops were on their way That's a world record. fled the capital over the weekend Thousands more East Timorese have fearing continued violence following the withdrawal of the country's defence force. In a symbolic step forward are meeting in Dili today, East Timor's political leaders seeking a resolution to the chaos. Jacqueline Maddock, Ten News.

in Queensland A proposed political merge has sparked fears the National Party will be killed off. have agreed in principle to combine The Nationals and the Liberal Party to become Liberals. essentially forceing National MPs often icy relationship It's been a rocky leaders in Queensland. between the Liberal and National but not often unified. Coalition partners

no real problems, no. No there's no problems,

have some teething problems. Obviously these things majority. And up against a slick Labor They have to form a coalition. they can beat Beattie I don't believe of coalition partnership without some sort or whatever you want to call it. will be called the New Liberals. It now seems that partnership Not a coalition but a merger of the opposition parties.

Lawrence Springborg called for It's what Nationals Leader after the last State election has already sparked debate and the in principle merger a lot sooner than expected. the next election could come In Canberra the Nats say on a federal level. there'll be no similar merger vowing to remain a Nat for life. Some including the Deputy PM counterparts feel the same. Time will tell if their Queensland

Emma Dallimore, Ten News. And joining us now from Brisbane is State political reporter Cathy Border.

Cathy, there's already talk an early Queensland election? this merger will prompt

His biggest problem is not winning

over voters put winning over

colleagues. They had no idea colleagues. They had no idea this

plan was hatched.

plan was hatched. I understand that plan was hatched. I understand

my colleague Senator Joyce has said

he won't be a part of a merged party.

We need this like a halt in their

We need this like a halt in their

head. People will be meeting here in

Parliament this afternoon. Praise today for the hundreds of people involved

for a young deckhand Grave fears are held Queensland since Saturday night. missing off a trawler in north resumed at first light this morning The search for the 22-year-old

yesterday found nothing. after aerial, land and sea searches belonging to the trawler A surf ski and paddle were located almost 2km away. The Australian climber who was left for dead on Mount Everest has made it safely back to base camp. 50-year-old Lincoln Hall from NSW

rode down the mountain on a yak. Doctors say he's exhausted and is being sedated to ease the pain of severe frostbite and pneumonia. Considered one of Australia's best climbers, Hall was abandoned by Sherpas when he collapsed while coming down off the mountain last Thursday only to be found alive the next day. Coming up after the break - aid convoys arrive in Indonesia as the earthquake death toll continues to spiral. And music icon Michael Jackson makes his first public appearance

since his child abuse trial last year.

and we found that 80 percent of our waste is a tually recyclable,

So, it's good for business and the environm nt. Yeah... Actually, I've got a plant that could do with your help! What have you done... No matter what business you're in

Rescue teams are starting to pour in to the Indonesian island of Java

with vital supplies for the earthquake-ravaged region. As many as 4,600 people are believed to have died in the natural disaster.

A homeless family settles down for a second night in a makeshift camp just metres from the rubble remains of their collapsed home.

This mother says there's no food and her children are growing weak. They're not alone. Saturday's 6.2 magnitude earthquake has left 200,000 people homeless.

And as tent cities continue to grow so too the number of injured awaiting medical help. Not just doctors needed, but porters to help move the bodies. We need manpower,

doctors, nurses and we need men to bring the patients. Most able-bodied men are helping with the rescue effort. But it's painfully slow, digging through the rubble with bare hands.

Some survivors have been pulled from the ruins. This man says there's no chance now of finding people alive. Australia has joined the scramble to get food and supplies into the Javanese towns. Canberra has pledged $3 million for emergency food, shelter and medical supplies. Hugo Ward, Ten News.

Pope Benedict has wrapped up his 4-day trip to Poland with a visit to the Nazi concentration camp at Auschwitz. The pontiff's historic visit saw him meet Holocaust survivors and pray for peace. A mournful procession through the infamous gates of Auschwitz. Above its cruel and false inscription - 'Work Makes You Free'.

This short walk for Pope Benedict a moment of enormous symbolism. Then a candle and a prayer before the so-called death wall where prisoners stripped naked were shot. And in the small yard those who survived it all. Jewish ex-prisoners now greeting the German leader

of a billion Catholics in the place where so many others perished. Blue and white representing the colours of their prison uniforms.

A kiss for one survivor then a moment later tenderness for another. Acts of kindness so long absent here. In Block 11 prayers for the dead. Pope Benedict, a conscript in the German army, acknowledging the Nazi occupation of this land and the crimes of his own countrymen. Outside in the shadow of the watchtowers,

in the spot where gas chambers once stood, he addressed Catholic and Jew alike.

"The Third Reich wanted to crush the entire Jewish people," he said, "to cancel it from the register of the peoples of the Earth.

"Remembrance will foster resistance to evil "and the triumph of love." Michael Jackson has made a rare public appearance in Japan nearly a year after being acquitted of child sex charges. Jacko graced the red carpet at the Tokyo MTV Music Awards

joining the likes of Pamela Anderson and a swag of Japanese celebrities. The king of pop's surprise appearance coincided with him receiving the MTV Japan Legend Award. And I am very happy to be among the Japanese people because I really love them very much, I really do. Since his very public trial last year Jacko has been out of the public eye choosing to live with his children in Bahrain.

Australian skin cancer experts are now helping save American lives. Residents in the small African village where Angelina Jolie gave birth to a daughter over the weekend say they're thrilled with the news. It's the first biological child for Angelina and partner Brad Pitt who fled to the this tiny Namibian beachside resort weeks ago to escape the media glare during the birth.

It's unclear whether Shiloh Nouvel was born at the resort or a nearby private hospital.

Now she can go to America and say she's a Nambian, she's from Africa. That's really wonderful. And in other baby news out of Hollywood, singer Gwen Stefani has given birth to a boy in Los Angeles. It's also the first child for the No Doubt singer and husband Gavin Rossdale. Ahead - the NRL investigates an eye-gouging claim. That's when Ten's Morning News returns. And injured star Harry Kewell's first steps back with the Socceroos

in a bid to play in the World Cup.

In finance news - the Australian share market has rallied this morning.

The National Rugby League will today investigate an eye-gouging claim out of yesterday's thriller between Melbourne and Penrith. The allegation taking the gloss off Melbourne's extra-time victory. The tackle that caused a storm after the match. Penrith forward Frank Pritchard blows up. Melbourne's Ian Donnelly penalised for an outlawed grapple tackle. Any more of that and you won't last the game. You go back and keep that crap out of it. But Pritchard later claimed he was eye-gouged. Donnelly denying the allegation. The video to be looked at closely by NRL officials today. The match a thriller after Storm youngster Greg Inglis made it 16-all. The result decided by his halfback Cooper Cronk in the last minute of sudden death extra time. COMMENTATOR: It's pretty good, it's better than that. It's perfect.

Struggling Parramatta came good in the first half against the Sydney Roosters, racing to a 22-nil lead. The Roosters replied with four unanswered tries but still fell two points short. The Eels's first win under new coach Jason Taylor. JT is bringing back a bit of fun into the game for us.

And South Sydney's miserable season continues with their 11th consecutive loss, this time to the Wests Tigers. I suppose we're just in a rut. We keep trying but we're just not getting there. Leanne West, Ten News. Betting for the AFL's Brownlow Medal has been turned on its head after favourite Chris Judd last night tore his hamstring.

That was the only bad news for the Eagles who defeated the Demons by 22 points to maintain their place on top of the league ladder after nine rounds. For the first time in his career Chris Judd finds himself sidelined with injury. The Eagles skipper hobbled from the ground in the last quarter against the Dees. Just gave the hammy a bit of a tweak. I haven't done one before but I don't think it's too much of a deal. Judd started the round the clear Brownlow Medal favourite. His odds now set to drift out significantly. Yeah, potentially. Between one and two weeks I would think. We have a set of standards we go by - when he's fit he'll play. Kangaroos coach Dean Laidley couldn't resist returning fire to a disgruntled fan

after yesterday's 17-point loss to St Kilda. A frustrated Laidley sure to come under scrutiny by the AFL

after this verbal stoush. I just went back and said, "Come down."

"Come and have a look at how much we're actually hurting." But he couldn't answer me because he was that drunk. The Saints will sweat on the outcome of the match review panel. Fraser Gherig had his number taken for this high tackle on Roo Hamish McIntosh. Lenny Hayes also in a spot of bother for his wayward elbow which collided with Roos skipper Adam Simpson. Kelli Underwood, Ten News. The Socceroos are set to field a much stronger line up against Holland in their major World Cup warm-up. Meanwhile, Harry Kewell continues to show signs he could be fit enough by the time the tournament kick-offs. While his team-mates were going at it, Harry Kewel had a special training session

Harry Kewell under the guidance of a physio. Running for over an hour and putting a smile on his and his team-mates' faces. It's good to see him smiling again. He's had a few disapointments of late. Let's hope we can get him kicking balls as soon as possible. Tim Cahill was travelling even better putting in a solid display in session which went for 12 minutes.

which went for 120 minutes. It's what I need to get back into it and get into the swing of it. I'm just pleased to have got though it. Do you feel you could play 90 minutes on Sunday? It's going to be a massive task. I've got to get through this week training with the lads and get moving and be more mobile because I felt it out there. But 90 minutes would be excellent. John Aloisi another almost-certain to resume against the Dutch on Sunday.

Less certain, who will have the goal-keeping duties. I've had a good season at Middlesbrough this season. I've played a vast majority of games this season. That's got to count for something. The last time I played for Australia

I played well enough to warrent a game. Neil Cordy, Ten News. Formula 1 world champion Fernando Alonso

has dominated the Monaco Grand Prix to record his first victory in Monte Carlo. Meanwhile, Australian Troy Bayliss has extended his lead in the World Superbike series. Alonso's win made it four from seven this season moving him further ahead in the overall standings. COMMENTATOR: Fenando Alonso wins in Monte Carlo for his first time. The Spaniard started on pole

after Ferrari's Michael Schumacher was bumped to the back of the grid for deliberately stopping his car during qualifying. Midway through, last year's winner Kimi Raikkonen and Australian Mark Webber were sitting comfortably in second and third before both their races went up in smoke. A very, very, very angry man. Juan Pablo Montoya finished second with David Coulthard in third giving the Red Bull team their first ever Formula 1 podium.

Schumacher made up time finishing fifth. A spectacular start to round seven of the World Superbike Series with six riders coming to grief in the opening lap of race one. Both Suzukis are down. We've got flames. Australian Troy Corser left his bike and triggered a spectacular pile up retiring from the race. Seconds later, another. Oh, more riders down at the back! Australia's Troy Bayliss escaped the commotion to take both races on the day. Troy Bayliss takes win number seven in a row. Beating Japan's Noriyuki Haga and cementing his championship lead. His nearest rival Corser salvaging a sixth place from the weekend. Emily Groves, Ten News. Next in Ten News - a look at the weather around the nation.

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Hi. Cappuccino, please. Now to the national weather.

That brings you up to date with all the news. Stay with Ten for updates throughout the day and the full details in Ten's news hour tonight. I'm Kathryn Robinson. Good morning.

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