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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Tonight - singing with one voice - to help end world poverty. the stars come out

that's changed our coastline. The dramatic collapse and spectators fighting on the field. And the foot brawl that had players Ten News with Natarsha Belling. Good evening. Also tonight - its workplace laws to workers. the Government's plan to sell giant sails into Sydney Harbour. And a spectacular show as a naval First tonight,

in a fight against poverty. a galaxy of stars rocking the world

Live8, the biggest concert ever held, to stages across the globe. drew the best performers of 2 billion people It is hoped a potential audience of the richest nations to act. will pressure the leaders They may have been in 10 cities, were all singing with one voice. but more than 150 performers Past greats, present stars, against African poverty. drawn together in the fight

the concert of a lifetime. Enormous crowds enjoying

(Sings) # Hyde Park London

stretched out in front of you

# Berlin Wall, Paris, France,

romance. # # Fill dell fiia, this is my

the doves of peace set free. And on a beautiful day, As he was 20 years ago, Bob Geldof, of Africa's poor. the bandmaster and champion Geldof told the crowd When Live Aid played then, had just 10 minutes to live. the girl on the poster this little girl. She's here tonight, this doesn't work. Don't let them tell us complete an agriculture degree - A now healthy Birhan Woldu will soon a symbol of hope today. a face that made a world cry then, I hear your voice (Sings) # I'll take you there, # It's like an angel sighing. # Then it was a concert to raise money. putting pressure Today, it's all about of the world's richest nations. on the leaders They'll meet in Scotland this week, still ringing in their ears. the music hopefully as a potential audience, With a third of the global population

on the UN Secretary-General it's a point not lost a real uniting of nations. who declared this

in solidarity with the poor. The whole world has come together the voiceless and the weak, On behalf of the poor, I say thank you. last-minute inclusion in the line-up The Johannesburg concert was a remarkably, wasn't part of the event. after Africa complained it, all over the world This sound will resonate to eradicate poverty. as we stand together A man who knows too well in his own nation, the suffering of the poor Nelson Mandela told the crowd wasn't a gesture of charity - that overcoming poverty it was, he said, an act of justice. there's no true freedom. While poverty exists, of its own, Australia may not have had a concert in Paris. but Tina Arena carried the flag Rockers Jet took the stage in Canada. eradicate poverty. This event may not ultimately manage to end a 20-year feud, It did, for a day, animosity aside for a good cause. '70s supergroup Pink Floyd putting seen anything like it in your lives? Ladies and gentlemen, have you ever and magnificent day. It's been a glorious That is no doubt true, for decades, an event that will be spoken about as its messenger. a global cry with music Much sooner, though, it'll be clear

who can make a difference whether or not the powerful men will hear that message. Eddy Meyer, Ten News. to the streets of Edinburgh, And 250,000 people have taken marching against poverty. on world leaders The protesters aiming to put pressure

ahead of this week's G8 summit. Hundreds of thousands of people of just a handful. trying to influence the actions to put an end to world poverty. Eight men who have the power the promises they made 30 years ago For once they should fulfil to donate sufficient resources.

as 0.7% of their wealth Something as small to have a future. to help the poorest countries Edinburgh brought to a standstill the streets of the Scottish city. as the masses wove their way around to make poverty history A mostly peaceful protest was loud and clear. but the message to politicians this is what it's all about. We want to show the world's leaders

It's amazing to think that all

these people being one people all

come together and it just shows you

one person can make a difference. were on stand-by Extra police and the riot squad a carnival for the most part, but the march was more like danced to music, as demonstrators dressed as clowns, while others made their own noise. on world leaders There is now serious pressure for the G8 summit later this week. who'll meet in Gleneagles debt cancellation, Top of the agenda - fair trade, more aid for the poorest nations. will come up with better solutions We are hoping that the G8 backward continent it's always been. so that Africa will no longer be the Liz O'Gorman, Ten News. has ruled out a compromise The Federal Government on its controversial workplace laws. to blitz Australian workers Instead, it's preparing at winning support for the changes. with a campaign aimed at the footy, Union members were again hoping to score points workplace relations reforms. against John Howard's proposed and a $8 million ad campaign But the national protests Government's own advertising blitz. will soon be countered by the of what the changes are We will responsibly inform people because they will affect Australians the facts about it. and Australians deserve to know There's no dollar figure attached a spending spree but the Opposition fears launched by the Coalition similar to the advertising prior to the last federal election. up to a $20 million campaign. He refused to deny it would be not to compromise on its plans The Government is vowing to shake up industrial laws, before the Parliament in spring. with a bill likely to go its senators to back the IR bill, If the Coalition can convince all it will create a national system wage fixing and individual contracts. affecting unfair dismissal, minimum Despite the Government winning control of both houses of Parliament, was never given any mandate the unions say John Howard he is presently on. to follow the path now emerging And there's a lot of radical changes upon control of the Senate which was never talked about or discussed with the electorate

before the last election. But the Government says the unions have been part of the reform process all along.

I spent a good six months consulting widely about this package, including the ACTU and some unions. The ACTU, for example, said they wanted to retain federal awards, which we've done. Murray McCloskey, Ten News. The PM has announced changes to his front bench

following the departure of John Anderson. As expected, new Nationals leader Mark Vaile becomes Deputy PM and retains the Trade portfolio. Warren Truss will be the new Minister for Transport and Regional Services, with Peter McGauran promoted to Cabinet as Agriculture Minister. And John Cobb takes on Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs. One of Victoria's famous Twelve Apostles has collapsed, changing the Great Ocean coastline forever. This is a photograph of the 50m-high limestone sea stack

just before it crumbled into the sea. Minutes later, the giant formation had turned into a much smaller pile of rubble. High-energy seas caused the apostle to erode. The last time the natural process occurred was 10 years ago when the London Bridge structure collapsed. A local game of rugby league in Darwin has ended in an all-out brawl. What started as an on-field clash between the Nightcliff Dragons and the Litchfield Bears quickly escalated with player officials joining in. The pair was eventually restrained, but just when it appeared to have calmed down, spectators decided they also wanted a piece of the action. Men and women joined in and things turned ugly. Settle down, all of you. Settle down. The game was called off just before half-time as a result of the brawl. Both teams forfeited the match. Still to come in Ten News - the company responsible for a chemical spill in Melbourne facing big fines. Also - a how one mobile phone helped save hundreds of passengers

from a sinking train. And sealed with a kiss - celebrations for a very special birthday girl.

MasterFoods has spent a frantic weekend ensuring all of its Mars and Snickers products are withdrawn from shelves across NSW after a contamination threat late last week. Employees of the food giant have been working around the clock, trying to contact 4,000 retailers to confirm they are no longer stocking or selling the products. MasterFoods has received a series of anonymous letters claiming several Mars and Snickers bars in circulation had been tampered with.

The community can really help us

here. If you see product out on

shelf, either give us a call on our

helpline or better still, ask the

retailer then and there to put it

off the shelf and in the become of warehouse. The company has confirmed it doesn't plan to extend the voluntary recall to other States. An urgent fight tonight by a group of Gold Coast residents trying to save their homes from toppling down a hillside. The owners of at least three houses have been forced to evacuate after a landslide during this week's wild storms

left their homes teetering on the edge. Insurance companies have already advised they're unlikely to pay out and the owners say they need council or government assistance. I can tell you, we're not loaded, and if I lose this house, I'm back to zilch. I've got enough to buy a caravan, so I might end up in that caravan park yet. Surveyors will asses the stability of the hillside tomorrow. A chemical emergency in Melbourne with several thousand litres of oil polluting inner-city waterways. Those responsible for the spill could face hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines. The smell of petrol was pungent under the Westgate Bridge as the oil spread quickly on Stoney Creek. The spill traced for 2km through a drain network in the western suburbs, to a yet-to-be-identified transport company in a neighbouring suburb. This is a substantial incident and certainly one of the larger ones we get from time to time. We're taking it very seriously. Booms were quickly laid in an attempt to soak up the oil. Native wildlife and vegetation now under threat from the massive spill. Locals say that despite recent attempts to clean up the creek, which runs into the Yarra, the waterway is often polluted due to the number of factories in the area. I definitely think there's chemicals going in the creek.

Some days I pass here, I see the colour blue or the colour red,

or the colour white. One mother brought her 10-month-old baby to the emergency department suffering the effects of fume inhalation, however, both were discharged within an hour. Environment groups say punishment isn't harsh enough on those that treat the creek like an industrial drain. And when they do go to court, they get such tiny fines. It's petty cash to them. The offender could face a fine of $240,000. Where there's evidence of carelessness or deliberate acts we will take enforcement action. Kate McGrath, Ten News. A farm accident has claimed a life north of Adelaide. Police say a tractor was being used to remove trees on a property at Two Wells when it overturned. The machine crushed the driver, a man in his 40s, before catching fire. Paramedics and neighbours rushed to the property around 11:30 this morning but were unable to revive him. Police are preparing a report for the Coroner. At least 20 people have died in another suicide bombing in Baghdad. The latest attack happened outside a police recruiting centre near the heavily fortified Green Zone. Another huge death toll from a suicide bombing in Iraq. Relatives of the victims are beside themselves with grief. And these are the survivors. They've been queuing to sign up for the elite special police commandos, a prime target for the insurgents. SIRENS WAIL There've been so many car bombs at this recruiting centre no vehicles are allowed in the street. So this time, the suicide bomber walked up to a crowd at the entrance and set off a belt of explosives strapped to his waist. Remarkably, Iraqis are still clamouring to join the police. This protest was set off earlier this week when the police turned away thousands of potential recruits eager for some of the only jobs available in Iraq.

Also in Baghdad today, Shi'ite Muslims were raised to a frenzy after one of their leaders was gunned down in the street. It was an attack clearly designed to pit Shi'ite against Sunni, to pitch Iraq into a sectarian civil war. More than 100 people are dead and thousands have been left homeless after severe flooding in western India.

A major rescue operation has saved more than 350 commuters, trapped inside submerged train carriages for two days.

The passengers communicating with officials using a single mobile phone. The army and air force have been helping with the relief effort, with many villages and roads across the state under water.

A group of young British tourists among those stranded. We have no food or clean water. There is none left now and all these people are just going hungry.

Almost 500,000 people have been evacuated from the flood-affected areas. Deep impact - we'll tell you when you can catch that spectacular comet collision in the skies, when we return on Ten News. Also - a trip back in time as the Australian Army celebrates its reserve forces. And American military might on show in Sydney Harbour. Domino's has a delicious new menu. Want to play? New Godfather has improved features, like new tomato herb sauce and new Mediterranean-style olives. Other new menu pizzas are available to download now. SONG: # Domino's. #

A man has fallen to his death from a cliff in North Sydney. Late this afternoon, ambulance officers responded to calls for assistance after a man had fallen down a 30m cliff in Mosman. A rescue helicopter arrived to winch the man to safety but he had suffered critical head injuries and died at the scene. It's not yet known why or how the man fell. Police investigators remain at the scene. A blast from the past - volunteers re-enact the Cooee March, as part of Reserve Day celebrations. Decked out in clothing and uniforms from 1915, around 250 marchers celebrated the 90th anniversary of the World War I recruiting drive. The contingent joined some 5,000 current and former armed force members, parading to mark Reserve Day. NSW Governor Marie Bashir reviewing the troops as they wowed spectators along the route.

More than 5,000 American sailors are about to paint Sydney red, white and blue as USS 'Kitty Hawk' docked in the harbour city this morning.

And there was a very special honour for one Aussie sailor. It was nothing less than a spectacular Sydney welcome for USS 'Kitty Hawk', here for some rest and relaxation

after a joint training exercise with Australian Defence Forces in the Coral Sea.

On the bridge of America's oldest active warship, the Royal Australian Navy's Lieutenant Commander Paul Bates piloting all 80,000 tonnes of her into Garden Island, a rare honour for an Aussie.

You're talking about one of the world's greatest warships coming into one of the world's greatest harbours. It was absolutely fantastic. And he did us proud. He did a fabulous job. I would love to have him part of my crew. Unlike her last time in Sydney, the ship nicknamed 'Battle Cat' will not be open to the general public, security tightened after the September 11 attacks. There are some 65 aircraft on board this ship. All of them took part in the training exercise off Queensland

in the last couple of weeks. These Hornets here are capable of going very fast -

at more than 1.8 times the sound of speed. But it's time for a slower pace now. After travelling almost twice the speed of sound, the thousands of men and women from USS 'Kitty Hawk' now enjoying their only scheduled stop this time down under.

The Australian ports -

I don't need to tell you anything you don't already know -

they are the most the most popular places to go for American sailors. Tomorrow the sailors and crew will celebrate Independence Day.

They have until Thursday to kick their heels up. Evan Batten, Ten News.

A deep space demolition derby, with astronomers focusing their telescopes for a spectacular comet collision. At around 4pm tomorrow, eastern time, NASA's 'Deep Impact' spacecraft will plough into a comet the size of Sydney's CBD. The resulting explosion should scatter debris into the galaxy,

133 million kilometres away from the earth. Scientists believe the Tempel One comet contains information about the origin of the universe. Images of the blast will be beamed back to researchers in Canberra before they are relayed to the US. A special birthday celebration today for a furry friend. River the seal turned eight, marking the occasion by tucking into her present - a cake made of fish. Naturally, she treated the gift as a water toy after sampling the seafood topping. River has become a star attraction at the Sydney Aquarium after being abandoned as a pup.

The sub-Antarctic fur seal was found stranded in a river.

Well-wishers of all ages joining in today's celebrations, before River sealed her big day with a kiss. The weather's next with Ryan Phelan. and then it's Sports Tonight

continue to surprise in the AFL? And Ryan, the Adelaide Crows

on the ladder. but now they're equal second Yes, Natarsha,

after thumping Fremantle today. They are looking like the real deal The Crows were relentless, to just three goals to half-time. keeping the Dockers continues to soar in the V8s The Holden Racing Team

at Hidden Valley. at the latest round And a true champion - one of the most amazing grand slams how Venus Williams pulled off in her career. The day's sport is next. SONG: # Anyone could win it You never know just who (All shout delightedly) # It really could be you # The big red ball could find you You know just what to do # Get your lucky Lotto numbers in You know it could be you # 'Cause it's the big red ball that makes dreams come true # The big red ball # The big red ball # That makes dreams come true. # Now looking at weather around the nation tomorrow.

That brings you up to date with the latest news. with Ryan Phelan. Stay around for Sports Tonight I'm Natarsha Belling.

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