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Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. Tonight, a bullied schoolboy dies following a Sydney street fight. The plea from his grieving mother. to a power sell-off. The Government agrees that bills will rise again. Now warnings in Western Australia's bushfires More homes under threat with 20 already destroyed. The corruption inquiry a Sydney businessman involving a minister and a prostitute. Kyle and Jackie O's radio show. Plus advertisers abandon with Mark Ferguson. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News Good evening. a long-time victim of bullying, A 16-year-old schoolboy, with another teenager has died following a fight in Sydney's south-west. Aaron Jones's mum says he's been taken from her she's struggling to believe it doesn't happen to anyone else. and she hopes staff and parents Just as the students, of Sarah Redfern High of 16-year-old Aaron Jones, were hearing of the death the road at the Minto Shopping Mall. more violence explodes just across she was bashed by a security guard, This teenage girl claimed by the brawling. young children traumatised Three blocks away, to honour the Year 10 student. friends of Aaron Jones gathered he was the victim of bullying. His mother said It has not gone away. I spoke with the principle about it two years ago. with a 14-year-old boy Aaron was involved in a fight at this intersection yesterday just a block away in Campbelltown Hospital. and died a short time later of what can happen as a result. This is a tragic example Other parents had been aware for some time. Aaron had been been bullied that had been going for a while It was just a silly schoolyard thing and no-one wished this upon anyone. he had been targeted.. His schoolmates confirmed he was always put down. But he was bullied and that - is not doing enough They claim the school to protect children from violence. of troubled kids in this area. I personally think there's a lot on exactly why Aaron died Police won't speculate until they interview more witnesses. of an autopsy. and we're awaiting the results from Minto. And Adam Walters joins us now to help Aaron's parents. Adam, a trust fund has been set up That's right, Mark. Friends of the family say of losing their son, apart from the devastation to afford a funeral his parents won't be able are appealing to everyone so friends and families in the Macquarie Fields community they say he deserves. to help give Aaron the farewell details are on our website, Mark. If you want to help his family, on a power sell-off. The Premier has flicked the switch electricity generators He wants to privatise in government hands. but keep the poles and wires will make electricity cheap Mr O'Farrell says competition will pay hundreds of dollars more. but Labor claims customers for not doing enough in the job A Premier who's faced criticism did something today. will be introducing legislation The State Government of New South Wales. to sell the electricity generators the state-owned power plants A plan to privatise and the Cobbora coalmine. an expected $5 billion, The generators alone will raise after marathon talks today only agreed to between Liberal and National MPS. between the Nationals and Liberals There's no daylight But they won't be selling of the power sector, the poles-and-wires part in spending money. foregoing an expected $30 billion will be funded. The commitments we've made on the sale of poles and wires. They weren't contingent Labor and the unions say that will hurt. the power sale is a broken promise of about $550 a year. An average increase For a lot of people, into private hands, Where these have fallen they cut costs straightaway means that jobs go. which, of course, goes to Parliament next year. Legislation for the power sale It returns on Valentine's Day the Government's getting loving and, already, tried but failed to sell off power. from a former Labor premier who the right decision. Mr O'Farrell has finally made He's going to do it the right way. in Canberra, There's a major power shift handed more control of Parliament. with Julia Gillard The Speaker Harry Jenkins has quit, on the backbench. boosting Labor's numbers has defected from his party And Liberal Peter Slipper to take the job. The Speaker finds it hard to speak. indigenous peoples... Of all Australia's Then the shock... To tender my resignation of the House of Representatives. as Speaker ..followed by the bombshell. the Governor-General, After informing an emergency Labor caucus meeting Mr Jenkins joins Peter Slipper as new Speaker. to endorse renegade Liberal This the moment a deflated Tony Abbott learns he's lost a crucial number. His Opposition tried to nominate nine Labor members without success... Surely there is one member of the Labor Party who regards themselves as worthy? ..before Independent Tony Windsor nominated Mr Pyne... It may be the only way we'll shut him up. ..while Mr Slipper feigned reluctance being dragged to the chair, the bitter looks of his former colleagues were real. I do intend to be an Independent Speaker. And an Independent MP... I will be relinquishing my party membership. ..before his party had a chance to throw him out. Today's tumultuous events on the fourth anniversary of Kevin Rudd's landslide victory give Julia Gillard one extra vote - Tony Abbott loses one - a big deal in this hung parliament. It means Labor is no longer just one vote from extinction. And Independent Andrew Wilkie's can no longer bring down the Government over his pokie reforms. Tony Abbott praised Mr Jenkins, then claimed he's had his throat cut to save the Prime Minister. We should have had the Prime Minister going to Yarralumla to tender her resignation. Full of abuse, full of bluster. Full of conspiracy theories. As a respected speaker... Order! ..calls last orders. And political editor Mark Riley joins us now. Mark, what will voters make of this? Well, Julia Gillard leaves this parliamentary year in a lot stronger shape inside here than anyone expected. She's gained a crucial vote and avoided an election but it is how this is perceived outside of Canberra that really matters. In a volatile and unpredictable electorate, in the court of public opinion against Tony Abbott. That won't be easy, Mark. Thanks, Mark. Mark Riley there. Residents south of Perth are demanding to know how a hazard reduction burn got out of control, The blaze has scorched 1800 hectares between Margaret River and Prevelly on the coast and is still threatening property tonight. Firefighters battling to save homes near the coastal retreat of Prevelly, 300km south of Perth. On the ground and from the air. It's a desperate effort, with temperatures over 30 degrees, wind gusting to 65km/h. These are homes they couldn't save, isolated properties caught in yesterday's blaze. As with so many bushfires, the devastation was random. This house was destroyed, one next door, spared, caught in the path of a controlled fire that suddenly went out of control, raging through 1,800 hectares of forest and farmland. MAN: There's fire in Margaret River. Massive. More than 150 firefighters plus water-bombing aircraft joined the battle. One man watched his home burn. MAN: My house! Firefighters said at its worst, the blaze seemed unstoppable. Awful. Just absolutely awful. Authorities say it's by no means under control, residents warned to get ready to run. Barry and Janet Dufall have packed their most precious possessions. All we have to do is jump in the car and drive to the beach area. Locals want to know why a burn-off was held on a scorching day. Officials are refusing to cop the blame. They say this fire wasn't lit yesterday but back in early September, for almost three months that it was carefully controlled blew it back into life and it jumped the boundary. I want to reinforce with you a prescribed burn that we did not ignite from Margaret River. And Paul Kadak joins us live evacuations there this afternoon. Paul, there've been more at evacuation centres Mark, people are being put up their properties will be OK. and can only wait and hope The key factor will be the wind. It is been coming from the north. That will switch to being from the south-west. There is a chance that that could put more properties at risk. have been laid Another four murder charges against the man accused of lighting the Quakers Hill Nursing Home fire. Nurse Roger Dean now faces eight counts of murder over the blaze that erupted last Friday. Police are still working out the exact cause of death of the ninth fire victim. Out of the chaos and despair, we're counting on some justice, at the end of the day. Dean remains in custody and will face court in February. Former State Government Minister Ian Macdonald of a sex for favours scandal. is at the centre It's claimed he accepted paid for by a businessman. the services of a prostitute to tell a corruption hearing But, Mr Macdonald is expected for a tight neck. he only received a remedial massage For his love of fine food and wine, as 'Sir Lunchalot'. Ian MacDonald became known at this restaurant in Leichhardt But they were dinners of the corruption watchdog, which came to the attention an alleged murderer meals involving the former minister, and a prostitute. No comment. It's the midst of a hearing. This is a public inquiry was corrupted by businessmen. into whether a minister of the Crown One of those businessmen is Ron Medich, who's accused of killing Sydney standover man Michael McGurk. The Commission heard in 2009, then energy minister Ian MacDonald set up a dinner with Medich and two unassuming energy executives Is it grubby/embarrassing to be caught up in? Yes. In return for the political favour, Macdonald was allegedly given another kind of favour. of a young woman The sexual services known as 'Tiffanie'. The inquiry was told from a line-up of Asian escorts, MacDonald chose Tiffanie Medich telling his dinner guests, The commission heard to the Four Seasons Hotel Medich then drove Ian Macdonald here in a room. where Tiffanie was waiting an "innocent remedial massage" he came for to tell the hearing MacDonald is expected

about what went on in the room There will be direct evidence and it's pretty squalid stuff. evidence in coming days. Tiffanie is expected to give could lose millions of dollars Sydney radio station 2DayFM following an abusive on air rant Kyle Sandilands. by breakfast shock jock their ads from his top rating show Furious companies are pulling he's the victim. but Sandilands claims Holed up inside his LA castle, from the storm 'King Kyle' is half a world away has unleashed. his Tuesday morning tirade You've got a nothing job, anyway. you're a piece of s--t. Just so you know, All directed at a female journalist about his Channel 7 TV special. who wrote a scathing online article from the 'Telegraph' website - Some fat slag or, sorry, - has already branded it a disaster. and wash your mouth Change your image, girl, or I will hunt you down. is appalling To be told she will be hunted down we shouldn't stand for. and something not sorry but conceding. Kyle was back on radio this morning, You know, I do react in a personal way. and I do overreact I went personal on her was personal on me. because I thought her attack thousands tweeting The Twittersphere has already turned under the hashtag #vilekyle. that it's offensive, it's bullying, People are saying it's outrageous. like a woman hater. I am the last thing on earth I will have to back you up on that. the embattled star 2Day FM is standing by increasingly hard. but that's becoming Experts say his on-air rants millions of dollars. are costing the station So far, have ditched his radio programs, nine sponsors and advertisers a mass exodus Harvey Norman and Telstra. including major companies Holden, with a program You don't want to go to air the worst type of headlines that creates and that you're associated with. is up to $4 million. His estimate of the lost revenue arrests in a major sport scandal. Still to come, Also, the tragic hospital mistake to lose her unborn twins. that caused a mother to Sydney - And adding some Christmas cheer the city lights up. the festive spirit, next. Where you can join corruption scandals over one of the biggest in Australian sport. It involves horse doping and the rigging of bets worth millions of dollars. Reporter Mike Duffy has been investigating. Today's arrests are part of what's been dubbed 'Harnessgate' and will rock the sport to its core. The state's top driver, Greg Bennett, who's dominated harness racing, was arrested and charged with bribery offences. Also charged are former senior steward Paul O'Toole and a 24-year-old Plumpton man. Matt Bentley O'Toole and fellow steward were stood down in August. a vast horse-doping syndicate. They'd allegedly orchestrated were providing information The allegation is that the stewards to certain trainers would be tested for drugs. about which races that wouldn't face testing Mark, they knew the races performance-enhancing drugs and it's claimed horses were given and bets laid. how much the syndicate made Nobody knows but it's believed to involve drivers and punters. officials, trainers, The infamous Fine Cotton affair that rocked racing to its core. was just one race This ring has potentially 100 races. Many more arrests are expected in coming days. Losing an unborn child is traumatic enough but a Melbourne couple has lost both of their babies and human error is to blame. The mother had agreed to abort one child due to a medical condition but an obstetrician accidently terminated the healthy baby. The Melbourne maternity hospital is usually a place of great joy, but tragedy struck on Tuesday. This is a horrible tragedy the investigation is as thorough and we'll make sure as it can be. At 32 weeks pregnant, to terminate one of her twin boys a mother underwent a procedure with a congenital heart disease. who had been diagnosed But in a devastating accident, the fatal injection the healthy twin received female obstetrician. by an experienced I've been in this job for 14 years, and this is the first time situation quite like this one. I have ever had to deal with a during a 3-hour operation. The unwell baby was also terminated The Women's has acknowledged what happened here on Tuesday was a distressing clinical accident and it has offered support to the family and staff that have been affected. In a statement, the hospital expressed its sorrow. An investigation is under way into how the mistake happened. With just over a month to go, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in the city. Town Hall has lit up with a spectacular display. The lights were switched on for the first time last night, transforming the historic building centrepiece. into a magical Christmas will be shown every night from 8:30 10 different projections until Christmas eve. for the Aussie cricket team. and the injury toll rises Sport now with Jim Wilson

are struggling big-time Mark, our fast bowlers is in trouble. and now super teen Pat Cummins Details next. champion Greg Chalmers, But no dramas for Australian Open whose golden streak rolls on. And women boxers fuming of next year's London Olympics. at organisers We'll tell you why, next. (UP-BEAT ROCK MUSIC PLAYS) VOICEOVER: Chilli-infused chicken-breast patty, crisp lettuce and fiery mayo - McDonald's new Chicken Scorcher. Get it while it's hot for just $4.95. with teen superstar Patrick Cummins our latest concern ahead of next week's first Test against New Zealand. Cummins has a heel complaint but remains optimistic of playing his first test on home soil. It's the last thing Australia's new selection panel needed to see - star fast bowler Pat Cummins struggling with a heel problem at a promotion for the upcoming Twenty20 Big Bash. I pulled up a little bit sore after the game the other day and, yeah, hopefully should be right to go but see what happens. Ryan Harris has a hip injury, Mitchell Johnson, a toe problem and so our fast bowling stocks are a real concern a week before the series opener against the Kiwis. Totally unsure of what's going to happen and I think there's a few other fast bowlers in a bit of a doubt and so hopefully everyone's fit and It's a long summer ahead. There are calls for Cummins to be kept in cotton wool and lighten his workload - less cricket in the shorter form of the game and save him for test duties. But not everyone agrees. He should just keep bowling, go as long as you can and find out because, too often, we're telling our young fast bowlers to rest all the time and guess what? We're getting lots of injuries. And some of the potential replacements if our strike bowlers are ruled out have struggled for Australia A in the tour match against the Kiwis in Brisbane. The tourists fast approaching 300 for the loss of only 4 wickets. The Zealand are 442190 at the moment. -- 4/290. Australian Open champ Greg Chalmers has continued his outstanding form on day one of the Australian PGA at Coolum. Adam Scott hit 3 shots into the water and was 5 over par, before he salvaged his round, reeling off 6 birdies to finish at 2 under. But the first round highlight came from Chalmers who produced this gem. COMMENTATOR: Hole-in-one! Greg Chalmers, bounces straight back with that Eagle, that's outstanding. what a great couple of weeks he's had. A historic night for AFL with the national draft being held in Sydney's west. Newcomer the Greater Western Sydney Giants will dominate with 11 of the top 14 picks. There's a lot of pressure in football. It doesn't matter what position you're in so we've done the hard work and tonight it's about picking the players we feel are best suited to our football club. Jonathan Patton is expected to go number one. World number one Novak Djokovic has been beaten for just the fifth time this year at the season-ending World Tour Finals. Hampered by a shoulder problem, Djokovic proved no match for David Ferrer, who dispatched the Serb in straight sets - 6-3, 6-1. Last year's whipping boy has become this year's giant killer. The world number one bites the dust. The Spaniard's now through to the semis, while Djokovic needs to win his final match. The International Amateur Boxing Federation has sparked claims of sexism with plans to force female boxers to wear skirts during bouts in next year's London Olympics. The row has flared at a pre-Olympic test event in the host city. To get it back involved in the Olympics, to be an Olympic sport, was taking a huge leap forward for the sport and it can be seen as taking a couple of steps back by making us wear skirts. The decision will be made in January next year. Sarah's next with Sydney's weather and you've got a few helpers tonight, Sarah. Yes, Mark, though they haven't been able to fix this miserable weather. It's Nissan's End of Year Deals. And right now, the Nissan Navara ST is a powerfully low $39,888 driveaway. Plus there are offers across the entire Nissan range. So rush into your Nissan dealer today. (UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYS) (CLICK!) (BUBBLES EFFERVESCE) It's a 5km jog around Darling Harbour raising money for children in need. This year, the traditional long red pants have been replaced with shorts. Great for warmer weather, though today felt more like winter, which has been battered by heavy rain and flooding. Roads around Inverell have been swamped by swollen rivers. The town received 56mm of rain - a 3-year high. Other towns, including Armidale, had their heaviest November rainfall on record. We shivered here in Sydney today, Reaching only 18 degrees. It was cold, damp and miserable around the suburbs with temperatures struggling to hit 17 or 18 degrees. From the satellite, you can see a lot of cloud through New South Wales thanks to a slow-moving trough. That will generate more rain in most districts tomorrow. It'll be heaviest in the north-east, with another 100mm possible so flood watches are still current. Rain is also forecast in Canberra and Melbourne. A shower for Adelaide. Perth's firefighters are expecting a cooler, humid change. On our waters - Tomorrow will be another good day for staying indoors. We're expecting heavier rain in Sydney. Up to 35mm. Top temperatures ranging from 14 at Katoomba to 22 at Liverpool. So rug up and don't forget the umbrella. On Saturday, there'll be morning rain. But it should clear up around midday. And Sunday's looking good. Partly cloudy and 26 in the city. Warm and 28 in the west. So good weather news for the Variety Santa Fun runners on Sunday. If you want to take part, details are on our website. That's Seven News for this Thursday. I'm Mark Ferguson. Goodnight. Australian superstar Helen Reddy. What happened to the fame and fortune? $30 million. The private jet, luxury homes, lavish parties and her famous friends gone. Her exclusive interview. I'm a pensioner. Return to 'Sylvania Waters'. The Aussie family living inside a television show. 35 cameras - the fights, the drama, every moment of their lives caught on tape. The female drink driving epidemic. The mothers, wives and daughters blowing higher than ever. Why more women are getting caught drunk behind the wheel. And slashing your bills - mortgage, phone, power, insurance. The simple tricks guaranteed to help you save. Good evening. Helen Reddy is a national music legend. The first Australian to score a number one hit on the American Billboard charts with a song that would define a generation of women around the globe. She lived the high life, amassing a personal fortune running into the tens of millions of dollars. But today, there is none of that fame, fortune or lifestyle and, as David Richardson reports, Helen Reddy - the pensioner - couldn't be happier. I've been living alone for 10 years and I really love it. I eat when I'm hungry, I sleep when I'm tired. I do whatever I want, whenever I want to do it and he pressure's off.