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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. This morning - Australia's immigration lackey, Indonesia denies being of an asylum seeker stand-off. as reports emerge The shock revelation historic America's Cup win. that casts doubt over Australia's Boyzone singer Stephen Gately. And doctors reveal what killed with Natalie Barr. VOICEOVER: This is Seven Early News Good morning. asylum seekers It's claimed Sri Lankan their boat at an Indonesian port, have threatened to blow-up on their way to Australia. after being intercepted talks tough And as the Prime Minister Indonesia insists on asylum seekers. it's not doing Australia's bidding to Australia Desperate to continue their journey by the Indonesian Navy after being caught 260 Sri Lankan asylum-seekers to blow up their boat last night, were reportedly threatening at a port north-west of Jakarta. They were intercepted off Krakatoa, after Prime Minister Kevin Rudd Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, called Indonesian President to stop them getting here. asking him in an Indonesian detention centre. They could spend the next nine years whatsoever for taking a hard line I make absolutely no apology on illegal immigration to Australia. It's led to claims Indonesia on asylum seekers. is doing Australia's bidding denies the boat was intercepted But the country's Foreign Ministry at Australia's request. As we understand, through our areas the issues of flow of boat not only Australia. involve the interests of the regions detention centre reaches capacity As the Christmas Island has rearranged the facility The Government to accommodate an extra 200 people. 1,400 in total. northwest of Ashmore Reef 56 asylum-seekers were intercepted on Monday. The 41st boat to arrive the asylum laws last year. since Mr Rudd changed that his policies have failed. Mr Rudd has got to recognise has blown the whistle A Dutch boat designer on what he calls a lie, to win the 1983 America's Cup. that allowed Australia worked on Australia II Peter van Oossanen with Ben Lexcen who died in 1988. He's now told Fairfax, Lexcen had very little to do famous winged keel, with designing the boat's which propelled it to victory. Had that been known at the time, could have been disqualified. Australia II had to be designed Because the rules state yachts of the countries they represented. only by residents or citizens Indonesia's Sulawesi Island A strong earthquake has struck off during the night. hit after 8:30 last night The 6.2 magnitude quake east Australian time, of damage and no tsunami warning. but there were no immediate reports by earthquake-triggered landslides Elsewhere, villages buried on Sumatra have been declared mass graves. Indonesian officials say to be under the rubble. 225 people are believed killed more than 800 people. The huge September 30 quake A post-mortem examination of Boyzone singer Stephen Gately into the sudden death from fluid on the lungs. has found the 33-year-old died

to take his body home to Ireland. Gately's family is now preparing In the last few minutes moved from this morgue we have seen Stephen Gately's body after this morning's post mortem. following it's release a pulmonary oedema The judge ruled that it was which means natural causes. one of two things. It can be caused by It could be a heart failure. solicitor has said And today the Gately family heart problems on his father's side that there is a history of in the family. on vomit. It can also be caused by choking with that theory as well. It would appear to be consistent So, it's not conclusive. it rules out alcohol or drugs Certainly a court official has said in his death. being directly involved a very distressing time Nevertheless, it has been who was in that court for his partner, Andrew Cowles, today. to hear the results of post mortem looking very distressed. He left after a brief hearing, that they want the body back It's the family's priority as soon as possible. that have to be completed first. There are a number of formalities His partner, Bulgarian Georgi Dochev, and the man who found the body, may well want to speak to still. remain witnesses that the police

a couple of days But it is thought it will be before the body returns to Ireland. from Majorca. Phil Reay Smith reporting a 2-year-old girl New Zealand police say in a drain near her home, drowned. who's body was found wedged may have crawled inside It's believed Ashling Symes that wasn't properly closed. through a manhole with flowers for the little girl Four-year-old Caleb Butler to his young age. who won't even make it of grieving strangers He was just one in a stream arriving at Longburn Road. when the search was on - He's just wondered if we could - find the little girl. if we could go help than Ashling's family. But no-one is hurting more to talk today. Her parents too distraught and Allen's pain and anguish. No words can describe Angela a traumatic ordeal for us all. This past week has been

a nightmare The Symes' have been living last Monday. since Ashling disappeared a searching police officer noted That night,

drain on the driveway next door. the manhole cover to a stormwater It was ajar by 8cm to 12cm. lifted the lid, which weighed 20kg, Police say the officer within minutes of arriving. and checked the drain she had moved down past that. If she was in there at that stage, all the drains face downhill And, as we know, for her to turn around, and it would have been impossible if she was calling. to search the drain with cameras. Police asked the council It found several blockages, to cut the drain open. so a digger was called in I report It is with tremendous sorrow the finding of this young child. Thank you. A jury will resume its deliberations today in the Dianne Brimble manslaughter trial. Mark Wilhelm is accused of killing the Brisbane mother aboard the cruise ship 'Pacific Sky' by supplying her with the drug liquid fantasy.

Prosecutors dropped allegations Wilhelm also contributed to her death by failing to get help as Ms Brimble lay on his cabin floor.

The jury began considering its verdict yesterday. Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's taken his community cabinet meetings to Hobart. The PM and Government ministers faced questions on the health system and Tasmania's proposed pulp mill. Around 400 people attended the Q-and-A session. Um, Mr Rudd what do you think about lowering the ages of voting? How old are you sweetheart?

I'm nine.

I think nine's a good age to

start... Thinking about it. It was a much smaller but tougher crowd outside. One person was arrested during a protest over the Government's Northern Territory intervention. Liza Minnelli says she's excited to be back in Australia for her first tour in two decades. The singer, best known for her role in 'Cabaret' and her marriage to Peter Allen, will perform a series of concerts. The 63-year-old says even though it's been 20 years between visits -

this won't be her last. You planning on me dying? Forget it - out of the question. Liza Minnelli plays her first show at the Opera House this Friday night. Now for your first look at Wednesday's weather: Brisbane will be very warm and hazy. Sydney partly cloudy and windy. Melbourne should expect a shower or two. Wet and windy in Canberra today. Showers for Hobart continuing through to the weekend. Adelaide can expect showers. Also Perth should be fine today

and hot in the top end. Coming up on 'Sunrise'at 6am - the Petrol Commissioner explains why fuel prices are so high. But next on Seven Early News - airports trial controversial naked x-rays. And... # Gold, gold. # ..Spandau Ballet returns to the concert stage after 20 years. US President Barack Obama has quietly committed more troops to the war in Afghanistan four days after winning the Nobel Peace prize. In an unannounced move, an extra 13,000 soldiers will join the conflict as part of a gradual shift in priority away from Iraq. They'll support 21,000 US forces deployed to Afghanistan in March. It will push America's total commitment in Afghanistan to 68,000 by the end of the year. Airline passengers are being told to leave their modesty at home as an airport in northern England trials a naked x-ray machine. The full-body scanner can see right through clothing to reveal everything from breast enlargements to the outline of genitals and body piercing.

But some passengers don't seem to mind. At the moment what they like least about our current security processes is the physical pat down, they find it quite obtrusive. The images only appear for a few seconds before they're permanently destroyed. Parts of Europe have been brought to a virtual standstill by early snow storms. Nearly 30cm fell in some regions bringing down power lines and causing chaos on the roads. The icy conditions caused an 18 car pile-up in northern Germany and another 5-car crash nearby. Your first finance this Early News: '80s pop group Spandau Ballet are about to perform their first gig since their spectacular split 19 years ago. Band members say they've put the past behind them after a public falling out and bitter court battle two decades ago. # Gold # Always believe in your soul... # They were the soundtrack to the '80s, selling 25 million albums worldwide. Now two decades after they split Spandau Ballet are back. Yes, they are older, yes, they are wiser but have they still got it? I've waited 19 years, 20 years maybe. I'm not daunted at all - just so enthusiastic. If you are a musician, that's what you want to do, You want to show people your art. It's no good making something like music or film and then keeping it in a cupboard. You want to show as many people as you can and that's what's exciting. On a big stage, really loud. Con is loud, I tell you. My ears are ringing.

In rehearsal the band are pop stars but to their kids, they are just 'dad'. My daughter was born six weeks or so after the last Spandau gig, so she has never known it, so she is now in her second year of uni. So for her it's first time round. # I know this much is true. # Spandau Ballet have had bad times. A battle between band members over royalties ended in the High Court, a rift that has taken a decade to heal. It got to the point where we all thought

that we could maybe sit down and have a pint together and try and put the past behind us and that's exactly what we did. I'm glad we've done that, I'm really glad. We can't change what went on. We can only change what happens now. This tour isn't about money at all. It's about - we are doing it for us. For us, and presumably the fans. Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6am - the company helping parents create babies with celebrity looks. But next on Seven Early News - Lleyton Hewitt launches an explosive attack on the administration of Tennis Australia. And Victoria joins New South Wales in the last eight of the Twenty20 Champions League. The stories we're following on the Early News - Sri Lankan asylum seekers have reportedly threatened to blow up their boat at an Indonesian port, after being intercepted on their way to Australia. A Dutch boat designer has sensationally claimed Australia lied to win the 1983 America's Cup. It's alleged Australia broke the rules because the boat's famous winged keel wasn't designed by an Aussie. And doctors have revealed the sudden death of Boyzone singer Stephen Gately was caused by fluid on the lungs. Now it's over to Simon Reeve with all the day's sport. The Brisbane Roar is set to announce the sacking of coach Frank Farina following his latest drink-driving charge. A media conference to announce the club's decision was cancelled late yesterday but its understood a pay dispute is the only reason for the delay.

Roar officials remained coy when quizzed on Farina's fate.

You are asking me to speculate about

losing a coach. We don't know if that's happening. An official announcement on Farina's future will be made today. The Socceroos are bracing for a tough encounter in tonight's must-win Asian Cup qualifier against Oman at Etihad Stadium. Pim Verbeek's side wrapped up its preparations last night and is taking nothing for granted.

There are no easy teams any more in

international football. They are

organised for some very skillful players. Verbeek expects Oman to stack its defence and play for a draw. Victoria is through to the quarterfinals of the Twenty20 Champions League despite going down to Sri Lankan side Wayamba overnight. The Bushrangers fell 16-runs short of victory

but progressed thanks to a superior run rate. Paceman Shane Harwood tore through the Sri Lankan side's middle order claiming three wickets in two overs late in the innings. He finished with impressive figures of 3/14. COMMENTATOR: Oh, look at that, the stump has done a catapult this time. In reply, Brad Hodge hit an unbeaten 44 to ensure the Bushrangers got the runs they needed to make the final eight. Some lusty late hitting from Andrew McDonald got the Victorians close,

but couldn't ensure victory. Lleyton Hewitt has attacked Tennis Australia president Geoff Pollard calling for the long-serving administrator to stand aside. The world number 23 was on fire overnight thumping American John Isner 6-2, 6-4 in the opening round of the Shanghai Masters. But it was his attack on Pollard that has Australian tennis circles buzzing. Writing on his personal blog, Hewitt questioned the TA president's passion and supported Paul MacNamee's push to end Pollard's 20-year reign. The two-time Grand Slam winner also unloaded on TA chief Steve Wood and development director Craig Tiley. Senior Wallabies players have played down talk of a widening rift with coach Robbie Deans. Stirling Mortlock and Matt Giteau joined Deans in a show of unity yesterday ahead of the grand slam tour of Japan and Europe. Mortlock says he's come to terms with being replaced by Rocky Elsom as skipper.

I totally understand the logic and

the reasoning behind selecting a new

captain in Rocky and building from

here on up towards 2011. The Wallabies leave for Tokyo next week. Coach Tim Sheens has put the Kangaroos through a snap fitness test ahead of the squad's trip to the UK to contest the Four Nations tournament. Nathan Hindmarsh showed he'll be able to play through the pain of a shoulder injury and prop Brett White has overcome a similar problem sustained in the Storm's Grand Final win. Billy Slater showed no signs of a hip complaint and is ready to battle it out with Jarryd Hayne for the fullback spot. That's all for now, I'll be back with more sport a little later in 'Sunrise'. Natalie. Next on Seven Early News - a closer look at how today's weather's shaping up in your part of the world. Time now to see what's coming up on 'Sunrise' It's over to Kochie and Mel. Nat, there are claims we're paying too much for petrol - in fact, 10 cents too much. So why is it being allowed to happen? This morning we'll get a response from the Petrol Commissioner. Also, did Kevin Rudd make the right call

in ringing the Indonesian President to help stop a boatload of asylum seekers or could it set a dangerous precedent? Dr Keith Suter will be in to explain. Plus, there's more debate over the so-called Midgets' Cup. So today we're going to meet one of the entrants and hear what life is like as a little person. Also, the company that's helping parents create babies with celebrity looks. And, Molly catches up with global chart-topper John Mayer.

And a lot of ladies would like their kids to look like

kids to look like him if they had a boy. And, is it okay to sometimes be a selfish parent? More on that coming up shortly, on 'Sunrise'. Now for a closer look at how the weather's shaping up around the country: South-westerlies will continue to produce showers over Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and parts of New South Wales. Hot dry weather will persist over south-east Queensland increasing fire dangers. And a developing trough over WA will push temperatures higher over the west. Around the capitals: Brisbane will be very warm and hazy. Sydney partly cloudy and windy. Melbourne should expect a shower or two. Wet and windy in Canberra today.

Showers for Hobart continuing through to the weekend. Adelaide can expect showers also. Perth should be fine today and hot in the Top End. And that's Seven Early News for this Wednesday. I'm Natalie Barr. Standby now for 'Sunrise'. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia