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Tonight - the Randwick murders -

the distraught father of the

children who survived makes a

heartbreaking return to Sydney.

Fatal error - proof the lights were

out before a deadly collision. A

globetrotting councillor set to

cost ratepayers dearly.

We will open up the door to a by-

election that would cost this

Council probably $150,000.

And Remembrance Day - the Nation

salutes those who gave their lives

for their country.

Good evening. I'm Deborah Knight,

Ad I'm Bill Woods. Also new laws

target ATM fraud. And Tiger Woods

finds a new Aussie mate.

But first - a heartbroken Sydney

father has been reunited with his

children after learning his wife

and father- in- law were murdered on Monday night.

After a flight from London, Ben

Heuston arrived home this morning

as police revealed more about their

prime suspect, who they believe is

still in Sydney.

Anthony Waterlow was last seen at

his sister's home the night both

she and their father were murdered

- and his 2-year-old niece slashed

with a knife.

Despite a 2-day man hunt,

detectives still have not found him.

Anyone who has seen this man, we

have concerns and we would like

them to contact the police.

The 42 year old suffers from

schizophrenia. He was wearing a

white T-shirt as he left the

Randwick house on Monday night.

Many people have told police they

recognise him from the photo

released, but no one has seen him.

Ten News has learnt his father,

Nick Waterlow, had once told a

friend he feared his son might harm

himself, but he had no idea that he

might harm others. Doctors here at

the Children's Hospital were, today,

happy enough with the 2-year-old

girl's recovery she has been released from hospital and reunited

with her father. Police have moved

the whole family to a new location.

They are not under guard and it is

no reason to put them under guard.

As flowers were left at their

family home - which has became a

crime scene - tributes continued to

artist. pour in for the highly respected

He was such an intelligent

sensitive person, what a loss to

the art world. What a loss.

Ben Heuston today requested privacy

so he can be with his children and

family and start to plan two

funerals, for his wife and father in law.

Photos have emerged showing a boat

involved in a fatal crash on Sydney

Harbour did not have its navigation

lights on. The coroner has been

told bad luck was also a key factor

in the collision that claimed four lives.

It was a late night Sydney Harbour

cruise that ended with four people

dead and two seriously injured. In

March 2007, the cruise boat

Merinda' was carrying 12 members of

Australia's ice skating community

when it collided with a Sydney

Ferries HarbourCat. Among those killed, 14-year-old Queensland ice

skater Morgan Innes. Today, after

more than a month of evidence,

council assisting the coroner found.

Among those factors - surveillance

photos, released today, reveal the

Merinda' was travelling with its

navigation lights turned off. They

support the ferry masters claim the

smaller boat was dangerously and

illegally unlit. He only saw it

seconds before impact. Council assisting also found:

Inside court, grieving family

members were reminded that this

inquest was not designed to

apportion blame, but instead is

being held to find answers to

ensure a similar tragedy is never

allowed to happen again. Answers,

council assisting warned, would no

doubt cause pain to those behind the wheel that night.

Former league star Greg Bird says

he's the laughing stock of his

friends after being beaten up by

two girls at a Cronulla nightclub.

He took to the stand today, defending allegations he assaulted

one of the women. Ten's Daniel

Court. Sutton is outside Sutherland Local

He came to court to give his

version of the events at what happened at the Cronulla nightclub

last year. He is accused of

assaulting a young woman by

punching her in the chest and

sipping a drink on her. Today, he

told court he was helping out a

mates drank fiancee. He claims the

pair are cute and that his sister-

in-law and the woman attacked him

when he intervened. They charged at

him and punched at his face. He

admits pouring his drink on them to

call them off. He was bleeding from

his face. His friends were laughing.

He had been asked to leave the

nightclub. He then claims the girls

attacked again.

The case returns to court in

played. January. CCTV footage will be

An unwell baby on the verge of

being sent to rehab with his

alcoholic mother, will now be moved

to another foster home. Baby Jake

was at the centre of a political

storm when it was revealed he

could've been sent to back to his

mother, who drank through four

pregnancies. Jake was born at an

extremely low weight and is showing

signs of foetal alcohol syndrome. His long-term living arrangements

will be decided in court.

An appalling act of animal cruelty

has stunned children and staff at a

high school. They were found

slaughtered at the agricultural

plot. Another two goats were

stabbed. They believed the attack

happened between Monday afternoon

and yesterday morning. They are

information. appealing for people with

A globe-trotting local councillor -

who has missed nine meetings to

travel to America - has finally had

his wings clipped. Ashfield Council his wings clipped. Ashfield Council

now has the power to punish Nick Adams for abandoning his constituents.

He has become the invisible

councillor. He has gone on a

lengthy publicity tour in America.

Colleagues have dubbed him a mole

rat. God bless Australia and God

bless the best country in the world

- the United States of America. He

wanted to stand up for council. He

stood for council.

Last night, counsel had enough.

They rejected his application for

leave. He was forced to come back

to Australia or lose his day job.

This will open the door to a by-

election which will be very costly.

If you are elected to public office,

a year are expected to shop to work.

This is not the first time he has

faced disciplinary action. He was

forced to pay back $9,000 which she

phone expenses. had forced to claim as a taxi and

The counsellor did not provide a

comment. The entire world looks to

you. To rescue us.

An Australian soldier has been

injured in Afghanistan as thousands

paused to remember those who've

made the ultimate sacrifice for made the ultimate sacrifice for

their country. Attendances at their country. Attendances at

Remembrance Day ceremonies have

been well up on previous years.

More than 90 years after the

armistice was signed in World War

One, the promise to remember them

has never had more meaning. Today,

is a reminder of what we have lost

and what we have gained in war. We

membrane is often painful. This

veteran quoted poetry and talked

about his experiences. When he

thinks about it. That is when the

tears come. Thousands turned out in

ceremonies in Sydney and Canberra.

I have never seen it so big. The

First World War cost them the

highest number of casualties. The

RSL says it is also important to

remember those who continue to

suffer the effects of all wars. The

study showed that the health issues a extreme.

Decades after the war ended, you

finally got your last medal. It

might be 91 years on, but

Remembrance Day ceremonies have

never been more popular. The price

being paid in current conflicts is

believed to boost the numbers. The

names of five the Australian

soldiers killed in Afghanistan were

added to the war memorials roll of

honour. It represents hundreds and

thousands of men and women who have

died at war.

And an Aussie military hero has

been honoured by the Queen. That

story after 5:30pm. Also, new laws story after 5:30pm. Also, new laws

to protect ATM users against fraud.

Plus - an urgent consumer warning

about prams that can amputate

fingers. And, we'll meet the bold

Aussie kid who tamed the Tiger!

This program is captioned live.

Sydney beachgoers will be able to

swim with more confidence this

summer with aerial shark patrols

brought back after a public outcry.

The State Government announced that

helicopter patrols will run every

weekend and public holiday between

December 19 and January 10 and

again on the Australia Day weekend.

But the Government says it can't

guarantee the safety of swimmers,

believing the patrols will have

less benefit than shark nets. The

Opposition disagrees, saying the

aerial patrols should run all aerial patrols should run all summer.

Bank customers have been told they

are the last line of defence

against teller machine skimmers.

New laws will be brought in to

combat the growing crime, but new

video shows just how easy it is to fall victim.

This Sydney ATM has been one of This Sydney ATM has been one of

many targeted by card skimmers.

Incredibly, it takes this man just

14 seconds to put the fake card

reader in place, check that it's

working and then begin stealing information, including customers'

PINs. Fraud like it costs

Australians almost a billion Australians almost a billion

dollars a year. Now there's a

promise to the catch the culprits.

We will find you and send you to

jail. Cyber criminals will soon be

facing three new offences. jail. Cyber criminals will soon be facing three new offences.

Before now there were no such

offences and the middle-men who

sold on information couldn't be

charged. It will make a significant

difference, particularly to those

persons, for example, who are

trading in identity information.

Jail sentences for serious fraud

offences will also double from five

to 10 years. But despite the

harsher penalties, fraud experts

warn in the end it's up to bank

customers to stop the criminals

themselves. This video shows what

could happen if you don't cover the

keypad on the ATM - a hidden camera

can record it. Another customer

simply uses his hand to cover his

PIN. You're the last line of

defence to your money that's held

in bank accounts so responsibility,

in many ways, is up to you. The

average victim of ID fraud loses

$2,000 if they're stung.

$2,000 if they're stung.

There's a warning to new parents

tonight - a pram which cuts off

children's fingers is yet to be

recalled in Australia. One million

Maclaren prams have been recalled

in the United States after 12 reports of children having reports of children having

fingertips amputated by the pram

hinge. I've asked our officers to

get right out there immediately,

check shops, check retail stores to

make sure the strollers that are make sure the strollers that are

being sold there do meet with our

mandatory standard. There's no

recall in Australia at this stage.

Instead parents are being offered

free kits so they can modify the hinges.

Toddlers have taken their Telstra

phone tower protest to local

council. Youngsters from Summer

Hill won some high powered support

in their bid to stop the tower

being built near their childcare

centre. The decision was to oppose

it and oppose it vigorously. We

condemn Telstra for having the

audacity to suggest that a tower of

this nature should be placed on a

conservation area so close to primary schools and kindergartens.

Telstra has written to the centre.

Brad McEwan joins us with a look at Brad McEwan joins us with a look at

sport and Tiger Woods pulls in even

more fans?

Yes, huge crowds have again

descended on Kingston Heath for a descended on Kingston Heath for a

taste of Tiger. But it was two

young boys who had the champion

golfer smiling as he continued his

preparations for the Australian


While it's Tiger Woods's golf that

is legend, it's his gentle nature

and smile that had two little boys

happily chatting away as they

toured Kingston Heath. I asked him

how old his kids were and what were

their names. Their father one of

three playing partners who traded

tips with golfing royalty. Tiger's

extremely friendly, can see he's

already into his groove, and he's

made us all feel very relaxed. But

the thousands of fans had again

turned out for Tiger, constantly

wowed by his touch. Amongst them

the golfing ignorant who came just

to see a living legend. His

charisma, his smile, he's lovely to

children, he's just a beautiful man.

Other groups boasted Australia's

golfing elite. Stuart Appleby and

Aaron Baddely concentrating on

their preparations while Shane

Warne played the celebrity. Warnie!

Warnie! The renowned punter putting

his money on playing partner Peter

O'Malley. I reckon he's a real good

chance to win it this week, Peter,

the way he's striking the ball, and

he's putting really well so I

reckon he's a good chance to win it

this week. While today's Pro Am was

certainly more relaxed, it is

another opportunity for Tiger woods another opportunity for Tiger woods

to get to know the lie of the land

here at Kingston Heath. Although he

is already king to the thousand

junior golfers who welcomed him at

the eighteenth. It's great to see

as much enthusiasm as you guys have

to be out here and for the game of

golf. Later in sport, some of the

Aussie golfers tells us how they

plan to beat Tiger. Plus, a

passionate rant from a fired-up

Irishman ahead of the test match against the Wallabies.

And spot the target - the

Kangaroos' reaction time tested as

they went clay pidgeon shooting

ahead of the Four Nations final.

We'll tell you who's our best shot.

And in stark contrast to the chilly

weather in England, one Sydney

sporting team was working up a sweat on sand dunes.

It is a lot easier to work up a

sweat on the sand dunes of Sydney.

It is definitely beach weather. It

is meant to be a workday. Have a

look at all those people. Another

warm one in Sydney, brilliant blue

sky. 23.9 degrees. Another good

looking day coming to your place

tomorrow, tops of 29-35 degrees.

The heatwave still affecting many

parts of NSW. 34 in Ivanhoe. Their

third day in a row.

To your weather photograph and we

keep in the Spirit of things from Bondi.

See you again at 5:55pm. Next, New Zealand refuses Australia's request

to take asylum seekers, Also, a

rock slide that would scare the wits out of any motorist.

And workers who were worried about

their jobs win Britain's biggest

lottery prize. (A CAPPELLA SONG PLAYS) How do you like it? (PHONE RINGS) It's amazing what's possible when two work together as one. Toyota's world-leading Hybrid system unites a petrol engine and an electric motor in perfect harmony, delivering uncompromised power using less fuel and producing fewer emissions. Hybrid Synergy Drive from Toyota. (HUMMING OF 'WHAT A FEELING' THEME)

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Let us look at the traffic around

Sydney in. Some problems around the

lane carried tunnel. The Link Cove

tunnel was completely blocked off

to westbound traffic. We are

showing the traffic heading along

Epping road. You can see how bad

the lanes are. If you know of any

families or friends that Take That

tunnel, get them to avoid the

entrance. Either by the Pacific

Highway or Epping road. Also some

bad traffic in still water. New

Zealand has rejected a request from

the Rudd Government to take some of

the 78 asylum seekers held aboard

an Australian Customs vessel. The

Sri Lankans are still refusing to

leave the Oceanic Viking, more than leave the Oceanic Viking, more than

three weeks after they were rescued

by Australia.

He's tried the Indonesian solution,

he's tried the Philippines solution

and now the New Zealand solution,

and there's no solution in sight.

New Zealand says it doesn't want to

reward queue jumping when there are

thousands of other refugees waiting

in camps across the region.

To the Finance report. Consumer

confidence has taken a bit of a heated?

Yes. The consumer at sentiment fell

by two % in November. This followed

the interest rate right on

Melbourne Cup day. Some economists

say this is a sign that households

are becoming sensitive to high

interest rates. Consume at some --

sentiment is still higher than it

was last year. A quieter day on the

share markets today. Moderate gains

were made by the resources and finance stocks.

A unemployment figures are out

tomorrow. They are expected to show

that the figures have risen. US

President Barack Obama has paid

personal tribute to each of the 13

victims of last week's Fort Hood

massacre. After meeting with their

families, the President told

soldiers that no religion can

justify violence.

Before the smiling faces of their

loved ones, Fort Hood's families

said goodbye. The US military

grieved beside them. Wounded

soldiers, struggling friends, and a

Commander in Chief trying to

provide some comfort in the wake of

this tragedy.

Their life's work is our security

and the freedom we take for granted.

President Obama paid tribute to

President Obama paid tribute to

each of the 13 victims by name,

taking time to tell their stories.

3 women and 10 men who left behind

19 children, and a 20th yet to be born.

Here, at Fort Hood, we pay tribute

to 13 men and women who were not

able to escape the horror of war,

even in the comfort of home.

And, he carried a message for the person responsible.

No faith justifies these murderous

and craven acts. No just and loving

God looks upon them with favour.

And for what he has done, we know

that the killer will be met with justice.

Major Nadal Malik Hasan is awake

but his motive still isn't clear.

Though it's believed the psychiatrist previously warned colleagues that making Muslim

soldiers fight wars against other

Muslims could lead to "adverse events".

We will rise above the fear and

doubt generated by this incident.

But even for these trained young

soldiers, healing will take time.

A terrifying rock slide has been

caught on camera in the United

caught on camera in the United

States. Part of a mountain crashed

onto a major road in Tennessee,

burying it under tonnes of rock and burying it under tonnes of rock and earth. Emergency crews are now

working to remove the debris, but

it's expected to be at least a week

before the road is reopened. before the road is reopened.

Authorities are concerned about the

possibility of further slides.

The winners of Britain's $164

million jackpot have revealed how

they're going to spend their share

of the loot. The prize was split

between a group of seven office

workers from Liverpool - all now

more than $10 million richer - and

an unemployed truck driver and his wife.

Total shock. You're there thinking

- I'm still sat here today thinking, - I'm still sat here today thinking,

and pinching - it's just unreal!

All the winners are planning to

splash out on new cars and holidays

and perhaps, not surprisingly,

they've all quit their jobs!

Still to come, the heart attack

patients saved by a clot-busting drug.

Also - an Aussie hero's memorable

meeting with the Queen. And the meeting with the Queen. And the

teacher who turned his back on Idol

stardom returns to school - that

story just before 6:00pm. VOICEOVER: While you're doing your bit to save water, at ACTEW, we're doing our bit to make sure water is always just a turn of the tap away. Our project to enlarge Cotter Dam is progressing well. Designs and surveys are complete, with plans put in place to retain the history of the Cotter area and to protect the environment. To keep up-to-date with the progress of Cotter Dam and our other major projects, visit our website. ACTEW Corporation - working with our partners to secure water for life.

This program is captioned live.

This program is captioned live. Air This program is captioned live. Air

rugby league player has appeared in

a court in Cronulla for assaulting

a woman. The court was told he was

helping defend a friend's fiance.

The man whose wife was murdered at

Randwick has been reignited with

his three children. He flew back

from London overnight, and is now

planning funerals for his wife and

father-in-law. And attendance at

Remembrance Day ceremonies were

higher than previous years.

Australia's first Victoria Cross

winner in four years has been

congratulated personally by the

Queen. And incredible moment for a

boy from the bush.

This triple was awarded the

Military his highest honour. The

Queen commended him for his bravery Queen commended him for his bravery

during an ambush in Afghanistan

last year. It is an amazing

experience to come from Australia,

a small country town, to meet the

Queen. Even a five-minute chat. We

had a discussion about a few things.

Current affairs, and the cross. His

wife, along for the ride, beaming

with pride. Being an ex-military

person, is a real honour.

person, is a real honour. The 29 -

year-old from Newcastle received

the Victoria Cross medal after

fighting alone for two hours to

allow his wounded comrades to be

dragged to safety. For the soldier,

it was all part of the job. It was

it was all part of the job. It was

what I had to do at the time. He

will take part in a Remembrance Day

ceremony later today in London. A

new emergency treatment for heart

attack victims is showing

outstanding results. Despite being

a proven life-saver, the problem is

rolling out the service across the

state. This man is considered one

of the lucky ones. He lived to tell

the tale. The pain was really bad.

Run across the top of my chest, or

down the front of my body, a fair

bit of pain. He attributes his

quick recovery it to a new programme.

By the time he arrived at hospital,

he was merely a changed man. In a

race against time, the test results

are sent to cardiologists to

authorise the injection. They have

a detailed checklist which is a a detailed checklist which is a

series of it -- exclusions. The

trial will be adopted across the

state. The cost of the machines is

slowing the roll-out. They are

$4,000 each. A hundred more

machines are needed. We are

targeting communities who do not

have access to cover the labs. This have access to cover the labs. This

man would argue it is a small price

to pay. I had a remarkable recovery.

The star receive seven nominations

for the Golding guitar award. Other

stars in the running a will none

Australians. For a contrast - the

rap star turned lecturer. MC Hammer

at Still dancers but he is making

the most of his Twitter frame. It

is one of those songs they call an

eelworm. Once it is in your head it

is hard to get out.

MC 'Hey Hey It's Saturday' can now

be seen making his moves on the

lecture circuit. He is an expert on

social networking. He has 1.6

million fall of -- followers. It

empowers the people. You have

citizen journalism. It has taken

off around the world. Everything

from the tsunami to the protest in

Iran. He never misses a tweet. I

can officially say I have five in

my bedroom. He dismisses but being

on net networking site's main chute anti-social.

While he had tight pants on today,

he still stands by his hammer pants.

They are back in fashion on

European Cup work -- catwalks. Some

people look great, some people look

OK, nobody looks bad though. He

talks about fashion so seriously.

That is fantastic. Brad's back with

sport. Local knowledge the key for

our golfers if they're to beat Tiger.

Yes. That's the advantage for now

at least. And working it out -

there's plenty for Tiger to ponder

as he plots his way round Kingston Heath.

Plus the Kangaroos aim up ahead of

the Four Nations final, but who's the best shot? (AAMI THEME PLAYS) (WHIMPERS) on my car insurance with AAMI, (GROANS) SONG: # Lucky you're with AAMI. #

This program is captioned live.

Tiger Woods has lit up the Kingston

Heath golf course less than 24

hours out from the start of the

Australian Masters. The world's

best golfer put on a clinic at

today's Pro Am and will start a hot

gold jacket. priced favourite for the winner's priced favourite for the winner's

A day off for the Kangaroos in the

against England. lead-up to the Four Nations final

The real thing thrilled at the

galleries by holding putt after

putt. Playing the front nine at

Kingston Heath for the first time

he cruised through in five under

par. But it will get tougher over

the weekend as the Greens firm up.

The grandstands at the 18th were

filled from kids from the Stuart

Appleby Foundation. I want to say

thank you again. Thanks again and

see you again. Woods does have to

beat the best Aussies who have the

advantage of local knowledge. Local

knowledge is a factor but if anyone

can figure it out, Tiger obviously

can. Most are coming off tough

years like Aaron badly. He has been

studying the DVD of his win at

Kingston Heath. I feel like I am

understanding even more about why I

hit it well as a key it. For Geoff

Ogle be, there is no place like

home. He gets offered that money

anywhere in the world and he has

chosen to come here so it is quite

a privilege we have to watch him

play this week. I am happy for the

kids to get to watch him. But it

countryside. wasn't a quiet day in the

Learning how to shoot at clay

targets proved an exercise in

itself. And while quite a few

clearly missed the mark, they're

hoping not to miss as many tackles

on England's forwards. They are a

big bunch of blokes and it is going

to be a tough physical game. Being

England, the home crowd were - at

the home crowd will be pumped up.

Paul Gallen was the best shot,

collecting a handy prize pool. Each

player put in ?10.

The Wallabies' quest for a Grand

Slam could hit a brick wall this

weekend in the form of a player

who's become a YouTube sensation.

Fiery Irishman Paul O'Connell has a

cult following after one of his pep

talks hit the internet.

It's all fun and games at Wallabies

training. But there's a man who'd

love to wipe the smile from their

faces. His name is Paul O'Connell,

now a star on YouTube. Listen to me

now, listen to me. Not for the

first five minutes, every minute of

the game. Aggression. We did not

scare anyone! Did you put the fear

of God into anyone? That was

O'Connell's first speech as captain

in 2007. With the colourful

O'Connell leading the Irish pack at

Croke Park, the Wallabies know they

have their hands full. Their

backrow's probably the best in

Europe so we're going to have to

really watch those blokes. They

carry the ball well, they've got

high work rates. Apart from the odd

expletive, the Wallabies are also

expecting the home side to deliver

good old-fashioned running rugby.

When you look at the quality of

players they've got in their

backline, it would be stupid to

think they're not going to throw

the ball around or threaten you

anywhere across the paddock. The

one to watch remains the evergreen

Brian O'Driscoll, who plays his

100th Test. Individually he can do

brilliant things at big times and

big moments. He's a player that

they look for.

The Socceroos have assembled in

Oman for this weekend's vital Asian

Cup Qualifier. Sydney FC striker

Alex Brosque has joined the near

full-strength side. He's still

pinching himself about a national

recall and admits he has dreamt

about playing in next year's World

Cup. Up until I got the phone call.

I was not thinking too much about

next year but now I have been

called up, it is always in the back

of my mind now and makes you want

to work at a bit harder. The

Aussies won their last encounter

with Oman in Melbourne 1-0.

Tadhg Kennelly's future at the

Sydney Swans is expected to be

decided when he meets with club

officials next week. The Irishman

today missed out on a gruelling

session on the Kurnell Sandhills.

Whichever way you look at it,

there's no easy way to get around

the mountains of sand at Kurnell.

Heavy breathing and tight muscles

the order of the day as the Swans

put in an exausting 2-hour training

session. We haven't been able to do

this stuff for about six years. One

of the benefits of not playing

finals is to give some of the young

guys, even for the older guys to

get a longer pre-season can only

help. Paul Roos may be in his last

year as coach of the Swans but he's

still prepared to put in the hard

yards to achieve success in 2010.

Do you reckon Sheeds would be able

to do that? I think he needs to

lose some weight. It is bloody hard.

Tadgh Kennelly may have timed his

return to training well. He arrives

next week to talk with the Swans

about returning to the club. He

said he felt fantastic from the

year off. His body didn't have any

tape in the final and he's running

realy well so if he can come back

it's a real positive, no doubt.

Also on the sand, but at a much

more leisurely pace, was Lions

recruit Brandan Fevola, who spoke

for the first time about leaving

Carlton. That's what happens in

sport these days. Not too many

players stay at the same club so

blokes do change clubs and Carlton

will always be in my heart. I love

the Carlton footy club. I was there

since I was 17.

Some Alexandria Community School

children have given Anthony "The

Man" Mundine a run for his money.

They were keen to take a few swings

to test Mundine as he threw his

weight behind an Aboriginal

Education Council fundraiser to be

held at the school this Saturday.

Even if we can help one of these

kids, we've succeeded. Money raised

education. will go towards Indigenous youth

Later we will hear from an NBL

legend who is doing it tough. A

great basketball and a great actor.

Roger, Roger. Let's have a look at

the traffic. Where are the

problems? It is all happening

towards the mark -- Harbour Bridge.

Take a look at the build-up.

Problems there with the chopper. We

lost the pictures and we lost thick

as well. If there is an important

issue we will bring it tea before

the weather.

Tim Bailey's next with all the

weather details. And the teacher

who withdrew from 'Australian Idol'

returns to school.

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This program is captioned live. We

said earlier it was a genuine beach

day. I suspect the first of many?

It looks like this weekend will

mark the start of the beach season

in Sydney. Brilliant conditions

down here. Joining me is the head

lifeguard, Bruce Hopkins. The big

news is the helicopter patrols for

sharks. What is your opinion? That

is good for us because if there is

a sharp heading south towards Bondi

we can pretty much get hold. We can

be ready for it as it comes past.

There is no warning signal between

Manly and Bondi so it is a pre- Manly and Bondi so it is a pre-

warning signal that is much needed?

It is needed because there is a lot

of distance to cover between Manly

and Bondi. A lot of sharks between

the heads. How many people are we

protecting at Bondi? On this beach

up to 45,000 people and pretty much

from this angle you would not be

able to see any sand. We have seen

Bondi rescue on the telly. It is a

great show. We can now read all

about it. You must be thrilled to

have the book out. There is a

chapter called the longest day? The

longest day we had was 235 rescues.

It was a massive day, the biggest

day we have ever had. When you have

those crowds, Each Life Guard is

responsible for how many people? It

is frightening, 7,000 per lifeguard.

A lot of people for each guy and

very stressful. Great surf tips in

the book as well for everyone who

wants to stay safe? Hopefully it

helps a lot of people as the show

does so they do not get themselves

in trouble and town. Nice to have

you on the telly. I hope you have a

safe and very slow Christmas.

It was a beach day. What did we do?

23.9 degrees. 34 in the greater

west. Even warmer tomorrow.

Temperatures will sought to west. Even warmer tomorrow.

Temperatures will sought to 37 in

the west by the weekend. Wednesday the west by the weekend. Wednesday

barbecues are the name of the game.

Hot over the interior, SA and

Victoria. Tomorrow, moist north- Victoria. Tomorrow, moist north-

westerly winds will help showers

and storms become widespread in WA.

Rainfall close up, isolated showers

and storms spreading over eastern

NSW. and storms spreading over eastern

NSW. Thundery showers in WA. The

Bondi rescue boys are now in book

form as well. Be very careful, swim

between the flags. It is going to

be a big weekend in Sydney.

Temperatures of 30-37 degrees and be a big weekend in Sydney. Temperatures of 30-37 degrees and

the beach season well and truly in the beach season well and truly in full swing.

A clearing shower on Friday and mostly sunny Saturday and Sunday. A clearing shower on Friday and mostly sunny Saturday and Sunday.

Have a good evening and stay safe

at the beach. If 'Australian Idol'

favourite Toby Moulton has returned

to his Adelaide school. Moulton

stunned national audiences with his stunned national audiences with his sudden departure from the

competition. While his time on the

show was a life-changing experience,

it also highlighted his true

passion was the classroom. This is

where I need to be, this is where

I'm happiest, in the long- and

short-term future. Moulton says he

has no regrets about his decision

and will be teaching again next year.

That's Ten News for now, I'm Bill That's Ten News for now, I'm Bill

Woods. I'm Deborah Knight, thanks

for your company. We'll have

updates throughout the evening

before the Late News with Sports

before the Late News with Sports

Tonight at 10:40. Our first

bulletin tomorrow is at 6:00am.

Goodnight. Supertext captions by

Red Bee Media Australia,

This week on Idol - it was two

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Voting lines will stay open till

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