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(generated from captions) This Program is Captioned Live. Wild weather leaves a

trail of destruction across

three States while the bushfire

season arrives early in

Queensland. The car bomb kills

at least 30 people in southern

Afghanistan. The bodies of nine

Australians killed in a Papua

New Guinea plane crash to

arrive home today. And a two

week ban for Buddy Franklin

leaves Hawthorn's finals hopes

in tatters. Good morning, it's

Wednesday 26 August. I'm Joe

O'Brien. The top story on News

Breakfast - Victoria, NSW and

South Australia are all clean

up today following the trail of

damage caused by heavy rain and

gale force winds. Victoria's

been the worst hit. Fallen

trees, damaged property and

80,000 home were left without

power In South Australia and

NSW, the strong gusts blew over

powerlines and damaged hopes.

Further north unseasonalal

winter heat sparked bushfires.

Fire services say all those

fires are now under control.

For more on yesterdayese wild

weather we're joined by John

Parker from the Victorian SES

in Melbourne. John Parker, good

morning. What's the damage been

like in Victoria? Last 24 hours

period we've had approximately

1,500 calls for assistance and

900 of those came within a very

busy period yesterday afternoon

at between 5 and 7 o'clock in

the afternoon. And what were

some of the major

problems? Major problems are

that we've had a lot of trees

down, we have had powerlines

down affecting 80,000 customers

throughout the State and power

companies have worked hard to

get those customers back

online. Do we know if power has

been restored to all those

homes yet? I'm led to believe

that power companies are

working very hard to get those

customers back online to the

exact number that are still

out, I couldn't tell you. I

believe that roofs were blown

off some buildings and homes,

can you tell us where that

happened? Look, our worst hit

areas have been throughout

Melbourne, have been Lilley dl,

andel tham with the significant

amount of calls and they've

still got as we speak around

about 300 calls for assistance

still outstanding that they'll

be working through throughout

today to rectify. What speeds

did those winds hit, the

maximum gusts? They were up to

120 dir throughout the day. In

terms of rainfall, we've heard

that there was some flooded

creeks and one had to be

rescued off the roof of their

car. Dune how much rain

fell? Look, there was minimum

amount of rain associated with

the weather pattern that we

received. There was a call for

assistance late yesterday

afternoon for a person trapped

on top of a motor vehicle at

our Altona unit attended,

however I'd suggest that was

more related to flash flooding

and localised drainage

systems. To to your knowledge

passed through Melbourne was anyone hurt as that front

yesterday? I haven't had any

reports of any civilians or

public have been hurt but we

did have one volunteer that was

lit with a tree branch but

didn't need hospitalsation as

returned home without any major

injuries. What's the forecast

for the rest of this week? Are

any more of these strong fronts

going to be pushing through

Victoria? Yeah, we're expecting

another front later on this

afternoon to come through Bass

Strait which will affect

coastal areas, Victoria, and

also alpine areas, not as

rugged as we received in the

last 24 hours period, this they

have downgraded a bit but we're asking people to still be

cautious and ensure that in

those areas, coastal and

alpine, that they still are

aware that these winds can

cause damage. John Parker in

Melbourne, thank you very

much. Thank you very much. In

other news this morning a

massive car bomb has killed at

least 30 people in Afghanistan. Almost 60 others were injured

in the explosion which happened

in the southern city of

Kandahar. Afghans when to the

polls last week to elect a new

President. The first official

ruts show Hamid Karzai holding

a narrow lead against rival

Abdullah Abdullah. Only 10% of

the vote has been counting. The

bodies of nine Australians

killed in a charter plan crash

in Papua New Guinea will be

repatriated today. The

Australian Defence Force will

fly the remains back on a C-130

Hercules. The plane's expected

to land in both Brisbane and

Melbourne. 13 people died when

the Papua New Guinea plane

crashed in dense jungle near

the Kokoda track on 11 August. Holden says it's planning to

cut a further 200 jobs mostly

from its Victorian

headquarters. The jobs are

expected to be cut from the

company's white collar areas

including the engineering and

marketing departments. Holden

recently shut down its four

cylinder engine plant in

Melbourne. It's also reduced

working hours at its Adelaide

factory the preselection battle

for Brendan Nelson's safe

Liberal seat hasler begun. Dr

Nelson yesterday announced he

would retire from politics to

take a up a Jonathan Brown in

the private sector A number of high profile candidates are believed to be considering

their option including John

Arthur Sinodinos. The Howard's former chief of staff

'Australian' is reporting that

Labor will not contest the blue

ribbon seat. The 800m women's world champion Caster Semenya

has been given a hero's return

in South Africa. The South

African President Jacob Zuma

say he's disappointed at the international threats governing

body for publicly yessing her

gender. The BBC claims to have

seen test results that show she

has a testosterone level three

times higher than the average

female. As Virginia just

mentioned the former Liberal

leader Brendan Nelson has

decided to retire from politics

earlier than expected. Let's

hear his reasons. It's obvious

for me at least that I am now

not a part of the future in

terms of the future frontbench

policy development and

leadership of the Liberal

Party. There are other members

of parliament, colleagues with

whom I work on both sides of parliament who have been there

much longer than I who still

have a lot more to offer but

for me I can only speak for me,

my race is run. And whatever I

do in the future, I don't know

what it is, butly do whatever I

can to use the skills that have

been invested in me by the

medical profession fist and

then by the Australian

taxpayers to make a positive

contribution to Australia. The

outgoing mob for Bradfield

there. Brendan Nelson. Nor more

Emma Griffiths joins us now

from Canberra. Good morning. It

was a bit of a bombshell wasn't

it for the Rudd Malcolm

Turnbull yesterday? It is a bit

of a sudden departure because

Brendan Nelson had previously

said that he would stay in his

seat until the next election.

Now apparently he's had a job

off they're won't wait. The hot

tip is that it's in the defence

sector but he hasn't fessed up

on that yet and he's told AM

this morning a couple of

interesting tidbits in that

earlier this year the PM

approached him to see if he'd

be interested in a 50

appointment and also that some

of the backbenchers in the

Liberal Party have been asking

him to stay on and contest the

leadership again. Well he's

resisted that last offer

anyway. We know from the

uraniumings of his wife. It's

an extraordinary situation on

the other side of politics

suspect it in the Opposition

because it's precisely that

kind of destabilising that

Brendan Nelson says is happening in some quarters in

support of him that brought

about his demise and it was

destabilisation from those

supporters of Malcolm Turnbull? Yeah. It does put

Malcolm Turnbull in a bit of a

spot because again it's going

to draw his energy and the

party's energy towards the

by-election which could be held

in November and it's going to

keep the media focus on the

Opposition and how it's

travelling and Bradfield,

Brendan Nelson's seat,

Bradfield, is Sydney north

shore, it's absolute blue

ribbon, it would be gobsmacking

many the Liberals lost but any

swing against them would be

seen as some sort of message

from Malcolm Turnbull by voters

there Take us through the

potential kaebds in the

seat? They are lining up. The

front runner it's emerged is

Arthur Sinodinos, John Howard's

chief of staff. We've also got

Tom Tom a former opinion page editor for the 'Australian' and

was an adviser to Brendan

Nelson, another Nelson adviser,

Simmon Berger, his name is

cropping up as well. Brendan

Nelson said yesterday he

expected about a dozen or so

people to put their hands up

and the Liberal Party has to

race through a preselection

process now to see who will

actually get to contest it and

the preselection process will

probably be the most

interesting contest here, Labor

isn't going to contest the

by-election, the Greens say

they will and the issues I

think if we wanted to go into

that - it's clear that the

Greens are going to contest

some of the minor parties and

Independent also crop up and so climate change Emissions

Trading Scheme is going to be

an issue. The Liberals say

they're going to target NSW

Labor as the topic that they

want to take to

voters Interesting. For a

Federal seat. Moving on then to

the issues of the Government

and there's been a significant

backdown by the Government? The

Education Minister Julia

Gillard appears to have backed

down on one of their policies

to change the way that the

youth allowance is given out.

She had a meeting with

students, concerned and other

group, on Monday to lay the way

for this change. And it appears

to address one of the concerns

in that students who have

already on a gap year to try

and qualify for the independent

rate of the youth allowance,

they were going to lose out,

now they'll hold on to that

under current arrangements

until thend of June next

year. Emma Griffiths, thank you

so much. There's a lot of

reaction to the Brendan Nelson

announcement yesterday and he

seems universally liked and

everyone's saying he's a good

bloke. Some people might say if

he's such a good bloke why

would he retire early. Because

he's furious still at Malcolm Turnbull. If you read between

the lines of some of the

obserationvations yesterday and

things he said over the last

few months I think his anger at

the way h he was

destabiliseside probably still

very real. Now one of the

youngest Guantanamo Bay

detapees has returned to

Afghanistan after serving seven years at the controversial

centre. Mohammed Jawad's lawyer

says he was just 12 when he was

sent to prison. US authorities

say he was 17. It was an

emotional scene when Mohammed

Jawad was re united with his family.

TRANSLATION: I'm very happy. I

can't even fit into my clothes.

I spent a long time in jail but

I'm happy to be back with my family.

The now young adult was

originally charged with

attempted murder. The case

alleged Mohammed Jawad through

a grenade into a jeep carrying

two US soldiers and their

interpreter. All were wounded.

After originally denying the

charges, he confessed to the crime. Last month a military

judge ruled the cop fetion was

coerced, saying the detainee

made the admission when

authorities threatened to kill

him and his family.

TRANSLATION: At the end to

judge said no charm has been

proven and I was innocent. It's

been a long journey for

Mohammed Jawad but it may not

end here. US prosecutors say

the criminal investigation is

still open. But his transfer

back to Afghanistan may make

any prosecution increasingly

unlikely. Among those welcoming

Mohammed Jawad home was his

uncle. 'He has changed a lot"

he says. "He's been through a lot of hardship at Guantanamo

Bay but we are very happy to

see him alive" he says. Today

is the season of a search year

long jump journey for this

young man. He's getting

released. He was flown into the country within the last 24

hours and handed over the

Attorney-General where we had a

meeting and we were there to

meet Mohammed Jawad

face-to-face and it was one of

the greatest moments of my

life No, doubt some of the 200

others still detained in

Guantanamo Bay are hoping for a

similar outcome. We'll take a

look at the front pages of the

papers now. The 'Financial

Review' is reporting ha that

Woolworths is joining forces

with Lowe's many an effort to

shoir a Bunnings market. The

'Australian' says Malcolm

Turnbull faces a fight with Greens and Independents

candidates in the by-election

forced by Brendan Nelson's resignation. The Queensland State Government is set to

seize planning control of

coastal developments to protect

residents from the impacts of

climate change according to the 'Courier-Mail'. The 'Age'

exclusively reveal that

Victoria's former arts

ministers have joined forces to

protest the merger of the

Victorian college of the arts

with Melbourne university. The 'Herald Sun' reports that

Hawthorn's late run for the

finals was dealt a blow with

star player Buddy Franklin

losing an appeal last night to

avoid suspension. A man jailed

for glassing another man in the

neck will be released from

prison after a month saying the

'Northern Territory News'. The

says heritage trains and tracks

will be relocated to make way

for a new high density housing

development in the ACT. The

West Australian reports that Albany Regional Hospital is at

the centre of an investigation

by the State coroner after six

patient deaths.. The 'Mercury'

features an elderly cup who'll

have been sleeping in that

stair station wagon for three

months because they're unable

to get public housing The Adelaide 'Advertiser' reports

on a grand river boat forced

out of business because of the

continuing decline of the River

Murray. And the clenic known

for its longer lasting sex

advertisements is under fire

for unproved medical claims and

that's on the front page of the

'Sydney Morning Herald'. If

you've got any views or

opinions on any of our stories - the top stories on ABC News

Breakfast - emergency services

are cleaning up this morning

after heavy rain and gale force

winds downed powerlines and

damaged houses in three States.

Victoria's been the worst hit

with more than # 0,000 homes

left without power. More than

30 people have been killed in

car bomb attack in the southern

Afghan city of kapd har. The

attack happened as preliminary results for Afghanistan

elections showed President

Hamid Karzai narrowly leading his closest rival Abdullah

Abdullah. The bodies of nine

Australians killed in a charter plane crash in Papua New Guinea

are being brought home today. The Australian Defence Force

will fly the remains back to

Brisbane, almost three weeks

after the Kokoda plane crash.

Conditions have been tough for

those in the business of

finding people work. But online

job sites Seek has experienced

a rise in it share price as

advertisements migrate online..

However, morale among workers

has dropped off and that will

lead to higher than usual turn

yoifr when the market

eventually recovers. While

print media operators like

Fairfax and News Limited have

suffered some headline grabbing

losses this reporting season,

the online job advertisers Seek

remains profitability as classified continue their

migration to the Internet.

Seek's profit after tax fell by

a quarter in the year to June

largely because of losses on it

ventures in Malaysia and China

however revenue dropped by just

1% and that better than

expected result saw Seek's

share price climb 15%. Seek's

joint chief executive Paul

Bassat says he's becoming more

positive but remains cautious

about the year ahead.. Since

about May so really now over

four months, May, June July and

August we've seen the decline

in reference has stopped. We

haven't seen a pick up yet.Er

with not making any commentary

on the likely timing of a pickup because at the end of

the day that depepsd much more

on factors outside our control. And Paul Bassat says

the early signs of recovery in

the labour market will come

from the industry's that went

into the downturn first. So

we'll look to financial

services, we'll look to

accounting, to IT for signs of

improvement and also to the

contractor and temp market.

When we see signs of

improvement what happens is

companies will often engage

contractors and temps before

they bring on full-time

workers, just to make sure that

they improvement is actually

sustained rather than being

short-term While many

forecasters are becoming

optimistic the mood among

workers remains gloomy. The

survey shows nearly half of the

employees surveyed thought

morale had plummeted whereas

only a quarter of employers

thought sentiment was down. Hudson's chief executive Mark

Steyn says the difference in

views may have arisen because

managers have been too focussed

on protecting their firm's

financial position. And what

staff have been looking for is

open transparent communication,

a sense of where the

organisation is at and that

disconnect has been drive

beenen by the dis-Czech and the

focus of what the two parties

were looking for The survey

shows that less than half of

the employees would quit their

jobs because of salary. Career

development is a more important

consideration for the majority

of workers. But Mark Steyn

argues that discontent is

brewing and could boil over

once the Laboror market

recovers. We're going to see

massive turnover in the

workforce which is really a

reflection of that

dissatisfaction that lack of

loyalty starting to flow

through as a result of how they

were treated maybe a year ago

or 18 months from when they

take action. But for the time

being most workers are sitting

tight and waiting for clear

signs of an improving jobs

market. In other finance news,

China's overtaken Germany as

the world's top exporter for

the first time. The World Trade

Organisation reported China's

goods ex-pores reached $623.8

billion for the first six

months of the year.

German'sment pores were worth

$$623.7 billion in the same period. White House ut are

Budget analysts are predicting

a $1.9 trillion budget deficit

for the 2009 financial year.

While lower than earlier

projection it's still the US's

highest since world war two. To

combat the continuing economic

crisis, President Obama

overnight nominated US Federal

Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke

to a second term. As an expert

on the causes of the great

depression I'm sure Ben never

Manlied that he would be part

of a team responsible for

preventing another. But because

of his background, his

temperament, his courage and create TVity that's exactly

what he has helped to achieve

and that is why I am reappoints

him to another term as chairman

of the Federal Reserve. The

Federal Reserve like other

economic policimakers has been

challenged by the unprecedented

events of the past few years.

We have been bold or deliberate

as circumstances demanded, but

our objective remains constant.

To restore a more stable

financial and economic

environment in which

opportunity can again nourish

and in which American's mard

work and creativity can receive

their proper rewards. For more economist Richard Wamarone of

Argus Research joins us now

from New York. Richard Wamarone

good morning? G'day Now, Barack

Obama really didn't have any

option other thap to go for

stable at a time of the kries

us, did he? No, in fact this is

the only choice he really had.

Any other appointment would

have seen as too political, a

right now you're still in the

middle of a financial crisis,

it's just that we're not

haemorrhaging, we're not

imploding as we were a few

months back but nevertheless

we're still in this crisis and

the important thing to remember

is you don't take the general

off the field in the middle of

the battle. The bat simple

still going on, so I think you

keep continue continuity, to

have the markets pacified and

soothe and calmeded somewhat

you keep with what has been

working and he has been

working, whether you agree with the reappointment or not, he

has been the guy who pretty

much saved the world from the

brink of a global disaster. But

there are people with concerns

over Bernanke and are these

criticisms fair over allowing

Lehman brothers to fail,

underestimates the extent of

the crisis and he was part of the machine that kept interest

rates so low, that allowed this

housing bubble to develop? You

know what? It's very easy to

take pot shots and throw stones in hindsight and I don't want

to do that. Sure, there are

some issues there but I don't

know that you could have done

as much as he has done and yet

come out with this pretty

fairly unblemished. Yes, there

are some concerns. As you

mentioned the Lee man crisis was understandable but got to

remember, Lee man was toll

months in advance and maybe six

or seven months in advance to

get its act together because

the Bear Sterns situation which

unfolded in March of this year,

they were told that you're not

going to be another Bear, you

have six months to clean up

your act and they never did.

They were just waiting for a

poil out. I don't think that

all fault can be place ob one

person or in the middle of a

crisis. Remember, it's a very

different story when you're in

the middle of battle to start

saying "Well you kid this or

that wrong." Knoples was doing

anything and quite frankly, it

was necessarily Ben Bernanke

and/or the Federal Reserve that

got us into this crisis. It was

the US electorated policimakers

and they're the twhauns voted

for this on both sides of the

isle. It sounds like you're a

bit of a fan. You agree with

Barack Obama when he says that

better than better than was

part of team responsible for

preventing another great

depression? That's right.

Admittedly though there are

some issues but I don't think

you could throw anybody in

there. There's one part of this

- of the next couple months,

quarters, even years, that is

going to take place and that is

the unwinding of all of this

accommodative moneyar policy

that the Fed has. They'll have

to take this back. That's not

something you want to give to a

newby untested Fed chairman.

You want somebody who has been there, baby through the

battles, the fights, has many

many successes, had a couple of

failures and you want someone

who has been tested and has

played the game before rather

than mob who is maybe

abacademic who has untested.

You don't want to have them to

have to unwind in huge massive

amount of liquid ity in the

system What are the key

challenges ahead for Ben

Bernanke now. Some are warn of

the possibility of a double dip

recession? I'm one of them. I

think there's very likely, very

possible that you can see a

double dip. The problem here in

the States is there's no

innovation going on, usually in

these crises or the recessions

rather, or economic downturns

or severe downturns you get

companies that come up and

innoivate, create, invent,

design, and that is the next

wave. I don't see anything

happening there. I certainly

don't see the consumer with an unemployment rate that's rising

higher, I don't see any reason

for the consumer to be happier

this and the US consumer drives

the US economy and pretty much

large part of the global

economy. So unless you get that

unemployment rate which is one

of the challenges as you

mentioned, unless they get that

unemployment rate down, unless

they make sure that inflation

doesn't get out of happened, I

think that, you know,, I think

a double dip is very likely - a

very possible. Situation. And

finally, Barack Obama emerges

from this with growing faith

from the electorate that he

does know what he's doing, he

does know how to handle this? I

think - I don't think that we

have had a better communicator

as far as a President, maybe

since Regan. Someone that is

attached that lot of people.

You know, you're seeing a lot

of negative stuff, all of these

meetings, these town hall

meetings, that's just selling

newspapers and doing great

stuff for news organisations

all around the world but at the

same time these are very

difficult, these are very difficult timeser very trying

times for many. We have 10% of

the population, the workforce,

out of work here and that

weighs on people and that

dampens spirits. Got to get

that spirit up. I think he is

the President to do this. He

did win a good portion of the

vote because of that, that

ability. So it sounds like Ben

Bernanke and Barack Obama have

your faith too. Richard

Wamarone in New York, thank you

for talking to us this

morning. Thank you. And from

the floor of the stock exchange

we'll bring you the figures on

the markets now - In a few

minutes vam will be with us

Moreno details on this wild

weather and also ahead we'll

have a review of the newspapers

and this morning our reviewer

is the the editor of the Green Guide in the 'Age' newspaper,

Nicole Brady. Now with sport

here the Paul Kennedy.. Thank

you. Good morning. We'll bring

you up to date on your AFL news

now. The ranging Premier

Hawthorn is reeling from news

that Buddy Franklin has been

suspended for two weeks. He

contested a rough conduct

clarnl last night but failed to

overturn the ban. It leaves the

Hawks without their best player

for this week's game against

Essendon and their first

football if they make it Richmond will name its now

coach today. It's likely to be Hawthorn assistant Damien

Hardwick. He's reportedly been

given a three year deal being

chosen ahead of Cats service

Ken Hinkly. Now we saw after

the Ashes there was no open top

bus parade but we can bring you

some pictures of an open top

bus parade. This is Caster

Semenya, the controversial 800m

runner from the world

championships, the gold

medallist. She's come home to a

hero's welcome and Jacob Zuma

was there to greet her, just a

few hours ago, and you ski how

uncomfortable she is with all

the attention ch she's quite

shy but she was celebrated on

the streets and toured around.

There's the bus and so she had

a great reception there. She

was greeted by some activists

at the airport actually that

sung a chant that was around in

the apartheid era and they were

demanding, the white South

Africans were on her arrival.

There's still a lot of racial

tension there as well that's

been generated by this, not

just sexism I guess and we've

got some comments now from

Jacob Zuma and Caster

Semenya. The public humiliate

an honest professional and

competent athlete. We extend

our support to Ms Semenya and

her family during this

difficult period. They are not

going to remove the gold medal,

she won it. So the question

does not arise. There's no

words that's going to... APPLAUSE

I don't know what to say, man.

It's pretty good to win a gold

medal, bring it home,. Speaking

like an 18-year-old gold mlsz.

There bring you some unusual pictures from the basketball last night. Australia played

the tall plaques. Not every day

you see basketballers do the

Haka but that's how they do it. Now considering the week that

use's had in sport losing the

Ashes, getting beaten in the Bledisloe Cup. Last night

Australia lost, had its worst

defeat against the New Zealand

team.. Nathan, the MBA player

but basically they've got a

bunch of rookies because a lot

of their best prayers haven't

turned out. The New Zealand

team is full of young, untried

players as well and they showed

more grit, they won 100 to 78

so now Australia goes to the

world championship ranked two

in oceana which is a bit of a

slap in the face and you can

see how happy the Kiwis are

there. Well done to them and

the Australia, really has to

relook at what it's doing with

basketball. And no doubt we'll

tack more on Caster Semenya

later in the PM. And other

things. Thank you. News

Breakfast can be watched live

on the web from anywhere. Now

with the weather here is

Vanessa O'Hanlon. Good morning.

Damaging wind warnings still

current for a large portion of

NSW Victoria, for all of

Tasmania, but for now they have been cancelled across South

Australia. Cloud will continue

to cross Victoria in strong

westerly, it will cause showers

along the coast and snow on the

ranges. Showers will be fairly

persistent over Tasmania as the

crowd intoes over the east and

the cloud is clearing in

Queensland, but still causing a

few showers. Another front is

expected to move through Bass

Strait today, some more rain

and westerly winds for the

south-east, more fronts are

expected to pass over Tasmania

today, a weak high is

developing behind the front in

NSW. And this will bring mostly fine conditions up until the

end of the woke. Much relief

there. The westerly air flow is

expected to ease on Friday as a

low develops over South

Australia, but another cold

front is due over the south-east on Saturday, there will be the odd storm and

another warm day on the way for

central Queensland.

The top story on News

Breakfast - Victoria, NSW and South Australia are all

cleaning up a trail of Daniel

caused by heavy rain and gale

force winds. Victoria's been

the worst hit. Fallen trees

damaged properties and 80,000

homes were left without

power. The strong gusts also

downed powerlines and damaged

homes in South Australia and

NSW. A short time ago I spoke

to John Parker from Victoria's

SES. He says it's been a busy

night for volunteers. The last

24 hours period we've had

approximately 1,500 calls for

assistance and 900 of those

came within a very busy period

yesterday amp at between 5 and

7 o'clock in the

afternoon. What were some of

the major problems? Major

problems are that we've had a

lot of trees down. We have had

powerlines down affecting

80,000 customers throughout the

State and power companies have

worked hard to get those

customers back online. Now you

can always make your

contribution to News Breakfast

iffer if you'd like to comment

on the stories we're covering

- I a car bomb has killed at

least 30 people in Afghanistan.

Almost 60 others were injured

in the explosion which happened

in Kandahar. Afghans went to

the polls last week to elect a new President. The first

official results show President

Hamid Karzai holding a narrow

lead against rival Abdullah

Abdullah. Only 10% of the vote

has been counted. The bodies of

nine Australians killed in a

charter plane crash in Papua

New Guinea will be brought home today. The Australian Defence

Force will fly the remains back

on a C-130 Hercules. The plane

is expected to land in both Brisbane and Melbourne. 13

people died when the plane

crashed in dense jungle near

the Kokoda track two weeks ago.

Holden says it's planning to

cut a further 200 jobs, mostly from its Victorian headquarters. The jobs are

expected to be cut from the

company's white collar areas

colliding the engineering and

marketing DUPs. Holden recently

shut down its four cylinder

engine plant in Melbourne. It's

also reduced working hours at

its Adelaide factory. The

Federal Government has backed

don on its planned changes to

the youth allowance, the

Government will push back

changing the allowance's

eligibility criteria by six

months so current gap year

stunts won't be disadvantaged.

But it's also delayed

increasing the amount of money

students can earn. The National

Union of Students says the current scheme leaves students

out of pocket. And the 800m

women's world champion Caster

Semenya has been given a hero's

welcome in South Africa. The

South African President Jacob

Zuma says he's disappointed at

the international athletics

governing body for publicly

questioning Semenya gender. The

BBC claims to have seen test

results which show she has a

testosterone level three times higher than the average female. Malcolm Turnbull is

about to face yet another test

of his leadership in the form

of a by-election that will give voters their first real chance

to judgment his performance as

Opposition Leader. The man he

defeated for job, Brendan

Nelson, has announced that

he'll quit politics next month.

From Canberra, Kirrin McKechnie

reports. He's been the member

for Bradfield for 13 years but

Brendan Nelson's heart is no

longer in the job. For me, I

come speak for me, my race is

run. Dr Nelson served as

education and then Defence

Minister during the Howard

years. But his toughest gig was

taking over the ranges of the

Liberal Party after its 2007

election defeat. Get out of the

way and give the job to

somebody who can. As Opposition

Leader he set a record low in

the opinion polls. And was

dumped in favour of Malcolm

Turnbull. Earlier this year he

signaled he wouldn't contest

the next election.

But his early departure are now

trigger a by-election in his safe Sydney seat a year out

from a general poll. I think people should wait out their

time so a by-election doesn't

cause extra expense. I can

understand people being a bit

cranky about some of these

things but I'd also say that I

have worked very hard and it's

been an honour to do it. I've

given my heart and soul to

this. He's served the

Australian national interest

well albeit on the other side

of politics and I certainly

like him a lot as a human being

and I wish him well in his

future career. Dr Nelson sinist

also dope have a new job lined

up but it's time to happened

over the reins to the next

generation. It's time for me to

get out of the way and give an opportunity to someone who

will And there's plenty who

want to. Among the possible

contenders John Howard's former

chief of staff, Arthur

Sinodinos. And Nelson as I vy

owner Simon Berger. It is on

the figures a safe Liberal

seat. We should never take it

for granted and in the

by-election we'll have, to work

hard to earn the

confident. That's theally test

for Malcolm Turnbull. Any swing

against the party will be taken

as further evidence of an Opposition Leader in trouble trouble. Although buoyed by a

turn around in the polls,al

beate minor one, Mr Turnbull

sent a warning to his MPs to get into line on the Emissions

Trading Scheme. We must engage

and seek to amend and improve

the Government's scheme. We

must be part of the solution.

We can't just be art part of

the problem. Dr Nelson has some

advice of his own for the

Opposition and its leader?. My

strong view is that whilst

politics is a compromise

between what is right and what

is popular, we must make

decisions which are consistent,

which are based in principle

and which put a Australia's

interests first, before the

political interests of

ourselves as individuals orrous

as a party. It's not the only

things he's learned in

politics. What goes around

comes around. See you

later. Brendan Nelson finishing

that story pi Kirrin McKechnie.

The reunions of families

separated by the Korean war is

one step closer. The Red Cross

societies of North and South

Korea are meeting for three

days to help bring families

together. It's a highly

emotional time when families

who haven't seen each other for

half a century are re united.

The reunion program befwan in

earnest after a sum it eased

tensions between the North and

the South nine years ago. But

the North sus pebd pended the

program almost two years ago

when political ties became

strained. Now in the latest of

a series of peace making

gestures, North Korea is

preparing to allow families to

come together again.

TRANSLATION: Through the

South-North Ross direct phone

line the North Korean side

agreed to our suggestion to hold Red Cross talks from

August 2 f to 28. About 600,000 South Koreans are believed to

have relatives north of the

border. Only 16,000 have been

allowed to hold face-to-face

meetings since 2000.

TRANSLATION: It's difficult for

me to give you all the details

before the talks. However, I

think vary issues between the

South and the North which are

able to be handled on a Red Cross level will be discussed

during the talks Analysts say

Pyongyang could be reaching out

to the South because Seoul used

to be a major source of aid

which it desperately needs

again. HIV positive boy and two

of his siblings have been

kicked out of a school in

northern India. HIV-AIDS is an

increase problem in India and

despite Government awareness

campaign infection levels are

rising. India quorp Michael

Edwards reports. Life's hard

enough for children in villages

such as this one but it's even

tougher if like this young boy

you're an orphan who is HIV

positive. Now he and his

siblings aren't even allowed to

attend the local school. TRANSLATION: Villagers were

very scared of the HIV positive

child and his siblings studying

in the school. They were

worried their children would

get infegted too. So they built

up pressure and asked to us

dismiss them from the

school. The children's parents

died of AIDS several years ago,

they're among an increasing

number of young children

affected by the HIV-AIDS virus

in India, being HIV positive

leads to the discrimination and

social isolation. The families

upkm says the children's future

prospects are bleak.

TRANSLATION: The children are

now staying at home. We're

afraid that if we try to send

them again they might get into

fights A country with high

levels of poverty, low levels

of literacy and poor health

care, HIV-AIDS is a serious

problem in India. It's stilled more than 2.5 million people

are infected with the poorest

hardest hit. The Government has

launch awareness campaigns but

health groups are scepical

about their

effectiveness. Japan's PM Taro

Aso has cast his vote early

five gafrs the general elections. New polls show the

Opposition is strongly in the

lead after five decades of

almost unbroken rule by Mr

Aso's party. He's spent less

than a year as PM, but Taro Aso

could already be walking into

electorate defeat. A recent

poll showed the Opposition

winning around two thirds of

the lower house seats and

support levels for Mr Aso have

ebbed to less than 20%. The

global financial crisis as hurt

his Government which into

supports higher taxes and

rising unemployment hasn't

helped. It's a high stakes

vote. Defeat would be only the

second loss for Mr Aso's

Liberal Democratic Party since

World War II. But for some

Japanese, the political

theatrics are more comedy than


TRANSLATION: The leaders are

fighting fiercely at this point

of time both of here and

there. With the election just

days away, some voters have

escaped the campaigning at the

lucky laugh theatre where art

imitates life.

TRANSLATION: They are actually

scrambling for the chairs in

parliament like the puppets fighting for a toy chair

here. On this stage at least.

All players are guaranteed a

round of applause. You're

watching News Breakfast. The

top stories this morning -

emergency services are cleaning

up this morning after heavy

rain and gale force winds

downed powerlines and damaged

houses in three States.

Victoria has been the worst hit

with more than 80,000 homes

left without power. More than

Po people have been killed in a

car bomb attack in the southern

Afghan city of Kandahar. The

attack happened as preliminary

resultses for Afghanistan elections showed President

Hamid Karzai narrowly leading h his closest rival Abdullah

Abdullah. And the Boyd ys of

nine Australians killed in a

charter plane crash in Papua

New Guinea are being brought

home today. The Australian

Defence Force will ply the

remains back to Brisbane almost

three weeg week after the

Kokoda plane crash. The

national papers - we're joined by the the editor of the Green Guide in the 'Age' newspaper, Nicole Brady. Good

morning. Good morning. Nice to

sew you again. What are you

starting off with today? I was interesting looking at the

cover am of Jodie Campbell, the

Labor backbencher from Canberra

obviously who from Tasmania,

the Hobart 'Mercury' have gone

with her on the front page and

all the other painers have

covered it as well the fact

that her partner yesterday had

a haring in court ofor a

domestic violence and assault

allegions, in which she was

allegedly the victim. All the

papers have covered this and

you would expect I guess because she's the Federal

member for Bass that Tasmania

has gone, the 'Mercury' there

has gone very big on it. Take

us through whatways been

alleged so far a what we

understand to have happened is? The story broke yesterday

that she had not appeared at a

function in parliament because

she had has been hospitalised

briefly the day before as a

consequence of some assault

allegations against her partner

and then he has been held in

custody overnight and was given

bail yesterday and then

reporters went to the PM and

asked him what he had to say

about it. He wouldn't comment

on a direct level or

specifically bt about what had

occurred but did talk in

general sort of decraying

domestic violence and any

violence against women but I

thought about it as her as an alleged victim how difficult

this must be to be going

through what must be a personal

crisis, but to have it being

played out so public ply in the

media and it also made me think

about in Victoria there's been

some allegations recently heard

through the court system in which some public figures have

been ultimately found to have

no case to answer or found not

guilty and they have then said

it's very unfair as a public

figure to have your reputation

just slashed and burnt like

this and then we all move on

but they're just left to pick

up the pieces and I thought

that she's on the tore side,

allegedly a victim but through

no fall of her own having to go

through the court system and

being discussed publicly. It

must be very difficult. It

would be very tough. And while

Kevin Rudd didn't want to

comment obviously on the

specific case, he was very

strong with what he had to say

about domestic violence

generally? Definite live as you

expect he would be and Malcolm

Turnbull as well but I did

think that if he had said

nothing, there would have been

less reason for the media to go

as strong as they have term of

covering this case. While most

people would applaud it you

have to think about the woman

at the centre of all this You

think maybe she would have

preferred he not say anything

about it all at all? I've got

no idea whether she would have previoused that but I think in

terms of these issues and

looking at the role of the

victim should she have avoice

in regards to how much coverage

this is gets or not and then

the role of the media in

reporting these sorts of

things. The other side of that

of course is that - they are,

call me old fashioned but

they're still allegations and I

always have a real reluctance

to hear anyone rushing in with

their - even if they are vague

observations about domestic

violence when nothing has

actually been prove yep so I

would rather everyone just sort

of took their feet entirely off

the pedals. The point you make

about her being high profile is

really interesting because if

you watch the coverage of

parliament, if you watch

Question Time from time to

time, she's one of the most

visible. She sat right behind

the PM. She's the one with the

curl cry brown hair and it's a

big issue that she's seated

there because it's about the

Government wanting to take care

of the seat of Bass so all

those... And to project the

image that they have young

women reps the Labor party When

she trours that seat the

scrutiny will be very strong.

That would not be a nice place

to be if you were here The

political story of yesterday

was Brendan Nelson's announcement. The surprise

announcement that he's bowing

out A lot of coverage in the

papers today. I think we did

see a little bit of a tear in

there for a moment? Let the

emotions hang out. He always has. That was when he was

responding to a question about

whether people would be angry

that he'd made this

announcement? Some people may

well be angry that he's decided

that there might be a job

opportunity that are beckoning

that continue wait so there's a

lot of kaufage in the papers

today. The, I thought it was

interesting they've gone on his

warning to the Coalition that

unless they unite they've got

no hope at the next election

but the time remark on the

front page is he wants to bow

out rather than taking the easy

and lazy opg of signature his

time out on the backbench. I

wondered if that was a bash

barb at anyone. He's clearly

still ticked off about his

treatment. I bet he's probably

slating it that way.. The

coverage in the press is this

is going to be an unwelcome

cadge for Malcolm Turnbull but

I would think it would also be

soon as an opportunity for him

to get out there and do some

campaigning and prove to the

Coalition what a good

campaigner he will be when the

timedoms. There's also the

commentary that Brendan Nelson

was a really nice bloke. That

seems to be the consensus and

fairwell to another nice bloke

from Federal parliament If he's

such a nice bloke why would he

put the public purse through

this? Why does that make him

not a nice bloke? If you're

doing the right thing by the

electoral process and the

people of Australia, you serve

your time instead of putting

them through another election

and all that cost. I don't

think how millions it costs or

how much at all but it's a

significant amount of money..

We're only a few months away

from a general election anyway. We could have a new election, a double dissolution

sometime soon. I don't see it

as disputes the nice guy

image. I don't think it

detracts from him being a nice

bloke but he did say that he's putting the Liberal Party

first. That's not true. To meet

looks like he's putting his own

job opportunities first. Still

a nice bloke but thinking about

number one. The strong implication is therefore not

tough enough for politics.

You've got a story in the 'Age'

as well you wanted to looking

at. There's been a bit of talk

around for a wile about the sar

i club site in Bali and while

the Paddy's par, both were the

sites of the 2002 bombing where

a lot of Australian and other

people died, the Paddy's club

has been renovated a it's now a

night club once again and a

surf into. Spot. The sar i club

sight is a run down piece of

land. There's talk now that

someone would like to to durn

that into a night club and

there's pressure from a group

of whuns lost people at the

time who would like it turn bod

a peace park. They've been

seeking tax free status as a

charity and the Treasury had

said no but this week there's

now talk that it's getting

closer to being redeveloped a t

PM has said he'll get them to

have another look at that.

There's a commentary piece if

the 'Age' discussing the nature

of memorials and while the

people talk about is it right

to make a night club and dance

on our friend's where they

died, you have to think we do

need to move on at some point

and that's what is mees is

making the point and it's

talking about sovereignty. Ban

Australian blood z was spilled

there, does that mean we have the right forever more to determine what happens to that

piece of land. It's a really

interesting argument and at the

risk of wading into a very

complex and tricky area, you

could make a similar argument

for what we're cog in the

former patlefields in France in

World War I. The tradition had

long been that submarines and

ships for example are left

insit you as grave sites,

there's no arguments made to

raise those, to rewery them,

it's an extraordinarily complex

and expensive thing we're cog

when traditionally soldiers have lane where they've

fallen. In these situations

inevitable the victims'

families are divided as well over what should happen They're

not united on that. To me I was

thinking about Port Arthur and

the way that as a public we

dealt with that. There is a

beautiful memorial site at Port

Arthur just as there is up the

road. There is very respectful

peaceful memorial where people

can go But life goes on numb.. Absolutely. You have to accept

that. That seizely to sort of

say with a bit of dispassionate

set away from the actually

debate and the emotion of it

all The Ashes coverage is

continuing? I was amused to see

this piece in the the

'Australian' today. Far be it

from me to say it on the ABC

but you have to wonder about

the coverage of the Crickate

the amount of attention the

Australian Creeket team

efficient receives. The entire

Ashes soars didn't rate that

well. People say that's because

when they played well and they

were winning more people watch

but even then it was not a

rating bonanza for them as well

and in England, the final day

of the Ashes, more people

watching songs of praise in the

UK. The religious program, than watching their team win the

Ashes. So this is because it

went to pay TV. So it buys into

argument from Foxtel here that

they want more sports coverage

and what the sports will able

to say today is people don't

watch as much if it goes to pay

tav. A critic sceptic on the

ABC. Good to see you. With

sport and maybe a little bit of

Ashes here is Paul Kennedy..

Thank you. The raipging AFL Premier Hawthorn is reeling

from the news that Buddy

Franklin he's suspended for two

weeks. He contested a rough

conduct charm and it leaves the

Hawks without their best player

for this game eps Essendon and

their first final if they make

it Richmond will name its new

coast today today light to be

Damien Hardwick. He's

reportedly been given a three

year deal being chosen ahead of

Cats assistant Ken Hinkly and

in basketball, Australian

basketball has taken another

hit. The Boomers were beaten by

the New Zealand tall Blacks

yesterday. The Haka inspired

the home team to a 22 point

victory. Not even NBA players

could lift the Australian team

which was without many of its

overseas stars and the

Australia y Is go to the world

championships next year ranked

number two in the Oceania

conference. And yes the

Australian cricketers are arriving home this morning. We'll hopefully have some

pictures and maybe a couple of

comments from them as they get

home. There won't be a ticker

tape parade for them though.

They'll slide in quietly and the one-dayers continue over

there. Ricky Ponting's got an

editorial in the the

'Australian' this morning but

doesn't say much, just I think

they'll move on quickly to

those limited overs games. The

majority of the team staying

over there for those continuing

games? It's about half and

half. Blokes like Ponting

himself, Haddin, Katich, will

come home and are on their way

home. You know, a