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(generated from captions) You told her you love her. She loves you too. you're going with this exactly. Yeah, I don't know where Thomas and Steffy were doing, When you figured out what leave Steffy for Hope? did you think maybe you might Brooke, come on. What were you doing in the hospital? that you were saying. I mean, the things straight. What does that mean? You said you were gonna set things that you were gonna leave Steffy. Hope thought caught up in some romantic fantasy? Now, is that true, or were you just Or maybe you were feeding her lines. No. No, no, not at all. Well, then do something, Liam.

Steffy is out of the woods. End this marriage as soon as You have to divorce her. (SIGHS) for Hope, It's the best thing for you, even for Steffy. Just take charge of your life that you want to be with. and be with the person And that's Hope. Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live.

Tonight - asbestos fears. Shut down

work on Sydney's biggest

development work.

A cold-weather warning after an

elderly woman is saved from a high-

rise inferno. I'm very, very lucky. Sydney's

Sydney's gunmen show a bold new

disregard for life and the law. And

teenager rampage - we meet the five

(SCREAMING) guys at the centre of this.

Hi, we're One Direction. We are

Angela Bishop. She's great! Angela coming up on the Ten News with

She's chicka!

Good evening. I'm Bill Woods. Good

evening, I'm Sandra Sully. Also

tonight - Star's big boss defends

the casino's reputation. We have

advice for the four out of five

pain. mums and mums to-be who suffer back

And Black Caviar's little sister

goes under hammer for a record

price. We begin with the asbestos

emergency that has brought work on

Sydney's biggest construction site

Terrified at Barangaroo to a standstill.

Terrified workers have walked off

the job and are undergoing health

checks. How serious is the danger?

asbestos. You cannot be too careful with

asbestos. The site has been shut

down. Workers are being advised to

seek chest X-rays and lung function

tests in case they eventually

contract an asbestos-related zoz.

Barangaroo South is a $6 billion

development now stalled over fears

the land is riddled with deadly

asbestos fibres. We have grave

concerns about how far this has

gone. We have been talking to the

workers, who tell us that possibly

all this machinery on site has all this machinery on site has been

exposed. Workers are refusing to

continue until they are satisfied

the site is safe. The union was

called in after two workers were

covered in a cloud of dust, exposed

during excavation. The builder is

responsible for making sure the

site is safe, and it is up to them

to identify where the asbestos is,

put in place appropriate measures

to make sure workers aren't exposed.

Parts of the site compose old

landfill, the section where

asbestos has found was covered over

but there are concerns about

workers' health. 50% of the testing done

done on this project, from the

paperwork we have seen so far, has

shown and indicated asbestos fibres

found. The project manager said

that no traces have been found in

the air, nor have we found any evidence of exposure risk to

workers or the community. The union

wants developer, Lend Lease, to

clean up the asbestos found on the

site and to train workers in proper

safety procedures in case more is

discovered. The State Opposition is

concerned about the potential

impact outside the site.

Swrefrpblts seen a lot of wind in

the last couple of days. The

knows asbestos has been exposed - who

knows where it has gone. Well

unions and Lend Lease will meet

again tomorrow to work out whether

it is safe for work to resume.

John Hill with that story on

Barangaroo. Thank you.

A Bondi grandmother has been

picking up the pieces today after

her rescue from a high-rise inferno.

She was dragged to safety by

around her. neighbours, as the blaze raged

Oh, my God! As fierce flames

engulfed this apartment, on the

ground, hearts were racing.


With only seconds to spare, Rhoda

Abulafia was rescued by her

neighbours. But nothing could

prepare the 77-year-old for her return

return today. Devastation. Her son,

Alex, helped her sift through the

rubble for one special piece of

jewellery. I have a watch that was

40 years old and was given to me 40 years old and was given to me by my

my husband, who has been dead

nearly 1 years. They have salvaged

a few things but there were no

tears here. I'm - well, everybody

else is well. It could have been so much worse.

Lots of things could have gone

wrong. The gods were looking over

everybody. Also feeling blessed

today was Chantelle Gibbs, whose

inforn young family lives right above the

inforn know. Panic. You know? You

know that you have to get the

children out. That it is.

Investigators say a faulty electric

blank set to blame. Fire crews are

bracing themselves, now the cooler

weather has kicked in. Last year,

they were called to a thousand

fires across the state, sparked by

electric blankets and heaters.

Visually check them first. Please,

spend five minutes to look at them.

As for this survivor, her bags may

be a little lighter for her planned

she's going. holiday on Friday, but at least

Sydney's criminal underworld has

been at it again with the 10th

shooting in as many days. They have

become as regular as clockwork, and

despite plenty of tough-talking,

the police and politicians show no signs of stopping them.

Another day, another shooting.

Kpwun crime on the streets of

Sydney is now out of control.

Overnight, a 20-year-old man limped

into Westmead Hospital with a

bullet wound, he claimed it

happened in South Granville. But those

those living here saw nothing. We

would have heard it, definitely.

Police believe they are being lied

to. I'm getting sick and tired of

the attitude of some of these

people. They are doing nothing at

all to assist investigators. There

now been 10 shootings across Sydney

in the past 10 days. Yesterday, a 2

4yaerl was shot in broad daylight

at Granville. He also refusing to

answer questions. Shootings are

almost daily. You know? It is not a

surprise any more. Barry O'Farrell

needs to convene a crisis meeting

of law enforcement officers. The

Government, o of course, has

labelled all of this little more

than political point-scoring, but

senior police have hit out at the

idea saying they just need to be

allowed to get on with the job. We will

will deal with them, target them,

arrest them. You know, having a

crisis meeting is not going to

achieve anything whatsoever. They

are having success. Since January,

police have made 314 arrests. In

Punchbowl, they found a 16-year-old

boy with a gun linked to four

shootings. The attempted murder of

two places at Rockdale last year,

Arncliffe in January. With guns in

the hands of teenagers, police are

pleading for parents to speak out. Don't

Don't know who is involved in drugs and violent crimes.

After copping a battering for the

past fortnight, the Star Casino's big

big boss came to its defence today

at the Furness inquiry. Larry

Mullin denies many of the explosive

allegations levelled at the star,

but admits it is not perfect.

He faced a full house inside the

inquiry. Then outside the casino's

big boss made a rare public comment on

on the sexual harassment scandal

that rocked his empire. I don't

think that anyone feels any good

about what happened. I do feel bad

for everybody involved. Two women

made complaints against general

manager Sid Vaikunta, after a

casino investigation, Larry Mullen

was forced to fire him. How did it

fear sacking Sid? Not good. Both

men came from America to revitalise

the Star. Today, he denied their

changes saw standards slip,

rejecting damaging claims of a drug

culture among senior managers. Many

of those claims centred on Sid

Vaikunta, but today, the casino's

investigations manager testified,

despite numerous inquiries, no-one

had found any evidence of him using drugs

drugs or being intoxicated at work.

I feel bad for the staff, for all

the team that has had to go through

this. But we've got a great group

of people, we are excited, a

billion dollar investment that is

almost completed, a lot of fun

times ahead here. And to claims

that the Premier was part of a

vendetta against the casino. I

don't think it is true. He stopped

short at saying that the casino was

squeaky-clean. We are not perfect.

We have a large operation that is

is going on, a lot of things will

happen. We have a very regulated

and good process. To him, one thing

is always a sure bet at the Star? A

great place - a lot of fun.

We got a much better idea today why

Sydney's teenage girls have gone

into a frenzy over British boy band One Direction.

Ten's Entertainment Reporter Angela

Bishop sat down with the five members

members now. What is this all

about? Can you see what is actually

fuelling this worldwide obsession?

I can, Bill. They're utterly

charming, enormously talented. The

music is great. Hate z been a very

long time between drinks when it

comes to teenage fans having a good,

solid boy band to love, with one

member that you can focus your

attention on. The girls of Sydney

have been running around town today,

going wherever the band is, or

wherever they were whispered to be, and

and I can tell you this a short

time ago, they actually performed a

top-secret concert for about 100

lucky fans of the Hot 30 who had won

won tickets to go to the show. They

will be pleased fans! But before

that, I got to sit down with them

and find out a little bit about

what makes them tick. When

When you're the biggest boy band in

the world, this is just another day at at the office. (SCREAMING)

To kind of wake up, first thing in

the morning, by 7 o'clock, we were

greeted by thousands of fans. It is

crazy, not normal. But it is cool.

The level of adoration from fans is

more amazing when you consider they

only released their first single

six months six months ago. They were

discovered on the British version

of 'X Factor'.

(Sings) # Baby, you light up my

world # Like nobody else # The way

you flick your hair # I've been

here since 2 o'clock this morning,

because my 4-year-old granddaughter -

- her heart comes out of her chest

when she sees the guys on the TV.

Some of the girls were dressed up

as carrots? Yes! Why is that? Week

one of 'X Factor', I decided to say.

They like girls who eat carrots. I

thought it would be quirky and

funny. Ever since, girls have

dressed up at carrots. Thrown

carrots at me. Would you like to

get a message out, lose the carrot

thing? I would never do. Kids

should eat more carrots, healthy

living. Even though it is their

first visit to Australia, they now

a bit about it, thanks to


(Sings) # Neighbours mps # Da, da,

da # that's when good neighbours #

What fans want to know is - is the

camping out, the sign-making, the

teddy-bear-giving, the screaming -

all worth it? Do you think you

could fall in love with a fn and be

with a fan in a relationship? I

don't know - it depends on whether

it is somebody a fan or not. If you

like someone, you like them, if they didn't like your music.

Whatever. It would be awkward, if

someone didn't like the music at

all. You say, "Oh, I have a new

song." ""Oh, I hate it.". They play

in Sydney on Friday. So

So a little bit of hope for fans

there, I think. They certainly will

have plenty of running around to do.

The band is in Sydney for another

two days until the concerts on

Friday before they head to Melbourne

Melbourne over the weekend, where

they will make an appearance at the

Logies. Plenty of screaming still

the to come! Another day at the

office for you, following one of

the biggest bands in the world. Thanks.

Still ahead - the latest wave of refugeeings refugeeings found off Christmas Island.

Skwhr Also - Australia's Surf Life

Saving titles to move from deadly Kurrawa Beach.

And actor Matthew Newton to fight

charges stemming from his latest troubles in Miami.

A notorious Gold Coast beach has

been dumped as the venue for the Australian Surf Life Saving

Championships. The titles will no

longer be held at Kurrawa, after

14-year-old Matthew Barclay died

last month. His death came two

years after Saxon Bird drowned

after being hit by a surf ski there.

The officials say it is out of

respect, not for safety reasons. It

is just frustrating, makes us angry.

But somebody else has died. You

know before something could be done.

Life saving officials will choose a

venue in the next few months,

possibly North Kirra Beach. Actor

Matthew Newton will plead not

guilty to a charge stemming from a Florida

Florida incident. The case could go to to trial.

Relaxed and smiling, Matt newt

Newton left his hotel with a friend,

paugz in front of cameras to chat

and shake hands with staff. But the

scar of his Miami deal is clearly

visible. I cannot comment. He is a human

human that is needing some help.

Police reports released today

allege Newton verballed officers,

returning after being evicted for a

scuffle to scream, "You treat me like

like this because I'm Australian."

Everybody left who was involved in

the argument. Unfortunately, Mr

Newton decided to come back. Police

say there is no evidence Newton was

drunk. He was never breathalysed.

They back the bar owner's claims

that he was injured before, not

during, arrest. He just resisted a

little bit when they were trying to

hand cuff him. Newton has pleaded

not guilty to the charges via his

Miami lawyer, who has applied for

the case to go to a jury, meaning

between now and then it is unloyal

that Newton will have to step foot

in a courtroom himself. Of course

he does not want to appear in front

of the cameras. This is the perfect

way to that? This is the perfect

way to avoid that. Newton's lawyer

will take at least the next

fortnight rounding up evidence. It

could be months before a trial date is

is set and the actor can always change his plea.

At this stage, that leaves the 35-

year-old stuck in Miami, and still

due for court in Sydney come August.

Ten due for court in Sydney come August.

Ten Chinese asylum seekers who made

it to Darwin have now applied for

refugee status in Australia. Abandoning

Abandoning their plans to sail on

to New Zealand.

They won't be alone, though,

another 250 people were picked up

overnight in boats off Christmas Island.

Choosing the devil over the deep-

blue sea. Mandatory detention over

a dangerous sea voyage to New

Zealand. The 10 Chinese today gave in,

in, applying to stay here, despite

their fears being locked up would

reignite old traumas. Certainly, we

did not enter into any special

arrangements for them. Members of

the Falun Gong spiritual group,

which is banned in China, has

ignited emotions across the Tasman.

This situation arises because of the

the mandatory detention policies in

Australia, which are roundly

criticised around the world. In

fact, we are far too soft, says the

Opposition, and this, they say, is

the proof. We want to go to

Australia. Determined to try again, these

these are among 120 mostly Afghan

asylum seekers who are rescued this

week and return to Indonesia, after

initially refusing to leave the

Singaporeian tanker that picked

them up, they negotiated

accommodation at this hotel, rather

than Indonesian detention. One life.

I don't want to die! If I go to

jail, my family dies. In what the

Opposition claims is a record for a

single day under the Labor

Government, more than 250 asylum

seekers have been picked up in two

vessels off Christmas Island. Both

sides of politics blame the other.

What we here is a Government that

is reaping what it has sown in

terms of softer policies. They

cannot block government legislation

to allow for offshore processing and

and then complain about the results of that.

Tim Bailey is here with the weather

details. Frosty little 24 hours

there, but Sydney skies are on the mend. there, but Sydney skies are on the mend.

Yes, Billy. You could throw that 24

hours to 48 hours. We have been hours to 48 hours. We have been

down to 10 degrees. We have child

in Sydney, the coldest start this

earlier in the year for 80 years.

You would know that Bill - the last

time it happened was in 1933. The

blue sky you see beaming across

Sydney Harbour at the moment. It

will be with us Thursday, Friday,

Saturday and Sunday with temps

climbing, as this high sneaks over

NSW and Victoria, and stays there.

The southerly winds will ease,

thankfully for that they got up to

65km/h across Sydney Harbour today.

So the good news is - improving

weather pattern. Let's have a look

at the map in NSW today. It was

dodgier than we thought. 23 degrees

Liz more, kofs harbour. The chill

down the coast.

Well, for the second time in a week,

a baby has been born on the side of

a Sydney road. And

And both have been on the Lower

North Shore. Today it was Crows

Nest when this beautiful baby girl

couldn't wait a minute longer,

delivered safely into dad's

protective arms. Mum and newborn

were taken to North Shore Hospital,

where they are having a well-earned

rest. A roadside arrival occurred in

in a months man service station

before the Easter long weekend.

Something is in the air! Next up, a

terrible day on the markets, those details details in the Commsec Finance


The race to take on President

Barack Obama ends for one candidate.

And marking to the minute - 100 years

years since the 'Titanic' set sail.

Tonight on Sydney's Soap Box, as

another A-League club is under

threat, we are asking is private

ownership good for sports teams?

Let us know what you think, losing Facebook,

Facebook, Twitter or email. There

are problems tonight from Moore

Park to Liverpool. Vic Lorusso has the

the details. A serious accident

involving a truck on the M5 at

Revesby. This truck collided with

another vehicle just after 3pm. It

rolled on its side. Emergency

services were quick to the scene,

to assess the patient to get the

vehicle back on to its wheels.

Traffic delays continue after all

lanes were opened about 45 minutes

ago. Take a look at the traffic

details - they verge all the way

back, past the M5 tunnel, through

the airport and the app eastern Distributor. If you know anyone

heading out to the south-west, best

to avoid the M5, take Canterbury Rd, or Brigton-Le-Sands. Problems

heading out of the city via Harbour Bridge

Bridge and Military Rd.

Well, it seems we are a gloomy

bunch with consumer sentiment

falling to an eight-month low.

Despite the fact most Australians

believe the global financial crisis

is over, sentiment has fallen by

more than 10% on a year ago. Also

today, we saw figures showing that

housing loans have fallen for the

second month in a row. The only

good news to come out of both of these

these pieces of disappointing data

is that it is now more likely we

will see a rate cut in May.

And there was only one direction

for the share market today - down.

The all ords has fallen for the

past four session, which is the

longest losing streak in four

months. Mining stocks eased on lower commodity prices. BHP Billiton announced BHP Billiton announced it will

close one of its coal mines in

Queensland. Macquarie Group down 3%.

Harvey Norman, a bright spot today.

The Aussie dollar has fallen below $1pnt03.

At last, Barack Obama knows his

opponent in the race to be

President of the United States.

Rick Santorum, who was running Rick Santorum, who was running

second to Mitt Romney, has pulled

out of the fight to be the

Republican nominee. This

presidential race for us is over.

For me. And we will suspend our

campaign effective today. Romney

can now devote all his energy and

substantial funds to convincing

American voters to choose him over Obama.

A Norwegian man who killed 77

people last year has been found to

be sane. Psychiatrists have

contradicked an earlier diagnosis

that Anders Breivik was psychotic.

He has admitted to the killing

spree and is said to agree with the

new medical report. He will go on

trial in Oslo next week, facing

life in prison, rather than a psychiatric facility.

100 years ago today, the 'Titanic'

set sail on her first and last

voyage. Relatives of the 1,500

victims have paid the respects

where the doomed journey began.

100 year years to the minute...

The sounds of 'Titanic' echo across

Southampton for only the second time in history.

The flotilla ships setting sail

from the now infamous berth.

Hundreds gathered quayside to pay their respects.

I just found the whole experience

very moving. Very emotional. Very

emotional. Very emotional. A stream

of school children spilled down

Southampton streets, each carrying

the names and photographs of the the names and photographs of the

1,517 victims. I didn't think I

would cry, but I did. I mean, it's

- it is very sad. Carol Daniel's

grandfather was one of the few crew

to survive. He escaped with his

cabin keys. He found it in his

pocket. Once she hit the iceberg,

he went down to tell the crew, and

they didn't believe him. So he went

back on deck, and got some ice and took

took it down so that they actually

believed that they were in trouble.

Still to come - the back pain

dangers facing busy mums.

Also - Bob Hawke pays tribute to

his former deputy Lionel Bowen at a

state funeral.

I'm Jessica Turner at the Easter

Show. Today, I've recruited foodie

expert Hayden Quin. We will sampling

sampling the freshest food! (CRASH!) Ahh! Uhhh... Ahhhhh! Ah... Ah... Allianz Insurance - that's right. How can I help? Allianz - it's one word 2 million Australians think of for insurance. SONG: # I just want to be OK today. # Did you get his food, honey? Hm. (SPORTS COMMENTARY ON TV) Hm. VOICEOVER: Most of the things we imagine never happen.

But there is one thing we can be sure of - with GIO Insurance, you can feel better protected, so you can confidently get on with life.

Tonight's headlines - an asbestos emergency

emergency has brought work on

Sydney's biggest construction site

to a standstill.

Workers have walked off the job at

Barangaroo, and are now having health checks.

A Bondi grandmother is still

picking through the ruins of her

apartment which has gone up in

smoke. Brave neighbours managed to bring

bring her to safety.

The Star Casino's big boss, Larry

Mullen, has come to its defence at

the Furness inquiry, dismissing the

many allegations levelled at it. He admits

admits the place is not perfect.

A grateful nation said goodbye

today to a beacon of Australian politics.

Four former prime ministers were

among the mourners at St Mary's

Cathedral to honour former Deputy

Prime Minister Lionel Bowen, a rare

figure respected on all sides of

politics. He mentored prime

ministers and Premiers. He was

revered for his unshakeable

character and conviction and deep

sense of justice. A total

commitment of integrity and

currently. He served in public life

for 42 years. He died at the

weekend after battling Alzheimer's

and pneumonia. A surprising number

of women are struggling to cope

with chronic back pain. Nine out of

10 months and mothers to-be are

affected. If left untreated they risk

risk permanent spinal damage. Mums

spend at least six hours a day

bending and lifting in and out of

cots and cars, changing nappies and

breast-feeding, the representative

movements training their -- repetitive movements straining

their backs and necks. I had a lot

of pain during my pregnancys.

Carrying a toddler around while pregnant pregnant increases the risk of

injury fur. We see a change in the

bones themselves, the health of the

spine, the discs and the nerves.

New research from the Sierk

practor's Association of Australia

shows four out of five pregnant and

new mums have pain levels that

disrupt their lives. Some days it

is worse than others. By the time

the evening comes, I cannot stand

up any more. During pregnancy,

there is a change in the hormone, a hormone that relaxs the ligaments

of the spine. This means that we

will have a big shift in how the

spine is moving and functioning.

Most don't appreciate the weight

they are lifting, with a six-month-

old averaging 6kg, a 1-year-old

around 9kg, and 2-year-old, at 12kg,

can it cause long-term stress and

damage. The spine protects the intricate nerves and system within

the spine itself, if the nerve

pathways are damaged during injury,

that can affect tissue and organs

throughout the whole body. Many incorrectly

incorrectly think the pain is

temporary, but check ups and

treatment are important. There are

some great statistics out there

showing that chiropractor practik will

will support you during pregnancy,

getting the baby in the right

position, and shortening Labor, and

having an easier and safer birth

for the babies. It wasn't too many

Easter shows ago that the food

could be as frightening as the

rides. But oh how things have

changed. Jess at a Turner as a list

of some -- has enlisted some celebrity

celebrity help this year to find

out what is on the fine-dining menu. You

You wouldn't expect this for lunch

at the Easter Show. This year,

there are so many fancy foods, we have have recruited 'Masterchef'

finalist Hayden Quinn to judge the

best of it. Let's try it! Why not!

At the NSW Cafe, you can try the

finest local produce. The beef

comes from Wagga. We have beetroot

relish. This cheese plate is a

delight from the Hunter Valley. Do you

you think cheese is the perfect end

to any meal? Cheese, wine, you

cannot go past that - good company,

good times! Hayden has released a

new electronic cook book, so he

knows good grub, just not how to

eat it sometimes. What is your

favourite! (Laughs) Oysters are

among the popular gourmet treats. We

We have the Sydney rock from the

south coast. Supercreamy. A little

taste of the ocean. It is not all fancy

fancy food. This year, pizza in a

cone has been a huge hit. Have you

tried one of these before? Never

seen it! It looks interesting! I'm willing

willing to give it a go. Here we


There we go! How is that? Well,

we're at the Show, so, have a bit

of fun too.

As delicious as they are, Hayden

has clearly been seduced by the

seafood. My favourite would have to

have been the oysters. Just don't

take on the rides with a full stomach!

Now to the mob that's taken over Sydney

Sydney today. Poor old Justin

Bieber ch how soon they forget!

This afternoon, some of One

Direction's biggest fans saw their

idols on stage. The fans are

fickle! Angela Bishop, you gave us

the scoop earlier tonight yoflt

have you your hands on some of the

performance vision? Well, One

Direction are Justin Bieber times

five, I think you will find, Bill.

They came here to sing, and for 200

very lucky competition winners that

is what they got to see this

afternoon. I give you One Direction! (SCREAMING)

(Sings) # You don't know what

you're beautiful # You light up my

world # Like nobody else # The way

you flick your hair # Makes me

overwhelmed! # It's hard to tell! #

You don't know # You don't know

you're beautiful # All I can see #

I want you so desperately # Right

now # I'm lookin' at you # And I

can't believe # You don't know # Oh,

oh, oh # You don't know you're

beautiful #. As I said, they are in

town for another two days in Sydney.

Where they go, screaming teenage

girls are sure to follow. I cannot

say too much right at the moment,

but there are more than a few One

Direction fans down here at lunar

Park right now!

Terrific, well done, Angela Bishop.

To a man who is never subtle, that is

is Brad McEwan, with Sports Tonight.

All the NRL clubs are keeping a

close eye on the judiciary tonight.

It could be a benchmark case, when

Ben Teo defends his shoulder charge

against Wests Tigers. He has just

arrived. We will have those pictures shortly.

Plus, the most flamboyant team-

owner in Australian sporting

history. He loved pink cars and

helicopters. He has his say on

Nathan Tinkler backing out of the

Jets. Plus, no shortage of cash

here. The philly that went for a motzer in Sydney!

The The Project is up next. We ask

- would you be prepared to work for

nothing to get a foot in the door

for your dream job?

The article commission

The article commission has banned

North Queensland half-back Robert Louis

Louis from playing in the NRL for

the remainder of the 2012 season.

He was found guilty of assault

while playing for the Wests Tigers. Brisbane Broncos forward Ben Teo

will face the NRL judiciary over

the shot that KO adBen Groat. It is

shaping as a test case, amid calls

for the shoulder charge to for the shoulder charge to be

outlawed from the game. As Ben Teo

arrived for tonight's judiciary

hearing, other clubs were weighing

up the pros and cons of the

shoulder charge. The Panthers have

been on the wrong end of some of

this season's biggest hits. David

Simmons knocked senseless by the

Bulldogs' Frank Pritchard. Danny

Galea copped this. But they

maintain it is just part of the

game. Mate, I think if game. Mate, I think if it nothing comes

comes in contact with the head, I

can't see a problem with it.

Sometimes that I come off,

sometimes that I don't. It is a high-risk

high-risk action. But it's - I

think it brings fans to the game.

The Pritchard case got the Broncos

worked up ahead of tonight's

judiciary hearing. The Bulldog

copped a one-match suspension. Ben

Teo faces a four-match

Teo faces a four-match ban for the

shot that flawed Tigers' Ben Groat.

They want to ban the shoulder

charge. That should have been done

in the pre-season, not mid-season.

While Pritchard was hit with a

grade-one high-tackle charge, Teo

has become the first player to face

a grade 3 dangerous contact charge.

The Broncos say it is a charge worth

worth fighting. We're not in the habit habit of,

habit of, you know, making knee-

jerk reactions or decisions. There's inconsistency there. That is what we highlighted.

Jeffery Edelsten, the man who owned

the Sydney Swans and wanted to buy

the Cronulla Sharks says he

wouldn't be surprised if Nathan

Tinkler pulled the pin on the

Newcastle Knights. 24 hours after Nathan Tinkler dumped Nathan Tinkler dumped the Jets, the

Knights say they have no concerns.

What a difference a day makes.

Smiles once again in Newcastle.

Nathan Tinkler's about-face with

the Jets doing little to impact the

Knights' commitment to their billionaire

billionaire owner. I just said,

"We're more than happy with our

position on it." So no-one is

seeking assurances at all. Wayne

Bennett believes private ownership

breeds success. He should know. He

has worked under the model for 22

years. These people are driven to be

be successful and they want to be

part of successful organisations.

But that is exactly what concerns

Australia's first private owner of

a sports club. The extravagant Dr

Jeffery Edelsten, who bought the

Sydney Swans in 1985, he says

owners have limits. You have to

love it enormously, be prepared to love it enormously, be prepared to

put your head in, and to a great

degree. And get some...

He was roadblocked by the NSW rugby

league when he tried to buy the

Sharks a year later, but insists

private ownership in Australia is

flawed. It is a sentiment yet to be

a concern for the Knights. Without

Nathan Tinkler we would Nathan Tinkler we would be outski,

gone! Bankrupt. The money spent on

the Knights, I don't think he would

be prepared o to throw that way.

That confidence is little

consolation to the Newcastle Jets,

whose survival is in a legal limbo.

Now the fourth A-League club in

five years to face the axe, it has

the entire code guessing which club

is next.. It is an unstable

environment at the moment. It feels

like things are snowballing. Where

do they stop?

A master spell from paceman Ben

Hilfenhaus has put Australia in a

winning position, heading into the

final day of the first test against

the West Indies. The Aussies' tail

wagged early on day 4, as Michael

Clarke declared at 9/406. In the second

second innings, the windies slumped for

for 5/71. Ryan Harris and Nathan

Lyon combined to bat Australia back

into contention before Hilfenhaus

ripped through the homeside's top order.

COMMENTATOR: Bowled him! Right

through the gate! With a day to

play the windies holed a 114-run

lead with just five wickets in hand.

The half sister to champion race

horse Black Caviar has sold for a

record 2mnt 6 million. The Victorian Victorian syndicate paying the

highest price ever for a philly at

Sydney's Easter Yearlying sales.

She is out of Helsinge and champion

stallion Redoute. In one of the most anticipated sales in

Australian history, lot 200 sent

bidders into a spin at Randwick.

Two million four. Two million five...

A half-sister to Australia's colt,

All Too Hard and the world's best

sprinter Black Caviar, it wasn't

hard to find an offer. The bidding

lasted just two minutes, finishing

at $2.6 million - a Southern

Hemisphere record for a philly.

We will know in about 24 months

about whether we are happy about

spending more than that. Having

this type of family that you now

own. Melbourne trainer Danny

O'Brien given the honour of guiding

her to the barrier, her syndication

yet to be finalised.

Bill's got most of it already

placed but there will be the

opportunity probably for two or 10%

shares to be purchased. After all

the hype of today settles down, she

will be taken down to Victoria, will be taken down to Victoria,

where she will no doubt be wrapped

in cotton wool until her already

keenly anticipated first race.

Punters may be waiting a while,

with O'Brien indicating there is no

rush, likely following the siblings

to and bypassing the Golden Slipper.

With winter approaching first,

today's Toyota Play of the Day is a

touch on the chilly side. These

crazy Cats enjoying a game -

sledding day. No-one was left out

in the cold in the Germany, for the skimming

skimming contest. Competitors

attempted to cross the man-made

pond. This chap was cool as yies.

Good enough for our Play of the Day.

Had to practise that one many times.

A quick check on the traffic now.

You are above the Harbour Bridge? A quick check on the traffic now. You are above the Harbour Bridge?

I'm monitoring the traffic out to

the northside this evening. An

earlier breakdown impacting the

traffic getting on from the Western

Distributor, as you can see from

the main deck of the bridge. The the main deck of the bridge. The

good news is that once peak hour

traffic passs this stretch of run

it is journey all the way through

the tunnel and to the north-west. it is journey all the way through the tunnel and to the north-west. Bailey, weather, soon!

We talk about the event that shut

that on Sunday. We will also shut

down the southerly, and bring back

the sunshine. How does that sound?

It is all happening after the


What the weather details. When he

you're not watching boy bands, and

good weather for swimming, running and riding? I

I have I said it before. The big

coat hanger and gets shut on Sunday.

On Saturday, the elite triathletes get

get into the harbour and a run

around on their way to London. But

forget the elites, but these are

other hacks. On Sunday 2,500 of

them. I cannot explain to people

what goes on between your left ear

and your right ear by if you have done

done 50 marriage SANS? What is the

appeal? The people around me. My

wife does it as well. Lucky you did

not leave her out! Sunday, what is

this race all about? You swim in

the harbour next to the Opera House,

you ride there Harbour Bridge and

you run the great city of Sydney.

It will be shut from four am till

11am on Sunday. 736 and 10:36am.

Brenda, you are married to Alex. How

How many triathletes -- track once

have you done? 35. It is a three. A swim, have you done? 35. It is a three. A

swim, a bike ride and a married

thumbs. You married him. And good

luck as you take on these fine city.

And particularly the athletes

chasing the gold medals at London.

As a chilly start again. Second 10

degree day. The Kohl thus it has

been at this early in the year

since 1933 - he would remember it,

would do not have?

Clear skies. Strong southerly and

occasional showers on the east

Coast. Tomorrow, a cold but clear

morning. Isolated showers morning. Isolated showers

persisting on the NSW and

Queensland coastline.

Congratulations all stock we will

see you again at tomorrow night. That's Ten News That's Ten News for this Wednesday,

April 11. We'll have updates

throughout the evening. Now here's

the gang

This program is captioned live.

Tonight - a city under fire, when

will the Sydney shootings stop? The

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Killer beach dumped as championship

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