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(generated from captions) Returning to our top story

now. That's the brawl among

asylum seekers at the Christmas

Island detention centre. The

Federal Opposition is calling

for an inquiry into the

incident and opposition

immigration spokeswoman Dr

Sharman Stone joins us now from

Canberra. Good morning to

you. Good morning,

Virginia. Why do you want an inquiry? Quite obviously when

you have a breakdown of

internal security in a very big

place like Christmas Island

detention centre, you need to

ask some very serious

questions. Now, was this a

result of overcrowding in the

area? Was it a breakdown or

breach of where people were

supposed to be and therefore

the security broke down? Was is

a case of staff not being

adequately trained? Why were people from Afghanistan and Sri

Lanka mixing, if there was any

potential for antagonism? Why

did it take over half an hour

for this episode to be calmed?

At the end of all of that,

until those questions are

answered, we can't know how to

make sure that every detainee

is safe once they arrive in

that place and it won't ever

happen again. We've been

hearing from the Immigration

Minister this morning on AM,

ABC Radio. He has explained it

this way. He says "It's the

case there have been some Sri Lankans returned that were detained at the centre and there has been a lot of

spotlight on Sri Lankans being

intercepted. I think it's made

some of them quite anxious and

that may well have been at the heart at some of the tensions

perhaps that in the centre there." A sense

perhaps that the Afghans were

getting better treatment than some Sri Lankans that have been

returned from the centre.

That's always going to happen,

some get through, some don't?

That's right. Detention centres are always very difficult

places to manage. There are

some in there who are still

going through their early

stages of assessment to

establish who they are, whether

there are security or ID risks,

health risks and so on, health

checks are being made. Given

that concession that you make,

it would seem a little

inflammatory to be asking for

an inquiry because we know

these places and you know very

well from our time on the other

side at Baxter and Woomera,

those places can go to hell

very quickly. Absolutely. My

point is that, yes, there are

always tensions in places like detention centres. There are people who are disappointed,

people who are anticipating

success with their claims.

Others still in limbo. That's

why we need very professional

management of a centre like Christmas Island. Are you

saying we don't have that

now? It would appear there was

a serious breakdown of internal

discipline on Saturday night.

You have to wonder, why there

were 150 people with access to

the sorts of sporting equipment

and tree branchs that could be

turned to weapons? 150 people,

it's a very big mixed group of

men, some anxious, some very

angry perhaps to be mixing

together and I'm wanting to

know, is that a case of

overcrowding, that they have

simply last the capacity to put

people in different places in

the centre? Why is it that it took so long to quell this

problem? I have to say that at

the end of all of this problem,

of course, is a whole if you like fundamental ish sure of

when is in government going to

address those full pactors

which mean we have another boat

about toy a rife, 55 on board,

more boats no doubt on their

way despite the monsoon season.

So Mr Rudd and Mr Evans must be

saying we've got a problem now

of maintaining law and order

within this enormously

overcrowded facility, but how

are we going to stop the people smugglers? That's behind this

whole business. You have to be very careful here about

allegations of hypocrisy being

levelled at you, given those

two centres that I mentioned

before. We don't have time this

morning for me to run through

the list of appalling

situations that blew up at

Baxter and wool rand at riots

the self-harm, the young people

on top of the walls covered in

razor wire and the like. If we

were to fling all those stories

back at you. We'd get lost in

this whole discussion. These

places are difficult places.

You want to be careful you're

not being a hip yit? You have

to be careful as opposition you

don't simply sit on your hands

and let a problem like this

fester and get worse. Do you

believe so far the immigration

Christmas Island is poorly - the detention centre at

run? I'm prepared0 to say we

had a riot apparently Saturday

night with 150 people that left

over 30 seriously injure ed

including ... We've had riots elsewhere before. Is it poorly run? Absolutely. It is a serious problem when you have that sort of breach of

security. What Mr Evans must do

and I understand from reports

this morning, he may be moving quickly which we'd strongly

support. What was breakdown?

Why were the people in this

situation, some of them in the

one area with access to what

could be used as weapons,

knowing the tensions ... You

can't start describing trees as

weapons. I'm tea talking about

pool cues. Very serious weapons

if you choose to make them so.

Broom handles and so on. Which

can lead to broken limbs and

worse and apparently have in this this case. The domestic argument is right up to the moment that they're

weapons. There is also the

report of about three weeks ago

from the Australian Human

Rights Commission complaining

about the way children are

detained on Christmas Island in

the construction camp. So

there's already been a warning

if you like to the Australian

Government that what and how

they are looking after these

detainees on Christmas Island

isn't up to standard. The Human

Rights Commission warned them

that the 2005 coalition

unaccompanied minors the way regulations about children and

they needed to be looked after

and detained was being

breached. So I believe this

government has to do two

things. (1) make sure they stop

the people smuggling and that's

what we did of course in

coalition. Which put an end to

anybody sitting on roofs,

protesting and so on. The

second thing is you've got to

make sure if you do have the cries --

crisis which this government

currently does and the numbers

at Christmas Island, you have

to be absolutely sure you have

the best possible staff

taining, staff preparation, and

facility to make sure there is no danger and harm possible to

either the detainees or the staffer and officials

themselves. Just finally and

quickly before I let you go, on

the big issue of the week in the big issue of the week in Canberra the emissions trading

scheme, do you believe that

Malcolm Turnbull will be able

to get consensus support from

his side, from the coalition,

in support of changes, an

agreed set of changes between

the negotiators? It depends

very much on what those changes

or if you like the success of

the negotiations has been. I

will hear details in shadow

Cabinet very shortly. The party room will have room will have that discussion

in detail, a very robust

discussion on Tuesday morning

and we'll have to take it from

there, because this is a

critical issue. Very strong

feelings run in the coalition

about not beggaring our

economy, not destroying at the

same time our chance to make

things better. It's a case of

watching this space. Malcolm

will be arguing very strongly for what's best for what's best for the

nation. Are you in principle an emissions trading scheme supporter? I believe very much

that we've got serious climate

problems right now but I'm not

at all interested in what the

Labor Government put up as

their policy. It was a dog of a

policy. We have to have much,

much better for the Australian nation to make any difference

and for it not to be beggared

in terms of having our own

energy intensive use industries

simply go off shore and go to

somewhere else. Thanks for

joining us today. My pleasure,